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Moose to Receive
WL gree at Clarksburg.
L 3:
Pax the., members of Fairmont
No 9r Loyal Order of Moose,
an. Wednesday evening in their
they will make final arrange.
tor attending the institution
rksbarg Legion. 52. Mooseheart
t of the "World, which will take
- %
f Ci wh* 8p?ol?1 Dee
H /jia^AMlvorMry of I*CO
EOA fey 71* Ktw .Tel
fr Aii Oil Calk"* TWNnr Tow
l*f e0W*? to Indoles to prM of
-tx?l amptlin sntf-fo et^nou
|L to Its mntoil effecttyeoei
W* tBtcflartfllut observation wit
ImmA* wkiek-we-toireMfcw-*
S>f Sir Enc Goddeo'a latest statu
t *?y
tfaaca g^rwSL'
Then ; on
eoaalon ,
SiarvadL WBBja^r^SSZ/i^ cat
cuaatjprt gyjtT^f "from official
tera It h| bBWB Mitodly declare
utarraOi fanU :Itofl_ja_Tast..
Ifhnuctit BWjUl 1 matter la. he
t ilnez^ ^^^ggQ^edoctlon opi
'","1~FffMPlT " *
snanyi 19M win nul'bo'able to-ca
the xrar wltb^tba hope of complet
1 He rocs Into one current act <
tares of tonnage end destruction or
flculea It. ahowlpg that If it wen
I Engl and by October at last year"
- snot haw* bed a rlr.jle ship lei
fothar than strictly war .purposes,
taroa points oat that In 19*4. acct
Ito Llord'i Register, the 'world's
ipla* r*ached a total at about 49.C
stems, end bo reckons that toda
tflrurs lb 42.00b.000. "of.-which b
Jlhe ereater portion la at the dlspo
W enemlea " He arrives at tha
{ore alter -waking apparently crap
tcwanca far everything. end ejnphi
Kb*, fact that there-ere Improving r
, jbf - defense against the U-boats
in uaUy-liiUOa^td activity la boatlli
bsatnl building Tarda. He conclsi
: -It la st8t a very great task i
Um Wfora "our U-boats to achlevi
(Meet of so-rojtucinr tfco ah-.ppir
pur ceetnlee that thty vent he fore
|9>psr thatc disposition for peace 2/
JrdaaTERUXH. Feb -C^Adlr
received hero today from Berlin
<kb# Serman reply to the statentsn!
(week of Str Eric Gcddes. First Lo
Hk- JOm British Admiralty, w)io In rsvie
rl (the first yea. of unrestricted subm
B wirfiie said the submarine menace
MSflulf. that the linking of mem
mm was decreasing and the destru
of TJ-boats Increasing. and thtt
morals of the sub auric e crews w*
tarlemtjnc on elcmnt of the 'Si
policy of secrecy In regard to the
10t the men on snbnarinea'which f
I / to return to their bases. Tbo? Gei
\ reply. In the form et ? seml-tf:
statement. feUows?^
r H ".ffhsl Sir Erie fleddea aaM'la
A ?ew, It U merely repetition of fan
frrtlliiio which are diaproved by
tutl ud appear periodicaliy la
weealna of ..tajkaUw wife-pollen
I Bestead. K t&at brave opUmlat Ce
aspect# by eucb meana to lower
morale and the trave? of. rnistaac
our U-boat crew*. he'win Jurre u
eoccm *n haa bees met With-in thi
lemptato bluff the German people,*
loop a*o realise* that English sec
wee jwthins but *a expression or
ectoeniaFi'pf weakaeea-X:
Emperor William created'* tp,
Veaoratlon forvXT-boet crew en the a
8 jreraarr ,of the inauguration of rati
wubmaitae warfare aa "recognition
beerttortooe work during the war.".
SVeeetactie Zeiiung earn the decoratic
K L_n.u, h. irffW. -Xa *
? ? r~**v** wwi ?
?hrc? WW?'
| Tb? Xoosrpr U? CSS eaaTerrtd
KNr Poor Is Mfcltt <m jutalftf
f iTiiimuaiii ft feesfl or tb? .v?m q
rsl etatt. sad Atattoi Scbser.* <
taster st tb* Q*wisp bsqis Xegj
L> Bay* PtUtlonM for HI* Uriu
Don't Roproomt HI? District
Ik arwtBl COM* to Tn wo To** Tut
_ ) R01JE. F?b 8. (Del*y#d->?TH? ;
Be pro** Tncn oomoorfnt a** Rc
HL Wliliun La Gowtm JO*t SO bf;
i??.Tja* tb* Ministry at Acrtrnrotla
B tUo spy to Amerlcsb fooflV1 iter
{fiasco. nod bootd mm on mrtlcl
B rrai Tamo of Dec. IS tpfetrtog to
B Dcttttoft daonadtac Omt bo bo <ao?
