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Fpqy YOBK, Dec. 2L?Stocks reBtded
their fifih successivesetback
Ke week yesterday, declines being
Braed after an irregular opening In
B s few leaders showed tempoBlimigih;
probably on abort covBrelgB
The additional liquidation and
^bearish aggression were attributed to
rajbfaeasisg signs ot dissatisfaction
Egpe^pu tldulaidy as affecting the
Btweiy. Jim Am mil mhismI in/ln.t^n. TMt
? 11 as II II WW* ^-rn-TT'"* " * '"TV * **^T| AJM0
was' exemplified by Mr. McAdoo's
I attitude toward the transportations
Ipaad reports of fresh cancellations ot
r;- .war Contracts and cots in commodity
|!fpTet another reaaon was provided
01&T- the implied request ot the TreasF
'nry department for an indefinite con
tfaraance of restricted' money condi [
Hons, although call funds were in
freer supply at as low as 3% per cent.
1/ Pittsburgh
^KBusiness 'transacted on the local ex badge
was light The moat active
sane was Pittsburgh Oil sad Gas,
rhlch was a fraction higher at 7%.
wlahoma Gas closed $1 higher at 30%.
get the ether members of this group
toned dan and unchanged. Weating base
stocks were unchanged st 95 for
sr Brake and 43 for Electric La Belle
rah common sold at 193, a decline of
per cent from "the last previous marBpt
American Window Glass Machine
amnion closed % higher at 87, and
ie preferred % higher at 83%. United
oal preferred sold at 6%, a loss of
%. from the last previous sale. The
^Hemainder of the list was without fea tre.
Dealings in bonds we: t confined
> Liberty Leans, of which nearly $10,Ib\t
TT if-* r A
9:30 a. m. Sunday school, Mike
Bnoderly, superintendent; 7:30 p. m.,
Bewotional ' service, theme, "ChristBas
191S; 7:30 p. m., Thursday, Bible
Bndy, Mr. John Stroupe, leader. Come
B>: these meetings; you are welcome.
B~ E. Davis, acting elder.
B" Baird Mitchell, Rector.
B9:30 a. m., church school; 10:45 a.
L prayer and: sermon by the pastor.
Wednesday at 4:00 p. m., children's
Bhristmas exercises. Christinas day,
Bo:00 a. m.. Holy Communion and adBress
by rector.
^Kloivjlackson and Jefferson Streets.
-Sioetzer, O. ., Minister.
Ktne services tomorrow ought to bs
Btnterest to every one and all are
B^. to make a special effort to be
B?nV - The Bible school will meet
HSO a. m., casses for all ages; Mr.!
B-ifvwer-BarneSTsnpeHntendent. The
^Business Men's Bible class will be
Bugbt by Mr. J. W. Preston, the speBal
subject for consideration is "The
Birgfcn Birth." Morning service, 10:45.
Bt this service there will be special
Basic by the dhoir, and a sermon by
Be, pastor of the church on this sub^^ct:
"Tfie Reality and Power of Jesus
Bonsi in me i,iie ot me vvoria toKy."
Junior Christian Endeavor SoHety,
2:30. Senior society, 6:30, leadHr;
Miss Monta Faust. Christmas
Hieeting. At the evening service, 7:30,
Kabeze vrlll be a cantata by the choir
|Uititled "The Story of Bethlehem."
brief address by the pastor of
church. If a people ever had a
?o"n to show loyalty to the Prince
^p??eace surely they have a reason to
B> so his year.
W. J. Eddy. Pastor.
iThii Sunday ought to be signifiHint
enough for the people to come
Kit-hi large numbers. A mosf excelHent
Christmas program has been preH&red
which will be rendered at 10:50
l the place of the morning preaching
Herrice. The choir will have approHriate
nmsic: .9:30, Sunday school;
I Join Onr Christi
B Hundreds of checks ha'
hank to the members of t
han^ed^ receiving these
1. Costs nothing to becc
By regular payments?no fee
|s We can arrange the pa
Iptearing to take a memb
Bfejweek to several dolku
Kclub form
(pGeteveryone in tie family to i
BP^ Everybody -welcome.
