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F \mmji\Ine ww wmmmn i-^-i
' ' West Virginia's Best Newspaper
? "^**"^38
t "ESTABLISHED 1868. me^ associated press. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 25,1918. ^ xodats sews today. PRICE THREE us?ra|
I?| j ? ?~ ' " ? ? ' ' ' *
* BERLlh
* '
i' . " i
Lriebiknecht, Socialist Leader,
Says People's Hour
Is Here.
Demand for the Abdication j
of the Emperor Freely
H Made.
b5S: ?
gg ' {
(By Associated Press) j
jftp PARIS. Oct. 25.?An encrmous ; j
Wtm Crowd assemble/! before the Reich- j
stag in Berlin yesterday calling for,
V My -VJI *! !
vt Uie iiuuiwuvu ui we uuiirn v* nuu
the formation of a republic, accord-;
. M iag to a special dispatch from Zurich
g" to L'Information.
Ti Dr. Karl Diebkuect. the Socialist'
leader, who has just been released
from prison, -was applauded fran
He was compelled to enter a car- j
ristge filled with flowers, from which j
jSs. - he made a speech declaring that the !
time of the people had arrived.
^ Situation Does Not Require j
1' it, l>r. Garfield
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 25.?Fuel Ad- ,
Jninistrator Garfield today refused to '
grant bituminous coal miners an increase
of wages sought in connection with
the plan for stabilization of wages
worked out for anthracite miners.
He held that the bituminous situation
did not require wage increases.
Trolleys an Hour
Later on Sunday
With the turning back of the clocks
all over the country early Sunday
morning E. B. Moore, general manager
of the Monongahela Valley Traction
eompany. stated todav that all of
the cars on Sunday would leave an j
hour later or in other words by the ?'
actual sun time, which will be again ;
In effect Sunday. None of the company's
cars will be en route and it
will be easy to make cars run just an
hour later.
It is understood that on the B. & O. 1
railroad that trains will stop for an :
hour en route in stances where they 1
leave before the hour specified for the
change on Sunday morning.
COPENHAGEN. Oct. 28.?The Ger- J
nan Reichstag has given Prince Max.
he Imperial chancellor, a vote of confidence,
the ballot standing 193 to 52, <
iccordtng to Berlin dispatches re- I
ceived here. Twenty-three of the <
nembers did not vote. ' <
.; - Consult the Union Dentists
^tar expert dental services: Our
^prices are reasonable. Offices over
McCrory 5 and 10c store. All
'Work guaranteed.
Wanted for :
RivesviHe Power Plant, j.
I -;" women. 16 years and l
selecting bottles. Apply j
K^MmBotfle Madiine Co. j
(An Et
FROM Fairmont the Watson cai
the state at large are both beit
an interest in practical politics cann
digious industry of the large and cc
here. Stories of the vast amount of
busy headquarters in the Watson he
Democrats are heard on the streets
expressed that there is not much use
willing to make such lavish use of n
But there never was a greater
is the deciding factor m political cam
believed that having the most guns a
the-minute infantry was all that was
does not have to be a military expe
to Germany before very long. Th
Democrats in West Virginia makes
magnitude which will have to be i
and Senate but by the Department
not discourage any man who hopes t<
Brains and morale are just as impo
and there is no sign that any great 2
the program of the Democratic org:
The truth of the matter is tha
is so averse to the Democrats that th<
of their despair, and instead of dis<
Republicans to greater efforts. The
cation of what the condition is. Nei
of its vote, but the showing made bj
pared with what the Republicans d
to do to win with their entire ticket
But they ought to and no doul
effort to "patrioteer" has collapsed
vincing issue. In the circumstances
lican to ignore the lavish expenditur
election day themselves but do some
publicans. If that is done every di
paign will turn out to be sheer wast<
ficiaries will be die army of professi
era of prosperity which is compare!
tractors working on a cost plus basi
nil niTiiiTtnil
Sixty-seven New Cases were
Reported Today in
Report from the various towns
about Fairmont today show Mannington
still in a critical condition regarding
the influenza situation. Forty-eight
new cases have developed there since
yesterday and one pneumonia case.
Miss Anna Martin, who has kindly
undertaken to get a full report each
day from Rivesville. Farmington. Fairview.
Mannington and Downs, reports
that Farmington has 24 new cases for
the last two days, Fairview. 19 for two
days with two deaths. Mannington. 4$
new cases with one case of pneumonia
and Downs was unable to report
for today.
Airs. AJoert iieamtui ri-pona 04 new
rases for Fairmont with 18 pneumonia
cases and two deaths. Ont of the IS
pneumonia cases. Dr. Brownfie'.d has
eleven of them, so he does not consider
that conditions have improved
very much. Host of the doctors, however.
say they feel conditions are 1
much better. Many of the new cases '
ere discovered in homes where some
member has already had the "flu."
which seems to do away with the theory
that the disease is not contagious,
though with proper precautions, the
contagion may be guarded against,
ioctors say.
