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* It
2 ^""l Here.
KWsd Mn. W. J. Arnett and
^Lad Mrs.. Brady Car others of
AFoIIr spent Tcesdsr la tb?
Mr. Car others has just *rBjosae
from as officer's Train 37
is fontacky. Mr. aad
^E&rotbcr* trill so to Morgaa to
reside where the former
Brume his' work as bookkeeper
Bass factcfry there.
KThneliai^ Pmner+c.
BIcM fias purchased
7 residence in ilarSatterfield
-who restreet
is tO ]JSV?
1* new purchase
[nor and littie sen.
ding a few weeks
(tor's parents at
Mr. SIin or who *ctown
Saturday reday
ottffcla. Pa.
7 ot Scarttlsl*. Pa.,
his granddaughter.
.tb!c at 3 0? Bridge
T came up to spend
.7 with Sir. and i
remained tor a j
visit. I
. Serstre.
rs for ?Irs. N". J. j
aid last everting at j
the residence in
. The service was t
r paster. Her. J.'
I. HST SovtS church. j
I Bo remains uikch ifut.*
He Pride ccmeterr on ISnnncr*;
fcgc for Interment by undertaker [
Epninghoa the funeral party !e?iv- ;
K the. residence at S:30 o'clock
n morning.
K Peraonais.
ralr?. J. L. Carpenter who has
pen ill the past few days is Jm-1
Ipvlr;. J
13ilrr. Harry Satterfield and son.;
Bean, are both it] with intiuonra j
E" their home in Florida aveauo.
1 Robert r*ltzbugli of Florida ave.. j
to lias been very ill for ?v*ral J
?ys Is slightly improved,
pairs. Frank Coogle. of llcrgan- ;
Sjm avenue has been quite III
Bi inRunnza the past week.
Sirs. Mint a "West and Mrs. V.'aync
ieredith and son. James are re
>yerfn? from Influenza.
.-Wriltaj Vanguiltler. son of Mr.;
id Stephen Van guilder, has
fcrrrv;:! frnra xi so .-era I months
ay ct Washington and Baltimore. .
r Uii? "
KfCoatinucd from Page One)
ILits cad myscif on May 2 by
Seek triUeh shipping -was to tratia- i
Tt 10 American divisions to the Brit- j
1 army rfaf, whore they were to bo 1
lined and equipped, aad additional j
fetish shipping was to be provided
i_s coasible for '
It elsewhere. {
v)a April 23 ti3 First Division had
.a into the . lire La tiro Moatdieiler
icat.cn the ?>cardy battle iroat.
;Ides hr.fi bean suddenly revoiutloa1
to tiiCoO of open war tare, and out
a, con I id en t of the results or their
Lain;;, -were cage: for the teat. On j
morning of il a 7 23 this division at-}
ted the commanding German posi-;
i in its front, tailing with splendid
h tie town of Caatlgny and all oth obiectives.
which -.vcre organised
LfccM -steadfastly against vicious j
5?c Smacks and sailing artillery i
)~r /Although local, tilts brilliant I
Ion had an elec triad effect, as it j
ionctrated our fighting: realities un- j
extreme battle conditions, and also j
t.Gfe enemy's trcops -.vere not alto- j
rer invincible." - i
here follows immediately the Cler- i
i thrust across the Aisne toward |
is. I
I The Allies." Geaoral Pershing says, j
ced a crista aqualiy as grave ??|
,t of the Picaruy offensive in March, j
tin every a rail able man -was placed j
Marshal Foe it's disposal. and the J
ird division, which, had jast'couie
Q its preliminary training in the
aches, was harried to the Marne.
-motorized machine-gun battalion
ceded the other m:it3 and succassly
held the bridgehead at the Varsc
osite Chateau-Thierry. Tlia 2?oad
IsloE, in reserve near hfontdidier.
t ?ent by motor track's and other
Sable transport to check the progs
of ths esamy toward Paris The
lain* attacked and retook the town
1 railroad station at Boureeches and
idfiy held its ground against the
mys best guard divisions,
hi, the battle ot Xieileau IVood. {
IchjfoHowed. cur men proved their j
periot.tV ju?a c&icea a strong tacti-1
Tpopitlou ,wlth tar greater loss to !
