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? H '
report- V
_ ?
7; dlsd at wounds *
BaatfotHiar causes, '
OO; wounded (deH,
217; -wounded
?_ in action, 62;
^- r
sqpUya, M. Y. j
i, Brooklyn, N. Y>. jj
Mansfield. Ohio. t
^^roth. Raymond W., Brooklyn, c
Iamdt, W. Yfesthoff,
tec, Edward W? Crestlifie, O. T
Mmnhall I, Hillsboro, Tex. =
Randolph slfwett*Brighton.
is, Brick Preston, Idaho. ~
nU, Wtocenty, States Island, *~
acnes IlT
lo?da^J1orad?rora.^'?. T.
Shaman. N. T.
ESS^ Aitnd, Green point, BrooWyn,
t ?T. "T. ' \
you. Sooner 3
1U0QS .ywow J
Color RMtonr. Qfchan wi ormg i
yotttWal daxfc color and ]
MQfeisxt scalp attendant,-eradicates '
waab or rub off,
^ ^^6awB-j*eL p*wr*Bt shampoo ins or (
warta*. BiiDjr ^plltd. Begin the j
^ been
: . *
raxd, Raymond VL, Sacrajaerfto. CaL
rard. 'Sampson. Boktnklo, OUa.
rare. Gas -3ft; Crystal City, Tex.
reO, Milton. New York. N. T.
rprkman. William J, Magrath, Alberta,
Died of Wound*.
pUery, Trancls R-. Baltimore, M4.
rabam, Thomas B-, Cumberland. Md. 1
rissom, Oliver EL. Klrbyville,. Tex. I
arper, Leon A.. Crewe, Va.
arris, George U. Nettletos, Ark. j
? 11 ar eve a -? w A. - 1
3TCy, Wallace jxu, \juesusr, jwctiu
ench. Alvin, Winterset. Iowa.
HI, Werner Jolts. Nasel,'Wash,
othe, Louis F., Brooklyn, N. T.
[a wall. Jobs, Chicago, m.
llchaels, Charles A_? New Castle, Pa.
tiles. Jesse, Springfield, Media, Pa.
illler. Ban W., Stanton^ N. D.
[flier, Ralphton S..""Mandeville, La.
esbest, Gentry, Grannlsfi Ark.
achel. Boy. Erie. Pa.
iclgllano. Michael, New York. N "
chaos, Martin J., Hamburg, N. V
ehowers, Harold. Bridgeport. Conn,
cott, Jesse C? Bethel, Ohio,
iinde, Jacob, Fort Angeles, Wash,
hompsos, Glenn P., Warren, Ohio,
an Pelt, Abram, Staten Island, N. Y.
Talker, Robert H., Coldwater, Miss.
Tldlund, Paul, Greeley, Col.
Toodside. Robert J., Heuvelton. N. Y.
Tyrick, Benjamin, Mira, La.
/ounded In Action (Degree Undetermined).
Clyde E., Paris, Tex.
raun, Gostav J.. Buffalo. >*. Y.
oddard, Charles Curtis, Cutler. Ohio.
Indsay, J. Frank, Kokotno, lad. iroiman.
John Franklin, Boonton, N. ;
J- ' i:
uckett. Ernest Work, Ba tafia, I1L 1
IcCarthy, Cornelias T., Philadelphia, '
Pa. J
tart in dale, Joseph W., Camden, N. J. '
akestraw, Charles L-, Anadarko, '
Okla. _ ^
Sergeants? J
tan, Aldea D., Kansas City, Mo. ]
targan, George C., Anderson, Ind.
(rail, Joseph Aloysins, Marshfield, 1
am bo. James C., Bald Prairie, Tex. '
ndrews, Samuel R.. Carlisle, Pa.
eckmann. Edward J., Chicago, 111. ]
arlson, Frank A.. Garfield, Kans.
iann, Robert W, Vandergrift, Pa. ' :
eorge, Ralph P., Minneapolis. Minn. ]
riffiths, John P., Hartford, Kans.
ioban. John Richard, Mahanoy, Pa. ..
oop, Edwin Adelbert. Rajids, Mich. 1
IcKenna, Bartholomew P., New York, 1
is. X.
immerman. Howard, Highland Park,
Lewistown, Pa.
iridgewater, Sidney, Denver, Col.
tor-man, Wesley W., Mulberry, Ark.
iatton. Thomas E., Kings Creek, N C.
IcGarrity, Michael F., Philadelphia,
iyers, Carl, Apache, Okla.
laron, George, Newport, Ky.
laniels, Charles E., Versailles, Mo.
ling, John S., Rockledge, Montgomery
Co., Pa.
icCarthv, Dennis D., Boston, Mass.
icCorxnick, Frank, Chicago, 111.
iustcant, Jacob, Philadelphia, Pa.
