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W~ ' '
?? -tips- r?Orv*t?cago, * }..
yroanfr Mrs Balph Regan learre- to
day fir-" Chicago where they will spend
r the Mondays .-with rela.tiTOfc Mr. RoBpcaiii>u3B.*xgtnrn
here after Christmas
?es*n will remain there for
Kg? v '*
B Have Daughter.
and Mia. L. D. Howard are re
HnMC congratulations ot their
JlHends :over;the arrfval at their home
HQnfestmidajrUfa tine baby daughter. Thia
the ^second daughter In the family.
BpV|jShe baa been nana ed Mary Jean.
p':?LT' . -'-.Pretty Play.
Xbe-i'jnqpfis of the Fleming school
8? 1' - ssve *.P?retty Christinas entertainment
p Oast evening at the school auditorium
f- whiekcwsas highly enjoyed by the puKi;<
pDsiswell as a number of patrons
of th? . school. The proceeds of the
crafting ym. go .toward paying for jtn
Edisdn-machine recently purchased by
, Hie school.. .. .
I **- To .Spend Winter Here.
fc- Mrs. Jane Haymond. ot Mt Lake
Parle, has arrived in the city and will
jh-i speud the winter here. She will have
apartments at the Watson hotel.
M To tb? South.
" Mr. .and Mrs. S. L. Watson have
ST gbne>~Scmth on their annual visit
Rj. .They went from here to New Orleans
By. -where they .will spend a couple oi
if weeks and will go from there to points
K ' in Florida -where they will remain unII
Frank Hennen, of Chicago, Is
B' spnedlng several days in this city on
K" business and is a guest at the home
of his brother, Lawrence Hjtnnen.
" ' Mtas Ruth Fleming, woh attends
school.in Wheleing, Is at home to
ispned.' Hie. holidays with her father,
Br William Fletninfg, on Main street I.
Lttthgr Davis, who is a student at
Pthe University of Pennsylvania at ;
^^Iltilriphto, arrived here today to
spend, the holidays with his mother,
B ' Ifn." Martha Davis, da Cleveland ave.
, Hajrvey "Heed, who is stationed at ;
.Cainp Humphries, Va-. has been honB
orabty discharged and will arrive ,
here within a lew days.
? Bob Maddox." who has been in the '
service of the government, stationed
B at Camp Lee, Va., is expected to ar- '
7 rtve here within a few days, having
fcdeh 'honorably discharged. '
? Mr. and Mrs- T. B. Hilderbrand 1
I hjtfe received a letter Ironx their son, i
Sergenat Chauncy Hilderbrand, who i
-is in France, stating that he was welL
-The letter was written since hostiliI
tics ceased. j
B .'.A. cablegram was -e reived y ester- s
day l>y Mrs. Darrell Linn, or MononBeah,
stating that -her husband was ;
^K-ell. . Mr. Linn is in France.
^F - Mrs. S. A. Brown, who had been ]
^kthe guest ol hor s-a. Lute Brown and ]
Bher daughter, Mrs. Stella Brown ?1- ,
returned today to her home near ,
Bhlnnston. . She was accompanied
^ kocae-'by Mrs. Elliott. who will spned ,
tteLolldas ln Harrison, county. . ,
; Jamison Meredith, who Is a student (
at ani eastern academy and who arriv
I od h4re several days ago to spend the .
holidays with his parents, Mr. and" j
I Mrs. James A. Meredith, Is spending j
K mrvcral days in Washington. D. C., .
V tbfi guest of his cousin, Edward Alex
B ander.
