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Kiiiisinltiil general of
Bilitloenr Forces:
Hx -45; died of wounds
w 37; wounded seHded,
degree undeter- .
Haded slightly 319; :
*33; total 669.
Bid A. Air, Pleasant !
^ :
I Chicago. HI.
Clarion, Pa.
Texas. ^ |
H^rry ^
I f?SJH?^H5RS?
^^ EaRMMgM ^ aa^ mm
a&> ,:-. ^ - I
McCoy. ePter, Jersey City, N. J.
Pole, Clifford E.. Audubon. X. J,
SV'hltehom, George F.. New To
\tkins, Charles M., Woodbine, Ic
Baker, Clarence E-, ftwhtahnla. 0
Banks, Hubert, Clayton, X. C.
Bell, Dennis F., Marnilugton. W.'
Bicknell. Fred A., Channte, Kama.
Black, James A. .Nachez, Ala.
Brennennan^ Amos,' Wlnfleld, Ala
Brooks. Henry 31., Waynesboro, '
-ohen, Isidor, New York, N. i.
Connors .John J., Manchester. N.
Soon, Gatborae, Winona, Minn. .
Cotton. Geojge E., Harrison. Ark.
Crow, MarvinW? Gilmore City, la
Das^i. Carl W., Werner, Idaho.
FYeney. Micbaeel P., Mobile, Ala.
Ployd, Frank. Ironwood, Mich.
Gallagher, "Willian* P., New Yc
N. Y.
Gerhard/'Andrew J.. Baltimore, 3
Godbold, John M., Savannah, Ga.
Goldman. Abraham, Brooklyn. N.
Gonsalves, John. New York, N. Y.
Grazin. Frank Vito, Butler, Fa.
Hazel, Floyd Mark, Covert, Mich.
Hearn, Arthur Y., West Butler, J
Hinkle Sidney M, Sidney, Ky.
Howell, Clyde, Island. Ky.
Hughen, Willie T., Boeklord, Ala.
lakoes, Joseph, Bllssville, N. Y.
Jeffrey. Willim T., Lynn, Jlass.
Johnson .John. Bo'aham. Tex.
Hallinka. Frank F, New York. N.
Kenney, Frank Augustus. Brock!
N. Y.
Kieft, Henry, ^luskegon. Mich.
Kline, Henry, Marion, Kans.
Kloster, Julius, Detroit, Minn.
Kuller, Theodore. New York, N. 1
Levinson, Sam Benjamin, Bocces
N. Y.
MeCarthv. Brvan. Waukesha. Wis,
Mace, Earl F., Athens, O.
Maher, Terence J., "West Meath,
Malloux, Fred'A.. Central Falls, I
Martin, Ivie T., Richland, Texas.
Miller, Donald A., Epping, N. Dal
Munyer, Alexander X., Henrye
Palmer, Jasper G., Dyersburg. T<
Pecora, Nicola. Wilinerdik. Pa.
Penn, Bryan, Bandana. Ky.
Percy. Earl A.,"Lena. "Wis.
Perkins, William H., Wilton. Mo.
Pirotte. Arthur Joseph. Mystic. Io
Sordman. Henry, Jefferson C \v.
tteeder, Donovan T., Walla Wt
schaefer, Joseph F., St. Thomas.
Smith. Joe, Bessemer. Ala.
Stasikewicz, Jack, Brooklyn, N. "3
Weaver, Alvin G.. Pelham, Ga.
Weinrich. Louis. New York, N. Y.
Westbrook, Jack W\, Falatka, Fla
Wilmore, Fred G., Charlotte, Micl
Wilson, Thomas, Forsyth Con:
N. C.
Worster, John W-, Philadelphia,
Vear gin, Arthur, Laurens. S. C.
Wounded. Degree Vndetermino
Aikens, Leslie H., Chetek, Wis.
Allatt, Edward. Philadelphia, Pa.
Alongi. Thomas. Piedmont, W.
Alperstein, Louis I., Philadelphia,
Anderson, Elery M., Elliott. Iowa
Arensberg, William L., Unionto
Arms. Philip M., New York, N. Y.
Baker, Lindsey M., Butler, Ky.
Balke. Melvin. Edgerton, Wis.
TTnch A.. !Enternrise. -
Bernard, Francis M.. Serena, 111.
