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I *11 .
The following cmsaxttlem are re?
- ?
.^Qi^podftlooMrv Fokm*
ed in actio*,"*; died of -woamds,
o' r-cctthnt snd other caases?;
K^ of iTTii iwr 27; wounded severely,
ilttfldd^defcieo undetermined)
mui"" 5I*M
1 Corporal*?^
Mount Vernon, X.T
BlfZ^ipe teo &P^~ '' '
I Wounded Severely'"
T~.iIston. Me.
WflQItl?T^jjoeeph C., Dooley, Mont
HaclcMSth; William J., Vanceburgh.
^fMrnph. X, South Bend, Ind.
'/?' 9
I James, Ipswich. Mass.
P^^BB S, Preston, Minn.
Ann Arbor, MIcb
I. Ks.Ttmier. Milwaukee. Wis.
M^gC^Hgcry. Grand Rapids, Wis.
^^rejittSlbax^ John. R* Monroe. Iowa
[Atkinson. Lylea. Fair Haven, Conn.
>y-JThomas."'K. Chicago. TVL
BFff'' .' Ki ' 'BW"V Philadelphia, Pa.
B*11,..' il1*". Charles V, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Mfewiy Victor R^. Berry, Pa.
^gp&mcay'WIIllain J. G, Brooklyn, N.Y
BfifcWaa, William H, Woodhaven, N.Y.
30, Edwin S, Pittsburgh, Pa.
^ ttmgm&vGeorge^ Brooklyn, N.Y.
BjEmooailngs, Dennis F, Wappingers
-kaa, MF, Bradley, Ohio.
Hartford, Conn.
BMBar&'flaBrr A., Donner, La.
jYonJ don't have to wonder
KBSSpgHa cease It?it's your
toes- And be rare of this?
year'eyes w0I never get right
K'"'""- >?ip Rather the op
e Is the trath. The read11
undmtfly become less
a distinct. Why not take
: hate given and seek
the help MOW that you will
^BHBB&vtor'cet eventually? it
HjRag$?nr>.fbe wiser coarse to
BSnH^Bwaya-at your service,
-trist and Optician, With
Sco&ithe Jeweler.
Sharer. Bnwril, Alton. EL
Wed el, Charles F? Chicago. HL
Allen, Blaine M? r.fticrttn. Nebr.
Baakin. John. Philadelphia. Pa.
Brown. Joseph EL, KUlingty, Conn.
Buckley, Charles H, Baltimore. Md.
Hagen, Wayne. a_ Cecil, wis.
Henson, Ral Hawthorne, Ala.
Herbert, Elmer V, Brooklyn. JT-Y.
Lawrie. Sidney, Brooklyn, NX
Lncoln. Lloyd D.. Port Bryon. IT. Y.
McNeil. Howard. Saginaw. Midi.
Thompson. Richard W., Whiteboro,
V.Tex. .
Boon, Joseph G-. Detroit. Mich.
Castle. Charles E. BrooMyn, N. Y.
Hooper, Monroe C.. Andrews S. C.
Lehlsg, Frederick W., New York, N.Y.
Tlce, Raymond S., Bipoklyn. X.Y.
Wehb, -Raymond L.. Aatloch, 111.
Brammer, WTllard R-, San Francisco,
Conley, Arthur Francis, New York;
N. T.
Frledberger. Sidney. NewYorfc^N. Y.
HaDei, stepnen r, snnui;i^ _i.A.
Harris, Lester G., Brooklyn. N.Y.
McGann, Richard J, New York, N.Y.
Nelson, Harvey Peter. Neenah. Wis.
Schestedt, John W.. Marlow, Okla.
Sweeney, Patrick. New York. N. Y.
Van Wart, J. Dnrand, Osslngr, N.Y.
VVesslond. Chester C-, Paiton, IIIWcodvard,
Wesley AL, Hannibal. Mo
Gallagan, Wilbur T.. Logan sport, Ind.
Longhnrst. Sidney H? "Waco, Tex.
[ Shabshelowitz, Abraham, Brooklyn,
N. Y.
Goldstlen. William. Chicago, HL_
McCray. Willis E.. Chicago, HI..
Wojclechowski. Joseph. Terryville. C.
Klemm. Joseph H? Brooklyn. N.Y.
Pettit, Wll H.. Dawson Sorlngs. Ky.
Shaffer. Roller, Clearfield, Pa.
Briars', Lawrence P.. North Collins, N.
