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^^The Old Order Changeth/
f$+ C-CojJTriKUt. 1918, by the MeClure
Newspaper Syndicate.)
5? may be only a poor ty|
plst,** smug littl Aunt CaroBr:'
* H???. 1?/< tclfl her niece Ba
I yon "are a lady?or are entitled to call
I yourself? Oct so long as yon don't do
I any things that are on-worthy of a
I Arfflt Caroline had newer done any of
Ik those things: la fact, she had worked
H at rather trying odds for the last ten
years In the uptown flat where she
kect hooao for her own fonr sons and
Bdangbtans and her niece Babette.
I And they had all remained ladles?}
Hgfae a&8 ber daughter and the niece.
H9pd the three hoys had. so far as the
Hood mothe* knew, remained "perfect
^Kntlemon**? in spite of the three
Klgbts up and the dingy, hare, painted
Hjgallg Of the kitchen where Caroline's
^Hfork sorer seemed to he done, and in
Hrpite of the debts there had been to
^Bay after the husband's long illness.
Hk On the parlor table, there was a copy
Ix a well-known book on so-caled soHsal
usage, and although the chapter
Id candlo parties and the advice the
Hrriter ot tfco hook' gave on "how to
Bet when meeting the English royal
Hamtlf," and how to -write to the ArchH>ishop
of Canterbury had been of little
Heal use To Caroline, she fonnd much
H>f it Immensely helpful to her in her
HTbe fact was that Caroline had. as
Hhe said, seen very much better days
Bn the vears when she and her cousin.
HSabette's mother?for Babette was not
Hraal niwee?-had. for one brief season.
^HBwgled In a society that never found
Hlpjway^to Caroline's poor little widH
Thka came the marriage of Caroline
na jB^Decces motner ana tne aeatn or
Both Babette's parents, the death of
H^arollne's husband, the bringing tip of
^Bhe five children in the wave of genBle-folk,
and then, a year ago. Babet e's
engagement to Caroline's eldest
Bon?who. to be sure, -was only a sort
Br third cousin.
^B1 The courtship was conducted along
Bines that would have been approved
MJt even by the author of that book on
^Boclal decorum on Caroline's parlor taB>le.
The young people, reminded that
Bt -was not well bred to go to the the^Btter
unchaperoned, never went to the
Bfeovies on a Saturday night without
^Caroline la tow, though poor Caroline
Bsometlmes endured all kinds of tor^fcient
fearing that she was a hinder nco
to their good time. And Caroline
Kmpmbered that when Babette's moth
and she had been engaged they had
-permitted, their lovers more than
Esneagerest kisses, and those on the
HfliKagements are sometimes broken,
m-wafcaxl been told, and a "real lady"
Bvould never cease regretting the fart '
Bf she had ever allowed any more pasBsionate
salute from a man who did
^Biot become her husband, o Caroline
Biad told Babette and her son and. 1
hough they had been engaged a year.
^Bhete was but one salute a day and !
Bpat very decorously upon the cheek.
VWhea the first Christmas of their
^Bngagement came about Caroline had
reminded her children that "well-bred
Bsngaged people did not give personal
fcresents.** The young man. besides
%ie engagement ring, should give
nothing hut "flowers, books rnd caaBdy."
Her own. husband had given her
Bts-eppy of Tennyson's poems onv the ]
?MrnhnfW thff wpt-p f
^M&ayson now reposed beneath the :
on good form on the parlor ^
HSe had given her roses on all holi^ lays
and candies every week-end. <
There was no reason. Caroline said,
^Bmhy her son should not do as much
Hfor Bahette.. He could afford it. for '
he was now getting a generous salary.
