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? ^ Row
. ,- Musical Comedy.
^rajpp. The Naughty Princes*
m\ Photoplays ie.l.
.The Panther Woman
I .< "^^Rncess.. -The Million Dollar Dollies
fff' Nelaon The Claws of the Hun
- -c^v-- ' .
BAND patrons will remembei
SKl that possibly one ol the best entertainments
at the house last
" year was. "His Bridal Night" presentsS?-rT>d
by Frederick V. Bowers. His appearance.bere
tomorrow night recalls
g.V: the event, and IX reports are true his
gpj-r .'attnactioh "I'm So Happy* Is as good
p.. as his last year production. Special
stress Is given the tact that the music
ear is better than usual, and thai
p~"the comedy has been carefully ban
Mid dled. The plot Is fanny, but clean,
one that the most particular will en.-k.Joy
without being able to question.
-Good, bosses have greeted the comp.\.
pany wherever shows, and it has been
[; commended very strongly. Manager
?Morgan could hardly go so far as to
; jfJjjtte bis guarantee of satisfaction or
| # aoney back if be did not know poslI
, '"5? lively that he had a good show.
I' | Good Crowds First Day,
t Wm l^lree splendid audiences witnessed
i the first day's presentation of "The
msr haughty Princess" at the Hippodrome
K; yesterday. Almost every seat on the
KSSS first floor was taken, while every tick
: . et for. the balcony was sold, and the
' advance sale for the remaining shows
/ . vas stronger than any day yet. Whilt
.- advertised more as a musical comedy,
I The Naughty Princess Is more of a
. ? fardal operatta. The settings ate
splendid, and are so bulky that ceaily
the stage is crowded when the entire
EvSgA company Is on. It certainly presents
? a beautiful appearance during some pi
.'J&.1 the numbers. Miss Sutter, leadiig
lady, was a hit from the minute her
. diminutive little form appeared on the
ZL s stage, and whether in the lines of the
e play or In one of ,her many song numbers,
she was the centre of admiring
olonof-a t>io nhlnct of nrofnse an-!
plause. Most prominent in the supporting
cast are Estella Mc.Vea', a
talented artist with, well trained voice
. and possessing appearance. Jack
U _ . Leonard is a capital comedian, and his
-delivery was mirth provoking in the
9?." extreme. A1 Leonard was well liked
iz both, in the song numbers and as a
Iflm " dancer. The chorus is good looking,
iPT " splendidly gowned, and is a singing
fi . chorus much above the ordinary. Tiie
plot i?- closely woven through the performance
which takes almost an hour
and a half, and realization and anticir
pation are blended with the result
fTK that there is not a dull moment in the
: show. Manager Henrici announced
yesterday on the progoms. that the
fe;.. company had been retained for toe entire
week, and that it will produce
The Four Husbands" the latter hall
Bk of the week.
/y Freckles" Delighted Patrons.
\ Those who saw "Freckles" at the
W Grand last night were delighted with
he 'refreshing character of the story.
It Is a kind of story too seldom seen.
It is one of the great woods where
hardships take the place of rivohty.
, " where the veneer covers a bigger
& heart instead of a worse one, and
;. T where friends are friends for triendf?;V/"
ship's sake. The story itself was a
. . bit tedious in the telling, but the cbar~
acters interpreting it were interesting
gSs? - nd the introduction at various points
of the tenor songs by Wm. C. Thomp- j
c son served well tOfbreak any IncLtiu-1
L - tloir in monotony. Mr. Thompson has
- a good voice, and his selections were
y , wed suited to the pipe organ accoirpaniment,
an advantage which Mr
Farrell as Dim can, did not have in
Tt's Nice to Get Up In the Morning,
1 ^ _^ut It's Nicer to Lay in Your Bed."
