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JAILf 0CEP7 MlkMtr (
Wast Vlr?infiS5jnan?. Adams am? Quiany 8*9. <
i?mie?AT?B PRESS. !
.mlmmtm " ?-is n? flu
Eiiuiiwj UBoenraranvF
Fpatcft? oritftttd to it or sot
UIHIP>PT fl*? thf focal
mu of reoooUeaUon of special
1207. Ail departments r*acbsfl
eatatlva. ROBERT IS. WARD.
A t Wabash A v.. railnna ,
raao* only.) One raar UN;
ba. tlA?: one mosii Me. 1
<mt) On* irear. 17-00; alx
)c; cm week- 13c. Per cop*
Fairmont.) One month. 75e:
hre* Ctota 1
; idttBOa (
siKlrsab |tre old as ?*Q aa
1 Fairmont. West Virginia, as '
___________ " I
N Uf ION-- ,
out** falling to get The West
1 call "WESTERN UNION.tud
mlilnin tad i BMMnsvr <
rhte iwnrlct. ^ ?? I
... ? i
DECEMBER 2, 1918.
WZbeBeve in the United States of America as a govern- J
tnea< if 4kt people, by the people, for the people. whose \
jutljpowers are derived from the consent of the governed; ,
WBodcmocracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many
| uvcreife Stoics; a perfect Union, one and inseparable.
B ttiabhsbed open those principles of freedom, equality, jus- J
K '^e, and humanity for winch American patriots sacrificed ,
liczrdivct and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty j
I to nry country to love it; to support its Constitution; to i
Bfrrj jiTfrrfifii i to respect its flag; and to defend it against \
* - . 3
I ./V IS. rights! What rights has a man in the air over i
hotise. his bant or office or apartment building?
Air laws are going to be necessary right soon.
H||jxse^to be that-the land owner Owned down to the middle
RTfrHrffig1"! airships will soon be traveling the skies of all
Braxri-T-One such carried 40 passengers over London the
KfSerT cl^y-^ You 11 be traveling through the air yourself
^^ hy and by. It will be attractive traveling. Not ruts in
splashing. No running off the rails.
% hoid*Bg,up one airship because another is late. Fast
|?g?jSia|?to;wilI need definition by statute. Pilots, airlines.
^^^Ba&rie^iScenses. Terminal privileges will be valuable.
HuofOr jfor their Regulation will be necessary. Rights of ]
passengers w31 need consideration. Rates of fare will (
Ked|jtfor legal enactments. Air police will be needed by |
llargs istoes and for proper patrol of country districts.
^^EHSEhSwSTanw ?m ? new horlv of law. calling for new i
EAir Iav.-s ought to be made and
s having some knowledge of acroneed
textbooks on aeronautics as
geographies and new manuals of
lieges will need courses on air' laws
ind airjudges for the new problems,
this? Not so long, perhaps. This
i conception and execution merge,
ill grown as nations are bora in a j
sky filling with airplanes and be j
vhose limit is the sky.
^ ??
rpose in die creation of the Fuel
a to stabilize industrial conditions
fficiency of a nation about to wage
necessity it was conducted in the
r. but the coal industry was broad
steadily in mind the basic principle
lly and completely at all stages,
days when Dr. Garfield and his
their business in die hard school
; did not always go smoothly ihere
I spoken Ciitkism by operators or miners. They j
unhesitatingly and uncomplainingly even when j
that the policies were not altogether the best '
have been adopted. And it b a fact that prac- i
die lacking about the fuel situation has come
lass the adi ministration was doing everything it '
to as tbat these facts entitle the coal mining j
some special consideration now that the Fuel I
onii preparing to wind up its affair* and ter- j
jntjol. One of the ways in which Or. Garfield I
locale for die faithful support which he has I,
jjrC^ * . . ?
X the completeness ot
adred newspaper scribes the French and Br
tr way to the Fence eon- the Belgian business
Metternlch! thoyTyw Zuj* """"
4^. Jff* 1,11 ?* told'to >
^ St?a Th" *?*? *r? on
^ 1'S<n?AV^* ^SV* SV^
^^^ ***?Sl?S5fco force Sm to horo St*te* wJly has 2a
And that what tl
tts cop* who go up la
ths aid of on# of those With Mrs.
8p? ^ Ths Woman's An
r? sotxix to lnvestlgato noon.at 3 o'clock at
Wdtloa. Thomas W- Arnett, <
' * * ^ Ths ~~~
lodd yie the producing cod of the coal Industry a chance
o adjust itself to the new. conditions m comparative secarty.
without doing the consumers any more ajiatiee thao
be producers were compelled to submit to when the inter?
sts of the comaimers were being safeguarded.
