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II 'W* WWW ll\f I PK 1 ! / II
gjfr;1. ?*>,; R
'Z^T.' /.^ I
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*$8E2p*?&x*&T~C- ?^*-., .
|qipp Tomboy Girls
.'.Over the Top
fccess'v.......Boston Blackie's Pal
Bp ............Sar, Young Fellow
B the Hippodrome, where the
Beedand Richards Tomboy Girls
Are be?n drawing good crowds
Heedc, there will be a complete
B today. Eres the pictures will;
B. The Tomboy girls are mak stterable
o? a bit, bat the spe
which the members of this
B- pat on are also a great atK,
especially the very clever
fbl Edle Grown.
She Top. the Empey play. Is
Bagain at the Dixie today lor
Ktbown, preparations for flghtshown.
preparalons for fights
Bf the actoal going "over the
our boys. The picture ta pre hya
wonderfnl strong cast,
I by the anther himself. Gay EmBSjttla
Is a war spectacle that all
Knkna't seen should avail themIftw
of opportunity Manager Ltan
peering to bis patrons. The musical
rogram hy the Dixie orchestra is al!
bat could be desired by lovers of
pod music and Is arranged to follow
a* pictureaccordingly.
^ rn Fairbanks.
| Douglas Fairbanks makes a darned
ISeed reporter in "Say, Young Fellow,**
alilcli is the biH at the Nelson today.
BUllQ. resourceful, a staunch optimist,
TTiln "young felllow* is a smiling chap,
Kb athlete of the first class, and a;
hap who refuses to give way to dls-'
ouragement because things don't go j
Bast as he expected they would. By ,
Bxample, he preaches the message
bat auitters are a ocst and deserving1
Ht all that comes to them_ In ths re pect,
at least. "Say, Toons Fellow,"
k of highly educational value to the
Suns man of the day.
Rhe Princess Bill.
I Boston Blackie's Little pal, which Is!
fceinc slfiwn at the Princess today,!
Reals with *he work of a "gentleman" j
crook, who, however, is more moral
than one of the supposedly honest men. j
a of the play. The difference between
I the "crook' and the "gentleman" is
Manifest what the former Is the
means of preventing the latter from
terming off wfh another man's wife
^Romance, In the form of a deep lore
torMary, is one of the beantlful fac|
tors In Boston Blackie'a life, and bis
Innate goodness and. moral honesty Is
hIiii'hiii in Ms dealing with his "little
el. Bert Lyten, who has a strong
Screen -personality.- is particularly adlapted
for this difficult and complex
part and brings out all the finer points
of the play with a clearness which
Apes him great credit The picture is
til of dramatic sitnatlons and much
f Jgpsing comedy, while it contains
KSQkfttTzi momnts or pathos ana iov-s
H nSer* *aS E. Mason
f .V*' " CLOSE-UPS. 1
I "The Confession ofa, "War Brjde."
Hie show seen at the Grand this week.
Wtm jftaytDg McKeesport for the last
kntai tbis week, and has New Castle
Hadother Pennsylvania cities, into
AHoona tor the last two days of next
Week, after which it goes to the Grattd,
In Brooklyn, for a week, and then to
the Fourteenth Street theater, a melodrama
boose, in New York city proper.
" 'Dorothy Za Vera, who plays the
leading role in "The Other Man's
wife," which comes to the Grand Dec.
13, is a clever player, who is destined
to make a big same for herself in the
1"DUYING in larj
JD and by the san
demands of a lax}
complete, full stoc
burgh?we have <
attractive shoe;
It is
b1I? :
? r.M
I We shall be glad
fc?> burgh^K*
- . -.
j;' /3jr^H[|\ATj^Y^
~ j, -"
w ^
?g^.To member of the West Coi
her domestic proclivities
TJ. v and talented Thomas H. I
one of the foremost dram;
Paramount pictures. Her home at I
nallty of Its social functions, which a
events of the season In the world-fair
the dainty star can cook as well as ac
Jliss Dalton is undoubtedly one o:
day. Although she Is noted for her
has a keen sense of comedy which gl
Her work under the supervision of M
broken line of successes, such as "1
Fear," "The Kaiser's Shadow," Wive
and undoubtedly her greatest Paramoi
of. a woman who braves great danger!
: convicted husband.
, ' ' "T
i next few years In the judgment of wise
showmen She has dramatic ability,
temperament, all the qualifications for
greatnes she even carries a dog with
her on the road.
The committee of public Information
has decided to keep the official pic
to rial review going, which shows the
various activities in connection with
the America's participation in the
Great "War.
Th daily activities at a Y. .W. C. A
hostes house is the subject of a dim
recently completed- It will be shown
in. a few weeks.
Pryddent Wilson is witnesinj a
number of new films while on his way
to France?pictures made by the Famous
Players Lasky company.