Come in and let as ten yoa abo
? t *
' ' j i
000 duuiged bauds la 'szstlQots.
' Slummarr . ,
Sales High Low .
70 A- W. G. M- . 87 87
30 Do. preferred 83% 83
30 La Belle Iron 103 103
10 Mfr*. L. 4b H?.. 49% 49? j
2000 UL Shasta .. .25 .35 ,
150 Ohio Fuel Supply. 44 43% .
300 Oklahoma Gas.... 30% 30
05 Pltis. Brew. pOL. 6% 6% j
1000 P. J. Copper 11 11
Pitta. Oi: & Gas 7% 7% ,
70 U. S. Steel 95% 95%
20 United Coal pfd 60% 66%
91 West. Airbrake... 95 95
10 West. Electric.... 43 43
$ 200 Liberty 1st 4s 92 70 92 70 :
110O Liberty 2d 4s 92 "70 92 70 :
150 Liberty 2d 4%s... 94 20 94 12
2S00 Liberty 2d 4%s... 95 20 93 18 :
2500 Liberty 4th 4%s... 94 8 2 94 2S .!
?"1 t.. ' > 2$
Grain and Produce j
CHICAGO,. December 21.?Notable ;
strength In the com market resulted ;
yesterday, largely from widespread
rabts which threatened further serf
oos hindrance to the crop mevement.
Prices, althcap unsettled at the finish,
were 1% to 5% net higher, with Jan- ;
nary 139% to 139% and May 136% to
136%. Oa's closed % to %c up and
provisions at an advance of 40 to 60c.
Articles Open Close <
Com? '
January ........ 1 37% 1 39%
May 1 35% 1 36% 1
Oats? |
January 71% 71% ;
May ............ 71% 71%
47 40
May ..43 40
will not all who come for the morning service
como at 7:30? 10:30, Junior |
sermon subject. "Christmas Gifts." .
9:30. Sunday school, Virginia avenue. '
2:00, Junior B. Y. P. U., Martha Clel- !
land, leader. 6:30, Intermediate B.
Y. P. Nellie Mclntire, leader. 6:30.
Senior B. Y. P. U.? Mrs. L. R. Talkington.
leader. 7:30, evening service, subject,
"The World Christ" Come and
show your appreciation of this season.
"ADD CHURCHES ..x ..x ..x ..x..x 1
tmnnninu i un unniDUMn
B. E. Hanes, Pastor.
Hon. Oliver W- Stewart, famous Prohibition
lecturer, will be with us and
speaker at 11 a. m. Don't fail to hear
him. Bible school at 10 o'clock, Oscar
K Hays, superintendent. Christian
Endeavor society at 6:30 p. m. "How
Begun A. D. 1919," a sermon by the pas- r
tor; at 7:30. Folks call this the
"Homelike church." A corcial -welcome
awaits you. . - J
B. E. Hanes, Pastor.
Bible school at 10 a m., A. J. McDaniel,
superintendent. Communion
and social service, conducted by the
officers of the church at 11 a. m.
Preaching every first and third Sunday.
You will be cordially welcomed
to all the services of this church.
J. C. Broomfield, D. D., Pastor.
BJembers and friends of the congregation
are cordially invited to the .fol
iowing services: Sunday school, 9:30.
W. W. Conaway, superintendent.
Christmas exercises will be held in
the auditorium beginning at 10:00,
when a program will be given by the
Sunday school at which time the
school and congregation will present
their Christmas Offerings for the suffering
Armenians. Following is the
program: Song, Joy to the World,
andience; prayer, by Dr. Broomfield:
song. Mighty God and Prince of Peace,
by Sunday school; responsive reading;
song, "O Little Town of BethletoaaaoBooQQaooaooooooooBooa
nas Savings Club ?
re been mailed out by this J;
he club this year. To the j!
checks Christmas will be j!
me a member only your j |
s, no fines, nothing to lose, j |
yments to suit the person fi
ership?from a few cents K
rs. J!
loin. Show this to roar friends sad ( I
nt dlfponnt tiTana ontpr TOn O
mud fat* school?Solo, TDear Little
Stunftf." Pauline Uasrers: choros.
