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[ ]
i'i?T?y ? ? ? certain j]
B i .iriia'TiiMrl nf the dtr. The J,
Er vts to
r instead
? get ont '
my way 1
on can \
g j
ass. My 1
se inside 1
io sooner
Indow so
then the
came poking an lnqusitlve nose j
igh the pathway she bad made. a
on a golden glow spread slowly ,
rarely oyer everything and no-one 1
big enough to posh the son back j
Be through the opening which had ]
i made. It wasn't more than ten ,
stes tmtn the whole earth shone. 3
dull yellow leaves still clinging t
^ imost bare tree-branches, moved 3
^Berceptibuly. The gold-brown grape .
^Bes coiled contentedly to the and- j
delightful warmth. People about
^Lcity got np and said: "Well. I
^ inly am glad the sun has decid
oome out!" But one of them ]
w that white rose was responsible. ]
Htany people about the city say: '
w strange.lt seems to bare every- ]
Eg closed?there's no place to go?
ting to do?the town seems dead!"
not dead yet; though there's no
big how near really dead it -might ,
if some of oar epidemics were al- :
ed to spread promiscuously. Judg- i
by the rapid spread of some dis- j
es, it might be a mater of a very (
rt time until a city was overcome, j
stitch in time saves nine," we
e been, told and that's the principle
d in prohibiting large gatherings,
lives are saved, it matters little,,
business and pleasure ceases i
^Hr mornings this -creek have heen ,
-but onr afternoons have been
^Bjk delicious. Just the =ort of
^Hneoas which send ns rormlr.g ov- J |
^Bthe country?a'nny roadways? I ]
^kss fields?along wilks and any-;
^Kebnt at. hone. How loath sum
lhnve c-,. She has gathered j,
up a number of t'mc"! end dc-1 ]
HB. bat Bite rn untid" cV'i. rh? j
r :-.-v v~-'?~o eu'-th is in (J'-c i
^B ? -;>y-l in a state of neither d-r- H"
' 7*~re v'-os are m"-*
Hg?p * ?t e'?n"on3 ec -
?s a few beets arc
^Bjgv^ yen under brown 1'
"?e of tj-Iom k'n " -
t r' - " - "are !# fal'ing awn
^B' >'l - 3 lIc-3 of a picture v.
^B" r ' -cd ir-ense1y for many mon
^BvThe:.L>fh these days are full a'
w8. I often thir'c that they a~
^B Ijr the rapri?r.tnt'en of hum?-:
which must if necessity fall away
i life hns been lived.
Bid yon ever sit disconsolately i?
I twilight and think of lost you !Bene
Into the yesterdays! Of t?v
Bs when yon lived away carelessly
B> precious year of your life much : n
same way that you threw pebble-H>
the ocean. For though many
Hre-are who ten us that youth is
Hal, frivolous?something best over i
Hb. we long sow for the days when j
B was Just on long; gay day?when j
"Imp. mnooth I
U pyTi 11115 v/w, WW.., ?
Hi. hair flying In glistening weaves,'
H limbs tired, we sped swiftly down
Hps and roadways,?headed straight.
H this very suriet at the bottom of
H Ml 'where we' dream and ponder
P wonder! I
here id very little use In grieving
thp_ days that are gone, though
He is much of sadness and sweet- i
H and In the memory of all that Is i
Can yon sit so wrapped in shad-;
Hand dancing spirits, that pictures
long thought lost, passed before!
H- eyes agaa? It is this very delv- t
Br into the closed rooms of my mind ]
Bdeh convinces me that life Is mere- j
the storing away of mamorles for
H thne when they may he taken!
Bt a^ain and touced with a magic;
eve everything lives which is bea- !
Bftd and an that ug# dies.
But," you say "So much which
Bags like perfume to the inermost1
feci of my heart was not beautiful! !
But it die?that memmory which I
BUnrs!" X think unlovely memories
la cherished because through them
; laarned, mnch that could not be
Bzbsq in atay other way. There arc
ry flew experiences in life which do
It flpeh and from the black ground.
Bt know, grows the beautiful flower.
