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Bbhanksgifing Day the Fairmont
school football team trill go to
Kadngton, where a football game
b be played -with the fast Hon tin gKx
high school eleven, it will be the
H&ting game of the season for both
The Wmr^ingiimi management Is ex[
Thanksgiving game, their best game
Eg at the season, and offered the locals
K. an unusually good guarantee. The
I management of the local team replied
b with an acceptance immediately,
r Last year the Hnntlngton and FalrI
ttont high school basketball teams
played two mrasnally good games.
m The locate proved to be one of the
very best drawing cards of the seaE&non
when appearing at Huntington.
K^ABealiziBg that this one game alone
?$ worth working for. the locals are
Emlng all. in their power to develop a
;ed from page ? ?
le D., Millen, Ala.
lalupe, Ely Paso, Tex. <
'., Merles, N. H. <
Green, South Nashville, <
ocyBlaw, Chicago, HI.
jhonsus, Brooklyn, N. Y. ,
as, Potomac, HI.
rge W, Albany. N. Y.
ird H-, Burlington, Vt. ,
odore J., Kansas City, ,
Jr., PfcHaelphia, Pa.
ott. B&5galey, Pa.
len. Detroit. Mich. .
Ired, Princeton. Mich. ]
gar W? Baltimore, Md. j
rflllam H., Webb, Ala.
anas, Milan, Mo.
ft, Earlboro, Okla.
ert. Vancouver, Wash,
a O., Rochester, Vt. ^
I * Di Miceli, Salvatore, Brooklyn. N. 7.
Donohne. Thomas J.. Trenton. Mich.
IL Doyle, Thomas F.. Baltimore, Md.
B Dunleavy, Franklin, Arreme. N. 7.
K Ererhart, Jacob O.. Lexington. N. ?C. ;
Anderson, John W? Chase City, Va.
HBerman, Alfred te.. Newark. N. J.
^HjBlanchard, Lawrence E., Andressin
Blanchard. Avoca, La.
|VBregan. Louis A_ Doylestown, Pa.
7cBroder, John V- New Haven. Conn.
' Bryan. Arthur, St. Helena, Md. J
.> Campbell, Alexander, 7ale, Mich.
Campson, Thomas, Brooklyn. N. 7. ]
B Carr, Adam L, Stratford, Okla.
II Crawford, Daniel. Buffalo, N. 7.
| Ddgrter, Bert L. Salina. Kans.
I, Eyster, Seymour G., Spring Grove, !
Farmer. William J.. McKeesport, Pa.
^Fenton. Harry L, Mount Pleasant, [
W Frisdold, Olaf O., Minneapolis. Minn.
\ Gagnon. Lionel J., Holyoke, Mass.
fGaliano, Leon EL, Hull, Mass.
B. Gallagher, Sidney. Greenville, Mich.
g, Gauthier, George L., Fall River, Mass.
B Giacomozzi, Agostino, Fitchbnrg,
I Gibson. Tador P.. Lexington, Miss.
g-Gizzi, Mike, Philaelphla, Pa.
B" Grover, Ralph, Bloomington, m.
Gtoter, John P.. Newhfll, N. C.
I, CM.ssler, William H, Ironton, Ohio.
Mj|ahnke. Reinhold L^ Buffalo, Minn.
Hall, WHL Atlanta. Ga.
Hamilton. Jamfes, Tnckerman. Ark.
"Hansen, Phillip P., Ena, Kans.
Hansen. Rasmus M, St. Paul, Minn.
I Hanser, Leo, St. Louis. Mo.
l Heinze, 'William F- Thomson, m.
Eor"on. Arlington^B., Fergus Falls,
I Try Our
H Foods well prepared si
man, as we serve them
1 healthy and in good f
Nbdfer? this adage, try
I J.W. Boyers
228 MAD?
EensenT Tbomu, Loa Alamos, 'CaL
Johnson, Momrie O, Hatto. Tax.
Kearney, Jama* X. Chtrtwtowli,
Kemper. Jobs H., Brooklyn. N. T. :
krnpsky, Karl,North Side, Pittsburgh,
lane. Jobs, Lawrence, Mum,
I^trose, Frank, South/Hero. Va.
