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| Town Talk
R ^ ^ E3.\
BE^p'-. -. ^JraBlx ' .
I MX. tile picihre on all lour sides.
lenjfrh alien dotted line 2 and
Told each section underneath
tely. When completed turn GTsr
null find a surprising result.
Sunday fair and
"Sef*SlEt" * "-inTii'i* in wpsf
S^mmel Home?Carl Schlmmel.
as an aviator in the navy,
".djRe^^ving revived an honorable
^^l ^aB jKwtponed the trial of Will Jor-ida^^colored,
charged with bringing
>; -the" time set for the trial of the six
assaulted Benjamin Smith,
! fams,' ^^ored, manager of a rooming
t-^jbSase on Jackson street. The oSip^'eers
allege that they found seventyBade
to Camp?I^aat night
fifeward Murray, -who oesercea trom
Hg Eoroz!, who was on cue delinquent list
^Itt.Pittsburgh since 1917. -were taken
to camp Lee by Officer V.i^lch. Mur'war
after deserting worked in a mine
Watson. where he claimed he wa3
H discharged from camp because of
5-:tei5r trouble. ^ He was apprehended
Hp -iftr- Deputy Sheriff Beaty and Special
"Watts. Serozi was detained
?^y$n ;.jaH on %-charge of selling 550
of whiskey at Rivesville.
?|?. . : Jones Returns?John Jones, color:Wrtid
deserted from the army at
r^Wortolk. Va_, has been forwarded
^^^^^S/f&ere by tha county authorities. Jones
gjegp ^avo himself up to the local draft
g|pj^v'hdaxd and Deputy Sheriff Buckley
Et^toofchlm In custody. Jones made the
g&^J'- txlp to Norfolk alone.
|gfif-,,a*0gs Secure Trails?Sheriff Glopair
"of bloodhounds yesterday
k... . traced thieves who robbed a drug
t^jstoawTat Point4 Marion during Thurs
,'Hday night. The trial led to a ferry at
Kn&sHieTiiver.'' - The dogs did excellent
^-^Workr" Deputy Sheriffs John Glover
^ Jjiaad-' W. !E.- Harris had charge of the
^jj^pTglp V.; r
^i^^-Sale Postponed.?The sale of the
B?aSE.- M- Ashcraft property located parr^-tlally
in Marion and Wetzel counties.
3|ib; have been offered on the Court
^^HKflljgghkame steps, has been postponed until
s',J,JSa*n3fday, November 9. Henry S.
jg|p|14v<aly is the attorney.
Bjjjg'fe' .jfoggrave Retained?Attorney L.
~~C. Musgrave has been retained as
l^v' eotmcil for. Mack Ruckman and
Sg^.'Frank Bon eh, the men arrested for
^jchrfnging a cargo of "563 half pints of
.-Whiskey. Into Four States early yes.lerday
. Urn iI^ia TTiaso mar
Iigecertificates have been filed with
m and Mary Etta Brock, married
SeT. C. N. Coffman, of the M. E.
arch, sooth, October 12; Garnet M.
ley and Callle C. Nnzum, married
;- 'Ber. Joseph Reason Hoy, of the
jnttot chnrch, BarracksvQIe, on Oct
Joonty Licenses?These county hunlicenses
have been lsned by A. G.
irtin, county clerk: Clarence Skinr.
Grant Town; H. J. Wilson, Grant
agne?P. M. Vincent, city; A- P. Ice,
peon's Perry; J. L. Garlow, city;
idy. Parrish, Monongah; James D.
In. city; Walker Welling, Watson;
Ml Haley, Monongah; M. P. Daley,
wongab; Jasper Hixenbangh, Manntoht
Hmer E. Correy. Mannington,
pgKfaaer X- Correy, Mannlngton; Tom
-Bltzbngh, city; J. &. Rex. Monongah;
r- Xfea Seomdon, Monongai; I. N. Glover.
