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A Ttwuikajjlving Story.
j 4#pyrlght? 1918 frj the McCItxre
K. ' Newspaper Syndicate.)
P"An old man?an old man??a old '
man toon gets gray.
"While a young man. comes so (oil of 1
lore?Go 'way. old man! 1
Go 'way!
W ??0 SANG the lilting, rollicking j
I' W voice of a young girl from the ,
* KJ spring-boose. set in a clomp or
iVessrgf?ns on v the Merry weathers'
K* county fans' There followed
r a hunt of teasing laughter, then the '
I stager, with a sodden exclamation it '
slipped beliicd a pine tree j1
f' *aa<L ;ran precipitately toward the !
I leaving her aoit to explain to 1
I v97^8ir?d. soldierly looking man 1
It nfffrilng up the walk, who seemed to 1
|i want to know all shoot it. just hc*w >
I old the man bad to be to come nndor '
I the has. end "why he was singled out <
L end?weH, In fact, bawled out, to be!
P candid aboot it, when he was walking
I. ' ahng peaceably and, as he thought, atL
landing to his own affairs. j
m -Ml.. M.rmrMther stood her!
K S ,
ground, and it looked to a pair of eyes I
peering through a little hole In the
blind u> if she rather liked explaining
ij the natter. "And mercy me!" gasp'
ed the erstwhile singer. "Why. if
. Aunt Flo isn't taking him Into the
It appeared that Aunt Flo wis reelTips
v?rr sorry to think that her willwtol
nleco had hurt the feelings of a
f?ery ftue old gentleman. To make
[ amends she had taken him Into <he
| _ytpp!e Mas sod was treating him to
[?ysome Fall Sweets, ac t some other of
f their pitta varieties of apples. At
| least that was the explanation that
L ' Aunt Flo gave Mary Lou when she
F returned a little later. Mary Lou lis|
taned very contritely and frankly and
h said that she conld not resist the
' temptation now and then to be a tomR?
l?y, cat that she did it more to tease
I '.COT aim I UXOR aayuuu{$ cia*r, tutu ??. >
r Annt Flo wanted her to she would apolM,~^lcz*ae
t? the old' gentleman if she ever I
r'Jttut ;T chance. ^
F/ This seemed to be the thing that
'T Aaut ?lo wasted, for she hastened to
/--> ray: "Pine. Mary Lou; he is going to
t|>v bo'here in the neighborhood for a Ut5u'
-tie visit to some distant relatives ana
) 1 *?V8d him to come over and take
Thanksgiving dinner with us tomorIKSr
rcw- Von see he is not a stranger to
continued Aunt Flo. with an asKH
sumption of carelessness; "1 met him.
E, it appears, quite a long time ago and
E? fee remembered me, though his army
Hr.rJ|pririce made htm look so much older
H^jthat 1 did not know him at once."
K/*. "A soldier!". ejaculated Mary "Lou.
ftL- "Weil. X guess 'we wlil haye him! I'll
^P-iaist got htm the best dinner he ever
t-" ate. and - then when he is feeling all
" fed -upi 111 drop around and tell him
that I didn't mean it, that I don't care
how old he is. Why, Aunt Flo. I'll
s?yz 'Don't go, old man! Don't go?
g^fctay and be my uncle' ** ?and Mary
V.ou danced off, already Intent en lookBag
into the lardor to see what sort
of dinner she was to offer to her
: -aunt's guest. It did not occur to her
V tQl later to ask about his uniform.
|T - Then .her aunt, who rnoifght the had
a sufficiently punished Mary Lon for
m: her fun. told her that the soldier's lugIk
gage bad been lost and that he bad
-^borrowed some civilian -clothes while
h!? .travel - stained togs were being
t cleaned and mads fit: that his name
He/was Harrison Kntw-p and that he was
F ratted to the old Gnocp family, one
F oPWhoxn had gone into the civil war
fc and taken his six sons with him "
K "My:" interrupted Mary Lea. with
p shining eyes. "And is he the old man
t I am privileged to.feed?"
I: "Just leave off the 'old.' dear, for he
1 is not old. unless because he Is an old
1 v pupil of mine?h? went to school to
I; the when I taught in Troy. The gray
ft hair is ,-the result of gas and shell
K Abock."