Volunteer nurses are still needed
ind a remuneration of 52 a day will
be given them. Twenty dollars will
be paid practical nurses and 530 will
be paid to graduate nurses. Since
National Red Cross headquarters issued
this announcement, there have
been many more offers of help and
he Red Cross committee desire that
ill nurses take particular notice of
this. There are many nurses, howsver.
who are offering their services
tree of charge, refusing to .accept the
salary which they can rightfully claim.
In connction with the thoroughly enthusiastic
work being done by Mrs.
Brett at the Influenza hospital, mention
must be made of Mrs. Dr. Powell
(Continued on page four.)
To City Taxpayers.
2% per cent discount allowed on
saxes paid during October and November.
Pay early and avoid waiting.
Office open evenings 7 to 9.
City Treasurer.
ead the Advrtism
npaign and the Democratic fight in _
ig conducted, and people who take
ot help being impressed by the proist'y
organization that is maintained
mail that is being turned out of the
tel and of the other activities of the
and here and there the opinion is
in opposing an organization which is
mistake than to assume that money
paigns. The German General Staff
nd the largest number of trained-to;
necessary to win the war, and one
rt to know what is going to happen
e money that is being spent by the
this campaign a scandal of the first
nvestigated not only by the House
of Justice as well, but that should
> see the Repubb'can candidates win.
rtant in politics as they are in war,
mount of either has been applied to
t the political situation in this state
sir reckless use of money is the result
?uraging them it should inspire the
record of the primary is a good indither
party got out a large percentage
' the Democrats was pitiful as comid.
All the Republicans will have
is to maintain this relative standing,
bt will do better. The Democratic
1 and that party is without a conit
is the duty of every loyal Repube
of money and not only get out on
thing toward getting out fellow Re**
- -V T-V
Dllar spent on tne uenocrauc cam:
of good money and the only beneonal
paliticians who are enjoying an
?le only to that of government cons.
Campaign in Their Behall
Will be Conducted in
The campaign in "West Virginia t<
raise funds for the Jewish war suffer
ers is now well under way. Frominen
men and women from all over thi
state have written expressing thei
sympathy and desire to cooperat
with the committee. Community af
ter community has been organized
Jew and non-Jew have enlisted in th
gerat humanitarian work. The cry o
starving children, old men and wo
men has been heard by all.
News comes from North Dakoti
where Governor Frazier has designat
ed October 23 as Jewish War Relie
Day. that North Dakota has gon
over the top in its drive. It has rais
ed more than one hundred thousani
dollars fo rthe relief of sticken Jews
viriHnia will raise its quota o
one hundred thousand dollars.
The state offices of the drive re
ports that they are organized in eacl
of the counties of the state, in mor
than one hundred and fifty separat
localities of more than eight hnndre<
population. These towns with les
than that number are also organize<
under sub-committees, and their num
ber is more than double the others
The local chairmen of the variou
counties have already reported tha
their organizations are ready fo
work on the dates set for the drive b:
the governor.
Mr. Eugene M. Baer. of Wheeling
who is chairman of the state commit
tee. authorizes the following state
There is no question btu that thi
state will go over the top. The cans
is too big. the stakes are too preciou
for West Virginia to fall down. Thinl
of three million innocent souls, wait
lag. waiting for bread to eat. am
clothes with which to keep warn
their emaciated bodies. There Is no
a citizen in this state who can thinl
of these thinks and then refuse t<
contribute more than his share."
Oscar Fluharty, a taxi-cab driver
died at his home in Mannington las
evening at 11 o'clock.* of an attack o
pneumonia, superinduced by influenza
after two weeks" Illness, in his thirtj
sixth year. He was a son of Johi
William and Ivy Flnharty. and hai
- ? *?
been employed at tne ponery m wu
nlngton for some lime. His wife am
a number of brothers and Bisters sot
vive. Funeral services will be held a
12 o'clock noon at Hunter ecmeter
at the head of Glady Fork.
Friends have received cards fron
Sergeant Bordman "W. ^DeWitte. for
merly of Fairmont, that hi
has safely-arrived overseas.
JV ON 2 Hi
unnm tun oniiTU
nunin nnu mm
I or mam
Take 8,400 Prisoners
and a Hundred
French Too Have Been Taking
Prisoners and
France and Belgium, 11a. m.. Oct.
? (By Associated Press) ?
Heavy fighting was fairing place
today on the battle front in the region
of Valenciennes, especially !
south of the town. The British
have gained ground at almost
every point along the front.
France and Belgium. 4:30 p. i?j? Oct. |
23.?(By Assocaited Press)?Fight- !