Bonacker. John E? Renssaeler. *
Bonny, Nathan C., Richmond, Ky
Bowman, Howard E.. Rocky, O
Brenner, Abraham. New York, N
Brixley, Eugene F.. Zena, Ohio.
Brown. Louis. Belliinina./AIa.
Bruton. Patrick, Lisman, Ala.
Buck. Henry F.. Manchester, N.
Burkman, Raymond S.. Manheim,
Burstein. Henry P., Chicago, 111
Capobianco, Joseph, Roseto. Pa.
Carlson, Fred, Starkville. Ohio.
Ciancia. Philip. Cramford, N. J.
Clark, Frank. Denver. Colo.
Coate, Nettles D.. Grove Hill, Ali
Conda. Albert, Midland. Pa.
Connolly, Patrick J.. Boston. M
Cook. Marion Otis. Bogue. Kans.
Coppage. John. Piesiantville. Kan
Creed, Carl W.. Hubbard, Ohio.
Imperial Creamery Butter, lb 6
Sweet Cream Per PL 3
Pasturized Milk Per QL 1
Buttpr Milk Per GaL 2
Cottage Cheese Per PL 3
A Deposit of 5c Charged on B
I 7.22 Cretin Co
f?S !
is, & v&k.-mxR,
tb.*n i *_i_t*i_i f ^r'"i_ r ~ o+< Da?f . lfiM
JOCIilliwlCily .JuPOUt Ob XrUI* flllHTu
DeChureb, Ameigo, Sykeevflle. Flu
Dennis, Dolpbns B., Paxton, Ela.
rt> Derengowskl. Panl. Chicago, m.
Deschene. Peter, Lord, Mess.
Devericks, Lance, Charleston, >.8.
** Derogue, Frederick L., Rldgeway, Pj
Dofkson. Joseph H_, Pittsburgh, Pi
_ Dolatowskf, William. Chicago, TIL
vn. Donner, Benjamin, Philadelphia. P:
Donnaa^ml B.. Edgewood. Iowi
Do aba, William, Newport. Ky.
Driscoll. Joseph M., Cambridge. Mas
fa. Duncheon, Louis A.. Virginia, HL
Esquibel, Jose A., Tierra Atnarilli
H. N. Me*.
? -Ma? y?V V V
rigiiw^ vn ?oi ,
i Flngel. Harry. Oconto. Wis.
wa. Flan. Harry J.. New York. N. Y.
Frank, Louis Y. .San Antonio. Tex.
Freborg. Gjistav J., Kankakee, 111.
Friedlander. Arthur E-, Brooklyr
fk. N. Y.
Froemke, Dan, Lisbon, N. Dak.
1M-1 Frost. Raymond C.. New Britalr
I Conn.
j Furman, diaries, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Gray, Mason. Plains, Va
H&rker, Frank C-, Ottomwa. Iowa.
.. Kivlen, George. Syracuse. N. Y.
Lacey. Martin T-, Seranton, Pa.
LaRoche. Edward, Gardner. Mass.
Lasley, George Count. Castlewood. V;
Lessing, John C-. Little Rock. Ark.
Levine. Benny. Brooklyn, N. T.
LIbby. Levi, Newton Center, Mass.
Linnert. Frederick F.. Brooklyn. N.I
: I Little, Luther D.. Montgomery, Ala.
y7s' Logan, Charles F., Orange Countj
Lovett, Boris, Brockton, Mass.
Lace, Ernest S., Saratoga Spgs. N. Y
Ludwig. Elmer Joseph. Oehkosh Wit
Lynch, Patrick, New York. N. Y.
ter? McMahon, Frank M., Bernard, Iowa
McNally. Peter Bichard. Long Islam
City. JT. Y.
Madsen. Cris., Skelley. Idaho.
Maun, Francis A., Defiance, Ohio.
L 1 Marccm, Clay C.. Norval, Ky.
Mares, Ramon. Pena Blanca. N. Mei
'* Marsh. Robert, Philadelphia. Pa.
tta> Marshall, CharlesSMinersvlIle. Pa.
I Mathews. Hardy E-. Black, Ala.
inn. j Matthews, Mike Ja Plymouth, Pa.
Melncke. Arthur G.. Brooklyn, N. 1
Mellon, Frnk F? Elizabeth. N. J.