"Lafayette, We Come,** is name of
a new picture which was well received
re quantity means ability tc
le reasoning, supplying the
ge business means highly
:ks. CJ From the wide selec
largest exclusive Men's De
:hosen for your special nc
a Dark Tan Russia Calfskin with a stout
icr sole and a brood, comfortable heel
is an Rnjllsh model, not too extreme, i
shank tires an easy walking swing. Si
fa gained by Blind Eyelets dear to the tc
it Is a typical Venter example of Men's
to show you this shoe whe
-or, if you prefer, we will
supply you by mail.
225 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa"
,Av , ^ "
ost film colony is better known for
than DOrothy Dai ton, the beautiful
nee star who bas achieved fame as
atic actresses of the screen world In
Los Angeles Is noted for the or!Eire
always ranked among the leading
ions film colony. Here Is proof that
t and pour tea.
C the most versatile film stars of the
ability to play emotional parts, she
res her front rank as a comedienne
r. Ince 1) been notable for the tmLove
Mo, "Flare-Up Sal,** "Tyrant
La France" and others. Her latest
unt picture is "Quicksand." the story
s to restore the honor of an unjustly
in Chicago, where it was chown recently.
The Bible school. s.t 311 Merchant |
-.treet, Is resuming its regular class
vrork again on Monday and Friday
evenings, at 7:30 o'clock, teacher. I
Miss Norma Greenfield, from Mans,
field, Ohio, graduate of both Moody
and Fort Wayne Bible Training school.
Subject tonight Is "The Children of
Israel Passing Over Jordan Into Canaan."
Ella Flannagan, of Grafton,
spent yesterday here the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Clarence Starler. Mrs.
Frank Cassell and little daughter, Gertrude,
of Morgantown, will come here
this evening to spend a day with Mrs.}
sell at fair prices; |
heavy and exacting
modern styles and
tion in the Men's
rpartment in Pitts>tice
a particularly
; real
$7.00 i
>p. At M I ^
Fin* '
n you are in Pittsr
L gladly
EQmed in "Giwn Eyes," the sew Pxrsul
mount picture starring Dorothy Sal-(I
ton, which -win be shown at Bart's
theatre ah Mannfngton on g?tnr.*.r
Thomas H- lace produced the picture
and with hfs osteal determination to
lea-re nothing undone that would render
the Him more convincing; lie engaged
near! rone thousand colored
men and women and took them to a
small town near Dos Angeles, where,
in a shaded grove. a regular old-fashioned
gathering of this character was
put on. The affair developed Into literally
the real thing It was genuine
"atmosphere" and proved highly effective.
^Mlss Dayton is supported by Jack
Holt and a fine cast in this picture,,
which has to do with the Jealousy of
a man who has a young and lovely
wife woh is Innocent of any wrong,
bat whom he suspects constantly. And
from this develops a tragedy and only |
by chance Is a still greater one avert-1
- ?-' ? a_J
6d. SOC IH6 story uw uiui mut wu |
the contrary, being filled with bright i
comedy .and colorful moments, and j
with the atmosphere or the Sooth.
State Banks Show
Grains in Deposits
CHARLESTON. W. Va., Dec. 6.?
The 208 state banks of West Virginia,
despite Liberty loan subscriptions and
heavy contributions by the people to
the United War Work Fund in the
meantime, made gains of $4,737,209.05
in total deposits from June 29 to November
1. according to the statement
of the state hanking commissioner,
S. F. Smith.
The resources of the banks also
showed an increase of nearly $6,000,000.
having risen from 515S.659.i90.95
on June 29. to $162,627,785.01 November
1. Total deposits shown by the
last statement were $124,697,332^4.
Time certificates showed a loss of
nearly $1,500,000, bnt savings deposits
showed a slight gain, and deposits subject
to check Jumped from $68,971,419.86
on June 29, to $74,712,88325 on
November 1.
^ r ' ??-?-v. 4*/\ LJ rtTTO
iViUrgcfcilbUWii LU JJLOiV C |
Rotary Club Soon!
(E. E. Meredith Press Bureau.)
MORGAXTOWJf, W. Va. .Dec. 6.?
Interest centers at Morgan town
among Rotarians of West Virginia for
a new Rotary clnb is to be organized
here December 16. The rapid growth
of Rotary in West Virginia is encouraging
to those who shont "service" as
a sloga nand there Is no question hot
what the Rotary organizations are doing
more to control business and pub\
The Normal Lectu
the course this year. Th<
T ^>r?Ti Wpltman. th<
England, has toured twe
tory of Music of-BostonMary
Clark, the s<
Single admission t
attractions, two dollars.
Season .ticket hold
box office Saturday nighl
| Casl
| Are Tal
?? Of Our Prices ?
Sg What's the reason? It is p!
fit age cash store doesn't keq
0 outlet. Ap endless army of
K uBe," forces prices downK
wearing tad paying lor the
M the cash and the credit par
Tji basl'MM It styles and' oar t
N as many ityles. It doesn't
w even if yon pay cash.