Anderson. Erhard A., Minneapolis. ?
Arndt, Henry. Milton Juct.. Wis.
Bianco, Mathew, Brooklyn, N. T.
t.?1, Te.flnm New York. N.Y.
ns^uvu, *ow?.v. ?? ?
Breesier, Walter V.. Brooklyn. N-Y.
F.rowne. James J.. Brooklyn. N.Y.
Cacclotti, Cimone, Rockaway Beach,
N. T.
Carvo. Joseph Harry. Wapatc. Wash.
Cathcart, Henrv. Franklin, Ga.
Coif, Charles Elmer. Canadlaogna,
N. T.
Coney. George T.. Duryea. Fa.
Connor, Francis Patrick, Brooklyn, N.
Cordi, Cosimo. Brooklyn. N.Y.
Desvaux. Victor. Wyaconda, Mo,
Dooley, James I. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Ldneyl, Orin. M. Rochester, M.H.
Eunis. James, Philadelphia. Pa
I Elliott Mathew J. Forge "Village. Masr
Fami,.Christian. Nevada. Iowa.
, Franz, Henry C... St Louis, Mo.
t Halbert, John L. St. Louis, Mo.
! Hansen, Luther H., Alhambrs. 111.
I iHartman, George A., St Louis Mo.
Hawkins. George B.. French Lick, Ind
. Harris. Jim. Ama, Miss.
I burgh. Pa.
Holewioski, Bronislaw, S. S... PittsAplerin,
Charles, New York, N.Y.
Amborski, Walter, Otis, Ind.
I Barnett, Price, Quicksand, Ky.
I ~
t A Stubborn Cough j
t Loosens Right Up *
t . t
' * i
i T Thh home-mstie remedy lea wonder A
S 'or quick rwnlts. Kaslly and a
ly cheaply made. 4.
* !< * 11K I1 t- * * * *< *
Here is a home-made syrup which millions
of people have found to bethe most
dependable means of breaking up stubborn
coughs. It is cheap and simple^ but
very prompt in action. Under its healing,
soothing influence, chest soreness
goes, phlegm loosens, breathing becomes
Kmof efflna anA -TflH
(licit IAXIK *** " ?!;? <
pet a Rood m<rlit"s restful sleep. The
usual throat and chest colds are ^conquered
by it in 24 hours or less. Nothing
better for bronchitis, hoarseness,
croup, whooping cough, bronchial asthma
or -winter coughs.
To make this splendid ctmph syrup,
pour 21; ounces of Pinex into a pint
bottle and fill the bottle with -plain
granulated sugar syrup and shake
thorouphly. Ii you "prefer, use clarified
molasses, honey, or corn syrup,
instead of sugar syrup. Dither way, ]
you get a full pint?a family supply?
of much better cough syrup than.you
could buy ready-made for three times
the money. Keeps -perfectly ana chil- j
dren love its pleasant taste.
Pines is a special- and highly concentrated
compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, known the world over for
its prompt healing effect upon the membranes.
To avoid disappointment ask your
druggist for "2^4 ounces of Pinex" -with
full directions, and- don't accept any- ;
thing else. Guaranteed to giv? absolute
satisfaction or monev-promptly refunded.
| The Pinex Co^ Ft. Wavne- In/L
i . - . - ~
Foods well prepared!
man, as we serve then
healthy and in good
believe this adage, tr.
i. W. Boyer'
223 MAD]
f GtOkmay, Ixw*n dL Comstock. Nebc.
tdCIK^n. Pr.1T -V TMiwin. TTt
[ Harper, SottiwI T-. Brisbin. Pa.
Henry, Arthur Gay. Onahberaburgh.
Hogs, Joseph. Bradley Beach. NX
Howard. Edward J, "Waterbury, Conn.
Hyland William R-, North Tonawanda
N- T.
Jo be, Samuel W? Ada, Okh.
Johnson. Alfred. Milwaukee. Wis.
Johnson Sever. St. Paul. Minn.
Lenahan, George. New York, N-YLichtennan,
Leon Leroy. St Loots, Mo
Lynch. Albert J-, Brooklyn. N.Y.
Morton Harris Gordon, Colombia. Ten.
O'Brien. John. Do Gaff, Minn.
Petrlni. Loos. Geneseo, HI.
Phillips Thomas. EL. Broklyn, N.Y.
Putnam, Elmer D-. Denvgr. Colo.
