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| Tbt West Vlrgmlea ^Sdlag. tu&Mn
w. j. wlbosu a?s*eu j
&hvur' i i.bai
S ?tor.' I
v? JtEOIC clrc
|: nntn or the associai
i 1 in y>.,ii fstniT ttits is exclusively e
KalkMgMAM 1* tlilf nerwipeper
HmHM hereto. All riabtt of n|
HjW|? HWMH iW alao reaerred.
EPHKBGOMXB?UK, 11M. 2107. An
mgg^ttpc*wt? orchenae
[g JWtth-^ronae. Now York; 5 & Wal
PVr If ITTI fT?T?Hi to advance onJ
IIiflwttam; tors* miwtlw. tLH;
"?fT" jnalrmont.) O
cm Month. Ho; oaa t
jMl^?^HTII1ltt of niiBion
HH >?MC. IXC- By carzler Three Cen
W 'I"" 'i " ? in advance
Mant tor change la addxaes
MgjgHCjCiifaT Xha Poetpgloe at Fairmoi
jfniHiflH Ifliai Ott oar carrier routes fai
BHpnia any evening ahooJd can **v
EX etste iWfMf and rive same and reald<
71 all'dHMr Ml. paper to yonr door at
?*? ?tacrlber for thla aervl
I //Befits* in the United States ofy A.
t nttnl of the petiole, bp the people, /<
I justjpoOerxare derived from the cons
ES&nnocracy in a republic, a severe,
jgSti&lishcd upon those principles of fr<
t ice, and humanity for tvhich Amsric
I tkar Uses and fortunes. I therefore i
I to my country to love it; to support
i&obey its laws; to respect its flag: anc
FHE annual audit of state finar
Egfe of which have just come to han<
m#,' ; >ii the state ^government which w
I satisfaction in die mind of every W
| fiscal year, for which this report b mac
E^EeilaDce in die State fund??general re
E amd it ended on Tune 30 thb vear wit
Iv while State Tax Coir
30 chief inspector of pul
J of die present fiscal yea
i balance of $997.132.
to that splendid showing
ol fond, die Workmen's
ther special funds show
whose ^opinion amounts
dispute the truth of Com:
lis letter transmitting his
t "West Virginia is the
Id's reconstruction perio
k new or additional rev
plies more to volume of r
-raised. No perfect sy.
avered. Perhaps when
operation it will be foti
of taxation so that the
rfodboa of die burden.
J \l 1 I 1
yi"1" -- wmcn were need oe any i
I cnphdafd is "Hot in danger- of going b
k -#est Virginia Js prosperous, almost w
N EUMONIC plague, imported f
%".<S the "Spanish influenza" ex]
KkKew York medical journal by Dr
the United States Army Medical Coj
P^NOB.'loit BX.the XJnited States since tl
'Port" in the summer of
to takermto^ account all die facts.
pcnycni cx uimauc conoiuons. it j
HEpm, is moist Cleveland and Detroi
E m Ay Arizona, in balmy Los Angel*
| ami m warm Porto Rico with equal fi
It took die open-air sleeper and the
5 "Wo Bnderatand the skating on Buf
falo ctaek has been rather poor thlt
pWtwaTl say this for the rain?
gKSnp^the streets a good cleaning
>: Bp in advance of a possible freeze up
IpQit.'c&ttrsa'lt Santa Clans is coming
Si js? strplaae'this year he wQl not
RWalL att xeadT for kick In for that
Byear and only costs a
> mark of good ottfeenbenzoQern
continues to
today says ha tried to
Idea la a good one bat
is and Qntncy Sta. Dr. King tells v
iinaser. 1910 B Harbin,
f.'fjSi* ? yet prevalent
fearfully Jngh-**''ED
press. "In 1917.** ad
untied to tba vat tor coolies, collected i
^edited to It or not ?
raod alio liielocri pneumonic plague
msucation of special ynf to France as
' .' J.'. In March, 191
departments-readied , ? ?
by the Oennans.
ROBERT E. WARD. ^ CfT? "ff
ash ATt, Cldwtn around me world
^ Dr. King belies
7.) On* year ti.00; mingled in the bl
-x Harbin and pxodu
reek. lie. Per eopv AH great wars 1
t.) On* month. 7Sc; The nest war rrnr
Sir* old as w?0 a* j-y
it. crat virsia^. u ' I HE valued ?
