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MiNrH.N hlVr III
BB Br' t i "r -
I ?'? umjiuiiULiii
Being Cared for
|K . ? tgcadved this morning & donation of
m $36 which the men of Norwood mine
llgGpF . contributed . Clyde Marteny, snperln '
\ tendent of the mine*, said to his men
j VjK j" Monday: "Boys, we've seen the appeal
/; riSajr the babies at the nursery and we
B ; want to do something for them." He
asked his men to chip, in and by 39
men. 336 in cash was given. Captain
- OTBeirne-was very much pleased to
'' receive the contribution. ' Later he
: was handed several checks to help in
?Tbe men from the Norwood mines
- who; contributed to the Day Nursery
Hg i ftntd are as follows: C. Marteny. H.
;L Cumpston. A. C. Newklrk. John
. i Croft. L W. Banner. L. W. Stacker,
Hfc "W- Valentine. L. Jacobs. H. Shaffer,
IT William Nichols, E. Marteny, Kent
I .. : Woriey, H. Snyder. S. W. Price. Goff
Hess. Chas. Williams, Tony GattaK.
! 'fort. John Deshon. Jack Cortetz. Tony
Hf': - : Truicca, Russell Hawkins, Irvin Haw
owit zuu6iii.? J. r. v.
11>. * Stevens. "William Keener, George
; Hantaan. George Deshon. Enoch Hafl""
man. "Edward Gould. Edward Dodd,
< Ralph -Marteny. Joe Nicholas.
Captain O'Beirne reports this morn:
ing, that he has only seven children
: in the Salvation Army Day Nursery
t in' Meredith street with rooms for
! more. This emergency nursery was
' started by Captain O'Beirne last week
. in three bright rooms which have been
i donated by Sam ' R. Nuzum . These
- " rooms have been cleaned and furnish
'' ed and are at present equipped with
^ necessities, though a number of fur.
nishlngs are still to be put in. Captain
O'Beirne has worked both day
> and night since the need for a chllj
drcn's nursery became Imperative. He
asliied' through this paper for bedding
; and other needs and has been sup'
plied with these as far as is needed
- at present with the exception of
- sheets.. A few more sheets could be
'used. Captain O'Beirne would like
some money donated to aid in buying
: food for the children. Anyone desir:
tag to help in the caring for these
children by donating money, which
can always be used in the right place
: in this work, may call 933. Already
nearly $100 has been received.
> .This morning the children at the
Day". Nursery played very happily
i, about the bis playroom which has
' been provided with plenty of toys. '
Mrs. Brass is taking charge of the I
.. children as matron and all of them
.-are in healthy condition with the exception
of Roy Frazier, a small lad
-cabout three or fonr who lies In bed
?too: 'weak' to enter into the fun which
he Sears going on in the room next to
him This child came from Wyatt
where rejjore tsates his own father .
\ best' Mm - and very nearly starved i
, him. The child's mother has desert- '
. ed bhir. The little one is very thin '
and emaciated and bruises show veTy 1
-plainly on his body. Dr. Criss says 1
that foot} and care are all that the '
child needs, both of which will be supplied
Captain O'Beirae wonld like the ,
donation of automobiles to take his ,
' charges out for an 'airing each day
when other cars which he has been '
promised the loan of. are unable to re- I
port. Lieutenant Fornolf stands ready
at any time to act as chauffeur. Glenn
. F. Bans donated his car yesterday
- afternoon and the children all went
for a ride, even the small sick boy,
well' bundled in warm wraps. The j
children need outings each day as ow- J
ing to the location of the nursery :
there is no yard in which they may
be tuned loose.
.Captain 0*Beime asks that any- 1
one-knowing'of children in need 01 <
attention through the death of par- '
. ents or illness of the mother, please <
call 933 so that these children may be <
MtiaA fm onH taken to the nursery.
( - The mala object of the nursery is to j'
core tor chidren all over the city 1
whose parents have been afflicted with 1
f thes "flu." . Fathers may leave their
. chfldren during the day or all night
" if necessary. Food can be used and
anyone having delicacies such as <
. soups, home-made bread, and Jellies, 1
'please call 933 before delivering this i
food so that Captain O'Beirne may 1
sa ywhether be has enough on hand <
for that day and when he will need
more. .In this way there will not be
.'f' - -an .oyer supply on one day and not a
sufficient amount during the next few >
' davs. ];
? Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Poling, of Cum- i
berland, Md- -were tie guests over <
IP/-- ?5tmday of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Poling
?-; ': -of 1308 Fairmont avenue.
