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I. '? '
U i j"ii^rnjninrT-n_n.Tj~Lnu'-~i-rT-Ojn^-ij-cr-i_rT_
^ The Wedding Knives.
L / By "8. B. MACKL.EY.
m (Copyright. 1918. by the McChire
r JSswspaper Syndicate.)
fjpwHET were very beautiful?those
I delicate trifles of the ancient
* toilet of tbe seventeenth cen
tary bride?the wedding knives ol
Mistress Anne Hogarth,
i';. Msrgary Byers took them reverent
fly from their Aided green, brocade
sheaths, and. running her fingers ovei
Ibe fHlrntfily and
jthe IHUlst P6tll S6t h?nAg*/
them to Stephen Palmer. The yotmt
physician tamed them over curious
'"So these pretty trinkets were nee
essary to the bridal toilet away bad
In the days of ycmr grandmother an
cestress. Margie T* he remarked,
.don't remember of ever reading o:
"W?t don't von remember. Steve?
W she cried. "Juliet wore them at he
girdle when she was in the Priar'i
? cell, and she had them on when sh<
- was ahont to take the sleeping po
tiim n
K ' "What did they symbolize?" asket
fc.-. ~ Palmer.
^B v "They had something to do wit!
I severing the knot of love. I believe,'
answered Margery vaguely, "anj
way, whatever they meant, they wer
^B beautiful things to wear."
"And yon. Margie. I suppose you*]
wear these when you're married?
^B Palmer hesitated a little over hi
W* "When a girl has a well-defined, re]
atire-Implanted idea of engaging hei
jg sor when she gets to the seashor
summer resort to a rich man sh
doesn't care for, bnt who Is going t
r ask her to marry him?to see nne:
B* pected love in the eyes of the ma
she'd like to marry, even though dl:
approved of by the relatives, is dl:
concerting. Margary turned awa
: and replaced the trinkets in the!
^B places before she answered a bit tren
vAil^ing, dav is a Ion
H^jr time off. most likely. Steve. I'm nc
flk quite twenty, you know."
*1?listen, Margie." Stephen trie
I to keep his voice steady; "I want t
. tell you something."
"Hurry. Margie." an impatient voic
, called from the next room. "Are yo
; forgetting we have an engagemei
fpE-rthis evening?"
K?X' "I'm coming, mother." the girl ai
' awered. "Come down to the staiio
-tomorrow. Steve," she said in hast
r'; goodby. "early. Ill go down a ha
hour before mother does, and we?w
gjsjV . can talk before the train leaves."
But a man in a factory got himse
cut up badly the next day an hour b<
fore Margery's train was to leave, an
Palmer was called to hold life in bin
There was not even time for telephoi
ing Margery, and the letter of explat
ation he sent her was returned to hii
When three weeks later Margery'
I.. 'engagement to Elmer Troxell was 21
^B|| nounced Stephen worked so many e:
Jf*- tra hours at the hospital that the hea
r>; eurgeon protested.
In September the Byers family n
turned, and Palmer could not escap
the accounts of the wedding that ws
I to be one of the city^s social event
A few days before the wedding, ui
able to deny himself the uncertain m
happiness of trying to catch a glimps
of the bride-to-be. he found himse
passing the Byers house. As he wet
by. driving at a snail's pace, he hear
frightened screams from within. B
leaped fro mhis car. As he ran u
foe walk a terrified maid thrust ope
"Oh. Dr. Palmer!" she cried, recoi
nixing him, "come in. quick!"
~ Another one of the maids had fa
,. lea .carrying a tray of glasses, and ha
H&'V cut her wrist. She was shrieking ]
- fear and clinging to Margery, wh
with a. pencil and a handkerchief wa
' iMlaiUe. ? snnrnfnnot flhffflt thfl \COUIl<
w-- miuwn u iuuiuuiui
f ed arm. while the blood spattered he
lovely white dress.