A Virginian ye
APBR CALL. 0f d,e disgt
iter to ret The Wat m3d by far. The
c-estern UNION." ought to be made
oice ihti4 messenger . . . , .
oBoc Tbere St no 15 &n epidemic win
secretions is valid.
- ' on the broad gr
BER 10. 1.918. leave, it, hideous
urday nights die c
prmapu wmcn v
all the while, give
morning when foil
' ing in the extreme.
If die city auth
break up this comi
see that the streets
fore'daylight Sun<
money, we suggest
spitters and then <
that the anti-spitti
be long before the
"REED. never was any nx
Imerica as a govern' jhan there is for sp
if the people, vhose longer a mine vu
ent of the governed; through the paces.
igrt Nation of many
me and inseparable. The United Sta:
tedom, equality, jus- ably -well manage
an patriots sacrificed business experien
believe it is my duty duction in the sci
its Constitution; to on the first of tl
1 to defend it against Doubtless there i
will say that thl
. opinion that the
IRCINIA. of policy will ge
ices, advance sheets durlns the Deit c
reveal a condition
ill cause the greatest ?ae thing bnsl
est Virginian. The ia min<i during
le began with a cash business is going
venue of $604,531. spite of-the effoi
h a net cash balance the Pub!Ic contro
tmissioner Hallanan. appointed in the
?lic offices, estimates ers the Pendulum
f. June. 1919, there tion *nd this ge
J return swing. M<
the School fund, the I deal should be the
Compensation fund
gratifying balances. Governor Corn'
to anything would announcing form;
missioner Hallanan*s the budget amen
report to Governor Board of Public
refore able to enter slon. trill hold its
d without being re- week. Thus witl
enues for stafp mir- ginia takes^h grea
phase "of its deve!
evenue than the way budget system is i
stem 'of taxation has to old fashion
we have a budget satisfactoin to th
nd desirable to shift the business affal
:re may be a more business like man
But this is not a -
jaste. The financial * Lieutenant R- 1
are for a long time, by the Public He
ealthy. fighting the epide
~ closing measures i
?IT MUST BE tion. Inasmuch i
UC PLACUE. to haTe had It in tl
rom China as a con- a ??Uey ** *** ?
["hat's die substance * new way of locl
? ifalaa Tw /imfon
nlanabon ottered in "
. James J. King of paigns ?r educatio
ps. ought to be going
lives have thus far Pertinents ought 1
be epidemic readied Uon flnnly 114111
d by Dr. King fail According to tl
The disease is inde- the department 01
has raged in damp stent almost $28,
t. in windy Chicago, to shape matters
3, in frozen Alaska dollar of this was
try. which technically
: man who seals his - war, bat a lot of
1 j of the Teat guys who are trying to
I i Dassina the buck Inst now.
Pat as down for V>ne copy. Bill.
Personal: Salvato re Rocco, the well
- known insanity expert, is again so[
Journing in "West Virginia
It Is reported that M. Rocco has a
poor opinion of the intelligence of
Marlon county officials.
Teny rate be was headed right back
' here when Morgan town, probably feeling
the need of some of bis baggage,
: headed hint oft.
Mas Louise Clayton and her niece,
. Sites Elaine Clayton, are recovering
from influenza from which both, had
been 111 for seevrab days.
Mrs. Clifton Jackson, ot Akron. O.,
formerly of this city. Is very HI from
Influenza at her home according to a
message received by her mother. Sirs,
Ctas. Conaway, in Maple avenue.
Mrs. Mary Scott, of Marietta. O, Is
here on an extended visit to her son,
A. b. Scott and Mrs. Scott. In Fairmont
avenue and Ninth atreet.
Dr. W. J. Boydston went to Wheeling
yesterday to attend the meeting
of the Boyal Arch Masons snd the
Grand Lodge of the A. f. and A. M.
^Bo?cn^M<ni?L Decroberfl^h,^
a Public Heikh Service.
n that pneumonic plague fint appeared i
Mmcjgma. It swept North China. I
"The mortality.** he say*, "has bee
tdt Dr. King, "about 200,000 Chine*
From die northern part of China, when
has raged at intervals since 1910. wer
8, some of these-Chinese were capture
"Spanish influenza" soon appeared h
it and spread to Spain. It has goni
in less than a year.
res pneumonia and bubonic plague germ
ood of some obscure Chinese coolie ii
teed a new disease tenor,
iave been followed by disease epidemics,
st be against this plague.
