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m ^%-. '< j-.'-v ' 'v" "
V ??
I Bayord Nj??n Was Impress
hfiqriid JHsoii, formerly of Eldora,
Kd aoa at John Nixon, a well knows
Hsttkea ? Watson, who is now overB?i?,
nader date., of September 10
Prwrote the following Interesting letter
to his wife who before her marriage
was Kiss Louise Watson of this city:
% BAY" OF BISCAY, Latitude 44 deg.
%: Longitude IS deg, 11:30 a. m. Bear
Lodse:?^Jo doubt-it will be some
time before this letter reaches ypu if
' It reaches joa at an which I hope it
S wBL We toft Philadelphia Thursday,
August 29, at 11: SO at nignt ana went >
&' over the N. P. and N- to Cape Charles*
at thu mouth of Chesapeake Bay and
^L^ftook a Mat to Old Point Comfort. We
*we.-s to sail from there on the U. S. S.
Isis hot It had sailed when we reacht*
ed there with a fleet of 54 merchant
F: shipc.- This fleet of 10 U. S. transports
' - were Sharing Newport News at twelve|h
. thirty that day and they sent us over
'there on street cars. We hadn't been
aboard 20 minutes until we sailed. It
k is supposed to take 12 days to go
* across bat we will not make it in that
: timefton account of a terrible hard
|i.'- storm for about four days. We have
been 11 days already and it is general
ly supposed that we will be about
F' thrdb more days. We are about S00
K~. miles at sea yet and no one ever wanted
to see land any worse than I do.
EK:*t There were 32 of ns picked out of
draft in Philadelphia and sent on
Kjthls'convoy. The crew consists of
about 360 men and we have about 1,^ oo
soldiers aboard. There are ap roiimately
30,000 troops in the conWf07
of ten ships and we are protected
Pjy. by a' TJ. S. cruiser aniT'eight destroyers.
There is practically no danger
with all of this protection and in case
v-<c- one of the Kaiser's tin'can^ would
*"*" 1+ wrnild
SUCK XUB DUWfc vut. wj.
| look like thirty cents In less than half
SfV that many minutes.
It Is -wonderful to note the good
I spirit of each and every one of our
t hoys during the hardships they are
K^going through and their one thought
Hrseems to hi to reach France and get
fgjgRthis over cith as soon as possible. We
Upmave had some very rough seas but I
^ haven't been sea sick. Have had a
terrible cold and. felt bad byt this is
I' . such a -wonderful.experience I haven't
j?"had time to think of it. Since we ar1
lived in the war zone we have abanK'
'don ship drill every morning at 4:30
K and just before dark In the evening.
There are a great many interesting
Bathings I would like to tell you but it
W will be impossible to write them in a
Ip; letter. By the way it might be interesting
foryou and some of onr friends
'! to know that I have met several Washv
Ington boys, some that are going to
'"the same place I am and in the same
-- Jferanch. of the service. There are a
number of people who remember Forrester
Ainsworth, a Boston boy, who
. is my partner on this trip. He and I
being the only two chief petty offi*
* * < ?!???? AU4W frtW
V/cers on OOBTU UWL MC v??*
fcf-special duty la the aviation section.
P" Ainsworth's ambitions are just as high
' ^ tp be a flier as they were to make his
. mark as a star football -player up at
f' Tale where he became protpiaent on
[ that team. Tell John Sherman that
r dad has seen enough saltwater in the
11 last ten days to last for a long time
I 2nd that I wish he was with me. Kiss
I the baby for me and take good care of
l them. Would like to see all of you.
I Tell BUI Bryant he ought to be a sail|
er on this ship because there is plen^yfty
of good hard word to do. Let me
Bknow when you write if he has been
V called for duty.
