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-.V 25
WWttBMaiWCPiiiUut and PnMMi
W P f | VfT1" ftnGdfny. Adams <
VI'. J. WlEGKU' GCMrxl aCB
^EdJtoc. I Adrtr
-S J -T?w ?? ? - -
IUM ? . 1UJUIU UitUUll
itrf Is excluilvftly entit
tdltad In this newspaper v
d herein. All right* of roooo
qrla are also reserved.
t*s\lii-nse. t
uitlalim'CopreaetitiTlvo. EO
me. Xojjr York; ? a Wabtul
(TqiU* la advises only.)
MO; am TOOfithi, tut; oat
EER?Qn Fairmont.) One
IE?COntsTds of FilTznont-t
1- By carrier Three Cents,
itlons payable In advance .
?S tor ehistt to tddress gt
I '[ SoUaiben on oar carrier routes falling
BOiiliilut any evenlnx should .call ~WE5
I (taXttTfae fact and arive name and rcsldenct
| W1 dtfstf a paper to your^door at on
ff| | / believe in the United Statu of Ami
V rKtO. of the people, by the people, for >
-just portoers are derived from the consent
a democracy' in a republic, a sovereign
sovereign Statu; a perfect Urdon^ one
|||p5established upon those principles of freed
^ym^ Tniin/inih> rwAtVA J*n?r*/*/?vi
E'f aff UlltWIVIMI
ss. / therefore belt
e it; to support its
<ect its flag; and to
who were summon*
for a conference tl
construction commis
agencies, such as tl
nistration, the War
, if Mr. Wilson is ;
the process of gett
nt it might as well 1
it is about the least efficient and, m the 1
expensive scheme that could possibly be a
* " tVfcith die war pressure off and the atte
executive concentrated upon larger and m
~-:'Jaas. .reconstruction by the existing ages
been running for. some time like so many
^ -jracies,- is almost certain to develop into
-^attve. to be called jazz government.
?? Mr. Wilson at least ought to consent t
?.:> of a <3rief of. reconstruction, or an overs*
who would have power to keep the va
commissions so earnestly at work that the;
e^^^^ogr- dme to fight each other. ^
|g , . SHIPPiy<^QbNDITIC
v JF C^ainnanJfesV^ of the United Stat
^"/rr_Were"CeaQma merely with the maritin
. rope there would not be much doubt
; of the-plan to have the American stands
wo thing conditions adopted throughout tl
.of the world. But' China and Japan sd
sea earners, and their ships are notorious
igof pay and the general inferiority of fie
^ 7 . they accord the men who go to sea.
I But Mr. Hurley's plan is worth while
Kv. tf it wins only partially it will go a 1
md^g the new American merchant m
fQ- 'J \ payer as well as a sentimental success.
M; ' maintaining a ship under the American 1
ipr. .fig out of fie seaports of fie world for :
>' : There was a fine when die Democn
Turns oat that your Uncle Sam had
r;-some 'very efficient spies in Germany.
" And as they were not wasting any }
: Cthae trying to get factories burned.
Teat newspapers "influenced'1 or any .
things Tent agents In X
ttococntry did, they got the goods.
je?>.Maybe that will prove a lesson for V
j the Tent general staff.
|s?jj$ Bqt considering the bum Job it made c
ol the late -tear maybe the Teals will
^v .let the general staff out altogether. J
tpl: ' The last one was too darned logical
' -^Xor success In an Illogical world.
spring weather we are hawing
now were the real thing perhaps - it .
?5 swobld not set oar nerves so completely ?
Angeles felt earthquake tremors J
' When they heard about that at San *
^:-3Raaelscb -they probably cut loose ?;
TnT 'TiSili >)?n tw A*A Oil IV ol
?uu w*v uhj Mtg ywwv I
tHln** came in. - j?
