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I jj j A ' " :V. ^
b| . '" osr bet: r. b. "tti-z^ateb, d. ?..
FA ; T?char at EaCDah Btbla la tba Hoody
[\ Nolo lasatnte of Chicago.)
) (Copyright. AH, Westers Nowiptpox
' Pnten->
f - * LESSON TEXT?Genesis
GOLDEN TEXT?A soft answer tnrneth
way wrath.?Proverbs 15:1.
From . Bethel, Jacob went to Padanoram
to his mother's people. Here he
erred Laban for twenty years?fourteen
years for his wives and six years
| for certain wages. In his dealings
with Labcn he Sads his match?two
schemers get together?"diamond cats
1. Jacob Departs for Canaan (SI:
* " M' The time had come for Jacob to
5? back to his kindred In the land of
Jp Canaan. The Lord instructed him so
to do ( . 13). Though going forward
under the direction of God. his Jacobnature
caused hlaa to take clandestine
leave of Libia. When Labia realized
the situation he went In hot pursuit,
bat God appeared unto bim in a dream
and warned him against any act ef -violence
toward Jacob. They formed a
compact and Laban returned home.
II.. Jacob on the Way (chapter 32.)
La&an's return freed Jacob from
the enemy who was pursuing him from
behind, bnt he faced a more formidable
one la the person of Esau.
1. Jacob meeting the angels ( . 1).
Two camps of angels met -him to
T . gire him the aaaorance that God would
fee with him according to his premise.
V Wotwitbstanding this, he continued to
jU scheme. He sect a. deputation with a
message of good cheer to Esau.
2. Jacob prayinr <w. 0-12).
Esau made no reply to Jacob's mes tte,
but went r-ir-- r.rO with an trmy
of men. f-;ar l;r: ? --' reto siect
.Jacob. Jacob ' ; c:-t distress.
. therefore he < '<" ,x>n God
In prayer. .. :mea at
fir " -a! < I- direct.
Sft ?3'' . w Ood of
jjjk *" return,
T* uiae
B . ---110
i ~h
l*' ' ?rH
l I
L... -?icad
' . realllng
1 '(?, Tact-'
t, bat
?: stifle*
wl! o had
jV Ili.i *i tile
Vr Lor . ring
fr' would t nee.
Accord'; : ahead
.- f *oarr--? ' - "While
Jchi-Beyin;4 " > 11 tilm and
wrestled wi.b Tar newnet
who he was. I ho t ^ht that
Fasc had pouL-. a upon .a In the
dark. He exerted every ounce of
L . ntrengtb In what he thought was the
struggle for Ms very life. The morajj
Ing was appronchlng. and still the
wrestlers continued. Jacob not knowing
it was Jehovah manifest In hnK
mux form. This Is the second crisis
is Jacob's life He did not dare to
enter the promised land trader the control
of his selfsufflcieney: his selfish
V wfil must be broken: his Jaceb-natnr?
must be changed. God humbled him
by dislocating his thigh. 'When thns
humbled, he quit wrestling and elung
^ to God. He got the blessing when he.
HI conscious of his weakness, laid hold
[ of God.
4. Jacob gets s new name (v. 28).
. He was no longer Jacob, the sop
Winter; oar unci, a prince *t uoo.
Els new same was given kla liter
hi bad a new nature. He came lac*
to face with God. and face to lace
with himself, and fenght the battle to
e a we Bust have the new name
before we can enter the place of
blessing. Jacob came to realize that
he had been struggling with God. for
he celled the place "Pen!el." which
means "face to face with God.
? III. Jacob Meets Esau (33:l-llV
Eb God had evidentlw wronrht vM9t
Statu. for -when Jacob approached Mas
the sting of bitterness was gone. It
was net Jacob's scheming that retnore^
Esau's anger, but the action of
tha Supernatural upon his heart At
?JTabbok Jacob got right with God, so
when be met Esau it was an easy
matter to get right with him. When
*.V we are right with God It is an easir
matter to get right with our brother.
In This Ufe.
We hear much of love to God. Christ
poke much of love to man. We make
y, a great deal of peace with heaven.
Christ made much of peace on earth.
tBdigion Is not a strange or added
thing, but the Inspiration of the aecular
life, the breathing of an eternal
spirit through this temporal world.
?' ?? ;
Man and HI* Faith.
