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-5u^-fbmn dotted Um 3 and
ao on. Fold each auction underneath {
urately. 'WAan eamptetedtars crsr
??-*- II
fS^Y la temperI
wr -~~ "1
Temperature at
a m. today 41.
^|ttaT tato:, twngw^*
mat the tufiiiuaw iuruiex- mo
... ^rill b? held tomorrow MX 2
I'toan'arrceted Ugt night
plats whichJb-ecl&lraed
to ttfrtod orvr to the
| In AUwu -where"h? was
" LA713 fc1VAJ4"xJJ ADS
HjMper la feeatry.
flf" il hoos^
gjjooJ home
lor tSjj?Bn?to Cdbb
W. '^"'pootttaX %*tnno?tf _*runi ' T11
IfoBtsns* 3B? |
moat.- - r..* >. . ' Z v :- |
~~ _
tjoa of Mm Miry Abbott, 'Who baa
been criteally &t for more than a
vMk at her ^hon^omJjrt^^-rsnno.
* '
boa fi! for the peat wart at bar
home on Plerpost svaone.
Ktaeator Hem?W. & Dsfteatnii?ii.
of the Federal Burets of Edtwwf
i was la the dty today Ttsltiwr
Dr. I?- 3>- Howard, who Is a relstlee. >
Mr. SeSeBbangtiJ* on bis way to
Fayette county, Pennsylvania, where
He was born, and from there win go
to Plttabnrgb, where aapct weelc at
the University of Pittsburgh there
will he an Important conference npon
pitninr community educational problems.
Several "West "Virginia beople
are on the program and tt la eipetced
that a number of others, laeradlnt
osme mine operators. wtH attend the
Bridge Work Obatrncted?
had weather of the past few days
ft** somewhat retvdsd tho work oxi
the Sooth Side bridge accordlns to
? Han en wnervr ftf till 1X1 ?11
00|UI?W w -1 .
refuse to -work la the wet weather.
However with the advent of better
weather work will he speeded up .oh
the"structure which la now' neari
lug completion.
?' ;
TTemo Service lecture?Mrs- .
Blanche Sheppard Bartlett will" deliver
the last lecture In the Home
serrlce series tomorrow afternoon t
at Z: 15 o'clock in the Elks- club room*.
A good attendance la ask- >
ed for this lecture.
Will Attend Conference?President
Joseph Hosier will to to
'Wheeling Saturday where he will
attend a conference of county food
administrators called to be held ]
there by State food administrator
Earl W. Ogelby.
I '1 *
Their Remittances WiQ Be
Slim for Next Two
Adam Bankinwich WW up before
Justice Conaway jwttrdtf afternoon
for a hearing .charged with, bootleg-. 1
gtng. Adam eras brought Into the 1
Justice's office through quite a crowd '
which had assembled to hear a atunebr
of cases and didnt* appear at all
worried, over his probable punishment
Adam coma from Turkey and
speaks very brokenly* hat plain
enough to be understood.
He was asked the usual Questions,
to which he replied In an original humorous
manner. 'He said he lived at
Bethlehem last and at Monongah before
that, where he mined coal He
said this was the first time he had
brourht whisker Into the city and
that be brought it la because h? was
sick and needed it When aaktd if
he had a wife, he replied that be bad
two la Turkey and a number of children
there and that he had sent them
in two years 92,600.
When asked If hi wanted to plead
guilty, he said*"Sure thing*?guilty!"
He got two mouths in jafl and 1100
fine. Adam was caught getting off
the train with a worn suit case with
three stone jugs of whiskey inside.
1 with a padding of bread and dried
beef about the necks of the jugs, day
before yesterday.
rvf TVnVo PnOA tft
JLSl/Ujr vx X/ UAV iwvwv ww
.Arrive This Evening
The body of Doles Rose who died on
Sunday In Buffalo, N. Y-, is expected
to siTtre here tonight from Pittsburgh.
Undertaker R- L. Cunningham who
left Sunday on receipt- of the- message
announcing hli death communicated
from Pittsburgh this morning
statins that he had arrived there eith
the "body and would comf on horn* tonight.
Until its arrival funeral arrangements
will not be completed.
WASHINGTON, Nor. . 20?An
order making: effective government
possesion and control of marine
cable lystem of the United States
proclaimed by President Wilson'under
date of November 2, vu Issued
today by Postmaster General Burleson.
It directs that until further
notice cable companies shall continue
operation through regular
channels ana -*ksk?d the cooperation
of officers and employees of the
companies and of ths public.
