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uL c jbculatio"*! r* onn! ri I^i4 ^ I I.A>fT J 1# 44 4 T -
r-H? cbbi V'J1 . ! r^: } w / /I > t^BD A / BK CTMBur^M- M H B H 1 ^ JMMW.
I V Daily Average 1 ? / / 1 B oJ H / H fi/ ^/y 3 II I I I II | i f/M | K ^tu^ywrtniowr J.
I Sent 1918..-^**^ ^CL?-,S WV>T^ ^- 1 -J
I |rSLW H^r ?* 1 Wea Vii^'iBealtogxrir <, ^
;- ? .?<w,v v-.. v - P -' * * . ' V ^T*. ~gjB|
|: M OF IE
r Business 'Men Will Drop
Personal Affairs for
I iiteisiveIffori low
I Capt. Gillingwater to Speak
L at Court House Meet"
Pastors Issue
Call,For Loan
v Mass Meeting
V The undersigned pastors of the
V various city churches urge and reQuest
theiiv respective congregate
to attend and lend their support
to the open air patriotic meeting !
K .x " to be held, the -weather permitting, i
in front of the Marion county
Court house at eleven o'clock Sunday
morning, which meeting will
be addressed by Captain Gillingwater,
of the Canadian overseas
I forces.
| C. E. Goodwin. H. G. Stoetzer,
ft W. J. Eddy. C. D. Mitchell. C. B.
Mitchell, Charles F. Eddy. J. E.
} Wells. C. C. Lawson. R. J. Yoak.
J. C. Broomfleld. Father Boutlou
and Father Joseph Martorana.
A liberty Loan mass meeting and j
patriotic rally will be held in front of
. the Marion county court house tomorrow
morning at eleven o'clock. Cap- !
tain Gillingwater. of the Canadian |
overseas army who is touring the state
in the interest of the loan, will be the :
speaker and the ministers of the city i
will co-operate in the rally.
OnHnruratOf ic o-pnprsllv !
acknowledged to be among the best !
speakers employed by the Liberty j
loan committees and everywhere he :
is heard makes a splendid impression I
on his hearers. He will illustrate the !
use of the gas mask and other war im- ;
plements as he has nsed or seen them
used in the fighting line in France.
-Citizens generally are urged to turn
out for this rally Sunday morning. As
there will be no religions services in
' any of the city churches tomorrow on
^account of the ban placed upon public
gatherings by the health officials, it
is expected there will be a record
breaking crowd oat.
Prominent Men Drafted.
One hundred men prominent in the
business and professional life of the
gjj city have been drafted by the Liberty
Loan committee to do service next
week In soliciting bonds or in any
other way that their services may be
HL needed. These men have been selectr
ed for their peculiar Qtness for the
p work assigned to them and the committee
is urging that these men lay
aside all business matters for the enHro
vmV and bustle for the success
of the Liberty bond issue. "With only i
one -week ret remaining: of the time I
alio ted by the government some stren.
B | Consult the Union Dentists
for expert dental services. Our
fta^Clces are reasonable. Offices ov- j
Wk tMcCrory 5 and 10c store. All
BPP^rork guaranteed.
I !
Girls and -women for selectors
lad wrappers. Good wages. Apply
12th St. plant. Ask -tor Sir
Bice or Mr. Swisher. ySt,
I I Wanted for
^ i Rivesville Power Plant.
- I
Machine and shipping departments
Good wages. Apply
f IN T
Committee of One 1
TH HE success of the Fourth Libe
? County depends absolutely upon '
the coming week. Every home i
and subscriptions to bonds solicited, an
the plan of similar organizations in pi
country, the following named leading
drafted into the service of their country
Loan Campaign in Marion county. T1
County Chairman at headquarters at th
Monday for duty.
