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BS=H^Catted Stealing.
^ (Copyright, 1918. by the McClure
H* AK3TNG oat of the way of sevend
large baggage track* propeQad
by husky stevedores, John
Harnett made his way through the
Hasy labyrinth of the freight sheds to '
I mall private office marked "Ship- 1
Msg Clerk," entered It and closed the
H "Number V* loaded." he announced.
Meaningly, to a young man at the desk, !
MUrming the chart of loaded freight
Ks. "Are yon ready?"
The young man shuddered, but turnHi
resolutely to Baraett.
"Tea," hs snapped between clenched ;
Heth "But I think It's a fool's ertm
I Burnett opened the door, called ont
H command and in a few moments anHther
big man in bine jumpers enterHd
the office. ^
M "Tou are V Barnetmstarted to
MuestlMi the newcomer.
"The one you want." chimed in the
rther. "From the chiers office, is
frank going to make the trip?" Kc
Hioddcd to the ^oung man, who return ed
the nod ana spoke.
I Tea,' be spoke nervously. "Let's
I Five minutes later Burnett and the
man la blue Jumpers, pushing a truck
on which lay a heavy packing box.
passed through the shed to the yards
ud to No. 9. freight car, one of a long
be behind an engine with full steam
up. Stopping in front of the door of
the ear they lifted the box carefully
into It- Barnett paused and spoke in
Uk'low tone.
"If yon fed cramped. Frank," he
whispered, bending over the boy. "you
can hop out tor n while when she goes
on the siding at Brooks Meadows.
Bat don't by any means open the door
or be seen."
Then Barnett closed the door, stepBped
off a short distance, waved to the
engineer and the train started to crawl
"Tell your chief it's all right." or
dered Barnett to the other. "No one
en this end will ever suspect. Now
well catch the guilty ones."
It seemed to Frank Young, huddled
nside the poorly ventilated packing
box, that the train had moved a thou nad
miles before he heard the crunchIk
of brakes and felt the car come to
"Brooks Meadows." he muttered to
^ imself. and then ppshing off the top
h a heave of his shoulders he stood
^ight after a few seconds and vault
V out oi roe case, aooul mm wv
Hm after case of canned Roods, bat
Bneee passed unnoticed as he peered
Httxansh ahole tnthe door frfto a rast
stretch of. open country. Then after
awhile be sat down and opened a box
Bud started to eat. Then as the was
Onishing he stopped breathlessly and
listened. What was that? It soundBed
as if some tool-was working on the
90Sntly and quickly he cleared away
the evidence of his lunch and slipped
back in the box. pulling the lid down
dyer him. Another minutes and he
heard the door roll back. Some one
furtively -climbed into the car and
stood close to the box. for he heard
heavy breathing. And then he heard a
case being lifted, and after a minute
the sound of footfalls on the graveled
|right cf way alongside the track. Still
he remained .within the case, ana alter
a few moments the Intruder returned.
The same process was repeated
until six cases Sad been removed, and
then after, along wait Young jumped
C5t of his hiding place. The side door
was opened wide and he sprang to the
doorway. No one was in sight!
The thief had eludes him! Whet
would his. chief say to that? Should
he desert his post and start out on
what 'seemed a wild-goose chase, for it
was unknown country to him. or remain
hi the car? Evidently his quarry
lay here, and he determined to act
At onfie. He felt for his revolver, and
then Jumped from the car to the roadway.
For a moment he gazed in surprise.
far a dozen or more cars lay
ahead of the one he had left. And the
Bwn of each had ben opened!
He pered about him on the ground,
id thpn, bending over, suddenly made
i exclamation.
"Sawdust!" he muttered and then
he atayted ahead to follow the trial.
I Cautiously he made his way down a
long dirt path, and then, circling a
< tfalek pine grove, he brought himself
i up short. Ahead lay a farm house, and
; betide It a barn. And the trail led
if direct to the barn.
his pistol in his hand, he
.went to the barn opening.
\ "Haftds up!" he commanded, and
: 'then his hand dropped.
