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report- ?
Hpfambf general of tbe ?
aaae&apiwiiiliiri I Forces
IBMS8bB3K <Bed of wooada,
HHMSttRBglt; wounded serB^BMiWilliWTi
?c; '
ItSf Totai, 3X3- T
MMfeotaoMirtBnatirdl '
I b Action. 1
r S, Brooklyn, N. T. i
Kp H, dncJnnattl, Ohio J
Oakland, CaL I
tot F, Winnebago, K.
ad Howard, Baltimore <
oyd S-, Waynesburg, Pa
U Bred, Independence,
as Batter, SpringvUle,
Ware L, Lebanon, Pa.
r BL. Anderson, S. C. (
B, BernardsrOJe, N. J.
QUare A., Blsbopsmie, ]
d E, TboznasriBe. NX. '
ca John, Uhlertown, Pa. ;
TnmrtaTI. Tex.
I, BrooJrrllle, Ind.
Bed P, Buffalo. N.T.
Hall town. Pa. ;
I Br JB% JttmroesDoro. l enu
i?ly Ksnsu City,
nntam, Corwall, England.
gtaxman, Lamberton. Minn
r^Henzy Portland. Oreg.
illep, Stockton. CaL
Clyde L. Homansville Mo
MiledgeTde. Ga.
st, Doqnense, Pa.
ry O, Omaha. Nebr.
Joanna, Henderson, Term ;
Mount Vernon. Ohio.
Iinr A-. West Appleton Me
HanfnT. Barry. Minn.
jaw a, Inka. IJL
Salter Otsego. Mich.
d&EL, ill I
Sarahsrtlle, Ohio,
hi C, OoHthic. Ind.
ifaai K, Gainesville, Ga. 1
Itand T, Pittsburgh, Pa.
W^^aot Mountain, it. C. i
die T, Okemah. Okla.
Inw Comealins, Jamesw i
Mb Is Ononandago Val
isaw Bother, Roibury, N.
trick: Joseph. Manchester,
T.? Beavar^XJam, Va,
?OfatthS, K'ftTia
tUm i, Martin, Tenn.
mcfr, Medon. Tenn.
ifleM a. South Side. PittsBSHfc:
? - *
rt 'tt. Chicago. El.
, Payette Co., Tenn.
lgpntad. ^Paterson. Si. j.
XL Vera. Cogswell. N. D.
%.Peter, Pittsburgh, Pa.
MMih G_ Pittsburgh, Pa.
I^OtatPn. EL. Bockford, ill.
jMikxa^ James. Grindstone, Pa.
^Hpad<'?nn?90?i Coksuo. Minn.
KKW;O0aS. Jamestown. N. Y.
1r-rp*** O, Hamilton. Ohio.
BtogiteJtaa** Worth. Kannapolis, N.
ffffpT^oai^Harrin. Hi.
wheuHaaiet w, Vlck, Ark.
HgflBHMpjBKtaa. Groce City, Pa.
ftljMUeil?h. Chester, Saner, ill.
A, Clearfield. Pa.
MBjBEPWiiawt?. Tfrsnlwood. N. C.
MBWgBjjMtfeA, Eadlow. Okla.
MBair. BTTmit H, Oconto. Neb.
Eserson. Pa.
Erie. Pa.
Ho^IibDeK, Cook Place, Tenn.
George H, Belgrade,
1 ^ George J. F., TJtica,
Br-Tr.,;. .
jfi&i 1 Jfeiflnj L, Townsend, Tenn. |
WimsL: >ot?^ 9^
9^ |
Greatest Song Be
I nrrtr beforo atten
HaMt^a'aSnaHd of tha ?orld*i
DaSvPaai anr. ka been auBiuDlirtM). In
Strickland, Harry, Mlaeola. Tex.
lylvestra. Francis, Bream Bridge, La.
fadlock. Bay H, Philadelphia. Pa. \
Tate, Robert Gorrell. Winston-Salem,
rburman. Harold D., Lawrence. Kaas.
["reacy, Peter J, Jersey City, X. J.
