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^B^!??rTgite?P^ay:- '.- >., ~.r->
YORK Dec 17.?The monojr,
ofyesterday's doll and profesK
stock market was occasionally
by movements, mainly up
to issues of the speculative
~inn?n nqvcsciiiau*o ??-,
their recent narrow limits. 1
Bore than a proportionate share
^^Ktbe very meager operations con fifeS
of the: popular oils, motors.
HHHBiSltUp and shippings, together with
ft. ?mi?' oi the foodstuff specialties
H&tUeh usually follow i ntheir train.
^ S&jlRie strength of oils attracted atp-j^yHnn
because of advices received
^BSSxrer the week-end indicating a reypiS^rence-of.
unsettled conditions south
W : the Rio Grande, eMaican Petrohowever,
scored an extreme
B -?ain of four points, while Royal
KjSftdt Oils and Fan-American PetroHHdb
also registered very substau
-tiSiul advances.
K -Declines of 1 to 2 points in leading
fc n&ar fasiifig caused & heavy bond
^^^HvKet;' although Liberty issues were
^steady and internationals scarcely
IJH jiMfcred.' Total sales (par value) agK
ijWsated $10,675 000. Old United
UanUek bonds unchanged on call.
L 1 Pittsburgh }
^fi^ity and strength of American Window j
^Glass Machine common was the one j
^prominent feature of the local market, i
g The stock advanced from S6% to S9 j
?;"a new high mark, and closed at 87. a '
Eihet gain of % over Saturday. The]
He preferred closed a dollar higher at 84,
F and the preferred stock of the parent
company closed unchanged at bS.
fcit' Oil and gas stocks were quiet but
Kteady. Oklahoma w.as ti higher at
HsO!o. the highest on this movement,
^ffand Union Natural Gas wa3 a dollar
higher at 131. Ohio Fuel Supply sold
? mi ItMn Sia narmv rin?p nf .1 J M 411^.
^Hulle Ohio Fuel Oil. which was
Brag^ted e -dividend, sold at 15. MauF
t pturers* Light and Heat, PittsOil
& Gas and Riverside KastH
e^ OIl were a shade lower.
K ^0 A W Glass pfd ' ^US
B 0,035 A W G Mach.. xS9 SSSi
RSkhi Suffers
ToawO (Id with relief at the lint mafia
touch of Dl IX D-. the toothinjt wash of oils.
I Many of oor customers tboak us for thu
odrtSe. TouwEltoo. Try D. D. D. today. Wo
pQiejLiccuicL Wash
jgfogataia City drug store and Hall's
rt merica's;home
ShirmA being mad
m and oils, it is to t
I as paint is to bni
't Apply ShikosA ofte
K tects the leathei
w are worn, make se
II The Key on each
m gives an added s<
I sails or soiled fi
I | or brush. For gre
K|'.;SomA Home Set is ideal
ly I be in every home, club or
120 Do peferred- 84 83%
55 La B Iron ptd 115% 115%
54 Mfrs L & H.. 49% 49%, t
2,000 Mt Shasta ... .27 2C I
50 Ohio Fuel OH- *15 *15 I
_ 220 Ohio Fuel Sup 44% 44 i
200 Oklahoma Gas 30% 30% J
100 Pghi Brew 2 2 1
500 P-J Copper ... .12 .12 1
72 Pgh O & G... 7% 7% 1
75 Rlv Eastern O % % 3
20 U N G Corp.. 131 131 i
60 West- Airbrake 95 94% 1
5 2,000 Ind Brew 6s 35% - 35%
50 Liberty 3%s.. 97.60 97.60 1
200 Do 1st 4s S3.00 93.00 s
1,400 Do 2d 4s 92.90 92.80 i
450 Do 2d 4%s.. 95.60 95.46 1
3,200 Do 3d 4%s.. S5.S2 93.70 I
3,950 Do 4th 4%s.. 95.7S' 95.48 i
xNew high record. Ex-dividend.