A slender little girl, whose long
-brown hair,fell about her shapely
shoulders, framing a tanned, exquisItsly
featured face.-who was bending
over a ease of canned goods, rose and
; iiffij terrified.
"Please," she cried in alarm, "don't
i Shoot."
"What are tou doing?" demanded
Tom*, dmnfounded. "Who bought?
, thaw >er?y He pointed to the cases,
piled np all about ber.
She regained ber composure and
. faced him squarely,
r -I did."
p- "Yea." be echoed, end then be Jumped
around. leering e trap. But they
l> were quite alone, be end thla young
p. "Bet jrhy do yen ask?" she demandH
e coolly. "I dont know yon."
r ' "Yon win soon enough." be answered,
grimly. "It's my business to ask.
:,X here been detailed by the C. D. and I
Q. to detect robberies. There's been
!quite e lot stolen, but nothing offered
tor sale by the thieves. At first we
i:' suspected the yyd men. One man,
'the freight agvnt at Newmarket. was
- .discharged. Bat still the thefts con-:
tinned. And now Pre found out."
The girt eye 1dm in horror.
Be "Buiily." Che pleaded, wide eyed,
think I'm ^--thief?"
"dS he returned.
igjn i. CUtorinx-j
S55i ' ^ 1 ?>, "-'S^t?SBiMaB^.W Ifci WW&BU
I Am 8tartled By the App J
The motors stopped sad tie enjjnes 11
- - . - - - Ttr- I m
took up a rytnmicai 01 aswut. v .
were afloat again. The periscope was
ao longer required. Men went up and
down the conning tower. The captain
asked Bremer some final questions
about the supplies which the U-boat
must have. As he turned away he
ordered. "Keep your mermaid down,
here and out of sight until after we
get that message from shore!"
For halt an hour we cruised on a
smooth sea. then the engines were
still. My heart was Just as motionless.
Voices mingled at the lip of the
conning tower. I was startled by one
which I knew well for that of ?.
friend, one which had spoken to me
many tones of hnman emotion.
"Tony!" I called out and I rose,
weakly and staggered a step forward
just as a familiar figure sprang toward
me from a rung of the iron ladder.
Then Dr. Hamilton Certeis caught
me in his arms.
" * ikft
Certels is, as i nave s?iu uuum. w
most masterful man. with the exception
of Bob, whom I hare ever known.
But never again do I expect to see
snch an exhibition of his power as
took place on that U-boat.
The hatchet-faced commander, who
had been about to mount tho ladder,
seemed as astounded as I was upon
beholding this handsome and immaculate
person. He achieved an obsequious
bow such as an inferior might I
make to royalty and began: J
"Your grace "
grimly. "I?I'm afraid 111 have to take
yon away?under arrest,"
She shrank back, but her eyes nevout?it
wasn't the freight agent at
Newmarket that had stolen the goods
?did you take him back?"
"No", replied Young, confused. "But
what's that to you? You're caught
"Apparently so." she retorted, coolly.
"Judging from the same standards
you?your railroad?uses . You
ask what is it to me. I?I'm his daughter."
"Ah!" exclaimed Young, with a
bright thought. "I see. You are in
league with him. This is his place."
"It Is not." she snapped, angrily.
"And there is no league. Fathers in
?in?a sanatorium?where you put
him. You called him guilty, and then ;
refused to reinstate him when you j
lMrned differently. Isn't that?steal- j
ing? Stealing his good name?send- i
ing him out in the world under a cloud
?an undeserved cloud? Tou had
thefts between Newmarket and Parkvillc
.didn't you?"
"Yes, but "
"You have a siding between those
points?" she demanded, and he nodded.
perplexed, staring at her angry
features with admiration, for she was
now pretier than ever.
'"Well why didn't you look for your
?thieves?there?" she demanded.
"You didn't have sense enough, that's
why. You've been leaving cars on sidings.
in out-of-the-way places, fair prey
for anybody who wanted to get in
' - "I
Sweet Milk and Creamery
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Imperial Ice Cream Co.
For prompt relief from Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, or Lumbago, you can
depend on Sloan's Liniment. The
warming, soothing, counter-irritant
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the inflammation, swelling or stiffness.