H cherish all manner of memories
Bdeh. ,Jam found a resting In the 1
Fnao of your mind. And In the au-|
Ban of your Mfe. rake up the leaves
Fdlsoonsolate thought and burn them
B ADl more memories: for it is
jtt an ^memoriae that the chain of
pjtlmidtalluus conducted in Bambarg
**? -1"* -.! iilii .f CM*.
^qMM^ttojCenSl Association ^of
Rases of intr bonuses and orertlxne
Mw bare recently bean terminated
bftronUe results for the seamen.
rtth alarmtag rapidity. Dr. GL H. let
rf the local health board, estimate
hat-there are at least 200 cases o
he disease In this locality- Ten death
n the immediate neighborhood bar?
teen reported. The disease seems t
levelop rapidly into pneumonia wit]
. high percentage of fatalities
Mrs. Reese Dies.
Mrs. Bntb Hawkins Reese died a
he home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs
>ee Hawkins, of Burt Hill at eigb
>'cIock yesterady morning: Join
teese, her husband, who is in trail
~ - ** " m* TTT
lug >1
ible to reach home until three hour
after his -wife's death. Mrs. Hawkim
was twenty-three years of age.
Bert E. Masters.
Elbert E. Masters died at his homi
me mile west of the city at flv<
/dock Wenesday evening, after i
reek's Illness of pneumonia. He wai
a son of the late Joseph Masters an<
is survived by a wife and three chO
Iren. His age was about thirty-three
rfce funeral was beld from the real
lence at two o'clock this afternooi
with interment in the Beegum ceme
Mrs. Myrtle Loo maw.
Mrs. Myrtle L. Looman died of pnen
monia at her home in Washingtoi
street Tuesday afternoon at thre<
>'clock. Decease was a daughter o
he late Devi Straight. Harry Loo
nan, a sixteen-year-old son of Mrs
Myrtle Looman. died Wednesday
evening at five o'clock also of pneu
monia. A double funeral was held fron
he home yesterday afternoon fo:
mother and son. Another son and i
seven-year-old daughter are confine<
to their beds with influenza.
Gale Floyd.
Gale, the seventen-year-old son o
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Floyd, of lowe
Dent's ran, died of pneumonia Tues
lay evening at the family home. Fu
aeral services were held from thi
lome Thursday morning.
Late Cases.
Among late cases of illness In Man
lington and vicinity are: Mrs. J. S
Haggerty. of Washington street, in
tluenza: John Forney, of Main street
pneumonia: Mrs. Mamie Kindleberger
Clharles Shriver. of Water street, in
tluenza; Mr. and Mrs. <ikiy Toothmai
Brothers Die.
Arthur L. and Dallas Looman, broth
?rs. died at Camp Meade, Maryland
Wednesday. They were sons of Mr
md Mrs. Wesley jLooman who reside*
>a Bingamon. we have not receive*
particulars of the deaths.
Mrs. Margaret Metz.
Mrs. Margaret Ann Metz. widow o
the late Michael Metz. died at he:
liome in Buffalo street Tuesday even
ing after an illness of rheumatism
The funeral was held from the hom<
esterday afternoon with interment a
Ethel Sturm.
Ethel, the oldest daughter of th<
ate Allison R. Sturm, died at the horn*
-f her mother in Buffalo street Tues
lay night after an attack of influenza
This cut will illusti
devoted to a typewrite
i tary's desk, constructed
Price $70.00
| 360 S.?A regular
1 quarter sawed white oa
The above desks ha
a writing beds.
Solid plain oak wr
heavy desk arms, builtand
constructed desk.
2-60x48 inches hig
$83.50 each.
5 feet Made Plain
6 feet Made Plain 1
i|tefdsy afternoon viflt Intel want at};
I -Byaf
? " -? : i
Claude Kendall IIL
- Claude, the fifteen year old sen of
i Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Kendall, of Hough- ]
> town. Is reported Tery lav with pnen- :
> xnonia. i
L Claude Sine 111. 5 l
Claude Sine, of Dents ran. Is re- ]
ported very ill of pneumonia which
t developed from an attack of influenza. <
i. of flit Run. influenza; Mfcster Arthur j
t Chase, of Rymer, inflnensa; Daniel S. i
i Gooding, of Main street, influenza; <
the following are recovering after se,
vers attacks: Dr. and Mrs. F. E. i
i Flowers, Miss Helen Flowers, Gnat L.
t Black, the Misses Gwendolyn and Mar- 1
garet Hanley, Edwin Haggerty. At at;
late hoar last evening; Phyllis, the 1
seven-year-old daughter of Mr. and
, Mrs. Leslie Mills, of Grangeville, waa 1
; reported dangerously ill of influenza. ]
5 Marriage License. ,
I The county court has issued a mar_
rlage license for Rev. L S. Tyler, of t
, Farmington, and Mrs. Goldie Hdll, of
Mannington. .