Ivers. Paul. New Cumberland, Pa.
erlick. Otto. Detroit, Mich,
estard, "William James, Mass, Mich, j '
iierly, Harry S., Hazleton, Pa.
toon, William H., Fostoria, Ohio. |
ftckettt. William Gonzia, Philadel- /
phia. Pa. }
Mers, Otto E., Ashton, Iowa,
asqufe. Samuel L., Florence, S. C. I
ray. Jack, German, Tex.
[all, Leon E., East Dover, Me. 1
lampton, James C-, Houston, Tex. ,
[arbin, Joel J., Slim, Okla.
lillian. Floyd G., Rialto, Cal.
,ee. Elvin V? Osseo, Wis. 1
'elson, Carl G? Vermilion, S. D.
chwartz, Daniel, Jersey City, N. J. (
hlne, James Joseph, Newark, N. J. i
'om, Arthur F. .Cleveland. Ohio. i
Transfer and hauling done prom- i
ptly and carefully. Call phone ' i
Thomas Caruso.
221 Meredith Street. 1
(H^ar of Court House) (
- I
Local Representative j
Room 23 Home Savings Bank Blag.
Phone 395. I
tiiey vwer
times at nigirt) . who are now appr
and new strength they obtained frorr
prove that this,is a certainuric ad
kidney and bladder and rfaei
"Arraric," send ten cents to Dr..P
sample package.This wDl prove to
nore active than liihia, dissolves'nri<
a the most perfect kidney and biaddc
po to yonr best druggist and ask for a
ran no ride for Dr.. Pierce's good m
wv discovery as it has for the-past hi
al Discovery" which makes&e blood
lor weak women and his "Pleasant
- Dr. Pierce's EleaavnC JReOeto do good tb
veil sewlesaee and iguvvle it; m&Br i
ivetr-eoCarintnit.no violence. Titer ic
ym3[f vcMftJjKperfeurtji hai nikeu, end
liMatiw^^llraa^ *
I t
The Capitol and. largest city of L
TT. S. Troops.
(fill, Joseph A. E., Brooklyn, N. T.
Wyaat. Edward, Castile, N. *Y.
imdt, John, Manitowoc, Wis.
iacheler, Aaron, Philadelphia, Pa.
John, George W, New York, N. Y.
Jridgford, John F? Silver Lake, Kans.
t^se, Andrew, Angelica, K. "f.
u?' " ? " " ? tj*?
&&S10ZI* ?-awa.ru j., yuuiici, awio.
Sataino, Isaac, Chicago, 111.
firant, Victor 1^, Harrington, Me.
Sam, John, Dickens, Tex.
flare, Robert, Fincastle, Ohio.
Seller, William H., Johnstown, Pa.
Lock hart. Lawrence D., Loma, K. D.
Phifer, Clarence, Lexington,' N. C. i
Price, Harry H, .New York, N. Y.
2ultk, John M., East Syracuse, NL Y.
3ozek, Antonio Lnkasz, Wilkes-Barre,
Sclilesinger, Roscoe, Avis, Pa.
imandor'er, Ray Edward, Akron, NL
Puerro, Joseph, Medford, Mass.
Vierling, Frank, Portage Des Sioux,
Larr, Michael, "Winthrop, Mass.
itahros. Gust G- Ridgefield. Wash.
Sins. Aura C, Parma, Mich.
Vckroyd, Robert, Philadelphia, Pa.
krbtln," Eroil, Des Moines, Iowa.
3ankester. Artemas, Roberts dale, Ala.
3enge, Anderson Jackson, Danville,
Seji Hixson Lady Wio, On Dae*
tor's Advice, Took Cardm
And Is Now WelL
Hlrson. Tenn.?"About 10 yean ago
I wts ** says Mrs. J. B. Gadd, of
Ibis place. "I suffered with a pain In
my left side, could not sleep at night
with this pain, always ha the left
My doctor told me to ose Cardnl. I
look one bottle, which, helped me and
liter my baby came, I was stronger
and better, bat the pain was still
I at first let it go, bat began to get
weak and In. a run-down condition,
10 I decided to try some more Cardul.
which I did.
This last Cardnl which I took mads
ne much better. Is tact, cored me. It
has been a number of years, still I
have no return of this troubles
I leel it was Cardnl that coxed me,
ind I recommend it ss a splendid fenale
Don't allow yourself to become
weak and run-down from womanly
roubles. Take Cardnl. It should sure:y
help you, ss It has so-many thouiands
of other women In the past -40
years. Headache, backache, sldeache,
nervousness, sleeplessness, tired-out
leellng; are all signs of womanly trouble.
