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They Wanted to Get Right
ffi^o'the Front
^^SS^^Bqwias letter was received
ekby Dr. J. C Broomiield from
EphcStoim X*. Sxneltzer, ol the Ameri-!
I jigggZxpedtrtonary Force in France.'
j Dr. Snjeltzer married Miss Frances )
rd. of this city, about a year ago. I
I FRANCE, Oct. 25. 1918.
gpufaaj-'-Bgr. Broomiield: I bare in-j
r.detMbr some time writing you for ;
of yon so much since:
I left there and the people of Fairmont
eated me so royally, were no'
r. ce and the business men who were '
nr&kxmt M iisiiiih hT 11 li it to the entire regi
people in France are sad and
*.)<iawh. hearted?-most every home has j
Fwcxiflced one, two or more for the
;'I wioi to never see them again and
j&uisuy'Jioines closed to never open '
Iu Thousands of homes destroyed
the battle fields. Trees and evdog1
destroyed and the ground
>8, hinds of women and children i
rery old men cultivate the field?.:
^doiagr manual labor. It -is bard
the' the people back home underor
in the advance section S. 0. S.1
tan bear the rumbling of the big
JBed Cross trains go back a.:<j
r each day to get the American
who are paying the price at that
And many men go up to the front
tad make the supreme gift and
me.can offer?and pass on to the |
; and; undiscovered land where if
^traveled arrives he never re.
- So many cases during their
boors; some lad who is passing
ill call for his wife or mother, j
be. ast. words. Lord have mercy, j
kes one think as never before and :
stand' life more as "Emerson" '
strains pull in -with the wounded.
Americans clamor all the more .
want in the front line. Everv ;:
anxious to do his bit and feels j
9 soldier has hardships to bear |
bare are many. Well, the aver-|
ivilian "never dreams or can im- i
: what that means in the army.!
troops are under hard service.!
oitdd hot think it possible should :
one try to explain. Many times j
efcea coop looks like a brown
em onrl KnrAehfnc fn wifH I
I table at present with my office j
>m ln a camp hospital. But per- j
ug that orders may direct and j i
not think this a good place for [ he
of -work. Not that it -would j 1
; effective bat you have&t the i '
unity to reach the men. So!
of the Y. M. C. A. men working i :
canteens. - A man with yonr ;
and wonderful speaking power | !
so much to make the people in : 1
a. understand that we are in a i i!
ar. and what we want most, is I i
brand i support from the folks | <
ameand know that we are fight- j I
: Men giving real American ! t
lost as free as creek-watcr and j i
rest pride.- that the world may j :
t peace. Giving their lives in,; .
of life. Let us hope that it wil t j 1
eans more than a Liberty bond.,
tftn are coming back some day j 1
e kWestipn will be to the ones s
aared at home: "What did youj.]
rfca is playing' a big part in the <
id I am proud that I am an
>f the wonderful things accom- 1
[ dver here by our "War depart- <
Ksspgjqje. tack in the States to conceive
B the wonderful work and management >
K In this country by our troops. Do not '
fvbelievie any newspaper or gossip-that
I haa a tendency to discredit our War ]
H depcsrfment OP army, tor It is not true. 7
| Oj?y wish I could say more. >
are.proud of our President and
V Congress and more especially since 3
I the..stand or position they have taken <
thepeace proposals tor German; is 1
a o t fdbdexe. We are in a lite and death
I tinyf.1* with the most intamons. <
Kgyeedy .and blood-thirsty nation the 1
fcwthCld has'ever recorded. Wish I could i
isy mow.
'I sincerely hope yonr brother. Jim. fc-.t'dDndt
recall his full name, is still 1
Iv'liTfcW arid able to continue service 1
E rreor here. I understood last summer
gpi ^ ^
y r
mjarf i ?] ii
y.vi I
B?Pli -"fv * ^
.is.rocg-h, reddened,
|l t-MCftdsed or disfigured by eczema, sore
Bafagep^yjiar other eruptions, needs atrtReijnot
Ointment Help yen to "
- t rid^t. these annoying. unsightly
Sine# tb# brglnslsit of
its Hlf-merlfleSss ?9rtt?r* on
mat cental* that thli fur*ll
to mm ma appeal to farther rost
again at tie lnho?n pow of th
To the Amricaa Bod Cro
indebted; It la the Bad Croas a
dsatltato of all mniury ?appl
oldiara alth clothes isd linen
d?aporato\dta?tlon. I am happ
the American Bod Croat oar hoar
McshtcdatP ** G y,
L_ 1
Thomaa- Gaiigue Masnryk, preside
new European republic*, whose elect!
powers September 3, 1918, addressed
of the American Red Cross previous
Bohemia, to assume his duties.
tbat lie was then in a very dangerous j
However, I am now several thou-|
sand miles away but there Is never a i
Sunday that my thought does not!
drift back to yonr Sunday morning j
service no matter how busy I may be.'
