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** ' jfjl |
" " I ,7m
r? been titu (Jewing a few wires 1 3
I !^b tbe city whose luisbaads playfi
poker sad hare accumulated a nam-1 23
her of lateresttar remarks which may IS
f interest women who hare the prob-| Tj
E ha 'to face right here la the city. I ?
It dad Fairmont Is bo. different than) M
other cities "Women, all orer the I M
United State* hare a problem of this l ^
Sort to face. <Jneer-ls it not-that we I ji
r, don't often hear of women congre-| A
MBjtatlat night in one of the down-1 i
H town offices to sit without sufficient
H air?while hour after hour passes by,
I ?*ji aacept an occasional word not in the
F ^sBctionary, used to express the unlucky
fellow's idea on life. Queer
p, tlw, that when In the wee. small
l hoars these mas come home?unfit
r for the day** work, women arise for
Ib5:3an that must be done by hands per fs^Aapg
a hit unsteady for the sleeplessness
they h%ve experienced and go on
^ Just the same?with no hours ready at
riband fat which to sleep off the brain
- f?f of "the night before."
I r "Father," said a young boy not long
ago, awSkaned frost his morning slep
by the man Just coming In from an
an night game of poker?"Father.
what are you getting up so early for?"
^Father was game. "Oh, I bad a little
HKroih to do, son." he said, and as
B-school was not In session, he was
forced to -spend the day ont of bed
1a er to matte flUB story sound weil.
was rather a tiresome day But
mber of men have been through
same thing. Sometimes just
i have been removed when friend
says: "Aren't yon geting up a
early, dear? and shoes go bach
gain! Too bad?especially when
i wife knew exactly when poker
d husband arrived at home?
J every stealthy movement up
italrs In stocking feet?heard the "
open softly and all the rest. rj
can't very often fool a woman. f1
d what's to be done abont It all. Ic
iw a woman In the city who took
four year old daughter several
is ago to town with her while S]
searched through several offices c'
rhlch she thought it likely her ?
and oonld be found. She had h<
frightened alone In the house ?c
jbeylng an impulse stronger than L
tsnal good Judgment, which here- f>
e had bads her lock her door 11
remain calm and brave till morn- o:
she had determined to go after b;
toker loving hnsband. She could
Bnd him. Just a very few peo- aw
her. At four In the morning II
returned, vearily and unhappily II
sr home and at seven that_hus- [I
came in softly. Ths is what
aid on finding his wife upset:
lear, why don't yon Just stay h
p?you knew I would come hack .
ght" But?-oh, I wish you would
Jong-If you persist in doing it." w
ose so much! gov can we ever _
long if you persist in doing it!"
sd the wife who wanted to be *
tnd remain loyal to the man who -'
promised to protect her. e]
??? ft
en are a strange lot," remarked
one wife. "I must economize fearI
. fully so that my husband may play
H poker- He come home sometimes
every night for a week anytime beI
tween two and seven in the morning
and I am suppposed to be a Jolly good ai
sport and say "well, dear?did you ?l
I have any full houses?" "Were there ^
many straights in the game? Did you ?*
wni? It isn't difficult to tell when
a man does win?you invariably get
a an extra ten to go shopping with,
^^^when it's win! If it's lose?you had
better say nothing or some of the
k language about the house won't he ft
F' Just what the children should hear P
for a few days?and the grocer has to II
go without his weekly check unail
When all is said?and after one has M
I attempted to solve the mystery, *it ei
, all comes, to this: Poker becomes is
thrilling because it looks like a game ol
^E^arhich should bring a lot of money
HVfc>r a small amount of effort. So a
man wastes his time and energy and
I brains over a game which always y
eludes him. One night he comes away fc
I winer. The next niglft the lure of R
d the game gets him again, for a man
always goes back when he wins; and
invariably he loses soner or later.
Then he comes back to get what he
I has lost again in his pocket. This Ql
time he wins somethig over that
Again he is restless nntil he gets in
game for he feels sure he can make ^
^^a pile of money. The stakes are '
' raised?he sits on and on and .on into w
the wee hours?targeting time, home. jc
duties'and everything which goes to a,
in many cases, the spell breaks after ~
, the disease runs It's course?but very
often It gets a man body and soul ll
until he loses god friend?,~business V
and. too often true, home Why, why,
why? ? we only knew
. knew a man once who traveled
back and forth on the Fall Biver line q
I between Boston and New York three 3
times each trip an all night one, be- .