J Message from Rev. Fark.
The following message from Rev.
A. N. Park, former pastor of the Pres- ;
bvterian church here, written Just be- *
fore an 'mportant engagement is self '
K explanatory: Fifth Reg. Marines. A. ,
1 P. O. 710. -Sept 11. 1918. Pear Friends: '
? Just a line from the -woods before the
1 battle. I am sending hereby my love .
~ to all my many friends. I do not fear j
L death nor the issues of this war. We
7 are winning and will be back home before
loDg . Lore to alL Albert K.
J Park, Jr., Chaplain, IT. S. X.
j Eloquent Plea.
Lieut. J. F. Cadenhead, of the Canadian
army, who was in the war at the
beginning and who carries four
r Son Better.
- Mr. end Mrs. Jesse P. Floyd, of Ry
mer, returned Wednesday from Camp
i Lee, Va., where they had been called
by the serious illness with influenza of i
their son. Private Guy Floyd, of the!
U. S. army. They repcrt the son re
From Wooster.
, Mr. and Mrs. John Straight have
-, been called here from Wooster. Ohio,
- by the death of the former's sister
i and nephew, Mrs. Myrtle Looman and
son. Harry. . .
To Florida.
Mrs. Winston T. Smith left Wednesr.
day evening for Jacksonville, Florida,
1 to Join her husband who is in IX. S.
1 officers* training camp there.
wounds from Hun bullets, made an eloquent
appeal to a large crowd in Marf
ket street Wendcsday evening, to supr
port the issues of the war at home
until "It hurts, as the boys are doing
. over there, on the field, in the trenchi
es and even in German prison camps.
1 .
Move Here.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jones, of Woods-1
1vHLa^i/ii^v jnuarid>
i ^ "FUR?
i field. Ohio, are moving into the Mrs. J
? Hatie Morgan residence in Locust 1
r street where they will reside. Mrs. I
. Morgan will leave in a short time for |
rate two Desks?360 F.T.P., on<
r attachment making a very f
of best quality quarter sawed t
single flat top desk160x32?be;
ik. Price $58.00.
ive 5 ply built-up stock 1 1-8 in<
Nn3 =S= llf Writing
* ' ? ^ KB an/lc and ha
f ====j Kfl Doveta:
^ PSl proof bottoi
B8 Legs 1:
j ing -will acc<
Hi inches. Pric
OP 54 INCHES No. 154
iting bed, desk top and drawer
up end and back panels. A tko
Prices $53.50.
quality, alike on both side
White Oak, Price $47.50.
White Oak, Price $50-00
We are showing a vein
p descriptions.
Do you anticipate the;
Xmas?. If you do better g
j shortage this year.
! Ross
a n/wrr/i ii .! irrvr ti
- luii cine
? Heir VlWk
" - ti. Yidd
to Ly?a E. Knkham'i
Vegetable Compound.
?. <*
KariH* (Sty. lTmw?"1 raftered
from puss in my back and ?ide caused
?laJfrf TfrlHrZtoW WW. Tdyttres infl
a. i.e.
Mr. and Mrs. Clye Wyckoff and cbO-fl
ben. at Brink, wars visitors la the [I
dty Wednesday.
Mrs. Charles L. Warder, of Ito-11
nont. Is the xnest of her danshter.il
lbs. C. H. Chad dock in Clayton II
lira. X H_ Ott and son. Harry, of II
??*-?? ? TTflMrn II
iere druing the week.
Miss Anna Debeudarfer left yesterlay
for her home in Denver, Colorado,
ifter a visit at the home of her tmcle,
U. H. Debendarter and family, in Lorust
street. ,
T. W. Call, of Cameron, was a bnsiiess
visitor in the city yesterday.
Miss Dale White Conaway has reamed
to her home at Board Tree
ifter a visit with her aunt. Miss Eliza?eth
White, of Main street
Miss Bnth Shisler. of SletersviBe.
s the guest of her cousin. Mrs. C. R.
R. D. Mea left Tuesday evening for
t visit in eastern points.
Donley S. Jones Is a has in ess visior
In Fairmont today.
Mrs. Ida Shriver has returned from
l two weks* visit with relatives in
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. O. Rowland and daughter have
returned to their home in Piedmont
ifter a visit with friends in Manningion.
Miss Beulah Tidwell, of Clarksburg,
las returned home after a visit with
diss Mabel Calvert
Miss Winnie Stealey who has been
he gueta of Mrs. John G. Harbison,
las returned to her home in Weston.