' 1
Grain and Produce {
CHICAGO. Dec. 17.?Much selling '
of corn resulted yesterday from the
government crop report pointing to
likelihood of an immense yield of winter
wheat. Prices of corn closed
heavy. %c to l%c net lower, with January
and aMy both $1.34% to $1.35.
Oats finished %c to l%c down and
provisions off 50c to $1.
Articles. Open. Close.
January .....$1.35% $1-34T<&
May 1.35% 1.34%
January .72% .71%
1 "
; You don't have to rub It In
to get quick, comforting
J Once you've tried It on that stiff
joint, sore muscle, sciatic pain, rheumatic
twinge, lame" back, youII find
a warm, soothing relief you never
thought a liniment could produce.
J Won't stain the skin, leaves no muss,'
wastes no time in applying, sure to
give quick results. A large bottle
means economy. Your own or any
other druggist has it. Get it today.
j T-" " I 11 ?" j
e of the best wax
he life of leather
m because it pro:.
If your shoes
icond application.
. box for opening
ervice, no broken
id with any cloth
ater convenience.
Iome Set
for gift or prize. Should
automobile. iage
bears SeaatA. label.
? ?." . ? a- - - ; . -N .' --V
Harrotifd-Soimbers Wedding.
On Monday nlgbt "of last week; at
he home el the bride's parents at
Ion tan a, Herbert Gordon Harrould, of
1^00 ?a Wee ffnhprm
jammers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
fames W. Summers. Mr. Harrould is
rom Louisiana bat has been boardng
at Beaj. E. Wilsons here for a noisier
of months and working for the
fonongabela Powder company at their
nines. The couple have not set up
tousekeeping yet bat at present are
taydng with the bride's parents.
Farm Sold.
Mrs. Olivia Kems last week sold her
arm here on which her daughter and
lon-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Xloyd Huffnan
reside, to Harvey McElfresh. of
Jnion district, near Owens works,
ilr. McElfresh is preparing to move
ight away. Mr. Huffman probably
rill move down into the village.
News of Hoult's Soldier Boys.
Friends and relatives of Lloyd Mc Hfresh
and Ross Satterfield received
etters from them the last of the week,
rota France. Lloyd McElfresh writes
lis father, Charles E. McElfresh, that
5j To C
^ Dainty
I ACES, ling
?' fans?ai
garment or fa
be cleansed
and, best of,
in a lukewar
! i
Launder as
through the fab
I Mrfccf Wnm<
Store f<
A Lounging Robe, a
worth-while suggestion,
best. This is the store v
can see exactly what the
She can be assured of qu
practical- and sensible th:
, J
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -y- * ^ ^ ^
week owing to trouble with one of hi:
eyes which made it .necessary for Ub
to stay at the hospital a few days.
Jesse Bowman, of the vocations:
of the S. A. T. C. Morgan town
blew in on No. 70 Saturday night ai
10 o'clock. The S. A. T. C. had beer
pomlsed reelase lor over a week ant
held back because pay did not come
At last a telegram Instructed Cap tail
Stillman to master them, all ont tin
' 13h as the pay wonld be there. At
usual it came not and as the men has
turned. In all bedding, mess kits. etc.
and so povision had been made fo:
feeding them Captain Stillman cot 2
lot of red tape and took on himsel
the responsibility of sending then
home without pay if they could pa:
their own ways. The pay and trans
portation allowance will be sent then
MUAIIIdi / VM?? *? WlWtU
Mrs. J. I>. Bowman Mid daughter
Hazel, are both sick which interferes
with the Bed Cross Roll Call as she Is
axillary chairman and in charge o:
the campaign.