H Babetto didn't often protest, but she
was a practical bit of a girl, and when
she might have been making a coliec^Btlon
of nseful household things given
her by her hnsbnd-to-be?as other
^Hgirls she knew did?she took small '
^betnre in the little hunch of roses
Kbit faded on her bureau after every
^ holiday nor In the candies that she '
shared with her cousins every week
mm her own slender earnings she
Hhiltht have bought things that wonld
VeitMUy have helped feather the nest
H oo, hat Caroline assured her that
vonld not have been in good form
Hfrhe great authority especially cauHtioned
young women against giving
anything of a personal or intimate na^Hture
to their fiances
Books, desk accessories, accessories
Hof sport?a riding crop, or something
^Kxftha tsort, were the things suggested.
find as Caroline's eldest son. Stephen,
^Hhad no desk save the office one he
oiled at eight honrs a day and knew
no sports save struggling with the
^Krowds on his daily trip to and from
that office. Babetts choice was limit^Kd
to books.
! ?? liked the Stevenson and the KipKing
she had given him. hut how much
^Ktooner they could have been married
KC instead. .cf those books she could
kfcr*. given him something that would
^Ko tor the little flat?chairs and tables,
Br rag, -perhaps !
It was three weeks before Christmas
^ nd Babette ahd Stephen had each se retfr
decided to linger after office
^ lOtra to make the Christmas purKhases.
Unknown to each other the;
Bvtrs both part of the great throng
^ Bkt swarmed one of the department'
I yes not far from their places otj
VRT At me door or the store Babe;
e had recdied a little holly-decked
Hard, and oa it -were -words something
to this:
"The patriotic gffe this year Is the
Hiatal gilt. We reel it oar duty to
fcte our easterners to refrain from
Haying nan-essentials. So, Instead or 1
(splaying a large stock of Christmas
indies and our usual Christmas books
Haft Sowers, we are' recommending
Hits of useful household- articles and
Hddes of appareL** \
What if Caralin^-toald see It that
Hy? mated Babette, and then, yleMlito
the temptation, ?hb took tbe ele
\7 ?" - ' v. ' .-"
A charming indoor frock for the lit- lc
tie girl who "doesn't go to school yet" ?
is this cheery slip-oa dress of comcolored
cbambray. with white pique *c
colar and cults, psarl buttons and ,y
black bow. It is comfortable, easily
laundered, and becoming. Made In
cloth it Is a splendid all-purpose frock p)
for the small person. m
ture and kitchen things. There she m
ran almost precipitately Into tephen. fc
He. too, was holding one of the little c<
holly-decked cards. T
"I have been looking at & set of aJ
dishes,** he Said. "Maybe after we are
married we can get one." He pressed
Babette's hand?perhaps that wasn't as
exactly in good form, but the crowd s<
was -pushing close beside them and no gj
one could have seen "It's pretty hard a
to wait.** he said ?*Babette, if we had
the things, just a few things to start c,
housekeeping on. perhaps we wouldn't ,jj
have to wnit long Perhaps In February?I
heard today I'm to get a good a
r&lee at New Year's." a.
"If. instead of getting each other a
set of Scott or Dickens we could get bi
tht set of dishes and some things to g<
cook with " faltered Babette. in
"I could give mother $10 every -week I
and still hare enough to run our little ?
flat on." "whispered Stephen, "and ?
Roger will be bringing la more after ?|
New Year's.'" I
There was little further explanation. K
It seemed as if they "were compelled }
by a force greater than the will power
of either, greater than the silent In- '
Ruence of Croline or ths binding roree !
of that booh on the parlor table. Tes. !
they did go and they ordered that set
of "dishes?that with the money Stephen
had expected to spend on the ;
leather-bour.d Scott and with Babette's
money saved for the edition de laxe j
of Dickens they went and. after a half i
bour with a patient saleswoman, they
bought everything that any slever
bride ever needed to make a little
flat kitchen complete.
Then they turned their steps homeward
toward Caroline.
"Perhaps we can arrange it in January?would
yon. Babette? I've got
enough saved for the bedroom set. and
with the dishes and the kitchen things
[*ve enough for the other things. Do
yon suppose your mothes " ItThere
was a pause, for trainee made ?
it hard to understand; then in a lull: ~
"There's something in that Tennyson C
m the parlor table that goes like this: I
" The old order changeth. yielding I,
place to new, , I
Vnd God fulfills Himself in many ways.* I
"Perhaps mother will see It that way. I
and I brought this little card home.
Mother Is Terr .patriotic.** j !