Lieut R. J. Abbaticchio. of Wash- <
I . . ~:i. Jngton. D. C~ connected with the Ord- ,
' V: nance department Is here on a brief ,
B' ' . - - Capt d. M- Alexander of the XJ. S. :
H/ Ordnance department, stationed in :
" Washington. J>. C.. is here on a briet 1
_ t leave of absence. .
K- S'' ; Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry P.
Hoch at their home in Virginia, a
daughter. Mrs. Hoch was formerly
i-" . . Miss Jennie Bollinger.
Mr.' and Mrs. Jos. DeBolt of Wheel- 1
? > tog. spent the week end here with !
K: . f. iuio. "vu*c w*
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Minor, j
The Rev. C. E. Goodwin was in Man- '
B '. nlngton yesterday where he conducted
the funeral services over the body
I; . who has been very HI from influenza j
- Mrs. Elizabeth Levelle has been
JI^jir--r,|T* 1--^hone
Styte. for breakfast each m<??>iny
.Wrestler, Who Has Risen!
from Private to lieutenant,
Tells How Knowledge
Cainwl in Army Camps
lit American Soldier to!:
Help Wm War ? Every j
American Should Support
United War Work Campaign
for $170^00,000, He
/u/A?id?? Cfeaataba WwxiW. i_
THE' qualities that make a good
wrestler are those that make
a good soldier. Wrestling
keeps year mind and year body
active; makes you think last and !
wisely. Like boring, wrestling j
proves and develops a boy's game- j
aess and gameness Is what Is beat- j
lag the Htm. Expertness in boxing |
makes the soldier a better bayonet !
lighter; skin at wrestling will en- |
able the man in khaki to ward off 1
death when be comes to grips with "
the Boche.
Wrestling made a big hit with |
the boys at Camp Dodge. Des ?
Moines. Iowa, where I was stationed $
for several months. With the aid f
ot the Y. M. C. A., the K. of C., and i
the Jewish Welfare Board we were ?
able to put on a number of good |
shows. These - organizations rea- |
lizing the benefit the boys would |
get from the sport, urged me to |
arrange shows every other night I
If I could, .and we bad some mighty _
Interesting boots. These agencies,
together with the T. W. C. A., the <
War Camp Commcnlty Service, the {
American Library Association and <
the Salvation Army, which have ,
gotten together in the United War |
Work Campaign to raise J170.500.- _
000. deserve the support of every (
American. I
To be a good wrestler you most _
use your head as well as your c
strength. There are many tricks in i
the game and I find that the soldier
boy learns them quicker than the r
civilian. That is because his mill- t
tary exercises and drills have pat 3
him in good physical condition and c
such, a man thinks quickly. t
The way the ordinary soldier hoy e
baccme interested in wrestling is by c
watching the others. Alter several )
weeks he tackles the game and it t
ia surprising how quickly he learns. <
His gameness has been tested from e
the very first. No coward sticks 1
to wrestling. I pity the poor Hon t
who starts to mix it op with us at
Here on Visit. R
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lee Hutch- re
nson. or Cincinnati. O., are here on a ti
Drief visit to the former's parents, ai
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hutchinson at Son- a
jencroft. They drove here in a new
Parkard car which has been pur:based
by C. E. Hutchinson.
* - * M
Marriage Announced. w
Announcement has been made of F
the marriage of Glenn Koon. of Mo- la
nongaflt ana iuiss x-ctui joiauut vt j **'
Funeral of Mrs. Norris. !]
Funeral services over the body of
Mrs. Li. D. Norris, wife of Dr. Norris. I
whose death occurred on" Sunday at
Cook hospital, were held this morning
at 10 o'clock from her late residence
an Fourth street. The Rev. C. E.
joodwin, of the First M. E. church,
conducted the services and at 12:06
the body was taken to Keyser, her
former home, where the body will be
Laid at rest on Wednesday.
James Alston Buried.
The body of James Alston, a colsred
man, whose death occurred at
his home in Water street on Sunday
from influenza, was interred in the
Fairmont cemetery by Undertaker
Chester Swisher.
Chester Swisher, aged 6 years, son
af Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Swisher, of
Millersvllle. died yesterday morning
after an illness from influenza from
which he had been suffering for sev- .
