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WJitlliirTntfTTT T>.- C, Dee. C.?The
Republican ltmlieaa of the West Vir BBpfiitlB
la the House have received
each&-s. letter frfim Frank H.
MfatejCt Tftmtlnyton. formally apBsrldsfc
Own of Ms-candidacy for the
ia?g?n&?i-exms of the
0fpV,m sew Congress, which
r.to bete* March A, 1919. While
MBSg>iat?ytfte -aanotmcgment of the
-ear'^Bade ft. is readily as KSS(?*t'
llr. Tyf^e"3 'candidacy will
PWtttft. hearty support of all five
Xepubltcair/xnembers. Mr. Tyree was
y&uarfl tor President McKlnley
BgMhflsairelf, then United States
r the Southern district of
viTtfrm. in the last presidential
MjtaaaMdgs" the bodyguard of Charles
Ma.?--**ughe? said is at present con
Ileston. The IWritloa^to 'whlchT
Upfati b one of the choicest
ed -with the Konse organizat
is most Important and lnfljitnd
carries -with It a good salno
little clerical patronage.
vttatfcrahas been received by
astan.' Ed-ward Cooper, and
^accepted by bins, to attend a
?to be given at Williamson on
nfng ot December 27 by the
oC'that town In honor of Conin-elect
Wells Goodykoontz. It
cstood that the guests -will be
-without regard to party affil-,
ajnd-.that the representative
ot the Hvely town will, in a
tnd_ fitting -way. show how
they appreciate the honor that
te to WflHainson by the elecone
of their most prominent
nter'residents to the House of
atxttrea. The Invitation to
Bceived by Congressman Coopineluded
an invitation to be
the speakers at the banquet.
Invitation be lllcewise-accepte*
personal and political relai
ot the present representan
the Fifth Congressional dis[
Ms successor are, as is quite
wn, decidedly close. Mr. Coopjmes
the opportunity to ad-1
ds - representative audience [
tang: lite constituents and to j
babe, to the man -who Is to take j
duties of his position. which i
eoaSbly discharged for focr|
Estaff of exports ::
rernment in re-;
icheon guest o' I
die Capitol, and j
Mr, Whitaker
i>r the success
ipaign. and is a
he does find;
Q make a sue-1.
IjX&gusn uuur auyyuiu uulu ,
adpfii&mu for positions in the'
tfejSfirgJnia legislature, have.
Republican member.- 1
^^ felegation in Congres.-,;
ortBeni- to forecast an ample j
^iiSifa from which to select I
dicate a lively contest over
bntion of the honors. The
itlves of the- party here see :
armful to the organization in
booming contests so long as
baght out on loir and legitii?
In a friendly and sportsway.
Should the contests
a of going beyond that, givendency
to embitter and imfine
enthusiasm and spirit ;
hich prevails throughout the
on. those responsible for it
sort shift from both leaders '
1 members -who conceive li
prime dnty of everybody to
C to ihspair the high morale ,
imitation. It is recognized <
? - t :
sgularities, with ter _rible
pains sod an
I awful weakness in
I my back. The docI
tar give me diffBF
erent medicines bat
I they did me do good.
I A friend asked me to
I try Lydia E. PinkI
Iham's Vegetable
HComponnd and I
Bffoond it to be the
J beat medicine I ever
tried because it
made me well, and .
*1 can now do my
rtelling my friends
BJL .1L Castes, 726
Wort; Florida.
abue period in their
aentspecsliar to their
mat cases may be
ttriafsmoas root and
B ydia E. Pinkhsm'a
ind, just as Mrs.
pea her after anffer ying
every thing else
annoying symptoms
and, write Lydia E.
| Co., Lynn, Mass.
r40yean experience
-- ' "JXe- I
> ' 1
that the large majority of the party
In the-Legislature has Its dangers as
well as Its agreeableness to party
pride, and that extreme care win hare
to he taken to avoid excesses of any
kind. . So far as the party leaders here,
know, the candidates for the presiding
offices are: For President of the Senate?Carl
C. Coulter, of Hinton; "Wallace
B. Grltble. of West Union; M. K.
Duty, of Harrisvflle, and Charles A.
Slnsel, of Grafton; for Speaker of the
House?J. L. Wolke, of Ripley: Everett
F. Moore, of MonndsvIUe; William
S. John, of Morganiown, and Lnther
C. Anderson, of Welch. A claim baaed
on geographical lines has already been
to Iced by the candidates and tnetr
friends who hail from the southern end
of the" state. Their claim Is that that
part of the state merits favorable consideration
because it didn't lose a candidate.
because it returned a majority
that contributed most to Major
Davis KJkins' tremendous victory, and
because most of the offices are held
by up-state party men.
Miss Florence Levy, private secretary,
oas returned from her home'In
Charleston to open up the office of
Congressman A. B. Littlepage. The
latter has not yet come to attend tbe
present session.
Senator Sutherland's office announces
a pension increase, October
10. 1318. toxGeo. J. 'Wilson, of Kanawha,
$32 a month; and the promotion
"IN Arabia and Java. Tve
J. sampled- the brew and
sipped it in Sao Paulo, too: yet
for fragrance and flavor Pve
fonnd nothing more delightful
than my old friend 'Golden
Sun.* Try it."