"rice, BUI, Hernias. Tenn.
Jrban, William. Chicago, HL
Valsh. Charles. Hazzard, Pa.
Yashbom, Charles, Hcrell. Midi.
Taschak. Steve, Buffalo, X. T.
ialowski. Felix. Steuben vole, Ohio,
lied fcm Wounds Received In Action.
J'Xeale, James Saunders, Jn, New
York, N. Y.
fears. Earl L., Chicago, I1L
low. Leroy E., Center Harbor, X. H.
William F? Broadbrook, Conn.
Jreen, Lyman H., Colonial Heights,
Hess, WUliam, Riverside. Wash.
Srutelc, John, Chicago, III. ^
rankers ley, uamei nucumu, u.
rech, 'William, Calumet, Okla.
rhrapp, Frank O.. Denver, Col.
Wagner, Harold R., Fruita Mesa Co.,
Walsh. William T? Xew Tork. X. T.
Sane, Ralph L.. Lake City, Iowa.
Wounded in Action (Degree Undetermined).
Slennle, James A., Mcntpelier, Vt
Hamilton. Donald, Meccedah, Wis.
3arney, Alfred A.. Hudson. Mass. '
Beran, John J.. Denver, Col.
Fadden, John M.. JJunmore, jfa. <
Goldstein. Morris H., Chicago, I1L
Voucher, Arthur Fred. Ettrick, Wis. j
Harriger, Wilbur, SIgel, Pa.
Hart, Jack. Philadelphia, Pa.
Hegedus, John. Oil City, Pa.
Hunter, John M., New York, X. T.
Lannncci. Lucio. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Klekar, Jim F., Hallettsville, Tex.
Labbay, Arthur T., Lewiston, Me.
La Brack. Arthur J., South Ashbumham,
Lander, Reinhold. Moshcim, Tex.
Lane. HatTy R.. Boston, Mass.
Larson, Eddie P.. Gwinner, X. D.
McGraw, Arthur A, Danbury. Conn.
Macherey, Charles B? Word en. 111.
Marshall, Oscar, Dana. 111.
Montgomery. Robert E., Moulton, Ala.
Spruiel, David, La Cross, Ga.
Swienton. Frank. Thorp, Wis.
White, Ease. Kidds Store, Ky.
The casualty list printed' in the
newspapers of this morning showed:
Killed in action, 45; died of wounds.
34; died from accident and other
canses, 3; died of airplane accident,
i r,f disease. SO: wounded se
merely, 3S; wounded (degree undetermined).
46; wounded slightly, 37. Total,
West Virginians mentioned in this
morning's casualty list are:
Wounded severely?Pvt. Edward S.
Guthrie, Mannington; Everett Workman.
Wounded slightly?Lai Pappalardo,
To buy Pord touring
car or Trudk.
Phone, 654-R
f MB1I|
Dr. Edwards* Olive Tablets Get1
at the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards* Olive Tablets, the substitute
for calomel, act gently on the
bowels and positively do the work.
People afflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through Dr. Edwards' Olive
Tablets. The pleasant; sugar-coated
tablets are taken for bad breath by
all who know them. <
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gently
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stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire system. They do that which
dangerous calomel does without any
of the bad after effects;
All the benefits of nasty, sickening;
griping cathartics are derived from
Dr. Edwards* Olive Tablets without ,
Edrar?**discovered the 1
formula after seventeen years of practice
among patients afflicted with
bowel and liver complaint; with the
pan py?aTn.
Dr. EdwardsT Olive Tablets axe pore*
ly a vegetable compound nwiced with
(dive oil; you will know them by their '
olive colon Take one or two every
night for a week and note the effect.
10c and 25c per box. All druggists.
ok of a |
d. Songs |
by th*
Virginian 1
?ABL . &?sj5?Si =
tex rate for 3 lb*. mmmm
iok Ever Made
pM> of pUdag under one conx nnt,
poptilir atandaxd aoaga. eld
tUs great collection every mtuie i
let to muih. that make a peraeaal ?
cloth. Sin iyi a 10 inches. ?~
Iff if ^ I f4
in hem era
Baltimore and Ohio Blocked
at Monongah By
Tie Crash.