This ship is the oldest transport in
the service and was in the first convoy
'of*the A. E. F. It is 490 feet long and
formerly a passenger ship of the
American Fruit Co. It is interesting
to watch^he little destroyers in this
: rough sea. All yon can see of them
. half of the time Is the top of their
masts. I want yon to take good care
;Of yourself and the babies. Not knowto*
what my address is going to, be
' "you wfll have to wait until you hear
I from me again before you write. Will
write again just as soon as I reach
I -our destination. Will write a more interesting
letter next time and will say
V_ V? ?m> >!? nrMHit. With lota of
Pod wishes.
iked Pies and Pastries
tanrant. Arvt.
n Luij, 44Am To Vbt
las Dose For Me, So
jfo He^ Otliers.n
Watoga,W. Vjl?Mrs. S. W. GladweD,
C* this town, 97s: "When about 15 year*
Of age, I suffered greatly ... Sometime*
I would go month or two, and I had
^^ ttpAbSBlKldKltty bsdcncliCy and bcflnn^"
down paint, and would just drag and
Kbid no appetite: Then... it would last
?..two weeks, and was so weakening,
^My mo^ier bought me a bottle el
ICnAd, am I began to improve alter
Wtliij gai fiat bottle, so kept it op tin I
took three. ..I gained, and was well
B female twrttif, sod Just resort to Csrdid
I what it.bss done for me, so as to help
l< If yoa sue tier v om or weak, have headBalliiu
iifs so common to women, why not
Bfirc Capfad S trial? Recommended by
\ Foar Deaths.
Foot deaths hare resulted is Mannington
and vicinity within the past
two days from firflnenra and hludxed
diseases. A number who were seriously
fll-are reported Improving notlcahly,
and a great many are on the
streets again after less serious attacks.
Mrs. Charles Bell.
Mrs. Charles Bell, of Glen dale. Marshall
county, died Sunday evening at
eleven o'clock at the home of her
brother, E. J. Davis, in Howard street,
this city. Mrs. Davis had been m bnt
a few days, and bad come to Mannington
from Clarksburg on Wednesday
preceding her death, after visiting relatives
there, and stopping here to visit
her brother and family. Mr. and
Mrs. Davis, of Wheeling, and Charles
Bell, of Glendale were called here Saturday
by the illness and subsequent
death of Mrs. Ben, being respectively
father, mother and husband of the deceased.
The remains were taken to
Glendale yesterday morning for burial.
the funeral party being accompanied
by Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Davis.
Garfield Bung'ard.
Garfield Bungard died at his home
in Buffalo street yesterday morning
after a few days' illness of influenza.
Mr. Bnngard was aged about thirtyeight
years, was an oil worker in the |
employ of the South Penn OH company,
and Is survived by the wife and
two children.
Mrs. Artie Hibbs.
Mrs. Arlie Hibbs died at about noon
Sunday at her home on Dent's run.
after a brief attack of infleunza. Mrs.
J. Yost died after an attack of influenza
at her home near Seven Pines.
We are without particulars regarding
the above two deaths.
Red Cross Assists.
The local Red Cross committee is
busy day and nigh't. assisting families
that have been stricken with influ- j
enza. In one instance a family of thir- j
teen, living in the country, was found |
with all the members stricken and no
one to wait upon them. Several other
families were found in need of assist-!
ance. A number of new cases were re- j
ported and the malady still continues j
to spread. Families known to be In |
need of assistance should be reported
to Mrs. F. E. Furbee, vice chairman
of the Red Cross committee. j
Severe Attacks.
M. L. Shanks. Newton I. Jones and
U. G. Scott are sufferin gfrom severe
attacks of influenza. Charles Ryan.
Everett Beatty and Howard Sandy are
out again after having the malady.
To Kearneysville.
Miss Nina Winston left Sunday
evening for Kearneysville. Berkeley
county, where she was called by the
serious illness of her mother.
Brought Home.
Mrs. Alonzo Price, -who has been III
in Cook hospital in Fairmont will be
brought to her home in Dancer avenne
the coming Friday if she continues
to improve as rapidly as she has so far
done. f
Headquarters Calls.
All those who having hospital
shirts for the Red Cross are asked to
please finish at once and deliver at
once to the home of Mrs. E. W. Marr
TO be sure of richrfragrant
coffee, buy from your grocer.
Do not patronize the peddler
whose coffee may be of poor
quality, dirty and stale. He
takes your money out of
town, anyway.
Pride in your home town
should prompt you to buy
from your grocer for he helps
make your town what it is.