KL "Oh. auntie, forgive me!" begged
HUMaxy Lou. the tear* springing to her
eves. "Not really?"
"yes, really. And there is something
else. Can yon be very discreet? Can
V TOO be a good girl and not giro your
< mother a, shook that she may not re'1
cover from if I tell you that to are to
. set ah extra place "
Tor whom? Auntie, don't torment
'r/nee. Xot for " and Aunt Lou whlsI
_ pered, with white lips, the name of her
r brother, "Tommy."
' ^Surely?" nodded her aunt "But
wait" she added as Mary Lou was
) hounding away latent on telling the
/ j. mother who was grieving her life away
. because of the boy who had volunac
teared .against hie fathers commands
and had not been' heard from for
risOOtha?merely reported as among
I* the Biasing. "Ton forget you were to
I v he very discreet sad we are to plan feoI
setfeer how to break the news to your
Kg*3qeCfeer and father."
I There.was so much planning togetbI
er. so many wbimered *Sh?sh?sh'a!* i
I that (tafljly the unusual excitement
| .anmc&ad the invalid aether, who aak|j_''od
the -eense of all the suppressed
K "Oh, aether!" cried Mary Lou unI
able to keep the exaltation OQt of her
ipwoloe. "Auntie Flo and I have eon*
chidM to nse up all ef the Novemoer
|v sugar fe one aweet, gooey orgy, exI
" cent, of coarse, we will leave yon
I yoora?hot we've decided after all
V that we pre going to have oa? ef the
K hat old Thanksgivings that we ever
^fefigCand. If yon 'wm he very sweet and
WMietoat. mother dear, and not upset
Bpifljsr, welt tgp yog a ggcrefcxtnntie
p jS^Motlwr. nawJ to tho whimsical
moodi of bar dwjhtnr, untied wanly.
I tlMB with trembling Ub? said gentP
h>. thought maybo?yon night have
good newaf Did yon, really?
did:-yon,, gaothar? Wen-^wril- wo
. ^Hgr^swt^^amod to
''J* '"-^^trnvx'^^1
> -
jgfaix r-TOUM'lL CHAPTER.
- ^
I Advised to-Change Meth e
I tailed to. find any cine for Cer- 1
Dels in what I could recall of the t
ravings of the influenza victims, J t
rat after he had joined Daddy Lori- j t
ner it flashed upon me that Mary t
rhemas had knowledge of tbe T7poat's
sunken treasure! it must 1
have come to her through Bremer <
and It was the cause of her hasty t
risit to New Yo'fc.
1 bad never oelleved -na: she <
was wittingly a traitor to her doun- <
try when she carried the message *
shoot the munitions ship. She was
probably only a dupe of spies who t
played' upon her credulity through 1
the lure of burled treasure. That's i
a game which fakirs often use to 1
Beece the unwary. Search for such t
a vast treasure would not fall to <
satch and hold a luxury loving girl i
like the "Queen of Smiles." "Well. ! 1
I only hoped she would and as much t
is all the iberty loans together? i
If riches wouia aisu<ii.i ,
from the pursuit of Jim Jr. i
Martha Thomas came to nee me i
that afternoon and I die what I ; j
had Ions ago resolved to do?1 told ,,
her about the "Queen of Smiles.". I,
"You've been extremely nice to ',
that girl." Martha said, "and yet j1
you haven't gained an incn in the ',
direction of saving your dandy.
brotherin-law, have you?"
"Not yet." 1 frankly admittec.
"And you're not going to?by :
your present methods." Martha pro- |
tested. "So I guess you'd better ,
stop sentimentalizing over that girl.
"I guess I did stop?when 1 abandoned
her in the wilds of Bear
Mountain." I suggested. 'Tve al- 1
ways thought we ought to save bad :
people, and reform them." I explained.
"but I got considerably tired <
trying to make Mary over. She's ;
pitiful, one day, and 1 want to weep <
over ner bin she's, dead set on hav- i
got my nerves ready for the news myself.