Putnahm, Elmer D.. Denver, Colo.
Putz, Prank W. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Rowse, John 'William. Shenandoah, Pa.
Severa, John. Chicago, HL
Smpson John Wnhoit Ky.
Stallman, Edward F? Chester, HI.
Sulinskl, Adam Edward. Temperance,
Swartz Henry, Detroit Mich.
Teas on. Ieonard, W. Palos Park, HL
Abromvic. Stanley. Dubois, Pa.
Back, Charles, Rock&way Beach. N.Y.
Baler Frederick J., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Banm. Herman, Pittsburg, Pa.
Beyer, Joseph William Brooklyn, N.Y.
Breward, Joseph, Scranton. Pa.
Brunlng, Carl F. Freda, N. Dak.
Cherlno. Michael, Italy.
Craig, Leslie R, Lansdowne, Pa.
Deaklns, John L, Jamestown, Mo.
Fitzsimmons. James, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Glglio. Frank, Brooklyn N.Y.
Golvash. George, Pittsburgh. PaGreen,
Raymond J, Chicago, HL
Grlgshy, Earl G., Brchwood. Wis.
Havey. Peter W.. Liberty, N. Y.
Herr. Maurice John. Pittsburgh, Pa.
diuebsch, Erwin. Chicago, 111.
Jensen, Chester, Concord. Xebr.
Jezorski, Frank, Detroit. Mich.
Keeler. Fred Malcome, Forty Fort. Pa.
Kidd, 'William. McCausey, Wis.
Lander, Harry, Ludlow, Mass.
Logan, John. B., Lowell, Mass.
Louden, Edward, Greenwich, Conn
McGuIre, Daniel, Francis, TJtlca, N.YMarek,
Auton, Cleveland, Ohio.
Morrison, Thomas H.. Weston, W. Va.
Nash, James F? Brooklyn, N.Y.
Xeal, James F? Brooklyn, X. Y.
Xeal, Ruel. I,? Roy. HI.
Nichols, Ben, Bellevernon, Pa.
Pellegrini, John, Costa Per Alonae,
Well, here Is your opportunity. I
am going to give away, daring the
next ten days, two htousand packages
of Gauss Combined Treatment to
those who need it, and if yon want
i relief, sign the coupon at the foot of
this notice, and the free package will
be forwarded to yon at once by parcels
' I want to prove to yon that Gauss
Combined Treatment will relieve
i your catarrh. The method Is effec- J
tive, because It strikes at the root of
the trouble and gives permanent relief
by removing the canse. This is
the only correct way to treat catarrh.
! on#? if vnn want oniele and lasting re
salts, send at once tor the tree package.
Fill out the coapoa below and
package will be sent to yon by return
This coupon is good for a package#
TREATMENT, sent free
by mail. Simply fill it your name
and address on dotted lines below,
i and mail to C. E. GAUSS, 5786
I TWaln St. <TWnrqh?11< |
suiting the appetite of
a -will always keep you
spirits. If you don't
y them.
s Restaurant
SwedfflL ,
Btnlginski, CMrago, HL ?
SamvBH. George F, Brooklyn. N. T.
Totzaner, "William, Kf"*** City Mo.
Welz. Malhew C_ Boffalo. N. Y.
Wiimeitl. Adam. Prank. Detroit, Mich.
Yates. Frank L. Boner, Mo.
Johnson, wnn.m l, Betterndorf. Iowa
JungenbeiK. William T? KUbocrn.
Klaas, Fred. Moont Pleasant. Fa.
Krenek, Joseph. Chicago. HL
Ladd, Wyman L, East Boston. Haas.
Leo? Sal New York. N. Y.
Lewandowskl, Stanley, Detroit, Mich.
Lipscomb. Wallace I*. Knobnoster, Mo
Maclontek. Boleslaw. Chicago, HL
Malone, Noah D- Elrod, Ala.
Mansperger, Harrison Mansperger.
Lewistown, Me.
MlUer, Voyt, R., Williams, Aria.
Morro, Antino, Beading, Pa.
Narvelle, Vernie, Greenfield. Ind.
Newman. Barney J. Norman. Okla.
Nicholson, Robert W-. Snmmit, NJ.
Noll, Walter Potts to "m. Pa.
NoTinsky. Phillip, Brooklyn, N-YOates.
Abrny W, North Creede, CoL
Ogle. Bennle W.. Jackson-mie, m.