??(ty, E. T. Booth, Mannlngton; TOSWa*
X. eaxnlcfc Middle ton; Paul
MMkHeton; "Walter Knight,
BBfcfa; Lester P. Kearns, MiddleSSftiw?3Pw?gii
Rogers. Monongai; E&rEygpcst
'Kerns. Alphesua Carolone, city;
rupMaefHawldnterry. city, Esker Rnttapjajflntasid^Watsoii;
John E. Gray, city; R.
aaaflton, city; R. H. Brannon, city
C. L Taylor, Barneksrllle; EL R. Anderson.
city; James.Tokash, RivesvSle
W. M. Ashbee, - Mannington; C. E.
Radcliff. city; O.. E. Hudgins. city;
Dorsie Smith, city; W. C. Matthews,
Broomfield; Walter Oabomme, Baxter;
Ira O. DeVault. city. G. C. Evans, Watson;
C- W. Summers, Watson; G. Norack.
Baxter; W. M. MlHer. Montana;
Herman Martin. Montana; W. K- Morgan;
Watson; Charles Preston. Baxter.
Induction Papers The local droft
board this morning received Induction
papers for Andrew Phillip Erwin. who
has entered *tho St-dent Army Training
Corps at Morgan town.
Colored" Youths Inducted?GBhfnt
Howard Smith, Devanl Johnson, and
Rupert WQKam Rolls have been inducted
into the Student Army Training
Corps at the Colored Institute at Farm
w . v a., xne uireo xu?d were uuuci wo
Jurisdiction of the local draft board.
Bridge Meariy Finished?All concrete
for the new South Side bridge will
hare been poured by the latter part
of next week, providing work on the
bridge progresses as apidly daring the
coming week as has been the* case in
the week Just ending. The greatest
work then remaining will be the laying
of the wooden block flooring and the
street car track.
New Four Minute Topic?-"The Food
Problem for 1919" was the topic outlined
for the Fonr Minute Men for
their campaign scheduled to open next
week. Due to the influenza quarantine
the campaign has been postponed
until the first week In December.
Training at Columbus?Bartlett Jay
Toothman, of 601 Mt. Vernon avenue,
and Lytle Earl Mann, also of this city
have been inducted into the Student
Army training Corps of the Ohio State
University. Columbus, O. Indnction
papers for these two yonng men have
been received by the local draft board.
Is Overseas?Mrs. Clara Scboudt of
200 Russell street has received a card
j announcing the safe arrival overseas
of her son. Rusell L. Schoudt.
Wants to Join Tanks?George McCrorey,
a well known local young man
has made application for voluntary
indnction int the tank corps. His application
has been accepted and his
induction into the tank corps. His apby
the local draft board. He will be
forwarded to Camp Colt, Gettysburg.
Pa- - . . .
Had Short Cake ? Thomas K.
Jones, secretary of the Farmers' Mutual
Fire association, and his family j
yetserday enjoqed strawberry short i
cake made from fresh fruit. J. S. Davis,
of Parkersburg, Rt. 7, who recently
attended a meeting of the association
in Fairmont, presented Mr.
Jones wtih the strawberries, which
were grown on his home place.
Portraits in Corridor?The Consolidation
Coal company has had palced
in the corridor leading to the elevators
of' the "Watson building handsomely
framed portaits of Marshal
Foch. Generals Pershing and Haig
and President "Wilson. These portraits
were hung this omrning im
'mediately over the elevator doors.
Quarantined in Hospital?Mr. and
Mrp. Franklin P. Kelley, who are at
Rochester. Minn., where the former
recently underwent a successful operation
for the removal of a goitre, are
quarantined in the hospital on account
of the influenza epidemic.
In Critical Condition?The condition
of Mrs. G. C. Shelton, who is a
patient at Fairmont hospital, where
seh was taken following an accident
which befell _her several days ago,
web na companion in falling from a
tree from which he was gathering
grapes, alighted on her head and
shoulders, is very critical today and
it is hardly thought she can surrfce
the day.
County Road Work
Progressing Well
Road work in Marlon county is
progressing nicely, despite all the
handicaps of war conditions, according
to Lee Swisher, President of the
County court. The
County court has been fortunate
in being able to procure carloads
of cement and brick for work along
the roads at Pharoah's Run, Fairview,
"Worthington and the paving
being done on the road between Fairmont
and Mannington. On the last
mentioned operation 350 feet of pavine
brick is being laid dally.