? enemy tJan to ourselves. On July j
before the Second wm relieved. it
ptsred the village or Vans with most 1
Ken did precision.
"Meanwhile our Second corps, un r
Maj. Geo. George W. Read, had
en organized for the command of
Br divisions with the British, -which
Bra held back In training areas or as ned
to second-line defenses, rive [
Kttte ten divisions were withdrawn I
an the British area in June, three!
relievo divisions in Lorraine and
t-Vcsgas and two to ibe Pari* ue*
loin the group or Amerloan diviHm
which stood between the city and
Hit farther advhhce of the enemy in
Kyr thai time the great tide of Aaer rttbops
movements to France was
Bkgf swing and the older divisions
ftdrsn Cry
im J>.
faced "tdracdnx rtrea oC Gensnt tar
tsntoT and the M division held the
jftteUne opposite fliiim Thierry
against powerful axtSJcry and Infantry
attack. "A sinde regiment of tba
Third wrote one of tba most brilliant
pages in oar mflftary sttosIs on this
occasion." General Pershing says. "It
prevented the crossing at certain
points while, oc either flask. the Germans
who had gahied a tooting, pressed
forward. Car mem. firing In three
directions, met tba German attacks
*ith counter attacks at critical points
and succeeded in throwing two German
divisions into complete contusion.
capturing 600 prisoners."
Tims was the stage-set for tba conn
ter off ens ire -which beginning with
the smashing of tha-enemy'e M&rne salient
brought overwhelming victory to
the allies and the United States in the
eventful months that have followed.
The intftnatlon is strong that General
Pershing's advice helped Marshal
Foci to reach his decision to strike.
General Pershing continues:
"The great force of the German
Chateau Thierry offensive established
the deep Marne salient, but the enemy
was taking chances, and the vulnerability
of this pocket to attack might
he tamed to his disadvantage. Seising
this opportunity to support my
conviction, every division with any
sort of training was made available
for use in a counter-offensive. The
place of honor in the threat toward
SoiscohK on July IS was gives to our
First and Second Divisions -a company
with chotcc French divisions.
?"Without the usual brief warning of
a preliminary bombardment, the
massed French and. Americas artillery.
firing by the ruap, laid dawn its
rolling barrage at dawn while the infantry
began its charge. The tactical
handling of oar troops nndsr these
trying conditions was excellent
throughout the action. The enemy
brought up large numbers of reserves
and 31* do a stubborn defense both
with machine guns and artillery, bat
through five days' fighting the First
division continued to advance until
it had gained the heights above Solssona
and captured the village of Brczy.e-sec.
Tae Second division took rieau
itepaire larm and Vierry in a very
rapid advance and reached a position
iii trout of Tiguy si the end or its second
iluy. These two divisions captured
i ;juO prisoners str.d over I0i> pieces of
Th? report describes in eoise detail
the vrork. of completing the reduction
ei the salient, mentioning the opara..jcs
o? the 36th, 5a. tth, 4?d, t!2u and
jjtil divisions. Witi* the situation on
vns jlsrue tront thus relieved. General
. ershing writes, ho could rum to the
w.Satiisation ot the i'irst American
ii.my sud the rcttuctsot. Jt the bt.
...uiiel salient, long p.aimed as the in,..*1
purely Amer.cma enterprise, a
..ovp cu-ncentraiioa, aided by generous j
.lUu.uuiiime ol artmery and air limits
.,> tin French. began, involving nhe j
movement, wcsUy a. ?:ga-s ot (.oO.WOti j
men. A sector te-.cii.ng rrom fori |
a in" Sc-liie, east ol tne iuosello, west-.
v.urd icrcugh St- Mihiel to v'craun j
and later enlarged to carry it to the I
edge ot the lorest of Arponne, was taken
over, the Second C'o.oaiai French,
molding the tip et the salient opposite
St. Miniel. ana tne French Seventeenth
corps, on the heights above Verdun
biing transterron i? ceaerai reran- <
uiS's command.
Tho combined Fresell, British add |
American air forces mobilized for the I
battle, the report nays, was tlie larg- i
est aviation assembly ever ongegou!
co tho western trout, up to that note in :
?t saisle operation.
Oii the reduction of the St. MihlelI
saiioat. Oca. Fershlng says:
-Alter tour hours artiuery prepara-:
lion toe seven Aner,csn a?vis:cta> in <
the front line advanced at b a. m. On
September 12. assisted by a limited \
number of lames manned partly by
Americans and partly by the French.
