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?1' \
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?5B2n53<i'..--^3^aa M g
.-Out. out the picture on all tour sides.
. Pfcxt carefnUy told dotted line 1 its
mfctrriength. Then dotted line 2 and
w on. 'Void each section underneath
& tccarstely. When completed turn crar
j| tnd._youH find a surprising result,
ft! '..3aTe the pictures.
lilJH Fair tonight and
// 1 Wednesday. WarmSs
- t if fe4< j*\ cr tonight in wast. ,
\ymfr Jl Warmer WednesHBkCf
7?5 | day.
; "tpffiP A Local Readings.
*4aM Temperature at
^KvvKRIwI 8 a. m. today, 31.
-I -,/y Yestefrday's weath
Vl^ :rvVOil er' clear- tempera'
." 7 * tore, maximum. 60;
minimum, 31; precipitation, none.
; ; nin? XM AiMMlQ.
M<y Open Schools?There !s a probc
aUBtjr of the schools of the county
'' the-word . In some districts there are
!?&&' being opened next Monday If the "flu"
epidemic Is on the wane. Of course
ifothirig definite has been done about
. the matter and it will be up to Dr. L.
: N. .Yost; county health officer, to say
v.* apparently few cases of the disease.
-Pointed Inquiry?The following is
[X{'Boated on the door leading to the ofafoyiiBce'
of City Commissioner Ira L. Smith
V today: "Out. of city working on the
- ?ith- Liberty bond campaign for oar
^5.'.' - boys 'over there.' What are you doR^-VBiack
Home Again?Mrs. Arlie HerBEgT
rington returned to Fairmont yesterggfr-day
after having been ill two weeks
^RBrajta^wiCh the *Vu** at the home of her parSgjmta,
"Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Teagarden, at
|Spr Earnshaw, Wetzel county.
Boy's Paroled?In juvenile court
jgjiiJudge Vincent has paroled William
gg^ratnd Burkley Miller, hoys, charged
^'jWfth having broken into the home of
gfci>yHoward- Satterfleld at the Shaft Mine.
[ _Thev.wcre accused of stealing a revolBgrg**^6t7"chestmits.
pies and a purse. WilHtR
Ham Boatntler was found not guilty.
"A Killing Frost?A killing frost was
^ ^experienced In Marion county today
^*nd at an early hour this morning the
RgSs^'V ^vegetation was literally covered with
xrost. jfaiao lodgBPTJB fWt SW W
was very evident on the new South
Side bridge today The mercury dropped
to 31 this morning. Yesterday's
maximum, temperature did not arise
" Private Trucks Too?Senator H. S.
White, of the State Highway depart Bp
meat, who is in Fairmont on official
business this week states that all
fSSiigg&CTicim' are subject to privlege tax
|^' -' wfcether- they are nsed for private
^^3npness or public hire. This is in
addition to the license fee which all
owners- of motor-driven vehicles must
'*fc? < "
Marriafe Certificates?These marriage
certificates have been filed at
.V' the office of the county clerk: Turner
- Johnson and Joe McCray by Rev. E.
. P. Vaughn, of the Baptist church,
' Carolina, on October 13: Antonio De'vv
luca and Antonette Biafore by Rev.
SSEfS Joseph Nortorana. of St. Joseph's
Catholic church, on October 11: Henxy
Logan and Sadie Simon by Rev.
^hj?jK_VanghTi, of the Baptist church,
kU May. on UctiPTOWHBflWWBP
^ir:.i>ley--and Illene Walton by Rev. E. P.
ylVanghn, of the Baptist church, Caro^^?J;'*Caae
Postponed ? Tonight at 7
^o'clock Justice Conaway will hear
cBmrkley Williams, colored, on a
charge of robbing Will Prewitt, of this
It Is alleged that Williams stole
r^ 'gC85Aom Prewitt while he was asleep.
The -case was set for trial last night
te^but- several state witnesses were abP
sent and it was impossible to prowere
brought against Albert Williams
jflgSfej. Mbr having had 77 pints of whiskey
> r stored away for sale in a rooming
jyJhbnse in Jackson street of which he is
. manager. The charges were brought
. "Drank Is Fined?Justice Musgrove
today fined Joe Marco $1 and imposed
i "-.-costs upon him for being drunk.
Viti"if iT ' i
' Off for Buffalo?Miss Alice White,
^Vf^whoiis assistant to the general manat
a sanitarium at Battle Creek,
, left today for Buffalo. N. Y.,
i tWs city. Miss White has been con \.
nected with the institution at Battle
^^5.7Giedc Jar a peHpd of ten years.