And now If youH bring the [:
things to me I'll best the eggs (or the j;
pumpkin, pies, and perhaps I may be ;
able to help with the turkey dressing,! ;
And it was a busy trio who broke
their food pledgee more than once as
they talked over the miraculous es- i
cape of Tommy (rom a German prison;
how he had written and written. |
but his letters, like many another's,
never came, and how It was all going
to end so happily, for he^was to be
home on sick leave with his'Lieut. :
Knoop, and they both were to be with :
them tomorrow. ; j
Suddenly Mary Leu with a groan of j J
despair, sat down and with her bands ! before
her crimson"face, walled: "Oh. j'
mother! Auntie! How am X ever to | j
apologize to Lieut Knoop for my- silly ;
tomboyishness! I'll never be able to-}
see him. ill never be able to sit ]
down to dinner with him. Ill have to :
run and aide "
But she didn't ffdead, when she ! I
saw mem coming sat; wigat ?m uuniii.,
her determination to run away. She ,
ran instead to meet them and fairly
catapulted herself Into the arms of (
both of the soldiers, for Lieut Knoop
had ttftielp steady Tommy, still weak {
and sick from the brutal treatment. I'
who declared that he surely would I;
have gone down again under the on-!
slanght had not his friend come to
his assistance.
Mary Lou disengaged herself fronr.
her brother's embrace and then n<~
tlced that a pair of young, adtnirirr
eyes was gazing at Ler in a oest di:
tracting way.
"Oh oh!" she exclaimed. "I am to >
apologize to you and I wish it were all
over with- "WotUa yon mind telling'
aunt that you?yon?" and then her
old habit got the better of her resolutions
"that you aren't an old man
at alir*
"Certainly not!" the lieutenant ashay
wfirA "mst. two TTlftn
mentioned in the sons, and I-us. the
'young man who comet " He hardly
had the temerity to frnlsh the sentease
Jnst then, but youth has a way :
of miking many happy elusions, and
Mary Lou. blushing, finished, "for
Thaak?giTing dinner," while Tommy
hastened in to see his mother and ef-'
feet the reconciliation with hli fath- p
"But what does Auntie Flo. get specifically
out of ail this?" asked Mary
Lou, as they seated themselves
around the table. "This Is as much 1
her dinner as mine, tor she worked so <
hard and kept adding more and more, 1
as it she wore cooking for the whole
??rv?-a?a*, ara.. II- ??. Mn 1
x/ion fc WO* iUUt/ 10*4 jvu I
aboqt the major, my uncle, who missed
his train this moraine and will be I
along to help us finish the bird this.
evening?" asked the lieutenant Then 11
. Vao v
10OK.&O&' tienti
Vow see >s 0
j his ano?wo OP JUST
XI rtsauce ?f r1 PM *
> ''-'?
* ' .
^BB?- |
^Wffli Ml ?
|ls Oonrigbt, MW
JJLHll by the Senmo
Enterprise Ass's.
ds With, the Queen of Smiles,
as her own way about Jimmy? <
;he never will agree to give him !
ip; she'll think about it," or "well
alk it over'?she never eomes to
;he point."
"People who are clever - enough
:o be bad are usually quite clever
nough to be good," remarked Mar- j
ha. i
"I guess it's the same with na- j
:lons, isn't it?" I asked for 1 like j
he returns when I hand Martha a!
"Certainly?exactly the same. Na.- j
lions are only big families. In many
families therVrf some lazy creature
who -imposes on the others. 'Well.
X they're smart enough to exploit
>thers. they're smart en on ah to be
>f some use themselves. Among'
lations, there's Germany.' Row ]
Iendlshly clever she's been making '
he world, suffer! Now that peace
s near, a lot of silly persons will
rave things to say about mere; for
:he conquered! Nonsense: A na:ion
that can De as devilish as Germany
has brains enough in It to be
ieeent! The Hun mast pay ror the
erimes he knew he ought not to
' "So you think I can never save
limmyboy by any appeal to this
girls better nature?'*
"No?but we might?very quickly?by
discussing the blackmail
angle with her." ,
"And snoil daddy's election?
And break motber'i heart?"