, *
J"Y ,/?? COMESf
( lcane- I*U\
?wv A10M6 I
' fl
J 11 I
When the American boys are d
merits Is the dance In front of a 7. a
workers. . - ,
interesting Program Arranged
For Service to
Be Held Tomorrow- In
accordance with the national program,
women of Fairmont regardless
of denomination will observe tomor
ro was a day of praise and prayer
Services will be helcftn the M. P. Tem
pie beginning at 10 and continuing u
noon and convening again at 2:30 til
different leader has been appoint
ed for each hour aa follows: First
hour, Mr*. W. 8. Mayers; second hour
Mrs. Vf. D .Straight; third hour, Mrs
Levi B. Harr; fourth hOur, Mrs
Seorge DeBolt; fifth hour, Mrs. h?T
R. C. Morrow.
At each service same topic, of In
teres t to Missionary societies and tb<
public la general, most of which per
tain to the change from war time tc
to ^
I .
HORE I; \ *
WD / [
4 ^ C /
1|?S ^
ren leave to Paris one of their enjoy* I
^ - -^- 1 ?F
u V. A. aut mux ux? jcvm M ^
peace conditions will be discussed. ^
aad music will be.rendered, the soloists
including Mrs. C. W. Waddell,
Mrs. Truman Johnson, Mill Harriett
Schroeder, Mrs. Oliver Wood, Mrs. H.1
S. Falconer, Mrs. Forrest Ftnhhauser,
the Misses Radel Hern don tad Bertha
. Dilgarde, the Rev. C. E. Goodwin, W.
O. Barringrton, and Clarence Bloom.
' Mrs. Minor Dunham will preside at
the pipe organ.
Other speakers and participants include
Mesdames Richard Hall, W. J.
Eddy, Kemble White, A. C. Lyons, A.
H. Lynch. C. H. Bloom. Chat. Ice, L.
NT. Yost, eGorge Amos, A. C, Ross, T.
L. Henderson. J. W. Barnes, H. Go
Stoetser. C. F. Eddy.
Hostesses of the afternoon will in-'
' elude Mesdames J. C. Broomfleld,,
Charles Ic.e, C. H. Bloom, J. L. Leech..
- Walter Finley, J. F. Phillips, H. PJ
- Robinson, Lee Hall and C. E. Hatch>
In son. ,
1 An Invitation is extended to the public
to attend the services at any or ah
hours of the day.
' - ? T TWmtt y. V. c. 1
ueur^c o.
' A_ secretary, worked &U day In field '
dressing station with bullet in thigh
and wound in hand.
! Lieutenant Alan P. Winalow, Chi- *
- cago aviator thought killed in August,
) is prisoner in Germany. 11
M> SAtW- Tnwft HEAR ^?V
60r-H0THlHilNtH* MAW J '
J S^v-rf^gl
nij iHlliPAIIIFC
HII ' Hi' * fUl|l rail
? ^ /I? f|
unosea rreBiaem at vw
Tentkm ia Clarksburg
Yesterday Afternoon.
l^iiWuHllm of Bvo mutual Are
snoiuiw la West Vi?Bls met in annual
convention at Hole] Gore, Clarksburg,
yesterday afternoon and exSheriff
Calvin D. Conaway, of Fair-'
noat was elected president of the or-.
Etnfgulaatioa for the ensuing year.
The other officer* chosen were: Vice
president, W. W. Stnrm. Shinnaton;
aecretary and treasurer, J. A. Gilt.
Wellsborg; chairman of legislatlte
committee, J. T. McBee, TJfttngton,
Monongalia county.
The officer* compose the executive
committee. The convention decided
to meet again is Clarksburg on
the third Tuesday of November, 1919.
The following; mutual fire insurance
companies were represented: Sale
insurance, Harris vi lie; Harrison county,
Sltlnnston; Wells berg; Church
Mutual, Charleston; and The Farmers'
Mutual of West Virginia, Fairmont
The farmers' Mutual of West Vlr
State with offices in this city, wrai|
represented by its preeldent, ex-Shertft
Cosawxy, W. H- Mauley. Monongah
jnd J. T. McBee, Ufflngton.
Will Run the Government,
/\*e?a D<IM? |
JC jvm vur fmu uu^
"WASHINGTON. Nor. 20.?Democratic
senators who conferred with
President Wilson last sight for two
hours left the White Hpuse with the
Impression that the President now intends
to remain in France indefinitely
or at least until the major portion of
the work of the peace conference- has
been completed In
the framing of the treaty. President
Wilson is understood to be esp*
dally Interested in the application of
the prlncipV of the freedom of the
leas, which he enunciated in his fourteen
terms and on which the allies.