If "^Cathrya Cameron as Mrs. Duncan was
I _ ideal in the character; her brogue was ]
I troe to the native tongue, and wheth- 1
L? er in smart comedy or tlie more dra11
rnatic lines she was always good. Coa- ]
i stance Neilson as the angel, the sweet
rj- heart ot Frechles was a lovely char- 1
acter, pretty as a picture, and just as
lag bright and witty as could be in her
4 i I
Christmas I
Shoppers |
" --S.J
I b v t"
I Ws Slipper season again
I and "we've spread a regfi:;
I idar Slipper Feast.
I Slippers as low as 50c
tfc J and as high as $2J0.
jl 'There will never be a
better time to make se|
y lections than right now
compelled by her backward lover to
take he initiative, and the way she did
ft would bare done credit to one more
deeply versed In love matter*. Kobert
Travels as lather of Constance. P.
J. Butler as Black Jack, who with Andy
Peterson as Wessner were the vllliass
is the play all handled their parts capably.
Thompson as Freckles was an
admirable sort of fellow, taking his
role to the entire satisfaction o 1 The
audience, and pleasing them especially
in bis songs?all good.
Final Showing of "Panther Woman."
? a?_
Dixie patrons were strong iu mcif ;
praise of Madame Petrova, -who Is al )
ways a favorite, in "The Panther j
Woman" which is giving the final run
today. For tense dramatic situation,
the plot Is unbeatable. The death
chamber scene is the climax to a series
of scenes each more dramatic than
the former in which the star is taxed
to the utmost. The U. S. Official war
reel is being run today as an added
Colored Troup Coming to Grard.
On Friday and Saturday, the Grand
will offer the colored comedian, irvin
Miller, "that tall, thin feller." In the
musical comedy, "Broadway Rastus."
. Miller, with Henry Jines and
Esther Blgeou. will be remembered
as the stars of the colored show that
played the Grand last spring. These
three stars have surrounded them-'
selves with a notable array of colored
talent, including a chorus of Creole
belles that know how to sing and
dance. "Jazz" is a feature of the performance,
the Jazzland Girls in their
Jazzland Revue being one of the bits
of the shpw.
Irvin Miller always caters to his
own race, and at his reqj<-st rnrargements
have been mnde to reserve the
entire house for colored patrons on'
Friday night. This Is an innovation
in local theatrical circles but it wiii
""doubtless prove popular.
National Board Reports Favorably.
The National Board of Review
makes a very favorable report on "The
Million Dollar Dollies" showing at the
Princess tonight. The Dolly Sisters
in the story are two young dancers of
renown who refuse to marry the two
young millionaires who care for tbem
because they desire fortunes in their
own right One day there coaes an
opportunity to claim one million dollars
if they will but take a case an
alienist will give them. It is to cure
a Rajah of an unfortunate malady
whereby he fails to recognize and love
his wife. They set out to effect a cure,
and after many thrilling experiences
in which the Rajah's enemies try to
kill or capture them, they succeed, and
then, with their million dollars. accept
the proposals of their devoted lovers.
Patriotic Show at Nelson.
The Nelson theatre presents "The
Claws of tfco Hnn" today, featuring
Charles Ray. Ray plays the part of a
patriotic young American, son of ?millionaire
munitions manufacturer,
who is anxious to do his bit when the
war breaks out. Ail the boys at the
club are enlisting in various branches
of service, and younjj Stanton is eager
to do his bit with the rest. His mother
is an invalid and his fataer fea-s
that if the boy enlists the shock will
kill her.
His family physician is worried over
Mrs. Stanton's condition, and tells the
boy that he would never De accepted
for service. This almost breaks the !
youth's heart. He has nis heart examined
by a young friend oi. the Medical
Reserve Corps, who assures hiio
he is all right.
Angered, he demands an emanation
and is told the truth. H9 agrees
not to enlist when told his moti>ez'?
life depends on it. He is about to ?-x- j
plain to his sweetheart wuea she ac- [
cuses him of being a slacker.