Those owning automobiles are r<
We desire to impress upon those
upon their voluntary response to this r<
success of the local campaign:
George E. Amos Lloyd C. Fitzl
Frank Amos A. M. Glover
Thomas W. Arnett Wilbur Graff it
A. J. Arnett W. R. Haggeri
Lloyd Bailey C. R. Hall
Glenn F. Barns J. Clarence Ht
J. Walter Barnes J. L. Hall
Anthony Bowen Lewis A. Hall
Ernest R. Bell Fred \V. Hane
"Will Billingsley E. F. Hartley
Dr. W. F. Boyers J. M. Hartley
S. D. Brady H. L. Heintzel
A. P. Brady T. Wilbur He:
T. I. Brett R. M. Hite
M. L. Brown Charles G. Ho
Thomas Cady Smith Hood
E. B. Carskadon W. A. Husteac
Harry B. Clark M. L. Hutchln
( Illario Circusto C. E. Hutchins
C. D. Conaway Clyde S. Holt
Frank Coogle William S. Ha
E .L. Cunningham E. F. Holbert
Clarence Currey Sam B. Isema
E. T. Cunningham George W. Ice
George H. Colebank J. M. Jacobs
George DeBolt C. H. Jenkins
Murray Dickerson Fred L. Jenki
A. L. B. Dudley Marcellus A. J
E. N. Eddy E. C. Jones
C. W. Evans R. C. Jones
Arch Fleming \V. M Kenned
A. Howard Fleming John M. Kisn
John W. Fleming Alva Kuhn
M. A. Fletcher A. L. Lehman
A. S. Fleming Bert Leopold
Fred C. Fleming Scott C. Lowe
K. C. Frame C. E. Manley
M. Tt. F--e.nta A. G. Martin
\ r - J. Clark Mill<
nous work must be done. These men n
will scour the country districts as well II
as the town and it is the plan that no ffl
one he overlooked in this work. u
In Pittsburgh as well as many other _
large cities this plan of drafting men I
for this work has yielded splendid re- i I"
suits. The big business men of Pitts- I
burgh have agreed to lay aside all private
business matters and to do everything
in their power to raise Pitts- p
burgh's quota of the loan. *-/
The local committe wishes to impress
upon these big business men
that it is a patriotic duty that this
work be done and the obligation placed
norm them is as urgent and necessary
as that placed upon any man dratted
into the regular army service by the
government. m'
The committee believes that the men er
will Tally to the support of the issue th
to a man and that big results will be th
obtained. ac
Coal Companies Subscribing. wl
The corporation committee ot the to
Liberty Loan campaign has been busy bl
the past two days soliciting subscrip- lo;
tions from tl?3 corporations, coal com- wi
panies. etc. Today the National Bank
of Fairmont reported the following ,ja
subscriptions from coal companies do- g,
(Continued on page eight.) ga
= od
Men to run machines, r?
! apply 12th St. ?
Monongah Glass. ?c
And ask for Mr Hawkins. ,
1 = S.
? ra;
West Virginia Potatoes
We have on 'Walker's siding one Hi
:arIoad A No. 1 Potatoes. $2.00 at W
:ar. $2.15 delivered. Bring your C.
>afts. Call Cash Grocery Co. Phone R<
53J. Jo
Men or boys over 16.
Monongah Glass.
7th St. Factory.
lie ml
nmuf it nniiNTV
uiiivl iiiuuuiin
' For Loan Work
rty Loan Campaign of Marion
what can be accomplished during
n Marion county must be visited
d for this purpose, and following
actically every other city in this
citizens of Fairmont are hereby
r for work in the Fourth Liberty
ley are requested to report to the
e Fairmont Hotel at 9:30 2u m.
quested to bring them to headnamed
in the following list that
quest will depend absolutely the
mgh James A. Meredith
Harry Morris
is Tusca Morris
.y E. B. Moore
\V. S. Meredith
l11 Fred W. Mclntire
Br. J. O. McNecly
T. S. Neptune
y T. A. Neill
Trevey Nutter
M. W. Ogden
man Hood Phillips
anen J. W. Poling
John S. Pople
od Prank B. Pryor
Michael Powell
1 B. P. Bamage
son C. S. Riggs
jon Joseph Rosier
Clarence X>. Robinson
lymond J. H. Rownd
Howard J. Ross
n Harry P. Robinson
? H. W. Scott - -v?
C. L.Shawer
John S. Scott
ns Duncan Sinclair
rolliff Hugh F. Smith
Ira L?. Smith
W. D. Straight
[y M. L. Sturm
er WE H. Spedden
Harry ShawBailey
Ccorge A. Vincent
R. A. Watts
W. J. Wiegel
Otis Wilson
:rty loan committee
LIVELY, County Chainnan.
ii-TTrn mrin uniin
itntn rum mun
ommittee of Women Will
Ask You for Explanation
If You Don't
A committee of one hundred woen
has been appointed by the Libty
loan committee to be known as
e "Wear Your Button" committee,
e duties ot the members being to
cost every man seen on the streets
10 does not wear a Liberty loan butn
,ask him the reason and if possle
secure his subscription to the
an. The duties of this committee
11 begin at once.
The following compose It: Mes.mes
Edwin Robinson, George De>It,
C. W. Watson. J. A. Meredith,
.mpel Leeper, W. D -Stockley. The:ore
Workman, W. 3D. Steele, L. G.