And. strangely enough. Caroline
made no pretests, so busy she at once I
In reading That the took on good form ;
tiad to say oh "weddlngo ediqnette." 1
Home baked Pies and Pastries. Boy
>r*s Restaurant. Ad*.
Cottage Cheese, 40c per qt
Sweet Milk .. 15c per qt
Sweet Cream.. 60c per qt
Buttermilk.. 35c per gal
Imperial Creamery
Butter 67c per lb.
- ;->*k
y} MW SOW-TO KEaj>? ;
= A MO To PfcEASE tfeu. ri
DANM^ ?AM Eli?r"
i v. '
, /
i *" * 1 i. -., j_mT i *M '* '
Hwnuntu i n-tivan i n r-" i-iiiib|
I Resolve to Watch the Great G a
"Work Is certainly a wholesome tonic,
[ad I been idle the day after the conert,
I might hare grown rebellious
nough to divorce tny husband at
nee?or else repentant enough to re-1
?ire to be a slave to him. It was a i
>ss-up ae to which mood would preomlnate,
In Idleness. But. by the
[tuple process of taking envelopes
at of files and then patting them ail
ack in again, I regained my poise,
nd was able, when night came, to !
take a very sensible and practical '
lie of condnct for myself:
Never again, no matter how much i
like a man, will I let him make a fool
f me.
But I protested to myself that I did
ot repent. What had happened was
niy a daring dash over the forbidden 1
order of sere attraction. 1 did not feel j
articulariy that my virtue wore a'
:sr. And yet, could I ever tell Bob? j
As a wife who had let herself go in j
flirtation, 1 ought, according to the j
owrittea laws of matrimony, confess
> my husband at my first opportuIty,
and accept his forgiveness liumly
and gratefully, if I had luck enough
i get it; otherwise, to abide patieat
by any decree be might make.
But. as a very independent young |
onan, not at the moment very well j
[eased with the world in general, i t
mde what I called a fair bargain with I
yftelf: j:
If Bob, when he comes back, tells j
ie that Katherine Miller nursed him !
>r two weeks in France, then I will !
>nf^ss to him that Certeis kissed me.!
he Incidents seemed of equal import
ace to me. Bob's secrecy somehow
ccused my own.
I resolved to take my adventures in j
adther way; hereafter. 1 would seek j
>metbiag moderate and safe for a i
Hi to follow, like hunting jewels in j
derelict submarine.
To be snre, the search for the se- :
rets of sex attraction wasn't so very
ifficult. Men's heads are not so very
ard to turn. Probably I could make j
dozen men. each in his different way, |
i devoted as Certeis.
But I sbook my head. A girl could
3 very curious about this subject anu :
?t much enlightenment without be- i
is either a parasite or a vampire. And ,
certainly didn't want to look like j 1
Holly and Pine Wreat
also Moss and Mistletoe. 1
supply of Christmas Tree
mers will be well taken eai
shop opposite postoffice.
Mountain City
H. W. Leam
Will Make an I
Potted Plants
Scotch Heather, Cyclamen. Begonias,
Primroses Poinsettias,
Xmas Peppers, Ferns.
Magnolias and Holly W
Fleming Gi
floral Avenue Open S
TimH 2/
< ^ ]
lpMBIWB|fti 11_^
WfM BffiPE- I
i ^ Copyright, 191*. .
mBI . by the Xc*spa|ncq
C Enterprise Ase'a,:
' ~ """
me frcm the Sidelines Only.
Mrs. Calflinch at the age ot forty!
My own experiment with an "affair"
hadn't turned oat very well; it had
been short and confusing; but, rather
than risk looking like Mrs. Calflinch. j
I would be content, hereafter, to watch J
o?t,i>r wiMnm. married or single. Din*-' !
the great game. That was as fleaV as
I could come to repeating what had
In my room, with my mail. I found
a email bos when I came heme from
wor!;. Once it would have excited
mc. i smiled to recall that every girl, i
from Cinderella to the Queen of j
Hearts, expects a mysterious gift some .
time?a valentine, flowers or a box ot
bonbons?sent by an unknown admirer
who is dying of love for her. (
I lingered over the box before I
opened it, almost hoping that Certeis
was sending it. and perhaps I was ac-!
tualiy disapointed when I tore off the I
wrapping and disclosed the iapis stone
in the silver ring which the Cerruan
spy bad given me. The card with it
read, "You win!"