B Bt ?ao tbo Brat intimation bo fc*<j
iff tar ortlna taktn acatost Mm.
Henry C Jong. Mooseheart,1 Hi. -will
have charge of the lnstitntion and -will
present many Moseheart featnres on
the screen Prior to the instif-rtlon a
big street parade arllt-be held tu 7:30
o'clock The Initiation starts promptly
at S o'clock 2nd eats will be served at
11 o'clock The Mooseheart Legion is
the second degree in. the Lo-al Order}
of Moose, an<> every member of the
crder in good standing is eligible tc
T'rtft ir. !
Uicluuci suiy xu?3 ^uiuauuu icc ?a
$2.50 and the annual dues are
It is esrjectefi that the Fairm?nt
Moose -will go to Clarksburg on a spc- j
cial trolley car. leaving here at "S
o'clock * Applicatios and any information
may be secured through Ray D
Harden, of the Marion Ice company,
who is secretary of the local lodge of
! Moose, and a dgputy regent of the
Mcoscheart Legion I: is believed that
iffiWfl 1! ~T>St^"Vft5r^?w'rd<j"?'<{5e "to
I K I S ii nt brok+n b> cxpl
J Jul V3 U ?*>J>uIa'L *? *dviae<
?^..-..1/ mt ktun vu cas ai
meters In their houses jn rirc-iOj
nea.r^P^Hs lintd^
jdropptd fourteen tons' o^Vbomis
nrJt|qWfc?arls-" The otfTcial Statement 1
, on the French capital
fnrf^l plf^bt. A3 fourt-?h tons
I bombs were <lro5pca tot * ni^lrtt*?n
PM ^i .of. Parte'" In our -first, ^--rtra
tu^J^T2EP?a^v>^^ BOJWIJEp
i Botnfir} j
is, buM$?e ?t Friedriclisiafen EeBevid
hsam* l!' Have Resulted frcm Atttck.
- * ? * "
y far
t fits- fcr^aiocd ?of^^Wc % .rV'-^&asSSs
to. oir ?*3?~r' at any
;~;^r rPc<ti?h jroidi
^ Vrobaily know Sfe^i^^^>8^yv?2
aeaaa Sr* but do 'not Kv^Xkrvij^vjfSol ' *""
and J**10 name of the tiSwKlffiKJBngJ. ?'.
.nrf ly aa eoon as the^^SF5&S39?i'''>.
' Has announced the-/??r Jn35K*?Sviea
overwhelmed OTlthi-7i?S^*3%TC&
T hi ell vldualj Conscqc^n^teyt." i%*fSj!\
? the ,T? of * n^nkinflf : ?
"?? lost eiw CLjc?rtalncdanY5&~i ^>7'
I* of inforrt-uJ. This m '
ed to ^n*yia tbh iledltsnaoVg^ r'-j'
0 or i? ' T *? \ - , -.-y^lu?t|
I Governor Allows the 1M+ Rochefi
eon-' j Saloons fo- Open^^ ji
Special to Theft*to Yerf0Rmes t3m
cct*l AtS/Js'T Jaiu 31 ??fith thdHE
fmt- provai of Governor yhltrnan^Fyf#
Jtu Commissioner Herbert. S. S'.nr&jlmfi
1 (or lifted the embargo which -?i T/f
^be last year ~ has- prcventejlI <??<oft o
gt Is llqcor In New RocheUeN sih?SQftibva-.
Lfter revoked on the rroond>xjluif?USe'elher
gency which lea to ?EBe<Xtrf!Wto. n<
? Umger existed. ,Y yh . |
the - At the time the eafbarito *w*? ?tnb
eon HsbM acproximatewa.ooti. rccrolta- foi
the United States/favol^and ntllltarj
service were billow in/the cttv oelni
rom- to oyercrowdln* jft Fort ,Slocuro, tbeii
?' P?ln''of des Jostfcn.