Christmas Bells. Sunday school, reelection,
Bobby McKay;; chorus. Upon
lie House Top, school; recitation,
Svelyn Beigss; solo, Bethlehem Babe,
Helen Amos; chorus. Peaceful Night,
Advance students; sons. Silent Night,
audience. The choir, under the direction
of Prof. Louis Black, will render
the Christmas music at-the evening
service. Christian Endeavor. 6:30,
led by Miss CrandalL Evening services,
7:30. Christmas music, by the
Diamond and Market Sts.
J. Elbert Wells, Pastor.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m, Guy
McDougal, superintendent. Let all be
present and on time. Final arrangements
lor the "White Gilts lor the
King" Christmas will be made. This
is an opportunity lor service and all
will desire to report lor duty. Public
worship and Christinas sermon on
"The Gilt ol Gilts* at 10:45. Parents
are urged to come with their children,
to the Sunday school and the whole
tamily stay for the worship and
preaching service. Let all recognize
and worship Him who gave as Christmas.
At 6:30 the "White Gilts for the
Kiag" Christmas service will be held.
This service Is for everybody, old and
young. All can take part in bringing
White Gifts lor the King and the King
will hoonr not one gilt above another
so long as all be white. Immediately
following the White Gifts service
the choir will render a program of
Christmas music. All will wish to enjoy
this service. Prayer services in
charge of the Men's Bible class Wednesday
evening at 7:30. Let all the
[hen come and bring their wives and
children. It will he the best way possible
to dose the Christmas day. The
latch string of this church is out to
C. C. Lawson, Pastor.
You are invited to the following services
tomorrow: Sunday school. 9:30
a. m., J. A- Swiger, superintendent.
Sermon. 10:45, theme. "Getting Back
to God." The Word says, "Remember
the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
Will vnii aKov nr Tint*> RronitiF kpt.
rices: Young lolfis' Endeavor 6:30.
Let all yonng men and -women come
out as we desire to organize the boys'
and girls. Endeavor meets .at 7:00.
Sermon, 7:30; this will be. a Birthday
service. You will find a welcome at
this church.
H. B. Westcott, Minister.
Evangelist H. B. Westcott will
preach Sunday night at 7:30 on The
Life of Christ, illustrated by the stereoptican.
Fifty slides will be thrown
upon the screen from paintings of the
world's greatest artists. There will be
special music for this service. On account
of the holiday season the 2:30
services will be discontinues for the
present. There is no charge of admission
to these lectures. Come early
and join in the congregational song
service led by Miss Nelle Mead. When
you hear your friends talking of this
lecture you will be sorry you were not
present Avoid the disappointment by
Fairmont Ave. and Fourth St- "
Claude E. Goodwin, Pastor.
Services tomorrow as follows: The
services of the day -will begin with
Sunday school at 9:30. This is the
Sunday before Christmas and alt
teachers and members of the several
classes are urged to be present. The
visitor will find the class to suit him.
nctu mc auuvuu\.cuicub " *ui i
ance to the Christmas program. Pub-J
lie worship and sermon at 10:45. The !
subject or the sermon will be, *?The j
< ting, oi
M chase p:
. Diamon
eor.g 1: :
7:30. Attar a brief message by the o
pastor tiie choir win reader the toDow- I
ing program: Anthem, "Where Is the E
King." Briggs; duet, "The *tp?' I
Light," Cooxnbe, Miss Toothmaa and b
Mr. Bazriagton; oathem. "Christmas," s
Shelby, Miss Shaw and choir; congre- *
gational singing; solo, "The Angel's
Song," Dressier, Mr. Bazriagton, tenor,
Mr. Claude E. Vincent, violin; an- tl
them, "Glory to God in the Highest." s
Peace. s
Third St. and Gaston Are. 8
.Roy J. Meyer, Pastor.
