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Pea If.?A
Hfii: one o? the encainpHznains
taken to lili old
Bstan where funeral rites
Hd the tor tenderly inHlrst
record that the casHof
the War department
Hi from Senator SntherH
week or two after the
Kb? hoy in France was
ed officially to his parHhe
same way, from the
Hent, report -was made to
HrSand that there was no
Hthing having happened
H KcGniimess. whose parHat
Washington, Wood
suasi rarwvetoit flooil 4r.
state of tneffli
re^nnable^ to
Huefield, who
d a rich mant
rltv frnrr*
Milclt be garnered a big money har pcest
durng the unprecedented demand <
Infant daughter of Mr.
Mnl; services were- held from the
^B^rd ,-was received here on Monday
Kd&the death on Sunday, December 15.
Oklahoma, of Miss Lor^^HflSerman
.the twenty-eight year
laugher of Mr. and Mrs. H. Herformer
residens of Masnington.
Krwo brohers. Harry, of Hnndred, and
names, of Akron. Ohio, left for OklaB$dma
on Monday to attend the-funeral. j
K in yesterday's army casualty list'
Where appeared he name of Cnrley K. j
iHawkha as killed in action. He was !
pjniiiir Tiiiii II 1 in i. of near this
^^EHeiry Mulollaad. Jr.. of Locust
HBgM&,-/Xtr8d Robinson and two chilKeaof
Sort street, and Eugene, the
BeaCfson of Mr. and Sirs. John DaHgfc^also
of'Burt street, are reported
Innenza. Miss Mary nanagan
usee, who la spending the wlni.
her uncle, Caarles P. Flanaserere
illness of the disease.
Women's Home Mtesionan- so
the M. E. church, held its reginthly
meeting in the church
T. Business ot ixnporance was
t ot. Luncheon which was furyoung
people of Mannlngton
d a dance on Friday evening
week in Eagles' hall. Railroad
Skinner's orchestra of Fairthe
mil i ^
eretta ent!tled"The Old VomLived
in a Shoe" will be given
tchool andiorlnm on the comlay
evening at eight o'clock,
y Is to be staged under the
i of Miss Helen Redmon, muse
required to nuke up the
which grades one to six, and
k school will he drawn upon.
aeettng of South'Perm Oil comiployes
held on Monday, F. P.
to represent the men in this
at a meeting with the offithe
company to be held in
ghr at which a new system of
he formulated. The proposed
**??? ^ ? * PA VA AAneMomKlv
W 11 aynwiiit JB iwm -w wo wuo?wvuhU*j
Mm Utenl to the employes. In adHKSon
to the Insurance feature, men
who have been In the employ ot the
"any'tor tweuy years will he reg^
.on hrif pay at the age of sixty:
'- r -
IpThe ftmeral of Samuel I. Carnahan
BBbeU from the late residence toEomewood
Monday evening at seven
o'clock, and the remains were taken
7, jailor lntermenReaving
_ Mr*. Bochert Improves.
street, who was so near to
HHCli^door.fzoin pneumonia only a
ys ago .is Improving rapidly.
ta now believed she will have
- . ble-.-ln recovering. Her two
i are practically well.
~ge W. Bowers, president ot the
MBjjfcs-'rotteaj company, Is hnlldlng a
story addition to bis residence.
^ Hlgli street.
B ett ? Elmer, Fafanoat;
I lor manganese, at unprecedented prices
during the war. Is In tha city on
business -with the officials of the Bureau
of Mines. There Is a meeting of
producers with the officials being held
I this week, and CoL Miller is talcing
an active part in it.
The meeting is an important one to
the men engaged In this business. The
end of the war has reduced the limits
cf the market as well as prices, ana
zo*ne of the properties that are expensive
to operate have shut down. CoL
Miller's property is not of that kind.
Fxperts of the Bureau of Mines have
reported on his property to the effect
that it is as fine a grade of hlgn percentage
ore of the kind as is to be
found in the United States, that it is
in inexhaustible supply and can be
operated at a minimum cost. "It is
zdore il&c a ixiiiu wcuut, w?mi ??
cr.e of ^them said, speaking of its
cheapness of operating.
Munition makers used vast quantities
of manganese and the war hawing
practically stopped competlting product
from Brazil and other foreign
countries, manganese mine owners became
suddenly very rich. The war
being over, and there being no tariff
to protect the owners of such proper- .
ties in this country from foreign competition,
the later have felt the effects
appreciably. This is one of rne oroble.'ns
of many concerning the business
which the present meeting of mire
owners and brokers with government
oilidais is confronted.
An offer of considerable over a million
dollars was made for the I&iller
property early in the year, but was
turned down by Qpl. Miller.