The circumstance was startling as
well as confusing. I valued the ring i
greatly, ar.d 1 hated to lose it, but why |
should the thief who had snatched it J
from my finger take such pains to i
send it back to me?
S&2E [email protected]* ^
or Tonsilitis. gargl# /SjKjy
with, warm salt fejggjaL
water then apply? /.r- fbjVr)
"t? y* your ;
HEW PRICES 30c, 60c. $1,20 j
' i
' ??- _ r-?^ r*\ -_x I
Mane 1 "IS a riuwcry unns.mdsi
Leave orders for cut flowers and
plants at the
Fleming Greenhouse.
Phone 634-R.
Under New Uwnership.
^ ^ i
hs. Roping by the yard, $r
We will have our usual n .?
M !{
is and our regular custo* t) i
e of. On sale at floral u jj
|f :j
1 k l'
S Battel
tan, Prop- j ?
ffisSS^ |
deal Christmas
mt |
Cut Flowers j
Roses. Sweet Peas, Carnations
Potnsettias, Stevia, Violets, Lilies.
reaths for Cemeteries
undays Phone 654-R j
- ' -L ' - VTsil
t?b t>V t?y'~
At Fai:
The most timely and iseful
Gift Here one can find
a large selection of only
good Coats. . Specially
$15.00 to SS5-00
A Beautiful Fur Coat! H?
For all around good senice,
can you think of any
thing better than a Skirt.
Hundreds to select from
at? $5.95 to $19-75
Give Her
For Street Wear, for
of c;in no tr? S5>5 no
A Few More Su
Kid Gloves
Silk Gloves
Silk Hosiery
Lisle Hosiery
vSend Home
I ^ thorough
flil UPVI ~l!
% "fcv, J Yoo MUSTN'T <
^ *
al Gift Sugg
'v M". * * ' ^^ '*"
rmont's Practical
What a delight for a worn- P
an to receive! A Scarf? s
a Muff or a beautiful L
Matched Set. Priced
$15 to $200
he Gift DeLux
adson Seal, Muskrat and Kacoi
. ~ ;a?- ..... -Blouses
i-relty Waists mal i the J
most acceptable gifts s
Of Cotton Silk and Georgette?
^ a
$1.50 to $12-50
a Dress for Ci
"moon and evening wear, y
[ggestions ?
.. $2.00 to $3.50 *
.. $1.00 to $2.00 New S
.. $1.00 to $3.00 just in?
50c to $1.00 Good Vel
fn 51 Sft
.... .vv vv ?
y'* "T5' 'j
" .'-i^
j a Brunswick
r and happiness go with it. F
amusement for both the young
be enjoyed and to be remember
upreme. s
[Brunswick Phonograph; are pr
-elcome to take advantage of on
le new double disc records, hunc
An elegant stock of plaj
music rolls.
Our experience is your s
W( C. A. HC
F. S. BAp
Merry |
?11 Ufli KI411 WsA*n> co?es pceki
Hll; SM?W;
estions |H
L good Suit that
ervice from now on thtrtfctl
he Spring season. AUrite:!
1-4 to 1-3 Less? > ^
$17.50 to $67.60 . ;J|
on-^15.00 to $875.00 4 jH
Petticdats :.Jfi
fewer Styles than
hown of pretty (Aa^gBg l
,ble silk and Jersey-*.
$3.50 to. $7i50 ' J
' S|
hristmas I
' T"r'&
ou'll find a large selectldft Mg
Millinery ~|jB
Straw and Satin j
[vet Hats, $1.95
nnr /ri^fo nWl^Tl/lo 0WA9
t ?V g IX lAj r *V?V
e s t t
rt'll m^ooOMBSsV^^
[?J vjouL?va?crai TWwBSsil
|F He kMEVtWiW^
V^A* >wr

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