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fclpSie-organization of the boys of
^iMiliiii i litTnti to be known as "VicSp!$fbsy
Boys" has been perfected and
le leader* will at once begin to fort^'vnmlate
plans for effective work dur dJtg.
the United War work campaign
ggg^wltlcfer begins November 18. Levi B.
-Harr is chairman of the organization
Eg and Mrs. Carl Tost Is secretary. Hea4jge
-jqoarters have been established on
street in the offices of Mr. Harr.
p^SHe: following ward chairmen have'
KgsjSj? ' pixwtA-'W. A. Hostead.
^ ^v '^Second?W. H. Barns.
|Sg^r"j>Thfrd?rlVank S. White.
iP^irviflrointh?A. P. Jones.
gViyv ' v?5Mth^-A. P. Jones.
SEifli 'SSWh?W. E. Buckley.
following are chairmen for the
K.'ijr' '- district and community of the counzSStjsr;
Herv. T. B Xawler. O. C. Ternant,
;v A_"L. Thomsa, L. S. Schwenk. D. A.
BfUlioA Miss Toyie Hupp, Price Smith,
AJ Shackelford and F. L. Harris, j
rofe^ara banner will be placed at ;
eadaharters soon and this will des- ;
r- , igzrate from wher the work of the j
boys will be directed. I
Taken to Hospital. j
.Satterfield Fabian, of Camden ave- j
nue, was taken to the Emergency 1
|fV.- hospital at Fairmont Wednesday. Mr.
^^ 'vT-Habtan ha sa very serious attack of
~ Hied of Influenza.
"Amelia.1 the little one year old
daughter o f Jenero Straw face, of Xo.
3. died Wednesday afternoon of in'
fluenza.. She was sick about three J
g?;:",.-weeks. The funeral will take place j
: To Emergency Hospital.
Mike Bosnlck, of Mine Xo. 63.
gyV.was taken to the Emergency hospital
- .:" at-.- Fairmont Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Lindsay. welfare nurse for the
^Consolidation Coal company, accoml
panted her to the hospital.
S^k"; -Miss Ottis Janes, who has had a
S^-jssvere attack of inlluenza at her home
inlBrookdale for the past we:-k. still
IrFTlT^TT*^ Tciy xxx. acx stoici ^uai0?.''
. . ???
Mrs. M. E. Fleming and daughter
Efldred and Mrs. Layman, of Fairtont,
were business callers in town
. Mrs. Clyde Gaston, of Fairmont,
as visiting her mother. Mrs. J. A.
ratifies, of Main street. Wednesday..
"Mrs. Henry Mauler and daughter
ncGe were business callers in FairMrs.
Thomas Esketh was shopping.
Tony Cirmo has gone to Camp Eusee.
wehre he will be in the band of
Miss Mildred Barrett .of Clarksrrg
-was a caller in town WednesMiss
Rufh Crayton was calling on
Lee Ni Satterficld was in Fairmont
SOts Doris Peppers was casing on
g consiTi.. .Miss Irene Holbert in
-Steven Ashby was a business caller
David Mclntire was a business call
in Everson Wednesday.
George Peddicord. of Fairmont,
its a caller in town yesterday. (
CFrench Collins was a caller at
Catheryn Gwyn, little daughter of
r ^and. Mrs. Clyde Satterfleld. who
is been ill at their home in BrookJ.
W. Orr and daughter Alma are
For the Farmers
For the purpose of providing the
pEoer&'of Marion county with seed
tatoes. Attorney David A. Ritchie, of
ife-cRy, has had a carload of potarjve
on "November 8th or later. They
B * flne grade of tubers and inasach
as seed potatoes are rather
arcs this will he an oportunity for
?U?L uauieia UL UI? iuuiiu.
r. Ritchie has harvested 2500 bush'
s of.potatoes at the Fairmont Farms.
gi'Ulysaes,. Potter county. Pa., and a
SgSeebnd carload of potatoes will be
BE|j|ifaBbiigit here and sold to patrons at
KSSaaoiiaSlo prices for home use. Sir.
L^ttcMe Is at Ulysses and last week
gjjth&an .the work of loading the two
i , ->i"
:?. j^Under the direction of "W. E. BnckBgavyarfacl-oal
of the Batcher school a
BfriuiiTiiir of local school teachers are
^MHriattsg'the local draft board in secnr
lng from questionnaires information
gqpxfted at crnce by, the United States
WKSjenanggt. The work is being done
MejgtfceiTOoms'ot the Chamber of Comtnerce.
Those who worked yesterday
|BpS|?ecarfcig the -data-were "W. E. BuckKieg&Mlss.