"Come away. Margery," frowned
heavy browed man In a white serg
. costume, standing at a safe distant
from the maid, as Palmer came to
ly ~ ward, "and let the man attend to he
It's Us business?besides you're ge
ting your frock spoiled, and we wer
I % ready for our drive."
m*~ . . Margery shook off his hand. "G
away, Elmer!"?Palmer detected
i note of dislike in her tone?"you ai
Is Sr. Palmer's way. Never mind th
drive. I shall stay with Sophie."
As TToxell solidly left the room h:
K foot touched somthing lying on th
B lu. wwnathfar fh*t tinkled, as with
| murmur of disgust he shoved it asld
The nest morning when Palmer r
tamed to tha boose to attend the h
Sored maid be found her crying.
ES *Tm not scared for myself, it's Mb
Margie rm worried about." she tol
r : him. "He?that man ain't fit for he
oer anybody else. Bliss Margie tol
'u him yesterday she was going to wea
bar great grandmother's weddin
" knives maybe she's showed them t
?' you) at her wedding, and he got at
jt fOlly mad?asked her bow ahe wool
1*"v rtn therft In her brlda
V '. robes, before all his friends with thos
1% absurd things dangling at her beli
Fr..: : Hke a housekeeper's keys!' And h
s - three theme on the floor, and when
came in with the tray I stumbled ore
s them and fen and eut my arm."
! Palmer paled as he listened, an
though he made no comment he ha
Kg- to set Us teeth to keep the word
k" that came fcrhls mind.
Two day* later Palmer read the to!
Kp jewing paragraph In the ereolhig pa
Bfel "Troxel Neglects to Get License.
KfcY *ea the headline. "After being sup
Kfe' Poeedlr Joined la matrimony at thi
m most elaborate society wedding of th
Mger at noon today, with both Ke-?
Robert Clinton and Bishop Phelps ol
gflrletlug; Ml?s"Uargary Bysra and XI
K-jajwTroatall were Informed by Count:
Igrtt Veal In the most matterof-fac
^^^^^Agyhrtbeen married without' a
I i - j /m I
car was hastened to and Bishop
Phelps, sad the good prelate was I
begged to corns to the bouse in en B
emergency situation. He did so, asd I
when he reached the residence he was I
I ^ m - - ... U
I told ttxe hstv<?* Oi me Dnoo ww?
I shaken that the second ceremony
'] would have to be deferred natU the
next morning.
For eight horns Stephen had thought
her TroxelTs rife, and she was not
married?not mizzled! An errand boy
touched his elbow.
? "You're wasted at the telephone,
t doctor." '
"Is that Or. Stephen Palmer?" the
voice was trembling. "This is Margie
Byers. Oh. Store, come to the house
- right away. Come quick; I?I want
? you!"
Palmer stumbled out to the street
t and nailed a ctb. The maid. Sophie.
I her arm in a sling, let him In.
; "Miss Msrgie wants to see yon
- alone." she told htm, and led him to a
little upstairs room at the back of the
- house. As the door closed behind him
c something in s white drees flew to
i "Oh, Steve, I want you to save me!"1
C Margery gasped. "They put It in the
paper that Z wai so shaken the second
* ceremony would have to be deferred,
r but I've told father and mother rm not
i going to marry him at alL"
i "Not marry him!" he echoed.
? "No! Father, mother, everybody,
thought it would bo bo fine for me, I
I agreed to many ft Int. l sever iovea
him, hot that day he quarreled with
i me over wearing: great-grandmother's
" wedding knives at my wedding (the
- day Sophie cat her arm) I knew I hate
ed him. Bat I thought It was too late
then. They talked to me until I was
II nearly crazy this afternoon when I
- told them my eyes were opened and I
g was thankful the license was forgotten.
They said It would be a scandal
I to the family If I didn't midiy Mm
~ now, and they've set the hour for 8 in
J the morning."
e "Margie.'* the young man's lips were
0 white, "did you send hack my letter
c_ that I wrote to explain why I didn't
" come to the train the day you went
._ to Bar Harbor?"
!" "I never received any letter," she
' faltered. 'T looked and looked for It:
r then I thought you didn't care. Moth"But
I did care?I do care?so much
_ I don't dare advise you. I wanted to
tell you that day?I wanted to tell
a She looked up at him and her wet
0 eyes began to shine. "Tell me now.
