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I n,D,c'r-ruTI0" C Q77 a B >5 B ^AJBF*PBB 1 a, Tra;wEAT^=l
1 I DaOy Avot^c j i / ? K IJ KT gt B B fly B B iP TT^ T ^\b h^B ???
I l^mL^IS 5 %L( Jl S lu1 tUli: M. P. B' B. B B B%B B B M*>B:B.B' Fair ??^lifllrt[y
[ I A Outlay INewspaper -for the Hone. ^ W night; TJ^Jg^rtly
^-V ^ ^est Fw^roiap? B?st^fo??^>apar . ... '^^ ^ . _ fe--^^?5S
f rnnntnouifi fllUfll
Immm uAidi
Employes of Big Corpora
Themselves Are Begi
Rescue With B
Membfers of the Committee
Many Second Subsc
People of the!
Subscribes For
IS $200,000 Worth
W~ County Chairman Henry S. Lively
was notified by the Consolidate
tion Coal company this morning
I that that .corporation had subscribed
the sum of $200,000 to the
Marion county quota of the Fourth
jfca Liberty loan, and that the employes
of the corporation in the
county would be expected to match
that sum with another $200,000
HrL subscription.'
"With but a few day3 yet remaining
l.' of the time allotted by the U. S. govr_
' ernment for putting across the fourth
K Liberty loan bond issue, renewed efPL
forts are being made by the county
S ' ' and town loan committees, the commit.
tee. of one hundred men drafted to asK
sist in putting over the quotas, the
B committee of One Hundred Women
H and in facf all those in town or country
closely affiliated with the loan
s . Oft i .
BsaifevL Sthfle things are shaping up nicely
these workers .know that it will
f " ^ take redoubled efforts in the few Tel:
' malning days to put the town and
county across, and no stone will be
w- ^ left, unturned in an effort to place
Z Fairmont and Marion county in the
1 , list "of towns and counties who have
jgi - met the government's requirements in
lu : ' - subscribing their allotted quotas.'
Onen Air Rallies.
f"With the. view of stimulating the
bond sale "throughout the town and
county several large patriotic open air
. - rallies are planned for the remainder
of the week to be addressed by four
Amount Will Be Divided Up
Among Counties Served
By Company.
Last Tuesday afternoon it was dev
cided that The Monongahela Valley
Traction company would loan the government
$100,000 in the way of subscribing
Liberty bonds This amount
will be proportioned between the different
districts served by the company.
the district quota being based
on the assessed valuation.
The exact proportion has not been
calculated but Marion county will se*
"dvilv nnrf ion of this because
m the'company's foldings in the county
HI cover a valuable coal field, the operating
plant as -well as natural gas deH
velopments. 'which supplies Fairmont
HI .. and the immediate vicinity.
Hk . In addition to the foregoing the emH<r
V:: . (Continued on page four.)
Hi Gills and -women for selectors !
. ad wrappers- Good wages. Ap- I
H ply 12th St. plant. Ask for Mr !
H Rice or Mr. Swisher.
Men or boys over 16.
H I Apply
' Monongah Glass.
B | 7th St. Factory.
Sections With Order
B- Numbers on Sale
B Mewsdealers in Fairmont hav
i been supplied with extra copies of
Hj the section of The West Virginian
! containing the order numbers of
^H. the registrants of the September i
H i teglsiiaflon These will be sold at
j the regular price of 3 cents per
I copy. Copies can also.be obtained
H , it the office of The West Virginian.
H I fa
;h pai
tions and the Corporations
niung to Come to the
lg ouoscripuum).
of One Hundred Are Taking
riptions Among the
Rural Districts.
, minute men and a number of soldiers
here on furlough.
A mobster patriotic rally is set for
Fairview on Friday evening at 6
o'clock. The plans for this meeting
are in the hands of chairman of Paw
Paw district, the Rev C. C. Coffman.
Attorney Harry Shaw and Captain Fagaa.
of the British army will be the
speakers at this meeting.
Today at 5:30 o'clock a rousing
meeting will be held at Catawba to be
addressed by Ira L. Smith, J G. Prichard
and Marine Carl Johnston. Mayor
and Mrs Anthony Bowen will also attend
this meeting.
A big meeting is planned for Boothsville
Thursday afternoon at three
j o'clock the speakers to be Judge W.
! S. Haymond. Attorney Harry Shaw
I and Marine Carl Johnston.