Fourth Sunday in Advent. 9:30 a e
nn, Sunday school Christmas practice, o
Every member is present. 9:30 a.
Sunday school, Mr. W. F. Shafferman,
superintendent. 10:40 a. m.. Junior
sermon. 10:45 a m_. worship and ser-j
moo, subject, "Excuses." 6:30 p. m., c
Christian Endeavor society, Mr. J if<
Shaiferman, leader. 7:30 p. m., wor-;-]
-VI- ? J ?MTKn OV-.V. I
Siuy auu ocajjauu, owwjvvi^ *uc vutoi- ; 51
mas Story." A welcome awaits you tl
here. Come and bring a friend. a
Clarence O. Mitchell, D. D, Minister. 2
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Christ- u
mas treat and study period. Morning b
worship and Christinas sermon at o
10:45 o'clock. Social music in keep- v
ing with the Christmas Joy. Christian c
Endeavor at 6:45 p. m* a good Christ- S
mas program. All invited. In the ri
evening a patriotic service will be held c
when the Hon. Oliver W. Stewart, of is
Chicago, will lecture on prohibition _
and the war. Special music. Thejpublic
is most cordially invited to all t
the services of the day. 2
Corner Second St. and Fairmont Ave:; *
Robert J. Yoak. Pastor. i *
Promptly at 9:30 o'clock our Sun- *;
1 Think of tl
fk You Expec
J1 When Y
k the M<
III New wants too are sprtai
Jy are all like that, but w= are:
' 11 t we make a definite effort to
/M\ Those among us who st<
III I STocf Thor nrtt atiTv cot wh:
I -J J Snanclal standing also. whicl
V p they leave the rest of us b<
Ar Thinlf seriously on this
see if you don't decide to cor
right away and start deposit!
' i j Jairmont.
? 1 ft |L
? * xwl / Jr\
A\ 1\ | llHf
Make Royal
iristmas Gif1
Diamonds are noted for colox
illiancy and value.
r stone as represented or fuD
rice refunded.
e Diamond Rings $12 to $
d Ear Rings $2!
d Lavaliers $7 to $
to $
ruiss sorneIrfwc
At 10:45 Sew., a N. CoCmari
f Falnfcw,/wffl speak on Iffmtni-'
ry Opportunities."* Evening services;
Worth League at 6:J5T "Ward M.
towns, president. Preathing at 7:30
y Ker. W. L Canter, or Clarksburg;
object. "Tithing." The public 4s laited
to attend all these services.
Services will be held at the Salvalon
army barracks, 413 Jackson
treet. as follows on Sunday: Sunday
chooL 2:30 p. so.; open air meeting,
damn and Jefferson streets. 7:30 p.
l; evening service at the barracks,
o'clock. The nbllc is cordially in-'
ited to attend all of these services,
specially those who do not attend
ther bouses ot worship. *
Rev. C. F. Eddy, Pastor.
Sunday school at 9:30 a_ m. This ]
'hristmas season esecially should call i
>rth. large numbers for the study of
lie glad Christmas story. A joyous j
* - ?- ?? !
ess ion 23 UtL 5 LUXC lu i iuu wfc |
le Sunday school. aioraing worship
t 10:45 o'clock; theme, ~A Christlas
Message." B. Y. P. XT. meeting
t 6:30; a Christmas meeting, Lk.
:S-14; a short, interesting program
nder leadership of Mr. O. J. Poe will
e given. Evening worship at 7:30
'clock. A White Gifts Christmas ser- j
ice will be participated in by the j
lasses of the Sunday school and conregation.