>rrespondent who in a letter to The Wes
sterday called attention to the prevalenci
sting spitting evil in this town was toe
: point raised in the letter that some effor
to put a stem to it at a time when then
i . ? t ? .* ? .1
ca is Knows to be spread tnrougb moutt
but Fairmont ought to stop the spiltinj
ound that it is a filthy habit whid
mark everywhere in the city. On Satrowds
that are permitted to gather at the
if the business district, obstructing traffic
those corners an appearance on Sundaj
b are going to cljurch which is disgust
orrtdes do not have the moral courage tc
u loafing they should at least be willing tc
and sidewalks are thoroughly washed be
day morning. As that would cost some
t that a one dollar fine be imposed upon
deputize a force of woman police to set
ig ordinance is enforced. It would nol
whole situation was cleared up. There
>re excuse for spitting in the city streets
" ' 1' CS- vu UK UTUi^ 1WU1 * u6* * " ?w
lage and it is time to put the spitters
tes Steel corporation which is a reasonHi
corporation with a fairly extensive
ce has gone on record aa favoring rede
of prices for its product, beginning
re year, with no reduction in wages,
ire experts on price movements who
is is all wrong, hut we venture the
concerns which hug this same line
t along with a minimum of troubles
alendar year.
ness people ought to keep constantly
the reconstruction period is that all
; to go back into private control In
ts of the government ownership and
1 theorists, but if the people are disway
business Is conducted by its ownwill
swing sharply in the other direcneratlon
at least will never see the
^deration and the spirit of the square
s watchwords of the hour.
well yesterday issued a proclamation
illy the ratification by the voters of
idment to the constitution, and the
Works, which is the Budget coramisfirst
budget meeting Thursday of this
ftie? ?nv Vin<4 TXfocf Vlw.
lUUb OUJ iUOO Vi UIJ ?1UU V* WJfc ??t
step forward and enters ui>on a new
lopment as a state. In operation the
ipt to prove a distinct disappointment
ed log rolling legislators, but a great
e tax payer and the man who wants
rs of the state to be conducted in a
3. Davis, who was sent to Clarksburg
altli Service to give expert advice in
mic of influenza, has decided against
and in favor of a campaign of educate
10,000 people are believed alreadj
fht commnnitT, perhaps this is as good
t this stage, but at that it looks like
ting the stable door after the horse Is
to be of any practical benefit camn
in the fundamentals of public health
; on all the time and local health deto
be willing to take any. given sltuai
in its insiplency.
he calculations of A. Bruce Bielaskl,
r justice's chief spy hunter, Germany
000,000 dollars in this country trying
here to the German purpose. Every
a separate Invasion of our neutrality
justified an American declaration of
Americans fell for It.
their home at BarrackvOle, a son. He
has been named James Thomas Conaway.
Mrs. Conaway -was formerly
Miss Enola Wagner, a Normal school
Mr. and Mrs. James Dobbie. of Albert.
W. Va., have been guests for
several days of Mrs. John A. Clark
at her borne in Gaston avenue.
Mrs. H^nry S. Lively Is the guest
of Mrs. J. E. Watson at the letter's
residence in New York citv.
Mrs. W. S. Black hat returned from
Blngamon where she had been at the
home of Mr. end Mrs. Clark Bobbie
for several days.
Mrs. Herschel Satterfield and chlldren
have returned from 'Wheeling
where, they had spent the last several
weeks with the former's parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. McClure.
Edwin Watson. Jr., who has been
here on leave of shsenbe from Camp
Taylor, Ky, left last night for Camp
Sherman, o, where he will probably
be discharged from the service.
Mr*. Sam Carnlhan.
Mrs. Sam Carnlhan. of Jerico, Marion
county, died today' at noon at her
home after an Illness from inQueota
and pneumonia. She eras aged about
25 years and la survived by her husband
and one child, both of whom are
OX from influenza, the former being
In a serious condition. Mrs. Carnlhan
was formerly Miss Liggett, of Waynesburg.
IPs. Funeral arrangements which
are In charge of Undertaker Huey, of
Logansport, <bmve not been completed.
^ Horne^ a*ked^ ^ Pie* and ^aatrfes.
? A Q: 1-CLt | *
ft r .M> . | - k n
1 "Young Mao Arrive* Hem*.
Ralph Arlington Courtney, on* of
, the East Side young men in spyxera'
ment serriceC arrived home last erea1
ing. Mr. Courtney -was in training for
e aviation service, and for the past few
months.'had been in an aviation camp
I in Texas.