/ " AileflwJ papap Theft?This morning
an ltaliaS M named Layy Mngnano.
"was arrester on a complaint brought
B&Jgvlqr'E.- C. Stemple, of this city, before
.iftpJustfce Musgrove. Mngnano Is accused
of having pilfered a bundle of
KW?* -^Ptttsjmrgh newspapers at the B. & O.
S& : XOST-?A small white dog with name
High street written
JWr kitchen work.
[ r- ' ir s
County LJcefwes ? These county
?- - s_ t a i
[ rasters' licenses naye dolu aaaw 07
A. G. Martin, county clerk: . H. A.
' Thompson. Watsbn;'Tbeadore GHard, '
city; R- St Nicholson, Carolina; John
B. Andrew, Carolina; B. D. Sattertield, I
Rivesville; Nick Hores, city; Claude
Wilson. Riresville; George A. Dicker,
city; George W. Wegman. city; Carl
Wilson JUonongah ;C. W. Shomaker,
Barrackvllle; Brooks Shomaker,
Riresvllle; Enos Toothman, RivesvUle;
Ed Capet. Farmington; H. N.
Martin, Monongah; Angelo Bruno,
city; Sterling Gillespie. Monongah;
George Stevens, Barrackvllle; Elias
Wells, Barrackvllle; J. V. Lemley,
Rivesville; H. X. Stretch berry, city;
Farrell Tucker, Kingmont; William RBrannon,
Kingmont; M. J. Steele,
city; W. D. Beckerstaff, city; Fete Antie,
Everson; Charles Carlin, Montana;
H. K. Cooker, Montana; Lone
Scott, Montana: Charley Mack, Montana;
Harold Shomaker, Rivesville;
Harry Hay hurst, city; M. Hershel
Call, city; E X. Lively, city; J. C.
Haney, city; O. E. Freeman, city; E.
Swanson, WorthingtonRussell Murphy.
city; Edward Koznowski, Bar-1
rackville; Lewis Foultz. Worthing-1
ton; Ira R .Sturm, Worthington; W.
A. Christy, Mannington; Fred Stalk,
Worthington ;Allen Jones, Carolina;
Nicholas Baker. Metz; James Storey,
Mannington; Pauline Mitchell, Worthington;
William R. Brandon, Baxter.
Home from Washington?Ed. Phillips.
deputy county clerk, is home
from a week's trip to Washington. D.
C- He has resumed his work after
a two weeks' vacation.
State-Wide Licenses?These statewide
hunters' licenses have been issued
by A. G. Martin, county clerk:
Stanislaus Pawlowski. Murray: John'
Alleso, Everson; Guy Starn, Catawba;
Dorsey D. Brown, city.
Purchaser's License?A. G. Martin,
county clerk, today issued a purchaser's
high explosive license to Charles
Sales. Farmington, for domestic use
in mining coal.
Hand Injured?Meryl Arnett. son of
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Arnett, of Rivesville,
was seriously injured yesterday
when his hard was caught in some
niaot .nery at the Pe.'ock mines where
he is employed. His thumb and one
finger or the right hand were torn
" ~ t!l_. I
out of tne soCKet anu it. 23 2iiYt;i? '21421. 1
he will have a prrtnanently Jisaoled I
hand. He is at the Fairmont hospital.
Flu Hits Times Plant?Four members
of The Times force are ill from
influenza including W. "E. Hewett, O.
R. Rdlong. Harry S. Frame and H.
Deeds Recorded ? These deeds
have been recorded by' A. G. SIrrtin.
county clerk: Elizabeth Gray to Scott j
Dodd, parcel of land in Lincoln dis- ]
trict, $300; Fairmont and Cleveland !
Coal company to Mike Spewak, lots 6 ;
and 7. block 8, Hood addition, Rivesville,
fronting on Fleming avenue, $5.
Marriage License?Today DeputyCounty
Clerk Phillips issued 3 marriage
license to George Jantek. 37
and Judit Jemika, 33, both of Rives- ;
Fined for Selling?Entering a plea
of guilty of illegally selling whiskey,
Joe Yearish, of Four States, was fined
$500 and was jailed for sixty days by
T lo+fl VOC+OTnIp Y af- I
J U511CC IVlUOciiV'C J ?-wvv-. ???
ternoon. Sheriff Glover landed Year- j
ish vrch nhe managed to have a party j
bu ya pint off him for $5. |
Clarksburg lawyer?Attorney G.;
H. Duthie. of Clarksburg, was in the
city on business today.
Going to Florida?Paul Hood,' of
C'.arksburg, woh had been here on a
visit ot his grandmother, Mrs. Ellen i
Straight, left last night for Florida.
