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11 BINS1 HBflw*p :
L w
as in action.
little danger of i
le, but in line witl
res to wipe ont th?
possible, ft wji
school authorities
le until some latei
Eie of Battle Does Not
"Tighten Four-Footed
'CE, Sept. 10.?(Correspondence
e. Associated Press.) ? A wai
dinner-bell is a bomb. When al
dy for the meal, men standini
ingout craters close to the ken
hrow in fused hand grenades
Ight and left all over the placi
are terrific explosions witl
i of smoke and dust,
dogs are not frightened, foi
are been taugnt that explosion:
srely the prelude to a meal. A:
fenades go off the "dog-men" rui
the line, pushing each dog':
of steaming food within reach
t all are served at the same time
; training teaches the dogs, car
messages at the front to pas:
h the heaviest barrage without
lelieving that the only purpose
the racket is to announce hi:
. Arriving with the message at
carters, the dog at once finds hi:
5 master, who detaches the mes
rom the collar receptable anc
lately rewards the animal witl
I5BJ? XOOCL. JLU IU1S way CUlUXUUUiv;aiw;ia v,tu
U-y.' he maintained with advanced element!
y?- of troops without the sacrifice of hu
g?;'fcV---.The-advantages of a dog messengei
; > are many. The dog of course run!
jgpi: much more quickly than a man mes
senger, and presents a far more diffi
%: cult target for enemy snipers. In the
.! ; case of small garrisons in outlyinj
; posts, the sending of soldier runners
jSp - spriously weakens the fighting powe
of the unit, besides exposing the mes
I.. sengers-to all the perils of a fire
swept zone. Experience has provei
that, a'combination of dog and carrie
pigeon'service is, if not more relia
SSL than that of the human runners
p very much more efficient.
l - - ' It is of the utmost importance tha
. file dog of war be safeguarded fror
.all blandishments and temptations t
linger among new-found friends, fo
t everything depends, when he Is re
' leated, upon his bolting straight bacl
with his precious message to his mas
- ~tpr.\ As food is the reward for faith
?? T ful services, no one but the maste
-f xoay give uic uu& c?cu a cviay w*. &ju^t?b
Home Baked Pies and Pastriei
ps*;'-'; : Boyers Restaurant. Advi
W.fp" Trnst the People to Find Out
What is Good for Them.
AH over the country folks are learn
Sg&v tag, thatt after, long hard winters
pull, lack of green food and fresh air
j??,; ; ;- thep~ are usually run down, have n<
K , ; appetite, are nervous and in bad shaix
Spring to them Is a season to b<
g*??>:''.; dreaded, their thin, watery, poisonec
clogged blood and weak nerves rob:
fii/'- tjiem of all ambition or desire to worl
'and takes' the pleasure out of life.
jR&Ji?.v/f?Fbe such men and women doctors
5jpr? art recommending Phosphated Iroi
HBjglF- S which, goes to the very root of al
BSS&feK-': -wodd Inpnrlties and nervous trou
bles. They claim It helps purify th<
0 3j blood by making it over anew, whil<
the way It relieves tired, fagged oui
aSsyr? . nerves Is almost too good to be true
ESSgfosS! -The confidence that American peo
a pie* and prominent doctors hav?
in Phosphated Iron, while re
marknble -1st, not surprising as it i:
cSje'of those honest preparations thai
Ep' j-.- -" never disappoints As a man said ir
Tecommending to his neighbor, "It's
' results that connt, and you can bant
jj^.T? oii- Phosphated Iron it is the "goods",
everyone who tries It is a booster. 11
are did put me on my feet when 1
- was almost down and ont."
ipjr;. - Every man, woman and child thai
has thin, watery, lmpnre blood, nc
Mfe. ?! Strength, or appetite, weak nerves
jaggf [and is ?H played ont generally, can
Sr . jj foot hack strong, be a live one once
K;V?t [again, enjoy restfnl sleep and get op
I (Continued from pace two.)
I Horace G. Cookery. Troy. iU. ^
] Ailm Czmns. Pawtacket, R. L
* John DeCsrll, Lfvlngton, HL
Arthur Detainer. New Bedford. Mass.
i Leo A. DeMartean. Springfield. Mass.
Charles H. Das tin. Marlboro. N. H.
Harold G. Earle, North Oxford. Mass.
Harry Everett. Alton. HL
_ rrhttT<?? vrm?m- AI?
Louis E. Fischer, Chicago. HI.