A few drops go right to the sore part,
draw the blood from the congested
place andremove the cause of the ache.
The great penetrating power of
Come'rjght home AFT
1/ Jses,BUT I
I be a urn
f ^ SPtAWHtf
. ' : * '. -
sarance of Or. CarteI? en the Boat.
But Certia Interrupted "him quickly:
"No names here, please."
"Very well, your gra?. Beg pardon.
Ton honor us. Yon have an important
errand?" I
"First, what do yon require?" Certeis
"Fnel, most of alL Oil?Is it ready,
"As usual." answered Cartels.
"We need water. As for food, we
must have everything, sir." added the
"All is prepared, to be taken aboard
In the usual manner."
"Sehr gut. As to the girl, your
? "Ra* nurrtAT). Thfe iirl TO*
6i?vw-? ??? w ?
mains here, of coarser*
"The lady goes with me."* Certeis
asserted in his most positive tone.
"But yonr . But -when you know
what has happened here you will see
that it Is quite Impossible for her to
go ashore again." Then the captain
related how I had swung the automatic
in the U-boat, and saved the transport,
and brought down the destroyer
upon ns with a" depth bomb, and
scarred his own smooth brow. lie
"As commander of this sl-ip. and
responsible for its safety and further
freedom of operation, I insist that this
woman remain in my charge."
"As the only agent through which
you can get oil and supplies, I will
make my own terms," Certeis replied
calmly and I felt his arm tighten about
them. I wanted to prove that to the
railroad. So I came down here to
uncle's place. Since then I've opened
thirty cars, and there's the results."
She pointed to the pile of cases, then
hurried on. "I intended to go up to
your general offices next week and
tell them all I knew. My uncle. Mr.
Page, was going with me. He's my
father's brother."
Young stepped forward quickly and,
a little abashed, held out his hand.
"I beg yonr pardon. Miss?Page."
he apologized. "But will you do me
a favor?"
She stared at him quest ion ingly.
then his clear gray eyes and wistful
young face won her over. She nodded
and held out her hand forgivingly.
"Trank you." he said. "It's this: i
I'm trying to make a name for myself.
This is my case. Will you?can you
?go up there with me? If you will,
I'll exact as my reward?your reward
"I underwent a sugrical operation
for gall stones 5 years ago, was in
the hospital 4 weeks. For a year I
felt better, but then my old symptoms
and pains returned, and I have
suffered ever since. Four weeks ago
on the advice of a lady I tried Mayr"s
Wonderful Remedy, and I now feel
like a new woman. I have a number
of friends who suffer as I did and I am
advising all to try this valuable medicine."
It is a simple, harmless preparation
that removes the catarrhal
mucus from the intestJhal tract and allays
the inflammation which causes
practically all stomach, liver and intestinal
ailments, including appendi- I
citis. One dose will convince or money
Crane's drug store. H. & H. Drug
Co., Prescription Pharmacy at Man- j
nlngton and druggists everywhere. ]
Sloan's Liniment mates robbing need*
less. It is easier and cleaner to use than
plasters or poultices. It does not stain
the skin or clog the pores- A bottle of
Sloan's liniment is all you need for
quick rest and relief from the pains of
Sprains, bruises, backache, stiffneck,
and most forma of rheumatic twinges.
Generous size ^ bottles at druggists
everywhere. <
feft) <s&n*meh, vjb'ce i
*n?is war to wiklvie
shall meet) all
? late ?>>b vouiwfol vi 60s
will . l-t-^ .
klbtak t/
after f
?that your father he taken hack and
promoted. WBl yon?"
She promised, and they started toward
the farm boose to dinner.
Again Frank Young and Ruth Page
were back in the big Page barn. It
was three months later, and he was
there on a vacation this time.
"I like this man-hunting business."
he whispered to her as they sat on a
pile of loose hay. close together. She
turned Quickly and gazed at him in
'Frank!" she exclaimed. "Don't
say that."
"T ?? *?2w? we*?w??g?? nnsfHvp.
X lUOOU 11. uv i^k.u. uwi ?
ly. "For I found you that way.*
And then he leaned over and. catching
her in his arms, kissed her.