1 Arrived Home.
? Joseph Stretch berry, -who was in
training at Fort Benjamin Harrison,
ham arrived In the city. His wife, Mrs.
Eva Mary Stretchberry, who was doing
1 government work at Washington, D
C., has returned home. At present
they are located at the home of Mrs.
1 Stretchberry** father in Harmond
Roscoe Reeves Better.
News from Roscoe Reeves, who was
ill In a hotel at Washington. D. C.. Is
1 to the effect that he wa3 rapidly lm:
proving and would soon be able to go
? to Fortress Monroe, where he expected
t to receive his discharge
At First M. P. Church.
i The Foreign Missionary Society of
; the First M. P. church will meet at
, the church cn Wednesday afternoon
at 2 o'clock.
The Ladies* Aid society of this
: church will meet at the "church on
: Wednesday at 2:30 in a business ses>
sion. The members are asked to attend
the meeting and bring their gol'
den sun coffee labels
, Bazaar.
! Arrangements are about completed
for the Christmas bazaar, which will
' be opened m the Springer Bros, furni:
ture store on Thursday. December 12
i by the ladles of the First M. P. church.
, A food sale will be held in connection
' with the bazaar on Saturday. Home'
made pies, cakes and bread will be on
: sale.
Returned from Pittsburgh
Miss Buelah Satterfleld, of Guffy
street, has returned from a two -weeks"
visit with friends at Pittsburgh, Rochester,
Dunbar and Butler, Pa.
Miss Buelah Belle Haggerty, of
Guffy street, is spending this week
with Mr. and Mrs. James Haggerty
at Clarksburg.
George Shornaker Is confined to his
home in Guffy street with an attach
of tonsilitls.
Miss Ruth Banner, clerk in the Hall
drug store in Merchant street, is able
to be out again, after an illness of
Miss 'Wflma Jacobs has returned to
-her home at Triune, after aoendlncr ?
week with her sisters. Mrs. Myrtle
Shuttles-worth and the Misses Inezau-.l
Pansy Jacobs, in High street
Mrs. Oliver Carpenter of Wood st.
Is at Colfax nursing the family of Elmer
Fortney, who are all ill with influenza.
Mary and Julia Ball. little daughters
of Mr. and Mrs. feugh Ball, of Guffy
street, have tcnsilitis.
i. .?
Evening Chat
Last night it rained a slow, dull,
dreary rain Yesterday, very nearly
all day. it also rained, though not hard
enough to eosnd like rain Truly the
sort of wetness we had yesterday
clung disagreeably like a cold, damp
sheet suddenly hung between the
world and tbo scenery?if there had
been any. There is ho scenery now?
nothing but gray stage curtains, which
hide the actors . Some day again the
curtains will go up, and well have the
birds, the flowers, the green trees, and
the beautiful growing fields everywhere.
There'll be such gayety and
song as will amply repay for these
davs of mist and damoness.
Colored women, who deign to do*
(BY C<
W? f l
Gwrn anteey
1 TV?
On The Eve o
Receive Exq
The Kind of Gift Yon
Are Looking for is Here?
Just have a look through
our store any day now.
i It s an interesting study
and an amazing collection.
This assemblage of useful
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housework in the city at present, are
charging $2.40 a day, or 30 cents an
hour. For this they will gently sweep
your nigs, patiently scrub yorur floors,
and unenergenically dust your furniture.
If you think for a moment to
cover much space in the course of a
day. you are mistaken. Time, at so
much an hour, goes faster, working
slow. And when the work Is done?If
you can smile and pretend it's done
thoroughly, well and good. Bat yon
will find, upon close Investigation, that
in more than half the cases out'of ten.
much remains to he said which words
can't express. In these days there Is
nobody to take the interest In your
work that you will take yourself
There is a certain man In the city
who loved _a little child very dearly.
Xearly every day he could he seen
wheeling his wee daughter in her carriage
or carrying her about in his
arms On Sunday he invariably was to
be fonnd with the little one in a rear,
seat in church Many, many people!
spoke of the -rare devotion which this |
father showed lor ills Daoy uerooon
of this sort is not altogether common.
Fathers love their children as a rule,
but when they are little they prefer
that others bear with the small energies
which arn't attractive as a rule
to grown-up minds But this man
minded not in the least that the child
climed up and down, ont in the aisle
and over the seat Patiently and lovingly
he gnided the baby hands and
feet Carefully he sat her uppermost
again when she tripped and fell. The
baby herself was unusually sweet and
lovable -with a smile for everyone. The
picture of health, she toddled about
the rear of the church making friends
of everyone She had Just learned to
take a step or two without much help.