>ral days. Funeral services were held j I
this afternoon at 3 o'clock from the 11
residence and the body was interred 1
in the Work cemetery near Benton's
Ferry by Undertaker Mnsgrave and
Son. Both Mr. and Mrs. Swisher are
sonffned to their beds suffering from
the same disease.
Mates Funeral Arrangements.
FUneral services over the body of C
Columbus Males, whose death occurred
yesterday at his home at the
sorner of Jefferson and High streets,
will be held on Wednesday afternoon
it 2 o'clock from his late residence
ind the body will be taken to Farming
ton for Interment by Undertaker
rones. W
Funeral of Mrs. Michael.
Funeral services over the body of jj,
Mrs. Charles Michael whose death oc- b(
mrred on Sunday at her home on ^
Stewart's run near Arnettsville, were fr
leld this moxnins from her late rest- cc
lence and the body was interred in ^
the cemetery near there by Under- ^
aker Jones.
Church of St. Gerrais, t?mb for
worshippers when Paris was first
shelled Good Friday. March 9, has ^
?een partly restored and opened for
icx rices. ^
Paper bags scarce in France. Ven- j"
lors in Paris sell chestnuts sans bass. J*
"Reds" is newest name suggested 03
in place of "Yanks."* "Sammies," oI
Amex." etc. W
Lieutenant Caddock was born"
Several years ago he won the Y. W
IMiita and defended the title agaim
solors of the Chicago A. A-, he coi
ihips at the Panama-Pacific Expo
light heavyweight and heavyweight
toe Stecher and then came fame a
lowan." From that time until he
best of them.
:lose quarters. The strangle hold
s not barred at the trout.
My early athletic training stood
ae in good stead in camp. Keeping
he hoys from messing you up -while
rou are teaching them the tricks
it the trade Is no easy job. They
ise the strangle hold and violate
ill the rules in Jack Corley's code
if ethics, but their greenness at the
tame and their ambition to prove
hey*re there excuses them, of
sourse. Bouts between these boys
ire full of action every second and
tequently prove as interesting as
mconnters between professionals.
Army life agrees with me. Short-'
itchie county 'which -was solemnize!
cently. Mr. and Mrs. Koon are a
le hone of the former's parents, Br
id Mrs. W. C. Koon in Mon'ongah 01
Going South.
Mrs. C- J. Corbin and daughter
iss Blanche and son. Ed., -will leav<
ithin the next few weeks for Miami
lo- to spend the winter months. Th<
tier is recovering from a severe ill
?| boys la
The higher the tot fund
goes, the deeper the
Kaiser's woes.
Give to the limit; the boys
over there are watching
loL A. Howard Fleming
"Will Be in Crage at
the Fairmont.
The active work of the United Wa
'ork drive to raise $55,000 in Mar
n couutv will be Kin shortly. Head
larters -which were recently estab
ihed In the room in The Fairmon
>tel at the corner of Jefferson an<
'ashington streets will be kept o*e:
om now on until the campaign i
mpleted. Col. A. Hcward Flemlnj
in clarpg of the headQuarters am
11 hare a number of assistants,
wo * young -woman stenographers
isses Marie Shuttlesworth and Mar
terlte Dexter, are already on dnt
id will aid in the clerical work o
e campaign.
An enthusiastic .meeting of wa
or workers was held alste verting a
sad Quarters when tentative plan
ere .discussed for putting over tb
coopertfrm^of a
'at'Anlta, Iowa, thirty years ago.
I. C. A. wrestling championship for
it the best men obtainable. In the
npeted in the Olympian championiitlon
and won the middleweight,
titles. Two years ago he defeated
md the sobriquet of the "corn fed
enlisted he met and defeated the J
ly after the war was declared I tried
to enlist, but was turned down^ because
of tonsil trouble. A surgeon
fixed me np and I became a private
with the headquarters troops. In
six months they made me a corporal,
not long afterwards a ser-" j
sreant. and I received my coxnmls- f
sion as a lieutenant a few days ago.
If we had not gone to war with
Germany I would have defended my
title against all comers. I refused
matches with Joe Stecher and
Zybszko because I felt it was my
duty to serve Uncle Sam first.
When 1 come back 1 will meet them
alL *}
1 i
Every Precaution Will Bej
Taken When They
i - Reopen. '
s I.
When the schools of Fairmont and '
Union. Independent districts recon-!