These divisions, accompanied by
sreeps oi wire cutters and others j
armed with bargaiore torpedoes, went
through tho successive bands oi barbed
wire that protected the enemy's
front line and support trenches, In irresistible
waves on schedule time,
breaking down ail defense of an enemy
demoralized by the great volume
of cur artillery fire and our sudden
approach out or the fog.
"Our First corps advanced to Thiancourt,
while our Fourth, corps curved
back to the southwest through Monaard.
Tho Second Colonial French
corps made tho slight advance required
erf It on very difficult ground,
and lb? Fifth corps took its three
gidges and rt puineil a counter attack.
A ?-?:
a. A?yiu ?*MMVU i w?ci ?u
meets of * division of tlie Fifth corps
into Yi^-anlles in the early morning,
where it linked up with patrols of car
Fobrtli oorps. easing tie salient and
forming a new line west of Thicucourt
to Vigr.oulles, and beyond Fresbes-enWoevro.
"At the cost of only 7,000 casualties,
mostly light, '8 had taken 10.000
prisoners and 44S cons, a great quantity
ot material, released the inhabitants
of mac7 Tillages from enemy
domination, and eiu'olished our linos
in a position to threaten Mets.
"This signal success of the American
First army in Ita first ofienslre
was or prime importance. The Allies
found they had a formidable army to
aid them, and the enemy learned finally
that be bad one to reckon with."
The report shows for the first time
W? cordially lavtt* the' public
to Tislt ortr Greenhouse.
Open Sunday*.
Fleming: Greenhouse.
Under Hew Management
Transfer and banting dose promptly
tad careSfllly. Call phone
Thomas Caruso.
221 Meredith Street.
(Rear of Court House)
1 - ANYONE i
I Ul? suatlee or tO* |
| as^co^ctatei nJaS'l^tJi |
Scan army and at one* toward &*
atomilng acMerement. the battle of
The General tells a dramatic story
of this mighty battle la three distinct
phires, beginning on the night of September
27. when .Americas* quickly
took the places ot the French on the
thialy held line ot this long quiet sector.
The attack opened on September
26 and the American* drove
through entanglements, serosa NoMan's
land to take all the enemy's
tint line positions. Closing the chapter,
General Pershing says:
"On Kovemtxr 6 a division ot the
Pint corps reached a point on the
Hesse opposite Sedan, 25 miles from
our line of depart are. The strategical
goal which was oar highest hope was
gained. We had cat the enemy's main
line of communications, and nothing
*-? ?" ?Troi?t1re conlfl
save his army from complete disaster.
"Ia all 40 enemy divisions had been
used against as in the Mense-Argonne
j battle. Between September 26 and
November 6 we took 26,059 prisoners
j and 4CS guns on this front . Our divlj
sions engaged were the First, Second,
Third, Fourth, Fifth. Twenty-sixth,
Twenty-eighth.' Twenty-ninth, Thirty!
second. Thirty-third. Thirty-fifth.
! Thirty-seventh, Forty-second. Seven ty!
seventb. Seventy-eighth. Seventy-ninth
-Ninetieth and Ninety-first. Many of
i ocr divisions remained in litys for a
[ length of time that required nerves of
| steel, while others were sent in again
after only a few days of rest. The
I First Fifth, Twenty-sixth. Forty-second.
Seventy-seventh, Eightieth, Eightieth.
Eighty-ninth and Ninetieth were
j in the line twice. Although some of
the divisions wore fighting their first;
batttle, they soon become equal to the
The Commander-in-Chief does not
: lose sight of the divisions operating
with French or British armies during j
thin time . He tells of the work of the
Second corps, comprising the Twentyseventh
and Thirtieth divisions in the
British assault on the Hlndenbarg line
where the St. Quentln canal passes!
through a tunnel; of how the Second
and Thirty-Sixth divisions got their j
chance in October by being assigned j
to sld the French in the drive from
Rhelm* and of the splendid fighting'
of the 37th and 91st divisions sent to j
join the French army in Belgium.