; ing -which compares in fierceness to i
almost any in the war continued
through the night in the fields or the
treat battle north and south of Valenciennes.
Belated reports indicate
, that the British have entered the
.; German defenses, gaining considerable
ground and pressing eastward
slowly but surely.
| Since Wednesday morning the
i British Third army has taken 6,000
: prisoners and the First and Fourth
| r rmies each have taken 1,200, mak!>r,~
a total of 8,400. More than 100
rrnnon were captured Wednesday
land Thursday. On the high ground
I south of Valenciennes the battle is
: razing with intense fury, but the
f British are gradually overcoming the
At last reports the British held I
[this line: From Be.Faux to Robersart!
| to Kngelfontaine to Ghissignies to i
: Eenuvignies. where they are within a
! mile and a half of La Quesnoy. to the
3' rast of Ruesnes to Sommaing to Monchaux.
The British gained Monchaux arter
1 bloody fighting.
r The British line Is now within one
B mile of Landrecies Desperate flght.
ir.g is reported in the Vois l'evepne
and the neighborhood, where the
2 Tornsans were killed hy the thousand
t It appears that the enemy had orders
. to hold on regardless of the cost.
The germans apparently were exposed
! in great depths and had several has.
t;K- constructed lines of defense which
f they determine to retain until defene
ses' further Eastward had been pre r
pared so that the German army to
j the north and south could escape.
The enemy has been supported by
f considerable artillery all along the
To the north the British by hard
3 fighting established posts between the
E river and the canal east of Escaua
pont. North of Fresnes some proj
gTess was made toward Conge against
s heavy and vigorous machine operaI
J BONDON. Oct. 25.?The British
' 1 ..nlnnut/Vlin? SOUthWCSt Of
3 u??o u>r>?? o. ,
t Valenciennes, Fieild Marshal Haig j
r announces. The British also Hare |
? captured Vendegies Snr-EcaJllon. On
the front below Valenciennes a Ger;
man counter attack was repulsed and
I fighting was resumed early this morn
5 BONBON. 1 p. to.. Oct. 25.?The
e French forces advancing northward
s between the Oise and the Treporon, a
t tributary of the Serre. have penetrat.
ed the village of Villers-le-Sec and
j surrouded the village or La Ferte
3 northeas tof Villers. The French also
t made some advance further east
c along the Serre and the Somme.
3 PARIS. Oct. 25.?On the Aisne
front, east of Bethel. French troops
have captured the villages of Ambly
. and Fleuiy staking 100 prisoners, the
1 War office announces today.
, In the region of Longchampa,
where the French are east of the
J Saxnbre canal ,two German attacks
.' were repulsed.
j On the front of the Serre river and
eastward the French this morning
_ 11 Muimri their pressure ?froir\ct- rhe
_ enemy.
Helen Teaser the 3 year old daughter
of Mr. and -Mrs; Presley Teaser,
of Safariv^t Tfco -flfed Wednesday
enrentas of pneumonia folio wins an
' ??* . ?as buried yes
au^ii^^^y^-jwyan brothers and' sis
General 1
TojcHi Q>*+JUCA.
&?- JL *.
ipv>(> 1/*
faf" ^kiUn-$A
IU. Stfi: tpe.
A message to tbe American soldie rs
tier in Chief of the British armies in tl
New York Bible Society and will be e:
distributed to American fighting men.
mmmmm W*. ^ IIAP
Will lit II list
before vest l01g1
But It Will be Closed to Vehicles
For Some
Time. B
After the bridge crossing Coal Run ^
ravine is finished so far as the contract
of the John F. Casey company is
concerned and the stractnre has been t
turned over the city there will yet re- g
main considerable work to be done,
as the approaches to the structure
must be built, the wood block floor ?
laid and the street car rails placed.
This will require considerable time, .
though it is now believed that a *
month's time will see all of this work
done with the exception of the street ..
car track which will require much ^
longer as the concrete must be given ~
ample time to settle and solidify be- "
fore the laying of the rails will be ,
practicable. E'
The work of building the approaches
will largely devolve on the Trac- '
- a A. A. r
tion company tnougn *aai ? uuv. uu?
by them will be done by the city. The ?
Casey company will do this work be- ?
fore lea-ving the city.
It is probable that the bridge will '
bo opened to foot passengers before J
the month is concluded though action f'
will be taken by the city board of af- fj
fairs in this regard.
A portion of the wooden blocks .
which will be used for the floor of the ?
bridge have arrived and the remain- *
der will be here soon and this work
will be speeded up. Unless the rainy
weather stops the progress of the concrete
pourers all the concrete should be
poured this week.
Double street car tracks will run *
through the centre of the bridge and J
there is a forty foot roadway on each ?
side of these double tracks for the 3
use of vehicles while.foot passengers ^
will he accommodated by the walk- E
ways on the outer edges of the structure.