Sieviel" she cried softly. "Oh. Steve.
,e it wouldn't bo any scandal for you to
n let me run away with you and, marry
lt you tonight would it?"
At 7 o'clock the next morning the
Justice of the peace, just over the
? state line, stood before a tall young
" professional man holding mo nana a
jf a pretty girl, clad in a grey t ravelinsuit
of French design, and wearing r
her belt her great-grandmother"
.. knives, and pronounced a cere?orthat
was binding and fast.
s Where Most Sickness Beginr
?- and Ends
IC- d
Ij can be said broadly that most hr
* , man ills begin In the stomach and en
in the stomach. Good digestion mean
" good health, and poor digestion mean."
" bad health. The mlnnte yonr stomach
~ fails to properly dispose of the food
* yon eat, tronhles begin to crop out in
j, various forms. Indigestion and dyst
pepsia are the commonest forms, but
, thin, impure blood, headaches, backaches,
pimples, blotches, dizziness,
belching, coated tongue, weakness.
? poor appetite, sleeplessness, coughs,
colds and hronchtis are almost as common.
There is but one way to have
!>" good health, and that is to pat and
. keep yonr stomach in good order. This
g is easy to do if yon take Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dissovery. It is a
wonderful tonic and blood purifier.
? and is so safe to take, for it Is made
. or roots and Herbs. Dr. tierce, or unr''
falo, N. Y., stands behind this standard
medicine, aad It Is good to know
that so dhftnguished a physician is
T proud to hare his name Identified with
; it. Wh'en you take Golden Medical
' Discovery, you are getting the benefit
1* of the experience of a doctor whose
L" reputation goeg all around the earth.
" Still more, you get a temperance medicine
that contains not a drop of alcohol
or narcotic of any kind, Dong ago
Dr. Pierce combined certain valuable
vegetable Ingredients ? without the
e use of alcohol?so that these remedies
always have been strictly temperance
- medicines.
If piles are torturing yon. get and
use Pierce's Anodyne Pile Ointment.
The quick reliet it gives Is hard to believe
until you try It. If constipated.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant ^Pellets should
be taken while using Anodyne Pile
Ointment. Few indeed are the cases
. which these splendid remedies will
not relieve and usually overcome.
* They are so good that neary every
r drug store has them for sale.
t ; K * J
e ??? EMJO* THJS TfttD
"T"" S^^^n&Sa^S
-- - _ d^a
8 Am to Quote Motlw^M
Thousands of lives may depend
upon your success, my dour." sold Daddy
Lo rimer ss lie took my aim and led
mm to his favorite corner of the sunroom.
"Tour trip haa to do with our
chemicals, of course. We're up against
rotten luck -with this shipment. We
sent a cargo east, but ire found a bomb
in the bold of our boat. We moved
the ship to a port fifty miles away,
and ahe was sunk at the dock. Now,
we've got a new ship at a new point
of departure. It's-a long way from
New York, my dear you'd better not
know -where. We don't want to trust
the new plan to wire, phone or mail
But, if you can carry my message to
the right party, that blamed Juice will
be shipped aboard and the ship will
make her get-a-way?and maybe I cat
get a night's sleep before long."
. ,1
"f fi
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i ^
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selection of e
j models
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New Coloi
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I r^?yg"~ -t
I mm^ v*
uHEElr -opyrlBlt, 1815,? '
iPt i by the Newspaper
ButMprto? Aaa'ifc
M fthym?? aa Coda Messages.
I followed Daddy's words with taaae
interest and. I hoped, with undergfanrtlDg.
1 asked r
"Than, it isn't losing: the cargo I
which bothers you so much. Daddy?!
You want to sot .lt out to sea. where j
K can't knock up the continent it German
spies should spot it?"
"That's the grand idea, my child.
Br the war. hare you been around the
office lately?"
"Xo, daddy. Chrys said she couldn't j
bother with me this week!"
"Chrys it all right." Baddy smiled i
Us approval. "You must sot he recognized
as a Lortmer employe. If you
meet anyone yon know on the train? i
say yon are going to Xew York to buy
"Me?go east?to buy frocks in war
time? rd be aihamed. Daddy Derir
jjrNew (
I awaits
J model, ever
j wanted color
very low, qu
a 8S -?