Because he got started playing a slot
^H^hachine which sometimes dropped
gyp dimes for s nickel. And mind ^
you he didn't sleep- in that three co
I nights either. During the day he ^
Went about of tier Boston or New
I fork, n whch ever city he was, look- {n
kg for slot machines of the same kind ^
^ (1 tb? l?pt ywpuatjoa auidy tat jpndoetng | | JJ
BMlSp-int ttt ianj areawant BwS W
fw* tfetaeal9?i4 makf kinky, wpw.
Aac^rtAtabtrso^lontfl^n- M
1 trow tbrt job can casSy hvMa is end
A gas storm coming. Com z
-for lie had become obsessed with i
le idea that he could' get suddenly v
ch beyond all dreams?beating the 3
ot machine which gave five dimes 1
ir a nickel t
And X could tell yon about another e
lan who spent on the average of
x hours a -day throwing for chan;s
on various presents"?quite some
mo ago in this city He brought a
ome all manner of things Hs home j
>oked for a while like a museum. c
ater he took chances on candy and
ae of his children became violently
I In an attempt to eat on an average
t five pounds a week and his doctor g
ill quite staggered him. a
'' a
Archie G. Haskins Dies.
Archie G. Haskins passed away at
is home in High street at half past 1
tree o'clock yesterday afternoon, af- 1
:r a few days illness of influenza. He
as the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. t
homas J. Haskins of High street. ?
ir. Haskins who was thirty years of
ge received an honorable discharge t
om the U. S. Navy in New York sev- t
ml months ago, owing to an injury to t
te eye. which later he lost the sight J
I. For the past two months he had c
lied tbe position of city clerk in a c
ipable manner. The deceased is sur- n
ved ty his wife, his parents, two sis- r
rs, Mrs. D. T. Britton of Third street a
id Miss Edna Haskins at home, and f
le brother. Clarence Haskins, in the f
. S. Xavy. Mrs. Britton. one of the 3
sters is slowly improving from an ?
:tack of the disease. Funeral ar- a
mgements have not been announced. X
Called by Illness. ^
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Judd and child- '
;n left Sunday evening for Franklin, '
o., where they were called by the a
Iness of a relative. 11
Returns After Illness.
Mrs. A. L. Prichard and daughter,
!iss Lena Prichard returned Sunday *
renin? from Butler, Pa.. The latter f
recovering from a severe attack (
; influenza while in Butier.
Consulted Bonesetter.
Claude Sine has returned from
oungstown, Ohio, -where he had gone
ir a consultation -with "Bone-setter"
eese of that city.
Death of Aunt.
Fred Gould left yesterday for Pittslrgh
In answer- to a summons anouncing
the death of an ount.
Mayor M. F. Hamilton has issued a
reclamation calling the attention of
iannington people to the campaign
?r Jewish relief, which opend today,
i worthy of their support. Be exON'T
top it With Dr. Bell's PineTar-Honey.
The tens of thousands who use this
i*\ rol f orp rftlfiu
VUlWliW * 4J IV * ?
mghs. grippe and bronchitis, testily
> its prompt and effective action.
Use it properly?give its helpful
gradients a chance to prove their
ilue. Follow the first relieving dose
tth others occasionally until the
?ld or "bough leaves yon and you
rain feel fit.
An economical bottle, kept handy,
eans old freedom and thrift.
30c, 60c and,$1.20
! Bring in your wheat while roac
I ner bushel for good wheat. You <
Door on exchange basis. Tolls now
7th Street, Fairs
. 'X.. J . - j- - _ ' v"!'*':-' -1 ~>-i*.. ?Sl^3K3r^gyi^^MiSKp'>dj
li^BCSS^ST .' T:-: .'"
-v.*.. --. *
nittee on Public information. Copy rij
Jains that in subscribing to- the fund f
re will be performing an urgent duty ?
