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I JVov? 1918 I ' "'*' Jv/ 7jP Jtt , I M I. I FeItfrwitirf^w^^ri^^jlw Xuc&djt
I Arjlr^^mm^rrU^^^^ | ^ J ~ jy y^^-^x. jY'"^^^ V- *" I ' *' j
I r ' . .. _ _ - . ' - . ' ' " " . - ' * .-.' ^ ' " ; * ' :JV^-'"-'
MQ^LDAX-EI?ENING^ECEMBER 16, 1918. todays NEWS ^OPAY. PRICE TH** ?. ( ^
I. rolrc Si m
y^That is the Impression J.
^ Walter Barnes Brought
Back- *
I wsowm TO STOP
f fV rfebout Fifty Per Cent of
| ^-Fnel A<3ministration to
-On-January 1 the conservation depertment
of the United States Fuel
( administration will pass out of exist
. . - ?nce. said J. Walter Barnes, fnel sd
' tnfnforrator of West Virginia, todsT.
he having returned Saturday after;
noon from a business trip to Washisg
ton, D..U. In this state this will at
, : fact'the office of Robert E. Rigpt
.. . mire, administrative engineer. Fiftv
per cent: of the employes of the Fu?t
[fe, : administration offices, Washington. D.
w?in So akorn Af thntr nAciHnna hV
Bjgi January 1. added Mr. Barnes. The in.
BHP dlcations are that nothing will be done
.5^* j -with the zoning of a material nature,
li| except it meets the approval of the zonlag
committee. No change in the price
is expected either.
E i;:.. Calloway Returns.
Brd&.. A. W. Calloway, oirector of bitunti
.^^-p Jjoas- distribution, left Fairmont on
Saturday evening at 9:44 for his hosne
g\?. in ' Baltimore. Mr. Calloway paid a
high tribute to the operators of the
Br lWrmont region when he told of th?
top-notch cooperation he had received
While here he said nothsTTTm^tnat
would' indicate an abandon.
H3p* \ment of the zoning system, but urged
Jj* tiM?district representative's office to_
In s- hfOM H?-r?ef4? always in- a complete
^- / .ooDflntJoD. Before leaving the city idr.
-CaMowayr said: **I did not know why
I should have come," but if I had got
B-'-V1 come I know now I would have been
;v sorry ITdid not make the trip."
Bm*1., . lit United Mine Workers.
. "H. E. Peters, organizer, is In th?
Be*? - Clarksburg section today.
C. ?\ Keeney. Charleston, district
president, is in the city today. /
. Isaac Scott, organizer, is in Mor/i?.
well* attended meeting of miners
B^v \ -yr*s. held at McWhorter on Sunday
B afternoon at 2:JO o'clock. Joe Ahgelo
and Isaac Scott, organizers,
Bk*;-'" 'At Grant Town yesterday afternoon
a mig meeting of miners was held.. H.
Peters, organizer, made the adA
total of U>95 cars are in the Fair.
Bk3w~ Anont region today. They are classi
fled as follows: Open, 1.501; teatn
track,. 25; coke, 69. The placement
-.^-A.'A.-_ -.r. ' -1
There appears to be a shortage ?f
V good coat la the Pennsylvania coal
I belt, saidR. B. Isner, district repre'
aentatlve of the United States Fuel
administration. The shortage is felt
at .the-steel plants of YoungstoVO.
~ Cambria and Bethlehem companies- It
B Ispresumed that the coal wanted here
W from Pennsy is for these plants as It
f'<. Is a- lump coal they desire. As many
tt~ V of '^the dealers here are not equipped
B with screens it keeps the district r?bi
repehtative busy to {dace the order.
E"".' The"flu~ epidemic has caused the
: production and Fairmont coal is to fill
it': "the gap. Mr. Isner believes that this
^-region will continue to furnish this
^r.caajuntil January 1.
Rpr cillhe Geological Survey report for the
m week ending December 7 shows that
B theiprodnction in'the bituminous fields
B of the country was 11 million tons or
Kr. i'M^'per cent, over the production of
tait?:ftjr..the previous week.