Faith la the substratum of life; so
Put a Man win be as he believes, ?nd
jwtn baBeve as hi Qvea.-vsWrn. k T*y.
jj??C His. Jacob F. Jackson, of Rid^ely
jiv tvenue. has received a cahlesram
: from her husband, Sergeant Jackson.
tnnouncing that be has arrived si'ely
^^n the other side. Sergeant Jaekaon
grin aerrlc?.tor about a year at
I Rpibs and Turkeys at Rohb ? Kra
I .... -\ ? --> V ""
I.--.- ' * ..
? '
j ^
As Elmer lay under his truck !
I who is racking the road, he bappi
' load of ammunition.
To Visit Son.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Meredith
euve next week for Lake Geneva,
v'is.. to spend the Thanksgiving re
.'3ss with their son, Jamison Mere
diih, who is a student at the North
western Military and Naval academy.
To Entertain District Secretary.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
ciety of the First M. E. church will
cet on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30
clock at the home of Mrs. J. L. Hail
: 302 Gaston avenue with Mrs. Maria!
Ogden and Mrs. Hele nPhillips
3 assistant hostesses. Mrs. G. W.
.awkins, of Mannington district, sec
atary of the Morgan town district, will
jc present to address the society,
. am. T. W. Fleming will direct the
; study hour. Members are ashed to
return the quarters recently given
them by Mrs. Levi Harr with "accrued
interest" the money realized to
go to a recently established orphanage.
i Miss Irma Lumiens entertained a
: number of her friends last evening at
her home in Rldgely avenue the event
being styled a Victory party which
. event had been promised her friends
, after an allied victory had been
achieved. Miss Lumiens and other
members of her family are natives of
' Belgium and the victory has special
j significance to them.
The guests last night included a
number of the hostesses' fellow employes
at the J. M. Hartley and Co.
store and they were entertained after
the manner of Belgian customs. The
:ll j
Miss Mary Etta Bishop and Miss
1 wont fA P1Hn? vpe.
terday to spend a few days -with the
former's brother. R. W. Bishop and
Born on Friday to Mr. and Mrs.
W. D. Hall at their home on Mt
Vernon avenne. & daughter. Mr.
Hall is employed with the M. V. T.
Company. Mrs. Hall was rormerly
j Miss Gertrude McDonough.
j W. L. Gooding. B. & O. conductor,
is ill from pneumonia a this home
on Field street. His daughter. Miss
Madge, who has been ill Is recovering.
j Mr. and Mrs. Jas. R. Linn are
here from Cleveland, O.. to spend
several weeks with relatives.
Mrs. E. H. Henderson of Fourth
street is recovering from an illness
from influenza.
Mrs. Jennie Engle has returned
from "Wheeling where she had spent
several days with her daughter,
Mrs. Harry Bobson, and ramlly.
Harry Heintzleman who has been
here on a visit to his father. H. V.
Heintzelman and family left last
night for Lake Geneva, "Wis., to resume
his studies at the Northwestern
Military and Naval Academy.
Oliver A. Wood, manager of the
Fairmont Window Glass Co.. Is in
- *- * /"v ? *4..
wasniuglOIl, u. aibcuums a
meeting of glass manufacturers ot
the National War Service Board.
Mr. Wood is a representative rrom
the state on the board.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Nutter and
family of Wallace, tv. Va.. are the
: guests of M. W. Ogden and family
for a few days.
Mrs. C. W. Gretlzner of Westernport,
Md? Is the guest of her sisters
in law, Mrs. J. M. Altman and
Miss Effa Gretzner at their home in
this city.
Turkeys, sice and plump at Robb &
Home baked-pies ana pastries. Beyer's
Restaurant. Adv.
Squab* and Turkey* at Robb & Kramar's.?Adr.
Lis ^ I
/ ^ ? ? I
> eeking protection from a Hun avion
! ned to think that be was hauling a
| guests included tbe Misses Jane Mont!
gomery, Ella Snider. Mary and Rose
Byrne. Elizabeth Hunsaker, Laura
Robinson. Blanche Price, Eleanor
Straight. Adelaide Pinnell, Kate McMillan.
Christina Story, Mrs. Clarence
Statler and Mrs. Roy Cotter.
On Extended Visit
Mrs. G. B. Moore and daughter.