Buy dustless, chaffless Golden
Sun. Try its delightful flavor.
iVoi aold by tyndicat* stores
Toledo Ohio
fnr)/\Wiq JHSSWi
_ |y * \f R n vg^BSgi|
Sr" soft^ng^ilkV
Br Otfns derails FomadsBmlr DnBtnr.
which 1s esIleMfuUy psfanwd and rraliy
h oiir^jtst tM **nfl you vtou ST>"'TIH H
IMS* tba semis and nmhes Butr. taper.
short. stubborn lair as meet Ions mad turn
?wsis that. Ttm can eeeflo lmiwne ft eixl
suttntaoraafe. fillsjovxMtimi
Itett to haTS gntjMr baJt sod Heron*
you a ctaata. T"W IS?bat doors
bs rooted Jnto sttunr sajtblne etes ttsa
I obCTBUrCO*figsga.bgoa
in Clarksburg street, as headquarters
have called for them.
sitiokb uvcr own.
A heavy pall of smoke hung over
the town from six o'clock Sunday
evening until midnight, giving off the
odor of burning wood, supposedly coming
from the great forest fires of Wisconsin
and Minnesota, on that day.
Hotel Arrivals.
Bartlett ? Charles H. "Wins, Iyly,
Va.; J. C. Cross, Hastings, J. B. Hutchinson,
Cameron; W. C. Ziegenfelder,
Wheeling; H. L. Beacon, Pittsburgh;
C. B. Woodruff, MoandsvDie.
Wells?Wel Guthrie, Cameron; E.
C. Blaney, H. G. Jones, Wheeling; F.
L. Fast. Fairmont; B. F. Beer, Monndsville.
Mrs. h. J. Z>ake has returned to her
home in Fairmont after a visit with
Milk Toast Biettoo Maeb
For Her
"I doctored for years with only temporary
relief. My liver was very bad.
after eating I would always have such
a fullness in my stomach and my heart
would palpitate. I could not eat milk
toast without distressing me. Since
taking a course of Mayris Wonderful
Remedy, more than a year ago, I can
eat anything my appetite desires." It
Is a simple, harmless preparation that
removes the catarrhal mucus from the
intestinal tract and allays the inflammation
which causes practically all
' ?1a qtlmontc
^LUUiav.n, iivo auu tuiw?.>***??
including appendicitis. One dose wOl
convince or money refunded.
Crane's drug store, H. & H. Drug
Co., Prescription Pharmacy at Mannington
and druggists everywhere.
Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Both Eat Anything
They Want Now.
"I have had stomach trouble and
constipation for S years. I could not
eat anything and almost starved to
death. After I began to take Milks
Emulsion J began to eat anything I
wanted. I feel like a new woman and
am doing my own work agaip.
My husband also was badly afflicted
with stomach trouble and for a
long time lived on soup and light diet.
Eight bottles cf Milks Emulsion cured
him sound and well and he can eat as
much solid food as he likes."?Mrs.
Geo. Hampton, 503 North 12th St.,
Charleston, 111.
Thousands of people have used
Milks Emulsion with the same result
that Mrs. Hampton describes. It costs
nothing to try?it is guaranteed.
Milks EmnTslon is a pleasant, nutri-'
tive food and a corrective medicine.
It restores healthy, natural bowel action,
doing away with all need of pills
and physics. It promotes appetite and
quickly puts the digestive organs in
shape to assimilate food. As a builder
of flesh and strength. Milks Emulsion
is strongly recommended to rundown
nervous people, and it has produced
amazing results in many cases
of tuberculosis of the lungs. Chronis
stomach trouble and constipation are
promptly relieved?usually in one day.
This is the only solid emulsion made
and so palatable that it is eaten with
a spoon like ice cream. A truly wonderful
medicine for weak, sickly children.
No matter how severe your case,
you are urged to try Milks Emulsion
under this guarantee?Take six bottles
home with you. use it according
to directions and if not satisfied with
the results, your money will be
promptly refunded. Price 60c and
$1.20 per bottle. The Milks Emulsion
Co? Terre Haute, Ind. Sold and guaranteed
by "W. R. Crane Drug Co.
Now is the Time to Build a
Second Income From the First
Bjjj In these times of high |E
Hjj wages and steady employ- 'j?
Hjj ment, live for tomorrow as j:
1)| well as for today. Shear the j
| high wage of all its surplus. '
That's the method which I
I puts a man's feet squarely jp
1 on the ground and keeps him jr
fljjj] facing the world with clear- fit
fifl eyed virility.