Prescribed By
Good solid Ieatlu
Stetson ai
Boy a real shoe and ]
Stetson C
is the equal of any shoe m
Just Re
Smith's SI
327 MAE
? ? T^* T? 1
rii^n. run
^ pedestal ~ria
ine secre
vhite oak. Hi o-?
st quality Hi. ? dies
thick " "
j bed 5 ply-built-up stock 1 ]
ck panels. /
iled front and back drawers,
n on pedistaL
B"4 inches, fitted with brass fi
immodate machine with carri
:e $48:00.
' fronts, V,
s, Price
j nice selection of office chair
purchase of an Edison Ph'ont
et your order in we have at
* / '
people recommenced
Lyriia E.
Pinkham'a Vege?
after takxoff six botties
I am well. I dc
table Compound can
be beaten for woman's
aOments."?Mia. L.T*kkbocax,
3011 N. Hatchings St, Kansas City,
Women who softer from headaches.
nervousness, backache, the blues ana
mmScald^e'tofmoS1 pS'iSi
herb remedy a trial.
For forty years It has bean overcoming
each ulments of women after other
medicines have failed.
If yon want special suggestions In
regard to your condition, write LydiaE.
Pinkham Jdedicjno Co., Lynn, Mass.
The result of long experience Is at yonr
service, mid yonr letter will be held in
strict confidence.
War Defense
?r shoes like the
nd Barry
>rotect your feet. The
ade for men in looks and
I i Al
noe More g
. , r ~ ? - - . . ?
L-2 inches thick built up
, metal dust, and mouse
srules and slides. Openiage
not exceeding 19 1-2
s. Space will not permit
)graph between now and
Ivance information of a
6 Co.
ii iMrnm/vxT OUIHPtHW 11
JI!if 'i!XiJKKWI DlftDBij.. 11
wrmr v II
' :WS&:WkiraED--MAia^WANTED?Coal
miner tor smifl vel
Phone 654-R. lO-S-tf-ig
WANTED?Carpenters. 70c per hot
8-bonr day. Time and half for ov?
time. Doable time on Sandaya.
WANTED?Laborers, 40c per hot
/8-hoar day. Time and half fc
5 j -* ? ~ a -
; over Time, imoei um? onnnajo. aj,
iply Fralne Bros. & Hatghley, Whu
and Axle Shop, near B. & O. roan
honse. , 10-4-tf?<53
WANTED ? Blacksmith and boxw
shoer, married, wants position; thor
onghly understands the treatment a
lame horses and mnles. Steady worl
er. A1 references. Address Box 455
care West Vtfginian. 10->-2t-45S
WANTED ? Assistant bookkeeper
male or female. Large operating
coal company. State age and salar;
expected. Address Box 4552. West Vli
WANTED?First class stenographer
male or female. Coal company
Good salary. I0-8-5t-455:
MEN WANTED?Mechanical worker!
machine operators and generis
work. Helmlck Foundry Machine Co.
Sth street and Belt Line, Fairmont. "W
Va , 9-2S-tf-449
WANTED?Men Dor necessary* wa
Industry. Stedy employment. goo<
wages. Apply wire chiefs office. Bel
Telephone building or call phone 151'
after 5 p.m.
10-7-6t 4541
FOOR SALE?6 room house 01
paved street. 5 minutes walk fron
Court House. Lot 60x160. Reason
able price for immediate sale. Term
liberal. Call phone 420-R-L 10-7-6t-454!
^psA A randy for Irtcctinm
B N of lie urinary bad.
BliC l|rS?^.syas
Koirreain 1 to 5 day*,
pnceftjo SoUWonoMi
Tmtiaa into aacb hobfa or awiha oa l?QUM?.
?To children an annl of nmr.w. Whew
trorma yw mumt mod arecflmom fojBomrel
worisil'^od tb? tot fanStr yw. asS
e*<rrvber? or br noil. 30c o bottle.
?et C. A. Voorbeee. M. D.. Fhttadelpblo.
Transfer and hauling done promptly
and carefully. Call phone
Thomas Caruso.
221 Meredith Street.
(Rear of Court House)
r ^BT? M?
W 1
Why Allow Methods Which Ifl
Are Foreign to Your Business Ifl
Policies, To Take Root in Your H
Personal Affairs.