A large force of men is. at work on 1
the structure and everything possi- J
hie will be done in an effort to speed ?
up the work and have the bridge
ready for all sorts of traffic with the ?
exception of street cars by the time 1
bad weather sets in. 1
Twenty-Five Per Gent I
Increase in Power ,
Twenty-fire per cent, increase in '
the power in the Fairmont region is ef- 1
fective today because of No. 5 gas en- 3
gine having been placed in working 3
order at the Hutchinson power plant. 1
After considerable complications the 1
broken machinery was sent to Beth-1 ?
?wii w?tr nstinr tras made 11
icu^a* uuu * ? !"u 'I ! and
returned to Fairmont. 1
WASHINGTON. Oct. 25.?Sir Eric s
God es, first lord of "the British Ad- i
miralty. has arrived safely in London ;
re taming from his special mission to i
the United States- -with members of i
the admiralty, statf. a
>h Armies in . France
olo~~C losvr. .
from Chief Marshal Haig. Commanle
field, has been received by the
a closed in thousands of Bibles to be
ill troops"
Desperate Fighting Going
on in District North
of Verdun.
Lmerican troops despite strong Geraan
artillery fire, improved their poition
at three important points along
he front east and west of the Mease
uring the night. East of the Mease
he Americans drove the enemy from
he eastern edge of Bois d'Ormont,
aining their objective.
It is reported that the Germans are
reparing new defense posKoins in 1
he vicinity of Briquenay, four and
half miles north of Grand Pre and
hat they are expecting to make a
tand in that region -within a week.
Among the prisoners captured by
he Americans are members of the
r<At. j; i?i - - - -
o Lii division XV.XZUWU as tnc u^iu5
hock division." Twelve American
oldiers separated from their own
ine have returned after spending
our days and four nights hiding in
hell holes and underbrush in the
egion of Loges farm. They fought
ft small detachments of Ge'-mans,
>ut were unable to reach places of
afety because of the enemy sharp
hooters. Notwithstanding the contant
harassing, the 12 made patroling
expeditions each night and they
rought hack valuabel information
egarding the enemy gun positions.
Their only food during the four
ays consisted of their emergency
ations and these they ate the first
TORTH OF YERDTJN. 1 p. m.. Oct. 25.
?(By Associated Press.) ? Heavy
lerman counter attacks east of the
dense were thrown back early today
iy the American troops holding Belen
woods and the line on either side.
The Germans are using their heavy
uns and machine guns extensively.
N FRANCE. Thursday. Oct. 24.?(By
Associated Press.)?American 16 inch
.nns manned by American blnejackits
cooperating with the French bean
firing on German railroad centers
tack of the Serre-Oise front on Wedtesday.
"" >? * rilreeted their shells
igainst railroad supply stations and
unctions in the region of Vervins and
J so in the vicinity of Rozoy.
PARIS, Oct 25.?(Haras Agency.)?
rhe fighting along the American
rent on both sides of the Mease is
larticnlarly fierce. The Germans aptear
to he'making a despairing effort
o hold their positions in this vital'
lector. Information reaching here
lives the impression that they can not
eslst much longer in their present
Mother of Nine Pneumonia Victims.
Mrs. Thomas Barr. of Fair-view, died
it her home there Tuesday of pneuoonia.
Nearly every member of her
femttw luut nneomonia hat all the
est have recovered- Mrs. Bur taj
2 years old and leaves a. husband
ad nine children.
Major Operation
tween Piave and
Weather Along the Fronk||
Reported to be Un
LONDON, l:15 p^
the Piave and Brenta.
across the
Coalition Cabinet iK'to lm
S ?7
" -' ' j tSj*W
BASEL.'Oct. 25.?It was M liiMMttSB
in the lower chamber ol tile jFfiiiigw^a
ian parliament yesterday ' that
Croation' soldiers of the 79th regir r
at Trinme had revoltedL^a^^^^^^
the opposition deputies tberewpo"
manded the resignation of the xoi
try, according to Budapest adyfaeij|jBig
to the king a coalition ministe^. ;^
ment/The enemy Is ret^eatih^ ir.
ing on the street^cari.
mg De eummaini, wqii w i?; wM
weather, and then craJj-jmlf
tag he ttsed to take-off
many cases cars ka-?e\tv
heat, and it is soggestwfii th cases
that the headers be,cor.r in series.
Local nnrnirfpel not'.
the railway companies ara'.-tqtfBjg
to work together on thiagnqHiMH^B
the power .consumption ns<
to a point that win fc
sot endanger pnblic.h<
actual ^ ^
' COL. HOU8E INijilljSSaM
House, personnl
President "WHson and spokesman
the State departsmai^^nBMM^I
"Win. F- Benscn^eUet c' operatioss.
have arxmCflbi^F
resent the United-Sta >.e con- 1

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