I T A. Neill and E N. Eddy are in
j Fairview today co-operating with the
; Fairmont loan committee in relation
j to putting over that community's
| quota 01 me iuau.
I A second meeting will be held today
at noon at the Sanderson & Porter
i plant at Rivesville and this meeting
; will be addressed by J. G. Prichard
I and Carl Johnston.
A meeting is scheduled to be held
J at the Harter school house on Thurs.
day evening at 7:30. The speakers
will be Captain Fagan and Trevey
Yesterday's Meetings.
A number of meetings were held
throughout the city and county yesterday
which resulted in the raising of a
large sum of money.
Yesterday at five o'clock Mrs.
George DcEolt and Edwin Robinson
addressed the employes of Hartley's
department store and at the conclusion
of the meeting subscriptions totaling
over one thousand dollars were
Glenn F. Barnes. Senator A. Hood
Phillips and Thomas L. Henderson
(Continued on page four.)
New Program Announced
For the Special Committee.
The committee of one hundred worn
en organized to solicit bonds from
those who have not subscribed are doing
effective work at this time, but it
is desired that they do more work in
the few remaining days of the cam
paign and with this end in view the
chairman of the committee. Mrs. Edwin
Robinson, has asked that each
l woman of the committee appoint herself
chairman of a group of women
and make herself responsible for the
work this group may accomplish.
The chairmen so designated are asked
to organize a group of women and
girls from among their church, club
or neighboring women at once and to
- ask the group to begin to hnstle for
Mrs. Robinson reached as many of
i ' the women by telephone as possible
|! but nrges that everyone of the one
hundred women will get to work at
once. The women are expected to
[ | stop every man on the street who Is
J j not wearing a Liberty loan button and
j try to sell him one.
ST. LOUIS. Mo, Oct. 16.?Congressman
Jacob E. Meeker died here this
morning of Spanish influenza after his
marriage at midnight last night to his
private secretary.
lit ~ ~1
' 8 Cylinder Jackson Anto in good i
?5 AAA mUo? 1
CUIIUlUUita tuu w?vww w.?w.
Can 1235
! ? =
Wanted for
RfvesviOe Power Plant.
*t bzat it while\
Your. Bouts *re- / <
/++cr. oC Boys; 1 ; >
I /
j Weape-U?* j
j Panic Occured on the Stock j
tc~s Commented on t
Extreme 1
LONlX>.?, L-C1- 1L IS
that the Gsrmcn Imperial chancellor
will ma!:e a decision today on the
matters contained in president Wilson's
latest note, says a dispatch from
Copenhagen, to the Exchange Telegraph
The German newspapers point out,
> the message adds, that president WilI
son's not? had the effect of a cold
donche on the hoped for peace engendered
by his first note. Some of the
newspapers comment on the note in
the sharpest terms and with unbridled
words, adding that the language
of President Wilson now has become
excited after the conferences he has
had with the allies.
LONDON. Oct. 16.?President Wilson's
reply to the German peace note
City and County Health Officers
to Talk at Room j
The Red Cross emergency organization
set up for the pnropse of coping
with the influenza, should it develop
here in epidemic proportions, was
-i...:.. tmiiT. and it
SUUyiUb Uy ? v?/ ?? , __
is believed that at the conclusion, of
a meeting which the ward chairmen
will have this afternoon with the
county and city health officers it'will
be ready for real work. This meeting
will be held at the administrative
center of the influenza emergency organization
at Room 203 In the Jacobs
building at 3 o'clock.
The ward chairmen were selected
; yesterday afternoon and they at once
' began to build up the volunteer nursI
ing staff which will be expected to
! take care of any Illness in the respct!
tive wards. The ward chairmen are:
First Ward?Mrs. Harry Shaw.
Second Ward?Mrs. Levi B. Harr.
(Continued on page four.)
Men to ran machines,
i: apply 12th St.
Monongah Glass.
And ask for Mr. Hawkins. |
3* ' T^^^sr* ~ Bfii '
,Y '^OCmDi
Exchange and German Edihe
Note in the Most "
. ???
?'t \ +
produced "a most unfavorable imorcssion
in Berlin, says a Central Mews
dispatch from Amsterdam today.
The publication of the reply, it adds, 7
was followed by a panic in Berlin {
banking circles and on the stock exchange.
The German supreme command, the
advices state, will come to Berlin at
the end of the present week to deliberate
on mobilization, concentration of
the national strength and the raising
of the military age.