Blanche Henry, Miss May
Mrs. Nellie Manley Abbott
isses Beryl Morgan, Lola Jones,
jffijaHiurtead and Jessie Snider.
bbnmtother overseas .
Ullle Conley, of this city has
BpSst received word that her brother.
^gSrgeant, a. F. Runham. has arrived
^ Preston connty buckwheat, home J
1??i >* -
loose "ttJ" T&ey ~aom occupy this
I. ' ' =nl
| Evening Chat
L !
Ail .automobile full of complete recovered
"tin" Emergency Hospital
children stoped for a moment before
the Jacob's Building yesterday an*
every child's face -wore a smile'wh'ch
nothing could erase. Such a happy lot
of youngsters I never saw. They were
on the way home and were feeling Just
fine. Several women who were on
ease safe and sound, does make one's
the entrance to the Jacob's Building
remarked: "Doesn't It do your heart
good to see them!"* Indeed it did!
To know that so many of the little
children have come through the diseaose
safe and sound, does make one's
nean reel giaa. it naj oeeu a. gicu |
blessing that this time the chiMren
have not been affected as have been
the older people. The children are
needed?every blessed one of thml
I listened to one of the drivers cf
an auto truck who has been on the
job continually be lore the Jacob's
Building in the interest of the Emergency
Influenza Hospital this last
week as he talked over the telephone. |
He said he wished to postpone again
his engagement with the dentist. 11
heard bint remark later that he had j
postponed that engagement Just five J
times because he felt he could d.ii j
be spared. Surely?when one does j
these sort of things, one's heart is in
the right place.
I talked to a small soldier today who
owns a khaki suit for the first time, i
He was Just about the proudest lad
in all Fairmont He walked Just like
one of Eugene Field's toy tin soldier;
?much as though a broom handle
had been run up his back to keep it
straight. At first I paid no attention
to him because I was thinking of
other things,?but soon I became
aware of a persistent overshadowing
of my thought and I glanced up to
see this mite of a man trying hard to
mt- attention. He held his
chin -well in and his chest -well oat
and with a couple of extremely short
legs taking large pieces out of the
room space, I smiled in spite of one
or two gloomy speculations which'
together with the rain were fencing
me away from a more pleasant passing
of time..
"Come here to me!** I called The
wee boy came swiftly, stood at attenshone
gloriously as he removed his
cap. "Do you know what I think?" 1
remarked seriously to him. "I think
somebody should go immediately and
buy a large bag of candy for a boy as
fine looking as you!" And what do you
you imagine this youngster replied'
He said: "I'm not buying candy now
?I'm buying thrift stamps. You can
buy me one. I'll let you!" And I did.
Grocery mid meat prices about the
city are.beginning to vary again and
housewives are growing discouraged.
Steak it fifty cents a pound on Main
street and boiled ham seventy cents
10 men. Willi pay $4-50 for:
| 8 hours. Time and half for
I overtime.
Apply at Plant,
or J. J. Callahan, SuptRoush
House after 6:30 p m.
. _ ^ ^ ^ _ _
rj*'- - ?
I|||?g( BEAD KB
J ......
I neer to auena iue ouitc buuv?uvuu.
I meeting in Wheeling in December
j and his family will then accompany
! him south to spend the winter, probi
ably in Tennessee.
| _
! Children Cry
^ ?"v"" [
-sfewes?ul i vjiuu ! i m,c
. - ?f w .
. i > * . y
a pound. Oysters are selling IIj:
eighty sents a quart. Apples are sell
ing for seven cents a pound, on display
in baskets in one of the win
dows?or about $2.50 a bushel. Far
Twftrtt >wto hflpn Rellinr them on the
| street for from $1.25 and $1.60 a bush
j el. Onr store sells them at nine cent-i
a ponnd or did a few days ago.
[ The only article I know that hasn't
. raised in price is Baker's cocpa which
[ is still selling for twenty five cents
a can. Canned goods this wintet
; will be at least twenty-lie cents each
with canned fruit about ten cents
'higher than that. Preserves sell now
for around forty cents a glass. Ap
pie batter sells for fifty cents a jar
and honey which we got last win'
| ter for twenty-five cents sells now fo:
I forty-five cents. And so it goes. Nothing
is cheap.. We've all got troubles!
i But it might be worse!
Here on Visit.
Mrs. E. R. Parker and little daughter,
Mary Betty, who have been
I spending the summer at Mt. Lake
I Park. Md., arrived here yesterday and
are the guests for several weeks oi
| the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Ward, on Watson avenue Mr.
j Parker accompanied them here and
1 left today for a southern business
i trip of several weeks. He will return
: Getting Records lor
The Soldier Boys
Effort.- ere being trade all oror t'
' country this week to procure a sup'
Ply Qf p'aonograbp records lor thsammies
across the sea. They wilt
' | be placed on machines at the -various
1 soldiers huts and assit in entertaining
1 the soldiers.
