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" - | 'ir ; 101 it - pf^it'? "-"'r'rrr>ay evening. december^ 1918^ . ..^s53m
1 ygp'arnghf.n1&3l member associated press.
y: T ' - S
Board of Management Sent
Idea to the Chamber <
Iff ll Comm
l|v Reader of the West Virginia:
Erected Near Postoffice
For Building at He
Several sew suggestions as to a sol-|
diers" and sailors* memorial tor Mar- i
. Ion county boya were made last even- |
jC* ins when the special committee appointed
by the Fairmont Chamber of
Commerce tor the puropse met at the
rooms In the Watson building. They
A.'< include a monument on the Court
house lawn and a wing to be built to
Cook hospital.
S. Ray. Hoi bort. of Holbert & Spedden,
building contractors, suggested
tire monument on the Conrt house
- lawn, while the.addition to Cook hosife
pital was advocated by the Woman's
club .although the same idea was paris
tially suggested by Thomas I. Brett,
of the committee, at a former meetHHB
.. Ing. Mr. Brett's idea was to provide
7-r- a certain number of beds at the instiB/
r tution for soldiers especially. On the
heeds of these suggestions came a letter
to C. W. Evans, secretary of the
?' chamber, from Frank B. Trotter, of
IWest "Virginia university, Morgan
S town, asking the chamber to urge the
proposed memorial at Morgantown as
$??" a state wide propositoin. He is under
the impression that the House of
Delegates would help generously.
Hon. O. S. McKlnney. chairman of
HiBk the committee, preside at last night's
meeting. Attorney Henry S. Lively,
k t who suggested at a previous meeting
B \ that a recreation center be provided
^ 1; NJn the middle of the East Side bridge,
B* Stated that he had conferred with, the.
B .man who drew the plans, who said it
could be done, bnt that it wonld necessitate
replanning the bridge, and
Mr. Lively added, "It is difficult to
ray*what that would cost." Mr. Live
** believed that the more he thought
of .the proposition, the more he was
inclined to favor a memorial building
at the head of Adams street. An inBs?5
' formal discussion of a memorial part
along Coal run was indulged in, but
K.;/: it was made plain that public taxation
would be necessary for its future
upkeep it this plan were adopted. Mr.
Brett added that even if the Coal run
B..-" park proposition was not approved as
mi a memorial, he believed that this
K ">i- "eye sore" should be eradicated, and
B* ""J \ that the lesser desirable land be ac
quired by the city and fitted up as a
park. The other committeemen favI
ored this'plan.
. Before adjournment the committee
approved Chairman McKinney's view
V":' that the committee should be snppleB'-V..
mented. and that a number of ladies
T>1- be added and that a number of coun
. - ties be placed on the committee as
I ? ' - representatives. The chamber at its
meeting on Monday night will act on
these propositions, and at the same
time will be given a resume of the
- suggestions thus far made. R. T.
U] Cunningham. T. I. Brett and H. S.
Lively were appointed to present the
subject of a memorial before the
Chairman McKinney requested the
I.; press to Invite the residents of the
I'*'. city and county to forward sugges- ;
tions to the committee or through the 1
daily press. "The committee is still |
in a receptive mood." added Mr. Mc- j
y.'v Kinney. Nothing definite has been j
I -decided, and one of the members addI
'V . ed, "Perhaps some one will make a
B suggestion that we wil lall fall for."
B_ *>'c. Mr. Holbert's suggestion in full is
Dv*- as follows:
BfMr. C. W. Evans.
Fairmont, W. Va.
KLW. . Bear Sir:?Os to what the citizens
of Fairmont and Marion county
f f should. contribute in honor of her
[ , V. . noble sons and daughters that went
t it? at their countrys' call to give their
lives if need be for.the world's free.
dom. and as we are in a fair way for
this peace, it is,only fitting that we
. should in some suitable way honor
those that gave their lives, and those
:f\. returning to us again. Therefore I
g believe there is only one practical so-lotion
to 'memorize the winning of
K this world war as far as Marion conn- 1
Ijrim concerned. That is to erect some
obandSaddzlodtizensiestheb mb bl
suitable (not a little stingy one) <
monument on the grounds surround- <
. hog the Conrt house and place there 1
r on .tablets the names of all who went '
'/ rino the service, and a special mark <
>:of honor to those giving their lives. 1
give eacn one reianuoK a suii|fc^_
able medal or service emblem for <
K^- tbeir homes, this will instill the love 1
of country into the lives of oar peo- i
htle.fcjThe idea for this memorial in t
Be center of the city will be where <
jt (as well as strangers coming to
city) may see and enjoy. Hopfeibat
we may get the best. Iava 1
K truly. {
Ke commanicatiop of the WoMuch
b v .v ,'i .sir ".5 *.!<; IrJ, .