Jar Jaffe and C. C. Wells are at the
tesd of the local committee, and conributions
may be made through
ilther. a
Withstands Operation. b
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. McCance of How- I
rd street are in Pittsburgh, where \
Jr. aicCance is recovering from an V
operation in a hospital. i
Receives Appointment.
A letter fro Ward Hibbs at Cheery- t
tone naval base, says he has received ?
.n appointment as Quartermaster on' s
. submarine chaser, and expects to *
iut to sea at once. He is a son of
Jr. and Sirs. James Hibbs of Flaggy v
Soldier Writes. b
Corporal Jay O. Atba has written t
he following interesting letter to
lis brother here: *
Am. Y.SI.C.A., in active service with
he A.E.P1 "Somewhere in France". _
iept. Clith, ISIS.
Dear Brother: It Is very hard to
vrita home, as it Is impossible for me ! |
o write a3 1 would like to, but will do j B
he best 1 can. I believe I have told i
ou of my promotion to Corporal, and
f course that makes me feel consid
raDty oetier as i was uie uu; uuc
nade in our platoon; it also makes
ae feel proud to find that my captain
nd first lieutenant have placed conidence
in me. I am still well, and in
act. feel better than I have felt in
rears. We get the New York Herald
svery day. It is published in Paris, J
.nd from all accounts the Germans
lave about all the war they want. I
lope to eat Easter eggs at home. The
'.M.C.A. is one of our greatest comorts
over here, and you people at
tome should never fall to give them
. helping hand. They follow us everywhere.
The least I can say for them E
s they are the best organization
jver founded. You can forward my
etter to Howard, as paper is not very
>lentifnl over her. Give my kind retards
to all my frlende, and tell them F
o write to me often. Corporal Jay
). Atha, Headquarters Co., 334th InAMERICANS
Nervousness and Nerve ?
Troubles on the Decline t
"Nothing wrong but your ncrve?~.
Js a say in ? that Is fast dy Ins out In c
this country. Wblls nerve troublo is a
no oTitanic disease, a leading servo specialist
remarked: "A man or J
-woman might better break a leg c
than have t shattered nervous system"*.
Overwork and worry drains the 1
nerve cells of their reserve strength d
and food, and then follows tho sleep- less
night. Indigestion. poor appetite,
lmpuro blood and general nervous ?
break-down. d
The thing to do In such caiesno
longer troubles doctors and their
patients who know from their own
experience the v?lue of Phosphated
Iron. They know that a few weclca*
regular use of this nerve food and
red blood builder will strengthen and
brace up the whole nervous system,
because Phosphated Iron gives the v
tired, hungry, worn-out nerve cells r
phosphates and Iron, la a form easily 3
and quickly absorbed: as one happy o
user said: "You can almost feel it
taking hold of the nerves and blood. 1
after a short time you feel like a
new person; life seems a pleasure and
worth living once again".
In every section where Phosphated 3
Iren has been used there haa been .
a big decrease of nerve troubles snd *
it will prove a welcome relief to any e
sufferer. You can bank on It for ft
Itfl 1 L H pur?- 1 v
To Insure physicians and their 1 ?
patients erettlntr the srenuine Phos- Is
phated Iron we have put no In -a
capsules onlv. do not take pills or
tablets. Insist on capsules. a
Mountain City Drag Co., and lead- '
ig druggists everywhere. k
~ C
?5858?H8H8?SSSS8K 5
Is are good. We will pay $2.20 22 Ji
an also get winter's supply ot 1<
taken on cash basis of 35c per JJf 1
& MILLING Co. |>
OmlJBmlmUkmJLdOjOJB^>^ t?SJC^ Sg
' ' '" & - <S~ ^ .. ^*525* TV- *- 'Tj
;ht, Underwood & Underwood.
< %
antry. American P. O. 905, France,
tm. Exp. Forces.
Hotel Arrivals.
Bartlett:?E. J. Fletcher, Boston,
L E. Shaw. Pittsburgh, AV. L. Walte,
tandolph, X. Y.', Clark Perry, Clarksburg,
Chas Reid, Harry Kimball, H.C.
)obb, W. P. Cogley, Wheeling, J. W.