This Christmas service has i
oved a blessing to hundreds of |
hurcbes. The welcome to the public j
) as always a cordialy one. r
wanting tile mantles or tile bath- <'
rooms set, or repaired, or any X
coal grates set, call phone 510-J.
r ( j| r ( )
ie Things |
t to Have A,
ou Get [ j
ging up all the time. We r
aot ait nxe this?in 'that
acquire what we desire.
ore up money are twice Ian
it was sought after, but IJ I
fc? makes it easier for i yl I
?hind where we cannot ^ '
question a minute and I a ]
ne and open an account * I
jig regularly. ^ " I
^^,U&rk4 f \
s||j| *1' V i
? ^ I
pur- 'JT"
60q W
i np fiM .
600 W
SH ^
% J^L"
? * ii\'
/--*! 5 ?? J
^g - - JMft
' %> 2v
We?' v - ?'*- *"
JLUST?Friday night, lady's gold wrist
watch, between B. fe O. station sad
girls' dormitory. ?2gln make, Swiss
movement; picture on crystal. Finder
call 1266-J and receive reward.
ROS'i'?Hunch oi keys at noon, either
at Martin's book store or the F. O.
Finder retsm them to this office.
LOST?brown leather pocaeiaoos between
221 Clayton -St. and Maple
Ave, between 6 and 7 o'clock Wednes day
evening, contain ins between 245
and 250 In one and 25 bills. .Reward
SI returned to mis omce. .u-.ta-.Lt-*so?
LOb'i'.?.fcHincb. o? keys. Reward it returned
to West Virginian oHice, box
4S62. 12-18-2t?4863
dOST.? l'xfo tea dollar b lilts wnlushopplng
Wednesday; missed money
about l o'clock; return to J. L. Hall
Hardware Co- and receive reward.
.URN?Ago IV to 5b; experience ua
necessary; travel; make secret investlgalons;
reports; salaries; expenses.
American Foreign Detective
Agency. 77a St. Louis- 12-31-lt?4872
WaKiikt ? Keliaoie colored man.
$12 per week and board. 12-20-6t-4S7S
iir.i\ji?jiiiietj t,uru.sii<ni rooms.
604 Fairmont Ave. 1214-tt-6S44
FOR KXiCMX?Furnished room. Apply
613 r ittsbu._h Ave.
12-17-3t 4853
FOR ituusx ? Tnree-room lurmsaea
ilat with bath. Apply A. L. Jepson,
Manley Hotel, or A J. Hayes.
FOK KE^sT ? Two rooms tor light
housekeeping. Call 790-K.
FOR KENT?Three-room cottage. 202
Diamond St. 12-lS-2t-4864
r urt ?storage room basement;
V ost Flat. Geo. H. Brobst, Fairmont
iHote' Bldg. 12-18-5t?4860
FOR K~~Vi.'?Two turnished rooms
lor light housekeeping. Call phone
807-W. 12-18-3t?4871
t uil Rfc-rVi.'?ruruisneu iigut housekeeping
rooms. 523 Walnut Ave.
for kfcljnt?one room, ooard. it desired.
406 Diamond St. 12-2Q-2t-4876
for rfunx ? Furnished rooms tor
light housekeeping or sleeping
rooms. Apply 1019 Center St., or
phone 771-M. 12-20-18-4875
W AIM E+JlJ "IV ftDrt X ?CUkU WJUi
good location, close in; permanent
tenant. Reply Box 412 or pbone
1087-R. 12-18-3t-4863
WATs'rKD?Plain sewing or office
work. Apply 10 Spence street.
LADlfcS '
When irregular or delayed use Triumph
Pills. Sale and always dependable.
Not sold at drug store. Refuse
others, save dlssapoinunent. Write
for "Relief and particulars; it's free
Address: National Medical institute
Milwaukee, Wis.
Iron. V.'oo Jworths ed Contrmctoo" KwliMry
Now end ceco^d bcrdliacktno tools, etc. Gzr^sc
Mochln?r7. Gu sad GmaoUsa ctig'nx. , Pompi.
electric Motors. Exrlnm. BoUrns,Plscm, Bandsaws.
etc. Soer-raiU octfits. Belting Pulleys,
Shafting. Contractor's etiulptacnt. Concrete
mixers. S2ZO up. Ererrthing la aSBgMtl and
ooppllea. Special Mem.