nr rmr iiriinnni !
jjuIRt MtMUIilAL
is Letter Elaborating That
>f Commerce's Special
n Thinks Library Should Be
?Rotary Club President
>ad of Main Street.
man's club through the board of managers
is as follows:
Mr. C. W. Evans. Secretary Chamber ;
of Commerce, Fairmont, \V. Va.
Dear Sir:?The Board of Management
of the "Woman's Club of Fairmont
herewith submits a proposition j
for the War Memorial to soldiers and 1
sailors. !
It is as follows: That an annex consisting
of two stories be built to Cook
hospital, one story to be built as a
free ward and the other for contagious
diseases, or diseases that need
complete isolation. !
In connection with such a building
it is the opiion of the Board that
ther should be a free dispensary.
The oBard also advises that this
annex be under the manageemnt of
Wnifel huf m o ? n fa hv an
propriations from the city and county.
The need of a building like this
was not realized so much until a few
weeks ago, when the influenza threatened
to become an epidemic in our
city, and there was no place to take
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n will
operators find
lost 11 cars
Records of District Representative
to Be Placed
at Their Disposal.
As a means of helping the operators
to trace lost cars of coal, which
they have shipped. R. B. Isner, district
epresentative of the Fuel administration,
is today sending out a circular
letter to operators of toe Fairmont district.
He is offering his good offices
to assist them in locating their coal
by giving them his records at Fairmont.
bnt of course that does not mean
that Mr. Isner's office will do any further
At the office of the district representative
records are kept and will be
furnished to consignors and in that
way the operators can trace their coal
and secure their money for it. Some
of the coal has been lost en route
since as war back as last December it
is understood.
Today's Car Supply.
While today's cars were several
hundred shy of a full run an unexpect-1
ed improvement in the supply was j
noted, the number going up to 1,004.
'l'his uas the largest number in the
district this week witn the exception
of Monday and Tuesday. For the week
there were a total ot 5,595 cars m the
region. The week's supply was as follows:
Monday. 1,577; Tuesday, 1.211;
Wednesday. 956; Thursday,
941; -Friday, 906; Saturday, 1,004.
Todayts cars are classified as follows:
Open. 912; coke, 62; team
track, 30.. The placement at 7 o'clock
this morning was 754.
The Day's Loading.
Loading in the Fairmont region yesterday
was 771 of which 679 went
east and 92 west. The eastward traffic
was as follows: 663 coal and 16
coke; west. 75 coal and 17 coke.
There were 703 loads drawn east of
Grafton yesterday of them 603 were
coal cars.
la Rotary President.
R. B. Isner, district representative
Df the Fuel administration, was at his
desk today after having been at his
home in Elkins attending to business.
While there The Elkins Rotary club
?f which Mr. Isner is president, ob ArvMl
T.aH loo' that hoin<* nn
rhnrsdoy night. Pro J. Otis G. "Wilson,
jf Fairmont, spoke and Lamar Sattertie\fi.
or this city, led the music. It
fas a great affair and 100 people attended.
it' being held in the basement
if First M. E. church, Elkins.
United Mine Workers.
A mass meeting of the United Mine
Workers will he held on Sunday aftirnoon
at 2:30 o'clock in the opera
louse at Grant Town. H. E. Peters.
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yf the Most Interestii
This is the first picture to be J
car of Marshal Foch. The photo si
can delegate, probably General Rhod
I ?
Everything Ready for the j
Great Membership Campaign
j Affairs are rapidly rounding into j
! shape for the whirlwind Red Cross
; Christmas roll call campaign which i
; will be put across in" Fairmont and
Marion county tomorrow afternoon.