>ggs. W. D. Barrington, R. R- Day,
M. Hite. H. V. Hesse, A. L. West.TT
T> Oiorlm CI
aau v jl - Mui/iu^vui AM, v.
iod. C. C, Wedding, A. G. Martin,
ank Lyon, G. H. Brownfleld. Keme
White, J. Walter Barnes, Charles
>well. H. D. Causey. Harry B. Clark,
B. Harr, Fred Helmick. Carroll
ilmick. Dalton Simon. C. W. Wad11.
P. M. Hope. C. L- Holland. Clyde
Holt. E. W. Howard, A. L. Lehan,
N. E. Jamison, Y. D. Horner,
ctor Gwynn. Emma Hood, Grace
satty. J. I. Sloan. Pearl Pitzer,
?gh Glasscock, Henry Mulligan,
alter Zundell. LaMar Satterfleld,
C. Upson. J. H. Thomas, Avon
jynolds. A. W. Reed. F. K. Lowe,
ha Riggin. Ralph Began. Truman
(Continued on page eight.)
8 Cylinder Jackson Auto in good
condition, run about 5,000 miles, j
Can 1235 j
- . J
0 SI
-r*' ?? j
' ^ rt?wc u/avo \
;uver iuuumuiu vmuo Fiuv .
Loaded in the Region j
_ r Yesterday.
i -1"
Chester A. Shins and M. L. Hutchf
inson, of this city, A. L. White, of
1 Clarksburg, B. M. Chaplin, of Morgan[
tonw and R. B. Isner of GUdns, com- t
pose an adviscvy board which has \
been appointed to assist D. B- Lawson, p
district representative of the Fuel j
administration, with his work as distributor
for the Fairmont district for
the United States Fuel administra- r
tion. The committee was appointed a
following constant efforts on the part ! z
of the coal operators in the promotion j t
of increased tonnage from the mines i \
j of the Fairmont district ' - j a
I Ail of the men appointed on {he ad- : a
visory board have consented to serve j
and have offered their services with- J
out compensation. . r
Today's Car Supply. I ti
Today there are a total of 798 cars : h
i in the region, including -693 open top ! it
I cars. 50 box cars and 55 coke cars, j I
I But 5G3 cars were placed at the mines a
i of the region at 7 o'clock this morn- < ti
I ing. , J a
I Yesterday a total of 1.095 cars were t<
! in the reeion despite the fact r
that only a few over 500 cars were :
placed at the mines at 7 o'clock. Th"
remaining cars were placed later in E
the day. 1
State Wide TouiyAdministrative
Engineer B: E.
,8iKWmice..of the Caritert. .Eusi v?
administration, will make an inspec '
tfon of . all industrial plants in the {
state, looking to the conservation of j
i fueL He has already visited Parkers- ;
burg and made an Inspection of every I
industrial plant In that city. He is in ' /
Htmtington today visiting the industrial
plants. Engineer Rightmire is !
finding the industrial plants ever i
reay to co-operate with him in making
any changes necessary for the conservation
of fuel. Some time ago
questionnaires went sent out to ail industrial
plants burning coal. .
The Situation Worse. ,
The influenza situation on the Cum- jberland
division grew just a little i j
worse yesterday the percentage of em- [ (
ployes idle because of sickness in-1 _
creasing from 37 to 45 per cent. There ?
seems to be an increased number of ~c
influenza cases in Cumberland, Key-1 (
ser and Martinsburg. The situation I (
at Grafton at a late hour last evening i
was not any better and if anything f.
a little worse. Reports from the Mo- t
nongah division of the Baltimore and *
Ohio railroad show that the nnmber of
employes idle increased from 211 to
256 or abont 9 per cent, of the em
Coal Notes. I
J. Walter Barnes, state Fuel admin- '
istrator. returned from Huntington
: last evening after making an trip to
the southern part of the state in the
interest of the Fuel administration.
Wednesday evening Administrator
Barnes was in Parkersburg and was
called upon to address an open air |.
[ meeting in the interest of the Fourth J
I Liberty loan. |
j a H. Rose has returned from a busi- r
! ness trip to New Martinsville.
A. Brooks Fleming, production man-1
ager for this district, who has been ill
at his home with a severe attack of
tonsQitis, continues to improve. ,
Captain Melville Fagan, the return- t
ed soldier wh ois spending some time x
in this region, was at the Erie mine of j
the Hutchinson Coal company and the ?
