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Kfccttao. 49; wamatbeA *rrerely, 1S4;
BMlfiMil ill aiihi ?*??-**??
BjjSjgjAwrwllfl- Iowa.
B l?oe?er, John, TompklnsvDIe, N. T.
HBp?aiZJ^S^4><r T -West Lynn, Mass.
aofl, WOBub G., Ciowder, Okla.
iBaaSfecex, Georxe G., Garrison. Iowa.
pyw.vgia^percy 1^, Blairsville. Pa^
fiSftet^iog, XHmftrfos G., Council
EJVmgBvuie, x ca.
?w York, N. Y.
ereland, Ohio,
tonio. Tex.
Dtrverneur. N. Y.
angeburg. N. J.
Lane. Pa.
tremen, Ohio,
terdam, If- Y.
lervilie. Tex. |
d. Mass.
cis, Burlington, |
Minn. j
Iasfl. Jim. Bremerton. Wash.
Sedor P? Bast Broadway, New
? Bemt A.. Clearbrook. Minn.
JHarry Tt, Somerset, Pa.
Q, Chester H_ Perrysburg. N. T.
[airasv'K, Cleveland. Ohio,
nr, Herman EL Detroit. Mich.
SO", Rowland, H? East* Aurora,
CharleiOl^Wam wright, Okla.
I. Walter ~W_ Plaltevflle. Wis.
g^Cbarles W, A van, Mass.
ilck. Prank George, Chicago,
James A.. New Haven. Conn,
ner. Elmer Edward. Fulton, 111.
ry^grank. Kenosha, Wis.
^ Stanley, Upper Montclair, N.
IfjFted. Dayton, Ohio.
d, Ehs, Mont Pulaski. m.
mtt,- John H., Brooklleld. Mo.
?_W. Wayne. Fairfield. Iowa,
her. Thomas E., Brooklyn. N. T.
rell. Robert F? Hamilton. Ohio,
kh Francis E.. Chicago. HI.
Whiter L.. Florala, Ala.
srt, Clayton P~ Hackensaclc,
Cornelius K-. Joliet. 111.
Steon. George E.. Evanston. m.
fir, Patrick J- County Queens,
re, Hugh J? Johnstown, N. Y.
tty. John A. Lawrence. Mass.
fca, Stanislaw. Chicago, lit
aor. Eugene W., Chicago, Hi.
Ivan, Wnilam J., New York,
%'' ! "
Try Our
Foods Well prepared s
set- Ve then
healthy and In good
I I J. W. Boyers
y 'S-fjr- i
* "^535553^55
gnUi, Frank. Hutchinson. Fa.
Shoemaker, Howard. Quinton. N. J.
Skaggs, Harry D, TongaaozSe, Kans.
Swanstrom, John F-, New York, Jf. Y.
Adams, Matthew M_. Ogdensbnrg, N.
Benton, Daniel Webster, EUenrffle,
N. Y.
Bonnie. Frank M., Buffalo^N. Y.
Burit, Clifford T, U"wm fans. sumo.
Byron. Prank B, Alpena, Mich.
Ferreira. Manuel T., Taunton, Mass.
Ferschke. Arthur, New York, N. Y.
Grey, Clarence A? Fort Worth, Tex.
Jones, Wynne. Wind Gap, Pa.
Keiser, Arthur, Belmont. N. Y.
Kielty, Thomas F.. Tilden; Neb.
LatkowEki. Charlie. Chicago, I1L
Logan, James J.. West Medford. Mass.
Long. Norman E.. California, Md.
Mclnerney, Patrick J? County Chun,
McKisney, Joseph P., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mannerberg, Arthur P., Glen Campbell,
Nichois. David V, Little Rock, Ark.
Peterson. Hjalmar - Bernard, Hardwood,
Roberts. Claude R.. Wausau, Wis.
Shady, George, Valdosta, Ga.
Steffen. Larwence M., Natrona, Pa.
Martin, Charles Albert, Detroit, Mich.
Tessler, Arthur J., Goodyear, Conn.
Anastisv Peter N., Waverly, Mass.
A keekomenn Hiironrft fL Scandinar
i aviauuuiwvuf ? -w
via. "Wis.
Adomaitis. Andrew. Cherry, 111.
Albrecht. Edward. New York, N. Y.