Other women got relief by taking
CarduL. Why not you? .All druggists.
IM Out?"AH In"?Beaase
of the Uric Acid Poison
ffhkh so often causes RhcunatisBL.
are thoeevvho started the day
ache, stiff legs, anas and muscles,
id (-worn-out before tbe day began
e in and out of bed half a doxen
edafing the perfect rest, comfort
t .Dr. Pierce's Anuric Tablets. To
d solvent and conquers headache,
Tmatian, if you've newer used tbe
ierce, Buffalo, N. Y? far a large
you that'--AianTc'' fa many times
: acid as hot coffee-does sugar. aad
rr corrector. If 70a are a sufferer,
. sixty-cent box of "A mrric." Ton
izne stands behind this wooderfal
alf ceuLuiy for has "Golden Medipure,
his " Favorite Prescription
PeDets" for fiver iQ&
m?. larft TVy fpint7n1il Wbiwi. MI
utd {tgflv, bnt ttMtggUr and efflec
WiMB&ami <a
{I G
BjK e
orraine, -which Is sow occupied by ,
Be the, Arthur. WlLwaukee, Wis. C
Hieliti, HHirinr C.. Worcester, Mass.
Boyes, Alexander H., Toronto, Can- j
ada. c
Brennan, Oeorje A., Buffalo, N. Y. j f
Brown, Erwin. Beaver Dam, Wis. ?
Bryant, Joseph, Oyster Bay, N. Y. e
Burke, Dennis, New York. N. Y. $
Campaaa. Tonus, Lorain, Ohio.
Conner, James W? Huntaville, Mo. ?
Desmnlier, Edmond, Lawrence, Mass. J
Coal Operators Attention I
Mine Cars, Rails, Mining j
Machinery, Electric
We can quote most attractive
prices on the above. Prompt
C. Elmer Pool & Co.
Clarksburg:. W. Va.
Phone 1737.
Better J
A constipated infant begii
capped. Constipation ir
than mere failure of the b
larly and thoroughly. It
waste matter, production <
~ ous substances, and tfaeii
blood by which they are cat
Cells are poisoned, gro
and a soil prepared in wh
easily take root and drvel
infancy is a bad habit, 1
drugs to force the bowels t
baby is like a bud?both i
The Nujol Treatment fb
only absolutely harmless,
degree efficient.
"Nuiol'is not a drug, does
m/ wNujol
helps Nature to ovi
by re-establishing natural,
evacuation, as regular as c
Every drop of Nujol takes into
body. Bat in it* punp through
the bowd content* aoft and moi*t
testinal muaclea to act, abrorbi poi
germ growth.
Get Nujol of year diuggjuiad gi
Mark. Inert on NujuL Yob m
Nujol Lab<
5* Drool my, t
nwnbl?tt. Bernard Harry, Minneapolis.
cow. Butt. Philadelphia, Pa. "
fcfler. Bnumft P-, Bock RwpMa. loirs,
einer, Harry. Danrfllf. Pa.
toward, William T-. Bocheeter. N. T.
loll. Kooert ^ rnraim. vxwn.
'Serspe, Carl G, Port Wayne, lad.
Gey E_ Jewell, ?r???
(Continued on page eight.)
People Notice ft. Drive Them
Off with Dr. Edwards'
Ofive Tablets
A pimply'?ace will pot mil mi t myou
Bnch longer U yon set a package of
>r. Edwirds" Ofire Tablet*. Thesldn
boold begin to dear after yoa luve
afcrn the tablets a few nights.
f> a nr. the blood, bowels and fiver
rithDr. Edwards' Olive Tablets; the
to I'-fi fgfrwiy fhwn,
Dr. EdsardaT Olive Tablets do thatrfaich
calomel does, and just as effecivdy.
but tbeir action is gentle and
afc instead cd severe and irritating. ;
JIo one who takes Olive Tablets is I
a1 =A? -- - tantn"1
VerCDISCaifKa noauwvnu MHK, j
i bad hreatli. a dcdL **no cood"
etiing; constipation, torpid fiver, bad
ispositiofl or pimply face.
Dr. EdwardsT Olive Tablets are a
rarely vegetable compound mixed with (
Uve oil; you will know them by their ;
live color.
Dr. Edwards spent years among pa- j
ients afflicted with liver and bowel
ompIaiBttk and Olive Tablets are the
rnmensriy effective result.
Take one or two nightly for a week,
lee how much better you feel and look.
Oc and 25c per box. All druggists.