* holdMsmmjs
?3 i ' - pre
**? | ntUM (rem hp Olt!
on " "
i in ' 1 '
kM. Kcr^irv mwirtieu in me passengers sfhc
8JB tm?y to Spain from. Vera Cria! An
tno ofntfsi of tbc coipp&ny \*aa asked
tod. y^hec the pictures printed In a, JSew
?!_> York newspaper <m Sunday showing m
W Oerrnan U-boat fat Sponlah port being
supplied from a Spanish steamship had
t *? ?'"> th? w..h,rr^
:r" v <?c'
bug 2s the head embraces the seven
counties in the state of West Virginia
?SLfaongaiia. Lewis. Upshur, Taylor,
Randolph. Harrison and Marion Candidates
will he initiated, from all of
these counties neuct Friday evening
?f cently. Kay D Harden, the deputy
resent, was in Pittsburgh, where
Mocsoheari Legion 1 conferred the degree
work upon him
Wo are closing out at greatly reduced
prices all articles in the Khaki
line, consisting of Money Beits. Pass
Books. French Mirrors. Air Pillows,
and many other useful gifts intended
for your siidoer boys. Cranes Drug
Home baited Pies ana Pastr.es. Boyer's
Restaurant. Adv
: itit JMGREAfAiyp
mas I Intimate* That Great Aerial Battle
fr?a |' on if. the French# Front"SSlSFQPSiSafiBf*^
ifrc office in t!he Aot^^&sSeiiyi *Kat'i(?p
1 crtfjr^jactoriea. ^gq?M6^*>t3d\{W$
:2c ?cS?o?i Jreryl iffj
?p: W m
0 f J/
^ C . iy/ #
" 'W
jay/ ?r mb
*SP^<y aSP^EgfysnroLy JfirkMCtfjed^T^a
" $?V?n?T55?st^' ft^ttntnt. - j^lso"thnt
re"?n?a LonU E.
Ki?t*la pf Boston to a^t as- adhilnla
trator to enforce labor stnnda.rds. la the
r manufacture ot army clbthlns v
f _P?-. Mopklnsa omcatmi beta* theWaf
I J*r" Xfrstcln will malm
r the ioffices and orcaijjzftuon of Ute for.
mcr Board or Control at Kwr York-City ,
^ ;
license couM nou'Se allowed under tbe ?
policy of tho -War Trade Boahd!^ % -C
i . "o comment other than "-'f state
liajit .tgras* to be had officially at thm 1
i ?Rg?2S!5?;
Although not so-sl tinned ceorrapliJcUly
as to ohtoosupplles. readily Into CeS .<
mSh> clmrgto have been made I hat
iro"? &pani*s Morocco ins ve *onc i
through thfr 8wtit port of entry -tin
, SwitxcrltRdind tneoceliJtS
i S5 S3T-1. Charses also S*V? b?w ntde *
Inat the German spy system hia used
wlrfW ccnitprornt V
} munlate with tb? CfnttaJPpwijrt. " .
?A constd?raJb1? >lenwrrt In th? sptnlsb. '
; Ocvrniir>?nt.tt ta wHl known, to G?rman t
; In Its leanlndfe. and officials ftrWaidV- :
^tegtflB^gtBrrw >00 herttstvse^ isss.^
DAiUWiVxVT -r- |
vfllape that- find, no mention In rise
papers; so wedfoc3ded~tD'fj|ik?*p oar
pen once more and cbraslclo * tew.
r The letters from as boys "oner
there" famish interesting reading, especially
the letters from the boys we
Imow or know of.
Quite a number of car citizens bare
been afflicted with the common epidemic.
but all that we know of now
are abont over it. Mrs. J. F. Ice and 5
little (laughters. May and Franlde;
Lather Shackelford an diamily were
afflicted* with it. but some are completely
over it and the others are convalescing.
Lawrence Conaway is now the proud
papa of a big boy that made his arri
vai mio tnis ojg Ui luvts nuu
light (lor babies) Sunday night. The
mothc is act doing enconragely well.
W. L. F. Prltchard. the new minister
of rhe Methodist church, preached
: "
' Osr Quit Exposes tsE'evai
fa/ less than estimates' roa<l?^"5^Mw/e^
* F"or ordinary ?af purposes th^nlRnfl
jrtcnt has spent about V.IS^gBgRafc'Jq*
^C?ntteSrt PyejOwi
a jKarebnUot- H? Ml In n Veoeh.
pdR willj water and tlnpost drowped
before hi ?u reacued by bin Captain
fln-ee men were killed Br one shell
which fell in a trench end >nother died
of wound? in a Jfosptul ~ Quite a Jv
men bate been sent in boepHeJe. wtaind- !