Everybody is urged to donate a reci
ord and they are to be left at the
House Music Store on Main street.
. The campaign is being waged in Ea'r.
mont under the direction of Miss
. Venita Dudgeon, supervisor of music
in the public schools of the city.
Helps Son!
; j "My son had inflamation of bowel.
and was greatly bloated (with gass.
j After giving him Alder-i-ka he is com
pletely CURED. Doctors did him n
: -t " /C;.r.o,n H.T Font:
! and. Ind.
Adler-i-ka expels ALL gas and sour
. j ness. stopping stomach distress IN"
! STANTLY. Etrmie? 30TH uppe.I
and lover bowel, flushing ENTER:-,
j alimentary canal. Removes ALL feu:
I matter which poisons system. Oitc.:
j CURES constipation. Prevents appendicitis.
We have sold Aldcr-i-ka
many years. It is a mixture of buck
thorn, car care, glycerine and nine
other simple drags. Martin's Drug
WIFE, AMD EM6tf[EgS-j jfl
or I s. O
'Ji rv 7 r A
X* / \ \ ^J^HQkv A
HKfl^y j / Qn B
1 r -
put tow weeks are- now thought to J
be impimlug.
. Mr*. M. at Lawson was calling on 1
her son Arthur Layman, last week.
Miss Actle Kuzam baa beta ill with
a cold tor the past tew days.
T. B. Hall and daughter. Hiss Belle
were visiting relatives in Fairmont
Sunday last.
Bent and Roltie Hawkins and Junior
Sigler were calling at >'. L Hawkins*
Sunday afternoon last
Mrs. Mary Nuzum has spent the
- '
last few days at Her aaugmers jujj.
Ola Moore, of Fairmont.
A Tote for the .Republican candidate
is a vote for the unconditional
surrender of the Kaiser.
Home Baked Pics and Pas trie? j
Boyers Restaurant. Advt. j
II It's Matei
That C
? ?. ct tnppmmhmlm,
jj "Ihe American /
? -9 *
horses While era
From the First Cc
j Candida
c I
\ One thousand rea:
FIRST: He has sto<
QFrOND- Hp Kas :
S >? X ? ?? ~
THIRD? He has s
1 For the other 997, z
business in Washingtor
PlffifTl ( THRBS* 1
I I.! ] \? At? WW, ANt>
lr if j I Al? DAUSHTS*?
I Ij I 'BEUlNl
jsjhI. Jtnet R^Tncker. of Rich wood,
had died of -wounds received while
firhttag aronnd Chateau. Thierry In
France. He is the tided Nicholas
county boy to give up his life on the
Aemrican front.
Home baked pies and Fasfcrles.
Boyers Restaurant. Arrt
- '
I Fairmont Transfer Co. I
All kinds ot ha allng -don? I
promptly and care folly House- I
aold goods a specialty. Also long I
distance moving. I
Phone 517.
* i
rial Worl
!?imt in a 5
If the material is p
ship amounts to lit
good workmanship
i terial money can bi
\ isfactory garment?
Fashion F
" * -A V J. __
Uomome uie two ai
to-wear clothing: of
Look for the Knppi
}eople have too nine
ssing the stream" .
fi NEE
>ngressional District
te For Resons
why Major Neely sh
sd by the President; therefi
stood by the Country; andtood
by the Boys in the Ti
r '1 _ C:
isk any one ironi uic * uai
u '
THERE ARB | fig \ . WT VC*
'ALmrtg 1| jl / TW n.
Mil a
JBHk i L m Km qJ miflf
<> A f If " "
I Room .23 Home Savings Bank B
Phone 395.
Imperial Creamery Batter.
Sweet Cream
Pasturlzed MIDc Per-Qt.X&cfl
Batter Ifttlk Per Gal. - "
Cottage Cheese Per Ft]J|( |H;
A Deposit of 6c
smanshiji H
hiit or 9
rcoats III
oor, superior workman-^|S
tie* Vica Versa, If tbe^^H
is lacking, the best nta| J
ay won't produce a sat-1;.
' -t ..y
leimer and 9
'ark Clothes |i
II 1
id the result is a ready >J|
the very highest quality.'
enhimer or Fashion 1*^
_ ^
y( ytytytyf^
12fc- !
h sense to swap \ |||
?Abraham Lincoln } g
'I Y S
of West Virgin& ^ ijj
Election | jJ
'- -S
.* - TxS -'X
ould be re-elected to jpj|g
- 2flfl
cnclics* *District
who has had S
PHT g vS? i/gjfjjfjl;
*?ou ni AHKEgH
gas? g 0M
LJJ, I |j

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