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* ' ?-??
Europe Needs Nearly Double
Last Tear's Supplies From
Vorld Survey Shows Sufficient Wheat,"
But-Shortage of Fsta?Govern
?aenf? Stimulative Pro- , ,
- gram Justified.
- : "With tte return of peace America 1*
|g*| confronted by a food problem even
ir^r^^-fcariJer of solution than that with j
fe;.-; v. wMidi we coped In time of war. We j
an entirely new world situation |'
' lD food. It will mean essential changes j
-omr domestic program. But more !
Important than this. It must of necen- |
''J^'alty require increased export.
Last year wc slilppeil 11.820.000 tons
If ; of -foodstntTK to the European Allies.
fei'Vi.J-."-'_BEad the war continued we would have 1
' ^Increased this enormous figure to 17,^Ksg?iv
"3?"" 530,000 tort? In the present year. Jiow,
KKp&f&g? with the m-T'-i ilillit.r of feeding mtlB
~ ^ * prr-to'liberated from the Ger- I
"ur exports must l?e brought r
'Hp'"to at least 20.000.000 tor.s?prac- |
tlcally .the limit of loading capacity at '
"r World Food Demand Increased. j
"j/ The end of the war will create an j
g^ . ' ^ enormously Increased demand for food. :
Humanity demands tliat the starring j
millions freed from Prussian oppres- .
Iji nave sumcicnt supplies to ;
ielr return to health and pros- !
If these liberated nations are j
;th starvation they cannot es- '
rderly governments. Hunger j
na'rchy In a people. The war j
the world for democracy will ;
tfter it has been won. Amer- !
: -continue Its wort to libera- !
by sharing its food mate de- J
safe In the world,
or to meet this new situation, j
I Administration has made a.,
nrrey of the food resources of ;
e'world In' relation to the to-?
ii.ds. -Computing supplies on i
? of the avoidance of waste Z
'consumption, it is found that
id rye msy be obtained ,in sufaantltics
to meet economical
nsamption: high protein feed:
animals wiil show a shortage ;
:.. 3.000.000 tons, while there '
sufficient supplies of other
. allow economical consump- ;
ins, peas and rico will also be
' sufficient quantities to malnnomy
in consumption: there
Sent supplies of beef to keep
ft tha /?or>oo?tv n< rr?fr!troMtlnor I
f' Great Fat Shortage. '
safe:."The most distinct reversal of poller
HS-. CO ? with port anil dairy prodvegetable
oils, sugar and coffee. '
$&-r." .. Utmost economy will be required In f
2;. * the use of fats and oils, in which there j
I" < ' ls;a world shortage of about G.000,000,- j
'&P' WWponnds. Xnere are sufficient sup-;
" "Piles for- ns to return to our normal
sugar consumption if ether nations !
I^ps . . continue their present short rations, j
oreren if their rations are slightly in- j
p'.:' creased. If "the European countries, j
v;. " I., hpwerer. are to resume their normal i
cnusinntiii-in it will he through
jf&ivv??*". cba?int:>-.1 conservation in order
to slihre wjci them. TLere is a surOX
tlie world total required to pro- cgfe.
dfece tties. results North America will
fcrilsh more titan O) per cent. Tito
E?;. United Suites, including the West In- |
dies, wlit in a position to furnish J
Wfr-i, total cf about 20.UOO.OOO* tons? '
|j": Z ngalrst par pre-war exports of about
"The bread grains situation allows '
?^0.\the world "to abandon the use of sub- !
V ? alttaws In wheat bread. Large trtipg^;.y
plies have accumulated in the Argen- ,
pgiN line. Australia and other hitherto in- j
RSj? accessible markets. A continued high
B Kii:;. ~ " anntig percentage, economy of conniuii'tion
and elimination of waste
jjf 2; V-! Z.aa^K It possible for the world to res&g;.