[ '. jl'.Bprigg Miller, who. had been sta- j
I {toned at" Camp Hancock, Ga., in the ,
setyice of the government, has' been <
'.'-honorably discharged and spent ;
B Thursday in this city en route to his '
B home at Terra Alta. He was a guest j
- at,the home of J. M- Hartley while
f Tj>r. Ernest Yost, who had been sta- ;
BUui ?t Washineton. D. C-, in the
ogrernment service, being first at the I'
W?-- "Walter Heed hospital and later in the '
chemical warfare experiment station
ol the American University, will ar- 1
' Tjva. home tomorow .having ben hon- 1
I orably discharged from the service. 1
Be is a son of Dr. and Mrs. D. L>. L. .
' ' i Miss Jean Scott and Miss Marian
Bock arrived home last night from
L -Bristow. Va., where they are students
H at St. Edith'8 academy,to spend the
W Christmas recess wtih relatives.
'.Miss .Anna Kenney left last night
for Pittsburgh, wher she will be the
guest of her brother. Robert Kenney,
and later will go to Chicago for an
I etxended visit
I. ; Mrs. J. W .Devison, of Grant Town,
la spending several days in Pitts
A Miss Laudie Fleming, who is a stu
dent at Mt De Chantel academy at
W * "Vyheeling, has arrived home to spend :
I. the vacation.
: The Rev. Father O'Reilly, assistant
I;j".rector of St Peter's Catholic church,
I ; ia' Hi with influenza and has been removed
to St- Mary's hospital at
I Clarksburg for teratment.
ft; and Mrs. A. Is'. Crim are in
It . receipt. of. a' letter from their son.
If Harry E. Crim, who is with the AmerI
lean froces in .France, in which he
state* that he is well and that he sffw
actCye-beirvice on the western front.
The-l<5tt?r was writen after hoatil- ;
ft. tfesceased."
-J. S. Hawkins, princiual of the Mil
O-ler school, left today for East Liver- .
poo? and canton, umo, wnere ne win
S spend- the holidays with his d&ugh- .
fr^te^'MilraDoriJthy Hawkins and Mrs.
LI Leather Mem<
H 'Z0h?k the Name of the Re
|||| 'V . Make acceptable Xma
pecially the busy bus
B-;*| .' numerous notes to Jot ?
Ik3 *f . >
|J V 7 . Memo Books, 60c u
Arrived Today.
W. J. Wiegel arrived jiome today
{ram a Visit to New, York city. He
vt saccompanied here by Miss Mary
Moulds Hurst -who is a student at Vassal"
college at Potxghkeepsie, M. T.
Miss Hurst will spend the Holidays'
. ?
Personal Workers to Meet.
There will be a meeting or the Personal
Workers' council at the First j
Baptist church on. Monday evening act I
7:30 o'clock. The purpose of tae
meeting is to play for the union revival
to begin early in January.
Salvation Army Benefit.
The dance to be held at The Fairmont
hotel on Friday evening, December
27, as a benefit for the Salvation
Army nursery promises to be a brilliant
affair. The hotel music and
other features have been donated for
the 'evening and the entire proceeds
will be given toward the maintenance
rvf tVia ntmiisrv ' 4ti r?hortro /%#* Hnnl
O'Beirne. The dance win be*held at
The Fairmont hotel and one dollar
will be charged for the tickets -which
are being sold by a number of the
younger society set. The committee
in charge of the dance is composed of
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Amos. Mr. and
Mrs. Morgan Chambers. Mr. and Mrs
Brooks Hutchinson, Mrs. A. C. Polk.
Mrs. E. B. Moore. Miss Helen Qnarrier
Miller, Miss Callie Frey and
Campbell Flaherty. The potronesses
for the dance will be announced next
I.1 n
Evening Chat
A friend of mine said to me ftiday:
"Do you really believe there Is a life
after this? I have been reading Omar
Khayyam and I'm growing to agree
with the chap? Strange is it not?
that of the. myriads who before ns
passed the door of darkness through
not one returns to tell ns of the road,
whioh to discover we must travel too."
"Don't read.what Onjar imagined he
believed." I replied.' "He was a
pessimistic soul and even in the midst
of his waitings prayed a prayer like
this,?"And he that tossed you down
Into the Field. He knows about it all?
