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raig jV*fr-?v-?maTliHm r?AH.T f-xof-t*1?--"
<_'****? Fairmont Pristine and Publlal
afc*. ' Tfc*;'West Virginian Building. Adams
H&|^ /. U " W. J. WllMEL, lienerai Ma
Editor, i Advc
gsrrt k CHAfiLES V. REUIC. Clrcuu
rs--.. -. >'.f .
iSs?* --:Th* Saandaltd Press is cxclmlvelr enU
| npebilcatlon of all news dispatches ere
JSj.?. lUljiw Wlas credited lu this newspaper a
nova -published herein. All rlchu of reoul
k dispatches herein are also reserretL
? -^TELEPHONES?1105. 1106. 1107. AE del
tirouarh private exchange
i'Rmtcn Adrertlstui; Representative. RC
p KSFTTth Avenue N'ew rork; S S Wabas
KV- . IBT- MAIL?(Payable In advance only.]
E- tbt nfoaths; 33.00; three months. 31.SC: on
BY CARRIER?(In Fairmont.) One
K months. 33.50; one month. 30c; one wee
Three Cents.
K V EY CARRIER?(Outside of Fairmont. 1
Bone week. 18c. By carrier Three Cents.
ET<, ' ' All subscriptions payable In advance .
M- . - Fben asking (or chance In address gr
g mar address.
E:> Rntenra.at tDe I'ustoirtce nt Katrtnont.
aeratod /rbtss matter
gg:^Subscribers on our carrier routes falllr.
v., " | vujliman amy cvcuiag ntivuiu -?? ?,
' I tthtm the fact and Rive name and res!den<
5 | deliver a paper to your door at c
. I Chacra to the aubserlber fnr thl? aervtce.
VI >
i- believe in the United Stales of An
:V; matt of the people, by the people, for
| joit powers are derived from the comer
a 'democracy in a republic, a sovereign
sovereign Stales: a perfect Union, on
estpbEshed upon those principle > of free
?< tick, and humanity for which Americas
I their lives and fortunes. I therefore be
to my country to love it; to support i
obey its laws; to respect its flag; and i
r . : ell enemies.
' I'TlE TIMES this morning cditona
KniJ P - .r _ l_:J . - I
? r^?; - mg uic unogc wiiiui ? iu uc
" Monongahela at this point a me
tT" ; and women who served in the great wa
I,: . v that-ought to meet with general appro\
R Virginian most heartily concurs in the
Kjj ita contemporary.
Spfe - V^- concrete bridge, properly construct*
as, a.-conventional memorial. and if the
hr-taken of the designing it will be
impressive. The bridge design as it stai
r a most beautiful structure, arc!, as Tire
could easily be changed to mahe it cc
f purpose.
j'. The suggestion at least ought to be ta!
6 i given sympathetic study. And in cons
! * it:should be borne in mind that tire me
s. bridge should be made in every way '
anid county. There will not be much trc
| ever -money is necessary for such a purp
P OLITICS is essentially a game of
V even the wisest politician can tell f
. the next what is going to happen
actual participants in the moves nor I
V-: t . . t .t
grow weary 01 auempis 10 coniroi in
malrrrg has the same fascination for th
ested in politics that postmortems have fo
Both keep everlastingly at it betweei
neither ever seems in the slightest degree
fact that most of their wise conclusions <
to have been erroneous. Occasionally t
liot at all strange when it is considered
. they take and the large volume of pr
1 - > indnstrious and alert minded produce i
? . V. But even when this view of the matter
" help but wonder why the Charleston cc
Pittsburgh Gazette-Times was in such a
gressman Neely in the running for govt
Governor Corn well for United States
later on a Comwell-Watson-Neely slate
construction was not almost certain to in
tics as thoroughly as it will make over
V this kind of a guess at polical condition:
f r be based either upon the hopes of so
names it is not at all necessary to men
grave lack of information, without which
indulge m prophesy, upon the part or tl
. tb? istory for the Pittsburgh paper.
. No one who was on the outside know
1,1 " I
Lamp in a Washington dispatch
that-one of the men considered as a
possible delegate to the peace conference
Is William Jennings Bryan.