Then, broken-hearted, he pets a I
hand to play in the great game He
learns that "Werner, the elder Stanton's j
consulting engineer, is a German
spy. Follow a series of exciting adven- J
i '
11 AJVL to 11 PJM.
Dixie orchestra tonight
Mine. Petrova I
l UTi n J.I.? \
me raiiiiicr j
Added Attraction today I
Official U. S. Govern- |
ment War Film
Holiday Attractions
i i
Biggest and Best Photo
Plays Produced
ova game, wins the girl. a. letter tram
the President., and Ida mother's pa
mission to enlist.
. ' POP.
1 Evening Chat*
A small red headed boy sat in on
of the boxes last/venlng at the Gran
theatre. You know, they say re
haired people harS unusually keen h
~ "*r" ?.<?? woo t>n
ICUCVW vuuyto* -V w
ception. I know Mm quite wen?hav
listened to Mm present various smai
quick arguments at school, with hi
teacher quite some distance behin
nm He watched, absorbed, the her
on the stage dovn below him and b<
cause that hero, Freckles, by nam<
possessed a head of hair about th
same shade as his own, to the younf
ster in the box, that man'-was ideal!
You know there aren't many real re
haired people in the world. Ther
are plenty of near-reds bnt not jus
carrot tops such as these and the bo:
recognized immediately a kindre
spirit and with all the small son! o
an odd type, took literally and abst
lately, ail that Freckes had to saj
Freckles played an ideally lovable pat
which won the small boy In the bo:
completely. Anbom haired Individual
are as a rule especially sympathetl
and warm hearted. These two wer
no exception. The souls of Freckle
and of the boy in the box flowed bad
and forth into and out of one anothe
in one long steady stream. It was no
only interesting to watch bnt f.hrillini
as well. I watched particularly, th'
lad high up. He never for a momen
turned away his eyes. Bent over th
rail with his bead in his hands, b
gazed?the world around him and ont
side, entirely forgotten. Freckles, t
that youngster, was not merely a stag
hero made np for the occasion; he wa
the genuine article, possessing fin'
sensibilities, fine instincts and a heat
tiful voice. That lad in the box like
that play. He not only liked it?h
lived it, and what was more he wen
through that part just as Freckles di<
and I believe he could go home and d<
a pretty fair imitation of it besides.
There was no other character in tha
simple play last evening who deserve
a word or two and that was the thoi
ougbly beautiful presentation of th
angel in Gene Stratton Porter's boot
The girl who took the part was ea
quisitely dainty, entirely unspoiled am
lacking in the slightest trace of make
up. Not for many along -day hare
been so charmed with the personalit:
of a real person. This was no actres
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"The Claws
Ray plays the part o' a Patrl
lions mtmufactuer who is anxious
jut. h <t his father refuses to le
ifraid the shock will kill his inval;
;d way he is Dermitted to do his
1 GI\
I v n i
IA'Sk. V-r J
"The Ever]
We are.the oldest and
in Marion County. T
them to you.
We have the Iargst lii
We also have Ivory 1
ties, Jewelry, Musical I
Cigars and Tobacco?S
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I - 325 MAI
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We have a complete
priate for every room in
A beautiful line of framed P
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s of oar favorite book*, i j!
r ? .. 1
a Xoog- ago we wed to occasionally j
v listen to actual ltte~s nriom happen-.
tags tan s darkened corner of the <
theatre with sounds both inside sad 1
out utterly tainted is the days before (
I the movies. While last evening's per-|
I formance was quite an average show,
I ?with die exception of the one artist {
I and possibly the charm of the red 1
9 haired boy to win small hearts; it j
e carried me bach to the years ago when
d I sat as a small girl in some of the
d very large theatres in several of our
i- biggest cities. I can remember now
c- the stdness when Sarah Bershart
e played before a packed boose. I can
II still appreciate the exactness of every
s deail in stage furnishings, the thord
oughly perfect voice tones, the vibrato
tag Intensity of that master actress as
?- she spoke lines which were not mere?.
ly memorized but actnally lived. I
e can still feel the wave of feeling which
surged over a vast sea of hearts. 1
y can hear the silence. 1 can see the
carefully modulated lights. I can even
d yet grasp the thing as it was taken as
? ? V' mm > ? w*V?* .i
D tt WiWW?vou uuuctawHiu cue |?iv- .