Golden Sun
is a blend of the most fhvorsome cof
fees we can buy. It is most economical
for it is pure coffee?no dust or chaff in
it. Sold only by grocers. It is too good
to be carted around by peddlers.
Tradm with home-town grocers.
They boost local interest*.
Toledo Ohio
Flowering' Pot-plants.
"We are now booking orders
for Christmas plants. Leave your
order, and we will reserve them
for. yon.
-Fleming Greenhouse.
Open Sundays.
Helps Whole Family Quickly, Woman's
Interesting Letter. ~ 1
Mrs. M. II- Van Wart. Lens, Ore..
"I feel it a duty to write you. Four 1
years ago my husband had a bad .
rough and found no relief from any i
:ough mdicines he tried. Finally tried (
your Menthcjt Laxene and made it np,
is a cough syrup and it quickly cured !
[lira. Xow, this last winter, my two J
boys had fearful coughs and it has j
rurcd them. It also gives me great
relief from asthma, from which I saf- j
"er in winter time, as you know here >
cpo have ?f ca rninv Ipctoail of Qnnw
is back east, etc.**
This concentrated essence, called j
Mentho-Laxene is sold by druggists ,
In 2 1-2 ounce bottles. You mix it .
it home with yrsup, making a whole !
>lnt very cheaply, as per directions |
with each bottle.?Adv.
.. / \ "
. 1 ;
i i iirm 11"TTrrrt. Ins been -pwwtMS j
of a pension Increase to Mm *t the!'
rate of $40 a month.
Kiss Julia Darts, who to a student
at WeUaley, visited Ambassador sad
Mrs. John W. Daris for a week prior
to their "'Hsg, .Join; with them to
Mew York to bade them good-bye Miss
Daris will jobs her parents In linden
next June.
After a business visit here. Dean
Coulter, of the State University, lias
returned to Morgan torn.
BUCKHAXNOX. W. Va., Dec. 6.? :
The Mayor of Buckhannon, E. W. Martin.
and Mayor Henry fi. Gay. of South
Buckhannon. have started a move- ment
to consolidate the two municipalities
under a single charter. If the
citizens decide in favor of the consolidation,
a charter may be present- :
/ ? ffia nowt soaei/tn * > ?/ > T aa^sle_ I
v\* W MiU UvA* BWOIVU VL Ul? I
tare. |
1 Plati
# e, J and B
Uncle S;
jfp any more pli
' * \ i We have
.$%f ! Rings, La V,
yi i 0ur sup
v4. "T | j elapse befor
\-- ' - i stocks.
\ I' Come it
/j Our best des
j ? | liberty
j ^ r ^
To Oi
Beginning December (
want it, as all restrictions
^ Now you can order a
You young fellows wl
snappy styles or you can I
garment just the way yox
TTie Cs
106 M
The following casualties at* reported
by die general of the
American Expeditionary Forces:
Died of disease. HO; wounded severely.
I": wounded fdegree undetermined;.
301; wounded slightly. 442.
Total. SSO.
Died of Disease.
Wagley. Roy, Kamesrllle. W. Vt
Wounded (Degree Undetermined).
Brooks, William. Slagie. W. Va.
Chapman. Claade R-. Huntington. W.
Lucas. Jules. Sand Creek. W. Va.
Wounded Slightly.
Likens, Joseph, Kirk. V- Va.
The casualty list printed in the
newspapers of this morning showed:
Killed in action, 205* died of
wounds, 41; died of accident and ofh
ou Can Have Thai
La Val
roach For Chri
am has announced that he d<
! a good selection of Scarf Pin
allieres and Bracelet Watehe
ply is limited and a few mc
e the/manufacturer can rej
i now and select the'pieces
igns are sure to go first.
Bonds same as cash.
ir Friends
ith, 1918, you can have yoei
have been cancelled. .Such s
i on Sack Coats and Overcoai
, on Sleeves
is and pleats on all kinds of Cc
- m ^ A
a pockets on suits ana uven
s on Patch Pockets,
rs on Vest
>le breasted Sack Coats and
tel Loops on Trousers.
l Belts on Trousers.
Top Trousers,
folk' Styles,
rh Back.
ny style you may desire m
10 want to looked dressed up
)ring us any style you desir<
1 like.
er cauies. 5; died of airplane acci- V
dent, 3; died of disease. 188; wounded
severely. 78; wounded (degree undetermined),
89; wounded slightly,
146; Missing in action. 117. Total.
West Virginians mentioned In the
znoraint list are:
Killed In action?Mechanic John J.
Mansfield. Piedmont; Pvt. Wade ,HJackson.
Charlestown; Clemont H.
Williams, "Griffltharflle.
Bled of disease?Sergt. Andrew Far-1
ley, Atenvllle; PtL Clayton Manse I
Newman, Huntington; Pvt. John W. j
Guthrie. Morgansville.
Wounded severely?Pvt. William E. j
Elder, Permsboro.