George A_ Fitzgerald, Den Rapids,
i S. D.
r Nicola Galll, Schnectady, X. Y.
Lather Lewis Gaskey. Ashevilie, Ala.
"William N. Gibby, Atlanta, Ga.
* Reuben. R. Hale, Wilson Creek. Md.
s Henry Clinton Harper. Pnrdy. Mo.
I Arnold Hodge. Piedmont. Mo.
p Thomas A. Ice, Camp. Col.
Thomas Igo, Brookdale. Pa.
Harlen R. Jeffers, Ozark. Ark.
i Harry Franklin Kegley, Engadine,
l Mich.
i Samuel G. Keith. Toledo, Ohio.
3 Howard Kelley, Frankfort, Kans.
, Pearl Kelley. New Holland, Ohio.
3 G rover W. Keys, SnowHake, Manito
ba, Canada.
John Kloss, Marl in, Texas.
Rudolph A. Krueger, Merrill, Wis.
Edward James Lapham. Dearborn,
I Mich.
Virden L. Leonard. Brooks. Iowa.
Morris S. Levine. Fall River, Mass.
Charles H. Lichtfnss, Janesville, Wis.
. Thomas W. McAuliffe, Monson. Mass.
I Leahmon P. McElveen, New Orleans,
i LaI
Arthur Joseph Maas, Grand Rapids,
Ross A. Matson. Greenville. Mich.
Matt Miller. Eagle River, Mich.
' Mansfield L. Mowrey. Elgin. Ariz.
James C. Murray. Westerly. R. L
Grover Myers, Sandbom. Ind.
"Walter De Long Newman, Trinidad,
Torence R. Ogg, McAllister, Okla.
. Joseph K. Palmer, Wilson, Pa.
Jonn J. rrzanowsKi, vmaua, iicu.
s Arthur Rasicot, Putnam. Conn.
. John W. Robson. Corbln, Mont.
L Joseph Francis Russell. Yonkers, N.
5 T
Simon Sandler. Lawrence, Mass.
, Samuel J. Shaak. Schaetferstown, Pa.
3 Fre S. Siebenschuh. Dravosburg, Pa.
i Joseph L. Smith. Fast. Harrisburgr. 111.
VIrgfl Harry Snow, Independence, Mo.
. Herman J. Stoebell, Darlen Center,
" X. Y.
Joseph P. Staiger. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Sylvester F. Sullivan. Pittston. Pa.
. Louis - Frank Tremmel, West Cox'
sackle. N. Y.
' Fred Belois Van Zandt. Stillwater,
* Okla.
* Oscar F. Vogt, Gesala. Neb.
I Ernest S. Warren, Dunlap. Ia.
, Andrew Wesner, Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y.
John Whelan. Yonkers. N. Y.
John' W. Wilcox. Brownsville. Neb.
Edward Wiley. Davis Junction, 111.
Samuel Williams. Dudley, Pa.
Kahum Ratner, New York, X. Y.
Claude Reeves. Kellogg. Iowa.
Jack W. Rutherford. Elpaso, Tex.
Thomas Houston Sherrill, Alta Vista,
Howard E. Short. Swartz Creek. Mich.
Melvin E. Shroyer. Hyndman. Pa.
Peter Sinklewicz. Grondo. Poland.
Rocco Stanco. Glencove. N. Y.
Albre W. Stewart. Heflin. La.
Harvey Charles Stine. St. Clair, Mich.
Leo Streit." Holdingford. Minn.
' i FranK J. layior, jvtoone, Aia.
r ' _
r '
Fine W
| Made To
Your Order
I W2 have been succef
j quantity of very fi
containing a large perc
- exceptionally desirable
mohair overcoating en<
mills in America.
These materials are nc
price, and, when they ;
will not be possible wn
No extra charge for
If you need clothe*, thi
; AI
^ **M9 \7Xl
Mean Street, Corner
(At tfc :
wxafim WebDehnkT. Trenton. N. X
Churls* gr WimBU, Saltvflle, Ohio.
John P. Wilson. Butte. Mont.
Joseph Boshack. Jesssp. Pa.
Bail Carey. Rochester. Pa.
Frank Culver, Muscoda. Wis.
Henry Dombroski, Waterbnry, Conn.
Slightly Wounded.
Cook William H. Schmidt. Phlla., Pa.
Pvt. Steve MIski. Milwaukee, Wis.
Missing in Action.