?-- ? a? 4VA
10C V^UUUl/ wuil auvnm fcw LJ4V,
government authorities that sending
cement and brick here would not affect
the car supply greatly because
the empties could be loaded with coal
and sent to any destination.
Food conservation, a more or less prosaic
thing, but food conservation has
done as much as anything to boost
patriotism in the United States.
Home Baked Pies and Pastries
Beyers Restaurant. Advt.
^ J* .
MOKE mokeyw YBKS*- *
I jjpf^
Sheriff Glover Says "Fla^
Affects Collections in
Mannington Distrirt
Prevalence of "flu" has somewhat
affected the tax collection in Mannington
district said Sherrlffff A. M.
Glover ia commenting on how the
money is rolling in this year. Mannlngton
district appearsto have its
foil share Of the "flu".
To counter balance the collections
in Mannington district . however.
Sheriff Glover finds that Lincoln district
is larger than it was at the same
time last year. As a whole Sheriff
Glover finds the collections ver satfactory.
Next week Sheriff Glover will sit in
Grant, Union. Windfield and Union Independent
districts., -His sittings
will be as follows: Grant district?
Monday. Monongah; Tuesday, Bootbsville;
Union district?Wednesday,
Williams school house; Winfield district
? Thursday. Banner's Ridge.
Wager Bonner's; Union Independent
district?Friday and Saturday?Mon
ougahela Bank, East Side.
Now Sergeant Orr
junior urr, a. well Known local
young man who has been stationed
at Camp Shelby, Hattoesbnrg, Miss,
has been appointed a segeant. Onleft
Monongah with an early contingent
of national army men. From
here he went to Camp Lee, Va.. soon
being transferred to Hattoesbnrg.
No Church Tomorrow
Again tomorrrow there will be no
services in any of the local churches
because of the continued influenza
quarantine. There will also be no
school in any of the local schools of
the district for the coming week.
Will Join Army
Tony Cirmo has sent his application
to government authorities for j
induction into the militorry service. J
He is a musician of ability and is malting
an effort to get an induction into
one of the military bands.
Miss Kathryn Price has been ill at
her home on Main street for the past
day or two.
Mrs. Cl3yton Cambelle and Mass
Mcmie Yost were among the local
callers to Fairmont yesterday evening.
Russelll Shaver wa s a Monongch
business caller in Fairmont yesterday
Miss Helen Janes has been ill for
the past several days but is now much
Mrs. L. Bland of Clarksburg was in
Monongah recently.
Mrs. Thompson of the R. S.Stern :
company. New York City was a business
caller in Monongah yesterday.
Lena Maxwell of Everson was in j
Monongah yesterday.
Mrs. James Boydoh and daughter j
Pearl were in Fairmont attending;
Uie tunerai 01 jars. josepn sock.
Thomas Everett and William Cor
nell motored to Bcothsville.
Roy Strosnider and family have;
moved to Moundsville, where Mr. j
Stronsnider has accepted a position.
(Continued from Page One.)
tons of coal and the idle men numbering
Coal Notes.
The number of Spanish Influenza
cases increases on the Monongah.
Connellsville and Wheeling divisions
of the Baltimore and Ohio railroads,
while there is a slight decrease in the
number of cases on the Cnmberland
division, where the situation has been
the worst. A total of 50S cases, the
largest number yet reported for the
Monongah division, existed among the
employees of this division yesterday.
Harry Owen who has been assistant
district representative of the United
States Fuel Administration will leave
tomorrow for iPttsbur where he will
take up his new work as secretary
for the Pittsburg District Coal Jobbers
Mrs. AX. Lehman has volunteered to
make oat a report each d^y of the
nnmliftp nf notr nteps of inflnenTft in
the city' tor the" benefit of the Red
Cross and National health authorities
who are fighting the inflnehza epidemic.
Mrs. Lehman wfll call each physician
daily to get the number of newcases
xr4 StWWUlZ, 3A Vr/
\\l THAT? Ho-HA l.lrSf
mm Mb
(Continued from Pace One.)
that their quotes had bees raised. In
one or two instances banks reported
that the quota had not been subscribed,
but It Is confidently expected that
they will go over by tonight. A number
of large corporation subscriptions
to be turned In today will also help
swell the quota for the county.