Accumulate this second in- liul
/ll come by having a regular fill
til Hnw to place mondy on in- Hi
Bi /terest. Use The National
Hi QemV eewltiiva
JtfWIlt* ?. ?M4 4MVUb o OttTUiga
M system It's value has been 9|
Hfi proven' a thousand times. jfl
bank g/ bilm
,",f>'"*" tWto*ta flw^fytittriv.]
Miss Esther Heeg. of MmwmgBh. I
was the guest Of Mrs. Gar S3. Forbee I
John C. Ely spent the 'week sad I
Cameron. ^ 1
Roanoke, Vju tor an extended visit
with relatives.
John C. Harney spent the week and
with relatives in Wheeling.
Komi C. Shock has returned front
a vlsit^with his brother, Bert Shock,
in HendersonvOle, K. C.
Mr. and Mrs. (River Carpenter and
Mrs. Upson, of Fairmont, spent Sunday
with friends in Mannington.
George A. Cochrane has returned
from a business visit in Cumberland.
! Famous. Old Recipe 1
i | for Cough Syrup |
! tS SSthmii ft*** 2
quick resells. S
Then sands of housewives have fonad
that they cu save two-thirds of the
money usually spent for cough preparation*,
by uaing this well-known old reeipe
for cough syrup at home. It is
simple apd cheap "to make, but it really
has so equal for prompt results. It
taleas right hold of a cough and gives
immediate relief, usually stopping aa
ordinary cough in 24 hours or lefts.
Get S'/a ounces of Pinex from jay
druggist, pour it into a pint bottle, and
add pi am granulated sugar svrup to
mpke a full pint. If you prefer, dm
clarified molasses, honey, or com syrup,
instead of sugar syrup. Either way.
it tastes good, keeps perfectly. - and i
lasts a family a long time.
It's truly astonishing H&w quickly it j
acts, penetrating through every air pas- j
sage of the throat and lungs?loosens I
ana raises the phlegm, soothes and heals
the membranes, and gradually but surely
the annoying throat tickle and dreaded
cough disappear entirely. Nothing better
for bronchitis, spasmodic croup,
whooping cough or bronchial asthma.
Pinex is a special and highly concentrated
compound of genuine Norway pine
extract, known the world over for fib
healing effect on the membranes.
Avoid disappointment by asking year
druggist for *2% ounces of Pinax with
full directions and don't accept anything
else. Guaranteed to give kbsohite
satisfaction or money promptly refunded.
The Pinex Co., Ft- Wayne, Ind.
Nothing New?Simply the Old Grip,
1889-90, Only Then it Cam
1 France and Thia Tit
' " I
e*cU Anbfc^Talfa a
v9 w o?u bum ?
Laxative?Eat Plenty of Nourlsh~
]ng Food?Keep Up Your
Strength?Nature Is
the -Cure".
L Spanish Influenza, which appeared
Spain In May. has all the appearance
of grip or la grippe, which has
swept over the world In numerous'
(epidemics as far back as history nms.
(Hippocrates refers to an epidemic in
'412 B.C. which Is regarded by many
to have been influenza. Every century
has had its attacks. Beginning
with 1831, this country has had five
epidemics, the last in 1889-90.
; There is no occasion for panic?influenza
Itself has a very low percentage
of fatalities?not over one death
out of every four hundred cases, according
to the N.C. Board of Health.
,The chief danger lies In complications
arising; attacking principally,
.patients in a run down condition?
|those who didn't go to bed soon
enough, or those who get up to early.
; Grippe, or influenza as it is now called,
usually begins with a chill followed
by aching, feverishness and
[sometimes nausea and dizziness, and
a general feeling of weakness and
*?- mi? lo >?y\m
depressluu. mo iciuycimMo m .. ~
ilOO to 104, and the ferer usually
past* from three to five days. The
perms attack the mncnons membrane,
or lining of the air passages?nose,
throat and bronchial tubes?there Is
insnally a hard cough, especially bad
let night, often times a sore throat
or tonsllltls, and frequently all the appearances
of a severe head cold.
j : Go to bed at the first symptoms,
i mot only for your own sake hnt to
lavoid spreading the disease to others
! !?take a pnragatlve, eat plenty of
i jnonishlng food, remain perfectly quiet
1 jand don't worry. Quinine. Aspirin or
[Dover's Powder, etc., may be administered
by the physician's directions to
[relieve the aching. But there Is no
cure or specific for Influenza?the dls-~
'ease must ran Its course. Nature will
(throw off the attack If only you keep
tap your strengta- iuuuw**?
