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4 Mrs. Ibigaret Hayes, who has
spent some time with her snot, Mrs.
m Stewart, in Water street, will leave
IHh CTssrfag^for^ Camp ^Lee. to
Victor Xocss, of Grafton, was In
jjpke city today for the funeral of Karl
?-^glDlsmv ^ Mttle^son ^of^ Mr. and Mrs.
fs-'- CbuMb Elekes, of Barradcville,
and Ah ram Satterfield, of Kiresville,
are new patients admitted to the
y. . Kainnont hospital for treatment for
J - Injuries received in the mines.
i K. E. Kerns, of the firm of Kerns &
m Harris, is ill at his home in Diamond
a#. mm rmwac btaiiio
I Mrs. Frank Reeves and little son.
I of Baltimore, are guests of J. W.
I Reeves and daughter. Miss Alta, in
ft-^Mor&mtown avenue. Mrs. Reeves';
njBusband, who accompanied them
habere, went to Charleston on Tuesday j
B letter From Son.
J. W. Reeves Is In receipt of a let
ter from his son, Roscoe Reeves, in
BsFrAnce, in which he gives a more
B^copiplete description of his location
Kmd work than in any of his former
r 'eltters- Be states that he is enjoying
Bthe best of health and likes his work
very much.
B. Mrs. Wayne Carpenter, who is ill
I at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
I Ford, is Improving,
ft Joseph Carpenter, who has been
^^Indisposed for the past several days,
His better.
if . MTS./F. I*. Davis, of Ferry street,
E.' has been very ill for several days,
fti- - John Wagner, little son of Mr. and
ft Mrs. F. E. Wagner, In Reeves avenue,
I is ill with inflnenza.
Mrs. Jennie Levelle. of Toleda, O.,
r hag retained from Mt. Lake Park,
ft where she visited her brother, J. W.
May, and. is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
f- John D. Cox in Morgan town avenue.
Mrs. R- J. Miller, of State street, is
ft recovering from an attack of iailu
Mrs. J. C. Stealey and children, of
BtJState street, who have been very ill,
rare all improving.
H HUNTINGTON. W. Va., Oct. 31.?
w j&uiuuivuiica cw171115 aaiuiuiu, i\j.,
I High school boys in this city to call
p upon Huntington High school girls
Kivwere omelertes on wheels after the
ralocal High school feudists had assailm
led them. Jealousy of the local stu5?
dents resulted in -their bombarding
K; the machines with eggs at 65 cents a
k? dozen. Three crates were used and a
rtofecall was-sent to- police hetdquarF
?' -HUNTINGTON. XV. Va.. Oct. 31.-rV
That women are better apple pickers
than men was demonstrated at the
I orchard of Capt. D. A. Allen in this I
I county. When the appeal for pickers ]
I went out. among those who respondL*
ed were three women teachers from
jjj| Morris Harvey college. Barboursville.
F* They picked so n.any apples that
thcy.were paid at a higher rate than
the inert. who admitted their inferior- j
Isa Green's Recovery Proves
There Is Hope for Many
of the best physicians in Terre
laid he could not save me, as
[3 were too far gone. Another
ua. treated me for three months
in gave me np. Then I had
iry bad hemmorrhages and -was
akin, and bones. My lungs
me all the time- Every time
ed it nearly killed me. I com ?Hiir
Milks Emulsion in
L906. My appetite Improved,
an eos left my lungs and I comto
gain in flesh and strength
My face soon lost that hagk.
I now weight 159% pounds,
th is flne, and I am as strong
X owe my life to Milks Emnl
f elon."?Molly Green, 608 S. zna. st
? Tdrre Saute, Ind.
Sj". It is not claimed that all cases of
lr ' consumption are curable, but Milks
Wntfitea has brought health In many
1 so-oalled hopeless cases., it can do no
M ' harm and costs nothing to try at the
\ , "Milks Bmnlsion is a pleasant, nu~
-trittTe food and a corrective medl5
cine. It restores healthy, nutral bowr
el action, doing away with all need of
r pfils tad physics. It promotes appei
tit* and quickly pats the dlgeetlvo
i organs tn shape to assimilate food,
v 4s a bnlldsr of flash and strength.
PnulsVm Is strongly recom*
J msniUd to rusrdown nervous people,
ppH it lias prodttced amarlng results
HglSi. mpay cases of tuberculosis of the
Chronle stomach trouble and
are promptly relieved?
i&Mata flii onlv Solid emulsion made.