Miss Xeelcy 111?Miss Blake Neeley
is very ill at her home on Spring
Miss Wise Improving?Miss Helen
Wise, who had been ill with influenza
at the home ot her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Wise, in East Park avenue, i
is considerably improved.
(Continued from page one.)
sion show that the influenza situation
there is gradually becoming worse.
Yesterday 54 per cent, of the employes,
almost 3.000 men did not report
for work.
Yesterday Captain Melville Fagan
and Production Inspector G. H. Richardson
were in the Morgan town secwJeUtntr
minna nf tht> XTftrth Amor.
ican Coal company and the Rosedale
Coal company. Today the two men
are in the Clarksburg-Weston section
visiting mines.
Harry Owen to Leave.
Harry C. Owen, of this city, has
been elected secretary of the Pittsburgh
District Coal Jobbers' association
and will move to Pittsburgh, the
; *
ME^O fT!.
I tire of the United States
IIstratJon with offices in the .&cda|
I buildings. He was chosen secretary
of the new organization at a meeting
of the members at the "William Perm [
hotel in Pittsburgh yesterday.
" The Pittsburgh District Coal Job-1
bers" association is a bran new organ- |
ization of about fifty members. It is I
the plan to secure the membership of
jehhe -Htbtn a 150-mile radios of I
Pittsburgh. The nearest "West Virginia
company belonging to the neworganization
is the Morgantown Coal
company of Morgan town.
The association is- to be identified
with the National Coal Jobbers' association
with principal offices in Pittsburgh.
Charles S. Bygate is president.
Ira Bixler. vice president, and
L. A. Quinlivan, treasurer.
Awaiting the selection of headquarters
Mr. Owen will be located at the
William Penn hotel in Pittsburgh. A
meeting of the association is scheduled
for next Monday.
Semlckley Vein Salea
A number of tracts of Sewickley
hare changed hands recently according
to deeds recorded in the office or
the county clerk. Deeds recorded are
as follows:
A. D. Parrish et ux. to H. G. Greer,
half interest in two tracts of Sewickley
coal in Fairmont district. 72.08 and
24% acre3, respectively. 8100; H. G.
Greer et ux. to Dawson-ConnellsvOle
Collieries company, same interests.
?100; I. C. White et ux. to A. D. Par-1
-< >?, w a fireer. same tract (July |
'ClOliu *$i4~il6; Cecil H. Riggs, to
A. D. Parrish. one-half interest in
tract of 21% acres of Sewickley coal,
along West Fork river. Fairmont district'.
S5; E. F. Hartley et ux. to H.
G. Greer, one acre of Sewickley coal,
this connty, $5; O. J. Fleming et ux.
to Jay H. SatterfieM. lot 9, block A,
Edgway addition, front on Edgway
avenue. Fairmont district. 51; J. E.
Anderson et ux. to H. G. Greer, tract
of 24% acres of Sewickley coal along
the West Fork river, Fairmont district.
55; William T. Wyer et ux. to Mary
Robinson, tract of two acres along
Wiseman's ran, Mannington district,
$1; Rebecca J. Bock et vir. to E. F.
Hartley one acre of Sewickley coal,
this county. 5500; Cornelius H. Meredith
et iix. lot 371, Monongahela Industrial
company's East Side addition,
city. 51; A. R. Kelley et ux. to Omer
Kisner. tract of 1 acre along Helen's
run, Lincoln district, $200; James A.
Meredith. M. W. Hess and L. S.
Schwenck. special commissioners, to
George M. Freeh, James J. Allen and
E. M. Sullivan et al.. the following
property: George M. Fresh 7-48; John
| A. Freeh. S-48. James J. Allen. 15-48,
Maggie F. Bogert. 4-48. J. L Johnson.
I 4-48. E. M. Sullivan, 10-48, being comI
posed of five oil and gas leasehold
tracts along States torJt ot ryies wi?.
of Buffalo creek, totalling 144% acres;
J. M. Daley et ux. to O. L- Bowman,
| parcel of real estate In Rivesville. $1,I
500; Christie Hayes Keener et vir.
to Richard and Gizella Hoffman, lot 2,
j Riverside addition, city. $1.
Funeral of Charles Satterfield.
The body of Charles Satterfleld,,
who died on Saturday, will be inter!
red on Wednesday afternoon in Holy
! Cross cemetery. A short open air
j service will be held at the residence
j at 707 State street.
Frank E. Mower.
Frank E. Mower, of Hendricks,
well known in this city, died this
morning in a hospital at Elkins of
. influenza, according to a message re!
ceived by M. C. Lough from Mrs.