Uqs the bodily resistance that there
as danger of pneumonia or bronchitis
[developing, and sometimes lnflama>tlon
of the middle ear, or heart aljfectlons.
For these reasons, It Is very
(Important that the patient remain In
bed until his strength returns?stay
[in bed at least two days or more after
I the fever has left yon, if yon are
lover 50 or not strong, stay Is bed
[four days or more, according to the
Ineverity of the attack.
1 . In order to stimulate the lining ot
I Bring In your wheat while x
per bushel for good wheat. To
Awbanm hasix. Tnlk t
JV tlVIW Wl? i HI i m
I w bushel.
Teh Street, ? z
- - ^^^SS^SSSSmSS^S^t
** ^ ?**-*-?* <v--tr.~r-ti
wire17, uqht* a ptuaaeriqi irip xor
nfrr inl jpniai* strain^ stiffs
cct yorftotde tud^uajite gttfcy
f?.r^.iy*? liic Cflr bottxo is ccobqsqt*
I I anitlim 1 5_
jj I Will OTT?r W pwsiiw awMv.. M
sit 1 o'clock p. m OH
| October 19,1918 |
- at tot residence one-half mile :
i from Worthineton. the follow- 8
[ 5 tag described property: 5
I ' 2 heavy Pereheron maree, 4 and ijr
:5 5 years old, well broke.. 8
(5 1 two year old colt, 1 three year 8
old colt; 1 Ave year old colt.
8 1 milk cow five years old, 1 f*tjs:
; COW# Q
! 1 large fat hog. ;0
i; 1 Saxon automobile roadster In !
I** good- condition.
1 light two horse wagon, 1 spring g
wagon g
1 lot of com In shock. :S
S6me household goods end other 8
articles. 8
TERMS: All sums over $10 s ?
credit of 4 months with In- c '
to rest from date' and appro v- 8
8 ed seourtly. No property to g:
bo removed until settled for. ?
jiji Worthington, W. Ya. |
or la grippe That Waa Epidemic lr\
e From Russia by Way of
ne by Way of^Spaln.
th^alr passsges^^ tlirow offLtbe
grippe germs, to aid In loosening thai
phelegm keeping the air passages
open, thus making the^breafhlng easier,
Vick's VapoRub will be found eft
fective. Hot, wet towels should be applied
over the throat, chest and back
between the shoulder blades to open
the pores. Then VapoRub shnld be
rubbed in over the parts until the
skin is red, spread on thickly andj
covered with two thicknesses of hot'
flannel cloths. Leave the clothing
loose aronnd the neck a3 the heat of.
the body liberates the Ingredients Inj
the form of vapors. These vapors,
inhaled with each breath, carry the
medication directly to the parts affected.
At the same time, VapoRub 1st
absorbed thru and stimulates the 8km!
attracting the bloed to the surface,
and thus aids in relieving the congestion
Evidence seems to prove that this
?- * M^.<.UeT1?l
18 & germ tusuosci ~syi cau yi * * " ^? - j-1
by human contact, chiefly thro coughins;
sneezing or spitting. So avoifl
persons having colds, which means
avoiding crowds?common drinking j
cups, roller towels, etc. Keep up your
bodily strength by plenty or exerdsa
in the open air, and good rood. Above
all, keep free from colds, as colds Irritate
the lining of the air passages
and render them much better breed-'
ing places for the germs.
TTse Vick's VaporBab at the very!
first sign of a cold. For head cold,'
melt a little VapoRub In a spoon and
inhale the vapors, or beter still, use
VapoRub in a benzoin steam kettle.
If this is not available, use an ordinary
tea-kettle. Fill half-full of both i
ing water, put in half a teaspoonfnl of j
VapoRub from time to time Keep the
kettle Just slowly boiling and inhale |
the steam arising.