.t tare was so perfect.
y It "was the same -with many an artist!
11 in those days. Prom Julia Marlowe, j
>f Annie Russell. Mrs. Patrick Campbell \
* through a list equally famed?through <
r- most of the best opera, down to John '
* Drew and gentlemen of lDce stage rep- j
v utation, I sat even in jr after evening, j
8 At the time it all grew stale. I heard
c and saw so much. But today I wonder
e if ever again we will have others like
s them. If ever again we will hear such .
* voices or uch real charatcer presentar
tion! It seems doubtful. And tastes
t are changing every year.
S - 8
Home Baked Pies and Pastries.
* Bayers Restaurant. Arvt.
c- ......
;! -THEATRE- j
? j! Corine Griffith in
s I That great, masterful
- unmatched drama
We want you to see the |j
|H ~ "
LSON Today
of the Hun"
otic young American^. son of a muni- j
i to do bis bit when* the war breaks }
t him join the Army because he Is j
id mother. But through an unexpect- 8 i .
bit after all. Also a Mack Sennett 1 >
Reid, in "THE SOURCE" f
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E> A K ' I
lasting Gift" j
most experienced dealers 1
Pe know how to explain ?
le in the state. icj
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S. Holt
ie Walls Smiling
i line of Wall Paper approthe
lc tores. Swinging stand Photo i
it pose; artists supplies, and floor
sland Ave.. Open Evenings.
^^Y fc iVlSi ' jE^JL"JF^%LM^^
Telegram from Jake Well*, head of the big chain ?f theatres extending from Korfolt to AOttdK^^
"Played Frederick V. Bowers fa *T3l SO HAPPY" three days in Well's Theatre. Norfolk to ianoegn^^wjgfl
new. Best musical show of the year. Wish I could have played it a whole week."
Telegram from Manager at Academy of Music. Raleigh. N. C.:?"Frederick V. Bowers in "Plfc SO
HAPPY** played my hoose to capacity business, and pleyed return date next week. Pleased more t)issin^|
other show this season." .
Wilmington, ueL, jocihw cays:? Jinsicai cwuoaj lOTen ware givea ? Utau ius ow> "'TSSH
life and dash and tonetnl music. There Is a jazz band led by Dolly Castle as fffl.'
We personally say:?"When. Frederick V. Bowers appeared here last year in "HIS BBJDAL NIGHTVi
he scored the bigs est Individual bit registered here in years. Xow be is coming back In this new shoa^|
which fs bigger, brighter and better than bis earlier success. THIS IS POSITIVELY THE BEST -iMKl
A TVIT^k THEATRE WednescJs^i
vMVTIlI Night, December, 18th fl
PRICES?Boxes ?2.00, first floor $150 and $1.00, balcony 75c and 50c 41IS
_ _
- -
? w- - - ? . 'a"j
Today and Tomorrow! I
A Sparkling, Scintillating Array of Pretty Girls, Georgeous Costomeis|l
Brilliant Electrical Effects and Catchy music.
^^^^MnTi7w ^MITi I - -- ! -^vfiMK"!!. *'. s^' l^n
V9H :'TI "' "- ffibv * ^Sfcg'<wffBa>BM
' <> *'; - ?C? ' Y>, -> ,-\y f * dflUMBBnr - ? ?Jk aL* ? ^Siw
Bf. -* *- % iWII^BffWin e^v.1' ~ -w-- ^nifllf d ^MBLJIhw - fc.^^gsa^Areigsia
j|aBfcgg|g^^r jj Puj^'a^! a j^gfKmr *:J9
111 ? i^- ^j[ Sjj^M
-'''' - ^r^Wi
Matinee?2:45; Evening 7:45 and 9:15. Lower Floor, 50c; Balcony, 25c and 96c 1
Pictures are cancelled daring this enga gement. Phone orders for reserve!?
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