Mower. Mr. Mower was general man- j
ager of the Dry Fork railroad and !
was also a director of the Cash Gro- ;
eery company in this city. He and j
members of his family were frequent i
visitors here at the home of Mr. and j
Mrs .Lough, and were well known '
throughout the city. He was aged!
about 42 years an dis survived by his
wife and four children. No arrangements
for funeral services were comI
municated in the message.
Phones 1105,1106,1107 !
in answering blind ads in
rhe West Virginian classified
columns, please be careful to
use the precise address given in
the adv. Write the address
plainly. Letters brought to The
West Virginian office do not require
stamps. Always inclose
your answers in sealed envelopes.
Advertisers or others inquiring
about a classified ad.
must designate the ad. number
at the end of the ad., as we hare
no other means of referring
to It.
In the Fairmont. "West Vlrghila, poetth*
We*X.H1<yae j
Arnold. Clyde Ho^p*r, Has Etta i
Armstrong, C P Herodon. Geo L i
Ackerman, C F Ball; Basel
AT<?ndar, Mrs. Hayens, Lor* E
Bart ^KElston, R J (2>
jaau^.?T.W- g ??
OlUiljtn, *?*??. ?? ?.... - _ t
lea* Howard. J'H
Banner, Albert Hoke. A H Brown.
Mrs. Mar- Hunsaker. Mrs C C
tha A Hamric, P L
Belgle. William Hnghea. Mrs O S
Blackwood. Mrs J Henri en. Minnie
C Herod, F C
Bonnell, Minnie Helronimos. VlrBromage,
Mrs <glnia
Alice Hinton, Richard J
Brandon, H W * Jenkins, Katberine
Brown, Catherine Jackson. Henry
Bartlng, Eugene Jackson, Geraldlne
Buhcer, John Koneiska. Rose
Bonner. Katberine Kinney. Jennie
Barnes, Emma Kale, Bert
Brown. C W Kyle. Elinor
Betcher, Lorain Knight. Pearl
Breman, Jno J Leonard Joseph
Carpenter. Gladys Lyons, Lonis
Clelland, Ethel - Lawson. Martin D
Cochrane. Mrs Lewis. Mrs. Lizzie
Verna Lemmons, Coye
Clelland, Mrs. Lionell, J B
Anna Lewis. Charles R
Chisman. Lennia Lambie. Jean
Carpenter, Jay Little Charles
Collins. C W Layers, Edward
Coster. Ethel (2)
Crenshaw, Lydla Lewis, Nina
Chandler. J A Lewis, Anna
Daly, Mrs James Long. Margaret
B Lllley, June
Davis. Gilia Lewellin. J-C
Doll. Lillian Lemoes, Benlah t
Davis, waiter mcw.ce, >i?iu?.o
Dukehart, B McMahon, W C
Draper. Leon McCardle. Edwin c
Dimhoff. C Martin, Gay
Dawson. E N Motter, Gladys J
Davis. Lula Miller. Oscar
Edson. W Martin. Rose
Esh. Mrs Agnes Moore, H B
Frohen, Joe Miller. G G
Ferrell. Oscar Mai comb, G L
Foyels, Grace Monis. Bessie
Ferrell. Amelia Morgan, Mary E
Ford. Rusb Minten, J O
Fulton, Mrs. Grant Miller, Jack
Fast, Leo B Mahan, Alice
Fairbanks Co Morris, Marie
Garrett. Dora Murphy, Mrs J E
Gendron. Lucy Martin, Joe
Glass. 'Willlaiu Neath, Mrs Mary
Ganoff, Kiral Notole, Mike
Grimes, Tiller Okler, James
Gardner, J J Potts, Oman
Gilmore. Fiances Prickett, Margaret
Gunn. "Will Powell, Clara
Gould. Mrs Millard Porter, Ollie F
Guglio, Francescio Pearson. Hilton
Gal lien. L O Turner. W J
Hanline. W M Pries, J L
Hastings, Mrs G Reynolds, Miss T
W Reager, Lille
Heath, Daisy Smith, Charles
Henry. Mrs Annie Satterfleld, Mrs
Hanley, Lizzie (2) Agnes
Harris. W Streit, Louis
Hostetler, Bertha Strickler. LeRoy
Hardesty, Howard Turner, Lilly
Hupp, Ethel Toothman, Mrs.