People are easily frightened when
they think something Is the matter
?rat- AVaC_ T?? ? ?? Vaapf anil wall
W1U1 LUCU tuugo VI ilHMi, ..w
they may be; bat few people understand
the dangers of diseased kidneys.
These organs have a dnty of vital Importance
to perform, and If they are
diseased, there is no telling; how or
where the symptoms may appear. The
kidneys are filters, and when they are'
healthy they remove the poisons from
the blood and purify it. When the
kidneys are diseased, the poisons are
spread everywhere, and on of these
poisons Is uric acid. The uric add
is carried all through the system and
deposited In various places In the
form of urate salts?in the feet, ankles,
wrists and back?often forming
bags under the eyes. Sometimes the
resulting trouble is called rheumatism
lumbago, scaytica and backache. Finally,
come stone in the bladder, diabetes
and Bright's disease.
Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, N.Y., In recent
years, discovered that a certain
combination of remedies -would .dissolve
uric acid (urate salts) in the
system He found this combination to
be harmless, so that he made it up In
tablets, of double strength, and called
them Anttric Tablets. They dissolve
uric acid in the human system as hot
coffee dissolves sugar. If you have
uric acid troubles, don't delay in taking
Annric Tablets, which can be secured
in the drug stores. You can
write Dr. Pierce, too. and he will tell
you what to eat and how to live so
that more uric acid will not form in
your system. Dr. Blerce will not
charge for this advice.
Your Cou
if you <
^yiTjl' '^r
w^^'' ??Tyo^ iilHiSff^M
. : - t-:''+ -> r*' *'X
Pfcw?^ -PwiMiiUji.. K.T.
Boucher, William B- Brooklyn, N.T. _
Pritcfcaxd. Charlie A-, Elizabeth City.
Etaad. Wesley R_ John son burs; 3T. YTralner,
Arthnr W_. Philadelphia, Pa.
Red!can. Thomas R_ St. Paul, Minn.
Schlelsman. John W. Lldderdale. Iowa
Schre-bman. Louis. Philadelphia. Pa.
(Canttimad on page seven.)
Shoe Store
The best of Shoes for
Every Member of the j
We've Shoes for all j
feet and all require- j
merits I i
Good looking, dura- j
ble, comfortable and
stylish shoes for Men!
$4.00 to $8.00
Street or Dress Boots
la many choice models for
$3-50 to $9.00
Boys' and Girls' School "
and Dress Shoes.
$2.00 to $5.00
More Shoe Goodness here for
your money these days, than j
at any other store we know of!
^*32 0MAIN STT^*~ |
ie Adve
is Us to Pr<
ntry cannot afford f
can make your old <
tion is one of th<
Our 0<
f; . T-.^V. I
B-? ^y ?l> m
. JE^eUtf^EXlU^B
*n?pw> t? nhH ?n<j?i hot what to mn iwumJiAM
I ?0 to your entire satisfaction in both style and patti]
-Fashion could no possibly be more I
lavish with these Coats, which are Saw ,^j?j8
made of every fashionable fabric and
exqusitely trimmei- with luxurious I n
funs. Those women who want gar- M wjJJj 11?? |j
ments of striking beauty, perfect i /Mm ih.1 I
workmanship and beautiful mater- ^ /if' - M 11 | I
ials, will find wonderful opportuni- jj tu lLJ MU
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want at reasonable prices. 11^1 'I *" fill
Women's Coats $13.75 to $59.50; 11 1 I * B
Junior and Misses Coats, $12-50 to 111 I U B
$29.50; Children^ Coats, $2-50 to ^
I Saving If .<rroj?fFORTHESaving If
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I S [? *Wc
I ?mrnmm jp
IT TIRES ' .?||
Tubes, blow out patches, shaler vulcanizing "J |||
patches. Ford Mohair top, storm proof. Ford Has- 11
sler shock absorbers. Tire chains, weed cross chains P
We will ship to you. If you can't come, write. | lf^|
We deliver the goods. For good tires and tubes, justp r-jfH
phon j|g|
4 9|I
Fairmont Vulcanizing Co. 1
(The Orriginal Tire ?hop)
Phone 430 Fairmont, W. Ya. Jjj jJB
lit of Fall |p Jn
spare for Winter \ S
n Kflvft vnu buv new clothes
clothes last another season |H
re Wool I
e main duties of civilians M
eaning and: '
Service -JB
- ^^^s^SSbIbS
B5L-': yy -"^-. .^y

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