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ICeastsjde :
- Brother Dies in France.
^F}ln_the Sunday cssnallty list of the
H F. the name of Sergeant Major
at McCnlkragh was given, who j
. ml disease while in service. Major f
mm ~ ' - ? -- *? ? >
' * ^ ?hilOUgh IS ft Drocner gi aiuu . iwr _
Ble McCulllongh and Mrs. Howard a
' Pople of this city, who have not as
yet received any official information j,
from tie government of their brother's
s*dei^. Mr. McCullough served under j,
General Pershing on the Mexican borj
dsr before going to France and was r,
among the first American soldiers sent a
over seas. y
Cousin bead.
Mrs. L. O. Satterfleld has received is
word that her consln. Wallace Clea-} ti
vlnger. of California, Pa., died Saturday
of rainingitis. He is survived by a b'
wife and three children.
* Missionary Meeting. u
The Foreign Missionary Society of ?
the First M. P. chnrcb will meet at "~
the home of Mrs. J. B. In Morgan town
tcrmjkat on Tuesday evening. All the 1
iriT^bers are nrged to attend the meet-! ;
Betsey Ross.
The Betsey Ross club held a most i
Interesting meeting at the home ofi
Mrs. Opal Wastkins at Bell Run last?
Thursday evening. The next month's
n?~Hnr *rUl be held at the home of'
y Mrs. Hamilton at Belli Run.
In the City.
Mrs. Bellle Fleming Mercer of La
Fayette, Ind.. who has been visiting
I relatives at Morgantown the past six i
I weeks came to Fairmont Friday and
spent the week-end with relatives and
acquaintances In the city. Mrs. Merfr.returned
to Morgantown today and
1 i Visit Srtends at Unlontown before |
fuming home, -h j :
i Y. C. T. U.
/The meeting of the W. C. T. A. which :
/?Wtas announced to be held at the home :
of the president. Mrs. C. E. Swisher in ! ,
Market street on Tuesday arternoon 1
at 2: SO o'clock will be held Tuesday j '
evening at 7:30 o'clock on account of j !
! the.funeral of r W. C Jamison. j
* Home for Holiday. | I
^ PnmnQtnn whn is attending i
Vernon College is spending the j II
Thanksgiving holidays at his home in 1
^taryland avenue. j* J
Called from Morgantown.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H- Goodnight were
called here from Morgantown last.
week by the serious illness of Mrs. j ,
' Goodnight's father, George Woody, of
! . i
iM AraneCyforir.Ucc"..:n?
jHaaf Bt 1 of tbs urinary tract.
> - Ufa Pminloa. noa^rticoonu. r
it BJIW ? H and trill not wwa
1 k PRICE ?1.SO SoKByPtagfUU
Jrcatrw with each bottle or mailed on rrqutwt.
[' Qiorit envy thi
heals unsightl
A bad complexion need not cause
4(fiacouragetnent, for Resinol Soap and a
-^Rexinal Ointment are proving daily u
that they heal sick skins, and preserve S
I wen ones. They have been used for
, . yearsto relieve itching, remove pimp'.c?,
. ^rtdtoovrrrorre-oiiehness nrid
f J ^ f L J ^ ^ i
I (i "How I Make I
U( h My Check-B
ft,id I . cl. :
w\ ) anoppi
> "While shopping, the
I check-book along gives me
I for In case I run short of c
J . money always.
.' "Through using your
secure from suffering loss
> \ pocket-book, or from theft.
%Tn| off my nerves."
We have found our wc
IfjJ good, conscientious custom ez
we are desirous of baring n
?..II Ing account customers.
tata street. JSr. Woody Is slowly n
Harry Wilson. and sister. Miss .Nell
Tllson. have returned from a short
bay in Pittsburgh.
Little Miss Mary Elizabeth Black
rood Is Hi at her home In Maryland
Osney Minor of Bast Park avenue la
ecovering from a long siege of lnfluoza.
Miss Dorothy McBee Is very 111 ol
ifiuenza at the home of her -ancle,
larenee Gamble, in Lincoln street
"hree other members of the family
re also 111.
r our ui iuk ivtrrus
f the same street are also ill.
Miss Cora 5VIlson Is ill at her home
i Market street. '
Mrs. C. E. White and children hare
eturned to their home at Morgan town,
fter visiting Mrs. White's parents,
[r. and Mrs. Charles Jones. In taSte
Charles Costella of Diamond street
i confined to his home with rbeumasm.
Miss Haitie Ice of State street has
een quite sick the past few days.