3ES {
n 1
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15 Sp
These Hats
dollars mor
to you lor 1
i L*
/nrrr x>rn> tq nir mo nr a v
. 29M66C
aw! Tm solas to aw the wimnilttw
ot tb* A. B. F. E Pwnnaneat BHinl
Relief War Fund! Doesn't that soond
-It certainly does, my deer. That's
a great idee. And if yoa dont botch
tUt basinets. Ill aead soar war relief
a check tor *5.000!"
"Daddy, yoa might just as -well make 1
oat that check right now. Ill take Itj
along. It win show why I'm going
oast?If I need proof. When do I
"Day'after tomcrtow?-on No. 0.
Ton w?C pot up at 'he new hotel?
what's Its same??Victory! In the afternoon
a man win phone and ask yoa
to tea. Too win accept. Over the table,
be will hand yoa one of my cards
?a mate to this?and on it wai he
scribbled in my handwriting. "Whero
do we go from here?""
"Daddy, you're foMng! No? rhen
-what am I to reply to rack nonsense?*
"Nothing at aU hard to remember,
my dear." Da-tdr chadded, how-v. tr,
as if it were a great Joke. "It's easy;
bnt, remember, d?n't twist it. It yen
dont keep it straight, half ajstate may
go np in dust!"
"Honestly. I feel sure ->f mvself." I
said eagerly. "And the message
is??" ,
"Mary had a little lamb:"
' .
?oats an<
L and handsome
your approval.
y new ciotn an<
s are here in ever3
ality considered.
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LOO and $7.
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vmk vte. vtonVaaeUJOitott
" 1 ^E
J. J. vviyii v
. ' yMi
-Oh. DaddTl~ My t0M wurtfl,
of reproach. I J*s mi aunt
me. and I *u oa the nr*e of
"Dear child.- he said quite solemnly,
-cant yea aee that nobody, especially
no danced Teuton spy, eosld
orar saapect that the world-tamos*
Lorimer company wonldpnt a peat secret
about the transportation of -war
ammunition into a Mother Goose
n 1 ? ? wflSS
white day. ^
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Tnmir and
Ore children, of Victoria, and Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Banner and two cMldran
were at Rank Stevens last Sunday:
Mys. Mary Kesnar and Ethrt
Myrtle Keener, Lettie McCanlty. KaDeH
Stevens and Lester Fletchir wen
at L. P. Haun's last Sunday.
T. E. Watson, of Grafton, wu visitins
his uncle, G. W. Stevens, Saturday
night opd Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kisnar asd little
son wars at George Kisser's hit Sun
Burner was at Sam Smyth's
one day last week. t
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smyth ud Mr.
sad Mrs. Frank Stereos wan P.
Haw's Swday. '
. ?
4 1
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selection now |fl
Every new 11
i all the best -I
r size. Priced ?
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! larj
pelts i
able a
g of J
3ats 1
ess they go
_ o . ? f:
That means eye
too lone or too short, oriHtaHl
else Imperfectly liiiefl jTMiiM
would yon-believe
scrlptlon applies to aaoa&^asiiS
Such ores sec like s i imsia' raaHj
of fOcus. and rlam ta .eaiaSitfM
quired to restore the iriimiFj
iag power We' bate etmjga
needed appllcance to dttaM^gjH
the ability to correct -titt * ?1
rors of vision.
OptoiMtrlat and Optician, 'WWjM
Seotfe the Jeweler. I
u ~ to?
hi 1 irQxV't it
\. ?* I
CSV- B v *3,1
' l^ll
' ' " I
je selection is bif||||
n every new
. /
v . ' '*'-" "II
it jKMBWrip* -'.^
miffl jg|
ittHB MKjMH^
* *V7JwfMcS? .
k.c.Mllwyia?y ' 'V'A3!23B
ttjsjT" i|ggiial
^ ^ j " ^
- l/wiiwiPrsag
yyffifc *SH|
ft Jgg\n - ^SSSbmI

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