Miss Katharyn and son, Paul, left last
I night for Wilmington. Del., on an ex|
tended visit _to the former's sisters, t
Mrs. Thos. DicKmson ana mrs. ?i- t
ward Berry. Mrs. Moore and son -will j
return the first of the year and Miss t
Moore will make a longer visit there, s
* m T
Enjoyable Event d
One of the most enjoyable events in s
church circles for some time was the s
reception of First M. E. church, south, f
last evening at which members of the 1
congregation were hosts honoring the d
new presiding elder of the district, t
the JRev. A. M. Martin, and the return- 1
ed pastor, the Rev. R. J. Yoak. and i
their respective families. The honor a
guests with members of the official t
board received the guests on their ar- I
rival and they were later entertained i
with an informal program on which a t
male quartette composed of Dr. C. M. b
t>orr?ocvt* tt t. .tones. Davton Mayers n
and Carl Yost figured prominently. 1
Mrs. Dalton Simon and Miss Nell Don- a
gan rendered piano selections and t
brief addresses were made by both c
Rev. Mr. Martin and the Rev. Mr. c
LYoak. Refreshments were served dur- t
|lng the evening by the women of the s
I church.
If " il t
Woithington j
Retained to Asylum. d
? > -
! Howard Hess, wlio has Been, an in- 1
I mate of the hospital for the insane at J
Weston for several years, ran away 1
from the institution several weeks 8
ago and came to Worthington. He '
seemed to be all right for some time. 1
but the first of this week he began 8
to act badly and the authorities at '
Weston were notified to come and get 0
I him. as he was becoming dangerous. 8
| An attendant came on Thursday af- :
1 ternoon and took him hack to the
Placing >"ew Poles. 8
I The Munongahela "Valley Traction s
? ? ? ? ? ? - ? v ? -s ? _ e J ? t.
niuiytta: aic replacing me uiu p'ues i
ia town with new ones. The old ?nes, 1<
put up eleven or twelve rears ago, s
were about rotted off at the top of t
the ground and were becoming dan- a
gerous. a
The Fin Situation. c
There seems to have been a flare
back in the ha situation and there sue
more new cases at present than there 1
were at any time previous. The reports
give at least fourteen new cases
this week. Among those are the en- e
tier family of W. H. Doty, A. W.
Brown. Carl Brooks. Marine and Max- "
cus. Barbe .Mrs. W. R. Collins and ',
two children.
Earl Bryan and J. E. Wood were
business visitors in Fairmont Thursday!
Mrs .Rebecca Kisner has purchased
the Howard Shaver property in the
rear of the Baptist church and moved
there Wednesday. J
Mr. and Mrs- Orley W. Morgan re- J
u:is wcco. IUIIU ? oc*ciM UAJS Vj
visit la Pittsburgh.
FInley Oakes was a business visitor d
In Fairmont Wednesday evening. a
Mrs. Sandy Hall, or Everson. was j,
shopping in Worthington on Monday a
afternon. .
J. M. Clem, who has been working
here as blacksmith for several,
months, has removed to AnnabeHe. wheer
he has accepted a position. ?
wa stransacting business here yrMay. ?
jtwa.recroi tmrtnses ?
^ i
TbanlcsglTing day is not far off and
trkeys are maHagan appearance in
lie city?One fellows at that?et a
Ine price. 1 veil know. Bat we don't
lave turkey every day in the wees so
inst toes a fifty cent piece in a Jar
?ch day and by the time turkey day
irrtves, you'll have enough for a good
died one. Some people say they can't
possibly eat a whole turkey so they
prefer chicken. There really isn't
nuch difference?in tact some people
ike the chicken taste best. Is there
mybody in your house expert in the
oh of roasting a chicken? We've got
wmebody in our family who Is the
>est master of that job I ever knew,
s'o doubt you've got somebody in your
iimily equal master of the job. Have
rotx ever tasted chicken which was
lelicioosly tender at through rrtth
seamy gravy all abont it and a smooth
prcwn taste, with no sign of a tough j
inter skin and with even the legs just 1
;ood. good, good! That's some chick>n!
And not many women know how
r> cook one that way. Either the skin
s dry and hard or the meat itselt
pas cooked till tasteless, of the gravy
s far from creamy or there are a few
t+Hkai- 'hind* the matter with it. diffi
nit to describe. Tie to the lady who
an cook turkey or chicken, right this
[hanksgiving. If you haven't got
inch a lady?have pork chops!
Swinging from pork chops to cats
nay be quite a jump, but after all they
lave something in common. Today 1
im interested in cats because we have
ine at cur house who is causing quite
i little trouble. Anybody who finds a
mman interest in animals will appre:Iate
the small tragedy which is takes
place at our house. A small dog.