Sunday here is almost like any other j
day for we cannot stop work. I wish
to be remembered in your prayers j
and hope some day to see you again.]
With best wishes, I am.
Sincerely yours.
Capt. S. E. C.
! . M|
Miss i^ucy Keller, who i3 a student!
it the Woman's college at Lutherville.
Md.. will arrive here Friday to spend j
ho Christmas recess with her mother,,
Mrs. Howard Kelloy. on Fairmont areiue.
Miss Kate Morris arrived here last
week from Cadiz, Ohio, to spend the
holidays at the home of Rev. and Mrs.
W. J. Eddy, cn Walnut avenue.
Miss Eva Wilson has recovered from j
m illness with Spanish influenza.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hennen arrived;
Sere last ee-.ning from Washington.,
D. C-. to spend the holidays with Mr.
Lienen's brothers, Lawrece ad T. W1Iaur
Hennen. T. Wilbur Hennen is
renfinod to hir. home on Fourth street,
by illness.
James Rt-iiz who is employed with
:h? Goodyear Rubber company at Denver.
Colo., will arrive hero this week I
:o spend the holidays with his mother, J
lars. Mary Reitz.
Mrs. David Witmer, of Orr street, j
who has been quite ill for two weeks, ;
is improving.
Sylvanus Watson. Jr., wno attends |
Lhe Lawrencerille Military Academy j
it Lawrenceville, M. J., will arrive i
-KHne- Wednesday to spend the holi- |
iays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
jeorse Thomas Watson.
Mrs. W. S. Haymond and danghter.
Miss Llartha, have returned from
Pittsburgh where they had spent several
Mrs. H. V. Hesse and daughter. Miss
lane, have returned from Reading, Pa.,
md Frostburg, Md., where they had
>pent several weeks with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wiegel arrived
love Saturday night from Pittsburgh
where they were called by the illness |
md death of the Iatter's sister, Mrs. j
Mary Sallenberger. Mrs. Wm. Moulds, j
mother of Mrs. Wiegel, accompanied :
hem home 'on a visit of indefinite I
iength. j
Miss Adeline Gaughan has been ;
tailed to Mannington by the illness of ]
ler sister. Miss Agnes Gauglaan, who
s ill from pneumonia.
Mrs. H. S. Lively has returned from
"sew York where she had been the
guest ot Mrs. J. E. Watson for several
Miss Marjorie Fleming is ill at the
. 1
t endure that f
for sick skins j
Resinol Ointment contains medio
inal agents that act directly upon the
skin, heal its hurts and help it to keep
healthy and attractive.
Resinol Soap aid* and quickem the
action of Resinol Ointment.
At Imitt ?._ . . |
a i
* I 1
> -...- - , - r J
V .
d Cro?.
tha oar I cat tha Had Crow aa4
alaoart all freata; aad I . .
a dp ol aarcy aad charity aaa
aUaca aad aera daten&sad flgl>t
a Central Eaplraaaa
ac Caaehoalowak a ara daaply
ho helped oar orsjr la Siberia
lot; the Bod Cross provided oar
snd took car* of thea in their
y test I can hers exprsei to
ty thank* sad gratitude.
/T $ tfejer
???????????????? ,
nt of Czecho-Slovakia, the first of the i
en was acknowledged by the Allied
the above letter to the War Council j
to leaving this country for Prj-jus, j
! home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.1'
Fred Fleming, in Main street. j
Jos. Gore, of Baltimore, and Jas.'
Gore, of Charles Town. W. Va., who:
were here for the funeral of their sis-1 ter,
Mrs. D. J. Carrey, have returned j-,
to their homes. {
Miss Pansy Jacobs and her niece'
Miss Valena Shuttlesv/orth, are both,
ill from influenza at the home of the
latter's mother, Mrs. Myrtle Shuttles
worth, in High street. Miss Jacobs
who bad been engaged in nursing in-:
Qnenza for several months, came home I
on Satnrday having contracted the d:s
John Long, who has been in the Na-i
val aviation in Franca for a year, land j
ed in New York on Wednesday of Jast i
week. He expects to be released thic
week and will come here to join his:
wife who was formerly Miss Alwilda I
Soldiers Were in City.?A bevy of 10 j
soldiers fro mthe army student's training
corns at AVcst Virginia University.
Morgan town, reached the city shortly!
before 10 o'clock today and they at-i
tracted much attention as they went|
through the various commands on
Adams street. Later they visited the!
Y. M. C. A. The soldiers were dis-!
charged from service and were en j
route for their homes In Greenbrier.!
> Randolph. Tucker and Monroe counties.
The work at Morgantown is
practicaly abandoned and the young
men willl have honorable discharges
mailed to them. They have 120 days
to return their uniforms.