The wheels are all greased and in
order and unless they slip a cog the
prospect are that the roll will be
completed in splendid shape by to-1
morrow evenirg. i
Chairmen, vice chairmen ward ;
captains, and teams are all enthu- j
siastic and elated over the drive and i
will leave nothing nndone tomorrow, j
Considerable difficulty is being ex- J
perienced in" reaching . the outlying j
districts and the Extension chairmen i
I have met with many discouragements
1 in planning the work for the various j
' districts and communities. In g,!
large number of instances the lead- j
ers in all war projects in various
communities have been forced to decline
to aid in the work for the reason
that members of the family were
down with the influenza. However j
strenuous efforts were made yesterday
and today to round up workers '
to take the places of those who were
forced to decline to do the work and
It Is believed if the weather permits
that the country districts will
come across nicely.
Ward meetings held at various ;
places in the city last night were well
j attended and a number are schcdulj
ed to be held this evening. A moetI
ing of the Fourth ward workers will
! be held at the West Virginian buildi
ing at 7:30 o'clock and all workers
j are urged to attend this meeting. .
Campaign chairmen urge that ev- i
: erv worker be on hand Sunday af- j
| ternoon promptly at 1:30 o'clock at i
! the place designated by their chair-!
men and to go to work with a vim j
fo collect memberships.
The town ha ? been districted so j
as not to mke the task burdensome !
to anyone and if every one does his j
! or her whole duty tomorrow night |
will see a large Christmas roll for !
j Marion county.
Posters, window cards, tags, galore [
appeared on the streets and in the
windows throughout the city today,
while automobiles drays etc. were
profusely decorated with the admonition
tags to "join".
There were Red Cross dogs in the
city today, one dog at least appearing
with a red Christmas Roll Call
tag tied securely to his back, he dog
bore his decoration proudly and did
not seem to mind it in the least.
In response to the request of the
Red Cross Christmas Roll Call committee
today a number of business
houses displeyed the American Flag
and the flags of the allies, but not
in such numbers, as is desired. The
committee asks that only the business
houses but the residences as
well will y the American "flag today
and tomorrow in recognition of the
campaign to be conducted tomorrow
for Red Cross memberships.
fMorMhKlfaay! :
iggBb I
ig News in any Newt
-I . -*j> -.v t>w--'iiAuP
IT Yfll
received in this country of the receptic
lows the reception of the delegates in
les; (4) General Weygand; (5) Erzberj
WHEELING, Dec. 14.?Right
of Wheeling, under date of Deceml
on behalf of the Red Cross to the ;
To the Rev. Clergy and Laity o] th<
DEARLY Beloved Brethren
Nativity draws nigh, we vent
of the Red Cross Christmas Roll C
millions of our fellow creatures in Ei
wounded grievously, bleeding, starvi
foes; some our loyal allies. Divine
with glorious victory. Now we ar
sweet charity to be the good Samari
stretch forth hands to save! For tl
Red Cross which, at this season, see
To those born in other lands, ar
we make special and urgent appeal
and kin across the seas?French. 1
Lithuanians. Syrians, Armenians, f
their flag, will receive by far the gr
here in America. Our contributions
mg, milk for the babies whose mothe
It is a blessed privilege to give i
, of benevolence far outnumber our
give freely in gratitude to Almighty
temporal and spiritual blessings into
Roll Call of Red Cross Membershi
dread roll callL
To the Rev. Clergy and Lait
our best wishes for the happiest Chri
Gar Load of Product a Week
From the New
About a month ago Tony Scahse
who owns and runs the Colombia Class
factory now located in new quarters
next to the Fairmont Mold and Foundry
company, back of the Marion
Planing mill, started work again in
his much larger business home. The
Columbia Class factory at present is
being equipped with many modern
devices and bids fair to become one of
Fairmont's important industries. Scalise
bought* quite recently besides his
new factory building, the three buildings
across the small stream of water
back of his new factory belonging to
W. H. Aeeves. Not only that but he
has purchased a seven room honse for
himself and "family?sold to him by
the Marion Lumber company, and
about two acres of ground.
The building which he occupies for
business purposes is still in the process
of reconstruction and when finished
will extend to a length of about
125 feet with a width of near 50 feet.