Wounded slightly ? Pvts. George ;
Ohlinger, Letart; Albert Miner. Hall- '
rijnnig^T, Bnlllolcff. I
Preston comity imcicvucat, home
style, tor breakEast each morning.
Boyers Restaurant.?AdT.
Here S
istmas mQ/
oesn't needx
s Brooches Tp
s on hand. M
>nths must (jffl
>Ienish our ^ gi?
you wish.
K0-NCHH8 ; I
?????? j
. and
garment made like you
ts ;|
>ats and Pockt
4 |
* ?'
without any additional !
>, order from our new
3 and we will Tailor the
' ' I
Liiormg I
'~-V 111
- ^ .
Four selling" floors wil
of practical and ornamen
nized merit that surely
. want. Prices vouTl find 1
quality and absolute relial
YOU CAN SAVE 1-4, 1-3 ;
This^ .
A sale event that -would be star
even at the end of the season!
Without a shadow of doubt, the
astonishing values any, women 1
seen In Fairmont this season. No '
ter what the weather may be to:
row. don't miss this sale?such *
and fabrics have not been Know,
be offered at snch low prices- this
UP TO $23.50 COATS?
Materials, trimmings and $1A
tailoring that pienty of
wo men have paid as high as $25
this reason's ilelteo models. trim
with il-t plush and bearer collars
;u(fs. !5ig roomr pockets, latest st
Tomorrow, at only $14.75.
UP to $32.50 COATS?
This surprise of the season Q
at the price; Broadcloth.
Wool Velour Silk Plushes, pomp
and equally fine materials?fash
able styled?luxiously trimmed
kit coney, plush nutria, beaver.
Tomorrow, at only $19.75.
UP TO $50.00 COATS?-""
Handsome Coats of Velour M7
de Laine. Plain and Silver-^*?
tone Velour. Bolivia. Broadcloth
Saltz's Silk Plush, latset cuts. Kit <
ey, Seal or Plush trimmed collars,
in lined throughout, all sles, at <
VALUES to $39.50
Serges, Poplins. Gabardines an
ire this season's best selling model:
iy and green.
One Rack Winter
Coats and Suits
That we formerly sold up to
$29.50 not this season's styles
but -good servfcable coats tor
women and misses to .be closed
out "tomorrow .at
In a Wonderful Sal^g g|
THE SUITS come in wool cassimere
cheviots and corduroy?in hand
some gray and brown mixtures
Knicker pants are full lined?watcl
pockets, latest cut coats. Reinforc
ed at all points of hard wear.
THE -OVEECOATS are In the but
ton-to-neck style. Belt all round
plain, plaid and corduroy lined. Siz
es 2 1-2 to 16 years.
THE MACE3HAW5 are in woe
plaid combinations In sizes 6 to 1
Up to $3.00 Boy's and Girl's all- :
leather Shoes in button, lace and ,
blutcher style. AC <
sizes to 2. choice -VI aww
Up to $5 "Women's All-Leather .
Shoes in button or lace, patent ,
leather, vlci and gun metal, siz- ,
es 2 1-2. 3 and ?7
3 1-2, at ??.Of i
W&mens heavy beacon blanket bath
robes, sateen trimmed collar
and cuffs, tie cord to match
sizes 36 to 41? M 7C
Special at fw*iw
Up to $4.00 Women's Silk Crepe
d% Chine Blouses in white, flesh and
colors? ?A AC
all sizes at .f
th tremendous assortments WZA
talgift things?of recog- kl
most Include your every
the lowest conafetent wMafl
and more TOMORROW ?tfl
$27.30 ..%
VALUES to $25.00
d Broadcloth Including in the lot
5 In blues, black, brown, tmrgunOne
Rack Wool
That we formerly sold up ' - |l?
to $8.00. If purchased on to- ' y *?
day's market it would cost
wholesale at at least $12.00. ' m
Fine men's wear serges, pop- ifl
lins, Panamas and gabardines, v M
Choice tomorrow at
RS?The Real 1
iristmas Oift
C AT I? AD nnilTTT A V*
3 ismjjci ur ruruLAA .]
avine of 25 -per cent or Kore? yj
Piece Abolntely Guaranteed. < %
ned with, out own large stock are y %sN!
jrtant purchases from New York ,
ors of national reputation. Every
is marked in plain figures and'
:ce has the name of the fur on It.
$6.00 to $265?
$6.00 to$1850 :M
en's Fur Sets $2.98 Oo
le Hudson Seal (Ifi EA
Muffs, Special oiOioW
Vtt a *
^ 'M'
I ^*$!S?i0r . -^SIH
^ - " '~y3
Hisses" fairly good weight Mawfc. J
id ribbed Union Salts. Til- 1
Sles 6 to 12 years at
Ken's fine, quality black or srey j
Cashmere Half Hose. Slses 2?J:'l
to ii 1-2 at, SSlBa
l pair P?|J*-J
Women's French Kid 2 das? I
Gloves In 'block white grey ; tan
and brown.- Sfi h||
PaIr ffceW
"Women's Sean Is the Back 391k
Stockings in bine!:. grc7
and brown?a pair . . 'U

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