Turkish government is reported to
have demanded that a choice collection
of Tnrlc generals who fled to
Tentland be returned to take punish
meat ior Armenian atrocities una
other things, 1
J Want to start somethlrg, apparently.
Well, if It Is proper to punish
Taiaat Pasba It is the correct caper ]
to do things to the von guys who cut ]
loose in Belgium and northern j
So, here's three cheers for Turkey. ,
m m 0
Wo believe that guilt is personal "
Old Hin the Hon is reported to 1
have telegraphed the govemnaent at ?
Berlin, that -the German army is in
fip position to renew hostilities, and
. of ABK Mttnaa
? ? ,,r# ' ".^r1 1 I
?oo? which they d
acwir of the tales agree.
oSS^Sta. ?<J?*e possible,' be
_ among the schemer
???-. of the Watson a<ft
rtiaina Maaacar. of the friendsofJ
lion Ifaunr. .L.. ?L -_ .
UW UK4? W?9 TfHt
3 press. for governor 'si 1?
S&Wt 'S? not gretied it end nud
nd also the local the double dealinc?
a.caUoo of eoecUU
oartocot. rMcta^ ? A* a matter of
all the bean pots is
>sebt el waiu>. spilled. If til
h Ave-. Chicago. Cornwell and Wi
7 neither ofthem ca
, one year J 1.00; time it is'worth w!
* fg?.1'Mix member that is thi
ik 15c. Per copr the election Co low
os* month. 75c: his accustomed pl&
procession in this s
Ire old aa waQ as self quite a "factor
__________ wast anything him
\ve?t v-irjnoia. as j haps here and then
= well, what are the
?ER CALL do about cyton?
x to set The Wot
and a messenser ;
,nca There t? n, ^ ^jES^L !
. VJ> casualties o:
:R 25, 191S. | _ were 236,1
? i high contribution t<
convey a wrong a
includes the slight
never before figur
_ armies.
But it was real
cnoed on the othei
who died of woun
36.154. The tot
at about 3O0.OO<
years of fighting &
jgllgH It should not be
has become any hi
REED. domestic conflict.
icrica as a govern' Motor traction, fee1
the people. tehose conjmunic
it of the governed; "t*ie mechanics of ii
rt Nation of man$ fighting almost eon
e and inseparable British and F
dom. equality, jui- ftartling, but wher
i patriots sacrificed me<^ ? ? percenti
liere it is my duty th* fighting on th<
ts Constitution; to throwers
lo defend it against ?( Mr fitting, was
Civil war.
In five days dur
- r -t - ftA7V\n
j/^r oi aimosi 7v,wu\/.
^ for 53,000 of the
lly advocates mak- remainder. Picke
erected across the over in a few hotti
morial to the men ?
r. This is an idea Paris dispatch*
ral and The West less will take ste;
recommendation of : l',e future to a~t'
i jett of savagei-'
;d. will last as long ' th? time .of tb?
right kind of care i minded as they <
many times more onlJ" viay in w'-ie
ids would produce is- to roaktf it m
Times suggests, it Ujcnisflyes to ins
inform to the new 10 prevent a ma
his .con.
cen up at once and ??
idering the matter The Navy dep
morial part of the ! sinking of the ste
worthy of the city j with bouyanc
mh!e to raise what I I* appears that.I
ose. squarely that fou
she kept afloat 2"
effectual bar agai
unsinkable ship,
opportunism. Not with -water tight 1
rom one election to bridge have made
. Yet neither the
he onlookers ever : Albert J. Dick,
ie changes. Slate day morning, Hv
ore who are inter-. years. but among
r baseball fanatics, men. were netore'
1 campaigns, and. period.of hta life
downcast over the j Fairmont new-spa;
ind forecasts prove and ability.. His
hey hit it. which is from the city.
what a wide range
edictions the more According to <
n the ordinary off which stretches' t
[ Holland to Denm
is taken one cannot ! thing does not stc
respondent of the j will look as near
hurry to put Con- | Tlismarck "began t
iraor in 1920 and } Itiea and duchies
senator two years I ?
i. Even if the re- The country fa
lake over our poli- now that the war
many other things he comparatively
s in this state must eating, hot-it Is '
me people, whose postal authortles
tion, or on a very ed in these>and o
no one may safeiy the old an! tried
be mam who wrote very much in nee<
that "there fever"t
s what took place thls country was i
that even operations against the
FrenCh alone would be impossible.