. vene. having been shut down for';
three weeks on account of the infiu-'
enza. everv nercantion will he tnlri?n !
: by school officials to see to it that no !
children who are ill, or show any >
symptoms of illness, or that havej
sickness in their families, be admit- I
ted until conditions in their-casts Sin
Teachers -will question ^ch child t
applying for admission as to his phy- !
sical condition and as to that of his;
or her family, and if there are any j
cases of illness the child will be sentj
home. A close inspection will be!
I made of the children and any child '
showing any symptoms of bad colds j
will be sent home even after the child i
has enrolled. |
The buildings in every instance;
have been thoroughly renovated and .
put in sanitary condition, and it is i
believed the opening of the schools
will be a benefit rather than a detri- i
mcnt to the health conditoin of the i
?.. ? i ? ZSSSSSi
" i
Moved to South Carolina.
Capt. George Lewing who has been
in the 314th Cavilry. stationed at Fort
Bliss. Texas, has been transferred to
South Carolina.
I Accepted Position.
Mrs. K. E. Thomas has accepted a
j position as piano player at McCrorey
5 and 10 cent store in Fairmont.
To Newport News.
Tony Clrmo who left last Mondav
> for Camp Eustes, has been transferred
to Newport News V., Mr. Clrmo expects
to go overseas soon.
Mr. and Mrs. William Strickier have
r moved from Brookdale to Mrs. Maggie
Lancaster property on Water St.
Died in Cleveland.
Joe Pierson of Cleveland. Ohio, died
' at his home Saturday of Influenza.
' Ho is survived by bis wile formerly
1 Martha Rogers, of this town' and a
! little daughter four years old. Mrs.
( Pierson is a sister of Mrs. John Gre1
gory of Brookdale.
Moved Here From Enterprise.
I Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dent of Enterprise
are moving to Front street in
the property which was recently vacated
by Mr. and Mrs. Ben Swanson.
[ Mr. Dent is Tit Boss at No. 6 Mine,
1 Here .on Furlough.
' Lee King Is visiting relatives here,
; while on- a five days furlough/ from
il Camp Meade, Md. Mr. King IS here
-1 with a. local contingent of draftees in
I v??*
Shop Early!
The Council of Defense
urges early Holiday
?to save man power.
?to save coal (by doing
all Holiday Business
in regular hours.)
?to relieve strain.
Be Patriotic.
Begin Your Holiday
Shoppig Today.
Furs, Gloves, Hosiery,
Handkerchiefs, Toilet
Goods Hand Bags, Jewelry,
Silver, China,
Glassware, Victrolas,
' Records, Furniture and
5 I .it; u. I
; | UUUUiig liicxy uc ocicti,5
i ed now.
Only 11 days left to do
Xmas Shopping for the
Boys over Seas.
|| Hurry! Hurry!
i , =
delightfully entertained a few friends
at a farwell party at their home on 1
Depot street; Monday evening. Complimentary
to Mr. Frank Olivato who .
will leave in. a few days to enter the ;
vocational Branch of the S.A.T.C. at
hlorgantown. .
Died ef Influenza.
Sadie the twelve year old daughter
?I Mr. and Mrs. John. Demark died 1
yesterday morning following an attack
of influenza. She is survived 1
by four sisters and one brother. Interment
was made yesterday afternoon
in the Monog&h Cemetery.
Miss Margaret Marison Is HI at her
home of Chlckenpox.
Harold Pepper who: has been visit- ,
ing relatives here,- has returned to '
his heme at Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. George Murphy have <
returned from Pittsburgh. Mr. Mur- <
phy win re tun to Pittstragh in a tew
Ms.: Helen Holbert and daughter,
'Slna, of Edgemont were visiting
friends in town Sunday.
Miss Helen Janes who- has been
visiting In Bethlehem has returned 1
to Momongah.
Mrs. Abe Hosted and daughter.
Vary Dorothy, of Fairmont were caning
town Monday.
Mrs. Mary Cassady and daughter, 1
Irene, were business callers In town.
Mrs. James Deem has returned from .
a visit to Clarksburg.
Mrs. Kate Swasaon is ill at her
home in Brookdale.
BUI Hamilton of .Fairmont was
?IHnr In town Sundav.
Mrs. Nick Smith and daaghtar Mildred
"were calling la Fairmont. Mrs.
K- E. Thomas has returned
Irani a visit -with relatives in Bowleshnrg.