He knowa?He knowa!"
Of course He knows. Did you ever
hear a child say to his mother? "I
hate you and you are a mean old
thing!" Children feel that way about
It often and often. Did you ever know
a person who maintained calm silence
in the face of all manner of calamities
?an individual -who possessed a disposition
much like a smooth lake.
God is very much like a smooth lake
and there are a number of people in
the world who delight to throw pebbles
for the pleasure of seeing a ripple.
It is an odd fact, that perfect
things in the world very often give
birth to momentary hatred. Children
lislike their parents .because they try
so hard and everything goes wrong
while father and mother seem to air
ways come out ahead. Grown-ups
ion't as a rule hate God; but they do
often criticise Him and His world just
because it goes so calmly and steadfastly
and on and on. It grows tantalizing
to many dispositions and because
we are so very small, it somellmoc
ooomc V?i?r fn onv 0 hprMftPr
Just now we are approaching a most
perfect day in the year and unless -we
watch out, we are going to .make it a
time of give and take, so much for
to is going to give me for Xmas! Unmosphere
that?"Run. over and hint
around until you find out what so and
so is going to give me for Xmas! Unless
she is going to give me something
i'm not going to bother this year!"
Many people feel that because they
are expected to do so, they must present
certain friends with certain ,
gifts. Children very often play a
xtean game something like this,?"Oh,
my, I am so busy?I bought your present
today?don't you wish you knew
Pleases Dainty Women
and Particular Men
Noxzema is not a crude ointment,
greasy and repulsive, but a clean antiseptic,
healing and vanishing cream.
Both "Day'* and "Night"' Cream
Noxzema is wonderful cleansing and
healing removing blackheads and other
little particles of dirt and at the
same time its antiseptic qualities head
any irritation or infection that may
Eczema, burns, humors, milk crusts,
cuts, salt rheum. Itching piles or other
inflamed conditions of the skin lose
their terror the moment NOXZEMA is
applied. It not only brings you immediate
relief but it gives you no trouble;
you rub it right into the slcln.
where it disappears, leaving no greasy
surface to mar your appearance or
soil yonr clothes. Crane's Drag store
H. H. Ding Co. or the i'oizema
Chemical Co.. Balto. M<1., will send you
a trial Jar for 25c and refund the money
if you are not perfectly delighted
with it. "UFEELITHEAL"
> Ring Books |
cipient Stamped in Gold
3 Gifts.for men esiness
man who has
lown during the day.
p; Stamping 50c.
PuWsldng Company J
sore enough present in return, tor
hers if she announces her Intentions
early enough, it seldom falls:' The
small gtrl to whom the remark la
made goes Immediately to'her parent
and says.?"Til jast have to "bay some
more presents-rthree more' girls at
school today said they.had presents
for me."* Mother sighs hesitatingly .to
call tie thing what it is.
Two fiends got together last, week
and decided to put a stop to senseless
giving For years they had presented
one another with various center' pieces.
towels, plates and such articles.
Said one of them: "Mary, let's quit!
I give yon something every year yon
don't want and you give me something
1 don't want and let's turn over a
new leaf!" Both friends laughed
heartily and agreed. When Christmas
morning arrives this year these
two -women have decided to exchange
books. ""Well each buy one of the
new books. Ill give you mine and you
give me yours. When we read ours,
well exchange. As I never get enough
books and as 'the new ones cost more
fh?-n I like to spend, considering the
? T lib/. v<v Voka iKle wfll
UJ(U1J & nuuiu line w ua>Vt ntu
give us two books for the price of one .
apiece." As both women were fond
of reading, the plan stxited them exactly.
"What do you think of "It? Frankly
planning to? give so much for so
much, all deceltfulness in the matter
was done away with.
When Xmas day dawns clear and
pure Instead of the usual?"1 have a
small gift for you. dear. Merry Xmas!