.. ho a. white wheat loaf '
Ipf^feOf all our export possibilities la
00the'largest and most Importjftt
B '--\jftem is pork. While we cannot supply,
fig "vSSe world-deficiency; we will be ablai
C: -^.hrfp'lt enormously because of the
policies of stimulating production
'"^i&d restraining consumption. The
f ?" . <.tpverniueDt"s policy with regard to
K'JVi-'fitftariifeitins' the production of wheat
|Kn?--"-^bd ?*C port, the readiest source of
BfeiV-'? 18 thus amply Justified by the sitE^5:F-^SBao?
dpoa the return of peace. j
P>y-V. ' * Fsmim &n?cter Still Stalks. !
test continue care and wise economy
nse of food in order to complete
Kltb "the utmost conservation and
E|?? -^e'ln iliirope tor the next year or mora ji
jSpl: Harrstioh beyond all human power to jj
illay.In North Bussla there are 40,- 5,
hqispoct -Can be assnred their ports of
Jtitij would soon be frozen. Millions
who hare frit keenly the oppreswof
war will he beyond reach of assjjsffw
tstnnj-a " a
'We' nmst realize that upon our
y Chan we have ever before been
Ipbn the con tinned service and sacrl
- - ? tin
In 'the international ft" on the an
world's political gridiron. China may Ju;
bo hopelessly outpointed, hut here's Ed
one Chinese payer who may be expected
to come hurtling- around the
end tor gains. He's Sammy K&i Kec. i
and he's learned to buck the line as j n
halfback on the University of Califor-;
aia football team. Only Celestials who i
has ever played on a bis American col- ; y0
iege team. Sammy Kee has added ! wa
some "ways that are dark and tricks I up
that are vain" to pigskin lore?to j0
the glory of his 'varsity and the delight
of the bleachers. He helped Call- j
fomia hang that 67 to goose-egg de- ejJ
feat on Etanford this year.
Hold on to Them.
Marie Willis (at the beach)?Kit r
s a clever campaign general.
Jane Gillis?Yes. She went through
ast season's campaign without the
loss of a man.?Life.
_ 1
~ =1
Cottage Cheese, 40c per qt j
Sweet Milk .. 15c per qt j
Sweet Cream.. 60c per qt J
Buttermilk.. 35c per gal
Imperial Creamery
Butter 67c per lb. |
Flavors in Vials
In Jiffy-Jell the
flavors come in liquid
farm, in vials. They
Bb5?0 are made from fresh.
H l-SiSfl mm w ?l?? R
Jg to desaer s 11
ndttmyi * wealth of fresh- I
EJ*"Tg fcuh taste.
HjEigS With Jiff-Jtll yon
POMS can male* a delicious
t~Jji dessert in an instant.
K??a It comes readyP'i'yJC*
sweetened, soitsaves
your sugar. And it
WW? costs bat a trifle. A
" " single package
serves six.
There are 10 Savors, hot we suggest
Loganberry or Pineapple. Try
it today. It will bring yoa anew
conception of gelatine desserts.
2 Pmcltmrmm fmr 75 C*nla
At Yomr Crmcmr'm
Jiffy-Joil?Waukesha, Wisconsin j
: isi2_J ilL
PI I i III n illi i/Mk^
In 11 |J| if III I || mi|Bwiil
" ft Christn
*L HI Suits, Overcoats, Rai
K|| and Young Men, pri
*381 I Now is the Til
J|f James
umcran cement by the United States
rU Service Commission that an ex- he
illation is to' be held has reached va
B'dty. This examination is tor the be
tition of jatitor. which will be v*- ye
it and will be held on December to
h. The position pays $750 a year, <jn
1 is open at the local postofHce. Ap- at
ration blanks may be procured from be
: secretary of the local board of ex- hi
iners at the postoffice. After be;
filled out they should be returned "r
the postoffice with medical certifle.
They mast be retained before
' *l? ??I? st
i UAVC 1U4 Ui C CJMUUtua uvu* _
Jertrude Wilson who shot her huead
several weeks ago on her return im
a colored ball was given a hear;
yesterday afternoon before Justice
naway. No one appeared against
rtrude. and both she and her husnd
testified that the affair was aclental.
Gertrude stated that at the
ie Ed was somewhat ont of temper
i made remarks which angered her.
stice Conavray released the woman.
> was not badly hurt
Working for a lifting.