BESBBSK :.' ? - Inan's
little, goalee gave the Mr
^.^ kthem city the biggest boom it ever I d
? I ?i
&: . la
,.^*; *-"v Vt? ,"i -h
Mgjg^^owtendeJ that Los I tl
upon obo&aoi 1
on the Qjrdp eta
irr ' ??, '- . and were operate
* pitt . lley tisuaUjr wen
sola^ ?A?r flag w
under American i
PRESS. iwlliti ?MV
led to tlMtiM for rii
3l?d to It or not Helot. ;
' Yet all the wlr
deads Ac Republ
BTtment* rexcHed been estimated as
' " we are paying tha
best e. Waxed; for ctnying Ante
Ave, Chicago.-,. Ths was one of 1
effort we made b<
.Sr^001 But wkha big
year. Jt.oo; mix to overcome this
c. 15c. Per eopr good, i/any nrar]
One month. 75e; the otber manufai
fore Mr. Hurley
re old an *el] as ^pmpmm^nt at W
west.Wna.aa tiom can render
m deep sea conns
er call
to pet The West. ;
iTEBK roiOK." ^ it a nt rc r
i and a messenger f HAKLEJ r
ice. Then, la no [ ^ sity of Wise
1 of one of t]
,ER i91c institutions of thi
-?'191S- known as a pubii
title to fame was
' Virginians becaoa
same relation to 1
m of his own and I
j^V Dr. I. G White
' Virginia. His gi
3pi companies took h
* was a member of
JR But geology, v
baps his most abi
subject upon whj
He was quite emi
F.F.n ant factor in the
rrica as a govern- 43 ^ W?consm
the people, whose maay years ^
of the governed; commonwealth in
Natim of many Pted Pontics.
and inseparable, -All in all,' Cha
om, equality. jus- state and die grea
patriots sacrificed 30 much firmness
eve it is my duty matter so will die
Constitution; to
defend it against New York's bh
of a bin-to-bin sc
^r~_ a t bo his discovers
TION. ply 0f about thr<
have told Demo- Hylan what a no
sd to the White ?r? K PMt ?*>
tat he is opposed UCT5" - D'
sion, either execu- could not tt
the work ought probably te ** *e
ic War Industries or as It ever will
Trade board and h??01*? enligbtei
permitted to have and storage prog
ing business back line bo far has b
* recognized that itiatire of the co
ong run, the most city In the world
dopted. terB w has New :
ntion of the chief neglect them as 1
ore pressing prob- Hylan type as ma
icies, which have
unlimited autoc- Washington dli
what rmgke de- heen hung np in t
shows that the U:
0 the appointment most complete a
ter of styne going on in Germ
rious boards' and not surprise
V would not have *he &8?ai?sh war <
.. y actual Spanish'c
the government
1 XTC Ifl ww il
? Shipping board t?uE4r-that wWle
. "? r r i 'what there is of
ic nations of tu- I
about the success }
trd of wages and I British eaanait
le merchant fleets 3,049,991. Of tl
so are great deep 665. such Agar*
for the low rate t0 tte ^ Frenc
: treatment which ;
a Earl W. Ogleb;
trying, and even state, predicts tl
long way toward tied tor some tin
arine a dividend is among the pi
The* high cost of never permit too
Jag has Icept that trol of their bus!
many years. nlate prices, or at
its made a great made.
Wonder if the politicians np around
vt? ..a -?a4.' , _
uc uie> uuiiuiu^ ate uui. sckuug a
ittle Jumpy la their nerves ?
About time tor the Colonel to turn
Of course be knows "'the worst."
But watt until he begins to delving
nto the details.
And to figuring up the average and
Well, politics is only a nice game
vbon you win.
And a MC <3 you can't be sure of la
lo offset tor a toga' and a place at the
nmwvfl tiMia
lard Coal Miners to
Be Let Out of Army
WASHINGTON, Not. 20. ? Immolate
release from the army of .men
a training in this country who prior
> their induction into military serrlce
ere anthracite coal miners, has
een ordered by Secretary Baker, at
le request of the fuel administration.
Xrgent need for increased production
t an thro cite coal led to the issuing
r the1 order, the fuel administration
snonnced last night.
Instructions sent by Secretary <I{per
to. all'training camp commanders
Irani, tint-" miner* in their
ixlitary isrrice be sent to mkihtac
those "wbo de*b? to. resmne
lelr former oqeapsttat *m ?e Street
*Tli* amlTmfmtTi'i i i Tkmi Vlur mmmr rl ujTuL'Ti II
-*> j-- i *
Wi flm#ry?w fwp yards
U made <.uuq*litinii vritb die yards
Ir- Vet even after slips were fcoflt here
A W ' wlitl# Aiw*iir?H flao _
: transferred to foreign corporations and x
is run op.. It cost too modi to ran titan I
egistry for one dung end American cape
larger returns from investments m-other ^
ife the capitalists were getting better tfivi- t
Ik ,was losing annually a sum which has *
high as $200.000,000. That is to say,
tmoch to shipping lines flying other flags
lican goods into the markets of the world,
he most difficult handicaps in what little E
fore die war in foreign commerce,
fleet and a fair field we ought to be able
and to be able to lay down American
led,upon something like equal terms with
during and commercial, nations. There-'
' ought to have whatever assistance die
ashington -and die big business organization
at his effort to eqtudize conditions
erce. ^ .