Home bated Pies and Pastr.es. Boy
er"s Restaurant. Ads
Cleanse , /
Waists J|
Injury 4|f
;erievchif- jjraS
ly dainty
brie?can jBg
all, safely, fj|^s5==
in suds of
usual, squeezing tlie
ric vso that the Borate i
dissolve the dirt awa*j
and your garment w
To make a Soap Jell
use, add three tablesp
Team Borax Soap Chips
and boil. Add to was
boil clothes as usual, j
20 Mule Team Borax S<
worth of ordinary laund
/ It's the Borcu
Soap that doe
m Know Tha
[>r Women to J
Pair of Slippers or a nice 1
This Big Store for Men r?
rhere He would come?why
man wears?what she likes
lality and fair price. Then
ings here that men appreci;
Silk Four-in-hands, 654
Silk Sox, 60o. to $5.00
Silk Scarfs or Muffler:
Silk Shirts, $5.00 to $]
Silk Garters, 50c to $1
^ Silk Handkerchiefs, 50
f Gloves, $2.00 to $10.00
Linen Handkerchiefs,
Traveling Bags, $1O.0C
For Caps, $3-50 to $8.
Paf&mas, $2.50 to $5.0
Gowns, $1.00 to $350
Belts, Cuff Links, Ciga
Canes, Etc.
* v"
Sugar-Saving Desserts
"I Jifff-Jell makes i&stxnt dessert*,
i j which are rich and fruity.
LL Tt "m<-?
r ! I The frnit-eaade Savors cone in
j ! 1 liquid form, in vials. So they keep
I i their fresh-fruit taste.
( One package serves six people
| in mold form, or 12 if you whip the
j jcIL So these loscioos desserts
; are also economical.
5 i I Get it today. Try Logmnbcrty
5 or Pineapple Savon See what it
C means to yon.
2 Fociam for 25 Cents
Jkt Yoar Crocmr'm
JiffyJeTI Wsnlreiha. Wisconsin
. 1 Q6W
5 /
suds repeatedly
Ill UiC V-iJ.llpa l^au
?. Rinse carefully
ill look like new,
y for general laundry
oonfuls of 20 Mule
i to a quart of water
h-water and soak or
<Vn 8 oz. package of
sap Chips equals 25c
Iry soap.
v with the
s the work ,
? =;>
it This Is the
Shop tor Men
[Traveling Bag is indeed a
jally knows what men nice
not she? Here the woman
best, and what the style is.
e are hundreds of useful,
: to $3.00
s, $1.50 to $10.00
c and $1.00
15c to 50c
> to $40.00
y /
rette Cases, Watch Chains,
HL ^
' ' J- "" #?JPzW?35
|i X/JUJI iv/kyir/ii * ^ -L
. * "; ?_ ?.- -< <^\%&t3B5k
LOST?Friday night, lady's gold wrist
watch. between-B. & O. station sad
girls' dormitory. Elgin make. Swiss
movement; picture on crystal. Finder
call 1266-J and receive reward.
rttK SAl.K
farm in Putnam county. jOhio, -all
black land. In. sugar beet and corn
belt.of Onlcr. will exchange for good
residence property In Faircmat. See
O. H. Himelich at Den ham Furniture
Store. 11-22-tf <751
FOR SALE?Modern Tlx room boose
on Fourth street. South side. Bargain
to quick buyer. Phone 12S3.
FOR SALE!?At a sacrifice. Naves
Millinery Business. Stock and
fixtures. 'Price and Particcl&rs on
a-DDlications. Good reason for sell
Ing. Naves-Bp-to-Date Millinery. Pike
St.. Shinnston. W. Va_ 12-5-tf-4406
. Notice is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the stockholders of
The Fairmont State Bank of Fairmont.
' a banking corporation, organized
and doing business under the
laws of the State of West Virginia,
-will be held at the banking bouse of
said corporation, in the city of Fairmont
aMrion county. West Virginia,
on Tuesday, the 14th of January 1919
at 2 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of
electing a board of directors to act
for said bank during the ensuing
year. and for the transaction of such
other business as may be property
considered at a stockholders* meeting.
Given under my hand as cashier
of said bank on this the 1st day of
December, A. D. 191S.
31. L. BROWN,
j Cashier of The aFirmont State Bank
of aFirmont.
Dec. 17. 20. 27 Jan. 3. 10.
FOR ltr-.N J ? r'iiree turn.shed rooms.
fil)4 Fairmont Ave. 12-14-tf-4S44
FOR KENT.?Furnished rooms for
light housekeeping; -also sleeping
room. Apply 420 Main street.