II It Is possible to employ a Ifl
| corps of bookkeepers to ke?p In
S a business In perfect order Ifl
| and yet neglect the pimple 111
H accounting necessary in per- ijg
H sonal affairs. Ifl
These - personal expend!- I
Hn tares pre sometimes the lit- M
H tie spoons that are exhaust- JH
H ing the pile that the shovel ifl
H is bringing in.. jfl
|P Make It a point to tngtaii I
*4 onr personal account system M
M to your private business to- I
bank of kim
11 1,1 11 ?*
I- Chicago Merch
The National War Savings
ganlzation ha? Issued the tollos
Chicago Merchant:
"The way tor an indivli
to get along is to work and
normal times, how much su
the ^present. Sarins by ev
winning et this war as Is
than that, the mobilizing ol
military step Is not accomi
. sense aarinyot the nation
Start a Savings Account V
^ wAMnS^i
6 of oidcj- ^M||i^RHang|nH
J Phono 270. 9-21-tf?J464
_ Good -wacas. ifdJ Box 4550 West
p Virginian otgeo.
K WANTKD?Girl to do
1 work. bqolra SX Mdi St
3. '
7- nnnn ttnttttti
3 TOR SALE?SO Kit tnm. good
s boose. 7 rooms, good ctDnv'Jutil
r barn with sOo sad straw liml lmrssM
baza, other neceMsry I
5 gAint timber sad tin Isaf ttfiMHS
r pace this season. Six miles to? |
t town of 25,000 popnTafVm.. JXhemaifeJ
V one-half cash, balancs seuusd Iff %
. mortgage. Price 55700. X hare stauy 9
L bargains. write for large Bat H. BL ;
r Webber. Atwstsr. Ohio.
1 8-15-Smo. 4280.
Write for free catalognaa. Tenable
I A Ford. Lynchborgh. Vs.
l ^
r ^yearns""ior^'jgi&^Jsfa^
carpenters, atnew
? plant at BiresrUle. Apply Axaold
" Co, 224 Professional Bide *
\ WANTED?To bny second hand-asifck^
or cabinet. Imperial Ice Cream Qn?||S
i ^
FOR RENT?Two famished zooms for 3
light herns ekeepfng. Address Box, 9
4553, care West Virginian 10-8-Cf-46&3 J
OR RENT?3 rooms for light lwin", M
keeping Apply XXI Merchant Bt.
FOR RENT?Nicely furnish**! room. .
50gJ. xo-x - tl.
A STORE FOR RENT in Wateon.bo-^:?
tel^BIdg. Apply Managm^ wateon. :
FOR RENT?Store room and haaT"-^
ment at 205 Walnut Are. Can giro
long term^ lease. Apply War'8tdgU|&B
Amos, express office, Watttj^Hotad
ed re torn Tnhnlar Boiler S2 in. x 8 is;
fitted with steam dome 8 in. x 22 in. x S
26-3 in. Tgl^ s^portddjqr waBabjr
grate bars, water roTmmi. steam gtoge, ;
pop valve, injector, etc. Oxapieteti?]
: Must be moved at once. Can at
perlal Ice Cream Co, Cor. ClereiaaagSS
Ave. and Jackson St, Falrma^^W;
FOR SALE?Qnlck at a bargain, aood?lll
typewriter, dresser, beds.'
tresses, tour hole cook store, noBRS
etc. 548 Plerpotht Ave. l?8-tf. 4555^3
Ice boxes, one larje, one small. Address
Box 4547 West Vlr*lnl*n.
FOR SALE?Seed Baby Carriage sad
Sulky. 406 Gaston_Ave^ ^
DR. A. B. SBfTIIf.
AND EYE S^fiSiAUETk-V ifKgji
Glasses of all KSd> consols { i
fitted, asti*r*sfip* gmuumm&Rga
Hall Block am Martin's On* 1
js^ ' -?sjWfigW
Window Glass and WImMM^. I
Phono 477 W. 802 Q&^AwV^i
Repairing and relralldias. v
tomobfle radiators a specialty. I
Old Radiators Bought, Rebcllt f
and 8old. >.-/
Practical Tinner and thaat
Metal Worker. 828 Monroe St.
ABB ' - ' , ?SI
L 1? Im III^JWW 1L '
Committee Sectlon-ea National Or- I
to* statement by JnBns BosenwaM. |
taal, for s business, for a nation
save. It savins Is necessary in
pre necessary Is it tea time Uks ig\
pryone Is as Imperative for the
the mebOlztns of armies; more \
kaled by ttes^Eorotis, eom^ton ||
pthTXc Today.

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