L Van HISE. president of the Univer- *
:onsin. who -died yesterday, was the head a
be most famous of the great educational ^
5 country IUI many /can, ana uc was i
cist of persuasive powers, but his greatest J
as a scientist. His career interests West x
se as * geologist he boije somewhat the T
he devdopejent of the great iron ranges y
he adjoining state of Michigan that our.
has had to the mineral resources of West
eological labors in the interest of mining
in all over the world, however, and he ?.
many, scientific societies. l<
diile Dr. Van Hise's first love, and per- ^
ding passion, was by no means the only s
ich he spoke and wrote with authority. *
nent in political economy and an import- v
development of what came to .be known j,
. idea of university extension which for
: the Badger state the most progressive a
die" country from die standpoint of ap- ?
... fi
.rles Van Hise was a great man. and he b
it university over which he presided with fl
will miss him not a little. And for that J
: whole country.
o n
atant mayor announces that as a result ^
irvey of the fuel situation in that town f]
i a shortage below a normal coal sup- ti
se and a half million tons. Who told d
nnal coal supply in New York consists
lerience teaches anything there never
apply in New York that a week of blizurn
into a deficit, so to speak. New York
11 off for coal right now as ever it was, 1?
: be until the authorities of that town P1
ted enough to study the fuel problem ^
and work out an adequate terminal n;
ram. What has been done along that r<
een done almost entirely upon the in- 111
al carrying railroads. No other gn&t" ^
has so shamefully neglected such mat- a
fork. And that town will continue to hi
ong as it continues to elect men of the
tyor- y'
~? , " " ~ al
ipatches teH of a chart which has Just C
he office,-of the secretary of war "which
oited States government possessed the sl
nd accurate knowledge of what was
i*ny utrougnoui im enure war. xms
any one who remembers that daring hi
>ar government was better posted upon ^
onditlons throughout the world than ^
at Madrid.. The-American espionage tc
ic American army standard. "Which is
: It may not be the largest in the world,
it is mighty good. ^
??o???? il
les in all theatres of .the war totaled ei
bis number"the hilled numbered 658.hi
mnVfl th* iMf fthonf RHtain flchtin?
hman seem more than a little tawdry. B
O? : -v
ay. federal food administrator for thl3 p
tat the control of food will be continte
after the actual end of the war. It
Mobilities that the government may
d dealers to recover unrestricted con- ness
and that even more effort to reg1
least to keep ,them reasonable, will be
What People Say
and Some Side Remarks
- 'I
Dr. W. Fletcher Damn, pastor of the
: Woodlawn Heights Congregational
church In New Tort, before entering
7. M. C. A. work was In Southern
West Virginia In connection with the
United War Work campaign and fairi
ly raved over West Virginia scenery:
"The New River canyon cannot
M nupusctr ia uciuiiy ana gnu
Sr. Hum made an address at the
Greenbrier hotel at White Sulphur
Springs and says many New Yorkers
who had already contributed to the
fund in New York did so again. One
rich fellow told Sr. Djram:
"It cost roe another hundred to
hear your speech, but I don't regret
Sr. Damn was aalced -what ought to
be the punishment of the Kaiser and
-Let him live. I like the New
York Times editorial. Let him
feel his shame. Let him know
why-we let him live. It wonjd
. be a crime to take'bis life."
"Wfctax asked wnat ougnt to oe done
to a person who would try to steal
moxjies contributed to nurse and lor
""Such a perron ought to be In
" - ? '
.. ?>- ;
- James E. Hawker FuatnL
The remains of James EL Hawker
rho died in dndmntf Ohio, cm San
ay evening. November 17th, wer?
rcmgbt to Grangevilie -where the fix
eral was hell yesterday afternoon
ntezment being ^made in the Grange
ille cemetery. The deceased is sor
fired by his wife, who was before hei
carriage Miss Ailie Shaw, of Grangfc
file, one brother. Henry Hawker, oi
Wrtehoma, and one step-son. Raj
task, now in Prance.* Mrs. Hawkei
.ccompanied the remains here.
Writes from France.