"My dear," said Martha with cop- j
fiction, "your Mother Lorimer ? a
emarkable well posted woman. Isn't
she? And yon don't suppose ane
has skipped some little stndy of
man in her time, do yon? ,?jac
>ixrely, you don't imagine tha: she
is altogether ignorant of the nature :
af-tbe man, she has lived with for .
over thirty year??"
reproach fully to his blushing school
fparh?rr 44Whv Ain tio Pin Tiav rmtM
you be ?o forgetful ji our blessing#***
Which reminded tommy's fatlinr to_[
ask .special blessing upon "our I
volunteerr" )
1 V
Among Missing.
Archie X. Cook of Cameron, a
member of the TJ. S. 'Marines in
France, is reported among the "missing
fn action" on October 4 th. Arch
formerly was a typo with the Mannington
Telegram, and his * many
Mannington friends will entertain the
hope that die may yet be found in the
land of the living.
Have InH^ny^i.
George M. Hughes, of Houghtown,
is reported ill of influenza. W. M.
Ashbee, of Brookdale, is laid up again
with a second1 attack of the malady. j
To Mountains.
Clarence. L. Wade 3j3.d Harry Masters
will leave tomorrow for a turkey
hunt ia Webster county.. They recently
returned from*a .hunting trip
and expect this time to find better
weather for turkey.
Brother Dies.'
Mrs. R. M. Johnson has been called
'9 Morgan town by the death of her
brother from influenza. He was &
.lember of the students* army training
Celebrate Birthday.
Master John Beatty was given a
pleasant surprise a number ot little
friends s. ho came to the home- of
Mrs. Eunice Morrison in Sycamore
street Thursday evening to celebrate
his twelfth birthday.
Ill of Influenza. x
Mrs. Salem Petros and young son
Paul are ill of influenza at their home
In ^Tater street.
Called to Kittfilining.
Mrs. U- H. Debendarfer has gone
to Kittanning. "Pa., In response to a
summons announcing the death of a
brother in that city.
. > .
Services Begin Sunday'
Evangelistic services begin at the
Christian church here tomorrow and
continue throughout the week. Rev.
cj. r*. aaiiw,. wo Avccu ywbu*! W
assisted by his brother. Rev. A. F.
Uanes. of Brownsville, Pa. The public
is cordially Invited to attend these
meetings. An attendance ot two
bundled Is expected to bo with as at
Sunday school tomorrow, that being
"Sally Day." "Get together Jay" j
edT Hwa \ I
bacd THe U
l? "SiB. WAfr
hjev I j:
SOT%"^rJ y*i\ SKM.hati
a( TJeRSPn Hw M<er
M M l 4 M Ba/H >1B f^L I
Sim/ -m V J f' l< JLJA I
'- Cor
the swotbonhlp of the .church at
the morning eerrieee. Sermon thrae
"?yes that See." OuMta gndearor
meets at 6:30. always an interesting
service. sermon to the eorzpwlag
at 7:30. If too have recently tad
affliction, adversity. If discouraged,
some, hear: *
Increases Force.
" The Bowers. Pottery company sffl
Increase Its working force at Its plant
here by forty men. The pottery business.
like all othor non-essential Industries.
suffered a slump during the
period of the war, hut with the conclusion
of peacs and the resumption
of building activity in the country,
the pottery business promises to be
among the first to respond to the Unproved
Postmaster J. Fred Beatty left last
evening for a business visit In Wheeling.
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Connors, of
Fairmont, wero gnesta of'relatives
here this week. ,
Miss Bertha Soule has returned tin
ber homeln Burton after a short visit
with her cousin, Arthur Anderson,
and family In Howard street.
William R- Martin has. returned
from a business visit In New Freeport,
and Mrs. Harry Clarke will attend
the Pitt-Georgia Tech football'
game in Pittsburgh and spend the ,
week end with relative? in New ('as- I
tie. Pa.
James- S. Fur bee left last evening
for a business visit in Wheeling.
Jesse SMmp has returned from a
few days' business visit In Wheeling.
Miss Margaret Fur bee has returned
from. Kingwood, her school at that
place again being dosed on account
of the influenza epidemic.
Lowry B. Huey will attend the big
football game is Pittsburg this' after- .
coon. I
DrJ Ruley. chiropractor of Fair- [.
mont, has scheduled a series 'of ti i- '
weekly visits to Mannlngtor.