^\NLY 19 more days to do your Christmas shopping!
^ Shop early 1 But why? Because of the annoying
consequences of late shopping.
Take the matter of sending gifts to friends out of town
iy mail or pafed Dost, for example: Late mailing means
k jam in die pottoffice. a congestion in die maO car and
n die delivery wagons. Packages bought lite and mailed
ate may arrive many days, even weeks after; Christmas.
Ask your postman what he thinks about this point. He
an tell yon a lot of ilhimmating things about the results
>f late shopping and late m-iling of gifts.
Take the matter of gift selection- Shop late and your
hence is always limited by a depleted, pawed over assortnent
of gift goods. It is hampered by the weariness of
he clerics, by die rods of last-minute buying and by your
mm necessity for haste
Ask any -nerchant. any clerk for a few remarks on these
points. They'll unanimously tell you to shop early# to
hop early in the day, and to shop today and get it over
ind done with.
Shop early! Today!
Hon. O. S. McKinney, chairman of the Chamber of
Commerce committee to consider the matter of a suitable
memorial to the Marion county people who served
In the great war. has anaounced that a meeting of the
:ommlttee will be held Friday night. People who bare
ideas about the proper thing to do In connection with
this memorial should speak up at once. Whatever is
lone in this master mast be a credit alike to the people
honored and tie citizens of Marlon county, and there
-hoald be a InU and free discussion. Write to The
(Vest Virginian what yon think ought to be done.
The effort now being made on behalf of the ex-kaiser
iy certain German Journal is ts to shift the blame for the
nrar upon the shoulders of von Bethmann-Hollweg,
former German imperial chancellor, strikes us as an
kttempt to make a wildcat out of a rabbit
Sr. Alfred Treichl, managing director of the Anglolust
rian banks, says history does not record an Instance
if an enterprising people being crushed by debts, and
le adds that II they can produce the Aostrians can pay
tack all their war debts in ten years. II they do that
hey will be creating an economic precedent of considerable"
importance. But i( they can be relieved of
:he crashing burden of militarism the people of central
Europe may surprise the world just as much as the
French surprised It when, after the Franco-Prussian
rar, they paid the hnge indemnity which Prussian leaders
thought would keep them la economic subjection for
i generation.
Five hundred American newspaper correspondents
sailed for Europe yesterday to report the Peace confess.
Unless they are rushing up a few extra wireless
Lowers on both aides there is going to be an awful congestion
of news on the other side when things get to
roing good.
Congress, which reconvenes today, has a stupendous
mount of highly important work before it and a limited
time to.do it in, but there are many lame ducks in
both branches and it will be one of the most surprising
things in the long history of the body if the statesmen
size up to their opportunities.
The year is now on its final lap. Those who have not
been paying much attention to their War Savings stamp
pledge have only a few days in which to make good.
November Circulation
The circulation of The West Virginian
for the month of November, 1918 was as
1 5,766 * 16 5,938
2 5,889 17 Sunday
3 Sunday 18 5,504
4 5,798 19 5,663
5 5,999 20 5,569
6 6,489 21 5,640
7 7,313 22 5,754
8 6^601 23 5,798
9 6,280 24 Sunday
1 0 Sunday' 25 5,862
11 7,150 26 5,631
12 6,116 27 5,638
13 5,990 28 Holiday
14 5,920 29 5,525
15 5,793 I 30 5,561
Total for 25 days 149,187
Daily Average for November 5,967
Daily Average for October 5,635
Practically all of tola circulation went Into Fairmont and
Uortrm Pntinfv 4ka ?tathf*l AaM fn* Ota PofrmAnr
nerehant. ' "
nr resolutions of ?- -.
- What People Say
doings begin the
bo astonished by
iteb ha?r^? jand Some Side Remarks
. will Martin, tha Fairmont grocer,
v?dit was boosting business In Satterfleld'a
a "barber shop last Saturday and obm
and theyTl bo ?rT?d:
ha criminals. "1 hart soma of tba finest buck
wheat on sale at the store that
i Prussian soIL there is In the world, t comes
from Pre item county?bom Terra
Teutland wHl no- Alto and Reeds-rille. It is the light
i that the United eolored kind, and let me emphaarmy.
size that buskwheet cakes and
y sausage at this time o fthe year
iore la of It does makes a breakfast that cant be
' Baskwhe&t, which Is a corruption el
Araetb beeehwhestK-aeordlng to sources ol
Hilary of Cbriet knowledge, is cultivated for food -In
a Tuesday 'after- some countries.* and this is. stated in
the of Mn. books u though there was some
m avenue. qoetion about Its eatahlllty. But Mar
tin. the food man. gives It his okeh
thy Howard and without question.
iroed laa^nWht ^t^ggnfi ste^,^^^cagoa
_ ? v ... -? - - ? - ' ? ' Tnr?i in niii >
t postal- card reoufoo xn -rannotic
Saturday sad written Friday from
Sear Tort, wiere they wereTdr ??rer*l
'days belors asfllns lor France
with, the last Sad Cross unit to go
qrec. Miss Kind is bettered to base
written it.. 81 e said:
"We sail tomorrow. Tills is alt
bis sod woaSarfnl? X am not able
Co understand or comprehend or
compare. Yon -will bear tram ns
from Francs.'*
mis mis
Something About Records
Left By Dead Members
of Family.