"Frank Young!" she cried indignantly.
though he felt a tremor run
through her slender, yielding form.
"What's that?"
"It's called stealing." he retorted humorously.
"Stealing a kiss. But X
hate stealing. Will you?er?give me
the next one?"
* * -i
ST. W. Harris has moved from the
Amos farm to his property at this
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. West, of Grant
Town, was visiting friends here over
Misses May. Fredia and Hazel
Feather. <Jf Fairmont, were visiting
their sister, Mrs. Samuel Harris this
School opened at this place Monday
with Miss Lillian Hylbert of Reedy,
as teacher, but was closed Tuesday
evening to await further development
of the influenza epidemic.
Miss Pearl Hylbert, principal of the
i ?
Nothing New?Simply the Old Grip,
1889-90, Only Then It Can
France and Thia Ti
Go to Bed and Stay Quiet?Take a
Laxative?Eat Plenty of Nourishing
Food?Keep Up Your
Strength?Nature is
the "Cure".
Spanish influenza, which appeared
in Spain in May. has all the appearance
of grip or la grippe, which has
swept over the world in numerous
epidemics as far back as history runs.
(Hippocrates refers to an epidemic in
412 B.C. which is regarded by many
to have been influenza. Every cen
tury has had Its attacks. Beginning
with 1S31. this country has had five
epidemics, the last in 18S9-90.
There is no occasion for panic?Influenza
itself has a very low percentage
of fatalities?not over one death
out of every four hundred cases, according
to the N.C. Board of Health.
The chief danger lies in complica
tions arising, attacking principally
patients in a run down condition?
those who didn't go to bed soon
enough, or those who get up to early.
Grippe, or influenza as it is now called.
usually begins with a chill followed
by aching, feverishness and
sometimes nausea and dizziness, and
a general feeling of weakness and
depression. The temperature Is from
100 to 104. and the fever usually
lasts from three to five days. The
germs attack the mucuous membrane,
or lining of the air passages?nose,
throat and bronchial tubes?there is
usually a hard cough, especially bad
at night, often times a sore throat
or tonsilitis. and frequently all the ap
pearances of a severe head cold.
Go to bed at the first symptoms,
not only for your own sake but to
avoid spreading the disease to others
?take a puragative. eat plenty ol
ncuishing food, remain perfectly qnlel
and don't worry. Quinine. Aspirin 01
' 'Hover's Powder, etc., may be aaraims
sred by the physician's directions to
relieve the aching. But there is no
cure or specific for Influenza?the disease
must run its course. "Nature will
throw ofT the attack if only you keep
up your strength. Influenza so weakens
the bodily resistance that there
is danger of pneumonia or bronchitis
developing, and sometimes inflama
tion of the middle ear, or heart af
fections. For these Teasons. it is verj
'mportant that the patient remain it
>ed until his strength returns?stas
iin bed at least two days or more aftei
the fever has left you, if you art
over 50 or not strong, stay in bed
(four days or more, according to the
severity of the attack.
j In order to stimulate the lining o!
:tom believes in mor ]
w THIS IS Gome ToBEA t
loug VIAR- fuether
te^>gp ?
Catawba school. Is visiting bar sistsr
at tbis place.
D. C. Goodnight, of Montana, spent
Friday night at tbe borne of H. It I
Harris. - .
r 1 .
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shown,at tbe "Fairmont Hotel1* and
continuing Saturday by F. C. DOESCH-1
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Miss Melllnger will be happy to show
and advise you on the remodeling of
your furs. Advt.
Home Baked Pies and Pastries.
Boyers Restaurant. Advt.
How Mrs. Brunsirs Daughter Recovered.
DREWSVTLLE. NT. H.?"My daughter
was anemic, had poor blood and
suffered from indigestion and bllllous
attacks. As Vlnol had built up my
sos some ume ago i gave it to my _
daughter.?she soon Improved is health.
and It has built her up and restored
her health."?Mrs. N. BuraelL
The reason Vinol was so successful
is Miss Brunell's case is becaae
it contains beef and cod liver peptones.