Vilson and wife, Akron, O.. C. B.
Voodruff, Moundsville, F. G. Decker,
Wells:?L. T. McClain, West Union.
J. B. Bush. Clarsburg. Ed. Bell, Buron,
J. T. Fuller, Hoboken. X. J.. B.F.
Seer. Rex Milliken, Moundsville. B. F.
shaddock, Dinehart. W. J. Devine,
rith relatives in Martins Ferry, O..
Mrs. William B. Charlton has reamed
home after a visit with her
rother. Dr. Charles L. Key and tamly
in New York City.
Percy Yost spent the week end with
riends in Cameron.
Miss Alice Higgs returned home
rremendotis Demand Last F
cess Stocks That We Had
Next January- Last Wee!
Three Quarer Million ,
Amount to 932,459 Jars.
Jig Shipments Are En Route to Jobbers?Until
These Arrive There May
Be a Temporary Shortage?All Deals
Postponed?Buy in Small Lots Only.
This advertisement is written on
londay, October 21st. It is directed
t> the attention of all distributors of
tick's VapoRub, both wholesale and
etaiL In an emergency cuch as the
resent epidemic?our duty?and your
uty?is to distribute Vapo-Rub in the
uickest possible manner to those secions
stricken in Influenza. We,
herefore, call your careful attention
r* thfl fnllnwir?ct
On October 1st we had on hand, at
ur factory and in twenty warehouses
catterod over the country, sufficient
rapo-Rub to last us, we thought, until
anuary 1st, allowing for a 50 per
ent. increase over last year's sales,
nd not counting our daily output,
.'his big excess stock had been acumulated
during the summer months.
Then this epidemic of Spanish Inluenza
hit us?and in the last 10
ays this stock has vanished. At first
re thought this tremendous demand
rould last only a few days, but the overs
have run:
Wednesday, Oct 16?18.504 Doz.
Thursday. Oct. 17 25.323 Doz.
Friday. Oct. 18 39,256 Doz.
Saturday. Oct. 19 45.833 Doz.
Monday, Oct. 21 77,705 Doz.
Up to Saturday, October 19tb, we
:ave actually shipped for this month
400,284.10. or over two million jars
f VapoRub.
Most of this tremendous quantity is
till en route to the jobbers, but
reight and express are both congestd
nowadays, and it may be some time
efore this supply reaches the jobers.
In the meantime, therefore, it
3 necessary that we distribute, as
rldely as possible, the stock that we
re manufacturing daily, together
rith that now on the jobbers* and retilers'
shelves, in order that it may
- *?
CC LO Uib lUlineBla-O.oHlBU ...... J
ur normal output is about 4,000 dozn
per day. We are putting on a night
hilt, but it 'will be a little while be>re
that is producing.
Last Saturday we notifled all of our
>bbers, by special delivery, as iol>ws:
st?Deals and Quantity shipments of
all kinds are cancelled. Fill no
quantity orders 'of any kind, whether
taken by our salesmen or by your
own. Sell in small lots only.
?Order trombus in as small qoaatttfav.as
possible. If you are out we
win tryship a limited amount by
I y ' y'r^ fcC * 'HH-TilM * AI
business visitor in Cm city yesterday. ]
Robert Connelly. Ocrsey Jones. ]
yrancis Boutwell end Forrest Mtllsn I
spent Sandy with friends in *
Cbazles Jefferson bat returned from
a visit with relatives In JKoondsvlIle. |
Rev. H. D. Burke of Terr* Attn vu
in Marraington on hashes* yesterday. 0
Walker Thomas of Fairmont spent 1
Sunday "with relatives here.
Mrs. Luella BTarfrnhers and son. Har- _
' " T*l * ~ ? ?
ry F. Blacks Here, U u rncnuiu anu
F. Leslie motored to Morgan town yes- ?
George Orth has gone to Wheeling g
for a business visit. \
Mayor M. F- Hamilton returned
from a business visit la Fairmont. 0
Mrs. John Bremer b&s returned to p
her borne in Wheeling after a visit a
with Miss Emma Bartletx.