B*-Snd" so It is eaten with
K?a^?Bo?i like
WtaBdtrful medicine for weii, sickly
I Mo matter bow severe your case,
[ -you m urged to - try Milks Emulsion
under this guarantee?Take six bot[M|
])oa* with you. use It according
Bm dirtetfons and If not satisfied with
J the molts, your money will be prom
ptly TSfundsd. Price 60c and J1.20 per
bottk lis MfOcs Emulsion Co, Ter^
rt Hsuts. Sold and guaranteed
1 * ** "* * ' " ' *
Otr^Df ftbont two f W<w?? of
Mr. and Mr*. J. M. Holmes. of Noiv
wood spent Sunday with the tmOf
of Itek Darts.
EL A. Pitcher w?g caEfng npon X
W. Bxown at JFbite Bode Thursday
ollast week.
Floyd EL Linn, of Banners Ridge
was calling on. EL L. Harris on Friday
Mrs. X L. Prickett has been spending
a few days with her daughter at
Morgantown, who is very side.
Mr. and Mrs. X X -Harris was Tislt1
lng Mr. and Mrs. Boaz Huffman near
iSrnlthtown Sunday.
I Mr. and Mrs. Clayte MerriQeld and
I children, of Norwood was visiting the
I family of EL EL Harris Sunday.
L. M. Harris, we learn, is quite sick
[ with Influenza.
j Mr. and Mrs. Albert Curry and two
daughters, of Norwood spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Elihn Curry at
this place.
Mrs. Charles Costello who >aa been
confined to her home with typhoid
fever we are glad to learn, la able
to be oat again.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Harris and daughter,
Ruth and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Harris motored to Morgzntown
and Laurel Point Sunday.
Miss Beatrice Devault, of Smithtown.
was visiting relatives at this
place recently.
Messers Eva and Mary Pitcher
were calling on their brother. L. P.
Pitcher near Morgantown, Sunday afternoon.
A vpte for the Repnhlican candia (.
r. n We. tor the unconditional
surrender of the Kaiser.
| Preston count? buckwheat, home
.' style, for breakfast each morning.
Bovers Restaurant.?Adv.
Und Ending!
..... ./garment
your opportunity to d
i ) $1.C0 a week are the <
| :
&- ca:
I My ?
1 m - Jks
!8 VA \ i K3
vv I I T1U5
|M IS-A / bea
8 Url / 101
Warn Winter C
? far Children a
p Other Kiddie:
(SI Soma special Tallies here.
Mg them appeal to all Thrifty- Mot
I Coats of Velvetteen at
bore smart little belts across tl
pretty flares to the sldrt, hare
1st and cults for trimmed and b
bottoms. Good colors and very gi
Its Sire* to 14.
Men's and Boy
All the new styln for yon !
The latest model 'military In
casslmere and worsted, also otl
els. Well tailored. Made for
well aa style.
Boys' suits $450 up to
Mens* Suits $18.00 to
Buy now H
, Pay 1 '
- -^^SB5B^|809B?6^35P585BJ'
- ? *, 1
rnnn Wag* TWO)
, s
'Schweflcart. John. E, Pittsborgh. Pa.
Sebastian. George E. Chicago, HL
Shalarh. ATfnrml. Russia.
SOrestri. Joseph. Brooklyn. X. Y.
Smley, Everett, Clinton, Mason, Mich.
Snyder William H., Torrtngtpn. Cons.
Staggs, Rnlas Henry, Blanchard, Okla.
Stefani. Quintflla. Seattle, Wash.
Steinhrnger, Henry R, Franklin. Nebr.
Sumner, George, Waltham, Mass.
Voelker, Alphosss. Near York. X. Y.
VoUbraght, Aaron, Wltcha. Kan
Walsh. Andrew P.. Chicago, 111. i
Weisgerber. Ralph H.. St. Peter, Mins.
DhHUn 7. V V
" ViiUVii, * ""My X.
Zto, Jobs Joseph. Stapleton, $?.Y.
Died of Wounds Received In Action.
Regan, Gerald, Duryea, Pa.
Hartzell, Phillip W., Carthage. HI.
Wounded In Action (degree undetermined).
Clark. Jesse. RIchvHIe. Utah.