(EL EL Meredith Press Bureau.)
The closing of the war lends inter
est to the adrince arrangements for
the seventh annual reunion of the
Hoolt family to be held at Aurora
Grove, at Honlt, near Fairmont, next
summer. The reunion ol this family
the raei summer was v eil attended m
spite of the gasless Sunday order
which Kept automobiles away ana the
strict orders ol the government ab-rat
crossing the river at the railroad
bridge. The next reunion will be arranged
by the executive committee of
the association which consists of
Hoaias Hoult, of Baxter; Harry Honlt,
of Honlt. and F. J. Smith, of Fairmont,
who is connected with the
Hoults through marriage.
The first Honlt to locate at the village
which has been given that name
was John H-.oit wbc came from Eng
land to Philadelphia. and then to' this
part of the country. He was born on
March 15, 1742, ad died May 28, 1826.
He located on the Monongahela river
abqut 1770 and the second horse ever
brought across the mountains to this
part of the country came with the delegation
of which he was a part. John
Hoult was buried in the cemetery on
the Johnson farm out from Hoult and
there are about a score of other graves
near his. many of whom are believed
to have beea his slaves. His epitaph,
evidently written by himself, read:
"I am John Hoult. 1 have lived 83
years and father of 88 children and
grandchildren in whose veins my noble
blood still flows free, giving vigor
to life, health, strength, beauty and
virtue And now I sleep id hope to
rising up to die again for when I lived
here you see I lived not in vain."
This poetry also appeared on the
"All ye who come this way
To see me in the low estate today
I am John Hoult and "although now
beneath this turf I lie
As yon are now so once was I j
And as 1 am now so yon must be
So now prepare to follow me."
On another of the tombstones was
engraved "Here lies so quiet and still
?Jolly Noisy FIU." This was probably
the grave of a slave, named Phil.
John Hoult married Elizabeth Shirtleff.
who was born December 12.T.748,;
and who died November 4. 1831. To
that union nine children were born.
Eleanor, born February 25, 1771;
Ralph, born September 5,1773; Joseph
born November 7. 1775, and died November
15, 1821; Mary, bora November
15, 1777. and died October 7, 1826;
John, bora July 31, 1780, and died November
28. 1817; Elijah and Elisha
(twins), born February 12, 17S3.
Elisha died December 7, 1783, and Elljar
September 3, 1S51. Enocb. born
October 8,1787, and Eli S.. bora March
30, 1790.
Ralph, or Raphael, who was born
September v5. 1773, had- a son, Joryar,
born February 3, 1805. and died June
5, 1856, from which the majority of
the Hoults active in these reunions
a-e descendants. He married Eleanor
McEifresh, who was bora in Westmoreland
county. Pa., December 12.
1S12. Their children were: Elizabeth,
mother of Rev.^C. H. Meredith, the
F"" or <
3UT far b<s rr
From YOU TO jprbv
Jths "story, ch ? jf
y J ?
f rsgSBpK#- Mpg^-ygaj
A Oean-Cut Den
Quality and
Public Api
More About?
For more than a year
we have spent consider
able sums of money in
newspaper space advising
you to buy only what
was really needed and to
Etc^ Today it's different
?the whole world, France
3 Ti~7?
German, Austria, etc.,
are looking- to us as
LEADERS. We must
show them how to COME
BACK and come back
| QUICK. It's a big job,
! that only AMERICA can
do "in a hurry" and there
| is only one way to do it,
we must talk PROSPERITY
She "Win Enthuse Over a
Gift of
An unusual offering of fine
furs, just In time for Christmas,
AT PRICES which ordinarily
woold not he duplicated until
way late In the winter. These
furs were purchased early before
the market prices soared. They
embrace the wanted sxtns and
most popular models tn both
scarfs and muffs. They maxe
SPLENDID GUTS. waTcn'will be
joyfully received and reflect lasting
credit upon their donors.