Carl Springer is able to be out, after
few days' Illness,
esicsf .teoNdn.Gs
Solve Voir |
Money Problem
Why permit your
debts or anticipated investments
to cause you
a moment's embarrassment
or worry?
If you happen to be
short of ready money
Can help you out.
Community Savings
& Loan Company
103 Main St.
on long time and easy
WyT jni
?se xmtkgpocL
wzons _
y eruptions
Help to rid yourself of slcin trouble,
nd keep your complexion attractive by
sing Reainol Ointment and Resinol
For br all drueclsta.
J\r;rnr ' Sharf*re SfifJb /rrvi *frt*
Good Use of N
oak fflhile \
t?" ? I
fact that I have my
a feeling of security,
hange I rely on it for
check system. I feel _
through leaving my j
It is really a burden ? ;
imen depositors to be ' L I
a. You may be sure U /
lore such good checktative
at tho window I p 1
uctlng an account of LI I
"y W* A TB TWS
I 3
of The Associated Pr
went silently to their
heavy Arctic clothing
they were back on I
I swaddling themselves
chocolate in their pod
up in the air), or brea
age of chewing gum,
nervousness, and has
Please remember some so
that package of your fav
found it missing from th
Adams Black Jack, try Ac
?epsin, Adams Yucatan <
fure une
Adams Black Jack i
Adams Chiclets *
Adams Pepsin ^
Adams Spearmint
/- - 4
Send) a Stick in Ev<ery. L
; ; ?- ,l> ?
- "~zzzssKttJ5
t 20, (Correspondence Q
'ess) . the aviators I
quarters for their great,
In the turn of a hand =
the held, swathing and
5 to the eyes, tucking j
kets (for they get hungry [
king open a fresh pack- '
which helps to alleviate
a steadying effect."
?New York Times. ??
Idler boy over there received H
orite Adams gum, when you 8
e counter. If you can't get ^
lams California Fruit, Adams ?
or any other Adams brand.
kMS =
wing Gum |
Adams California Fruit
Adams Yucatan f
Adams Sea Sen
\f' Adams Clove * \
tetter to Your Soldier Bey j
. ! .. I
v- IE
g ^ >r- -'-* ;; ^ i:^-; ::
lM'EU?at once. Blacksmiths for
eneral repair -work and horseshoe.
Address G. W. Martin, Worthing
. \\\ Va . 472<j
tNTED?Porter; try cook and disfl asher.
Call at B. & O. Restaurant.
[view. Phone AS. ll-13-tf-4TOO
M WANTED?Mechanical workers,
utehine operators and general
k. Helmlck Foundry Machine Co.,
street and Belt lane. Fairmont, W.
.STEP-?Salesman. collector. Ca
able of earning $45 to $50 weekly.
?erience not necessary. Good
nces for advancement. Apply in
son at -420 Main St. ll!!2-tf-47S3
R RENT?Three desirable office
>oms on fifth floor. Professional
g., December 1st. 1918. Also sevl
rooms on other floors of this
ding. Inquire Room 212 Fairmont
iding & Investment Co. 11-23-31-4755
ft RENT.?2 light house-keeping
ions. 500 Benoni ave.
jotice is hereby given that at a
iting of the stockholders of the
intain City Glass Works, a corporacreated
and organized under the
of the State of West Virginia.
I at the principal office of the corition.
at 312 Adams Street, in the
r of Fairmont. West Virginia, on
15th day of November. 191S. the
>wing resolutions were adopted:
Resolved: First. That the Moun.
City Glass Works, a corporation.
Lted and organized under the laws
the State of West Virginia, does
:by discontinue business as a corLtion
and surrenders to said state
charter and coporate fanchises.
i Board of Directors will proceed
:onrert the property, choses in acand
all assets of this companycash.
and pay off and discharge
ts debts, liabilities and obligations;
after fully discharging all such
L9i ii.cnJixiKJ.tza auu uuiibauvuo, u*i
the remainder among the stocklers
pro rata with their several
lings of stock, but no such payit
shall be made to any stockle
until after the publication of
notice hereinafter provided
esolved: Second. That the Presi:
of this corporation cause notice
he adoption of the foregoing reso>n
to be published in some news;r
of general circulation published
r the principal ofTice or place of
ness of this corporation, once in
i -week for four sucesive weeks at
t and that he certify these reso>ns,
together with the certificate
he publisher of the newspaper in
:h the notice was published, to the
retary of State of the State of
it Virginia as provided by law."
von unrfar tyit- hand this 15th dav
November, 191S.