Not wishing to get further back in orders
than could be helped, work was
started up again several weeks ago
and a ofrce at present of about 25
workers is busy making opaque ointment
jars of 16 varieties, while workmen
about' the place continue on the
rebuilding. Scalise bought an old
building which he Is merely adding to
by means of framework and sheet iron
. A long brick lehr which extends 65
paper is Found in th
m ah
'" gpjfjSB
>n of the German plenipotentiaries in
fho /??r Thpv arp fl\ Marshal Focfa
;er; (6) General vonCucdoIl; (7) Ge
very where
t Reverend P. J. Donahue. Bishop
?er 12, issued the following appeal
people of the diocese:
: Wheeling Diocese:
?As the blessed time of Christ's
ure to appeal to you all in behalf
all, December 16-23 prox. Many
irope are at this time lying prostrate,
ing, dying. Some are our erstwhile
Providence has crowned our valor
e summoned by the conscription of
tan to all who will perish unless we
(lis the most effective medium is the
bs to enroll all in its membership,
id particularly to their Rev. Pastors,
. Why? Because their own kith
3elgians, Germans, Italians. Poles.
Slavs ,or whatever their tongue or
eater part of the millions subscribed
will provide bread for the famishrs"
breasts are dry.
n such a holy cause! Let our army
army of destruction. We should
God. Who. with both hands, pours
the lap of this nation. Answer the
p. It will speak for us in the last
y we send, with overflowing heart.
stmas of their lives. -
feet on one side of the building insid'
is double and already fired. The leh
is new though many of the old brick
which were undamaged by the fir
which burned Scalise out entirely si
months ago. were used in the buildin;
of it. Natural gas is being used. Thi
week there seems to be plenty to
working purposes but last week th
glass was very low. Some prorisio:
will be made for running should thi
gas fail entirely.
One furnace is running at presenl
nother is to be built immediately
There is plenty of room for storage. ;
more than sufficient room for worh
ers, bright and light, and a new roor
to accommodate a new $700 eogin
which blows air to the furnaces. 1
the old factory Scalise used an electri
motor for this purpose
The three newly purchased buile
ings across from this building will b
used, one for a box factory in whic
Scalise Intends to make his own pad
ing boxes in which to send away hi
jars, another for a material house an
in a .third, the upstairs is being use
at present as a home for one of hi
employes and the downstairs for stoi
age. There may be other uses put t
two of the buildings later. Batch bin
in the factory consist at present o
temporary box frames near the fui
nace. For the convenience of worl
ers these will be used until permanen
ones are built. Work in completin
details of the building is going steadil;
on. About a car load of jars are bein.
turned out weekly now in an effort t
catch up on orders. Railroad track
directly at the back door of this fat
tory do away with hauling of material
or finished work.
Scalise is especially pleased becaus
of. this. Many will remember th
hard, rough road which had to be trav
eled from the old faptory to the depo
and back. Scalise'said he hadnt* hai
time yet to figure the entire cost o
his new place but that he had spen
many thousand dollars.
Funeral services over the body o
William Bennett will be held on Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock from his lap
residence in Watson avenue and thi
body will be buried in Woodlawn cem
etery. a number of relatives will at
tend the services from -out of the city
ie Advertisement Co
" ?
LUHII >1111111IIWW???1 Ml I H'UB'HBI"
'' r I | ' ' < "
^mum.mmji'j?xw m.<i n-. jjmu ?. nuuitwmn
is ide the French lines in the railroad
: (2) Admiral Weyrass; (3) An Ameria
eral von Winterfield; (S) Count Oberni
(C) Underwood & Underwood.
jwml uruwiiina
r *
Optimistic Views of Future
of the Coal Trade Are
Over or--3 hundred members of the
We6t Virginia Coal Operators* association
slt-j meeting today at the offices
of the association in the Jacobs'
building, discussing various matters of
interest to the oreprating coal trade.
he general meeting was called to order
at tl o'c-Iock with C. H. Jenkins,
the president, in the 'chair. Mr. Jenkins
made the opening address, in
which he itiicated optimistic views of
the coal trade in the future. He outlined,
in detail, the workings of the.
j fuel admiL-i:-tration. the activities of
"the National Coal association, the export
situation, the resolutions passed
at the meeting of the Xatior.al Chamj
her of Commerce at its recent meeting
: in Atlan :io City. X. J., and others matters
of interest to operators.
Following Mr Jenkins" address F. J.
j Patton. secretary of the association^
i read a report in which he showed how '
the association had grown rapidly. 1
from 77 operating companies with 147 :
mines to an organization with 154 operatig
companies and 238 mines.. ,The
financial report showed that the treas- j
~ ury was in a healthy state. . j
A. C. Bees oil. of the Four States coal!
e i company. Annabelle. made the report j
r j of the operating committee. S. D. j
s | Brady, ci-y. made the report of the
e j comittee on tranrvortation. In -which
x j he outlined the improvements which
S j the B. ad O. is making here to Ins
i crease effic-ency in transportation
r I problems.