Wonder how it stands with-regard
to the Reds of Tentland? ,
--- ....
Beginning to Iooh as It any fighting
in the near future .would, be of that
They now say that WUhelm Hohenzollern
was the champion food hoarder
of his country.
Maybe he was. bqt it is: a safe bet
that he did not enjoy his meals very
well in spite of the faet that they consisted
of the fat of the land.
"No more loafing for congressmen
after present week."?Headline.
? m
You bet, the gvys who hare been
-uniiing things their o*a way for bo
long win have an awful time irrangng
to step down and out.
- - ..
And what a gang of lame ducks
Wood row will ba-ae to take ear* of
titer March 4 next.
Bat maybe haTl Just eaaclcd* that
01 bets aTa^og, am} Just'Iet i?fc?:tak?
*.* * -V '' '*
tWadxngto* cooteuacB at which the!
thaniat United State* senator m West*
op. Several gentlemen have given ver-f
eciared to be the whole truth, bat none
and no one takes -any stock is them. It
xwever, that there was a tacit agreement
s that Con Well should have the support
terents in 1922 in return for the support
be governor "in 1918. It nay be, too, g
e sort of an understanding about Neely <
>20. But if there was Nedy soon re- v
c up ha mind to piny a loot hand, else tc
in the Panhandle on election day would ^
sss open handed. \
fact in the light of the election returns "s
l the Democratic party in this state have
erewere any deals, they are now ail off. i:
tson may continue their partnership, but ?
in afford to trust Neely. In the mean s;
h3e- for all amateur slate makers to re- b
is thimble tigging that'went on prior to c
el John T. McGraw slipped back into p
ce as the official bead of the Democratic Si
tate. and he is in position to make himif
he- wants .to. Of course he does not it
self, but he still has memories, and per- S
: an ambitious friend. As for Chilton? ?
slate makers and the prophets going to j Sl
?o?;? v
MARCH'S announcement that the total ^
f the American army in the great war u
17 is apt to strike some people as a pretty b
? die cause of liberty, but the figures will t
npression unless it is remembered that it i:
tly wounded. .This class of casualties p
ed in the battle statistics of American b
i n
war that our gallant young men experi- ;
i r .t i -ii i - t .i U
r sice, tor tne Kiiiea in acuon ana tr.ojc t]
d$ sustained in action together numbered ' r<
al loss of life in the Civil war is placed a
f. That, however, includes over three, t:
nd(both sides. . j Ij
: assumed from this comparison that war j c
ore deadly in the interval since our great "
ft. has merely become more intensive. r
tter staff work, thanks to air scouting and fi
atioa, and many other improvements in ^
; have made it possible to carry on actual
stantly. Some of the losses sustained by
rench armies under these conditions are
i they are put under scrutiny and examige
basis it probably will be found that
e west front in spite of the poison gas,
and the introduction of the new element
i not any deadlier than the lighting of our
i ?
ing 1863 the two armies sustained losses ; C
The three days of Gettysburg account j n
se and Chicamauga's two days took the !
.1 . r~ i .n (
:?A 9 uiai^c at. nuiui ?<z^ aii p
rs. edit the Confederacy 14,000 lives. o
O i!
56 say'that the peace congress doubt- "*
ps. to restrict the use of submarines in ! ?
nal naval operations. The whole sub- f
in -warfare no doubt will occupy a lot
i delegates, but If they are as practical
aught to be they will realize that the
h to prevent such things In the future; ;;
npossible for mad nations to prepare j
ike war on the world. The best way i [
aiac from shooting you is take away 1
O I "
artment has issued a report on the, ?
amer Lucia, the boat which was equip- ,
y boxes and- believed to be unsinkable.
ifter a torpedo had hit the Lucia so
r men in the engine, room were killed :
L hours. That record ought to be an ; "
.nst all. jokes about the sinking of an J ^
but at the. same time ships equipped
bulkheads that can be closed from the ; c.
records just as good. i m
I sc
?: T7~?? . ...... . ! al
wno oiea alter a oriei maess yesier- j -t
ed a semi-retired life during recent ;n
f-the older . residents of the city few' c*
widely known. During the active '
he was connected with both of the 1
pers and was a printer of much skill
death will remove a familiar figure ?