Congressman Stuart F. Reed was
tc 'Jay notified by the Pension Commij-sioner
of favorabe action having
been taken on the original application
presented by him in behalf of Mrs.
| Ju'ia S. Holland, a former constituent
. nho at the present time is a resident]
I of Fredericksburg. Va. An award has
I been made to her at the rate of $12 u j
nlanth from September 30, 1918. anu :
53"# a month from October 6,1918.
Scott Sions. of Purgittsville. W. Va.,.
rnd D. E. MeNichol. of Clarksburg, arc :
1 among today's arrivals in the city.
Schodder. Wheeling; J. R. Hutchinson.!
Cameron; R. H.Arnold. Moundsville; >
J. A. Curry and wife. F. S. Carman, j
Pittsburgh; N. H. Reardon, Jackson- j
burg. '
Wells?G. W. Francis. Xew Martinsville;
L. Howard, Wlieelingh Ed. Bell.
Kane, Pa.; II. R. Glover. A. L Kellar. 1
Wyatt; F. L. Filbr. Shadyside, O.; W. i
Strngnell, Clarksburg.
Personals. _
Charles Loar has relumed to his :
home in Morgantown after a visit with J
Ted Ferry in Homewood. [
I. W. Coulter, of Pricetown, was a j
S Christmas j
I Shoppers |j
It's Slipper season again
and we've spread a regular
Slipper Feast.
Slippers as low as 50c
and as high as $250.
There will never be a
better time to make selections
than right now ;
| 320 MAIN STREET |j|
r ? ?
JeosA-to v)
f 1*151* COUDR
I, ft B^OMZE
rfsvme after a. viaft irtth reUlftea
M. C. Clayton vu a Iwalmeas visitor
la Fairmont yesterday.
George W. Bowers, eft yesterday lor
a business risit In Wheeling.
Miss Ada Miller win leave la a day
or two tor a visit with her sister in
Hagerstown, Md.
Sirs. Bunting and children, and E. I*.
Adams, of Traverse City, Mich, are
guests of their ancle, 17. S. Co arson
and family in Clarksburg street.
M. F. Efaw was a business visitor
in Hundred yesterday.
Charles C. Sellers, of Fairmont, -was
liama stneilii? aaai from o wlalf
itere cu A(/UW MVW t? >?Mb
at his former home at (Hover Gap.
Richard Moore, of Cnrtisvllle. was a
business visitor In the city yesterday.
Jesse Shlmp has retained from a
few days' business visit In Moon3sville.
Lather M. Jonee and daughter. Mrs.
Archie "Goodnight, have returned from
a visit with relatives Is Bellaire. O.
Boy F. Alder was in Wheeling Mon-,
day on business.
Andrew S. Rnshford returned Monday
alter a visit with friends n Little- i
ton. .
"Jep" W. Hney was in Wheeling (
Cottage Cheese, 40c per qt
Sweet Milk .. 15c per qt
Sweet Cream.. 60c per qt
Buttermilk.. 35c per gal
I "mnprinl (Irpflmprv
Butter 67c per lb.
i, i i
Is Everyfo
Yes, when the grift t
Ann nf llip etar.rfarfi male
VJIl^ VA -I. ....
Santa Claus, order one o
- The receiver will commei
ent that carries with it tl
the same time so practice
All of the player piai
by an adult. Their tone i
stand foremost in their z
models we are exhibiting
sterling worth, and they
fine line to select from.
Would Yoi
Let us show you the
and plays them correctly
They are celebrated for
carry the Sonora and the
years of satisfaction. A
some i>f them for you.
lar records just as you li
Our Expe
C. A. H(
'Phone 981
hictue\ i
' uvek,
sukt) yv ^
I *^llt
. - . r - . - . . ' i
J. Barry Lazear, who lass bad a Twy
Effective Immediately, No
More Direct Shipments
Will Be Made "Retailers.
All Shipments Now TJo to
Jobbers for Redistritrai
When the Influenza epidemic struck
the country and wiped oat oar warehouse
and jobbers' stocks almost overnight,
we were faced with the problem
| of distributing?to the stricken districts?In
the Quickest possible manner?our
daily oatpnt of Vapo-Rob. We
solved this by offering to ship direct
0 the retailers In these- influenza districts.
by parcel post prepaid, quantities
of not more than three dozen
VapoRub in any one shipment, and by
shipping what was left from our dally
production to oar jobbers by express
instead of freight.
This was costly, bat it solved the
problem for the time being: Now,
however, we find that these small
shipments are constantly increasing?
we have received as many as 1,306 in
a single mall. It Is becoming impoesi|
?wi.. - >
-1-'? ,
ody Happy:
akes the form of an Autopia
es we have on our floors. If
f our piano players to be del
nd you for your sound judgei
tie prettv spirit: of Chris tmasd.