Iron and manganese peptonates
and glycerophosphates, the very
elements needed to build up a weakened.
run-down system, make rich red
blood and create strength.
Crane's Drug Store, Fairmont. Vinol
is sold in Mannlngton by the Prescription
Pharmacy, and druggists everywhere.
P. S. ? For skin troubles. We guarantee
our new skin remedy. Saxol. '
or la grippe That -Was Epidemic in
ie From Russia by Way of
me by Way of Spain.
the air passages to throw off the
grippe germs, to aid in loosening the
phelegm keeping the air passages
open, thus making the breathing easier.
VIck's VapoRub will be found effective.
Hot. wet towels should be ap- :
plied over the throat, chest and back
between the shoulder blades to open
the pores. Then VapoRub shuld be
rubbed in over the parts until the
skin is red. spread on thickly and
covered with two thicknesses of hot
flannel cloths. Leave the clothing
loose around the neck as the heat of
the body liberates the Ingredients in
the form of vapors. These vapors,
inhaled with each breath, carry the
medication directly to the parts affected.
At the same time. VapoRub is
absorbed thru and stimulates the skin
attracting the blood to the surface,
and thus aids in relieving the congestion
Evidence seems to prove that this
is a germ disease, spread principally
by human contact, chiefly thru coughing,
sneezing or spitting. So avoid
' persons having colds; which means
avoiding crowds?common drinking j
fAwoic ttppd nn vonr
iViKt W -? V*U| >. r _r _ _
bodily strength by "plenty of exercise (
' in the open air. and good food. Above
' all. keep free from colds, as colds ir
ritate the lining of the air passages
and render them much better hreed;
ing places for the germs.
Use Tick's VaporRub at the very
, first sign of a cold. For head cold.
. melt a little VapoRub in a spoon and
inhale the vapors, or beter still, use !
VapoRub in a benzoin steam kettle.
If this is not available, use an ordin'
ary tea-kettle. Fill half-full of boiling
water, put In half a teaspoonful of
VapoRub from time to time Keep the
. kettle Just slowly boiling and inhale
> the steam arising.
i NOTE:?Tick's VapoRub Is the dis!
covery of a North Carolina durggist,
! who found how to combine,, in salve
form. Menthol and Camphor with
such volatile oils as Eucalptus, Thy
, me. Cubebs. etc., so that when the
salve is applied to the body heat,
these ingredients Ire liberated in the
, form of vapors.
? " At 1- In
VapOKUb IS comparuuveiy now
s New York State and New England
i and a few Western states where it Is
- jnst now being introduced, but in oth
er section of the country it is the
' standard home "remedy in more than a
i million homes for all forms of cold
' tronbles. Over six million Jars were
sold last year. It is particularly rec!
ommended for children's croup or
1 colds, since it is externally applied
i and therefore can be used as freely
as desired without the slightest harmful
effects. VapoRub can he had in
' three sizes at all druggists.
Hou that this is Mo
means Taking ot>e.
?r ??off!
A j
r n i
- . j ; -
#y*r^Sw v
New and DifterenlrlM
J Op (J t j
Beautiful creations are
from the houses of
Buy Gage, Rawak, Fisk, I
Liberty Waldorf, Phipps ^a
T nnn LEStlC
Not just a few from eaJe|||^^
Bonds house but dozens and ||||g|
t ? ens, and no two alike! ~"v|
The New
^ Black,
1 Have you seen it? PricedLo^^^^B
Visitors are not desired at Fairmont Hospita&?
No. 3 and excepting in the case of the nearest rda|lB2S^|
tives will not be admitted.
Reasonable exceptions to this rule will be madeM
in the case of friends of the very serious ill or ip|j
Nearest relatives will be admitted between the^J
hours of two and four in the afternoon, and at no I
other time.
This action is taken to safe-guard'the best in- fl |
terest of the patients during this period of unusual
epidemic illness.
. J
TWK.r.PAiirrcc?foKAm)iB.mnn).?CTFAU>.K.t. ;
I EVCG4 OOUCE- OF MUSCLE 1 \yfepl ATTEC- tlM? I *'

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