Killed in Action Previously Reported
Severely Wounded.
Otten, Papl A.. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Died of Wounds Received in Action,
Previously Reported Severely
Ommundsen. Abraham L-, Brooklyn,
N. Y.
Wounded in Action (degree undetermined),
Previously Reported Missing.
Wilson. Robert D. A, Bakersfield. Cal.
Present for Duty, Previously Reported
Smith, Peter S? Shawnee, Kans.
O'Connor. Joseph M- Denver, Colo.
The casualty list printed in the
newspapers of this morning showed:
Killed inaction, 30; ded of wounds,
ling i iiur
?ov. 2, We Will In;
Ever Attempte
will have a special price tag 01
ress up in the hight of fashion
iasy payments.
Special \
Every dress in the store will
f +>11 c txTPolr nnlv T>rp?;sps: mat
ine, georgette, serge and satin
I dresses aie ideal for the pre1
r all occasions where a simple
ials are featured added in beaul
lich are most assuredly correc
.rner Values $18.06. $20J
iw Priced $13.90, $16.3
Special !
Wo need room for other goods and to'
ated articles when most needed, we hav
biggest bargain they hare ever had. 1
season, up-to-date in every respect, mid
rou want a bargain, this is your opportnn
.tage of this opportunity to save $5.0 0
;lde the prices being so low, yoa don't hi
Installment system.
rices Reduced to $18.9
New Fal
A sale of more t
| most wanted fashion
minutes, offered at a
domt ot /
hm. women are planni]
$9 JO Fall and Winter weai
ho back. And the special
through the entire :
aart sty- less than today's whi
ments of such high qi
Mots than 75 dlstiw
9 tor your choice. The model
and best efforts ot the leai
known manufacturers of hlg
In styles and fabrics that sri:
Jr. Man. and misses of most exacting
ler mod- AH the new cloths, al
wear as and tl| variety.
I $14.80 Preces Especially fo:
I$35.00 $1&90, $19*50, $22.50
tal 401. J" .
West Virginians mentioned la the
morning list are: Died of disease?
Pvt. Clark James Lemmons, Homer,
Wounded gUgk'Jy?Prt James P. Ashham,
Prestoo; Pet. William H. GI1kerson.
Dry' Braach; Pvt. Everett
Starcher, Pradns.
Mssing In actios?Robert Colrtn, Little
I -V
Mine Rules R
Carried i
Room for over 400 s
Price Only
Fairmont 1
i , , .... , .
saay, uui
uiguarsie the Big
d in This City
i it. Every garment will be a s
to save money and buy on on
alues in
[ be marked at a special price
^ rv-P oawrrn CO'fin /?rono
Jo \JJ- C&X ^Vj vx VJVV
t ccziibinatioiL These practi7ailing
weather and suitable
dress is desired- New maty
fcy the simple straight lines
3, $22.00, $30.00, $35.00
0, $13.90, $22.50, $24.90
Bale on "
live up to onr policy of selling the most
e decided to give the people of this city
'hese suits are all the newest models of
e of fine material and very well tailored,
ity and onr advice is, that you take adand
up to $10.00 on your purchase and
ve pay all cash. Buy it on 'our wonderHI
?99 ?l ?91 QAIIn
V; f&feiVV) V|>
II Coals Nei
han 200 coats in the J
s and fabrics of the Tbe
time when so many materse
ag the purchase of # prices
mlcs for
-price quoted right Womer
issortmenf, average
vlosala nn<zf. fnr car
oality. . 53^0> 5
rHve and boantlfa] styles V
s represent the very latest 1
ling designers ot the well '
h class apparel. They are .
B at once appeal to women ,
taste. style wal
tab sfflc, j
1 the new colon, an slses new style
prettily t
: This Sale. ?14.90, Pria
J4S. $3.
- ~ _ *- ?? *....
Bufffy," FW'**' _ , . t
MR8' SeCTBtarr j
Tnuaftr and lwnlfrg doa? promptly
and careluHy. Call ptoni
Thomas Caruso.
991 lf?Mrftlh fifPMf.
(gear of Point Borne) | j
eceipt Ms I
in Stock
ignatures in each book.
i ,
75c Each
5rintine &
big Co. |
gesf: ^ of |
?*> '?
' >
i " wis !
it easy ?,i? . Only 1
* :
a- 5?