Of the total strength of the Expedi-!
tionary Force, General Pershing re-j
ports: I
"There are in Europe altogether in-j
eluding a regiment and some sanitary j
units with the Italian army and the!
organisations at Murmansk, also in- j
eluding these en route from the states.
approximately 2,053.247 men, less our.
losses. Of this total there- are in
Franoe 1.338.169 combatant troops.
Forty divisions liave arrived, of which i
the infantry personnel of 10 have been
used as replacements, leaving 30 divi- j
sions now in France organized into j
three armies cf three corps each."
Of their equipment he says:
"Oar entry into the war found us i
with few of the auxiliaries necessary
for its conduct in the modem sense. I
Among oar most important deficien-1
cies in materiel were artillery, aviation i
and tanks. In order to meet our re-!
<iuiremeats as rapidly as possible, we
accepted the offer of the French government
to provide us with the neces
eary artillery equipment of scventy:
fives, one fifty-five millemoter howitzers,
and one fifty-five G. F. F. guns
! from their own factories for thirty di!
visions. The wisdom of this course
i is folly demonstrated by the fact that,
although vro scon began the manufaci
zure o fthese classes or guns at home,
i there were no guns of the calibres
{mentioned manufactured in America
[ on our front /at the date the armistice
was signed. The only guns of these
I types produced at home thus far re|
ceived in France are 109 seventy-five
millimeter guns.
"In aviation we were in the same
situation, aa dhere again the'French
I mvfram.--?t ccmc to our aid until our
own aviztioa program should be coder
*a>. We obtained ironi the French
the necessary planes tor training oar
personnel, and they havo provided us
with a total of 2.C76 pursuit, observation.
and bombing planes. The first
airplanes received from home arrived
in Way, and altogether we have received
1.379. The first American
squadron completely equipped by AmI
erican production, including airplanes,
crossed the German lines cn August 7.
1918. An to tanks ,ve were alto com.
pellcd to rely upon tho French. Here,
however, wo were less fortunate, for
the reason that tho French production
could barely meet the requirements of
their own armies.
"It would bo fully realized that the
French government has always taken
| a most liberal attitude and has been
most anxious to give as every possiJ
ble assistance in meeting our deficien
ciea In these as veil as in other re1
snecta. Our deneadenec upon France
ifor artillery, arlatlon and tanks -was,
of coarse, duo to the fact that our in;
km& Soar SEnnji Cased TKi
lady BEndi Strfferiaj. BltckDraafht
VfMdorsrUIe, Kr?Mr*. Pearl Patride,
of this plan, writes: "I was
! tmt constipated. I htd aoar Jtamach
I sad m 00 onecafortable. I neat to
ths factor. Be Sirs ate some pills.
They weakened me sad seemed to
tear op sty dfcerUoa. They weald
crips me sad aflowards It teemed
t was more ccaaUpatftt than before.
X heard of Black-Draught and
dded to try Itr X fagrtd It last what I
needed Xt was oa easy laxatlTt, and
not htd to swallow.' Mr, digestion soon
' Improved. X got wall "of the soar stomach.
my bowels eoon seemed normal,
no mere griplns. tad'I would take a
dees sow and then, and was i& good
X eaosot eay too much tor Black.
Braqtfk? Cor It Is |jw finest lusttve
?ft? OttL
TbedlprdTet Btad^iaanht hat for
i of thoaands of paoya wlmtaTtmaS
| as at'the time the armistice -eraia signled
we -were able to look forward to
Itha early snpp'.y of practically an our
necessities frost oar own factories.*'
Evening Chat
"- - *
Tarzas of the Apes, t moving
picture which many went to see
last evening In the city, deals with
condition* hard to imagine. It
might not he improbable lor a child
to be nursed and cared for by an
ape. What did go hard though was
to see Tarzan later, a yonn* man.
ncrer have seen a woman before In
all his life, stand courteously by?
with cat clothing?not offering' to
toneh the pretty girl whom, according
to the picture, he loves at sight.
' The two go throavh what Is supposod
to be an Impassable Jangle.
sauntering along as xnonzn waiting
In the park. They sit on a lost
across * stream of -water and -while
tliere. Tarzan points ont boa constrictors.
elephants, lions. tigers,
wild cats and various other Interesting
animals. Daring this time
the young lady wears a delicate
gown and the young savage wears
nothing but belt, feathers and a
smile. Both are ccally self ocsessed.