Two men Lost the irtires early yesterday
ipomtnf in a collision of two
freight'trains near aaonongan.
Marvin O. Hall, one at the ricttns
of the accident, died early yesterday
morning shortly alter entering Fairmont
hospital ml the other -victim of
the -wreck, Charles Mundell. died last
evening at the same hospital. Both
men were terribly scalded.
Both the trains were headed toward
Fairmont The first train stopped on
the main track and the dense fog obscuring
it the other train which was a
double header closely following crashed
head on into the caboose of the J
, first train. The fiagnaTi of the first'
' train, who was in the caboose saw the
train approaching and jumped and thus
saved his life.
The victims of the accident were on |
the second train. Hall was the fire- j
man and Mundell a brakeman.
Marvin O. Hail was nineteen years !
j of age and resided at Bellview. He |
recently passed the examination beI
fore the local draft board for milii
tary service. His body will be take::
I to Artemns, Ky., for burial. Charles
Mundell was 30 years of age and was
a resident of Martins Ferry, Ohio, to
i - !
i\y.i munce TctE?~ONe M?r?
CABLE A903ES5. AftL. v
10 -S2VE2Ii?.IES ?JH>
the Honorable II. XI
Iaaasrores which hav
hi 8 member ship the:
Give thli
your District.
an enalyi
baa been actively i
to the best lnt ere:
g .
35* ?B
33 H
33 f
33 I
S3 I
33 I
itwiJIH cm. the track had a^aacrow
escape tram, death being caught between
the -wheels of the engine what a
i he was thrown when the Impact came.
He escaped -with a fear scratches.
The ntfoes of the doable header
-were tinted over oa their aides and
badly demolished as were also several
The crew of Soar men on the second
engine of the doable header also had
very narrow escapes from death. It
took some time to clear the -wreckage
front the txack so that traffic
could proceed.
The War department recently Invited
bids for the following to supply
125 regiments: 17.500 sets of boxing
gloves. 7,000 baseball bats. 21.100 baseballs.
35,000 playground balls. 3,000
rugby footballs. 7,000 soccer footballs,
3,500 volley balls, and 1,7550 medicine
Home baked pies and Pastries,
Boyers Restaurant- Aryt
| When itching Stop9 ~
There is one safe. rtrrenriaNe treatment
hat relieves *rrhfng failure and ddn 4rrj
~ri knb axmasr iy boo idsc ciobse^
aid soothes the skin.
Ask any Ji uggin for a 35c or $1 bote
f zemo and apply it as directed. Soc
ou will find that it illations, pimple
lackbeads. ecrcma. blotches, ringwors
aid slds troubles ?hll disappear
A littk semct die penetrating, satish
ag bqnid. is all that m needed, for u
wirher nosf ?ktD emofiens and make
je ?i soft, ?r?rn?rt\ and healthy,
TbeE. W Bose Co. Cleveland. (X /
American Federai
CttMhv Ceeec
HWWII rmwii*. ! ?? mnn. tMtt
s?? >?? ?*? ?.Qwr-""* _ ..
r. i.twM
ewt I??II Tri????'?t- cnwntofc
MX rii. ?m I. ?
iM4iwtT>w>f*rii>n Cliwp, qfc
hull WhuMni *Jt4wMl!i!htU4
a. t. or u" Bun.
i?E3Ir2?.S OP AXL ICGiL ttSIOS &
herewith is copy of the legli
. Ueely, Representative from 3
e come before Centrese for 2
8 information the widest possi
sis of J?r. Heely*s record will
3ynpatistlc in behalf of legis
3ts of the whole people*
Fraternally yours.
.-.-or lean Federation of labor,
- .
Mppf^. ^88 B
Mend when he votes for Shuck.