Allen, Herman William, Tomahawk,
Allen. Lyle A., Irvington, N. J.
Bagnek. Victor V., Chicago. HL
Baia, William. New York, Nr Y*.
Banawlcz, Mike. Waterbury, Conn.
Bannister, Herbert, Port Huron, Mich.
Barcellona, James A., New Orleans,
Bashner. Louis. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Benn. George J.. San Francisco, CaL
Cavanagh, Sylvester D., Brooklyn,
N. Y.
Claar, Frank O., McCook. Neb.
Clime. Delbert R., Vinton. Iowa.
Clutter. Harold L.. Washington, Pa.
| Coxon, John Francis, South Windham,
I Me.
| Clubberley. Euwing I.. Trenton. N. J.
Cudahy, Sylvester J.. Ventura, CaL
Curran. Mike F.. Morrisdale, Pa.
Dahl, Axel E? Warren, Pa.
[ Dansse, Nicholas R.. New Orleans. La.
Delgiomo, Ralph. East Boston, Mass.
I Dorrow, Walter Herman, Marquette
j Co.. Mich.
Dougherty, Stephen J., Nickelsville,
i Va.
! Dunford. Charles Galax. Va.
Earl. Frank Martin, New Albany, Ind.
Elliott, Biff Lyon, East Hutchinson,
Ellsworth. Anthony H., La Grangeville,
N. Y.
"?* ?v^__ VA
r aneob. V. . vrdiUCOUitc, MW
j Favor. Joseph H_ Drain, Ala.
| Ferretti. John, Raritan. N. J.
Freeman, Earl A., Lamar, Kans.
Gravelle, Alphonse, Fitchburg. Mass.
Haraann, Grover C.. Flint, Mich.
Hart. Edward G.. Strathmore, Cal.
Heggem. John M:. Lcngmont, CoL
Herz, i'miL New York. N. Y.
Heth, Ferdinand E., Fort Atkinson,
Howell, Arthur R.. Lebanon, Ore.
.Jackson, John V.. St. Joseph. Mo.
Janke, Leonard, Freeman. S. D.
Johnson. Arthur L., Luther, Okla.
Jones, Ross, Kansas City, Mo.
Kempkes. Albert .Buffalo, N. Y.
Klein, Herbert A.. Hortonville, Wis.
Krzykwa. Joseph, Jewett City, Conn.
La Pine. Earnest L, Westport, X. Y.
La rail. Louis A.. New York, N. Y.
Lekacnman. Morris. New York. N. Y.
Linde. Charles W.. Hinsdale. 111.
McCabe, Patrick B.. New York, N. Y.
McCarger, Harry G.. Mills. N. M.
McCreary. James. Rovse City, Tex.
McDonongh. William. New York, N. Y.
McFarland, Edward S., Green Fork,
McGee. George W.. New York, N. Y.
Mc-.eil, Harry, Gloversville. N. Y.
McQueney, Martin lu, Rohrerstown,
Maloy. Joseph L., New Brighton, N. Y.
Mantilla, William R., Worcester. Mass.
on szema
It win wee just a rew moments to step in ;
ted uk us -what oar experience has been in
the way of mteftil customers with the *00 thin*
wash or oil* D. D.SS.
your money back unless the first bottle relieves
The LdccuidWash
Mountain City drug store and Hall's i
drag store. |
. .
d Food
raiting the appetite of
i wffl always keep you
spirits. If you don't
r them.
' Dacfaiiranf
nw^uiui uui
- Co? V. V?.
Myers, Sean Lewis, Bear Lake, WVh
THttmnm. Joseph M, qewM, Ohio.
Do km, Robert A, .Atlanta. Go.
Doolin. Complins. Tesimnf. UL
Dranklewicz, Adam A_ Chicago, UL
Priggers. Wade EL, Lakeland, Fla.
Drlmkosky, Joseph, Minneapolis,
g wa-retterffle. Arte.
EgldTo'jolm. Milan, Mich. j
Ericson. John Alfred, Water bury, j
Falls, Robert, Palo Alto, Pa. |
Fay. Thomas F.. West Hoboken, N. J. J
Fiebig, Harry George, Shamokln, Pa.
Fillers, Alfred F? Green evllle, Tenn.