Lnrka. Frank, Buffalo, N. -Y.
l^wrence. Jobs, Cleveland, Ohio.
Lawson, Frederick. Brooklyn. N. T.
Lenave, Angelo P., Oneco, Conn.
kcKlnney, John, Fort Henry, N. T.
Ifalm, Emll, Analey, Neb.
kanley, William B? New Brunswick,
N. J.
&arlnl, Frank, Butler, Pa.
lartin. Bernard A-. Eckbart Mines,
lartlnco, Peter, Newark, N. J.
ffassengill, Daniel P., Egderton, Mo.
later, Robert IL, Danville, Dl.
filler, Joseph M., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Ilchaell, John A., "MUtonvale. Kans.
forgan. Oscar, Hoskinston, Ky.
lorris, Abraham, New York, N. Y.
Jorrow. Jay Bee, Duncan, Okla.
XgUMW**** *? ?? ? w
tfueckler, August Carl, Manistee,
dulholland, Harry, Brooklyn, N. T.
Mulvoy, Anthony JJ-. Norwalk. Coon.
Murphy. Timothy, New York, N. Y.
Myers, Benjamin F.. Stamford, Conn.
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Pansera. Antonio, Aulsboro, N. Y.
Peterson. Carl E-, New York, N. Y.
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Pockstaller, N. F., Dnnbar.^Pa.
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N. Y.
Severson, Henry O., Kanawha, Iowa.
Steffels. Frank. St. Paul, Minn.
Stevens, William R., Medford, Mass.
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N, Y.
rerrell. John W., Blanchard, Okia
rhelen, Anthony John, Marshfleld,
rnrser, Clyde A., Fort Smith, Ark.
(Tan Renterghem, Camiel, Lootenhulle,
Ost, Belgium.
vv iiuauidf ruM, ?...
Wilt, Charley- W., Hollidavsburg, Pa.
Lacarso, Salvatore. Palmero. Italy.
Levy, Sidney. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Maharg, George A., Jr, Philadelphia,
Marraudino, Joseph. Camden. N. J.
Matthews, Durnell Ellas, Jackson,
Miller, William. Curve, Tenn.
Minnie. Albert H., Palmyra. Pa.
iMogonye, Charlie, Elgin. Tex.
Morrisey. John J., Cleveland,- Ohio.
Monty, Gilbert J.. Atgoma, Wis.
NTowlin, Otey B.. Sweet Home, Ark.
Pachuckj. Paul. Chicago, III.
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Pilsner. Richai-d. Mayville, Wis.
Piatt, Raymond W.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Proper, John, Grodna, Russia.
Pruilt. Perry L., Centerville. Texas,
aneener, David H., Kansas City, Mo.
Raiti. Sebastino, Sartina, Italy.
Roberts, William H., Toomsboro, Ga.
Rostetter, Frank Lu, Fair View, Kans.
Sagliano. Tommaso, Bridgeport, Conn.
Schetfler, Norman J., Allentown, Pa.
Seeman, August A.. Artis, S. D.
Sessin. Fred. Zurich, Kans.
Sherrill, Thomas H., Alto, Tenn.
Sheehan, Daniel, Berkeley. Cal.
Sikorski. Wincenty, Detroit, Mich.
Simmons, William L? Pottsville, Pa.
Skarkoski, Peter, Chester, Pa.
Smith, Benjamin F., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Smith, Oliver, Quincy. Mass.
Sorenson. James R., Viborg. S. D.
Stiles, Francis, Wana, W. Va.
FIRST in Quality
FIRST in Tubes
\>fj hqwbctter
-5TORC3 ?u(k
rl Fnnrl
hi m ww
oitingr the appetite of
. will always keep yon
spirits. If yon don't
them. >
' Restaurant
^ I
' . ' - II
.*-/v ^ \
Chancellor Speaks for German
People Foreign
? *? a
Secretary says.