Don't Let Catarrh 1
Avoid Its Dangerous Stage, s
There is a more serious stage of
Catarrh than the annoyance caused
by the stopped-ap air passages, and 1
the hawking and spitting and other j
distasteful features. 1
The real danger comes from the 1
tendency of the disease to continue j
its coarse downward until the lungs l
become affected, end then dreaded s
consumption is on your path. Your !
own" experience has taught you that .
the disease cannot be cured by 1
Ideal Foui
fe sure to please. We cai
jross?of these Celebrate(
iing you to secure exactly t
Ranging in price
Makes a handsome, conven
ent. No sharpening?No
Pri(>oH at.
JVXAV* |J? * **vwv? I
A. G. Mi
\ . .
aMrftfiVrr i ~
ferently, even "when a wrathful par-j
snt delirers himself of an nlttmatom i
that she drive her sweetheart from
their home or go with Mm and suffer
the consequences. She chooses the
former course In her latest Goldwyn
picture. "Money Mad." by Lois Zeilner.
which comes to the Bart treatre,
Mannington. Tuesday.
Miss Marsh, as Elsie Dean, departs <
from the usual cutsom of heroines in
order to get the jewels and money
bequeathed to her by her mother's
will. She suspects her stepfather and
a woman who seeks to marry him of
having designs on her wealth.' In her |
plan to obtain "her legacy Elsie gives
her stepfather the impression that
she is not in love with her schoolday
sweetheart, who all along has aided
Elsie in her attempts to obtain her;
fortune. But her parent never knew |
that shortly following her sweetheart's
expulsion from the house
Elsie had written him a note explain- i
ing her action.
By a clever sc! : her stepfather
and his unscrupulous woman associ- ;
ate are trapped and forced to give
Elsie her legacy.
Home Baked Pies and Pastries
Boyers Restaurant. A.rvr
Home baked Pies ant Pastr.es. Boy
er's Restaurant. Adv
^ When Itching Stop*
There is one sate, dependable creatine x i
bl(t tehing !*! clrrr
ation almost Instantly and that cleanse*
nd soothes the skin. ,
Ask any druggist for 15c or $1 bottle
? zexno and apply it as directed. Soon
ou will find that irrttatksna. pimples,
lackheads, eczema, blotches, ringworm
nd similar skin troubles ?dD disappear.
A little temo, the penetrating, satisfyig
liquid, b ?B that ta oeeded, tot it
unsl kin Jriipfion* and maker,
je skin -oft, smooth and healthy. i
The B. W Ro3cCo?aevetead.a J
| BURT'S |
Marsrurite Clark
Tom's Cabin"
So you think this is a little |
to old to please you??Well if ;
von don't chance vonr mind j
you arc going to miss a real
treat.' j j
Also?The Allied War Review' ! j
T uesday?Mae Marsh in "Mon. ;
ey Mad".
??????? :
Wednesday?Csmie Griffith in ! :
"Lone Watcher" : j
Thursday?"The Unbeliever"
Friday?Billie Burke, g
' .1,1
->rag ^
into Consumption
sprays, inhalers, atomizers, jellies
rnd other local applications.
S- S. S. has proven a most satisfactory
remedy for Catarrh because it
joes direct to its source, and renoves
the germs of the disease from
the blood. Get a bottle from your
iruggist today, and begin the only
ogical treatment that gives real results.
You can obtain special medical
sdvice without charge by writing to
Medical Director, 27 Swift Laboratory,
Atlanta, Ga,
itain Pen
ry an excellent stock?a
1 Pens at all times, enab
he style you want.
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ient and economical pres...
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', < .. ' 7 , * r^.-r-C3"^ ?
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The :
I v/orlc
1 in thi
ixC&jgA: And
Pat yoxsr ^ ^
lias in js V
yOT;" YcrV?7" ? g _
i. - - ? .
' > , > <
Make This a Flowery Christmas!
_eave orders for cut flowers and
plants at the
Fleming Greenhouse.
Phone 654- R.
UnSer New ownership.
1 i
?. ;
l su
s a Red Cross
happiest, merriest Christ
I ever knew is almost he
s rejoicings of peace and
is one note of seriousn
rica must not forget ?
ry and distress and sick
the world. Relief must t
vork of the Red Cross MUS
to carry on, the Red Cro!
the support of your men
im tfce Red C:
all you need is akeartanc
f & Brow
124 Jackson Street.
I All kinds ot hauling, promptly,
j :arefally and reasonably done.
Phone 1267.
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Your Christinas C
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touch of distinction and rich]
re of appreciation.
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. Christmas |
3S MUST Wg^?r " |
ibership. wra you be
ing your memberebip
button when
tbe boys com*
lUw^ borne?
'a dollar Jm J
it? - '?
i1 Potatoes for Sale
D. A. Ritchie has a aIce.tot'of- t~J' V fl
I from bis Pennsylvania farm ?B??JraSj J
sale at $2.00 per busel, delivered. I
la Placing Order, Phone
ty. " r^MjVT fl
vm to the low- I m
m'U find here g wBI
less that , is t
1 in gifts for 1^9

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