I NOTE:?-Vick's VapoRub Is the discovery
of a North Carolina durgglst,
who found how to combine. In salvoj
form, Wwntiini ana uamturar mui
snch volatile oils as Encalptus, Thyme,
Cnbebs, etc., so that when the
salve Is applied te the hody heat,
these Ingredients Ire liberated In ths
form of vapors.
VapoRnb Is comparatively new Inj
New York State and New England*
and a few Western states where It is
Inst now being Introduced, bat In oth>
er section of the country It is thai
standard home remedy in more than aj
million homes for all forms of coldj
troubles. Over six pillion Jars were!
sold last year. It is particularly re&|
ommended for children's croup or
colds, since It la externally applied)
J asm VIA Ttqpd M frMlvi
Huu tacrewrrj?uhu uu?urn < - ? ? i
as desired without the slightest harm-)
tot effects. VapoBnb can be bad In)
three sizes at all drnssistB, 1
j i ii
i F*rsaicg* 1
oeds are good. We wBt pay 9S?B S
a can also get winter's supply qt K
ow tahna on cash basis of 36c per B
f 8
com ANY, 1
fHg S 1 ' J
T~^- iff ' ' *T '
WANTED?Coal miner tor small Tab
Phone 654-R. T0-a-tf-4Sl
MEN?Age 17 to 55. Experience on
necessary.- Travel; make seere
investigations. reports. Salaries, ex
pesses. 'American Foreign Deiecttn
Agency, 778 St. Louis.
WANTED?Carpenters, 70c per bom
/8-hour day. Time and bait far ores
rime. Doable time on Sund.ys.
WANTED?Laborers, 40c per bom
8-honr day. Time and half foi
over rime. Doubel rime Sundays. Ap
ply Frslne Bros. A Haighley. Wbee
^ i-rrnn'
ana ahp ouup, u?a&
basse. Phone 572-R. 10-4-tf-453'
WANTED ? Assistant bookkeeper
male or female. Large operating
coal company. State age and salarj
exoeeted. Address Box 4552, West Vix
gtnt.n '.-aer*
WANTED?First class stenographer
male or female. Coal company
Good salary. Address Box 4551
Virginian. 10-8-5t-455I
MEN WANTED?Mechanical workers
machine operators and genera
work. Helmlck Foundry Machine Co..
8th street and Belt Line. Fairmont. W
Va 9-28-tf-44&
WANTED?Men for necessary waj
Industry. Stedy employment, goo<
wages. Apply wire chiers office. Bel
'Telephone building or call phone 151'
after 5 p. m.
10-7-6t 454)
GOVERNMENT Civil Service Exam
Inations, Fairmont In September
Government. Clerk, Teacher. Inspec
tors. Research Clerk. Typewriter. Sal
ary $2.0000. Experience unnecessary
onrornmpnt nositloS!
W UiUCU ucouawo ov -
write fo?* free particulars to J C Leon
ard (formerly Civil Service Examiner!
906 Ken vis BIdg., Washington.
tel BIdg. Apply Manager. Watsoi
Hotel. 10-2-10t-451i
Whereas. W. S. Black was dul]
elected by the voters of Marion conn
ty. West Virginia, at the general elec
tion held in November. 1914. to the ol
fice of Clerk of the Circuit Court o
said county, for the term of six (6!
years, beginning on the 1st day of Jan
nary. 1915, and ending on the 31sr da]
of December, 1920; And Whereas
the said W. S. Black departed Miii
life on the 14th day of March. 1918
thereby creating a vacancy In the salt
->ffice of Clerk of said Circuit Court
And Whereas, by an order duly enter
ed of record In said Circuit Court or
the 25th day of March, 1918, the saic
vacancy was temporarily filled by th<
appointment of Clarence Curry as sucl
Clerk of said Court until the genera
election to he held on the 5th 'day o:
November, 191$. and until the succes
or of said W. S. Black and the salt
tlarence Curry, temporarily filling th<
aU, vacancy aforesaid, shall hav<
been declared duly elected and quail
tied In the manner prescribed by law:
Now. therefore. I. William S. Hay
mond. Judge of the Circuit Court oi
said Marion-county. West Virginia, d<
hereby declare and give notice that a
the election to be held on the 5th da]
of November. 1918,?the same being t
general election prescribed by law,?
all of the legal and duly qualified vot
-aid election will be required to vot?