The full text of the German reply to
President Wilson's inquiry is as follows:
"In reply to the question of the
President of the United States ofo
"I will n
To fear the
some man or set of
culpable act, to fea
and an inhibiting a]
To be courage
able to be ready to mee
To be called upon in a
gratifying expression. I
strike twelve, not in a p
tip-toe spiritually is to b
Some boys in I
go through safely, gladly
that trial and self-acqu;
here who reads the nam
way to the same suprer
Vi. We others mu
C&Me to us, wherein ai
thing will be to rememt
a^oiaed or shirked; a m<
the woman lifted her br
abandoned grief," we i
That moment,
'? ? J?or?
DC 9L UC1JUVI <Uv\/JiAav
ing and undermining :
respect. One of these <
ser ones, coming now.
whatever money we can
is-te give the men defenc
I Huns vaho attack.
Buy Liberty 1
This Spac
The South 1
rAT^MnX'T Mfl\DAY R1
the foundation of a permanent peace
of justice. Consequently its object fa
entering discussions -would be
only to'agree upon practical detail!
of the application o fthose terms. The
German government believes that th<
governments of the powers associate*
with the government of the Pnltec
States also take the action taken b;
President Wilson la his addresses
The German government Is accord
ance with the A astro-Hungarian gov
eminent, for the purpose of bringlnj
about an armistice, declares itseli
ready to comply, with the proposition!
f the President Is regard to evacua
lot shame
indoned gr
: dark, to fear tt
men, to fear exposur
r justice, to fear am
id sometimes a para
:ous, to have confid<
t examination is to be no
moment of need or crisi
a rdianco to r
/UV. CV liui V M. ??
hysical effort but in the j
e as near Godlike as man
"ranee, both those wl
r meet the demand and
lintance. The mother c
e of her soldier in the lis
ne spiritual experience.
st accept such way?
id whereby to make oui
>er all one's Hfe an oppoi
oment in which, while tb
ave face, and thought "J
ilayed safe.
trifling and easily ]
iousne9s at two in the mc
memory always; a ball
opportunities to be met c
The government behind
. at fair interest and on t\
ting us on the Jiring line <
Bonds?Buy tt
a rnntrikntod to Winnino
i has undertakes the mpanOdBtr ft
l this step tuwsid ptoses has been lata
) ed by conferences and in agreemer
i with the great majority of the Befri
f _stag. The chancellor, snppoited j
. aeaoas ?y tne win or in,
J majority, speaks In the name of th
i German government and of the G?
r man people" s
- _ (Signed) "SOU.
" Secretary of Foreign OCOct
Transocean -Berlin."
; The note la dated October; 12, t<n?
' -Home Baked Pies and PastrleI
Boyers Restanrant.^ Arvt
future, to feal
e of some hidden and
f thing, is a retarding
lyzing condition.
snce, to feel unblamrmal,
and "start scratch/"
s, and to meet the call is ?
ic*. full stature" *-*
iOV LV/ w ?. ?? ? - ^
irena of the soul, to stanr
can be in this life.
.10 fall and those \^hc
know the furthest limit o
>r wife or sweetheart c>vc
t of dead, goes by anot^c
3 and means as iriaj
answers. The corroding
tunity that we shunne?i c;
te soldier bled and fell, anC
[ will not shame him v^tl
put aside at tirst, Vil
>rning; a dreadful, weaken
and chain on one's gel
>r shirked is for us, the leg
the boys asks us to lend i
be best security. The fn^ne
an equal chance against th
> Your Utmos
: the War by
>al Company
^ IS i *11 jf ^
r *
help wahzed?kale
WANT?D~~Co&l 1'iiPAT foir uriwll V61U.
a Phone 654-B. lO-S-tt-4516
3. WATsrrwn?Ornentera. ?0c per hour
e 8-hour day. Time and half for over
r- time. Double time on Sundays.
WANTED?Laborers, 40c per hoar
8-hour day. Time and half for
?, over time. Doubel time Sundays. Apply
Fraine Bros. & Hmighley. Wheel"
and Axle Shop, near B. & O. round
house. J-O-4-tf?1537
, WANTED ? Blacksmith and horseshoer,
married, wants position; thoroughly
understands the treatment of
' lame horses and mules. Steady worker.