' F. Val Burt Is out agaiu after &
severe attack of pneumonia.
C. C. Wells is recovering from a second
attack of influenza.
Henry Heckman, E. F. Patterson
and Lawrence Hoffman are among
those who are attending -the PittGeorgia
Tech football game in lilts- j
burgh today.
Mrs. T. V. Morgan has returned I
from a two weeks' visit with her '
aunt at Rymer.
I.** ...
Work Must Continue.
Red Cifcsa members must mot get
;te Idea that the chapter wort, will
abruptly cease with" the cessation o?
actual warfare. There will In time.,
no doubt, be a diminishment of the
work, but the time is not now. We
have two million soldiers lacing tne
winter in France and. the knitting
must continue at the utmost speed.
Recent appeals from division headquarters
urge that the chapter v send
on sweaters and socks at once, as
soon as completed, as the demand is
overwhelming. It is nsnal tor the
chapter to entirely fill Vach allotment
before shipment, bat the .custom, In
'.his instance, trill be abandoned and
;ho knitting hurried on as fast as It '
is turn08 into headquarters. Quant*
ties of wool i$_on hands, and the mem
bers are asked to get It out with ah
The garments for refugees will ieep
the hospital garments department ait ;
fall speed also, inonsanos npon .
thousands of refugees -will have to be \
clothed during the winter and our j
women must do their best toward re- j
llering the suffering on every hand <
acros3 the seas.
Eey true to your Red Cross chllga- t
tions^ and staid fast for the Red j
Cross army, until the national officer?*
issue our discharge.
Carolina Brings In Knitting.
Carolina auxiliary sent in nine
sweaters this week and strange to say
they were all knitted by one member?Mrs.
Donaldson. It looks like
the Carolina knitters were working
a willing horse to death up there!.
When Irregular or delayed use Triumph
Pllln. Sat# and always dependable.
Not sold at drag store. Refuse
others, ears dissapotouneat. Write
tor "Relief and particulars: tt*a tree
Address: National Medical Institute
Milwaukee, Wis.
we uH herbjost j / J
Lois tt> UHLOWI L r
AW Hwtf StMtr ( J7
back: ??* s
.1 I 1 I
I P*
?< i'-^[9H5g9VE|^^BBRN
* ? - 11 .
Tfctt c&sptap ccrt&l&ly ooctsrstslsftic
ti'f TTiTLif ts4 har^Snt vortinnS^
iteo Utti tt^ctopw^iow^
Carolina. There oaght to by a lawj
y.ntwr of aaaben ?lu> wO at tout
imtt qm sweater each.
?^?* '
No Mora Peach Seeds. ^
X<et as hope Oat the day of thajpa
in??fc bu wanished ftrn?r! Notifiestioa
Jus boon received to ehip all car
boa m&kl-B shells. pit*, end seeds at
once. sad. not to collect any more. It
Is joyful aom aot b* ~?M it wM
troublesome to coHsct tta P^j
asked. bat because wearomo ?tad that
the sinister warfare which called for
oncb protective material la finished.
Clothing for Belgians Acknowledged.
The large boxea of dothln* dcnaced
by meaibeca and friends of IWRtoit
chapter for Belgian RslieC work, bare
been, re ..od by the Commission at
165? "Jroatway. New fork. A. txatofui
- jcwledseme-rt to the chc*--arrlred
lome days apt. There were
fifteen boxes in all. and the clothing
give for this purpose waa >*11 exceptional
In quality.
The New Chapter Offloere.
The annaal meeting of Fairmont
Chapter was held Wednesday afternoon
in the Grand theatre. Only a
-.mail nronortion of the lane member
ship was present sad those presiding
were disappointed at the lock of attendance
at this, the most important
of chapter occasions. New
by-laws and various revisions
of the old ones were laid before the
membership for discussion and approval.
4. most eatlsfactorxset of by-lavs
was the result. and ehapter officers
feel that every problem which might
arise has been folly covered, and all
duties sad committee affairs made
Five officers; which farm the ehsp'ter
elective board were elected, Mrs.
J. A. Meredith, chairman; Mrs. W. &
Conaway, vice chairman; Mrs.'Samuel
Leejcr. secretary; Mr. Harry Williamson
.treasurer, sad Mr. C. W.