Dawson mine of the Dawson Coal 3
company yesterday. Today he Is' out
again, with Production Inspector Rich- ?
ardson visiting the Bethlehem mines j
of the Bethlehem Coal company and t
the lam ay mines of the Consolidation j
Coal company. (
Why Central Was {
Slow This Morning :
Flu began to make inroads upon the 1
Bell telephone exchange girls day be- 1
fore yesterday and today ef the 44
girls that usually report for duty 15 t
wer on the sick list. As 44 is six be- 1
low the complement ueuuumii'y IU neuu <
tbe Fairmont exchange in tip top ser- J
ice shape what the influenza sick list 1
has done In the way o* slowing np the
service may well be imagined.
No Church Services
Here Tomorrow
There will be no services in any of 1
' the local churches tomorrow in ac- 1
cord an ce with tbe renllng of the Health
authorities In placing a ban on all !
public gatherings to prevent a farther i
spread of influenza. The churches
gladly -comply with the ruling and 3
win observe it to the letter. Jti
P, ,/ I y, / ,
' - v 'lla/M'WMlI ' 'nj w aw
rop t
10 MR
rVoIff Bureau Says It is "In'
a Sense* An Acceptance.
(By Associated Press)
BASEL, Oct. 12?(Havas Agency)
?The Frankfurt Gazette announces
hat the German answer to President
Vilson, which has been completed in
rinciple, porbably was forwarded on
BERNE, Oct. 12.?The Wolff Bueau,
the semi-official German news
gency, has circulated a Frankfurter
eitung dispatch form Berlin stating
hat the German reply to President
Vilson'8 note was sent last night,
Ye Q consp an awent
"WASHINGTON", Oct 12.?Germany
eports that Prince Maximilian's reply
o President Wilson's inqc/ry has
een dispatched and indicating that
; is "in a sense" an acceptance of the
resient's conditions of peace led to
n authoritative statement here today
bat the public should be warned
gainst believing Germany is about
3 end the war by unconditional surender.
Government Authorities j
Signed It at Washington
D. C.
At Washington, D. C.. yesterday the
:ontract between the United State*
government and the Domestic Coke
Corporation, chartered onder the state
aws of Delaware, was signed The
:oke company will operate the byiroduct
plant which is now being conitructed
at the Fair Grounds, this
:ity. Under the agreement the government
will bnild the plant and the
:oke corporation will operate it.
The contract fo eectir.g the plant has
leen let some time ago to th? H. Kop>es
Company. Pittsbng, and the work
rill continue.
Fairmont Girl Becomes
Volunteer Nurse for
Stricken Woman.
A specia Idispatch to The West
Firginian from Charleston. W. Va.,
oday announced the death thepe this
norning of Mrs. Taylor George, of
!>hilippi, which occurred shortly after
A'/?wir tkl? morning in the
vartawha hotel from influenza.
Mrs. George was taken ill several
lays ago and no nurse being availa>Ie,
she was cared for by her hus>and
until he suffered a physical colapse.
Following an appeal for volmteer
nurses at a public Red Cross
neetlng last night. Miss Maude Davis,
'ormerly of this city, a clerk in the
secretary of State's office, colunteersd
her services, though her sister is
altically ill from influenza at her
>hme in Charleston. Miss Davis renained
at her post until Mrs. .George
>assed away this morning.
Mr. George is very widely known
hroughout the state, being a promttent
politician. His wife was also
veil known.
rhree Take Exams
for P. 0. Clerkship
There were three applicants for the
derk-carrier examination at the local
jostoffice which was held at 9 o'clock
his morning. There were two women
ind one man taking the examination.
Jnst at present the local office is
short several clerks because of Spansh
influenza. Miss Bessie Bock, genHal
delivery clerk, and Miss Luticia
Syan. money order'clerk, were both
aken m yesteray.
iyjppdriotis^ Expeck
uiai Tfiirn th
11 LOAN*
Secret Service Men Probably
Prevented Tragedy ^
in New York Today.
(By Associated Press)
NEW YORK, Oct 12. ? Presient
WHortn in fho sroat T LhPftv
day parade here today. He took his
place in the procession at 72d street
soon after it started and amid conttn
nous roar of chers led the division I
down Fifth avenue to the Altar of
Liberty at Madison avenue. '
Just as the President passed 51st
street a man broke through the police
line and started toward the President. ]
He -was immediately seized by secret
service men and placed in an automobile
which sped away with him.
A few minutes later a loaded revolver
was found on the streets.
The man was taken to a police station.
where his name was given as
H. J. Boone, a preacher. He denied
according to the police, having any j
hamfnl Intent, saying that he merely wanted
to shake hands with the President.