A1 references. Address'Box 4558
care West Virginian. 10-9-21-4558
WANTED ? Assistant bookkeeper;
male or female. Large operating
coal company. State age and'salary
- expected. Address Box 4552. West VlrWANTED?First
class stenographer,
male or female. Coal company.
Good salary. 10-8-5t45Sl
MEN WANTED?Mechanical workers.
machine operators and general
work. Helmick Foundry Machine Co...
Sth street and Belt Line, Fairmont. W.
Va 9-28-tf-4497
WANTED?Men for necessary war
industry. Stedy employment, good
wages. Apply wire chiefs office. Bell
Telephone building or call phone 1517
after 5 p. m.
10-7-6t 4546
' GOVERNMENT Civil Service Examinations.
Fairmont In September.
Government, Clerk. Teacher. Inspectors,
Research Clerk. Typewriter. Salary
$2,(h>00. Experience unnecessary.
Women desiring government positions
write fc free particulars to J C Leonard
(formerly CIvil Service Examiner)
906 Kenvis Bldg.. Washington.
WANTED?Carpenters, 62 per hr.
8-hr. day. Time,and half for over
time. Double time on Sundays.
Wanted, laborers?tOc per hr. 8-hr.
day. Time and halt tor over time.
Doable time Sundays. Apply Frainle
Bros. & Haighley, Wheel & Axle Shop,
near B. & O. round house. 10-4-tf-4537
SALESMAN SHIP?Bi g opportunities :
in South America tor salesmen, of- ,
fice men, mining men. mechanical,
in spare time. / Recommended by power
and transportation officials. Free
booklet. International Correspondence
Schools. Box 913. Dl. Scranton. Pa.
AUTOMOBILE?Many openings tor
garage men or chauffeurs. Big pay;
travel; advancement. Expert training
necessary. Qualify at home in spare
time. War-time opportunities tor
women. Send for booklet. International
Correspondence Schools. Box
913. Dl Scrantcn. Pa.
eeNTRACTING ? Carpenters, bricklayers,
cement men wanted to learn
contracting, building; structural work,
architecture. War times demand experts.
Good pay. Qualify at home In
spare time. Free booklet. International
Correspondence Schools, Box 913,
DL Scranton. Pa
ELBCTR1C1T Y?Electricians wanted
everywhere. Big pay. Quick advancement.
Learn electric wiring,
lighting, telephony, etc., at home in
spare time. Indorsed by Edison, Stein
metz. Free booklet. International Correspondence
Schoos, Box 913, Dl,
Scranton. Pa
ELECTRICITY?Railway men?electricity
Is fast replacing steam. Get ,
ready for a big Job. Prepare at home
electrical englners. Good pay?rapid
advancement.. Learn at home in spare j
time. Women fill places of men gone
to front Free booklet International
Correspondence Schools, Box 913, DL
Scranton. Pa.
CIVIL SERVICE?U. S. Government J
wants, ambitious. Intelligent men |
and women for Civil Service. Refined, j
congenial work. Paid vacation. War j
creates 1,0800 new positions In Wash- ]
ington alone. Write for booklet In- j
* * s(4iaa1<1. 11
ienia.U?7IttU VUl csj^vuueuwv ,
Box 913. D1 Scranton. Pa.
ADVTRTISING?Ad Writers and Managers
wanted?profitable, dignified
| work. Prepare at borne in spare time.
1 Indorsed and recommended by hunr
dreds of sucessfol students. War-time
, demand for women and writers. Free
booket. International Corespondence
Schools. Box 913. D1 Scranton. Pa.
STENOGRAPHY?Stenographers wanted.
Men and women. Experts earn
big money. Congenial work?rapid
, advancement. Many oportnnltles in
Government service. Prepare at home
in spar? time. Free booklet. Inter1
national Correspondence Schools, Box
> 913; Dl. Scranton. Pa.