Meyer, Arthur Louis, Fort Wayne
wa- MIchaud, Joseph. Somersworth. N. T3
Mo. Mills. Glenn. Bainbridge. Ohio.
'Ua. Mitchell. Charles R.. Philmont N. Y
Morrison, Walter E-, New Haves
Mo. Conn.
Morton, Clifford William, Harrisburg
r- Pa.
Mnrkerson, George P.. Eastman, Ga
Naccarato, John, Sarkville. Colo.
Nix. Miles T., Walnut Grove, Ala.
" Noll, Henry, Newark, N. J.
Qty" j Notarnicolo, Vito M., Bristol, Conn.
' O'Day, William. San Francisco, Ca.
Pa- Odom. Ernest B.. Atmore, Air.
OlewskI, Frank F.. Johnstown, Pa.
r Oliver. Ben. Entawvllle, S. C.
O'Neill, Daniel G.. Pittsbnrgh. Pa.
0"Neil, Harold Albert, Cambiidge
Pa! 0*NelI, Harry, Chicago, HL
Oslar, Ernest H-, Denver, Colo.
' Oyerton, Homer B., Huntsvillc, Ala
* Overton, Vernon D.. Hnntsville, Ala
Palmgren, Gust. Winbnme, Pa.
Pan20, Dominlco. Watson, W. Va.
Pasyanos. Nicholas, Plagion. Greece
-, Patterson. Herman X, Jordan, Minn
Patton. Thomas, Madison. Ala.
* Paulson. David W., Dassel. Minn.
' Perno. Michele, Worcester, Mass.
Petersen. Christ, Eaton, S. Dak.
Y Peyer, Albert E., Ossian, Iowa.
| Try Our
=| UOOKf
5' Foods well prepared
It man, as we serve the
y healthy and in good
. j believe this adage, t
J. W. Boyer
j 223 MAI
1 The Be
< | Thousai
tss " DirtdM
| The Weal
= 1 COUPON o
= il AND Z3
= PRESENT s^r'srs 1
== OR HAIL ??*-.
SEE Greatest Sg ]
.1; . . 5555' '4-. '. ^
The casualty Vat printed to a
newspaper* of flu* morulas slt>we<
Killed in action 78; died of uoa
4t; - died 1Mb iirMent and oth<
causes 5; died of disease 71; mam
ed severely 130; wonnded. degree a
. determined. 134; woanded slight
- 1S5; miming In action 11; prison*
1; total 640.
West Virginian* In the morning H
. are:
Died from Disease?Pvt. Bertie 1
l Gordon. Cox's MBls.
WrtTirMSaH in Artinn TVagTee Pnd<
l, termired?Ca.pt. Rawfll H. Fidei
Wounded Slightly?Pvt. ; WIIHju
S: Duty. Matewan; Pvt. Charles Pai
pert, Wheeling.
t. n==========
t. Evening Chat
I read a peculiar story last sigh
about a man -who died and whoiam
bade to earth again in ghostly ton
to -visit all his friends. Not at all sa
. isfled -with conditions in the land t
which he had gone, he desired abov
everything else to still keep in dos
touch -with the things of the eirtl
He said he was able to see and bea
all that -went on but though he cor
tisn&lly tried to reach out and tak
' part in the various doings oi hi
friends, he found this impossible
With his mind constantly on ?rtt
he found life in the new world entire
ly unappealing to him and as a cor
u sequence was forced to wander abou
j between two seas, neither of vhicl
he could reach. And while he neve
again could come hack to the slorn
tossed human sea, neither could h<
sail away on the calm, pearl-blue se.