Fitzpatrick. John T, Jamaica, Long
Island. N. T.
Fleming; Charles, Anstin, Minn.
Foltz, Tracy L, Hamlin, Ark.
Fnrr, Richard E, Stanfield, N. C.
Gannon, John J., New York, N. Y.
Gibson, George. Keokuk, Iowa.
Gonyea, Allle. Anoka, Minn.
Grabowskl, Joseph. Milwaukee. Wis.
Grant, Henry M? McGraw, N. Y.
Gray, Edward, Richmond Hill, N. Y.
Helgeson. Alfred M., WoodTille, Wis.
Han, Nicholas F, Brooklyn. N. Y.
Harbison, Harry J? Philadelphia, Pa.
Hericinski, Konstanty. Chicago, HL
Henderson, Louis Smith, Buffalo, N.
Hoasley, George L.. Groseclose, Va.
Hewitt, George Washington. Gould
City. Mich.
Hill. Gus, Buffalo. N. Y.
Horowitz, Herman H.. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Housely, James. Soddy. Tenn.
Haynes, Joseph, New Albany, Pa.
Jadinski, Henry, Michigan City, Ind.
Jensen* Anarew xu., jlucc, *uw?.
Jones, Robert, Gas City, Iud.
Johnson, Albert J., Brookings, S. D.
Johnson, Barney, Akra, N. D.
Johnson, Ralph, Froyden, Norway.
Johnston, Albert Sidney, Jr_ Union,
W. Va.
Kawickl. Joseph, Warsaw, Poland,
Kelley, Jessie, jPine HIH, Ala.
King, Lawrence, Houston, Tex.
King. Paul, Lagrange. Ga.
Kornlck. Michael, Corbin, Russia.
Kraus, William J., Buffalo. N. Y.
La Rouche, Sherwood A., Utica, N. Y.
Law, Clarence G? Anthony, Kans.
Lear. James L. Lowell. Mass
Le Blond, Louis F.. Willimnatic, Cons.
Lee, Henry, Dawson, Minn.
T,ett, Clarence, Bennett. Iowa.
Lockhart, John T., Clan ton, Ala
Longstreet, Maurice Christopher, New
York, N. Y.
Lyden, Martin A., South NorwaTk.
Conn. 5 r 3H8HHH
| NextTrme
I YoarCoffee
doesn't suit
you why not
"try ~
When you step "to
think-that tens <rf^
thousands of.
families now use 1ft
in preference^
to coffee, you|
must realize ? *
m ?,v-> j
There's a feasors '
^ Need^But little.^
^ ~
Shoes ior
1 ?v
j 5255[5i52h555!Z555555h5b555255
I Pe&esdrf. Otafc Nnktm, Pte.
I PoOto, HWimI. Brooklyn. N. T. <
I FMpftt Alitor, o?*> Xowi.
I Pfpersta. Tito, Now ViHase, N. J. )
Potter, Edward P. Lanrarille, Md.
Wounded (Degree Undetermined). ~ ,
Bart&s. Ellis K, Monument Bon nil. >.
.toggns. -Alrah L.. Bjgtor. W. >. j
Walters. Clyde S., Gary. W. Va. Private?
Idler. Earl. Cameron. W. Va.
The casualty list printed in the
newspapers of this morning showed:
Killed in action. 47; missing in action.
I -
-- I
Fairmont Transfer Co.
AH kinds of Tianlfng done
promptly and carefully. Honseaold
goods a specialty. Also long
distance moving.
Phone 517.
Who are accustomed tc
- 1 .1
a taiior-maae son. or uv<
be obliged to pay $60
To by a "UNITED"
Made of fally as good i
Trimmed with' pra
Designed in every resp
artistically to fit yoa?
Tailored on a farmore i
WB hold their shape lc
than yoor former high j
These garments we will
on our large bnsiness be
Suit Or
The United Wa
Also oar regi
Main Street, Corner
(At the
The Best Pla
tor a Man
Suit or C
is the t
Here in spite of the searcit
quent high price, a man c
worthy suit or coat embooj
tailoring and the best in i
prices. There has been no
Hartley's, a man can safely
In our stocks, knowing tin
and loyal service.
m. "
Weat Virginians la the nwrntin list
KBM la action?Pvt. Jtyttns. WOlam
3C, TOHna.