> ^bnhs^Iocal representative of the Uai
Ated'Btates Railroad administration, re.
turned to his work today after having
I ^Sbe^e t^r(^^s^lmeut
call attention 1
B - i
KB 438Wlfli?u rtxxn. j. .
B<*t That is Only Partial of
the Red Cross
i I .
| Houses That Do Not Display
Them Are the
i Exception. !
is literally aglow with Red
Cr?*s C&Mstnoas Roll Call flags to- ;
d>y nod the residence in the city
wP'cb IS hot today adorned with one
ol these etablems given dj- the rsation- j
al *ted Cross organization. is the ex- |
cePMon **ther than the rule.
J'roni the time the canvassers took j
up their march throughout the city I
yesterda Sthe service flags began to
blfSgom ?ut from the windows of resi- i
d??ces ahd by the time the workers,
tif^d froth their efforts put forth m '
I th? cause of humanity, had completed .
the'r work the houses which were not j I
ad?rned >lth this service flag were i 1
re*! indc^. i I
"the spirit of the thing was con- ; J
ta^ousv On one street in Particular I
tb? residents seemed to catch it. Ore j
yoUhg woman went to a window ar.d j
placed in a conspicuous place a service
flag containing three stars. Almost
immediately across the street a
fink appeared with two stars, then
closeiy following the nest house down
t?e street placed a flag with rive stars
3*?d so ?n down the entire length of
tl?e street/ the flags appeared with
i t?eir on?, two. three or mora stars
shying ?ht brightly until with a posexception
every res4cit-"<) -nKlyy J
b?re testimony that the inembor%
of fl>e household had enrolled ben?ath
th? banner of the gri-'tcst philanthropic
organization in the world.
"^ese service flags arc ornamental
to?\ Tb?k are adorned, about the outer
edRe with a strip of bright blue which i
represents the year that America ac t _
ttjhlty participated in the . jn the ~
cnntre J? a large red cro^s which '
sthhds for the head af the fam.iy while y.
a shjall cross is placed for each addij
tinhal member of the household. ?
peopl? who took "heir Custt-wary ^
snhday afternoon walk through the V
ci1^ were interested in counting the 11
m^y flUk3 adorning the winnows and w
in hotlnS the absence in a few houses "
of *his service flag. c
orp nd-p.-i to wfttr iliplr bnt. (
to?b in order that thej may cot lie s;
aC^sted by canvassers and People are i:
tiffed to place their sere re Llags in 11
tPe windows of their homos- ''
^tore tban ifve thousand dollars to a
oP? dollar subscriptions were taken in n
bf the f*?d Cross Cnristiar-s roll eanvP'sers
to the city yesterday and St is it
'beUered When the ca::?ajs js ccnspleted
this aUm will be largely increased. i<
CPArasP?rs worked fai.afclly yester- p
<ja> defiPite the gloomy -weather and b
We*"e regarded by lar.te number ..of c
gtibgcriptions thoagn in some quarters c
tP? canva8sers x*ere unaolc to do the o
yf?>k aPd there yet remains consider- a
able canvassing to do before the exact v.
siJibs csn be ascertained. t;
A nuPtoer of the wards catne across c
bPhdsoPtoly and did more than was a
ejected of them, while in others iaey s:
d'd not do quite so well and efforts d
vdll be toade to these wards to swell a
tP? number of memberships. t;
^omptote results will not be publi.-b- 0
ed Until these wards which were slow j
iP taisiPS their quotas are given an opportunity
to increase them. r
<"eanjs working throughout the city
yp^terdPy were gratified with the Jib- g
ef^l and ready response which greet- g
ed theP1 almost everywhere they {<
?f?ht, and many of the workers stm- c
ed that it was a positive pleasure to b
6? the ^orfc. so readily and willingly ?
dW the People respond to the ca'.'J
V"Brv few of. the country districts i,
1 pft>e be?Q beard from as yet and it is ^
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^ ?-7 - ~ - a
of 20 Per cent on Fourth * *
>e 3ue ^nd payable at this | m
te^ to make pavments j ?