Chairmen of the committees and
the committees themselves are much
elated today ocer the prospect of the
county going over, but are leaving no
stone unturned to garner in the belated
subscriptions and swell the total
to as large proportions as possible.
?ome members of the committee
were optimistic enough to predict at
this time, a few hours before the
closing of the allotted season, that
the county would go over to the extent
of securing the additional 3350,000
which was asked for by W. A.
MacCorkle, state Liberty loan chairman.
The Quota allotted to trie couuij u>
$2,405,100 and should the additional
$350.00Q?be secured this would swell
the county's quota to $2,575,100. and
would place Marion county among
the first counties in the state in the
amount subscribed per capita to the
Fourth Liberty loan.
Hutchinson Coal Co. In.
The Hutchinson Coal company corporation
has subscribed through Marion
county banks the sum of $50,000.
This is in addition to the subscriptions
through variohs other counties
in which the company has holdings.
The corporation as individuals have
subscribed largely to the loan and
the employes also have made subscriptions
which will aggregate a
large sum.
Guy Crigler Here.
Guy C .Criglor, a member of the
U. S. Marine over seas force, who is
off on a furlough on account of having
suffered a severe injury to his leg
which has crippled him somewhat for
a time, arrived here last evening from
Kansas City. Mo., where he has bepn
working with the Liberty loan committee.
Mr. Crigler after being gassed
and having recovered sufficiently
to return to the ranks, was injured
while at rifle practice and was confined
to the hospital for several
weeks and later was sent to a base
hospital at Boston. While in Kansas
City Mr. Crigler had the misfortune
to fall, again hurting his injured 1
and but for that reason would have
perhaps been on the seas on his re-,
turn voyage to France. Mr. Crigler
i3 looking fine .but is walking with a
cane and limping slightly. He came
to Liberty loan headquarters todaj*
and offered his cervices to aid in any
way possible. He will remain hero
for several days. He "was fovuerly
principal of tho White school.
Some l4lst Hour Efforts.
Barraekv-llc has subscribed her
auota of the Fourth Liberty lean with
-uprosimat?l7 ten thousand dollars to
the good. The quota for this community
was $21,150 and sum of bean
?tc^/i Th<> ?nm secured is consid
ered splendid.
County Chairman Henry S. Lively,
Sergeant Carl Johnston and Mrs.
Sr.muel keeper addressed a meeting
hold last evening at Millersville and
succeeded in raising the sum of
S1.000, which added to the sum alreadv
raised at Ihat place adds materially
in raising the community's
quota. ? .
C. Evans. W. M. Kennedy and
Marine Carl Johnston and Arthur
Frey canvassed the Robinosn Run
community yesterday and raised the
sum of $3,700. This amount was
secured from 24 subscribers. This
puts the Robinson Run community
over, as the quota there was 7,050,
and t>-e amount subscribed amounts
to 59.SOO. I
T. I. Brett, A. G. Martin and a Mr. i
Ashcraft. of Farmington. chnvassed
the Harter Hill section yesterday and j
took subscriptions from every man I
approached. The sum thus secured
amounted to $1,900.
Prof. George H. Colebank went to 1
Grafton yesterday and secured the
Baltimore and Ohio's quota for this
county, which amounted to $27,700.
George Giffin, chairman of the
Hickman Run community, in (Company
with Harry Morris and James
Gwynn, two residents of that section,
and E. B. Carskadon. Frank Coogle,
Fred Mclntire. Clark Miller and J. M.
Jacobs, scoured the Hickman Run
section and raised the sum of $2,000.
This almost raises the quota, as the
sum of $4,600 lhad been prev'osly
subscribed and the quota is $7,000.
H. W. Scott, Otis G. Wilson and C.
W. Evans are spending today on Parker
Run In an endeavor to aid the
.committee there in raisins the quota
for the district.
A splendid meeting was held la6t
night at Fairview, when - Attorney
Harry Shaw, Capt. Melville Fagan,
W. D. Barrington and Miss Laura E.
Briggs conducted a patriotic meeting.;
They raised the sum of $19,000,
which puts Fairvlew over the top as
a community.
Home Baked Pies and Pastries
Boyers Restaurant. Advt.
vita-. iv- JUST M
/ Wt MO/ifcY-A
x "HKf K?0\to, r?