In agreeing to disease peace with Germany.
hate reserved the right of free,
dom of action at the' peace conference
The plan for a league of nations was
another subject to which the Presi
dent was wald to nave given macn
Btndy. He was understood to regard
this as essential for the maintenance
yt the peace of the world. During his
absence from the United States, the
President plans to continue to exercise
all the functions of his office. He
will keep In communication with Washington
by wireless while at sea, and
>y cable, and. If necessary, by despatch
boata while he is abroad.
While la France, the President was
said to plan transportation of amy
necessary executive business in the
American embassy. Technically, he
then would be on American soil.
Shonld he visit London or any of the
other allied capitals, the embassies
there would become his executive'
Besides discussing his plans for his
trip abroad, the President was under- j
tood to have taken up with the senators
problems of reooaitrdCtion and
aecesssary legislation. It was said
41 orool?rtn ftf fi r<W>ATI.
LUttU UC V4VWMVW v?, W strnction
commission, either executive
or congressional. preferring that the
work be done by existing agencies,
such as th? war industries board, the
food administration and the war trade
Large Crowd Will
Hear Irvin Cobb
Irvln S. Cobb, the great American?
humorist and war correspondent, who
ironears here tonight at the Grand
Opera House under the direction of
the Normal school lecture coarse, will
be greeted by a large house Judging
from the Beat sale. Very few seats
are available and standing room probably
will go at a premium. President
Joseph Rosier Is making arrangements
today for some extra, seats to
be plaoed on;the platform to accommodate
those who wish to hear Cobo
who have sot already secured seats.
Mr. Cobb who lectured last night in
Newark. Ohio, will arrive here at 5:20
this afternoon.
The famous Irvin Cobb at Opera
House Wednesday evening
Home biked pies and Pastries,
Boyers Restaurant. Arvt.
jfw vfp HAVEtfT
r KGTTUlN -TO fcJfc)
T MAW v?v~WHY-* )
I il
So George Bart Will Have
Ul x uxu a x^vtt x/vwi v
ingr Place.
^ .
Georgia-Bart charged -with aa*anlt
on his aister-in-law, ca&e before Jo?
tic* Coumr joterdij afterpomx aid
mi aired an Interpreter to make things
plain. He sat ranch puzzled. Until
Harry Tchinjki, Interpreter, explained
each Question, when be stoutly and
with much emphaais denied the chars?.
George is of Ltthnanisn nationality
and has lived with his sister-ifl-la-w,
Pauline Bart, who keeps a board tea
house at Riveirille, for four years.
Both Mrs. Bart and the brother of
George Bart testified that George was
not wanted at the home of hli sisterin-law
because he got drunk regularly
every Saturday sight and tore things
up in general. Pauline Bart testified
that George threw a poker at her this
Sunday lust oast and that marks
where the poker had hit the door and
broken It coold plainly be seen at her
home. " She said she coold stand It
no longer said wanted George put
where he could sewer annoy her againAt
one time, Mrs? Bart testified, she
pnt George's clothes outside of the
house and .told him never to co?e
back, bat that he got in the bonse
someway Just the same and rt fused
to leave. When George, was asked
about thls< he shrugged his shoulder*
and said in his own. tongue which
was translated: I didn't throw no poker.
She came after me upstairs with
the poker herself and I shot my bedroom
door and mnldnlt let her inI
ain't got no place to go or 1 would
have gone before this. Places are
hard to get." Mrs. Bart replied that
.nobody yould take G-eoro in gebcause
he raised such a racket hen he 'Was
drunk and that besides throwing the
poker at her.Tje had said he would
kill her.
George's brother testified that things
were much *ss Mrs. "Pauline Bart had
stated. He had to be asked leyetal
times before he would admit he saw
George throw the poker at P?oliUe'
Mrs. Bart's husband did not appear,
and Justice Conaway said he cooldh't
render -a decision until be had heard
what the husband had to say. Sirs.
Bart promised to bring her faniMbd
in last night at eight o'clock. Georgs
was taken to jail Mr. Bart tei tided
in the evening mat be also wanted
George disposed of in some manner.
his morning Justice Conaway fined
Bart $10 and ordered, him to leave the
house of his slst?T-<n-**v r- " -a;
have to pat him under peace bond.
(Continued from Page One.)
Is also true of the rest bonse for nonresident
Fuel Administrator.
"W. M. Flourney, of Lewisburg, bat,
been appointed county fad adminls
trator for Greenbrier county, to at?cceed
Hon. John C. Dice, resigned.