. _ ?.. . -a
Ten Physicians Reported 71 i
New Cases Yester- t
, day. . . I
Spanish influenza is spreading more 1
rapidly in Fairmont. Yesterday exactly s
71 new cases were officially reported x
to City Health Physician H. L. Criss.
and this is not the extent of the spread
for the above cases were all reported j
by ten of the twenty-five Fairmont j
physicians. There is hardly a physio- c
ian in Fairmont who does not have ?
new cases of influenza each day. City c
health Physician Criss is anxions to t
keep a record of the exact nnmberof s
new cases developing each day and in
order to do this must have the support .
of other Fairmont physicians. He asks t
all physicians to call him on the telephone
each day reporting the number t
of new cases. This will be UtUe trotble
and will greatly assist the health
authorities in combating the maladly
locally. /
The first step toward isolating In- fluesza
has been taken at the Fairmont
Hospital No. 3 There eight per- .
sons there with the disease and they
have been put in one section of the
hospital so that other patients will
not be subject to the disease. ,
Otranto Death List
Will Number 364 s
(By Associated Press)
LONDON*, Oct. 12.?More than 360
American soldiers were lost on the
tarnsport Ostranto. sunk in the collision
with the steamer Kashmir off
the south Scottish coast. This developed
from checking the Otranto's list
at American army headquarters,
where it was found the death roll of
soldiers tsood at 364 or 366.
This discrepancy between the figures
now arrived at and those previously
given Is due. It was explained,
to the confusing of two identification
lists. More than 200 bodies have
been recovered up to this morning.
Many of these were given burial by a
party sent form Liverpool.
Severe Earthquake
Visits Porto Eico
HAVANA, Oct. 12.?Widespread
damage has been caused by an earthnwolro
fr? Porto WcO ftCCOrdill2 tO &H
uncomlirmed report received here '
from Santiago de Cuba. Many buildings
are said to have been destroyed. ;
The report fixes no definite locality J
and no loss of life is mentioned. Cabta j
communication between Cuba and Por- ;
to Rico 13 ladly hampered.
Stevenson Company
Takes $25,000 Bonds j
Last night at a meeting of the members
of the board of directors of the .
Stevenson company, -wholesale gro- j
cers of this city, it was voted that the i
company subscribe for 925,000 of the :
Liberty loan.
- - ? VI * ~~
>d to iStuf (i tiona
nn i r rm
its East Side I
lies ii cboss
Pershing's Army in . Stiff
Fight Norjtheast of
' x! v-jr
*ress.)?The enemy today began an. J, aSI
ittempt to slow tip the ?nadb-Amer*;\j
an advance on the nninJMidUfa^^MgH
U1 the bridges across the rlrair|geOeH
rom Lecateaa southward were blown
!ne of ;the htgh ground some 2,000 to
,000 yards east of the.xirezjt whde^i^^
eady has been crossed by tte
ooting on the east hank. -ij
ighting and the Germans from the 3
l very fire upon the weat .haafc
ittack against the German? posit!
he left center.
St. Jnvin and Cnnel both of which,
owns now are in no inna'^IiiigHfljB^g
- ^saj
vhole region south of laon
ess was rrrde last^
>agne iruuu me w?u
oday. The French have'iMhilSMjgH
he important rail-way tovni oT T&jE-Bi
This morning the French. vferevlK
eg the general line of the TTiifiuiffluM
tnd the road from ^aavxea.-l'to
ast night continued thiiii
lortb of the Sensee river; F:
thai Haig announced today.
ranee is in the direction of IhJnaL.Tbe^j
'111 ages of Hamel. BrtiSeeeiMW*
han three miles from. PrinigjBfjjM
Inincy. less than two utirafSngH
3onai. have been captmedJ/Sj^jB
Farther north the BrifidlKjiBKH
>ushed to the dast ot Hajnlorthwest
of Doual and .ttey
he environs of Emnay.
?ress)?German troops^^bSmafiH
>f Donai are retiring JbehhDdffMHgM^H
lee canal. British forces ha v
sd a line two miles west of B^jgg
icross the canal' has bees^iwe:
ess completed. -It
sdge of the canal andin the.oatskU^fl
>f Doual by tomorrow -morntng^BM
South of Laon the CerinaHddWBJ
iontlnning their
he famous CheralndesDmnSaBBBM
jressore of attack, from the
gouth, and It is confidently expect?* ?
:hat the whole of the &iwNHB
nay will be ?att^
The Germans are falling. bw^nraMH
apidly In the Champagne.
nornlnK the French.
Tor a distance of from thxojjtslgfiKH
miles. <
fttsne river the French
iome^dlstanoe bcyomdtfc
ranee from pofnt;$?$oimarnam

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