Li. Henry Bradley Frost. Arlington,
Lt. Grady R. Touchstone. Laurel. Miss.
Corp. Harlan F. Taylor, Phlla. Pa.
Mech. Boy N. Shaw, Pemberton. X. J.
Frederick Albach. Cleveland, Ohio.
Albert "Butcher, Swltzer. W. Va.
Pra?V rpnAm. MaHette. Okla.
Clell C. Conway. Will is ton, X. D.
Theodore Fisher, St. Clair Heights.
Mich. _s,
James Malone, Alaznogordo, X. M.
John Mnsso, Westfield. X. T.
Frank Pacovsky. Astoria, X. T.
Claude Harrison Thompson, Cuba, X.
Frank J. Thompson, Astoria, X. Y.
Raymond L. Walton. Fort Madison,
William J. Werner, Kingston. X. J.
Tofil Bialoglowicz, Buffalo, X. Y.
William Buhl, Brooklyn. X. Y.
Ralph Butterworth, Carmel. Ind.
Martin R. Byrne, New York, X. Y.
Jacob E. Cavener, Mohawk, Tenn.
Laymond Clark. DJamsvllle. Ind.
John De Hollander, Grand Rapids,
Max Del gar. Aragon, X. M.
Terry Elliott, La Pine, Ala.
Charles S. Felske, Reedsburg. Wis.
Clifford Chester Gibbs, Wauseon, O,
Robert D. Harrington. New York, X.
Edward T. Henderson. Brooklyn, X. Y
Mitchell Levesque. Fall River. Mass.
Harrison Long, Coal City, Ind.
Thomas McCarthy, Stiles, Wis.
John A. Xicodemns, South Bend, Ind.
Paul Sapuni, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Jaroslav Sruta, Chicago. 111.
Morris Weinberg, Xew York, X. Y.
Gennaro Zullo, Watertown, X. Y.
DtnroRttu PAfflMn
Utl lLA HWli unLUiviu.
- ' ? v ^
Dr. Edwasd#* 0b*e Tablets?the substitute^foeeeforaei-^Jre
a mild but sura
laxative, and tbeir effect op the liver is
alrn^-iastasfaiheeps. Theyaretheresolt
ofOr. BSwanirb determination not
to treatlw?r and bofcrt complaints with
caksofk His offorts'to banish it brought
out thsseHftle oKve-coldred tablets.
Th* pleasant little tablets dothe good
that calomel does." but have no bad after
efiects- '-TBey dont injure the teeth l:ke
subng lipoids or calomel They take
hoklofthetroableaad qtncklycorrect it.
Why cure the Hver at the expense of the
teeth? Calomel sometimes plays havoc
with the gums. - Sodo strong liquids. It
is best not to take calomel, but to let Dr.
Edwards Olive Tablets take its place.
Most headaches, "dullness" and that
laxy feeling case from constipation and
a disordered livfr. Take Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets when you fed "loggy"and
"heavy." Note bow they "clear"clouded
brain and howthey "perk up" the spirits.
10c and 25c a box All druggists.
Sale Of
tsful in purchasing a
ne worsted suitings
entage of silk, also an
; lot of fine wool and
Is from two of the best
>t replaceable at any
are gone, equal values
til after the war.
mohair and Venetian
s Is yotfr opportunity.
)Ol?fcMlLI?- Q
f ql- ..Jp
Cleveland Avenue
RjwlgeJ < |
Louis LntcnsM. Bayonne, X. J.
Elmer Morris, Los Angrtw. Cal
Edtrin Potts Neer, EHIsboro, Vs.
Nicholas Hubert. South Hirer. N. J.
Major Tlgnor, Johnsons MHL Vs.
Killed In Action.
Sgt Morris D. Moore, Poplar Bluff,
Corporals? 5
William L. Hubner. LaPorte, In4.
Jack M. Melrose, Mesa, Arl?ma.
Vera E. Swingle, Manistiqne, Mich.
Benjamin Berman. Philadelphia, Pa.
Thomas F. Devaney, Bird Island. Minn.
Henry G. Edwards. Rockaway Beach,
New York.
Charles H. Keeney. Eastbank. W. Va.
Fred W. Kroll, Stillwater. Minn.
Harvey C. Phillips, Troy, N. Y.
Mnrrell W. S tarns, Ottomwa, Iowa.
Thomas V. Thomas. New Lisbon, Ind.