-aid W. S. Black, now deceased, end
ng on and with the said 31st day of
lecember, 1920.
Given under my hand on tins mc
"st day of October. J'JIS, and la Spe
,-ial Session of said Circuit Court.
Court to fill the unexpired term of th<
Tudge of the Circuit Court of Marioi
for and elect a Clerk of said Circui'
rs of said Marlon county voting at
County, West Virginia.
10-2-9-16-23. ;
**" *
|| Chicago Mereh
The National War Savings
ganizatlon has issued the follow
Chicago Merchant:
v "The way tor an indlrU
to get along Is to work and
normal times, how much mo
aicrviOOC41U Uft'lUb UJ *'??
winning of this war as Is t
tiptn tW, the mobilizing of
ipfiitary step Is not accomp
sense saving of the ration.
i cefptsaalvoc
t w. v*. P^awm
: WAyTSI>-C?P*bl^-^pi^Ml^B
of older clrfllfrem. gtolWlliMl
r Phono 270. "^^^BBPhMW
- WANTED?Two ctrlo^'^qt?MwjwBf
work and turse Itt AU tfBMl
- months old. Apply Mn. ttlkrdnH
- her. 741 Fairmont At*. 'Bhm^|
S WANTED?Glri to woacaaaaiaiaiafcB
Good wrapea. Apply Box 46M WeatB
' Virginian office. . 104^48Ml
: WA-N^TEP?oM to do KiMwiiat, Bpga
r work. Inquire 2S? Main St.
... ii i nmiira
- GIRLS WANTED?Apply Trojr I?Ik|
dry. /
: house. 7 rooms, good ceD^feqijiijm
1 barn with sOo and straw "Shad aaaSteg
barn, other necessary
: Some timber and till land. dWriHng
town of 26.000 pimwlatlMi.^5poS5ai
I one-half cash, balance secvrad; by |
l mortgage. Price $5700. I hare nstay
' bargains, write for large list. H. B>
Webb^ Atwater. Ohio.
Write for
- Wanted?To bay second na^tM^n
or cabinet. Imperial Ice CreaiagI5oag|
i typewriter, dresser, beds, flne mafc'* I
tresses, four hole cook store, notions
etc. 648 Plerpolnt Are. 10-8-tf. fSTjS
FOR SALE?Cash register and taiEtl
Ice boxes, one large, one smalL
[ dress Box 4647 West Tligtato^ .7^.
POOR SALE?6 room hop$pj^B^SW
paved street. % minutes walk from 5
Court House. Lot 40x160. Reason\
able price for immediate aad&.NmMHM
f IlberaL Call phone 420-R-L 10-7-6M^HM
j FOR SALE ? 4-room cottager:
town. S-room house, 606 Jamidw^^SB
| A bargain for cash. Call at'gecigsySaj]
Walter's store, Madison St. or 606
[ Jamison St. IMl^gg^
i for^~RE^T^Tsix"- room fitiHlisiHjO|
[' bouse. South Side. Address'.?sbH
i <575 care West Virginian. IO-14-$t-4676. J
suitable for two people. Apply 8hn-|i
t day or Monday evening at^ggHn
?' rooma. 12'Kbea Terrace.
1 ' *"
t '~~wv^~www~^~w^
. ~ ~ .
01? mi at all mtuflBWlKM
!1 fi.tt?L?
t | S'toV""* ' 11
t ' I
? ,
R. --'"SpSSi
Window Glaee and WMdMiH
Phono 477 W. 802 Qaston Awa '
Repairing nn?f rebuUdliifl^^ftti*' I
to mobile radiators a spoeMtr. '
Old Radiators Bought, RMttH
and <o>fc "c?
Practical Timor and 'Mawl
Metal Worker. 828 Moorbo.Bt3g
^jimmbiIAAAA V-a ?
Ins statement toy Jnllas HomSiSSS
a I
* ?' ?- ?.. .??
save. IS saving 1? necessary ?ag
re necessary 1s it 1a sjlte.lii^
xyone is as imperattsalor the
he of "b*?; ifrj-gw
1th 17s Today.

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