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t?|?.<wmMit is noted
the appearance of the
HtitaresSdewalks and crossings sines
;-c r Bowen notified bis police force
KSfMtair offender caught expectoifjjxiitnc
oa the >idewallcs, yet there Is
WBHKfespbBa.tor^lmproTeiiient. The or^BS?*
6iHfiwHny thfl ordinance has
Bsnayor- believes -when people get to
*"* talking over a matter
- there will be something doing,
bel&ves that Fairmont is going
BftgberJ*; mere sightly and more sani-Ury
city on acount of this action.
?$jjXfce; mayor again today impressed
on Che pptlce force the Importance of
|JinftKcixig thJ>> ordinance and to be diliK
gent In making arrests in this connec???jE?MX>l?
are thinking and talking
BBp'Tfr''-Z**!1* ban and the
pM^PeOnlettK-thinkIng. and many perB
; ona. -fwrho iipit thoughtlessly on the
BHWi-i ?<l when the matter was brought
ratoxheir attention were glad to retrain
from theviisgnsting and disease spredSo
far the. policemen have made no
Kjtiesfifcibgt are on the job, and the
B|EBt:2piait?n seen to spit on the sldc Svalk*
will be arrested and taken betore
tha major Observers have noted
M^w^Mtltw days that many persons
^Bgvho were in the habit of spitting on
EroiiiS<MewaIks n%w go to the curb and
tjipit Into the street This makes the
Bjdde of the street next to the curb
Kgcoedfanv disgusting, but there Is no
a^Maypr Bowen stated this morning
Bgfliat he had instructed the policemen
an i est him if he were caught spitB8sfc:oa
the pavement, that he would
Runpose the'necessary tine upon himCv^elf.
The mayor stated that he would
t for a minute be guilty of this
thing unless It were done thoughtPI"
gpc. r- - Home Again.
On December 2d the famous liner
feoxetania anchored at New York.
Bgler passenger list of 4,500 was made
SgFOtfthe first American soldier conESSSgBfiiCj'
returning from overseas. Up
fce' liig' Cunard pier they hiked with
Kg&lors flying. The boys' beaming
Efaoes said: "Home again!" In' thouHMada
ofhomes all over this big country
of oars the mothers song superlaK
tic lifts itself to the Christmas skies.
BBfiei. ago, in'her. exaltation Alary of
KjSaaageth sang, "My Soul Doth Mag^^H-ttify
the Lord." Today the exultant
KMlw lean mother sings The Magnifi
cat. It is not Home Again! however
Kaftan.these mothers for In home homes
^^^ Ethere & a. yellow star In the window
Eamdaboy's grave in France, but in
Hiefa-'wrfef swept souls there is the
Kjpfejaha throb "My Soul Doth Magnify
Fl wonder if there are singing mothRwia
Liege, and In the Trentino?
K.Can people sing Home Again! when
there is only the dnst of homes in
Soisaoms and from Antwerp to Allepo
there; Is only desolation? In the shadKpyr
of Rhelms will they sing at Christ^^^Bdnaa
"My Soul Doth Magnify the
Bpjhrd.'" I believe they will for their
faith to God 4s & living one and among
RmntiiBOTes his sergant, in her robes
and love. Little children
Kchng to her skirts, babies cuddle in
her arms, she brings food, drink, shel m,
raiment and behind her blazes
^^^ ffifcred emblem of the first Christmas
- Home Service.
BsBefore we entered the war, the hu
Ie was to the writer a mask
tg the hearts emotions. Since
slty reports, the same laces
x>rs reflecting the soul's ant
has been this national anxiexas"
become the burden of the
scvfce.. In the last lew weeks
iler and her department hare
ieged with fequests that are
atopg. The armistice caused
l and delay, and a similar
o?dn the- casualty reports. As i
nee one bewildered lather
ha. telegram, dated December
slivered the 12th, his son baa
ming in action since the 1st.
ls been so much delay in the
of the soldiers' allotment to
lies that Mrs. Rosier wired
Sutherland, a complaint. The |
arrived daring the debate on j
? subject, was read and pubthe
Congressional Record. It
wires and mothers of men in
ce had received no Xunds from
Rlsh Bureau lor four months,
not want loans from the Red
?t?#e mosey due them from jl
crimen t. . As Christmas draws
w. situation. becomes critical.
ySSduiMiu Civilian Relief."
i^aat ^monthly' meeting two
mittees. one advisory and
re appointed.