True Values
present president or the Honit association
(born December 11, 1831);
Hebrew (born January 16.1833); Mary
Catherine, who . died at Rivesville during
die last year, (born November 18,
1830; Elijah, who bad the mill at
Honit born January 18. 1836), Samuel
(born August 10. 1S37); Sarah Jane,
who married Edward Watkins May 5,
1857, and who is etill living in FairI
mont (born Apfil 14. 1839); Nancy
Eliza, (bora November 2, 1844);
Raphael (bora October 31, 1842); Ann
Eliza (bora November 2, 1844); Margaret
Ellen, who married Benjamin
Coogle on Jane 30,1857. (born March
28, 1847) ; William Ellis (born July 20,
1850); Edward F, father of Harry
Hoult (bora February- 20. 1852); Martha
J. (bora October 17, 1853), and
Joryar Statts. (bom May 1, 1856).
The next reunion will be made an
honor event to Hn. Sarah Jane Watkins,
according to present plans, she
being the only one of the Joryar Honit
children living.
There was some uneasiness about
Aurora Grove being preserved for
these reunions with the coal developments
at that point but Clarence D.
Robinson volunteered as a committee
of one to do all that was humanly possible
to retain the Honit meeting
- %
300I?S^I ?ON'T KIMOtt)
5T-1 OR NOT, 13ut THAT'S
Jg I WHAT 1 He<4(RD
55* tj Ata.ni ?*r uco _ ET~
T~^~ Goes"" ]
Real Values WinFoi
iroval Without the I
| All Brand New and !
A + PnitAc Wnr
No merchant can go ii
bay women's resiraWe gar
The market is high and tigh
ers are scarce. Accessories
1 ever known them to be. AI
the war. "We refer to choi
1 having.
Two Things Count
Prom the "Rose Room"-? St
Reduced to
$43.50 ,
Dozens of Other Models? J
Reduces to 3
$16-75 to SM.00 " jA
Plush ai><3 Pile Fabrics?
Reduced to
$18.00 to $90.00
Velours. Sflvertojies. Etc.?
Reduces to |J
$30.00 to $7850
Other Cloth CoatsReduces
to ^
$11.75 to $28.50
Of Jersev? l"~
Reduced to i
$18-50 to $36.75
Of Silk? rt.
Reduced to VJl
$1450 to $3350
Of Seree?
Reduced to
$14.00 to $40.00
(place. His mother was-a Hoult, a,
niece of Joryar Hoult, and a daughter j I
.a r.v_ TTa.H CfV? /V I I
last year.
L IBBi tytisamA
A new county to be called "Union"
with Minnington as the county teat
-was attempted in. 1867, -which -would
have taken that part of Monongalia
west ot a line beginning at the corner
of Battelle and Clay townships on the
Monongalia-Marion line and with that
line ? the "pictured rocks" 'at the
head of Bennefi eld'sfork on Paw Paw
creek, thence with dividing ridge of
Miracle and Day's run to the Union
schopl house at the head of King's
run, thence with the county road to a
birdge across Dunkard creek at or
near Blacksville and including "the
same." thence in a straight line to the
nearest point on the Pennsylvania line.
The plan was to take this portion of
Monongalia county and parts ot TVetr
zel, Harrison and Marion.
Prestos County BnckWheat. Home 11
style lor breakfast esch morning. (I
Bayer's Res tan rant. ' Adv.
For ultra-smart women. Mo:
ever popular.
Two new styles just in of Bro
and Calfskin, with Wins nod th
(-"London" Tip?of very superior
manship. Cloth and leather tops
Price $6.00 to 3
flMra Sam<
I. . =====
to taka cam of every need In the t
ot Ions and successful expert en?
J. M. BROWNF1ELD, President GI
I Geo. S. Amos Z- F. Davis
J V UmwnfleM fiowuds. F
T. ? Brett S-'J-JBuOey
j W' 81
r Themselves!
Beautiful Gamwntg I
lto the max^^i^ay jsnd.< i (|
L Fabrics are up. Wori^j
are dearer than we have |;
it! ^k/ 'li^^B
???? -
See the Examples of K
lality and Low Prices
As Displayed in
??**? RmmAnrsi I
Utltt wiwimwo; | ;
108-110 Main St |l
Brushes 1
The hair needs care \ M
* J
and it will receive the j
best of care when yon V~ <2^
have the best Brushes. - ^
Long bristles, solid k ; ^
backs, each Brush neatly
boxed. Just the present
for Mother, Sister, |
Daughter or for your- jg
Price 25c Up. <S||
Drug Store
. '_j:-y-V^ i?
\ I I
i styles Is Black, Grey and FW* |
unlrtna Use. and officered by man I
b. wa solicit your patroua?? I
SOB6B ? AMOS. Vks P-rtaldaai I I
L J. HARTLEY. Vlea n
arbee C. E. Hmchtoson .1
r>mvnm ^OJnpas,;.^^^^

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