Hall. Gordon C Dora
Heimen. John Williams, Tom
Hornbeck, Jessie Wagner, Miss Mae
(2) Wolf. Joseph
Honeck, Bala Weirhauser, Peat
Haines, Aletha Wagner, Mrs. AnHaynes,
Rev B E nie Bell
Henderson, Bertha WUliams Specialty
Haines. C A uo
Hicks, Dora. Young, Charlie
In calling for the above letters
please state that they were advertised
in the papers and give date of list.
Local Representative
Room 23 Home Savings Bank Btdg.
Phone 395.
Here Is a Good
I have patented a bread raiser,
needed in every home. It is on
exhibition at Martin's Grocery, and
is so plain that it needs no demonstration
to prove its value. I will
sell the patent outright or sell it
an a royalty. I want the product to
be manufactured here by Fairmont
Capital. For Particulars address.
I Have a Phone.
1 1\
'OUR. HEAD fcoWl ) 't l^B I
we WORK.
atosot bft lufl- to 'ifiM.to s cc*T.
spoliation and desolation are Twdin
auiitlnuod which they Justly took upon
rith hoiiw and burning hearts.
It Is necessary, also. In order that
bo no possa>mty of mis
inderstanding, that the President
should Tery solemnly call the attenJon
of the government of the Germany
? the language and plain intent o'f
ae of the terms of peace which the;
Herman government has now accepted.!
It is contained in the address of the
lelirered at Mt. Vernon on the Fourth
>f July last.'
1 is as follows: "The destruction of
svery arbitrary power anywhere that
ran seperately. secretly, and of its
single choice disturb the peace of the
world; or, if it cannot be presently
iestroyed. a least its redaction to virtual
im potency."
The power which has hitherto confelled
the German nation is of the
sort here described. It is within the1
:hoice of the German nation to alter f
It. The President's words Just quoted
laterally constitute a condition prece-,
lent to peace, if peace is to come by,
he action of the German people them-:
selves. The President feels bound to
say that the whole process of peace
will; in his Judgement, depend upon
he definltes and the satisfactory
sharacter of the guarantee which can
m given in this fundamental matter,
t is indispensible that the governnents
associated against Germany .
hould know beyond a preadventnre
vith whom they are dealing.
The President will make a separate
eply to he royal and imperial goveranent
of Austria-Hungary.
'Accept, sir. the renewed assurance
if my high consideration."
dr. Fredericfa Oederlein.
Charge d" Affaires ad Interim In
Charge of Gorman Interests, U. S.
Jte Best Ac
In tlie
It says only one, :
worn over- and ov
Here the tick is :o
But always xmHi'vn
It never stops.
It speaks to. a babj
m old rnan
1A r
II ui tuuw x
idleness, or strugg
tune of WAR.
Ir never stops.
Always it is tellii
. "Time Flies."
Always it is rep
"The World Forg
It never stops.
And it has made 1
all die world.
Such is the power
Such is die power
Such is the power
Call the advertisii
advertising, alive 1
None ever stoppe
and over, and still
Advertising stoppe
Advertising brougi
again die long, old
NOW is die time
Advertise to-mom
Listen to THE T
Time flies. The
NOW is the time
I Robber Goods
We have on hand a
o? mil
! OWByrrTfr swta v* jl IU/ I
I ber footwear for -winter,
I consisting' of rubber
I Aoes, overshoes, alaskas,
etc. Also a complete
line of raincoats for
sen, women and chilboois,
artks, rubber
seffing. *..
,d|\ The Test of P
Worfcf |
short word, but it says thai
ud, there Iow.T
ts on millions of clocks are saying
/*s ears, and to the dying hours
>f joy; in time of grief; in time
Le and stress; in time of peace,
lg the old, old story of the clo
eating the stern lesson of li
he clock die best known thing
of reiteration,
of persistence,
erf constancy.
lg toll of honor, the world-fame
to answer.
d. AH have told their story oi
are telling'it.
sd is advertising dead.
bt back from the grave must f<
road from the very beginning.
to advertise?the only time.
yw when to-morrow is NOW.
ICK of die clock, as it tells yc
world foitrp-ts."
to advertise.
?-" .
> * . j ^ ~ i
Room size and^nisS
size rags at the fcflMg9
m-tke-cooniry prices.
oar stock consists of
vet, ii i iniii 111 liiimifiM
fiber, grass and asffing |
27x54 Ax. rugs at $2351
- H
JB Hh^< ft H<^5l^WBMfc
^mMH* W \mhT .
wfflr tt ^Hr
tt IgP
* hi HB
7i\ v " S - .'-.yi
^ I ? 11 -v; j|
A H ll '"
-T_ 5M S
H tt .vi
s j^^v. ". i'" *' 3^5?6^B
i * ' v *r' * 9
^ ,v

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