' -" -
Coiqaeiing Circam- I
stances "With Ready; B
Money. I
fl^Xhat It true that two-thirds B
of the circumstances, both H
favorable and unfavorable. M
which ante, could he made M
| the most of with the aid of ffl
B ready money
Ton have only to look to IB
the many policies offered by IH
insurance companies to prove 1
J this fact as related to on- B
B favorable circnmstances.
Build the savings aconnt IB
B balance to make the moat M
W of favorable ?fn?v IB
I as 70a sow take oat lasm;- 19
with this in came O
and make the Initial deposit 9
*T. CM
IANK of km
km 0f Labor I
IV; - !
yiji f i_ < ??'
fniHw.w- S M>*t?
Ms to* IhH Son. hi>' *.?
?SWM Hisl.T. * ? ? ' "
m ?iw w I*.
00tO>?r 28, 2918.
cBESCr SflSfss I!? j ;
ilatir* raoord ci
rour st&ta K j '
- v? - J i
ecord vote 4la?6aa
*?iwmnr* jj
. afficrtr flSf
Iftr?. rC.'ai*!
U^7i I
political Advertising (
"Ihe American /
horses while croi
From die First Cc
r ^
r- ?<
- This District has
He served as apt
knows what your b
dew Coats Tu.
The lines are jrracefi
best Hi their kind and tfai
models* Add to this the i
more coold one want in <
Coats of veh
made fn alUaroui
collar and cuffs.
\ Mi v [R\nV Coats for wor
f\ . and ken?ey cloth, i
^|and beaver collar
r. wanted shades.
^ At $2
Coata .or won
velours, sllvertoni
other hlgh-srade el
featuring all the
novelty pockets. s<
collars and trimi
throughout, others
sizes to 59.
Little Tots Velvet
'T;> Coats 4"
$5.00 to $9.50
in burgundy breen, black brown
and blue.. Sizes 2 to 9 yearo.
Women's |a
Velvet f > - * i vjff |-fi
s HA?"
$395 I*
Sure Relief
Try Our I
Foods well prepared si
man, as we serve them
healthy and in good s
believe this adage, try
J. W. foyer's
223 MADE*
*eople have too mud
ising the stream." 1
tngressional District <
fee For Re-J
never had a more di
ivate in the Spanish-A;
oys need in this war, ai
W&.4 - '-^Jl l',
^ _^y .K. *'- "''''^?y^^ffiMl
way the Cold
al; the materials are tK||j
i coats are in fashionable^
moderate prices and wbd|
t $13.75 - I
in amy. burgundy and gma 1
id belted style with deep beevar |
nen and misses of zebellrte, velvet
il'-round belted models, deep velvet fl:
s closing well at Che throat h? alf fl
2.50 to $59.50 H|
Jen and misses of broadooths. wool
sa, pompons, Bolivia, pins has and- H "3
loths, all the new fall colorings and IE
latest in belts and double-beKtfe J
une with collar of fur, others with H
>l..e a# nlieak e/tms ntllr " * II iCE
VI wmv ?i>n sosaww ^. r- ~.
i with body and sleeves 11 nod. All H f
II '
'- fPM
$5.00 to $]&50
of all kantad shades In vdvA II
wool, velours, toerseys and oho. It
lots in sizes 6 to 14 yean.
Girls* Colored (I
RTHf P^f,^ and Blaok II
OA Iff A Velvet and , H ' P I
^VPfl 1 Plush Tama
r^Ovovr** %J a Og II ^1
Imperial Creamery Butter, H> fJc. I ^
Sweet Cream ........ Per Pt. SSe f*
Pasturized Milk ...... Per Qt. 1E? I
Butter Milk Per Gil XSCri^/0m^M
Cottage Cheese Per Ft. I5C*| :,
A Deposit o? 5 c Charged on Bot I
Delicious | |
? - S ' " ...
1 Food 11
\ / v&jjj
riting- the appetite of
will always keep yon
pirits. If! yon don't j
i Restaurant I 1
? -i
h sense to swap S' |i
?Abraham Lincoln |
? JS?j&pr * m ? , 4? 'm
ligent or taitbtui^
merican War. Il|l||
id gets it for them.
_ . M &
)1|Mj OT1 -

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