( 60ULY'!
=at_=-) ?
~ " ""I " ; - - r
Fairmont Woman is Recipient
of Most Unusual
Mrs. Gaby Baltus, a Belgium widow j
whose husband has been killed In
action has written to Mrs. Byrne of j
Hlgb Street tAanking the Americans
for what they hare done for Belgium.
Mrs. Byrne has a son in France and
his coxnpony has adapted a twelve
year old sen of Mrs. Baltns. The
letter which is very Interesting follows;
31 Rue da Champ de Mars Le
Mons France
Madam: I make acquaintance with
Mister Byrne, your son. My boy is
kept by Mister's Company, and is interpreter
for him. I am a Belgien
and have two children, a boy and a
little girl.
I am so pleased my boy is with
American people because I know how
good you are for my country. Mister
Byrne is very good for my boy ond my
boy like him very much. I am satisfled
because my boy is not alone.
He is to be in my room the time I
go to bed. I start at 7 o'clock till
IX o'clock and from 1 till 6 o'clock
standing on my feet all the time. I
be widow and be affraid my boy run
in the street the time I be at work.
My lime gin is seven jemo. ,o u
the boarding school. It Is very hard
for me. I see her only two honrs
on Sunday. In Belgium I have not
to work and' was very happy with ,
my husband and children. Things
i are 'very expensive here in France and
it is awful to keep two children by
this time.
I be pleased Mister Byrne give me
your address because I can thank
you, so I wislfto do so and all American
people for what you have done
for Belgium.
All my people is still there. It is
one year since I got news and only a I
card from him. Dear Madam. I thank
you for what Mister Byrne do for my
! boy-It is nice for him because he
is only 12 years, so has someone who
is nice to him. Boor boy has no
father now. The Children feel like
' me (hard) nevar to see the one who
has gone forever.
Be sure I and my children will
I always remember what America has
; done for Belgium.
| I wish you Dear Madam, good luck,
good health and to see Mister back
home very soon.
Your Sincerely,
J. T. Sloan Is ill at his home on the
j East side.
I Bert Davis chief clerk at The Fairmont
is ill of the influenza.
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; Mulligan. A- W. Reid, A. Reynolds, |
; Lizzie McDonald, George Roush, Abe |
I Freidman, J. V. Murray and Walter
j Zundell.
Mrs. Harry Shaw, chairman of the '
; First ward, has named her committee
| as followes:' Mesdamcs E. M. Coot,
j W. F. Boycrs. D. V. Hassler, Mrs.
Olive Carpenter, the Misses Anna
Bing and Bertha Dilgard.
In the Third'* ward, Mrs. L. W. '
Shroyer. chairman; Mesdames Tom
Hunsaker. Frank White, _B. F. Ham- :
ilton, diaries Southard, Harry nam
bridge. N. M. Malone.
In the Fifth ward. Mrs. W. S. Hayrnond,
chairman; Misses Eva Brand.
Genevieve Cunningham. Mesdames C. j
E. Mumford. Ella Augustus. Charles
Powell. Mattie Davis. E. W. Chenoweth.
P. M. Bettings, M. J. Deveny.
Robert Denham, D. L. L. Tost, R. L.
Cunningham, J. H. Abbott, Misses
Alice Abbott. Naomi Heflner.
Colorfed women named in the organization
are Mrs. Frank Jackson,
chairman; Mrs. Lee Taylor, Mrs. Harry
Fitzhugh, Mrs. Nettie Miller. Any
colored person needing help should
call any of these women.
The emergency committee is very
urgently in need of a Ford or some
When Irregular or delayed use Triumph
Pills. Safe and always dependable.
Not sold at drug store. Refuse
others, save dissapointment. Write
for "Relief" and particulars; it's ffee
| Address: National Medical Institute
[Milwaukee, Wis.
Children Cry
^ YEB. BArtk? p / e A?
9 111
is m 5U|ii
Of Our Boy:
Wwtti Your J
Put Your Shoulder to the
DAY?Every Bond you bi
Originators and Leaders
other type of a small automobile for
use during the influenza epidemic. A
driver has already volunteered his
services. Anyone who is abel to furnish
a car should call 312 at once.