Even when Tare a decides he
would like to hold the young lady's
hand, he refrains. Having been horn
and raised In the jungle with no
comnanions hilt apes until the age
cf twenty, with no slightest conceptions:
the result is snrprislne Indeed.
Later, however, be dofles
other conventions.
The story runs at length through
many strange events and hannenInprs.
Tarzan does a great deal of i
fighting?In fact beats un nearly j
everybody who appears. As an eg- J
ample of snoerb strength and health j
he Is all that is represented. However
there were many situations
which?consisting the fact that
Tarzan was alter all. a modern
man acting a part?did not gulte
picture events as intended. All one
could do was to remember that after
all It was mere fabrication?
meant to entertain. The stupendous
work necessary in gathering
I together the many animals, the for.
est settings', birds and other odd
! creatures was something to exclaim i
j over. Fitting the story to u?j
j rounding v.ould naturally be dif- :
: fiyult. Just about as difficult as |
! making: surroundings come any-!
I where near fitting: the story.
! Last night It grew steadily cold- j
j er and by ten o'clock many people j
1 throughout the city were, glad to!
j rather around both pas and coal
; fires. Cas fires are holding out so j
far but Tory nearly everybody has j
nut in at lea^t one coal fire so that j
1 In the event of the pas fallinp apatn j
there won't he any immediate div 1
The first snow of the year stopper !
fallinp a short time - after dark
. last night and except for small CarI
ries occasslonally, the nigat was
, clear and calm. Bits of snow here
I and there do not make winter but
! it reminds one very forcibly that
j Xmas is almost here. Just the sight
: of the white trimming reminds one
' so poignantly ?f the day of all days
In the year when everybody stops
worrying?stop3 puzzling, and path- J
ers around the green tree with the ;
dazzling Xmas ornaments and plays j
the old. old game of make-believe, j
: The game consists in giving pres- i
j ents right and left?not forgetting j
j J
; Fairmont Transfer Co.
1 ? -
jpnone an.
i All kinds of hanline. Household
eoods a specialty.
I 324 Jefferson St.
1 j
! GatHhe Geniiine^tf^Jj^{
and Avoid
1/3^,^1 TSnfeay^tconomy
S?*^Tn Every Cake
i "
XMBB <* taSMaam XmsutfMtrw*r
. ,000 XUbmi
aroe, root or jalap, and sotam every
PeDets. i.-Tben sarrotmd yonrself
feet mentioned by physicians of thi
on the part of nature to throw of
l inflammation of the kidneys. It is
I' natore in eliminating Che toxins
bowels, rirfn and kidneys. Not onij
: to by-the sdc, bat by the person wb
! new kidney remedy celled "Arraric"
druggist. This "Arraric'* flushes tf
eff'fbe poisons (toxins), and shod
lemonade. '? Gear the nose with
Ih-.>S>g?'s,fO?t?rrfa Remedy. j It is
cant afford it?Imt yea do it Just
tie sane! Jnst a few weeks before
Xmas yon say:?-Soar this year I'm
go to do some thing sensible stth
my money?this buying a. Sot ot
junk tor everybody under the snn
Is aonsence. I'm tired of adding to
folks' collection ot ties, cigars, bathrobes.
handkerchiefs, and candy.
Believe me?this year Tin going, to
start something new! Do yon do
it? Mercy?no! Too take it out
in premising something different,
bat the week before Xmis you harry
out and buy the same things j
yon bought last year and the year i
before and sigh In absolute bippiness.
Some Soldiers to Come!
?? ^ c
Home in Battlesnips
(Er Associated Press.)
PARIS. Dec. 5.?The ten American
dreadnoughts which -will escort President
"Wilson into French waters will
turn about immediately after their
arrival to carry homeward a large
party of American soldiers and sailors.
The trip will be so timed that
tie mon will arrive at home ports by
The operation will constitute one of
the most extensive movements of battleships
for transport purposes evci
undertaken. The fleet will reach
Brest about December 11 and It probably
will be possible to complete the
work of coaling, and provisioning the
ship and 'embarking the troops within
three or four days. Vice Admiral
"Wilson at Brest is making arrangements
for the movement and is determined
to use the full transport capacity
of each battleship which at preseat
is less than usual because of the regular
crews having been increased so
that recruits might be trained.