Nat M. Leigh returned borne last _
evening after a business visit in the *
Roy H. Stewart was a business Tlsi- J?
Itor In Fairmont yesterday. ^
Sam L Caraahan. who has recover
? *?? ? T)
0q xrom iauucu** w oiukctut^ uvm* * ?
palatal carbuncle in the neck.
Soldiers Swear by ]
Naptha Soap ?
Army Camp life is the test of a ?
good soap, because clothes must _
be kept spotlessly clean without v
the aid of boiling water. ^
Because Fels-Naptha cleans so splen- "v
didly in cool or lukewarm water, it is v
the ideal soap for soldiers, as well
as for women who seek relief from v
the terrors of boiling- and hard r_
rubbing. ^
It makes boiling and hard rubbing
unnecessary, and shortens washing A
hours .greatly. It will clean the B
dirtiest garment, yet will not injure
the daintiest fabric. Uo wonder sol- y
diers like it as much as thousands of
women who wash the Fels-Naptha jj
way. b
Give half a dozen bars of Fels-Naptha ?
to your soldier boy when next you
send a parcel to camp. . _ - jy
3four own grocer has FeJa-Naptha. ti
ew Days Has Wiped Out ExEstimated
Would Last Until '
l's Orders Called for One and '
Jars?Today's Orders Alone J
Parcel Post or express, and pay the
charges ourselves.
3d?In order to make distribution still
quicker, we will ship direct to your
retail customers quantities not more
than three (3) dozen 30c size at any
one shipment.
4th?We are now out of the 60c size
and will he for the next 10 days.
Buy in as small quantities as possible.
If you have any^ quantity orders.
given the jobbers' salesmen or
given to our salesmen, don't bother
about them?no need to write us?it
is absolutely impossible to fill these
orders at this time. If the jobbers in
your territory are out of Tick's VapoRub,
we will ship you by Parcel Post,
prepaid, quantities not more than
three (3) dozen 30c size In any one '
order. Naturally, we can't open ac-1 *
counts at this time, so yotir check or J
money order for this amount must I
accompany order. Don't write us stat-1 I
lag to ship through your jobber, as we i
then have to wait until *e write this
jobber and get his O. K. If you wish .
the goods to come through your job- |
ber, hare him order them lor you. i
Our force has already been "shot to Z
, pieces'*?twenty-four of our men are ^
wearing Uncle Sam's khaki?and this <
recent rush has simply burled us. All j
our sales force has been called in to J
help in the office and factory. We J
just mention this so you won't hold it >
against us if your wires and letters ?
aren't answered promptly. }
We ill send Jon request, to any re- >
tail druggist, 100 or more little book- 2
lets, just issued, on Spanish Tnfluen- ,
za, giving the latest information about 1
this disease?its history?the symp- ; |
toms*?the treatment, and particularly ; i
the use of Vlck's VapoRab as an ex- ; J
teraal application to supplement the ;
physician's treatment ;
In addition to the usual method of
using VapoRub?that is. applied over J
the throat and chest and covered with _
hot flannel cloths?our customers are
writing us daily telling of their sue- g
cess in using VapoRub in other ways, I
particularly as a preventive. They 1
{melt a little in a spoon and Inhale the 1
I vapors arising, or melt it in a benzoin 1
steam kettle. Where the steam kettle
Is not available, VapoKnb can be used
In an ordinary tea-kettle. XVI the teakettle
half full of boiling water, pnt In
half a teaspoonfnl of VapoRnb from
time to time?keep the kettle Just
slowly boiling and inhale the steam
According to a bulletin Just Issued
by the Public Health Service, Dr.
Stiles, of this Service, recommends
that the nose be ke0t~(ressed as a
preventive measure against the Influenza
germs. For this pmpoao VapoKnh
is. excellent. N.
>MPANY. Greensboro. N. C.