1--30, w oocvcrl^od CostracCan' k'achincy
Ocas=a scc9=ct d L.aciiinc tools,etc. Garcco
5?actiiriO-rr. Gas sad Gaaotlco ccciacc. Pezsps.
clcc&ie Motors. Enrlacs. Belters. Placers. Earrtetc.
Saw-rniU cctftn- Beitijaff Pclicya.
Shatdnc. Contractor's coujpracEt. Concrete
mixers, SZSOup. Eieijthirz in nrxbinrry and
suppl lee. Special Prices.
EAiRD hlACHINEIty CO. Pittsbcrsh. Pi
There Was Nothing So Good
for Congestion and Colds
as Mustard
But the old-fashioned mustardplaster
burned and blistered while it
- acted. -Get the relief and help" that
mustard plasters gave, without the
plaster and without the Mister.
Musterole does it It is a clean,
white ointment, made with oil of mus- ]
turd. It is scientifically prepared, so
that it works wonders, and yet does
not blister the tenderest skin.
Gently massage Musterole in with the
finger-tips. See how quickly it brings relief?bow
speedily the pain disappears.
Use Musterole for sore throat; bronchitis;
tonsilitis; croup; stiff neck,
aerhrwa, neuralgia, headache, congestion.
pleurisy, jheumatism, lumbago,
pains and aches of the bask or Joints;
sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chilblains,
hosted feet; colds of the chest
j (it often prevents pneumonia).
30c and 60c jars; hospital size $25(1.
i. young man who has been
Ilschaged irom the army, with
some fcndwledge oC automobile
repairing, to wort in auto repair
shop, beginning after
| January .1. A good oppori
[unity to finish the trade with
good pay to the right man.
"Wan-niufrtoil. W. V&.
" *
IP No Selfi!
? " This country ente
motive of selfishness,
ourselves from insult
; the cause of justice ai
weak. Right has pre
We invite your
?????-? '? '
w&N'ii.u-u?aw* wow^MMH^H
or older children. Plates
Phono 270- -oagreggBaHM
WANTKD?Girt to do
work. InqiUro 222 Mate.,43te?&
wanted.?Two SwajigpB^iiB
oring Co.; most aaderstaa^we^MSM
Apply between. S a- m. and
Fairmont aveaae. Il-17-3y .C9S8|
WANTED ? Girl lor geateirigM?igM
work. Apply 60? Xktnnoa&SaMM
WANTKB?Stndeat nmi^.^OEgjgtl|
pitaL Apply Sapu Canoaalrorii CkwM
eral hospital, Canonabon, Iha.
My wife, Laura Lupo. has
bed and board without Jmrt cassej^^H
and the public is hereby notfOedtisirjB
I will not be responsible for snyja
debts she may- contract, f.
Fairmont, W.
Professional Carafs H
Qtaasee ot all stnrta comcBr
fitted. tiaus3aetlw^ya?iwfwigS
I Window Glass and Wliiilslitslilji'^^^^j
Repairing and rebaUdlns automobile
radiators a specialty^, j
Old Radiators Bought, ftobcJtfc -j
can heat as j
214^/g Jftckson Stierfw - ^^^^g
save dolars to gad* si]
tage of oppoethsitie^
g|p Are you. now In a poslttongj
pjjj to rest on your oars .aCs
g| earning a living while do- ?3
gij voting your time to ill miTM
Hjl oping a business opportnnMg
5 ty?
|j| You must gain this tfme-i
ffjj somehow. It simply; meaiul
K|h storing up dollars now toi
Kj Keep yoo and yoor n
KM business fianced until youra
|S line becomes established, i
Then begin now ??
|L| money by a regular method. .!
"fji How much can you layMidnl
il this pay-day? Dm our edn^
Ey pound interest system lor j
gm rapid money ?rt-rrm
- '
' - - a
m w lv m w
red the war fremSTBSS
We fought to defe:
md injury to vini^M
d right?to protect ngfl
railed as it alway
account and ta
. ? ;*-.' -'^offiSwBPa
' -. -

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