"This back-door begging ain't what
"No. With a garage on every Iot.i
n don't git no hand-out until you've
shed a coupcl of wheels or pumped
a few tires."?Louisville CouriernrnaL
Home baked Pies and Pastries. P-v..
s Restaurant Adv. I
Useful, Serviceable and Oi
Father, Sister, Friend o
Invite Your In
Brass and Bronze
Smokers Articles
Make acceptable and
attractive gifts?
50c to $6.00
Delicious Candles in
50c to i
Always in good taste. 1?
of the popular brands put ap
the standard brands of cigar
Experienced man in
charge to explain the
things you need to know
$2.00 to $60.00
131 MAIN
nas Gifts for.
incoats for Men <fcOl
ced from ?P?'
Cloves Ui
.Valises jg.
Collars s-Neckwear
Suit Cases Hi
ne to Buy Do Your Shoppii
W. Coogle
Joshna Baker, colored, -was before!
mayor yesterday afternoon on a
grancy charge. The Officers have
en after this man tor acme time and
sterday ha was arrested. He talked
puden'Iy to the'mayor -when he wac
estioned a* to why he was a vagrant
d gave no satisfactory reasons tor
big distnitssed. and the mayor fined
n $25 and costs, and asked that he
Lve town at once. -The man paid the
*" I
Preston County Buckwheat, home J
#<s- neefc winmino' I
>yers Restaurant.'?Adv. j
Husband No. 4
Is the Athletic
See the other 3 at the
Today, Friday, and Sat
25c, 35c, 50c
' 1 j
is Gifts!
namental for Mother,
r Soldier Boy. We
spection. ^
Fountain Pens j
Nothing more acceptable
to either lady or
gentleman. Many makes
?1-50 to $10.00
Christmas Boxes
Fe have secured several
25 to a box. We sell all
The Largest Line of
Books for Children
Single Books or in sets,
5c to $2.00
D to $50 |! I
aderwear [M#
ith RobesIk
Hosiery - I:
Duse Coats sfljfis
1 T * C vfililifl <
I m BilF ' iw m ^ . I ~ m A l m B l^r B- ' "B*" # #
HBBI^BarVi ~ ^ i - - \ '.y yv'V/1'"** W~ * _ *yV- * >? / r-5ESB
y^.r-: . . / . '^T ;~ * . - ? .?~r . -.-*/ - fw,
Just snnnosft every member of the family put to- -J< f5ofcs;-:Silg
gether and bought "Dad" a Fine Overcoat, one of these
"great" coats,"made for warmth without weight mater- ^
ials. Wouldn't Dad appreciate that land of gift? I
Splendid Values Hoc at
$25.00, $30.00, $35.00 -Up
In Young Men's Overcoats?no Store
Is so Well Stocked I
Well show you an assortment of appropriate mod- Irj
$25.00 Buys a Good Overcoat?Others $30 Up. jj| jj/f^jj, 1m
Other Suggestions Which Will Jf
Sox Bath Robe _x>? House Coats "
Belts Cull Links JS&; Silk Mufflers ^ ^
Gloves Scarf Pins '|*? Travel Outfits MlBk /
Collars Un'iorv.car Iffi; Handkerchiefs jg|HF Hm
Garters Collar Bins W House Slippers M&m ijft^
Pajamas Suspenders . jr Walking Sticks Ms*
Sweaters Rain Coats Traveling Bags M&g
Fur Caps Fancy Vests Cigarette Cases JigS 0*
Shoes for Everything
Men for Boys ^ |
?? ????????1???i^?WW?
Christmas is drawing nigh rapidly. We have been preparing for it's approach
months and months and are now ready with
A Large Stock ofFurnitiire"at Very Low Pricjpi
Nothing makes a more sensible gift for Christmas than Furniture, and nothing g:
more real and lasting pleasure. It is wise, economical and prudent to makegiftsthoLg
have solid substantial values this year and certainly a Furniture Gift meets these relB
quirements. Our stock now waits your inspection. ^
Koom in ine nuusc
cMinn Mn ho made now and laid away for Xmas.
^ V =$j?w
Eveerythinjf in Fanutore from the Cellar to the Attic; also Rugs, Zinolei
- - . 3 Zht- _.qt < *>&&&

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