V /I tfU^V/ll f I il y / il
>. 1
| two WbfliO A nvnv
lost and _ropr?d :
<OST??20 reward will be paidfor ^
return of pair of field glasses left '
n seat of Mcnoagahela Train. Oct. 17. "c
address 124 Fairmont Ave. 10-34-tf W.
help wanted?male w
WANTED?Carpenters, 70c per hour
8-hour day. Time aed half for over
[me. Double time on Sund ys. W
CANTED?Laborers. 40c per hour i
8-hour day. Time and ..half for pit
ver time. Doubel time Sundays. Ap- tcx
ly Fraine Bros. & Baighley, Wheel
nd Axle Shop, near B. & O. round ~\y
ouse. Phone 572-R. 10-4-tf-4537 j
LEX WANTED?Mechanical workers. AJ
machine operators and general Av
*ork. Helmick Foundry Machine Co.., w*.
th street and Belt Line. Fairmont. W.
'a 9-2S-tt4495 x.
I'ANTED ? Experienced tobacco
strippers. Pay union -wages. Apply
. S. Haggerty Co., corner Newton and y0
liamond Sts. 10-26-tf-4631 yre
~wanted- =
family preferred. Address Box FC
592. care Wes* Virginian, giving J
rice. 10-16-tf?4592 dn
WANTED ? Two or three furnished ?rooms,
centrally located, for light "
ousekeeping. Four in family. Call *
L S. Hartline, Watson Hotel, after C01
p. m. 10-22-tf-4610
f.ANTED TO BUY?6 or 7 room ty
onse. Close in on paved street with th?
nail garden. Address Box 4644 West ya
'rg.inian office 10-29-3t?4644 ca3
WANTED TO KENT?Two rooms for fo1
light housekcepiing by man and wife ^-s
ith two children. Address Box 4614 t01
are West Virginian. 10-23-61-4614 Bo
VANTED ? Situation by competent
stenographer; 6 years experience. FC
.vailable after Nov. 1st. Address <
iox 4628 care West Virginian.
10-25-3t-462S FC
WANTED?Within the next few ;
weeks, room furnished for light FO
ousekeeping. Call J. B. Clement, D.
:. Lawson's office. 10-2S-lt?4639 P.
? 10'
OR^SENT^Furnished^rooms. 6^2 J
Benoni Ave. 10-14-tf-4574 Pla
OR RENT?Large furnished or unfurnished
front room. 300 Columbia '
t. 10-26-3t-4635
ORK RENT?Two furnished rooms pjj
for light housekeeping. 324 Jefferm
St. 10-19-tf?4601
OR RENT ? One large furnished
room suitable for man and wife or tDj
vo girls. Inquire 305 East Park ?-==:
venue. 10-25-3t-4627 <
OR RENT ? Furnished rooms for cHj
light housekeeping. Apply 623 Wal- j-aj
ut Ave. 10-26-lt-4634 HOUSESFORSALE
qS^ale"-^riouse^LrifrTotr corner FC
Second St. and Walnut Ave. For 1
irther information call on, or address
. H. Manley, Monongah, W. Va., R. r0"
_ No. 4. 10-26-6t-4636 "J
~ tov
Conquering Circum- II gS
stances With Ready
Money. 11 !F
**? n 1
raff Isn't It true that two-thirds fffl IL.
| of the circumstances, both Ijfl
| favorable and unfavorable. Ill
I' which arise, could be made II
| the most of with the aid of' |jl
1 ready money IB
You have only to look to {
H the many policies offered by |B
19 insurance companies to prove La
p| this fact as related to un- Kj|
i favorable circumstances. IS
1 Build the- savings acount I ?
t balance to make the most ~ZZ.
j]| of favorable conditions?just if p"
J- as you now take out Insur- H j
f ance. j
1 With this in mind, come H t
ffl and make the initial deposit , H i
|K of $1.00 Ji |
bank of M|?k
Fairmont igrarnn
West va. ^^|i_
:'-?" 'g! ' '" "'
Chicago Merchant
The National War Savings Conn
{ ganlzation has issued the following e
Chicago Merchant:
"The way for an Individual, :
target along Is to work and save
normal times, how mnch more m
the present. Saving by everyon
winning of this war as Is the n
than that, the mobilizing of arm:
military step is not accompanied
- sense saving of the nation.
Start a Savins* Ariywnt With 1
yt JL^Jl m JL
UL-M 1 uii i^^B3B^BB
HELP WrtffTTrrr r?t*T?