BASEL. Switzerland, Tuesday Oct.
15.?President Wilson's reply to the
German peace proposals reached Berlin
at noon today. It had not been
given to the German pnblic however
up to eight o'clock tonight.
his ehicm tale
hut go ddi:
Two Telephone Calls Fixed !
James Myers This
Morning. !
James Myers, a well known Fair-.
mont negro, was before Mayor Bowen 1
this morning charged with stealing
chickens. He denied that he was a
chicken thief but confessed to using
bread to coax chickens on bis premises,
afterwards catching the chickens.
trying them on charges of tres
passing and sentencing them to immc-1
diate death, followed by punishment in ,
the freying pan.
""Yesterday at noon Meyers canght a i
young chicken belonging to Mrs. Fan- j
nie Fraction by coaxing it on' bis
premises with bread crumbs. At court j
this morning be told City Attorney
Kern that he purchased the chicken
at a certain store Saturday night. At,
torney Kern proceeded to call up .the
store and learned that a black chicken
was purchased. Testimony showed
that the chicken killed yesterday was
white . Meyers' wife was called on
the telephone and told that the black |
chicken purchased by Mowers had
been killed Sunday.
PI. ANDERS, Oct 16.?The Germans
today resumed their long range bombardment
to the French seaport of
Dunkirk on the Straights of Dover.
There 'were "some civilian victims.
a J i: t !P
five youths muslll
Judge Haymond Hoped to 0
Reform Them Through
Military Training. tr
Unable to secure the permission of P
the United States military authorities ^
to induct into the service five boys -v
who are in jail here, confessed felons, 1
Judge Haymond in Circuit court was ! js
obliged to let the strong arm of the , or
law fall upon them with telling effect i b*
and five and six year sentences were j,.
dealt out.
For some time Judge Haymond has gi
had the cases under his consideration r
and they have caused him much con- ta
cern. They are mere boys, not yet
out of their teens, but apparently har- pi
dcned criminals by their own confes- j fr
sions. Every one had been in the ( th
Reform school before and some of
them more than once, only to be pa- r?
roled to perpetrate even greater tii
crimes. The situation was extremely al
pathetic and no one felt it more keeii- st
ly than the judge himself in cou ' to- cr
day. Knowing that as far as the *f .r tl
was concerned he could do littel lor ol
the boys, because the state code fixes s?
the penalty. Judge Haymond soiight
to alleviate matters by having Uncle
Sam take the-boys and endeavor to gi
make men out of them. Both Judge ni
Haymond and Prosecuting Attorney pi
Haggerty tried to get the government oi
to ir.dact the yonng men into the serv;-~.
but were unable to do so.
With the only ether alternative in ti
v'ow that of passing sentence ui>on
*1?1 e.
hem. Judge Haymozra cium wtu. lv
j to jay. i g
The boys sentenced axe Charles j ft
! Pluicbley. Clayton Cain and George '
Leonard, who were each sent to the 1
state penitentiary at Moundsville f.* a:
five years each .for breaking Into the n
residence of Charles SatterSeld at the ! o
Shaft mine. They were accused of tt
stealing a gold watch, two watch p<
chains, a razor, a pair of clippers, yi
three knives and other merchandise a
valued at $40.
H. J. Nelson was sentenced to
serve six years in the state peniten- la
tiary at Moundsrille for three counts E
of forgery, two years for each count, p
The worthless checks were passed ti
upon W. R. Statler at the Mononga- n
be la National Bank and they aggregate
more than $200. p
*xaxry HIte, charged with holding w
up and robbing William Halfpenny ti
on the streets of the city, was sen- tt
* * fhA state*
tencea la serve a?c ?
penitentiary. Prosecuting Attorney [
Haggerty -waived the carrying deadly I >'
weapons end of the charge, and" ti/j. p
let Elte off with a five year sentence; [ e
(Continued on page three.) i a
rs of
n i irn inftiirn
Continuation of Ya
west of Verdune
Safety of all Gei
France and
ituation of the Germans is E
Point of Their Whole
bornlv Fiehtin
PARIS, Oct 16.?Brit
southwestern suburb of I
FLANDERS, Oct. 16. (Re
*ry this morning: reported
the important railway c<
town is only about 15 mil<
. m.?(By Associated Press)
oops are a mile east of Roule
ceording to latest reports, wi
lighting their way throu
efenses and over tangled lines
^est of the Meu.se river are
leir way through the Kriemh
[ill 299, a height which domh
rest of Romagne, and have pe
efense in the vicinity of Lane
A victory for the Americ
ould decide the fate of Gerr
rd comnel a general retreat b
? the French ground he still 1
(By Associated Press) tl
PARIS, Oct. 16.?The German ex- 0
eme right -wing is being threatened
ore and niore as the allied wedge is
landers Is driven deeper. The ene- G
y resistance seems to be slackening P
Flanders, and it is believed here alat
important results may be seen ts
ithln a few days.