"with it's answer?"Just wait one
moment. I have one for you too.
Same to you!" These two friends
will run over with the remark?"Now.
tell me If you have road this?!f yov
?~v"> r ??
it's one I have wanted to read ever
since It came out Oh, you got?I'm
so glad: thafs good!" No beating
about the bush?Just plain honest-togoodness
Christmas love and .friendship.
The words?erry Xmas?were
forgotten. The spirit of the thing
was enough!
Jjjj Greater food value? |jj!
; % Increased palatabffity
J?s la making chocolate M'
cakes use ^
fwith barley and
buckwheat flour. *
The chocolate |
covers the color
and taste of the
dark flour so it i
**"ki?is practically as"" "j
fgf good as when, made
jl with all white flour. c
j| This use of cocoa or
|j chocolate increases the
% food value of the prepared
dish. |
i?? Booklet of Chics Recipes sent fits ?>
p Walter Bafcer & Co. Ltd. SI
BabMaed 1780
Gold and Silv;
- Diamond E
Our January
II JQ ||
| noonatThj
* U
?1 \
|| Sensible, Practical C
! ' The Who!
A Christmas Gift for Women
-Sale of Women's and
Misses' Coats
Smart-looking, comfort|
giving Coats. All the
popular styles in the
favored materials, some
with fur collars and fur
I^EbL\ trimming, otliers withBest
Coat Sale of the
W, LZM season. All prices greatWa
^?' /H^| ly reduced, $15.75 to
W l J Dainty Georgette Crepe
fj'. / Blouses, $5-75 to $8.75.
Middie Blouses, $5-00 to
Furniture?Lasting Gifts
Gate l^eg Tables, .Pedestals,
{ Overstuffed lvockers, Beau
tiful Lamps, Writing Desks, -
Sewing Cabinets; Humidor Sr-- . Ty
Stands, Cedar Chests. Liv- IfTT-^
ing room, Bedroom and Din- n Q n~h"^of Of
| ing rcora Suites, Telephone S HI
Stands, Victroias andKec(4th
and 5 th L'loois) / v ^ w
For Home-Loving Folks
Blankets, Comforts, Table Linen, Bed Spreads,
Pillow Cases, Towels; Napkins, Table Cloths, FanWILL
It So, Your Choice Will be the Choice u
The "Columbia" or tl
We Have 'Em?May W*
Our Line of Jewelry Was Neve
A Few Suggestions Lest \
er Belt Buckles Gold and Silver Pen Knives
lings Smoking Sets
La Valiers Manicure Sets
Kings Silver Vanities
eo Brooches Traveling Sets
ver Mesh Bags Leather Goods
Meerschaum Pipes Silver Vanities
' Columbia Records Have Arrived
_s Season. " ||
Christmas Gifts For
A VeSry Acceptable Gift.Fc|JI
Envelope Chemise, !.;'5sS??ll
Bloomers, $350 to $4.75 jf (f
Petticoats, $3.00 to $8-00 4
Camisoles, $1.00 to $250 |
Hand-made, Hand-embroider- f|
Chemise and Gowns, $2 to $5 ^
Italian Silk Vests, $225 to $6. %, J
In the little^
Useful Gifts Found
Basement Store
Electric Irons, $5.00, $6.00
Aluminum Tea Kettles, $2.00
Aluminum Coffee Percola- / > j
Mayonaise Miners, $2.00.
Pyrex Casseroles, 7 to 9-in.,
Aluminum Roasters, $4.00 to
Corona Roasters, $3.00
Bread Boxes, $1.25 to $3.00
ve the BEST Music ii*
ur Home This ChristmilM
4 the Music Critics oi the
; onuvv iuu.r
Cigarette Cases
C nmti n< C/vfei * ^-"*-7 7^SS^[email protected]
waavjui^ ucto , ivory
Toilet Sets
Silver Holowar?
-Come in and Hear
- ffiSr ~

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