? i R. D. Iser. of the West Virgiia Coal'
! and Coke company, Elkins, made a re-1
| port of the legislative committee in
. j the absence of the chairman. In the
, minds of som e officials, he said, there i
' is a tendency to endeavor to make the !
coal companies pay a production tax.
and double the inspection forces in
the 'field because of the opening of a I
large number of new mines, he op-!
" erators are asked to pay for the entire j
expense of conducting the department1
of mines, which at present, is between |
'* $40,000 and $43,000, but whuold be bee
twe?n $90,000 and $100,000 if it were!
11 doubled. ?
? The operators resent this, believing
f that if their business needs the in?
spection the state should pay the hill.
No other man's business is inspected,
f they contend. The operators are paying
their share of the taxes. In all
0 state departments it Is said there is a
5 surplus fond. Mr. Isner believed that
5 the state mining laws should be
r* amended because if an operator does
c" not drain water from the mine he is
1 subject to prosecution, and if he drains
? it In a stream he is apt to bo charged
y with pollution.
B "t'cle Dan"' Howard, the dean of the
0 Fairmont coal region, made the report
s of the membership comitee, in which
he showed how the membership had
s icreased from 147 to 235 mines. Every!
mine in the district should be af
e filiated 'with the association lie bee
Ileved. Activities along this line win
'* start next week It ? stated by PreslJ
de??t Jenkins.
1 The meeting then adjorurned to
' reconvene at 1:30 o'clock this aftert
noon. The labor situation will be j
discnsced in detail at this afternoon's [
Directors of the association met this |
f morning at 9 o'clock at the office of |
t- the association. Those present at the
e meeting were C. H. Jenkins, city; A.
e C. Beeson. Four States: Brooks Flemf
ing. city; Dan Howard. Clarksburg;
A. C. Waddell .Philippl; C. J. Ryan.
< Continued on Page 4.) 1
lurnns^Read the Ads
Pms Gives Noisy
-. '
Will Live in an Old t
While in BYendj ^^P
t By Associated Press)
son made his entrance into ilMofis .
President's arrival at the cap.
greeted with & salvo of artito^i^SB
salute. The dense throng /jgjichc
to gree the American executive
his coming with volleys of cheeri: g.
the Bois de Boulogne station awall-S
ing the President's comlng.^&s he
alighted from his train'k
j come went op that left-no" d ubt
the United States,
1 Mme. Poincaire. . Thejatt&jSSsSBjH
mediately to the r^denMO:
French troops in solid
President Poincaire 'gwisted 1
dent Wilson warmly: .as
Martin, who is attached to t
eign office ss Introducer of araaB^^H
dors,^ presetned Premier "Clegtr
I crave a luncheon at. the Pallalaoi del
plying to an address- by I'.-csidcr.
ed to you for your gcee^In^jjj^SH
very delightful to^flaJ
of sympathy and,unafetcc
"You have ben'
been said and one inanatt nipt
that thought out in aqtft^jp|?j
*a,rd something xnore^ttin^
^'Never before haa^vuf vo:
the armies of^tfae^jCr
r\f fhn TTlA-n ftf l?TMrCBfi3fctod
and I appreciate as yon
necessity or such actio settlement
ot the JShnes clth
will not only rebaker sue
ror and spoIlatlon.'btK
everywhere aware; that they cannot
he ventured apon-r-wdthout the
tainty of just panishnfent' j
"I know with what: xr&or&mt
thusiasm the DOldletB*<tf^^W
States have given the best that i
them in this war brjiedrngCHK
have expressed the^txeajj^H
America. They Jselietve
to be acceptable to-free p
where and arerejoici^tr
ed the part they-4uwa?8W
ing reality tefheee lae
at ion with the ai inim*?
We are proud of the
played and we are JumSrSJ
should hare been- ss>aocB8wW|
such comrades In a eoanhCjftjjC^H
" tils with pecrdSjar
President.. 1hat' I..hnFrance
joining with
over the victory
The ties that hiattjgBgBBM
United States areja^agjSBM
do not fcnow la wMM|^9
ship we could Usee
zest or enthtuJuumrrrtifSS
. "I greet yon nc onlr with
personal respect, but ns the reSBKM
titive of the ;
tContianea or p= - four.)
_ _ _ j j

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