The headquarters of the Influenza
Emergency committee is at Room 203
Jacobs building and the elepbon:
number is "Flu 1090."
This morning City Health Physician
Crls stated that he could ses little
chance in the- influenza situation locally.
He does not believe the number of
new cases is on the increase.
Dr. L. N. Yost, county health officer
was of the opinion today that the "flu''
epidemic in Marion county had not improved.
He stated the-other day that
conditions were Improving, but as a
matter of fact the disease has been
making such inroads in the mining
towns that ail indications of a favrable
nature have been wiped ont by
the latest developments. In practically
air of the mines large numbers of miners
are ill with the disease. At Four
States a large number of miners are on
th sick list.
Dr. L. N. Yost Is now required to
make a daily report to the state health
department at Charleston of the number
of influenza cases existing in Marion
county, thus necessitating reports
from each physician daily.
A plan is also being worked ont
whereby reports from each physician
In Fairmont of the number of new
case deeloping each day. will be secured.
The information is of extreme importance
to the health authorities in
lighting the malady.
(Continued from Page One.)
three mlle3 southeast of Lille. On the
Belgian coast. British warships Vre
strolling toe retreating bcrmms.
LONDON. Oct 19?In continuation
of the offensive of La Catena, Marshal
Hale's forces have captured the
village of Wassigny the British commander
reported tonight The village
of Bibeanzville north of Wassigny
also has been taken and British troops
To Mine
To meet the increasing demai
service, we have incorporated an
ind have secured the best engln<
ire prepared to taket care of ahnos
tvork, we are making a specialty
will be pleased to communicate wi
ilectrical power.
L Fairmont Ave.
r TELL V0l>
StEWUU-z-z ?
W/Jtm Vjpusi? y\
-..''Vi''' Uyftft /"y*vcBB6
9RflC^SR?3S>^^tK-. ?2~
^ ritB II al
' ^n
Wheel and die FOURTH I
ly is a shove in the rigm I
of Low Prices in Fainnonfi^l
'.r rysd^agai
have entered Bauzsl still farther iwfnnB
More than 1200 prisoners and a ftjw
guns were takes In the days
LONDON*.'Oct 19.?The BrtHklmH
continuing their advance in FlaadeaSgj
north of the Oency canal Field
shal Haig announced today. SoutheaAnE
of LaCatean where British and
ican troops are operating Baznel
Mazinghein have been captured, vv^jggl
The British have advanced dmCMH
than six miles east of Denial and they B
are in contact with the Germans. jQMMfl
of Vred and Cattellett in thatsxeaSE
Suffering Described As ToriKMI
Relieved by Black-Draught.
Rossvnie. Ga.?Mrs. Kate LecAMcaiM
this place, writes: "My liiisbmdyi^SM|
engineer, and once while Effing,be h*>M
Jured himself with a piece of lieas^i&iS
chinery, across the abdomen. He was I
so sore he could not bear to ptesttjO
himself at all, on chest or abdomeit|'*gB
weighed 165 Ibr., and fell oS unfit be 4
weighed 110 lbs., in two weefc&.
He became constipated and It looted^
j tike be would die. We had threedSfesExlfl
I doctors, yet with all their medicine; hisH
| bowels failed to act He would tumnprJ
i a tec-cent bottle of castor on, anddrir
i it two or three days in siKcession?j5MB
i did this yet without result. Wehj&aagjM
' desperate, he suffered so. He wassiragH
[ ten terribly. He told me his tHlfrpgl
could only be described as torturtf." |J
I sent and bought ThedfonPs B?kkH
Draught I made him take a btg dossil
and when it began to act he fainted, be i
was ia such misery, but he gotrcfi(gj?gfli}J
began to mend at once. He
and we both terf be owes his Qe<tr|
Thedford's Black-Draught"
Thedford's Black-DraughtwfflhtipyoBM
to keep fit, ready for the day's worfcfj
icement I
i Owners
id tor expert electrical engineering^
organization with ample ca?tii<^
ierlng talent available. While we^^^H
t any kind of electrical Installation^!
of installing i?ine equipment, sadgl
Itb tnose coruempiaung me use tn
Y, Manager.
; / kl
?/!</ //t/
/ / / '

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