I had often -watched the pair?the big.
strong father and the wee. dainty mite.
)NDO) _ | j
it*., I'M TWS 1
"HtN?. ^ OU CAIN "DO U
iNoe "THis-SYsieM or
j. up peRrecT w <soo?
5 AMD COU^RJfctt
; Values 108-110 Mai
f Holiday Festi1
uisite Dresses f<
I Th
Ijgj desi
of n
$18.75 tc
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" 41 41 ?4 M0tai4a? T ImitumI I
r or tuts 111 mm jwimiw;
that the name of a baby who had died
scarcely a week ago, was the name of
this baby I had learned to watch for
each Sunday. I cannot tell joa how I
felt. Just a stranger there?not knowing
either the name of the baby or the
name of the father, I could scarcely
believe that never again would 1 sec
the child I had learned to love nor the
father whose -devotion I had admired,
sitting in the rear of the church?
happy companions.
So many, many human beings of all j
ages, have gone to another land daring
the last wear that one no longer feels
afraid of death For years and years
to many the moment of passing into a }
different environment, was a moment to
bo feared: It seemed Impossible
that these, so gar. so -rapped in. liv- ;
ing. so completely satisfied with all '
the bean ties pi this, earthly world,
should, have to leave it all some day. t
when least suspecting. For years the s
thought of death passed me by. When 1
others went, I scarcely noticed?I i
wonld not think of it. Today all life 1
is different. So many are going that
it won't be long until those we care ]
most about will have Joined throngs ]
in that distant land. We know that we j
must go. too. One thought especially
came to me not so long ago. Though i
we strive earnestly for the perfect, we ;
never guile attain it here. Everything t
beautiful on earth is enjoyed with the
spiritual part of ns. Human emotions ,
die early deaths. Spiritual emotions 1
live forever. "Why not be glad then .
that life is so short?
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alongo Snider *
left Friday for an extended visit 1
with ffiAfp Crtvi VIAP XX CUMAW A#
" *wu, W *v* It. UU1UC1 Ui.
Ashtabula, Ohio.
Miss Ruth Thompson has recov- \
ered from a recent illness and will *
again take up her studies In the M. .
H. S. at Morgantown. I
Mrs. Nellie Gidley. of Morgan- ;
town has been at the hone of her '
parents for. the past few days. Her j
brother Frank Mercer, who has been ^
In a serious condition for several t
months is now sinking fast Being
In a hopeless condition. .
Sana Snider, who has spent the ,
past few weeks caring for Influenza
patients at Ruth Mines and Hilde- ,
brand spent Sunday at his home ,
here. ]
The people of this community ,
were shocked on the morning or the ,
2nd to learn of the sadden death
of Laclen E. Snider. He bad gone ;
to bis mill to -work, which Is a "
short distance from his Residence. ,
There his lifeless body was found j
at the noon hour. Mr. Snider was <
almost 70 years of age. Be leaves
a wife. Serilda Price Snider, a
daughter. Miss Pearl, a son, Ira and i
a grandson. - Albert Snider, whose <
father J. Roy 8nider was so "badly i
hurt by having an arm torn off by ;
being caught in a shredder a few ;
years ago that he died. A daughter 1
Is also deseased. r. Snider was a
devoted member of the M. E. church 1
and for many years a class leader at i
this place. Rer. "W. D. Clark ot 1
Axnettsrille assisted by Rev. Yoak :
conducted, the services at the house 1
on Wednesday morning. Interment
In Burn t_mee ting house cemetery.
J. H- Thompson IS preparing u> i
mora to his new bungalow In Mor- i
gantown la a tew days. 1
to take care ol every seed la the fa
of lose and successful experience
J. M- BROWJvFTELD, President GE
a RICHARD HAT J.. Cashier H
. Geo. E- Am6s Z. F. Davis
L St Brown field fiow&rd R. Ft
r. I. Brett H. J. Hartley
vr. 45. Meredith
|| LHpiiai
in St.
ere are so many elemental
; contribute to the swegflH
failure of a party froek?|
; it should be chosen with |
utmost care. We are cer~|^^H
that in these new arriva3s||B
will find a frock thatsuxta^l
ou may be certain that|X
e will withstand the sure- J
tests of critical examma-^^
and comparison,
ere in the' daintiest, m6st
red evening shades of Gold
ney are most attracnvety i?-;
gned from combinations | 11
et, Satin, taffeta, geor- f
s crepe; gilt and silver. We .11 I
j taken care to have the u
e placed moderately, with- It J
fee reach of alL You will - FJ;
?e to that? $18.75 to $25.