Already the advance of the allies <>'
from two and one-half to five miles 0
1 a 30-mile front. On the right the I1
ritish hold Menin and Wervicq and C
lve Courtrai almost within within
leir grasp. The evacuation of the
eat industrial centers of Lille,
oubaix and Tourcoing seems inevi- E
,ble as the result of this gain. tl
On the left the Belgians are ap- c
roaching Thourout. only 12 miles
om Erugges and within 20 miles of T
if! Dutch frontier. J
There are signs that the Germans
talizc that the days of their occupaon
of Belgium are numbered. They J
ready have begun the work of deruction
in western Belgium. Ac>rding
to information reaching Paris
ie Germans are preparing to get oat ?
' Bruges and Ghent and even Bras- *'
LONDON. Oct. 16.?Gain of ,
round by British patrols during last ?
[ght in the Douai-Lille sector are re- 11
jrted by Field Marshal Haig in his *
TIcial statement today.
_______ Is
WASHINGTON. Oct. 16.?Substan- t
al gains on both sides of the Meuse 8
gainst stubborn resistance by a rein- 8
i reed enemy was reported t<jday by 1
?neral Pershing in his communique fj
>r Tuesday. 6
LONDON. Oct. 16.?The Belgian "?
rmy under King Albert is advancing 0
ipidly along the Cortemarck-Thour- '
tu road. The fall of the Belgian 3
>wn or Thourout. whose capture was
ermaturcly announced unofficially
esterday. is expected almost imxneditely.
PARIS. Oct. 16.?French troops I
st night captured the village of Acy- 1
omanze, within a mile of the lm- i
ortant railway junction of Bethel in i
le Champagne, the War office an- I
ounced today. 1
The French made some farther t
rogress to the north of Soissons.
hile between Soissons and Bethel
ley repulsed a violent enemy coun?r
attach near St. Germain moat. s
. su Oct. 16.?The Germans today <
ontinued their resistance against the 1
d vance of the Ameriacn farces on 1
" ^ "" life
man Forces mi
ille this morning:.
lis front the strength of.thyoopSaM
on fully equalling- that of ye
With machine guns^'some :
re and minor counter-attacks
ennans this morning' InterpoeSBBjflHI
erate^ resistance to
1 along the line. AH the-co ;:
icks -were easily repulsed
They bad the appearance b<
the small number nP 11 u1n
r being efforts to thrOfWj^ciqajaMoM
rto the American ranks taarder to-fl
lin time.
The confusion among' the^jGcgftM^H
nits due to the amalgamation or sarins
organizations increased'
:ven this method does not
le strength of the tmfflt;flajijeBg^B
-easing steadily.
; lying at Fairmont .hasp
serious condition assft
tries-which befell her wh
a an outing in Wlnfleld yesarday
Er. and Mrs. A. 0:'Snii$MH|H
>r an auto mobile ride and^MMMjHH
line fine wild grapes. .hstifftfiEMMH
arty alighted to aer
Er. Evans climbed the tre^umjuHH
te ground. Mrs. Shelton who
ending beneath the tree seetngwihlH
tart to fall rodeaeored.^SjMMBH^B
til by standing benestl
lighted on her head. I
adly sprainod and peralyafereMMM
She eras brought to
'here her condttfcm daeaMgMWB^^B
as. Mrs. Sbeltanwasl-.
rith Mrs. Frank Hamra:
venue. I
The custom of ringing
very evening
rayer for the succesSefci^gBlH^^^I
een established inJBJar
tat i 11 nlii|i lliii lii ll |iiphfftijiilMMM
itatlon to prayer.^XM^MN3B^^H
astigatedat the rwj
laggerty. of Fai
eartily endorsed b:
hat town.
Charged with, lunlli >g wavtyt?iBw^B
t the name of "1 j1 tialili
committee via, solIdtuflL^^H
wnd subscriptions among hls^me^M
inltaajbimill I m

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