[uite for some time, the sole pet in
he house, feels much as did the small
toy when he discovered that somelody
had presented his mother with a
fee, ngly baby. A very tiny black cat
tn nrt-r dnnr fnr three nlehts in
recession and demanded admission,
inly one member of tbe family was
a favor of admitting tbe creature and
.11 because a small plaintive meow got
be best of bis sympathies. So tbe
Jtten was brought in and i^i. It
teed not be added that now tbe animal
eases to leave. As soon as we put
ler out on the porch and say, "Go
.way!" she sits down and waits to be
aken In again?which we do. Tbe
log in tbe bouse is highly disgusted,
bough at first she did very little but
tay at a discreet distance, not offerog
to touch pussy until our backs
fere turned when she made one mad
lash for her, nearly swallowing whole
hat poor, frightened mite of a cat.
vaen scoiaea, our aog went, unaer uic
raffet and sulked. When anybody
ook up the cat, tbat dog howled In
ealous pain. Not a loud howl but
ost a low whine as though actually
uttering. She finally put her head
own between her paws and refused
o look and there she stayed, refuses
food or consolation.
We have tried to perstiade the two
o become friends but it is useless. So
te have to keep pussy in the baseaent
when we are not at home and
he dog in the kitchen. We are contan
tly afraid a tragedy will occur
then no one is at home and if ever it
oes. there will be nothing left but a
mall amount of black fur as circumtantial
evidence. Yesterday we tried
eeding the two from the same dish,
he dog took one bite and retired in j
lisgnst back of the stove. Though |
ery hungry, nothing could persuade |
lex* 10 cume UUL wuiie uic WL *?-mined
in the room. Thinking ber
sleep, I -went in tie next room, leavQg
the kitten placidly drinking milk,
heard a commotion and coming in,
discovered oar dog dragging pussy
iackwards by the tail. This was a
tew one. I rescued the cat and went
ut again, watching around the door,
lie dog walked quickly up to kitty
ad kitty put up her small back and
dssed faintly. The dog looked ber
>ver, made a quick jump, and landed
ver her on the otber side. Before
he cat had recovered, she found herelf
thrown clear across the room.
I believe our dog has come to the ~
onclusion that killing wrill not be adowed
in this family so she intends m
o frighten the cat out of her wits so a
he will leave of her own accord. I
hissy now leaves the room hastily |
rhen the dog enters. We don't dare I
ake our eyes off ot them. Today, oar
log could not be found. Neither could
lie cat. After some search the dog
fas discovered under the couch and
he cat under a chair. Both faced
acb other from a distance of across
he room and a move from either ot
hem would have received instant reponse.
The suspense was more than
re cared to endure. Thoroughly tired
f the trouble, we hauled out the dog
nd also the cat and placed them side ;
iy side, explaining quite plainly that j
t was time to make up. Pussy sniffed j
nd the dog lay down and went to |
leep as though tired. We left them
otjether. The cat walked cautiously
one distance away and also west to
leep. We soon discovered that both
tad one eye open. We pretended to
eave the room and hid behind a
creen. Instantly that dog was after
he cat, and such a mixture of howls
ad spitltng I hope to never hear
igain. We have about come to the
inclusion that we'd rather have the
Ircomstantial evidence!
Dressed Chickens, Squabs and Tur:eys
at Robb & Kramer's.?Adv.
Home baked Pies and Pastr.es. Boyir's
Restaurant. .Adv.
liunnruL rim int ininu
Chem. Co,
laJtimore. Md.?
Jost a line to thank yon for introucing
Noxzema. Its soothing, healing,
ction on banted, irritated, itching or
lOaxned shin is truly -wonderful; and
s a remedy for eczema, its value is
upreme. its a double pleasure to
rescrfbe and endorse it.
Nozzema Skin Cream is offered to
te people of Fairmont ^rictiynn Us ~
... - - " "" ' ' "
A 0
A Cft i ttijiiHS "RwiMniTitncr \ \ . i fl
Frth * Distinction all ?& aITV
If, Own- Awl]
And Santa Cans has sent enough Toys
Little Be
All the little Elfin Folk in 'The Land
their delightful work, completed their c
Games and Books to Toy land. Toyland
Heaps of things for every boy that's
or**1 o P.liwcfmoc \ Tl
CVUjr Uig gill a. viuxcwuum* AX W
Dolls and other things for little girls. 1
light. .