ANTED'" CulM* " woman CBt^emw%
of older cfcfldrea. Ptida mtec^ .:
one 270. <
ANTED?Girl to do genatal tov>
work. Inqnlra 232 lb!> St.
ANTED ? Girt for |?wnJ ku*i>/'.'^
work. Apply South Sid* Hoo**y<?3
ANTED?Two girl* tor hoummwrttei
tnd kitchen work at SCiners?ho** "i
aL Wages )!3 per month, board
>m and washing. Gall SOk i~j.
ANTED ? Competent vona JtM
general house work. 27.00 per week,
ply Sirs. M. ML Neely, 22$ Watson,
e. Phone 285. 10-24-tf-4S2g
ANTED?Colored girl to drafc ia^&l
grocery store. Host be r1"^ D, |
Dickson, Baxter, W. Va. ^
ANTED?Experienced -waiter. Xiao :
ong man to learn lunch counter
ltlng. Address Box 4643. care ot >
est Virginia. 10-SMt 4MS
k salk?lasn register juml do
ce boxes, one large, one small. A^
iss Box 4547 West Virginian.
ivery large
in try has been taken orer by the
rernment. Unless yoa'own a (ood
ndard track you. -wHl^hare dlfflculin
getting parts. We can offer yoa ?j
following standard equipment, ?s?e?g
it old, in grst class condition. Tti easily
t be sold on terms. Two 6-ton Gar*;
ds with Hydraulic hoist and dosB?$yjs;
ed Track Department, PackardJIo-,
Company of Pittsburgh, 4708 Banns-;
alevard, Pittsburgh. Pa. Bota.;^
ones. 10-21-6fc4682
R SALE?Bed and mattres? I5e||
tuire 613 Delaware St, ground ^ffcoae^R^M
R SALE?barge furnished room.^
00 Colombia St. 10-254t-M38
R SALE?Cots and camp eoutp>^^^
nent. Flood and Van Wert Oai/?;* j
O. Box 96, Fairmont; phone '
rciCE Uf LUAE rivwu6o?^? ,!
for sale?Lot of second band tank--'.
tes such as 1-8 inch thick in differ^
; lengths from $ ft to 16 ft, which
1 do for coal chutes. Also large
unity of 12 and 16 inch rails, all' !
dy for prompt shipment. Trt^abs^
te Co., Phone 82, Bellalre. Ohio. ; a
R SALE?Tiro good rabbit dogaj|?
Address Charlie Murray, farming- t
. W. Va. 10-28-31?4
TO TIRE BARGAIN?Two ?anr|5|jj
ires, one plain .one non-skid. 32x4,
icher rings. Will sell at big
n. Tenth St Pharmacy.
v 10-28-31?4S63.;t??||
R SAf.R?80 acre farm, .good
ouse, 7 rooms, good cellar, la^te i
n with silo and straw shed, horse.';;
m. other necessary buiiaSgh-.??.
ne timber sad till land.
:e this season. Six miles to a
ra of 25.000 population. Terms,
s-half cash, balance secured by |
rtgage. Price $5700. I har* many
gains, write for large list. 2fi^Z&gs
sbber. Atwater, Ohio.
5-3mo. 4286.
: :?- * iiiyv
DR. A. B. SMITH* :'M
Glasses of all strata omieuQj J
fitted. Satishctlgn guaraataaC fg
Hall Block crer Martin's Ing
^ U. Schmidt and I |^H
Window Glass and Windshields, J
Phone 477 W. 802 GaatoB Ave 1
Repairing and rebuilding an- !
tomobils radiators a specialty. A. ;
Old Radiators Bought RshcUt, f\ jjx^S
and Sold. ? " ' 3
Metal Worker, <28 fioog^E^p
. .-;?*yy^ I^MNS
' ^ I
Insurance ? 9B
nittee Section on National Ortatement
by Julius nuwun^jM
tor a business, lor a nation
If savins Is necessmy In
ees8ar]r Is It In a tisn Ilka
e Is as Imperative for tbs
toblllsinc of aoalMjtmas#vSi?9
!es Is entlrelT fittDa If this
L by tba rigorous common -S :
7s Today.
. M a
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