A STORE FOR RENT in Watson hotel
Bldg. Apply Manager, Watson
HoteL 10-2-10t-4518
> r
f ii mmmmm^m
- Chicago Mercha
The National War Savings O
y ganlzatlon has issued the ioUowh
m Chicago Merchant:
"The way tor an lndlvidu
to get along Is to work and s
?- normal times, how much mor
the present. Saving by ever
A winning of this war as is th
l> thanthat, the mobilizing-of i
military step is not accomps
sense saving of the nation.
Start a Savings Account Wi
^ ft-' V
-'.. v Mi v.';.'1 - j1"'?*;'^T* -i
'-i> " -5.'" f ' *? - a
WANTEI>-C*S*fc?. llllljflBS
of older cMUlSO- Pbrfasa^^H
P&oae 170. 9-21-tf-? :<8?
Goad^ wages. Apply Box 4550 1
Virginian office.
WANTED?Girt t? Ao general he
work. Inquire 282 Hub
rcRn SALB-te ioe taK^fiH
house. 7 rooms, good ceDp, Ingw
barn, other wumiiy
Some ^timber and
one-half cash, balance
mortgage. Price 35700. I hare mmS
bargains, ^wrtte tor^targe Hat. '
Write for fraTatdwaa'^MHm
ft Ford. Lynchbtrrgh. Va.
carpenters, at new Pl?epBiniig|
plant at Rlreerllle. Apply-ftJWWK
Co, 234 Professional Wilt . .
WANTKL)?To bay second haaflwamgj
or cabinet. Imperial Ioe Cream Co. Is
7 .10-9-tf-4667
WANTED?To rent ?oo*bow^miBnjB
^ad? or Locust Ar^praticnd. Oft; |
FOR~RENT?Two ft^isTin^ giaoi^^i^a
light housekeeping. Address BcK
4563. cars West Virginian. 10-8-tf-466>
OR RENT?3 rooms tor tight hoasa&t;
keeping. Apply 111 Marclumt
FOR KENT?Nicely fttrnish^jwmkiffi
Pho& SOW.
ed return Tubular BoQarSt in.zt'li.
fitted with steam dome 8 in. z
26-3 in. Tubes supported by wdb.knB
4 lugs. Equipped, with flush teaitM33
grate bars, water column, steam gaurtHSj
pop valre. Injector, etc. CoaqMHw
Must be moved at once. CaR at'flnaB
perial Ice Cream Co, Cor. ClevsIliSffia
Ave. and Jackson St. Falu^sd^kgB
FOR SALE?Quick at a bengatn. goodlgj
typewriter, dresser, beds, fias ns^
tresses, four hole cook stoves notion*
etc. S48 Pierpolnt Are. l<N8-tC.dHHK?g
POK SALfcr?uasa lagiauw nuu'iieuM,?a
Jce boxes, one large, one smsTI Address
Box 4547 West Virginian. >
FOR SaLP?Reed Baby Carriage awft-3
Sulky. 406 Gutoii ^
POOR SiSS?6^ rotm^honee^gci^
paved street. 6 minutes irafe fioaa., I
Court House. Lot 80x160. Bona ; I
able price for hnmedfato snisffSEMaMB
liberal. Call phone 4X-R-1. lOTWilftMSSj
" _____ j" ~-~i~- ^tt^yt^us
flt^ fa^fiu^VanJaSSSS! I
wen Block ovir Rmfini !
Window alaea and WMIMBRB
Phone 477 W. MS Oastoa Agg f
' / BtpebtagyOA xetaQdl&c an- I
to mobile radiators a specialty. g
Old Radiators Bought, Refcrtlt 3
and ?ett_
Practical . Tinner and. MmSE
Metal Worker. MB Moan; at.
In sun
Pj^Hg J0J
oznmlttee ^ytten on NtUond OKv
S statement by Julius BosezmML 8
si, tor s btnrtnesa, tor 'sntlm-'l
are. zt sarins is necessary la ?
a necessary la It in * tfca* Ilk* g
yone is ss imperstirs tor His
uneMtti nf imlTTT ITTT'
Btod by tb^ztgonm^ commoth
V* Today. k^^jsSB

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