-? o Copenhagen
reports a new republi
ilong the seacoast of Germany fro:,
ark has'been formed. If this sort o.
ip in Germany the map of the eountrj 1
ly like a raxy quilt as It did before
o weld the little kingdoms. princ:pai- ;
into an em pi e.
run. or projects Tor air mail service .
is over and motors for air craft trill j
easy to obtain. All of this is intermost
earnestly to be hoped that the
will not become so completely absorbther
innovations that they forget that
forms of taking care of the mail are
I of improvement. It may be doubted
ras" a time when the mail service of
as bad as it is right dot.
Mrs. G' M- Meredith of Meadowdale
was vitltlng her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
El A Pitcher on Sundar.
Mrs. E-- B> Harris, Mr. and Mrs.
-Samuel Harris and two children are
all sick at this writing.
J. B. Davis and son, Arnold, of Norwood,
was calling: on the former's
brother. F. H. Davis, at this place on
Sunday afternoon.
Miss Lillian Hylbert was visiting
her sister. Mrs. C. E. Hawkins, of near
Winfleld. a few days, recently.
Mxs.-C-J3= feather of Fairmont spent
Thnrsitay-and Friday with her daughter.
Mrs. Samuel Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis are both
sick with the fln at thli writing.
On account of the tta situation the
uW?tv nl Vinla has nnr v?t
bees reorganiedz for the winter.
6. HI Corbin, of Catawba, spent
Saturday and Sunday la Fairmont.
A, recuperative diet in influenza.
Horlict'a Malted Milk, very digestible.
Pwiton County Soctwbeat. Borne
style tor breakfast etch morning.
BoWa BestaurauL Adv.
Editorial Comment |!
on Current Subjects !
"rom the Chicago Tribune.
Seizure of the marine cables by the ;
oTemment evoked proper protest in j
;ongress. the thing licoks up badly ,
vith the departure o? the dignitaries j
>r the peace table, the probability j
Sat Creel will control the news for i
mericaa consumption, and the right- f
one onrwisirion a? the President to !
secret diplomacy."
Three thousand miles is not shoutng
distance. We will depend upoa
he administration, controlled cables
or our ideas of what goes on in Yerlilles.
And the cables seem to have
ieen made safe for the Democrats,
reel has shown himself an apt disenser
of information proper to the
arty. Here is a chance for him to j
tep high, wide, and handsome.
Secret diplomacy is only baneful. [
; would appear, in like manner to the I
oringof oxes; it depends upon whose j
x is gored and whose diplomacy is i
ecret. Senator Lewis, who spent '
ome nervous days recently in arous- j
ig the populace to a realization of j
that the kaiser would think if the ;
lectioa went Republican, also ad- |
iscd the people that Wilson must be j
ustained in his great possession of j
iside dope. In the meantime Ger- !
lany has gone popa'.istic. the kaiser f
as quit deploring the prospect of i
lemocratic victory, and the President
! safeguarded more than ever in his i
rized monopoly of Information.
Postmaster General Burleson opines j
e has achieved a neat stroke of bust- j
ess in taking over the cables. He ;
iresees a great increase of traffic un- ;
er his management. The fact that j
he cables have been burdened twenty- !
>ur hours a day since the war began
nd have been coniDolled to refuse
remenious to!ls through sheer inca- I
acity means nothing in his life. On |
is assumption a crowded street car J
an always carry more if the government
operates it. It all sounds so
*rm the New York Times.
Shteen employers of the Committee
on public information sailed
from New York Tuesday, constituting
"the United States Official
Press Mission to the Peace Conference."?The
Y."e have heard of an official tress
t Austria and Germany. Is there ar.
lirial press in the United States? If
here is, by what authority, founded
pon "what ccnstitutonat power of the
overnment, does it rest? Its ultratarino
purpose is described as "to
icerpret tiie wors ot ine reace maerence
by keeping up widid-wide proaganda
"to disseminate American a;omplishmeats
and American ideals."
s an official press, a Government
"ess. amorf-ose Meals and accomlishments?