BAJRD MACHtNERT CO- Pittsburgh. 9*.
Notice Is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the stockholders of
The People's National Beak of Fairmont,
a banking corporation, organized
and doing business under the
laws of the United States, will be held
at the banking house of said corporation,
1 nthe city of Fairmont, Marion
county, West Virginia, on Tuesday,
the 14th of January, 1919. at 2 o'clock
p. m., for the purpose of electing a
board of directors to act for sa|d bank
during the ensuing year, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may be properly considered at a
stockholders' meeting.
civpn under mv hand as president
of said bank on this tho 13th day of
December, A. D 1918.
President of The Peoples National
Bank of Fairmont.
Dec. 13 20 27 Jan. 3 10
Ji^P'As Another!
As another Christ
| to you our cordial gree
| Christmas and thank}
I ronage during the pa:
New Accounts are ii
wANxraj?durante woaaawfrSnCrfCajSgj
or older children. ImMH|
Phono 27J. , fra^flSj^rSWlM
WANT*?1>?Girl to do SKMKU housework.
Jn?iUr? ? W^gM
tv'A.vim-rwo sjtU tor:TMkjfl
orinj Co.; moat uadu iiidi^ii|BHiM
Apply between S a. m. and'JhjjL r
Fairmont avenue. lM34t^H9
WAh'i'KU ? Urn lor n?ataapiJ
work. Apply 607 VUmost Ave.
lTHttfllH M
WA.NTlO> ? student narueafcapcakiiJ
pi tel. Apply Supu, CmonabMyOklial
eral hospital. Canonsborc, Pa. ? -H
WAM'hu ? um zor ?*nenrjMMM
work. Inquire Mrs. J. C. QutiU,!
43L Jefferson St. lUMBttBi
fUjfc i&AJug V:riai
nr .^"aTT?1?
farm in Putnam county..OnS9
black land. In sugar beet and;
ueu or unife.?wm exchange roa^gootfgg
residence property in Falromat. See
FOK. SALK?Modem six TewL^MwlM
^on fourth street. South dte. Bsb^
MilHnery Business, sad
six acres good rolling UHMn
land. In Beaver i mi lit ]'_ Tn 1 iiiftsif^
from big steel town of Mtrtir
miles' from Beaver, 28 aBesrtma
on land. 30 acres cleared..taZaacSjSSf
timber, but no boose. Sale of tUHB
would build ordinary (arm .bctesajS
Place would make good bome sMtllSB
market for (arm products. Owner naM .
two places and would sell0fek^ea?[j|
easy terms, or exchange for good reag^gj
al property, or would take. a large, fl
truck in A-l condition in a tradecfotsB
farm. Addresa Box 282
PUB. SABia?ford roadater. mqoiqiH
660 Cleveland Ave. lf-I28MflpQ
POK. SALE?Handsome rooodjieeej
and bassinet. Apply 107 Main St,!
Professional Cards !
?n? eik jrEwiui|( a
masses d all jti&ds cacracttr'
sueo. SKOsatcam guarmattiMd?
Hall HlocJc cryer I4*rtja*? Unit
^ ',v" i
i ,nim
Window Qiass udWMilMdli
Repairing ana wiliiifT<Mn|i^il^|
to mobile radiators a specialty. B
Old Radiators -Bcngb^'Mi^S
Practical Tlnnar and Sheet
idrtel Worker. 328. Meotee St
i "-S5SSS3raM
| We can beat any house. Any I
! kind of beater. * - \ X-*??.s
| R ^jm
| 211% Jftflhioii
t 1 _ _
Real Estate Agent
If yon want to boy or sen yonr |
Some or bnalness. Iiwal IrfcT'iuOSSB
with Cbas. W. Srana;, Xwmace
4?ent. - '
200 WaUon Building, Wrmc:.;
#v8? ;*nl
=======ar-? =a=s?w 5?
mas comes. we^xo^jSw
ting, wish you a Merry l
on for your HbearsJpa^g
>t yearA
ivited. W ^|jfl

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