Soadmaa, compos* the
irtcri ^lotes*
Lee, butthe results of
fa human misery for
the crippled, maimed
tat famine that these
HljjrpTiva themselves
imen of Eat
help bold the thin, lines and'thereb;
shaping your and xny fdtnre destiny
It is too much for them to aslc ns tl
sew s litle or knit some C6re?
The youngest membership la th
Red Cross thus war. Is held by tin:
Jane Reynolds. Barger, the sfxteei
months od daughter of Mrs. Walte
Barger, 208 Chicago street.
Mrs. J. H. Eddy and Mrs. F. D. Jone
from the vicinity of Fairview hav
made a quilt and two cushions to b
sold for the benefit of the Bed Crosi
Mrs. T. L- Z>cwery has completed 51
garments in the allotment. This 1
quite a record for one lady.
Work Room.
Miss Frey shipped the folio-wing
445 property bogs, 50 navy bags. 81
comfort kits and 145 housewives.
Mrs. Ficklnger wishes that all sock,
and sweaters be retained as soon a
possible and that every one who car
knit socks get~busy.* We need socki
and more socks. She reports 52 sweat
ers and 51 socks far the week and i
shipment of 300 svfeaters, 400 socks
17 wristlets. 32 helmets and 18 bet
sacks .
Mrs. Steele reports for the wee!
ending December 19:
Thursday, "23 garments, supervisors
Mrs. Helmlck, Mrs. Barns.
Friday, 18 garments, supervisors
Mrs. Yales, Miss Ice.
Monday. -12 garments, supervisors
Mrs. Brady, Miss Frey.
Monday night, 12 garments, super
visor, Mrs. McKay.
Tuesday. 107 garments were market
and 6 completed." Mrs. Moore ant
Mrs. Marshall were in charge.
Tuesday night, 8 garments, super
visors, Mrs. Fortune, Miss Fraey.
Wednesday, 12 garments, supervi
sors, Mrs. Hutchinson, Mrs. Hoge.
Wednesday night, 3 garments, su
pervisors, Mrs. Terison.
In spite of the epidemic of flu sweep
ing over the county, the lmpassabh
roads and the inconvenience of hand
ling supplies, it is wonderful how thi
auxiliaries, managed their part of tht
Christinas Roll Call. Two of our work
ers have boys in, Red Cross hospit3li
and said that one fact made them dou
ble their efforts,
j Kingmont sent In a donation of $1;
| by Mrs. A. H. Huffman, contributed b:
the committee on War Activity.
Up to date the following auxiliaries
| have sent in returns and all are stil
! working for memberships for the Rol
Rivesville. by Mrs. Phillips 141
Baxter, by Mrs. Allen 7Barrackville,
by Mrs. Ice.. 19<
Kingmont, by Mrs. Work 7<
Cofax, by Mrs. Nichols 6Grant
Town 8'
Farmington, by Mrs. Gallien..... 33i
Murray 7!
Mmvo Kvr Mro Qr?n/?xr 1<
Middleton, by Mrs. Stutler . 10(
Middleton's report is almost a 101
per cent, one and holds that record
alone up to date.
Norwood has no auxiliary bat sent
in a report of 25 memberships se
cured by Mrs. H. B. Meredith and Mr
Pine Grove held its annual meeting
and elected Mrs. A. F. Sandy chair
man; Miss Bertha Satteffield, secreBAD
Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Both Eat Anything
They Want Now.
"I have had* stomach trouble and
constipation for 3 years. 1 could not
eat anything and almost starved t>
death. After I began to take Milks
Emulsion I began to eat anything 1
wanted. I^feel like a new woman, and
am doing my own work again.
My husband also was badly afflicted
with stomach trouble and for a
long time lived on soup and light diet
Eight bottles of Milks Emulsion cured
him sound and well and he can ea:
as much solid food as he likes."?Mrs
Geo. Hampton. 503 North 12th St.