ETery kind of dell?dolls ivith short hair,
dolls with long curly hair, patriotic dolls. Red
Cross nurses. Jolly Boy and Girl dolls. Boy Scont
dolls?50c to $7.50.
DOLL BEDS?111 a variety of sizes. Wire heds
50c to $1.25: wooden beds and cradles. $1.50.
V/jiiTE ENAMEL FURNITTJEE?lovely china
cabinets, dressers, dressing tables, beds, chairs and
rockers. Decorated with cretonne and painted
childish pictures.
DESKS?ln "white, natural, golden and weathered
oak, $2.75 to $6.00.
DOLL CARRIAGES?$1.00 to $6.00: sulkeys.
Sl.OO to $3.00.
Upholstered reed rockers in brown and ivory
with cretonne covered backs and cushions.
Speedo Cars. Overland Roadster, Ford Autos,
Army and Express Cars, Bonny Cars?$1.75 to
The Little Christm
? If ? J_T_ J- ?."UtyO, nv
sparioing wiun a rauiiuicc muui ui
freshness can reflect, the little Christma
vote it's service to those happily pursuiii
It's^a. regular little treasure-house <
tions?-ornamental, practical, elaborate,
meeting the means and extremes of any
i wisdom of quality and knows that subt
can be sent with the little gift for a moi
the gift enduring by any one who"choc
liberation. Visit the little Christmas St
F. W. Wool
5 AND 10 CE*
Watch our windows?watch on
Gold Band Crockery 10c
Cups and Saucers, complete 10c
Large Granite Padding Pans 10c
Bine and White Preserve Kettles 10c
Large Granite Milk Pans 10c
Lenox Laundry Soap c
Jello (all flavors) per package 10c
! Large Cake of Ivory Soap iuc r
| White Crockery. Dishes 10c
Palmofive Soap, per cake ,10c ?
I aes that usually retail at 50c to $1.00 per
on our counters during this Sc!e. We hoi
values at 5c and 10c per pard and 10c per
Wool worth store* We have actually recs
Finest Baby and Voile Alovers, Swiss, Be
Cover and Flouncing:, English Long
" ' '' '' '' <^''
v ""v
and Dolls and Games for Every GogkIJ
: Whee Toys are Made" have finished *J
orders, and rushed these Toys, Dolls, I
is Big and Fine as ever,
a regular fellow. Enough toys-togive If
ully lot of things for little fellowsi^
'oys to make the Baby gurgle with de *l|
RRTn "R A RRTTTETTfi?white enamel, .pink and I
blue lining-?$2.50 and $4.50. - ji
Sleds 50c to $3.00: drums $L00, $1J?.
U.S.A. motor trucks 25c to $1.00: blade boards: <1
^Tea Sets 50c gto $1.50: Chlffo the Pup glflft. :
Anti-aircraft guns and machine gtina 30c to j
^Tinker toys 50c: clown and bell cart $L0O, '
Child's Landry sets $1.00; Christmas-tree
Mechanical toys, 50c to SI.50.- drawing
Table croquet. jge: Busy Andy 50c fall
Wonder blocks $1.00. $1.50: educational
boards 50c a.nd $1.00.
Games 25c to $1.00: painting sets $30 ?> 75c.
Embroidery Sets 25c $1.00: paper doll Atrntf;
Panama pile drivers $1.25: wind mill
as Store is Ready H
lly a delightful, new r>
is store is ready to deg
Christmas plans. p 11
r*li*nc4tYioo cnfforoc. 3 _ j \
JJL V^liX AOUI11 Cluj uwggvw
taste which heeds the
;le compliment which - IBH
nent's remembrance or
>ses wisely and with de~ * Jfc
ore. ?2nd Floor ^sasa'
Kvorth Co. I j
FA1KMUIM1 yf. vjx. m jm
t e? outers for the bigr vahtfi. fgjl
Large Turkish Bath Towels, each
Campbell's Soup per can
Ivory Soap, per cake I
17-ounce Can Pork and Beans Oc j
Canvass Gloves, per pair ...
Lux Flake Soap per package'
Borden's Condensed Milk, per canpdB
Men's and Ladies' and Children's Ho^e 1
?? ji?ni
Boudoir Caps, eacn *
You will find some real swpr!
OriMniliii riiirspt
wcmmi aim ui^iui^www^

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