- a
WASHINGTON"". Dec. 5.?Restrictions
on the purchase of sugar for consumption
in homes and public eating
places were removed last night by the
food administration. Increase in the
supply of Louisiana cane and "Western
beet sugar and expectation that the
now Cuban crop will begin to arrive
soon permit abandonment of the sugar
ration system, the administration said
They Are Always oa Top'
In Every Walk of Life
It Is a fact that red blooded wen
anil voiucn arc at the top in every
vclk of life. Men and women with
the drlvlr.fi: force -of red blood. rich
in Iron and Phosphates do things. j
they get result!.
Hod blooded women are the heads ]
of the happiest and most contented j
lionjeav- they have the will and the
<!esiro to be real companions and
Leadership and "happiness Is enly'
for the men and women who are
willing to keep their blood and
nerves strengthened and nourished
with Iron and Phosphates.
A prominent doctor says. "It Is a
orir.rc that so many men and women
lack tho rich, red blood and strong
steady nervo to achieve their ambitions.
It Is all the more so because
thin, watery blood Is unnecessary, as
rich, red blood and strong nerves aro '
within tho grasp of ercrvone.
riiosphatcd Iron makes pure blood
t>7 making new blood. It gives
strength, brings color to tba cheeks,
increases the weight and appetite,
drives away the blues and those
sleepless nights, steadies and renews
your nervous energy, makes you feel
like a. live one once again".
There m?.?t be ivomotMnp fo ft.
Everyone vrho tries It Is loud In
rrtlse of PhovchaLted Iron. *nd you
have got to show people theso days.
To Insure nhvsfeTars and their
patients rrcclrlncr the genuine Phospbated
Iron It has been nut tip In
etpntel only. T>o not allow dealers
to plvo you pills or tablets, Insist
on cassuiesr
Moon tain City Drug Co. and leading
druggists everywhere.
j InffneewB is produced by a bacillus
or germ coining chiefly from discharges
from tie nose, throat sad
lungs of the person who coughs,
aneezas, or spits. The person attacked
feels] dully, develops a high
- - I
temperature?nsnally accompanied
by headache and "ache all
ovet"?as It is. usually described.
If yoa have the above symptoms
Set into bed as quickly as possible,
after a hot mustard foot-bath.
Take a good purgatrve, such as one
made up of May-apple, leaves of
' drag store as Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
with hot water bottles. It Is a
s largest experience that the effort
( the poisons results sometimes in
therefore very important to assist
(poison^) from the body thru the
r should this be carefully attended
10 wishes to wrd off an attack. A
' (ant'-uric) eon be obtained of tho
te bladder and kidneys and throws
d be taken with hot water or hot
some good antiseptic spray or
, of coarse, nnnnujuary far me to
esn akin, Clean bowels, Clem mass
tl V J;.AI^^ivTf*J 3 fI
II n ' *
WANTieU>??i wee, "r Hiir-x-arrntrha "rot
general repair work: and borseahoaicg
Address G- W. Martin. "Worthing ton.
W. Va. <gs
WAN'ii&O?Porter; rry cook and diaawasher.
Call ita 4 0. Resta grant.
Sggrtew. Phone 4& li-13-tf-*708
WAETED.?Baker's 1 first band. 1
second band tor all roand day work.
With good reference. Also wanted
randy makers with good reference.
Sanitarw Bakery. Mansisgton. W. V.
BeH phone 58?w. lZ-2-3t?<791
WA-NTilt).?First class piumber. Msanngton
Plumbing ul Electrical
Supply Co- Phon4 175
FOE TBAT)? or SALE?Good level
farm Is PntTiam county. Ohio, all
black land. Is sugar beet and corn
belt of Oslo. Will exchange for good
residence property In Falromnt. See
0. H- Hiraelich at Penham Furniture
Store. 11-2 2-tf?i751
FOR SALE?Modern six room house
on Fourth street. South side. Bar
sain to quick buyer. Phone 12S3.
FOR SALE ? Two Smith Form-A
Trucks is good working condition.
Flood & Van Wirt- Hundred. W. Vs.
FOR SAlE?General store, one or tne
best propositions of its kind Is M>
tongahela Valley. New room, clean
stock. Reason, for selling must leave
state to take care of other business interests.
A. A. Rinehart, Worthington.
W. Va. 12-2-4t-4732
FOB SALE?Modern six-room house.