Charleston, 111.
Thousands of people have used
Milks Emulsion with the same result
that Mrs. Hampton describes. It costs
nothing to try?it is guaranteed.
Milks Emulsion is a pleasant, nutri
iwa font? QTHT ? rnrr^ptivA mPfTirinft
It restores healthy, natural bowel ac
tion, doing away with all need of pill:
and physics. It promotes appetite and
'quickly puts the digestive organs It
shape to assimilate food. As a bulldei
of flesh and strength. Milks Emulsion
is strongly recommended to run-dowr
nervous people, and it has produced
amazing results in many cases of tu
berculosls of the lungs. Chronic
stomach trouble and constipation arc
promptly relieved?usually in one
This is theon!yN solid emulator
made, and so palatable that it is eat
en with a spoon like ice cream. -A
truly wonderful medicine for weak
sickly children.
No matter how severe your case
you are urged to try Milks Emulsiot
under this guarantee?Take six bot
ties home with you, use it according tc
directions and if not satisfied with the
results, your money will be promptly
refunded. Price 60c and $1.20 per bot
tie. The Milks Emnlsion Co., Terre
Honte, Ind. Sold and guaranteed by
W. R. Crane Drug Co.
im \a
i V *
* Wordiington
8 j
Wreck en ^nnabelK Branch.
a A wreck occurred on the AnnabeUe
r branch at about 9 o'clock, Friday eren
tog. The particulars u near aa can
\ he obtained are about as follows: The
e operator of the gasoline car made a
' trip to meet the 8:34 lnternrban car
? to order to conrey Mrs. A. C. Bee son,
s a daughter and a child to Annahelle.
On the retnm trip the car met two
persons who desired to get to the trac:
tion stop in order to catch a car for
5 Fairmont and in order to accommodate
them the operator started hack
s with them and the other passengers.
5 In the meantime the freight train had
i started for AnnabeUe unaware that
3 the motor car was returning. When
- near ine resiaence ui u. >. j*wwuc*
i they met in a bead on collision on a
s. carve. The men on the car and Sirs.
1 Beeson jumped hut the younger daughter
was unable to get off the car. We
E understand Mrs. Beeson and her
daughter were injured but how serli,
ous we could not learn. ?
. ?i?
Additional Mail Service.
The following notice has been received
by the postmaster from the
chief cleric of the Railway Mail Service:
"Commencing December 30th.
1918. the postmaster at Worthington
J will dispatch a locked pouch to the
1 postofflce at Fairmont. W. Va., daily
except Sunday, by electric car due at
Worth Ington at 5:25 p. m. ana at Fairmont.
"W. Va., at 6:00 p. m. Registered
mail will not be included in this
2 Harry Masters, of Mannington, was'
" visiting Sir. and Mrs. J. C. Jacobs on
^ Thursday. He was on his return from
I Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind., having
been honorably discharged from the
" service.
* T. F. Randall, of Fairmont, was vis>
r .. a
I' " '' * *^
) ?
r M
: Read the Store
i hi
f * ? -?n : " "" %
^ri -- !
" ;
Thursday. Clarence has just return- I "
ed from Camp Meade.
Fleming Atha. ^jf Maanington, wai
a business Tisltor iere on Thursday.
Mrs. C. B. Nay. of Fairmont is here
at present caring for her slater, Mrs.
. J. Lone Fairish, who is critically 11L
Her condition, seems to he growing
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Stnrm were ati
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fej? Rihelda
IS Brown
M 1 What We Say
The Sign of the!
News in Today's
y fu. 3fs* wss vv
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tier & I
field I
It it, It Is ff
Street Clock M
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isy too; job
e a hundred 333r
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rs left to do" jjMt. i
ith this Big %
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~K~r^~J~K~n~ '-^r",-r,-ri?'^Wv-ruTJxr^'-uwxri I
iHJCB " \ . f
/jjll^j ' I J
45j^J ^ -5^ *
j S3 iLy^K ' I I
I ^Bto X*V I

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