_ oI heaven; for the high. dark Dank
of an earthly mind shnt.lt entlrel;
out of his sight. Purely Imaghutiv
though the story was, it set me t
It grows daily more hazardous t
>, put great faith In the things ot th
earth for these are most 'woetoll;
short-lived! Death Is the only ces
tain event In this world and especial
ly at this time of the world's history
i, human beings drop oat ot sight a
quickly as the autumn leaves fellozu
by one and now are gone entlrel;
There Is nothing truer than that tc
u day we are striving for our own va;
and tomorrow we are ont of the ran
ning. and though we see others golnj
fast all about us, it doesn't worry u
particularly for we say unconsclotu
ly: "I'm sorry, it's too bad, hot
shan't go for a long time yet." It re
mains one of the characteristics o
life that we don't realize death as per
sonally unpleasant, not even when 1
conies close to us. Not to be able t
get up tomorrow and do again th'
same interesting things, seems one o
+V?a nnKoHovdhla catHrpq ftf tho nMftl
mistic; but countless numbers ot n
~ do not get up tomorrow just the sum
The great consolation in it all,. lie
>. in the fact that when death tear
.. away the body, there is left the grea
personality which lives on sad can
not die, if we have personalities,
heard a woman say not long ago:"
can't preach heaven to any of yon to
my mind isn't big enough. I am oil;
id Food
! suiting the appetite of
m will always keep you
[ spirits. If you don't
ry them.
's Restaurant
>ok of a |
id Songs I
iwb 25
t Virginian M
?cr run fac VS*. ggg
Book Ever ISWe S
and hi* wife lies sick in bed. After
t a great deal of labor on the part of
nurses, she was quieted and through"
t- the goodness of a power bigger than
any on earth, she slept. But a strange
e- preacher in the city took it npon himr.
self to arouse her so that be might
console her londly in the words of the
n Bible. He spent nearly an hoar pray>
ing harshly and uttering all manner
of mere words which were meant to
be comforting; but the loader he talked.
the sicker grew the woman until
finally some rather -severe measures
had to be taken by those who wished
to be of real service. As long as
we are on the subject of death?why
could not this young preacher have
* been born with a sense of fitness in
tt an extremity like this. There come
times to all of ns when no amount of
? preaching can possibly help?when
~ even prayer becomes impossible. It
~~ is during these times that the invisi?
ble comfort of the spirit?that intan'
glble, bushed voice of the Creator,
comes stealing in. It is during these
times that quiet is needed and not so
r many earthly words nor so much oonfusion.
It is the time when gentle
e voices few and far between are the
? best; and the truly sympathetic heart
" understands.
I Weak v
. k Women V
> 1/3 In use for over 40 years!
Thousands of voluntary
g letters from women, telle
&v| iag of the good Cardni /'
Y/Jk has done them. This is
7 the best proof of the value
" t/l 01 CardaL It proves that V/v
I E/Jj Canfni is agood medicine
<- L^fi for women. ? K/fi
J 8<1 There are no harmful or
f habit-forming dregs in B>4
? |/2 Cardni. It is composed |/J
j . W/y? only of mild, medicinal K^|
s fncredlents. with no bad |
' after-effects. KJ
r The Woman's Took
. f
You can rfely on CardnL
iyi Surely it will do for you
Byf what it has done for so
n^M many thousands of other BVw
W/A j women! It should help. l/T
a/j "I was taken sick, L/Ji
C/l seemed to be Co
ivolj writes Mrs. Mary E-Veste, Ly
: 'v3! of Madison Heights, Va.
\/\A "I got down so weak,
Sjk could hardly walk ... 'X
SJk lust staggered around.
... I read of Cardnl,
and after taking one bot- yl
: tie, arfiefore taking quite y
t yd all, I felt much better. I y
took 3 or 4 bottles at V
that time, and was able to /
t / J do my work. I take it in
i^/jj the spring when run- /
' down. I had no appetite, /
; W/a and I commenced eating.~ /
t It is fibe best tonic I ever /
, taw." TrvCardui. mS.
All Drgggists gj
i T i
I- time on It than I am on my bodk for
I pot my body entirely oat oi
a- sight and notice before many more
1_ yean." Bather a good way to look at
>_ it, was it not*
?r A man died in the city last night
151.85 Doznet Flan-(M QA;
nel Work Starts ' Wj
Men's good weight domet grey
or khaki color flannel attached
' pointed end collar on extended
' neck band, wide cnffs, faced sleev!
es. 2 large patch pockets which
j button. Sizes 14% to 17 with couj
pon. each $1.39. (V)
I ?2.50 Men's Fleeced Union
| Suits M AO
I Each
: g Extra heavy weight while fleece.
iH Egyptian, Jaeger or grey color
I men's nnlon suits, sizes 34 to 44
| with coupon, suit $1.98. (V)
$2-75 Red Star M OC
Diaper Cloth .. ,
24 inch pure white' "rei star" |
birds-eye antiseptic non-irritant,
sanitary cotton diaper cloth, with
coupon, bolt of 10 yards, $2.25 (V)
85c Women's Vf?tCO JLand
Good weight, bleached vests,
crocheted collarette neck with silk
tape, pants, muslin band, side openings.
sizes 36 to 44. with coupon
each 62}?e. (V)
50c Enameled Q?A
Water Pails UiPU
10-quart grey enameled run of
Hin seamed water buckets, with
coupon 35c. (V)
I 65c Zinc Wash JA.