^ Porductlon Figures.
According to the United States Fuel
administration report the -weekly
production of coal In the bituminous
fields has been as follows: October S,
12,660,470; October 12, 10.924.OS2*
October 19. 11,516.058. It esceJls
j CLQSfj
I The Be
= Thousar
1' The West
. 3 1 coupon o
X AND %7
S Greatest Song f
?? The colossal lisle, a*7^.b^?Tt *5
more than a thooaani at 4e wrK
SS and a?. has been accomplished.
= iS^aSJ.SSfhWiS8^
= price jje5s than one 1
I aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimiu
I fveusAtol
( A UE?r
ggE?\ Y -ifcPgFia
J W ^ ^pQHVBH^L^
SpEi^^^bfcj ' f N
AHa * ^. - Vfl
est or onitaa ;muhjv aad JISPM
-westward. ^
oat lowlottai.*MwS?fr to
Daily Digest. It lUtM that wrieas jU W
ntnlinaio uhesds, rack m the Wee
track committee tad oil itfrtrian -y;
hav* boon dissolve! bocaui tto rwt .5
that they hare undertaken has tmn '
production Inspector "George H- ^
Richardson is conlned to his hone r I
today because of illness.
Mia One* Hirdtng, a stenosis.
ph?r. has resignad bar Position at '
the local production division and left ;
for h?r borne at Btlpre. O.
Jilts Mary Alletntq. a steaosraphy |
of >? nrftHtlcHfm ftffle*. is dhflw , ;
fined to b?r home. She soften with ? |
a. aeTve cold. . awB
Arthur W. Thompson. Bellini cue
end Ohio Federal manager, was txt
Grafton this morning. it is understood
that he would travel over the v
Coal tad Coke railroad from BOdps
to Ctirlestoa. it is hardly likely that ... -JS*
Mr. Thompeon will tome to lUiaw< ,1 :yj3H
Th? state workmen's compensation . < $
commission at Charleston yesterday *- :aS
{ranted Dan Newbrough. of 'Worth- Sm
lngt'on, a life long pension of 94 .a.- -' St
week. Be lost bis eye sight in an ac- j
eldest vhlle at work for the Binge- t
mon oCal company. - ,
Wires for Nurses.
F. J- Patton. secretary of the North- ' 7JS
era West Virginia Coal Operators* As- 43BW
aociatlon-. this afternoon wired Henry
W. ?*?CKUJI, irnasiuiioii, v. v., wuw ?. ?. < _
la charge ot the Pc-omao Oivislea of
the Bed Cross, for a physician and two
nurses because of the prevalence of
the "flu." It Is understood that they
are wasted for the sick miners at Um <
mines of the Jamison mines at Farm- "~rj5|
lngton an t BarrackvllU The situation .'," 3
'is not alanuiajr, hat the company .is
deslrloas of taking the thing In" band . : I
la tune.
On Monday Mr. Fatten wired Br. Jag]
Austin Maxwell. Charleston, for a: 1
Physician and two nnrses. bat waa to- [dt
formed that the Ualtad States public
health ssryice had discontinued Its J*
work there on November 15.
Homo from Waahlnpten.
F.- 3- Patten, secretary of the North- , Je
ern West Virginia Coal Operators* As- < r,Kyl
sociatlon, arrived borne 'last night 'I
tViaVMPtnn. T> (*_
Today** Supply. Tod*y?
reporta ahow that or tto >;5
175 misea reportis* thcro ?t sea* ' ' I
down. Sixty-Are men *xe Idle and MO
tons will be lost la Production.
(Continued from page One) *j
once and they were siren opportunity "
before the court to send messages. >jsg
cither written or othtrwise, to their
Alt witnesses for the State Or ?!#
tense were dischargee snxu wn-umi? _
at tan o'clock- Both the cosscmI for
te State and for the defendant stated ~,vm
this miauas that the trial could mrr 5??
likely he finished la two din, not
worn tins tiuw at the ontaid*.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiini I
coupon | ||
?ok off a si
id Sonss I- I
Virginian s 1
q-secures = j
oc the book: == fl
MAIL = J j
ORDERS 25 8 4^1
(cr for I IU.
iook Ever Made
gmP?e<J. of Vhcsnc tmder oo? m?T S
1? nan popt^tr ?>tdard *0011, ?M ?- 5
Iq feh gSTWtioo. noTWS S - ' I v^H
llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ? J
nAL j I
s&L > rv I .? .' ^IIBI
tTYTBb* *
r I I

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