; " i
bo Subscribers not having : ^
at of 20 per cent due and t?
at/the Same must be paid "J
- o
^ ' 8
aftk of Fairmont ;j*
JRCgd the Advertiser]
v *1 '
5ut ' Merchants Report ?
That the Volume of it
is Large.
The real old 'fashioned spirit of
hristmas is to prevail through the
-pidiy approaching noliday season.
-t least one begins to feel it creeping
tirough one's bones, and the local
merchants back us up in the idea.
'hese two factors, one's bones and
ie opinion of the merchants who are
a the best position to judge of the
'orkings of the Christmas spirit,
lakes it seem as if a "regular"
hristmas were coming this way. .
Shoppers have been at it early, s;
hopping, however, in so leisurely a
ashion and quietly accomplishing D.
heir purpose that even to themselves h
t has hardly been discernible until
contemplation of the long Christ- n
vas liit brings forth the exclamation, jWhy,
I'm done and. I didn't realize
.? ?? >
However, the last minute shopper _
3 yet to be heard from. He will |i
robably rush in on Christmas eve' I,
less the long suffering merchant be- CJ
ause his line is not "up to snuff."
inly two nights will the stores be
pened for late shoppers?Monday
nd Tuesday of next week?and along
rith your Christmas spirit remember
hat the girls and boys' behind tbe
ounters are tired out and just as
nxious to get home as are you to j<
natch a "few winks" before the clillren
in the house, who can't be kept
sleep a minute past daybreak, wake
he echoes with their jubilant cries
t "Merry Christinas, 'Christmas gilt;
saH it first!"
Shoppers are baring everything,
unnins mostly to practical gifts, for tc
a fact the usual frivolous array of 0l
ifts which probably caused the.or- tt
anlzation of Spugs to spring into ex- f
itence is happily missing from the tj
'hristmas stocks. Money seems to 0]
e plentiful and is to be parted with C(
nly ft>r "good stuff."
The men's clothing stores are en- n
oying a., splendid business, much of a
rhich comes from the demand for.
Lvilian duds upon the part of sol- c.
iers who are beginning to flood their ^
erne towns. Most of them are "dead ft
roke," but "dad" isn't, and there
sn't novthine too cood for that lot.
o "dad" is footing the bill with a
Irill which even exceeds that with
rhich he paid Xor the same boy's first
air of trousers a long time ago?a
pan. by the way, which does not
eem very long to "dad."
The little folks are shopping too. J
'ith their thrift stamp savings, they
a ve learned that pennies count up
retty fast when the saving habit has
een formed and along with the
tamp money they have been laying Y
side bit by bit. and now accompan- fi
>d by mother or big sister they are c:
sleeting with infinite pains the gifts la
>r each member of the family. The
ve and ten cent stores contain won- o
erful possibilities for these little t<
hoppers and their bright eye's bear w
rstimony that here at least the real
hristmas spirit is prevailing. s'
People aren't forgetting the sweet ?
x>th this Christmas either. -It is h
{Continued on Page 4.) . t
tents?You Will be /.
LEFT?"Wounded Tank arrives on
ig carried down hatchway in stretcher,
mile that won't come off.
RIGHT?Hot coffee and sandwich es
n the pier. This shows-how the Re d
ere as well as over there.
BELOW?A noted Red Cross wor ke
lany seriously wounded Tanks are ta ke
iOTtard Taft. Jr.
> Seventh County in the *
State te Make It's
Marlon county has gone over the
>p and raised her per capita quota J"
E "War Savings Stamps, according 11
> an announcement, made to Glen <.
Barnes, chairman of Marion coun- <1
r by Robert I*. Archer state direct- P
r." Marion coanty is the seventh *
ounty in "West Virginia to rair.e f<
's per capita quota. The county n
lised the sum of J1.0S7.655 which is &
per capita subscription of {21.60.
Mr. Archer states in bis communi- S
ition "that the county was undoubt- t<
dly over the top 2Covembor first a
tough cash receipts that time fail- tl
i to show this and she is credited s
ith baring gone over the top Dec- h
mber 1. p
Mr. Archer also states that Marlon a
>onty has been "a consistent leader n
iroughout the campaign." t;
Events on at the t
Local Y; M. C. A. *
A. J. Cash, general secretary of the * '
. M. C. returned this morning v
-om Nashville. Tenru. where he'was e
tiled by the illnesa of his' mother-in- v
tw, Mrs.' J. A. Sanders.