"Brodway4" 11x12 nibtflng surface.
soap-savins drain board, with
I coupon 49c. (V)
18c lb. lima Beans . JO.
3 lbs. for ../. WC
California recleaned lima beans,
selling at 18c to 20c ponnd, with
coupon, 3 lbs for 48c.. (V)
7c Laundry Soap aa
!- Bars for AwC
"Lenox'' 8 ounce cakes, oval
shape, laundry soap, with coupon,
1 bars for 23c. (V)
5c Toilet Paper, 6 4Am!
Rolls for ^UCI
4 ounce size rolls of good crepe
toilet tissue, with coupon. 6 rolls!
tor 20c (V) \
Many a book has been
tractive binding, whereas j
between the covers that c
Tfio same with clothing. I
a suit that counts most. 1
grease -will pot, corves inl
but such "styling" will no
Hartley suits for men 1
before ever an iron tonche
lines are the result of skilll
needle. The iron is only a
Hartey clothes are concern
Overcoats $25-00 to $60.00
I During This Er
We invite you to share
I Head ever yiitem in this a<
right now and put it m yo
for an early start tomor
profits with us tonwrrow.^wS^ ]
i then clip the entire ad out 1
ur purse so it will be hcaz?d^ ^|
row morning. " v |?
Heavy flat fleeced jaegtr color I sj|
only, boys* anion suits over sticfe^SigB
ed collarette seek, closed crotch. gBSBHfl
ribbed caffs asd^askles. sine 4 to I ?gl
12 years, with coupon, suit 95e (V) -J I
Mops. ^
>A /\nn/?a wfiftA imam B
w VMUVC nuiwo Wbtvu UWt iuvyv 1
with long 54 inch smooth handle,! ?|j
with coupon 55c. ( <V)'
50c Liquid - 4C^ /*J8
The polish that makes old things - I;
look like new, wonderful lot dusting,
with conpon, 35c (V) -, '''^5j|
7c Washing Gas, 4 99a
Packages, for
10 oz. packages ot New York; ') i
washing gas. a powder that saves
times; washes everything without ;injury
to hands, color or fabric. ,']
with coupon, 4 boxes lor 2Se.
$3.50 Nearwool #4 73G13
Blankets p
Pun whitt 64x7 large sise. double
bed cotton blankets, crocb- I
' eted ends, pink or bine striped>?
borders with coupon, pair- $2i7S>->;B ,.
30t Bleached Nainsook,
Yd "W
Vard wide fine quality soft naln- .. JSj
sook. line for undergarment* and -
Infants wear, with coupon, yard
$2. Girls' School ?fl rA ;;.j
Dresses ?*?*' |||||h
Made of good grade cotton plaid . - ^
dress goods, trimmed with btize
collar, cuffs, belt and two pockets, i
sizes 8 to 14 years, with coupon
$130. <V) ^
$1-95 Bungalow ^ I ^ I
Hade of fast color dark and light I
percales or bine ginghams. button '
fronts, half way down, short ldm-- I r-- ?
ono sleeves, belt all-roand and ' I
pockety glzss 3S to 4-i. with coo- I ?||M
|L25^Bleached ?| QQ I j
72x90 good weight bleached weld^ed
center seam bleached sheets. 1 :
vith coupon $1.00 . (V> I
_ J ' 1
'AY "PUT" J - I
bought because of its at-||
t is really that which lays-j
onstitutes the real book. II I
t's what you do not see bit
Ln iron and a little elbow: --J?|
to^the poorest clothing?* ||
T- I
lave a permanency of fine -: l!
s them. Their inimitable <
nl haiMffing />f ghMTKfl^|a
Jl _ . ,|J^r H
n auerinougui as m u , 11
tied." Suits $20 fo $55.00t
Ljk^Lj^k I ' -> '
WvwVMU I v B

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