Will the official interrelation
of the -work at the Peace
onference take precedence, as Govrnment
and official business, on the
obles which Mr. Bur'.eston in the mvsery
and abyss cf his wisdom has
?izei. over the unofficial interpretaons
of mere lay correspondents who
ave no sacred credentials of proem
lence from Washington? An official
'nited States press! From the Ewtfceit
rolls the barley laughter of Bisaarch.
communins with Dr. Busch
ver the triumphs of his Foreign Press
ureau and his long and various gulllgs
and bedevilments o fdornestic
r.d foreign opinion by means of hi?
eptile press"
rom the Baltimore Sun.
Whatever their motives, the Repubcans
are making a real point, and a
oint that must be answered, in their
-iticism of the etxension of Govern
ent control to the cables. Mr. Hurler's
explanation 13 no explanation a'
1. So far from satisfying the min
creates fresh doubt. If there we
aperative reasons for taking over ti
ible lines. those reasons were
ronger four or five months ago tha i
i eg are today. At present it is ci:
-ult to see any good reason at all fo, co
lis action Coming just at this tlrm-. an
gives rise to damaging suspicions, j yc
~ MO, TH^ISN'T 1
- pooft, fhv(s iaj<
~== MUCH ACTAfNJ- (.
/ -Sia TOO Vjjvta jwiqs.
X owe- Yoo A t
fie a P/WN It
TH& ? '&?'* *BOU^R. Yoo'l
TRYIN-Q TO Give fis, /^Nf
pro PoR Ti+6 Tlric?
Uva. uozr tuW{ce Yc?o
' ? ? y^lMi _^?rs.?f?
LX?^FiA/ CC/ HN ^
Nov. 25, 1918. j a
T-P Am \317<I
11 1 UU I11C TT *<
Just S1
See what is displaye
in all our cases and o
our tables. Notice tb
price cards on everythin
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vanish for you wpll at --.c
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come in and look aroiuv
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True Values
"Pa says my mann
Ke says my langua
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To fathers such
Pa says I ought to
And guard my ton?
If I should ever jas
The way my pa j
Pa says a lie's a *f<
A-rottin' in the mo
And boys should sei
Forever on their
3iu when I've to ok
With pa. he says. "E
Vou'ro under twelv
Is toe much any]
'Ta says that while
He thinks boys oug
On candy, cake, an<
He says we ough'
To help the soldier
And take our litt
*J?t for coffee. Just
He sneaks a seco
(Copyright, 1
J the Republicans aro exploiting
use suspicions with great effect.
The Administration owes it to the
untry to give an explanation that
11 explain, and that will remove the
ubrs that have been created. The
ntinued and unnecessary exercise o!
ivthins that smacks or autocratic
>wer is greatly to be deprecated.
15 IT? ^ows,
sev<SMTY"- Five,
s Tviftee Dolmr^,
Et-s |'VG <5or Too
^T'-S S?e, |
JOT Yovj 7
*<S r--1/,' ^
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y Christmas She
nderiiig What to Bi
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d j
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r my pa.
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uth of youth.*
t tho seal of truth
a trip or two
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e. Half faro ?'or you
1 met fight and die,
ht to self-deny
2 maybe pie.
t to jump
s play the game,
le bump.'
tho same,
nd lump:"
L91S, X. E. A.)
There Is an almost universal desire
that we should return in all things, as
soon as possible, to a normal status.
But still greater is the objection to ex
to take care of every need In the
of long and successful ezperien
J. M. BROWXFIELD. President C
Geo. E. Amos Z. F. Davis
J. M. Brown field Howard R.
T. I. Brett H. J. Hartlc
W. S. Meredith
I """""""T"??????
A Week of Shoe
1 nn f* 1
.vailing up iw i
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present difficulties in merchant
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Thanksgiving Wo
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v. i
==? , >n
tending war powers in time ofpeace 1
even beyond the limit tVoratedtn in M
We hope and believe that a good answer
can be made to Republican critt ' '
cism. And we trust it will be made
without farther delay.
Transfer and hauling don* promptly
and carefully. Call phone 4
Thomas Caruso.
22< Meredith Street.
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