General Secretary Cash has a line 1
a tow or three good physical direcors.
He hopes to land - one this d
eek. S
Commencing tonight Mr. Cash will e
tart to meet the association standing a
ommittees. Tonight at 7:30 o'clock | c
e will meet tbe-Boys "Work commit- 11
[hey Want to Control the
Merchant Fleet of Gerraayn.
(By Asso:'^tt-d Pres: >
COPEUCHAGEN, Dec. 1C.? Control
f the merchant marine is demanded
hospital ship. Photo shows him be,
hut still wearing the American
for the Yanks are handed out right
Cross cares for the soldiers over
r at White Sulphur Springs, where
:n for rest. She's Mrs. William
. i ~
attorneys Argute Abouts
City's Rights on Chestnut
A city roght of way case of seven
cars' standing was reopened this
lornlng at the regular meeting of the
:ity Board of Art airs. The case in
uestion had to do with a piece of
roperty on Chestnut street. First
rard, which is said to project some 15
set into the -street, and tor the removal
of which the city hoard of aflirs
had made, an order.
The property is that of Nancy Jane
tarn and is located on Chestnut st..
ormerly kncwn as Wood street. Some
even years ago the city ordered that
lie prooerty be moved back on tbe lot
o as not to project on tbe street, and
atended widening the street at that
oint. The property owners secured
n Injunction preventing the city from
loving the property. The case was
iken up in Circuit Court, and Judge
S". s. Haywood dissolved He. in Juneion.
The case was then taken to the
iupreme. Court with the result that the
ijuction again be dissolved.
The matter stood thus during the in
ervening-time. until a few days ago,
-hen the Board of Affairs again start'
d tearing down a fence, preparatory
o moving the property, when the prop
rty owners again raised, serious objec
The matter was stopped tor a few
lays, and this morning attorney Harry
thaw, representing the property own
;rs, appeared' before the board ant
irgued that the property did not enrotch.
on the city.property and asket
hat the citv reconsider tbe case ant
<Continued. on Page Pour)
^ ..V'- ... - .
' WAR'!
I by a Sa'."->rs" council at Hamburg, according
to a Berlin dispatch to the
Berlinske Tidecze or this city. The
Council thrcatend to sink all the
ships if its demand is not complied
J with. The council insists that the
| financing be borne by the ship owners.
Chamber of Commerce
Will Meet Tonight
Discussion or the various suggestions
for a soldiers' and sailors" memorial
will take place tonight at 7:30
o'clock when the Fairmont Chamber
of Commerce meets in the Watron
j building. The special committee on
. I the subject will present its report.
?????????? <
- J
.j,.. "" ? __J,
ii ii-iuii vwiivub
Community Drum Corps
Being Organized Among
Fairmont is to have a community
drum corps it plana now in the process
of the making materialize.
The organization is now being perfected
among the students or the High
school under the immediate direction
of Miss Venito Dudgeon supervisor 01
music in the High school and with the
sanction of City Superintendent o!
Schools Otis G. Wilson and Principal
G. H. Colebank.
The musical instruments to be used
by the drum coTps have been ordered
and will arrive here shortly and pracI
tice will at once begin. The instru
| merits to be used are the cornet, piccolo.
fife and drum.
I The pupils to compose this drum
! corps are girls and boys from 15 to 18
| years of age and the corps will have
| a membership of ten.
\lflere is tonsiuviauic i<ucui uwuug i
the i-tigh school pupils and the mem-}
bers o? the drum corps have been se [
lecceti from among this.
' This organization will not interfere j
in any respect with the High school,
orchestra a musical aggregation which
! has achieved fame in school circles.
It will be an entirely separate aftt.r.
It is proposed to drill and train tiie
corps to such an extent that their
I services may he required at various
I public gatherings such as . meetings
j oi the Chamber of Commerce. Busi!
ness Men's associations. Rotary ciub!>,
| Women's clubs, etc..
i ' If the project proves to be the sue!
cess anticipated for it, it is proposed
to outfit the members of the corps
i with, uniforms. Only martlai music
; will be payed by the corps.