ed- teethe upper pert or tBe Dodr or on
lb? heed from ahraptwk _
r One'Pun was blown to retire by t
iboU bra mhaenlil badqiurtn teen
u be yu <oaowlog.hu Coteal tnte a
iftlPBUt. !! *
-All tbe dead -wwa burled Attbla amtrt
tad rancoof tStf (Da
For military reaaonaltlia* been laidrlMbla
to ?end gfller or gS^M^.Sg0
J *?yfc?g? ? Tt? We^"'1
today ? pebH?ma trtmx JnWoo^tta.^pfilpiittiiliiii
rbo cermm irtarlr
;? - . " "
Perhaps we ahbcM not complatH. bet
it xSakes us feel that are have pretty
good reasons tor tubs a. vigorots
complaint vben it often takes our U
S. mail aerriee twenty-tire hours to
bring the West Virginian frpm Fairmonr-to
Birrack-riHe. This, coapled
with the tact that oar postofftce Is
open only two boars a day, one in the
morning and one in the erenint
makes our mail aerriee like the Dutchman
said?Quite "rotten." We are
hopeful of baring something better
some time.
* Lawrence Cons.way, one of Barrackrtlle's
coal barons, has been confined
to his home for several days with the
C *-*
By tbe -way this Influenza is
ing Hiiny. from Spain as unpopular i)
? i S^=9
eS as ? o?a i
3 -??*?? h5
H >>-S exj
ca 01*2* Q
p ?<3|c| is i,
? S
s t> ??-3.S ? j<
H S(2"2 2 ' <
U ?_82H 5
? peri s N<
Z Sfs^SS.?*
. ? ?'*>'? OS 8 a
MSS^ ofeSfsS g5
3 O g= a1" 2 2
Sri Saa??*
0R ~ |"E >?*5 2
p^l! <SU*ln . 7*
iilL A F..11
E 20 M
With a Purcha
*\ X 7E want e>
V V see for h<
get with 20 Mul<
no better way t
merit of this con
put a package in
and let actual us
Get y
20 Mule
will beq
Fill in the cc
with a purchase <
Team Borax, rec
Try 20 Mule
day and see how
every fabric, fron
without the slight
"It's the Borax in
the Soap that
Does the Work"
some his ministerial ditittthtteiilth
tlfe church h? Itss pfamtyid in our capIt*!
Heine talked Piee end Pastries. Beyer's
Restaurant. Adr
?. young- man -who lias been
dischaged rrom tie army, with
jome knowledge of automobile
repairing, to work in auto repair
shop, beginning after
January 1. A good opportunity
to finish the trade with
good pay to the right mas.
Tfannrngton. W. Va.
' . T f
^Present this coupon'atvany 4<
>n Store'* and obtain in exch
ght ounce package of 20 Mole'
Eiips worth 15c with a pnrcru
pound package of 20 Mule Te
Address .. .
tier's! Name !
is coupon is of no value ifpressuitd ef
. Size 8-ounce Pa
[ule Team
Soap Chi]
?e of a One-Pound
I Mule Team Borax
rery woman in the city
erself the wonderful r
5 Team Borax Soap CI
o convince the house
ibination of Borax anc
ito their homes, withoi
? *
e prove its value.
our free package ear
Is who already have
i Team Borax Soap <
pick to profit by this <
upon. Take it to you
of a one pound packag
eive your free package
Team Borax Soap Chi
* ? * * ?
thoroughly and easily
i heavy woolens to sh<
best injury.
H TtI 9%&23gZSS?2ZSSSsl
^""" ' - ^ .-' > ;.
I AAiipTVifft* 11 v\r\rtt
*t waot to TTiite jralo
that I hare taken two mo:
Mayr's Wonderfbl Bemedy. aad fcrwet^y]
gained 10 pounds in tie last twniewijMsB
although r am thinner sn&i the
waist than before because the "b . ting
in my stomach has all cone an. am
feeling like a boy again. Thecrfnaarecifij
was anything in this' a/U halCcaafli
good as this medicine." . II la Ji'iM
simple harmless .preparation. xamaaggH
i tinal tract and allays the infianmfc^Sg
tion which causes practjcaHraPatBSiwH
ach. liver and intestinal
eluding appendicitis. One dose-ndBS*
convince or money refunded- . ?.v
Crane's drug store. H. A H. Ds^ifSs
Co.. Prescription Pharmacy at Manning
ton and druggists everywhere.. >
Utnciai rieaempange
a full-sized, ^
Team Borax Soap ^*-cJ
ise of a fuU-sizedT
i >?'! *'.--v
"~ r^
^ i gSjjsSjM
Package of
' to know and ?
esults she can
lips. There is
iwives of the
I soap than to
it any chaiget I MB
V #
' >v4r^^
___ M '
j t. .-,. * 'j

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