1 Make This
*_:i^ .1
Up to $79.50
StyJish Autumn and Wii
of Sorge, Oxford Clotb. I
Duvet do Lalne, Velonr ai
tone, tn the very latent mod
?* fur trimmed*
I Ladies' Goats $1
Up to $85.00
la the latest Winter s
Jiere. la Pom Pom, Kersey. I
Velonr. Crystal Cord and
many for trimmed models.
Moiiuthe. ?mwton poaptevvr'^w j
feed the world, to ** tbe euildLjl
to sappl jtte world with materteta."
Semteu Brtfhli declares the* this
"1* a greet task endatftftelfMi one."
i ? i i
11 am, 1,3> 5, 7,9 pjax.
- PRICES 10c and 20c j
And War Tax
Special Mosicat E veryPerformance
1_ |
The Greatest War Pic- i.
tore of the Greatest fj
War. *' j:
"Over- 1
the Top"!
With Sergt Arthur Guy
Empey, Louis Meredith,
James Morrison.
The 10th Episode of
With William Duncan
iky Quartet oi
a House Dec.
re Course is bringing this far
* Tsphawnwslfv Quartet is ons
?leader of this organization,
nty-two countries, and is fou
fioist, is a singer of great abi
i> this concert is seventy-five i
Tickets on sale at A? G. Mar!
ers will kindly present their
i and get reserved seats.
mn w
'ter Pap the Easy
i Shoppers
Icing Advantage
uid Big Selections Same as tl
? PnrrfiiKers.
v;tGiu? A
lain to anybody who tun been here. H
i op its assortments like ve do, It hi
cr Vt buyeia such m we possess. ereat
?en army that must be keep wthtle
me ilnadbe, also connteeg quality
chasors alike. Bnt what's wtrrnjng t
icNctions. The Average cash store doem
sell at oar price either. Too save mos
a Patriotic Christnw
29.98 i Overcoats
In* the body fit as well si
ulster models, made of the
star Salts wool materials, which assur
om Pom, and satisfactory, aa low (
ad SUrar- aa ? ?
eta: many Up to $50.00
ass Ilea's SaHs
In tie new weaves, pat
colors. Tailored in the nee
lodela are *?, mTt req^?n*??t?
SS^oS! ^" diewerm.aalov ,
Flashea; Up to $50.00
s H. Farle
'. ^ILJf^ rtotLtoiL-I
Bayte^ ltoiUUiiBt" - : Arrt. j ;
hipwdrohfI '
t *
, ' M
v- I
?. I
Richards f
Clean. Class. Beautifully j Fi
Costumed and Snappy jjjnstcal
Melange. Above the Standard. W
' ;> w
a 4
Sunshine Comedy ' ||jjj
Cloud Puncture ,
Matmee 2:45: Hight 7:45 and
x 0:15. ?5?
Douglas Fa
_ , _IN~
day, Y oum
Dong is a cub reporter wit
strikes a scent that leads up t<
laughs that make "a regular F;
ALSO?Pittsburgh-Chronicle \
f Boston to Be
7th at 8:15 P.
nous musical organization here as
; of the very fine musical organi:
has appeared in concert before
nder and director of the famous
ility and rare charm, and is a pu
lents and one dollar. Season tick
;ins' Book Store.
tickets at A. G. Martins Friday o
^ _ J. ; -' c. ;
T " - * U *> ? ' . J<f. >*1 " : r '*'
_ I
Big, Handsome *-M
Simply ftlled w8k * tl?iO^?
tystery ?ad Iaugfct?Tlll*;4
oldier of fortnte' getaall tke 1
Iventnre thats coming to f
tm? . ^
ISO No. S of "The Fight Ipr |j
Millions". Ton will sM-bsl
dissappolnted this'time. No-1
S is already in.
itnrdjCy?Stapled SotdQ^S
Dalton. the sweetest girl on 1
the screen in "Crten Eyes^.-' II
onday?"Hlt the Trail Hbll- (]
?"Pp the Road
edr.esdav?Chas. Chaplin in tj
lursdav?"America1* Ass- i]
'.'*v ^
ihXUmr aa tsnl of a?g*.
**?* mi went ana wliiiQ |l> wMga^^gj
iVER FAILS. Owe botilo Wtrwrfjg - l^
*. Stood the teat foy_ sixer frwoca^g old.. ? J&s3
where or br maaH. ZOc. m
C. A. Toorhrce, -4. IX,
lirbanks ;
fa a nose for news. He I
piftar I
f I
' ;"'" IB
? ?8
5^..- vll
f |^| ^
"" JS$ ' " '*"V
<- ^v^r^^Kjy^y'jEBi
' ' v:.'^g^BBI
--> ,- ? ;-: "
' >' r^r 3^?2?flBiB
^w^AwL ^siSS
^9ra|^S Kg
jwROfiKHSl X?
?CT>egfttBWWIB ' A, V^jQ
t/AfPrm ?MUB ' - - - Jgffy^?
^ a
. "> ** -v . >. Tjl-w^cS
" ' . -?**" ? .? ' '^V^vtr;-j^
j.'- t^dWHCTM
i._v. (. :

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