10s we carry can be operated
is perfect as is also their med
ank. If it is just a piano, con
. They are makes known th<
are moderate'y priced. All
u Like a Talking
Brunswick, th: machine that ]
T. We carry in stock mod*
their beuatiful finish and swe
s Steger, both dependable ins
complete line of Victor recoi
i-I r>i?:~4
opeciai Vyiuidiuiad icwxus, pa
arience is Your S
F. S. BASNETT, Manager.
fv*HYBl?S5 w\
eerft < V. \T>?*^
; PIGG\fs%)
I H. -3%" BhHflrScffe^ ^retained yesterjday
from a business -visit in the east.
ble for as to fill these promptly, sad
instead of distributing our goods more
quickly, they are really slowing up
the process.
We believe that va can serve you
better now by reverting to oar former
policy of shipping exclusively through
the Jobber, and, effective immediately,
no more drop shipments will be made.
While we hare put on & night shift
and have, thereby, about doubled our
production, we are still unable to fill
our back orders and won't be able to
i give each jobber all the Vapo-Rub he
wants. Hence, it will be necessary
or fhe jobbers to continue distributing
VapoRub in small lots only. But
we will be ablo to furnish eacb job-,
Iabb, t?t,a tV, fltinntftv nf i
VapoRub that he purchased for the;
corresponding month last year, so,
there should not be any difficulty in j
your getting your pro rata share.
We feel that the public appreciates !
the service that the retail and whole-;
sale drug trade have rendered thoj
country in this time of stress. We;
wish to express to both branches of
the trade our thanks for the kind cooperation
extended i.- in our effort to
meet this emergency.
CO. Greensboro, N. C.
== i
player or any other
you want to be a real j L
vtawaJ f aw /^liuncfnioc? i I ?
IVC1CU 1VX VlUlOUllU^a | j j
ment in selecting a presgiving,
and which is at
as easily by a child as
tianism and finish. They
le look at the attractive
e world over for their
the latest piano rolls, a
Machine? j
jlays all kinds of records
els from $50 to $350.
etness of tone. We also
itruments that will give
rds. Come in let us play
itriotic records or popui
afeguard j
Budding, Main Street. |
, \ virtH eoU>
/JQ t *hi ga
\ ? C>^fl
ft ^?M V ^
| EveningThis Store^WM
|| Be Open Evenings Un||
tfl 9 o'clock.
Today Begin
Stretch" W<
The whole store is a IV
spirit of Christmas preva
start oat early this morni
check off your purchases ;
If you have small chi
probably go right up to the
Games and Dolls are. Or
en's Misses and Children's
Bath Robes, Kimonos, Sill
and countless pretty thing
On the Second Floor s
iitg, Men's, Women's and
and Rubbers. Suit Cases i
Boy's Hats, Caps and Bat
On the ground floor,
Toilet Goods, Leather Goo<
Hosiery, Umbrellas, Swea
chiefs Linens, and hundred
Ities at every turn. In the
and one gifts of China, I
Household Utilities for gil
i -
Watch Your Blooc
Don't Let I]
Pore Blood Means Perfect
The average druggist has handled
hundreds of medicines an his day,
some of 'which have long- since been
But there is one that has been sold
by the druggists throughout this
country, for more than fifty years,
and that is S. S- S?, the reliable blood
Dont offend your fx
some cheap, trashy gift, 1
giving them up-to-date S
Queen Qualit
Daniel Green Comfy
Silk Stocking bought at
Smith's SI
327 MAIN I
Will be open evenin
^ ( 'e* m
y #
W ^
fr -'
'vay to he^?,jfOors^ieSS
those who i?r*e yoo! Sag
Shop- ear! 1 In tho ;
day, av*ld the big . Ja
noon ?nd bftemoen t
terry Christmas Store; tfai^
ies throughout Why not!
ng with your gift list JUMpl
systematically and leisiLre?|j
Idren to buy for, you will I
third foor where the Toys^j
l the same, floor are Wodd^ H
i Outer. Garments,. Fairs, H
c and. Cotton. Petticoats^]
s for babies to wear. :
and' hand bags. Mai's and || jfl
Small Jewelry, Watches,!
Is, Gloves, Silk and Cotton it
ters, Neckwear, Handker- I
s and hundreds of gift nor- Jl
! basement are a thousand II
Lrt Ware, Cutlery and
mpurities Creep h? 11
jVlany druggists have seen wonderfalr V. ?
results aceoir^ltehed^^aTOWg^^fag^
the most reliable blood purifiers ewx rj?
made. Keep your blood free of im- J
purities by the use of tins honest oU /ScJ
medicirie, and if you want mediea.
as Gifts '..til
iends by giving them ^
>ut make them happy by ||$vv|j
I - r
V'Oa ' Ifj
- Bz
. s2 %>fei?SBa3SM
Slippers or a pair of real |l
hoe Store HI
' fesSS

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