> $25.00
Pocket Books and Parses
la dainty Cbristma? box* I
they are just sore to pleaae.
And .fried Are -uoaeaxe:
High schools, in the Monongah T*l- p ;
ley squared away for the basketball .
season Saturday, when, at a meeting ^ fl
aeld in this city, the following ached- I
ale was adopted:
Fairmont, at Home?Shinnston. Jan- I
oary 3; Parkersburg, January U; ' !
Buckhannon, January 24; Huntington. ifl
January 31; Morgantown, Febmary 7; .4
Clarksburg. March 1; Grafton. March UM
Fairmont, Abroad.?At Salem. Janxary
18; at J3u?khannon.-February 21? kfl
it Shinnston, January 25; at Parkers- ":n
jurg. February 14; at Wellstrarg, February
15; at Grafton, Fobraay 28; at:
ralrview. March 8.
Buckhannon. at Home.?Clarksbta*,February
7: Fairmont, February 21: -ejdj?
Falrriew. January 17; Morgan town, (JHH
ranuary 4; Shinnston. March 7.
Buckhannon Abroad.?At Clarka- -? -i
burg. March 8; at Fairmont. January
S4; at Grafton.February 15; at Shinns:on.
January 11. I
Clarksburg, at Home.?Buckhannon, I
tfarch 8; Fairriew. Febmary 28;
Irafton. Febmary 21; Salem. January J
I; Shinnston. February 14.
Clarksburg Abroad.?At Buckhan- ' .
ion. February 7; at Fairmont. March '
I; at Fairview, January 24; at GraT-v
on. January SI; at Morgan town. a
Ftlrview. at Home.?Clarksburg;
rannary 24; Fairmont. March 8; Grat>
on, February 7; Salem. January IX; J
Shinffston. February 21.
Fairvlew Abroad.?At Bnckhaxmoa. '
lanuary 17:. at Clarksburg, February I
18; at Grafton, January 3; at Salem.
tfarch 1.
Grafton at .Home.?Bnekh&nnon.
"ebraary 14; Clarksburg. January 31?
Palront, February 28; Falrriew. Jan- aJH
iary 3: Shlnaston, January 17_
Grafon Abroad?At Falront. Febrnuy
7; at Morgan town, January 11;' vggfl
it Salem. January 25.
Morgan town, at Home.?Buckhanion,
February 15; Clarksburg. Jan* T-v&fl
iary 23; Grafton. January 11; Salem. S'rt
February 22; Shlnston. February 28. m
? Morgan town. Abroad.?At Buckhan-' '.:3
ion. January 4; at Fairmont, February -.-tH
1; at Salem, February 1; at Sblnnston.
rannary 31.
Salem, at Home.?Fairmont. Jan- JH
iary IS; Fairview. March 1; Grafton.
r. ? ?er- ?r?. ... tui. > *
iaau<uy j?iui6auiuwu?*w*Mu/ *? ...m
shinnston. February 15.
Shinnston, at Home.?BnckhamMMV
Sale. Abroad.?At Clarksburg. Jan^ ifaary
3; at Fairmont. January 11; it.&M
Morgan town, February 22; at Shlima- >.
ianuary 11; Fairmont, January ^''xgl
Morgantown, January 31; 25; Morgan-^-fjg
town. January 31; Salem, Febrna*y 4t^gjj|
Shinnston. Abroad.?At BuflliiniW^j
March 7; at Clarksburg, February !*;%?
at Fairmont, January 3; at FUU ?JewJgj
February 21; at Grafton. January
at Morgantown. February 28; ^at/'Sa-^
Fish sausage is being manufactures*
In Sweden. Early in September it*,
retail price in Helstngborg ratrgw*
Crom 55 to 3 cents per porrpiT;., ?
ji^irtTtg line, and officered by ZMO iNH
u Ve solicit your patronage. .
:ORGE EL Ail OS. Vice PreaSdaafl
. J. HARTLEY. Vice Piesfdbenfl
tECTORS " fl
trbee C. E. HntcfatascJ^ jfl
E. a Jones fl
Duncan Sinclair ,
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