Evans, chairman of finance.
The retiring officers, Mrs. Vaughan
Jolliff.2, chairman; Mrs. F. E. Nichols,
rice chairman, and Miss .Ruth KeUey,
secretary, have all been most excellent
and efficient in their work and
.,?otwfw<viv atavntdM1! in the rhanfar inter
MUM* *Mp'J v<pvw ?r? ? m
ests. it Is hardly possible that the
coming year's -work *111 be as heavy
as that of the past, through which
these officers have labored so cheerfully
and faithfully.
The new officers tate up the work
deeply realizing the responsibilities
Involved, and firmly resolved' to carry
on to the best of their ability. Only
the loyal support of the entire membership
*111 make a successful chapter
year and this support will, we are
sure, be forthcoming.
Knitting 'Report.
The knitting report from November ;
3th to 15th shows, sweaters returned.
05; socks returned. 30 pairs, and helmets.
l; yam.given oat for sweaters.
S6 banks; yarn given out for socks, 38
The report from the 18th to the 2-fth
shows: Sweaters turned in 18; socks.
18 pairs. Sweater yarn given out. 23
hanks, and. sock yam given out. 28
Barrackvllle Has Election.
Barmctville elected Its new auxiliary
officers Friday. November 16th.
Mies Stella. Ice la the new chairman
of the auxiliary: Mrs. Jay Michael.
Try Musterole." See How
Quickly It Relieves
Yob Jurt rub Musterolo in briskly, ad
usually the gain la goae?a delicious,
aoothmg comfort comes to fite Hs placeh
Km?. * * - A -* * **-* - - T- *
made with oQ of mi rata ti. Uaa it iaati.iL
ot xmatard plaster. WfflnotbHtar.
Many docioie and nurse* uk Mfttftqic
ana irconiinffnQ.ir to iflfir pkmbb.
They trill gladly tell ysa what relief i:
gives from sore throat bronchitis, crcur.
stiff neck, asthma^ neuralgia, congestion.
-* r f , _ , i T ii i v-- C- -u - d
pi6uii^/.nieo>Miiiiii^ Kggoago? yam lie
aches at the bade or fcint* sprain* sore
muscle* ^ rhflWlln* frosted feet,
colds of the cheat (it often prevents
i- w A a j ImL*.
pneumoniaj. juwaya atnagaate. .
30 and 90c Jars; hospital sire $2^0.
Here is the Place to Get
Tour Northern Spy Apples at
(2.00 t bushel extra good tor
tpple hotter. v
| 317 H>diKa St ||
Severed grc
have been
tables, and
duced pric<
- Va
chairman of the work room; Mrs. <
Chas. Cramer, chairman of the knit- j
tins and Miss Willa Straight, sec re- |
taxy and treasurer. The chapter I
wishes tor Barrackville a successful,
busy year and is sure these officers
wHX serve with credit and ability.
XA Therein no "cart* Jflfe?
bat reTlnflo often - ifiS
NEW PRICES?30c, 60c. $1.20
The mm, wmuu or ch3d who ha? had the
bjr the tae of "Anowimith" AitjfacaJ Lin:
mat both mm add friend* aaeo forgcJ tf*
mawe the health and apueaiannr. add pfc
yoot hcee lo pmi'iaa ttxae nmfca. you saw
< ' m
.1. i
3 =~ IteN ctdjBMrrl
g AS> C*X>4 A?
Er e y \rjW
H=g? /i ^r
P? v
;red Prices
No. 1, at $3.50.. SMI
aloes up to $6.75
No. 2, at $5.00 nes
up to $8-95
. No. 3. at $7.50 VSa
lues up to $12.95 | :
> No. 4, at $9.95
lues up to $17.50
m owe
drink habit goes 1
Don't wait for the drink habit to gat'
too strong a bold spun your husband,
son. or father, for It can bo brotattTqjf^.^
quickly if Orrine Is given him. .
Von have nothing to risk and. eracj^- - 2
thing to galz^ as Orrine la sold radar r>
a. guarantee to refund, the jnrdisb>' ^-^U3|
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W. It. Crane & Co., ?32 Adams St.
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