Dear Dad:?How are you all? 1
im as well as could be, and am h&vinj
i fine time. How is every one heel
here? I am surely seeing lots o:
ountry now. Saw the large clty.o:
Paris. My but that is some town. Wi
eft Economy, where we were camp
ng. and were on the train two day:
nd nights, and I sof some country
ben; some places were almost level
have never received any mail frcn
tome or any one, except one lette:
rom Irena, one from Russell, and oat
torn Idly Hibbs; these are all 1 bav<
rotten. I -want to answer Lily's to<
his evening. She wrote me oftei
chen I was in the states. Tell Rev
dichael. Grandpa Gump and every
ody that I am getting along fine ant
im able for my meals three times s
lay. You ought to see us boys count
ngT money, the kind they have ovei
ere; we can't scarcely count one piece
rom another. Well as I don't have
ouch time to write. I will clos,e anc
crito again soon . Let me hear Iron
on all back there. Your son,
Solder Writes.
Under date of October 10th. a
riend here has received an interesting
jtter from Harry W- Jones, with the
ailway transportation A. E. F. ii
Yance. Owing to the strict censor'
hip of all outgoing mail he Is forced
o omit some experiences of which he
rould like to unite. Although he has
ot been up in the trenches he is doag
all he can toward whipping the
T>/naV ^ ? I mof'nr (e
JL>uvuct auu ttiuug miu uio niwca la
iming to keep the boys supplied -with
a tables and other necessaries. At
he time of writing he was not far
rom the front and moving steadily
nt surely. His company has had a
aw experiences with the "Boche"
lanes, of which he can not give the
Harry complains of not receiving
luch mail, having not received a letsr
for a long time. He asks his friends
> write, and will await the news
rom back hone with as much paence
as he can muster. His adcess
is: Harry W. Jones. Regulating
tation "J," Secteur Postal No. 20,
m. Ex. Forces, France.
Move to Pittsburgh.
A. E. McCance. left yesterday for
ittsburgh, where he has accepted a
Qsitioa as assistant floor manager
l the main office of the Oil Well Supty
company. Mrs. McCance and
lece, Miss Margaret McCance will
imain for a short time at their home
l Howard =ftei" which they
ill gj'io Pittsburgh, where the famy
will reside. Mr. McCance has held
position with the same company
ere for the past four years.
Among the Sick.
T. W. Beall 1b nuite ill- of influenza
t his home In Jefferson street. Cbas.
. Wells, who has been seriously ill
>r the past two or three days, is
lghtly improved.
On Ship-Arizona.
Mrs. George Fletcher, of Sunshine,
as reecived word that her son. Camen
McNeil, who has been stationed
t Hampton Roads, Va.. in the U. S.
aval service, has been transferred
> the battleship Arizona.
Move to Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Rejd expect
> move this wek to their new home
i Oklahoma, where. Mr! Reid will be
ogaged In oil field work.
Hotel Arrivals.
Bartlett?A. G. Ehret, Columbus. O.;
!. J. Newman, L- C.- Lippen, Pitts
(BY <
iON'r MOV^r
uZ7 wEBff - II //P
J Emit j tr ^
jb-p TH? -?>6X>*PI3>ATtX> :
viUxIfctNb, UJt'LL. WJ--L*
, U /*==? r-ZZ^r ^
And Christmas not far off,
height. We are meeting it
r ''
t Scores of attractive
r styles and materials make
it easy to choose a suit or
t coat here and we have ret
cent novelties as well as
t more conservative styles
[ to choose irom, and -what
ever price you pay brings
r. you an excellent value.
> OurGeorgette
Waist Special
:f At $475
; Is something you must
not overlook. Put it on
t your shopping list and
come in and look.
Special Value $4.75
Smart, Close
for the wintry days that ar
vet and plush?trimmed wi
| of ostrich and burnt goose.
A woman never feels as
wears a close ntfcing hat and
satisfied with your winter h
very new turbans and make
erately priced.
True Values
burgh; J. L. Weaver, Roseville, O.; d
J. C. Burris, Mount Vernon, O.; G. W. n
Foreman, Los Angeles, Cal.; Will a
Lamping, New Watamoras, O.; C. W.
Moore, W. Allen, St. Louis; E. Y. b
Dougherty, New York; W. O. Bengelin,
Trenton, N. J.; D. S. Greever, C. ti
L. Norris, W. H. Aj-rington, Virginia, p
Wfells.?Giles L. Mason, Moundsville;
Bert Tompkins, Cincinnati; Taylor n
Conklia, Hundred; "Hoy Reeder, Wal- tl
lace; Kills Baker, Salt Lake; H. D. r
Kalb, Columbus, 0.; J. W. Kennedy, n
?i d
Sergeant Modi Here. F
Sergeant Abraham Modi arrived 13
here yesterday morning from Camp
JLiCe. v irginia, mr a. ssun luni/u&u with
Fifty Horse Power. ?
J. A. Mason and company unloaded
a Ufty horse-power Bessemer gas en- -y
i sine here yesterday morning, which
will be installed on their lease near b
Personals. t]
Mrs. L. J. Lake and daughter, Mrs.