'! Those in charge of the organlyamon
! are not ready as yet to announce the i
; i personnel of the corps but this will be
j done shortly.
While the organization may be merged
into a community affair' if found
' practicable, yet it is a High school
organization and is affiliated with the
' High school. Rehearsals will ?*ai:,
> it is thought, immediately fo'Iowing
' the holiday season.
.? :?
Mr. and ilrs. Albert Criswell rer
ceived a telegram Saturday announcr.
ing the death of Erwin Higgins -which
- occurred in Akron. O.. from influenza.
I j Tbe body was brought to his father's
- j home in Littleton last night. Mr. Hig*'
II gins. and wife were former resident
11 of -this city and their friends will
ileazn of his death with regret.
French government ts oom
with a probability of. preawttfanlM
fore the chamber ot depotSe* 01 i>-cember
24 a bill propos^tf
Jacques Steen establishing aratutf then
allies an international- Una:: ial union.
The purpose ot thto nnioiiBaeguM^^^M
to distribute the expenses- o: the w i
between the nations oa the basis or
population and power to -be^S
The proposition is supporter: by
delegates. It is nnJwjrfboa^g^M^B
similar plan is tmder cons; .
the British government-httt n: definite "J
steps hare as yet been-. ta3cet^fa^8j?|W
Plans are completed io: Or:btT
mas dance ot FainnontXi<jBfeSP8iwSBB
lent Protective Order ot Eakk,\hrfi^^H
will beheld on Thursdayervr
iuemoer -<>. iu me ivtuus uth
eny building. It willhe^fcv mr-mbers
of- the IMsr.aKt
only. Barrett's preheat r n'.ijnftrtjSMM
mont, will farnlsh-tt mujio.
Dancing will
sharp. Refreshments will fie uerv^^H
The patronesses- . 'arc
Mesdames Henry live!;- . K. B. .Monro.
M. G- Bobble. Frank
Dickerson, E. F. Hartleyvhi M. Naeiy,
D. M. Osgood, Arthur .CJ^X^SkSlSSSBi
G. Amos, George DeBoIt. B 'j. Leopold,
Brooks Hutctijsony 1
nedy, Charles G. Hood. Br ks Fleming.
John A_ Clark, Jr-yfjM, - Hutchinson.
"tV. Morgan Chainbers^l^^?Hj
Haymond, F. R. Lyoit OU
A. G. Martin. John G. ?rtchard, Jcdon
W. Mason. Jr.. and' M.
_ . .
^ *
Junior Arnett, With. the">MpB83BB
Expeditionary forces:iittF: .:. . ias
written to his parents.L.
C. Arnett. his letter.ntajto
was writing in a German--<fctgSfiMB|M
paper which was left behind-fn^
Hun's hurried retreat. ThersSnjgHjl^H
he says^ is of tseel with wabdeaXjfijiH^B
A quantity of real coalf waWSHSjSMM
hing and they were .livih.
German war gardens^
growing luxuriantly. > Xbe^QAjjM^fl
ripe grain which the Ger: did n :
have time to banws^^mflH^HH
stretch as far as the eye cQaMHSgfiM
was not tsated
was on when -the ermisttee was signed.
but "when yoti know whatefrigj^M
was." he writes, ."you
how I come to be alive."
GKGAT nHbaxAViuunur-j
largest ivitner wbeat
the history of. theTJni' States is
promised by the. enor
sown this fall. Tdftagaj^
16 per cent larger than-1
and totals 49,027 ac^es.
765 million IrasnCll^ajiraH^^H
bushels more
forcast by the Pegartajaiggj
ture as nest year*s WaotftaH
ing for witner.
555.725.000 foqjeylgljjBM
ROME. Saturday/fflaW^
the war the Ttirliari "pagjWB
officers killed, the ;,^MWWj
clared to the SennteaoaBSMW
r.0.000 officers ntittiaagH
I^U'~ .- g-*?vSSBB
^ . J

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