D. 31. OSGOOD,
President of said corporation.
>2\ tub diamond brand, a
"X>\ ladlMl A?k ywr Drarrla for /A
il Q^jtt Chl^k?k(?r DUarao4BrtB4//V\
1?1II? In Kr4 and 4~ld twuUic\Y/
boaes. sealed with Blue Ribbon. W
! 0 years knowrn as Best.Safest. Always Reliable
?r soumvoffliMiscEvaraiiHRE
/ / west Virginia"! Greatest\
/ Newspaper \ \
L ?> Q \ \
?^elDest Virginian 1
C V Th? / J i
\ \ RiptrttiitjGoes / /
\^S. Mom? >/ /
Sp' You'll Fini
Tt. is our earnest a
of the Fairmont Tru*
it should be, prompt i
find it useful in transa
Your checking accoun
\ FaTtiWfUi
CASH Witrl I
WANTED?Capablo woman tor tan
of older children. Plain jewbu.
Phone 270. 9-21-tf??34frt ?
IVIfTrn rilrl tn rtn unmul ImhiwT
work. Inquire 332 Main St
WANTED.?Girl lor general hooa?> ; f*
work. White or colored. Mrs. "'' 'ai
' Frank Haas, 600 Benoni its.
WANTED ? Girl tor general ftp? ^ . '"^3|
work. Apply 507 Fairmont An . *M
ii -is-tt-47i? ~3%aM
FOE sale . "Jl
FOR^ALJE.?lOiS Ford touringcarw &?B|
$100.00, accessories for >550.08. - * . ,'.-9
Fairmont Vulcanizing Co.
ll-22-3fc?47?T- "V$
FOR TRADE or SAUE?Good 5*5
farm In Putnam county, Ohio, iB \
black land, in sugar beet and com %&
belt of Onio. Will exchange for good "3
residence property In Fairomnt. See -1
O- H.-Simelich at Denhaxn Furniture U '3
Store. 11-22-tf?<75*
FOR SALE ? White reed baby car- 1 iPigM|
riage. cheap, if taken at once. First "'igS
class condition. Call WJ. ll-23-4fr47ST. ^
f6r"saLE?Modern six x?Qm*S55 "
on Fourth street, South sia%. Bargain
to quick buyer. Phone 1283.' 1
11-23-tf-4755 :
FOR SALE ? Two Smith FonasA. ; ^
Trucks in gtxxF working condition,
Flood & Van WiA Hundred, W. Va.
FOR SAEE?Ford touring car. iliU m|
model, all extra equipments. Call j
529-M. ll-23-2tr475?
and room, ptfrate - - *:3
-totally preferred. Addrees Box
4532, care W' Virginian, gtring
price 10-16-tf?4592 "'SsS
WANTED?Clinical work to do at
sight. Hare experience. Address
Box 4752, care West Virginian. .
11-22-31?4752 . ?
WANTED?Furnished apartment or .- 5
flat. Apply Box 4760 Care of 4
West Virginian. ll-23-6t-475# " 1>;I
Professional Cards q
Glasses c t mil dads corwudj '
fitted. Satisfaction rninntik1 , -s
Hall Block crsr Martin's fins , v
U. Schmidt and '
T AIaitva 1.:-^ '-' ". 31^
w x
i Window Glass and Windshields. I ntf
I Phone 477 W. ?D2 Qastpn Avs j " |
Repairing and rebuilding so* ifs
tonoblle radiators a specialty. .>?j
Old Radiators Bought, Rsbrltt ; .
and Sold.
Practical Tinner and Sheet
Metal Worker. 328 Monroe St
WANT ADS . 3|j
Phones 1105,1106,1107,
la answering blind ads tn
The West Virginian classified
"i"""", please be careful te "." *.^1
om the precise address given In ^JS
the adv. Write the address
plainly, inciters croogot w -xam .
West Virginian office do not require
stamps. Always tnclooo
your answers in scaled enralopta.
Advertisers or others inquiring
about a classified si
?nust designate the ltd. " "a?
at the end of the ad, as we have
oo other means of referring 'jjjg
-O It. 3
F. E. Nichols jj|. ?
Insurance jj|jj?
Ham Temple, Hon 206 ! j| i
it Useful
J 89 .^gggW
im to make the service fl |
st Company just what | Ea^g
ind efficient. Yon will 8 ' ^
cting financial matters. I - ^
t is cordially invited.
1SL rnMramr J

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