- ' ?
w Auturiinf
Millinery |b
smartest models from the best &
i the country la * wide range
provide real millinery econo- jK
i and Misses dimmed g
lady-to-Wear Hats g
am Sim S5.50. $5.90 S
sdal assortment of the newest S
sts made of crepe de. chine. S|
georgette and organdies In the S3
s of the season. Large collars, ffl
rimmed and embroidered. fg
id at 95c, $L89, $238, S
37 and np ta $530
| -We I
K TSwi* ' J
?' i
I>OST?$2tl reward will lie ptld tor
return of pair of field classes left
on seat of Monongabela Train. Oct. 17.
Address 124 Fairmont Ave. 10-244f
field at watson. light brown cow. last
saw coming toward Fairmont. Finder
please notify the "West, Virginian.
irer/p WANTum MTT/E
WANTED?Carpenters. 70c per boor
8-hour day. Time and half for over
time. Double time on Sund-ys.
WANTED?Laborers. 40c per hour
8-hour day. Time and half for
over time. Doubel time Sundays. Apply
Fraine Bros. & Haighley. Wheel
a a J
and Axle ?>nop, near s. e u. nwui
boose. Phone 572-R. 10-4-tf-4537
November 4 for an. energetic man -who
has the ability to collect and sell. Xo
limit to salary. Apply Box Xo. 4645
West Virginian Office.
MEN WANTED?Mechanical workers.
machine operators and general
work. Helmick Foundry Machine Co.,
Sth street and Belt Une. Fairmont. W.
Va ?-2g-tf-4495
WANTED ? Experienced tobacco
strippers. Pay union wages. Apply
J. S. Haggerty Co, corner Newton and
Diamond Sts. 10-26-tf-4631
FOR^SaLE ?" House^adToC coiner
second St. and Walnut Ave. For
farther information call on, or address
J. H. Stanley, Monongah, W. Va.. R.
R. No. 4. ^ 10-26-61-1636
a euvnHj nr&wrpn
xxvrmi AM f? MI - - - - AGENT?^WANTEB^?TTo~|7w^a5iy
selling new Fibre rooms, every woman
will buy. Sample by parcel post,
75c. Wynne Broom Co., Elmira. N.Y.
By virtue of a decree of the Intermediate
Court of Marion county. West
Virginia, entered on the first day of
February, I91S, in the chancery cause
of Thomas T. Morrison and John Robbins,
partners, etc., against Kick Cataleno.
Francesco Quindim et aL I will,
as Special Commissioner, sell at public
auction, at the front door of the
Court House of said county on SAT- .
URDAY. NOVEMBER 9TH 1918. beginning
at two o'clock p. m, the following
described real estate: Lots
Sumbers 7. 8 and 9 in Block "M" of
the Sycamore addition to the city ot
Mannington. Marion county. West Virginia,
a plat of which said addition is
of record in the Clerk's office of said
Marion county in Deed Book No. 208
at page 423, on which said lots there
is located a substantial cottage dwelling
house; being the same real estate
which was conveyed by the Sycamore
Land company to Francesco Quindim
by deed dated January 11th, 1915, and
recorded in said Clerk's office in Deed
Book No. 201 at page 325.
Terms of Sale.
One-third part thereof, or as much
more as the purchaser may elect to
pay, cash in hand on day of sale, with
remainder in two equal annual installments,
-with interest, payable in one
and two years respectively, after date
of sale, the purchaser being required
to give personal security for the payment
of said obligations, to be approved
by the undersigned Special
Commissioner, and as additional security
& vendor's lien will be retained
in the deed conveying said property to
the purchaser. - '
Special Commissioner.
I, Clarence Currey. Clerk of the Intermediate
Court of Marion county.
West Virginia, do certify that Mar- I
shall W. Ogden. Special_Commissioner.
has executed bond as required by !
said decree of sale in the above de- ]
scribed cause.
CuKRf,i, 10-17-24-31-11-7
Children Cry
U" ' ' 1
Chicago Mercha
The National War Savings Cc
ganizatlon has issued the followln
Chicago Merchant:
The way for an Indlvldai
: to get along is to work and si
! normal times, how much more
the present. Saving by even
winning of this war as is thi
than that, the mobilizing of a
military step is not acoompaii
sense savlnsroC the nation.