I In peace
wont to
ness" W
before tb
then serv
spirit of p
fast to so
jjpy-, period fo
the highe
: | sponsibili
i! |. j the War.
i> j This is
great opp
is the real
?. future.
on th3
jjl tunityfor
tive temp
' ing old a
| ggij seeking tl
1 the situal
! 3JJ short-sigh
i i Oh tttp
pjl;' tunity foi
/? ]; one simp,
y, ?i' customers
^ fusing to;
I! ' THE
g]l Specialty
tomI r/wvriAM. xm, rasam
*1~ I . I
, . *
Klitrrt fit Actiott^*rsH^jnrify Reported*
Pvt. Jewell T. Him Jefferson, G*.
Wounded in Action (Severely).
Corp. Raymond W. Boone, Klntnore.
CaL o
Pvt. Claude A. Fox. Cnllaplra, Tenn.
Missing in Action.
Corp. Jobs X. Gravener, Philadelphia,
Pvt. George D. Steuer. Bergen, N. J.
Returned to Duty, Previously Reported
Privates? THE"
Fred M. Brad en, Forterdale, Ga.
Francis H. Bush. Eddy. Okla.
James H- Roberts. Baltimore. Md.
Edward Schanda. Chicago. BL
William T. Schmanhe, Rochester, N.
Y. +<***!
The casualty list printed in the
newspapers of this morning showed:
Killed in action. 91; missing in action,
28; wounded severely, 200; died
IOUSE that has s
of DUTY an
E'Times men are sometimes
say that "Business is busi'
ith America at war, busi'
must realize today as never
at business is service.
e to the Government first;
ice to the trade. Not in the
rofit'TTia.king, but in holding
und principles and quality'
times are a great training
r the new conditions, for
x ideals of service and re'
ty, that are coming after
. a triai'time and a time of
ortunity. The view a busi'
e takes of that opportunity
1 test of its character and its
2 one hand, it is an oppor'
lowering of quality; it is an
Lty for running after attrac'
orary business; of neglect'
r _ 1 /?
istomers ior new ones; or
le highest bidder; of using
Lion for greater profit, or
ted, selfish ends,
t other hand, it is an oppor'
: broadly and fairly doing
irtial best; standing by one's
i; treating all alike and re
add to the difficulties of the
our Kuppenheimer Merchant rejyft
both Military ar
peculiar advantage to you right ru.
Makers of Civilian an<
of Fractional Sizes and the "Fore,
Wo f S*pj>enM&er<
L _i. /01_I.1
meiraer uuincd a
.' ^ - -
^L^mt^^^^^escciaent' *'
West Vbglnlsns In the lrtmntng list
Died of -wounds?Sergt. James Paul
Snodgrass, Smlthfield; Pvt. Jesse C.
gfwmt-T, Salt Sulphur Spring; Pvt. William
A. Young. White Sulphur Springs.
Wounded severely ? Tony Brodymont.
Missine in action?James C. Me
Do-well. Burlington.
Fairmont Transfer Co.
All kinds ol hanlftig done
promptly end carefully. Household
goods a specialty. Also long
distance moving.
Phone 517.
seen THREE W?
merchant or the public by caj
in any degree on a situatioi
trying enough at its best
The House of Kuppenhej
seen three American wars. ]
roots deep in the soil and ti
tions of this country. It b
consistently for the highest &
of quality. It has grown stea
surely on the merit of its pro
the sincerity of its service.
From the very beginnini
present situation it has \x
cerned solely with, "carryin
the clear sense of duty and
This business is in its thii
ation: young in spirit but o!
perience. It was not built i
and it expects to live a lc
after the War.
Above ail, this House be
good merchandise: fine do
fact?not merely by report
With retail clothing mei
throughout the country, as
public, there are always soj
know. It is such we are ti
serve. This carries the oblig
produce the finest that is a
It precludes the possibility,
ever, of relying on reputation
the standard of our work.
Spirits a T^atior^d
nd Civilian,
w stgjfc arcintfict
i Military Clothes
iaan2" "Model, originated by tfcis 1
ire Sold in Faira
l that is
msr has WKkM
it has its
tie tradi' u
as stood
tandards j?5l9
dily and A M
duct and
s of the
:en con'
" r
i UU . MJL
_ - mm
d gener*
Id in ex- hMh^H
a a day,
>ng time
thing in
or repiy
with the
ne who
ying to
ation to
now or
to lower
' joR
louse ]l
Inh I

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