Wounded severe!y ? Sergt. Wisenan.
Edgar EL, TTIntrm
3toiwe B_ Diana; Moore. "Tommy H,
Walker; Oleaker, Arthur N, Pxrkerararg.
^ bUla by kMplog IgM,
NEW PRICES?30c. ?0(. *1.20
Ch.il dren Cry
i paying $35 to $50 for
srcoat, bat, now would
t7S for an inferior
fcW Y ( W >???
ta3or-made suit anH
ctically the , same
ect as carefully anH
scientific system?
mger anH wear better
iriceH clothes.
now produce for you
isis tor
^ President
ilar lines?
Cleveland Avenue
ice in Town
to Buy a
ly Priced
y of wool and it's consean
still get a sound and
fiug gwu uiatcixcuo ^uuu
style, and at moderate
lowering of standards at
invest in any suit or coat
it he is going to get full
^hnpc fnr
"" X kAJ
I DUI * * 111
i hpphp
- There are times -when it is the
E-C-O-N-O-M Y to boy the things :
These days offer greet oconora;
Women's percale house dresses,
long sleeves?$1.25.. Sizes 36 to 44.
Women's fast color dark percale
coverall aprons Sizes to 44?$130
55x72 grey cotton blankets, with,
bine or pink striped borders?pair,
$25.00 -women's all-wool bine
serge suits. New tall models. Sizes
to 44?$17.50.
Women's medium weight tan union
suits. High neck. Long
sleeves ankle length. Sizes to 44, 93c
Girl's, medium weight bleached
union suits high neck, long sleeves,
and ankle length. Sizes 6 to 12
Men's heavy cotton flannel work
shirts, grey only. Sizes to 17%
Men's heavy grey cotton coat
sweaters, shawl collar and twopockets.
/Sizes to 46?$150.
.. BUY I I yft
jggff g ??
Welcome yen
Beaver Board ofi
i TOf?r y?f fore
Board results trn- txlXOUgll til? pI?aS
o'? Ifc -walls and ceilings
back of the board Beaver Board is <
for repairing and rem
told, dingy, cracked -w
aide walls, in paititio
displays and baclcgroi
There are hnndn
that you can do easil;
flawless panels. Beasaves
upkeep expense
FOfi_rix Tm'&i
kF.JftHasrt Shoe Company.
hmmi we^4*et*yyi^*jg|^Biflgis
i i ^b ^B * mi&Kam
plainest, most imggfattoiaMa'jwalBMB
you wkbv or wiu qdqu in uao soar h
' ^Hsl
y opportunities here.
I 4hfli
Women's heavy outing daaoSSfiH
underskirts, assorted sixes..
they last?$1X0Men's
leather front white caamjB
gloves?pair. 39c.
66x?0 Southern sheeted wool I
plaid blankets?pair $10X0... 1
Men's and Youth's heavy cotton I
corsted work or dre??s pants
like wool?pair. >$2 50.
Children's blaek or tan. button orr J
lace shoes. Sizes 5 to 8. pair. $L2g*9^^H
Up to $5.00 women's all leaflisr^j
black shoes, button or lace, high or *J
low heels?pair, $287.
Boys' or girls* all leather school a
shces in black or tan. Sizes C to ;l
2?pair, $189. I
Up to $6.00 women's high top I
English lasts lace shoes, high efcin
low heels, grey, brown or blaek^B
leather Tamps?pair, $385. )R
sotfS if "ill
?^<Towfr- W NOW, 10c.;.
ivxv v!vX* ||h|^^9 XvXv.v
i j pjp pi*more
sales, for your bnsine?
Lag influence of Beaver Board
^pally practical fornewboiMrngaand- - '-./-SB
oddbg. It will cover op any lira! of S\ jg3
alia. Yon can ore it on ceilings and
ns and screens, in booths, window
mdt in the same successful war.
xls of jobs about the store or bdoy r
and quickly with these big; sturdy,
rer Board mnltrs a far better waO tat r *3
?on'n>?? * *?ilvoUl hmlpyoa* f ' \
>a ?owi aamwwJI
^ < . l^|nSa
-' j?rr^5555CB5fli^^^^^^B
-\ "^r** m -' llif
" /ifcf^: -'-'
s . '">-^k
^ /(jgjpf I

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