Start a Savings Account Wit
1? np
rAirmnnt l.v*u
Phone 270. 1 TV 'It J0t&S
WANTED?GhA to .ilu _aj?1HEWJ
, M - - ?? -.c*' ''?tjfiM(3d M
wOTK. JIKpHTu 29S JmKtm . C*<^ , .
./ ?njif frill
WANTED ? Girt tor mamataioJ
work. Apply Sooth Side nna??.
Wanted ? Competwr woman -wy'.i
general house work. 27.00 ner.weefcijal
Apply Mrs. M. M. Neely, 225 Watson- 1
Are. Phone 285. TOTt'WQOi^Q
WANTED?Exparjenced wattmaraMOiaB
young max- to learn Coated--<j
waiting. Address Box Utt fiiaPiiw
West irglniim 104MC.IMJ9
v muu ;v-i
FOR SAUE^-Ctsh' raster *a?3SSj|
Ice boxes, one large, one smaB.vJMjg?S
dress Box 4547 West "VlrghdMA^^^?
For sale?Lot of second hand taste
plates such as 1-8 inch thick In different
lengths from 8 ft to 16 ft. which,
will do for coal chutes. Also larger
quantity of 12 and 10 Inch ralhUsoBB
ready for prompt shipment. Tri-State
Pipe Cos Phone 82. BeQaire. Ohio.
FOR SALE?Two good rabbit dngaj j
Address Charlie JCurray, Fai ming-v
ton. W. Ta 10-2g-3t
"1?ln mi? mmW
clincher xinga. Will Mil at bis bar*
sain. Tenth St Pharmacy. v>j
family preferred. Addreaa Box
<592, care We." ~OTT,trta,t
price. 10-16-tf .*68583
WANTED? within the next;:a*sM?|
weeks, rooms for lizht housekeeping;' ?
Call X B. Clements, IX K. Lawsoo"S
office. 10-29-lt?MM |
house. Close in on pared street
small garden. Address Box 4664 West
Vrg.inlan office 10-29-St?4644 WANTED?Desirable
room rtt.
board in private family. Address S
Box <648, care West
WANTED?Two or three light htfMaJpi
keeping rooms. Call 276, Mr. Gsxw ;
rett. 10-29-lf
r OK KbriT**-*rTirnWn6fl rOOlDp .-wuuv* able
for two persons. Single beds.
Apply 304 Qalnty St. 10-2?-3t^*6*H?gi
FOR RENT-niceiy furnished.' ;'.gocaaj|ji|
532 Ogden are. 10-30^>.jjme?a|
v uii ill-* i !' iuui iuuw, xuu i mnn
Ave. 2nd house from 2nd St.
Phone 961-M. ? lfrSO 3t <6S2||
FCR SALE?So acre farm. gooS
house, 7 rooms, good cttoax* large g
barn with silo and straw shed, horse ;
barn, other necessary bnfldfnga.
Some timber sal till land, finishing,
pike this season. 8ix milee to a *>?
town of 25,000 popnTatV?n -~T1ii iWBfia
one-halt cash, balance suLiued./'Spaa
mortgage. Price 26700. I have ntaay,' t
bargains, write tax large Hat. 2L H. S
Webber, Atwater, Ohio.
8-15-3mo. 4286. " ?
_ _ " ~ ~ ~
Glasses ot all studs aitsEiijlM
fitted. SattitZactton gtisi anteed.
Hall Block otw hanttb iks :
Window Glaaa and WlmWiWSi'J
Phone 477 W. 80S Casta* AnslS
Repairing and nlxdUtas
toznoblle radiators * spectalt)Kj|
Old Radlatora BonpliE Rabrllt .JL #~i
and ?okU^V
Practical Tinner. and Moat 9
i Metal Worker. S28 Monroe #fc
% ' i
^ F? jjj
^ H's^l
niu.?^fl ?a 9
MS - HUStr - . M
smtwwiwww ms isii ie? iaaWPiM
>mmittee sectsoo on 2tttlODil^^H
g statement by Julius Roaeawal&l
J, tor & fcnulnuM. ta>-*'?tlon
ve. If savins Is Bscs?tnfflMga
one Is as lmpanttv?;'fteSm|
> mybOMns of aanSastSmore
antes Is eiUlwfly fatBa^t this
ted by the rirocxna. eaunnwS
^ ih ,Jiii'iiii^BMIMBB

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