Address J. T. Taylor, 603 Maryland
Are.. Fairmont 12-3-6t?4800
FOR SALE?At a sacrifice. Naves
Millinery Business. Stock and
fixtures. Price and Particclars on
applications. Good reason for selling.
An experienced man wanted to
fill position of assistant Snperintendent
for large coal company
located in West Virginia- Most
have thorough knowledge of mine
.machinery and electrical equip- ,
.ment. Duties largely looking af* j
ter outside operations. Must J
know tow to handle labor, j
Splendid opportunity for right j
man with snap and ambition. !
Answer giving age, experience
and references. Address Box 4776
Care West Virginian.
|f*^Are you now In a position jjl
K to rest on your oars at 1
E;ij earning a living while de- jjfi !
E| voting your time to devel- JIB !
HI oping a basin ess opportunl- jjj I
P Ton must gain this time jm
|tj somehow, it simply means gjfl
I'll storing up dollars now to |U
Keep you and your new IB
Bj business fianced until your KH
|| line becomes established.
Bill TVkati Kotrlfs nrttr tft afihrw Mil
B:] money by a regular method. til
Ki How much can you la; aside nf
kt this pay-day? Use our com- Ifl
ff pound interest system for ?91
M rapid money accumulation. AT
Bank of K|&k
Don't Sacri
Don't sacrifice yc
JU War Sayings Stamps
|r which promise big di
You know that Li
Savings Stamps are A
what you have, and br
~ - > "^^gswrdgsBBll^B
of oWcr children. FUkKRHOH
Phom 27?. *-31-tf^S464jg|
WANTED?Qfrl to do_?BttW^Slj||g[B
vr*rrr mi rm
wort Apply 50T **?<
WANTED?silwlnllM la aR4janijt4gi
meats. Steady podtlans. ib>
wrbo make good. Apply" J&KBdnAgjS
Dept. Store. ?
GOOD~northkrn^OS33T?SSS^ f
Bare many bargains. Writ* for " vM
large list H. H. Webber, Atwatoy /
WANTED?-Boaxdand room, ptdsttw^
fatally preferred. Address Box
4532. care w Virginian, gtetam ^sl
price. 13-16-tg?4M2
WANTED.?To rent 4 or S roomhosjie,.!
sconce. Box 4790. care W?rt VirWANTEB
To TRAPS?Bay. maga&BjEl]
years old. weighs 1.009 Dm; harness'
and good roadster baggy, cost 9M.0&
Horse in fine order. work* any place,
farm and city, broke, perfectly mcim&iZ
Will trade for 1317 Ford roadster or?|
light Ford tract Hare no
horse. Address Box 2S2 Farmtogtet^rt
W. Va.
FOR RENT?One aeren-roomt^toyll
nished honse?- Man and Wife preferred.
Apply Sheriff's jCMBca. ^
FOR RENT?Light hooaekeeplng^
rooms. Phone 924J. Dl-lt4W -:
" i 1 - ..I., . rr~.
i. .1
Professions! j j
Glasso* ot all dads comedy ?
IPted satttSketlin guaranteed. [
HaQ Block ctbc JIsrtlB'a Xknps I
jw m "i "I . - i . ii ?lyj
- - -| -,...
R. Letevre. j
Window Glass and Wlnrfshielai R"crfs{
Phone 477 W. 802 Osston Ave |
Repairing and rebuilding an- I
tomobflo radiators'* specialty. I
Old Radiators Bought. RsbrUt' | !
v Practical Tinner and SliaidBfl
Metal Worker. 22? Monroe Sfcs'ij
We can heat any house. Any ]
kind of heater. .
^ Pocket Memo
Dc Laxe Looae Le?f
meet with instant favor baetMeji^
tbeir ttscfulnew. darability,endsttisb"- I"
tive mppemaee. ** .
? Bound in genuine black Moroaoe I
with blade skiver Hiring, End sheets.,<j
is blade Moire silk fmith. ftHtMS
with Weston's finest Bond Paper. r~?rl
' Prices from <0.75 to ILSS.^
paihmoht ranmM ?
iagp1* '^T?? "y j
>ur liberty Bonds <|r "
for other securities
vidends but are'Ta^^
:berty Bonds and /W[ar||
bsolutely Secure. Ho
y more.
!l o

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