\mTTPl? .
nu 1 X\^J14
During Dr. Hugh Carr's absence.
his office will be open
ea^h Afternoon from 2, to 5
p. m.. and Wednesday and Saturday
evenings for collection j
of accounts. Miss Ada Hem- j
sley of Cook hospital will con- J
tinue to operate Dr. Carr's
X-Ray Machine.
is life heavily handiteans
infinitely more
owcls to move regn:
means stagnation of
jf irritant and poison
absorption into the
Tied all over the body.
wth interfered with,
ich germs of disease
op. Constipation in
but giving an infant .
0 move is a crime. A
may easily be blasted.
r Constipation is not
but is in the highest
not act like any drug.
ercome the bad habits
easy, thorough bowel
1 die body conies oat of tie
l the intestinal canal, it keeps
? makes it easier for die insodas
and helps to discoange
re it according to direction!.
. is sold en!y m sealed
offing die Nxged Trade
ay ss^er from sobackntcs.
LU aiui ico
few York
" a,*. $*?.'-,wr.i "*" ''.?' '-*,^11J
II thrwxghant
11 TTp to *22^0 -women's softs of D
doable warp, all-wool nwy bine. ?
I serge and s few salts of nary 11
blue anl grey menV vesr serge ?'
I and three suite of black broad- ct
I doth -wUtch are rurally worth $3? ?
Up to 139.50 "Women's -suits of ^
nary Woe -brown and black pop- 811
lln. French serge and gabardine *
beautiful, youthful models, rich' cf
g^?'$?.50 S
- Up to 125 women's and miasm* ?
coats of mannish mixtures rich
novelty coatings, astrakans. baby V
lambs and cheviots, last season's ~j
models but good serviceable 10
$6.95 |
Up to 120 women's and misses' 1!
up-to-date coats of velvets gab- ?
ardines, cheviots and kerseys, <;i
beaver aad plush trimmed col- m
lars, cuffs and pockets. In all ^
,$14.50 ?
* $10 women's serge dresses In
{ navy blue black, green and bs
brown, white, silk poplin collar
and -cuffs, pleated and straight
line models, all sizes,* A AC U]
go at y... w?jJ hs
T7d to $32.50 women's and misses ?
coats, velours, pom poms, velvets
and plushes, beautiful new fall
and winter models, half and toll
lined. In all the Ml Ca TJi
wanted shades, go at ....f&Hi3U ha
Men's heavy
weight wool V t'JTOSf R1IJ'
finish cotton QmJi n
sweaters at JT/IKRlS
93% Efficien
10 cents Per G
For full Information call on our
Hotel, Fairmont, W- Va., and see sau
? m oatiiiii i L'PaT T?DAT
bK?<Al i3UU irLtiivii jl ivui
References: Duns and Bradstreet
. States.
We have con
the Governme:
to be satisfi
reasonable pi
keep the qvu
! The Same PriceOur
increased vo
foresight in \bny
ftr.nnnmv in manirf
you to buy
ShinolA At Th(
As Ahwavs?
50 Good Shines
Good for L
Hakes Shoes ^
and look 1
. ^ -
the store.
p to $37.50 women's and mlism I
?ts of One TelOurs. fcttwy, bo- 1
tlas and silk plashes, tar sad 1
al plush trimmed collar sad I
rffs-^^Stunnlag aoftto. (nil j
> at ....... . . $29.50 Iff
p to' $12.00 Tallies womenls
irts, of all-wool poplins, men's j
ear serges, pit tinman, shepherd HI
leeks and finer plaids, not a'. I M
irt worth lees tlrsa $5.00 tad I '9
ae worth as high M awv' 19
i $12.09. Go it..-...?2i*9 I 8
iris* naTy blu?*wool serge mM- 1
r dresses, trimmed with three I
ws of white silk braid. mOor I
liar and cuffs, with white end
d eagle emblem on sleeves,
sck tie. Slses 13 to (7 AP ' I j
! years. Go at >93 I
rls* or misses' oxer-seats hits,
ide of heavy winter weight
ia.ki color military *4 Mj ' O
a tings. Goaf .4K9V 'JH
> to $5.00 trimmed
> to $7.00 trimmed M AE ' J
its ... ...?VWi ^
i to $8.50 trimmed ?E
>tS ......... W
) to $15.00 trimmed $8.85 I
I? 27*54 Smith's . S
fHf A x mi aster
inlFV ss^v :
BMmr<^ $3.50 , | ^
t Gasolene! 1|i|
allon or Less I i
Hr. A. M. Heafcest, Fairmont II
,or any Bank In the United. II
iplied with |l
nth request J
ed with a
ofit and to -*
ility up to
lame of sales, I 9
actore, enable I i
~*j?3 j89fl
' - .. *g
Ten Cents I I
to the Box I WM
> %[' . V
- *jg\j ;''7s%^\^?3jsB3ES^H
k ' S* .' J1

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