Charles M. Chaddock, have returned
from a visit with Mr. and "Mrs. Harry h
Shasler, at Cannonsborg; Pa. William
Cunningham, of Fairmont,
was a business visitor in Mannlngton
Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Hite and chil- ?
JC? -men sche. mf (MS
?CM ||!y< *
r , ; '
the demand * or Women's ?
i? . _ ? _ 1 _x _
wira oig ana ^aiversmea sax
. every requirement.
The Gift
Furs, Muffs and Scarfs...
Knitted Scarfs of many co
Sweaters, wool and fibre .
DIouses of Voile and Orga:
Blouses of Georgette
Blouses of crepe de chine
"""osiery of all desirable grs
Handkerchiefs, the largest
* Kimonos (silk cotton and fl
Vanity Bags ? ..
* wv * _ 1 A
Furses ana Jtsags 01 velvet,
Gloves, in silk
Gloves, in kid
Neckwear in charming an
Umbrellas servicable make
Niagara Maid Silk undergj
Dolls (American made)...
Fitting Hats
e coming. Turbans of velth
the very'newest effects
5 well dressed as when she
[ veil. If you are not quite
at, come and look at these
your, selection. Very mod.
,ren spent the weelt end with the tor- M
aer's cousins, the Misses Jeannette W
ad Caroline Bright, in Fairmont. M
C. C. Coflman has returned from aM
us in ess visit in/Wheeling. 1 i
D. S. Jones wQl go to Mounds ville^ m
omoirow for a -short .visit with bis; arenta,
Mr. and-Mrs. Z. W. Jones. ; f
Mrs. JesseHaube and children hare I
etnrned' from ' Tarentum. Pa., where I
hey were called by the death of a I
ek<v <11nAa. A# I
lembers of the former's- family.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Jadd and chllren
have returned from Franklin,
'a., having been called there by the
llness of a relative of Mrs. Judd.
J. Bowen Knotts was a business yislsr
in Fairmont yesterday.
Bert Tgmpkias is. home from jCIninnati.
where he is employed,- for a
ew days' ' visit with his family In
lighland street, Burt Hill.
O. N. Koen is a business visitor In
Wheeling this week. r
Fred A. Burt, has returned from a
ashless visit in Fairmont.
C. V. Redlc; of The Fairmont West
Irginian, was a business visitor In
lie city yesterday.
Celebrate the close of the war by
earing the ininimltable Irvin Cobb,
t Opera House. Wednesday evening.
Preston county buckwheat. noma
tyle, for breakfast each morning:
toyers Restaurant.?Adv.
Every man is going to treat his feet
a a new pair of shoes.?adv.
to take care of ever; seed in the bi
. of long and successful experience
J. M. BEO WN FIELD. President GE
C. RICHARD watt.. Cashier H.
Geo. -E. Amos . Z. F. Davis
. 3. M. Bievnfield Howard R. Fn
T. L Brett H. J: Hartley
W. S. Meredith
thf peoples
' . % *
For Your Boys and Girls.
is latgeJf a matter-of common
sense.. Aid common sense wOl
tell you that you are most likely
to geJ the RIGHT SHOES- In'
the storJthat puts tightness-tad
rellableoss of quality above all
other t/kgs.
Com//la and get'them flttei.
SW M ShnM?black end tan. .
D kt Shoes Cor: Boys and Girls
Sh Buckle Boots?all sixes, ;
_. _~ -~ ; 'I
bearing Apparel k> at lH
annelette) S2.75 to $48.50 I
I j
yMAHHi n
r |UMMH|n I S
l ' ^fT^vTj
^ : I J
i j
~j 106^10
^Tickets for Irvln Cobb at Mar^Time
men were getting new shoes.? J
It's botmd to be yo?ir?finsi|jj[
cough because It's bonad^C^H
come sometime. Ton can resttt- JqI
It make It your last cong&bj^aHH
Crane's White Pine |
Mentholated Cough
noted for It's rapidity and I
flciency In heading off *3II
cough before it becomes 'eer^?
loos, that la. taking It to. txmeg I
Now is the time. Get ?r hot- IH
Drug StoreJJ
QUIPPED ' . , ' S li3
inWro line, and officered! by
t we solicit your patronage.
ORGE E. AMOS. Vice Fresldqnt I
. J. HARTLEY. Vice President
Pwwcwn Sinclair ... jljjfl
V oil- I
* y^p^* j,^.'?*NQi?
% *
B?00 to^4jO ^ I

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