Mrs. Howard Merideth was shopping
Christmas Greeting
And Yen Will Order at Once
Autumn and
Silks and W<
Never Mor
Colors vie with black in p<
tores as well as the staple
tion here.
Winter Dress
oolens Were
e Beautiful
opularity and the new tex
i one find full representaheNew
Silks Will
Be of Special
l-/\ WJr-fmnn
ULU Wl LU V ? U111U1
"he New Silks Will Be of
lecial interest to Women
iking up new dresses or
arts. All the dependable
saves are here and prices
e unusually low for the
ahties of silks offered.
ew Plaid Woolens
e beautiful and superior
quality. They're the most
sirable fabrics for Winter
arts, children's Dresses,
2. Several beautiful patme
Our Wool Serges
e exceptional Values and
e of the best offerings of
e season, as the practical
rge is one of the most in
mand garments of the
$2.50, $2.75 yard !
Women's Wini
Up Their (
Defy Ja?
The chill in the morning
nir, the sparkle of frost on
'.he roofs tell of the need
for Winter Coats, and
there are all sorts of styles
for the large woman, the
?- i ?y
gmall woman ana one
young miss on display in
our Coat Store, ready for
you to choose from.
Warm Coats of excellent
materials, in all the new
styles of fashioning, and
in all the new shades,
some with, others without
fur collars. Materials:
Wool, Velour, Burellas,
Silvertones, Bolivias, Duvetynes,
Colors?Taupe, Delphine,
Prunella, Navy, Plum,
Black Gree,n, Reindeer,
Prices?$20.00, $25.00, $3!
J. Lee Janes aws a busines transactor
in Fairmont Monday.
Mrs. Emma Harden bas been 111
at her home on Walnut street for
the past week.
Mrs. Bessie Hinermas bas been visiting
relatives in Monongah.
Mrs. Flossie lee lias been HI of the
"flu" for the past week but is resovering.
Miss Rose Snod grass was visiting |
her mother Sunday.
Mrs. Lizie Gaudy, of Kingwood was'
visiting relatives here Sunday.
Miss Louise Snider bas returned i
home after a visit in Klngwood..
accept sposrnoxMiss
Clara Kremer, of Marietta.
Ohio, has accepted a position in the
ready-to-wear department of the E.
2. Jones store. Miss Kremer is. in
Jharge of the first floor of the store.
Paris chorus girls seldom wear
stockings; when they do they're cotton.
Silk stockings are scarce.
Jack Moyct, member Foreign Legion
front'Mobile. Ala isn't dead or captured
as reported. Still fighting and has
tour citations for bravery.
Preston cotmty buckwheat, home
style, for breakfast each morning.
Boyers Restaurant.?Adv.
Ihoafteeaaflflnimi Itofbwiasl
Sy leeu tspnenm as Our euaotnuk
tb? mums yuOluii of ttmrle
SaeSll D^aw
mtottd tto .'ttoPWMl 'cop^8tloio?- lnorfcurv
HiTiy ^niM OX
and BUY
j II
When the
And lay In supplies T:
are plenty here the best o
ties for which they csLn be saU^S
Nothing gained by Amfl
around?you will find thebestaffgl
values here. ' ' ^
_.3iufc> s W
A-ito -?- ^JUilai
* - ? "
/ f -i^H
S^^B^Dfi// r .i nfl
^^ |mKJj L ^2M
MPif \J rvJB
nBB i fSk
ffifS IBPfslI "./?
Preston County Buckwh<
style for breakfast each mc
Boyer's Restaurant. " :
air taJfcf et
tw^i ?i>?^ -tht" ^jharto^iidiiMtWM
awMhi. .taj*tt??M)|8Ml
TW? te^-Mig^iMasBesaaai
atlas tttaaaiiisiitMtswaWB
clsm WBaasSMHjMM
TuitiTTI O0Bt*tB*>;3*ra^Sd*|Q
- ii ntk 'TiiMgYiirnrnM
I aw?
I Imlurt?
^ "TiintlT '"ii'rWW
Pine-Tar-Honey JaaSt
bat *'cough and c
steadily grown^popnlgjjwB
quickly effective.
For lingering' 'colds
fresh attacks its&alssr
antiseptics ikiiS^juu^MWMB
It taxings speedy, r
* congestion. infl
| bronchial tab
dred ailments fic
goes a long'-way.
- .^hkbsmB

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