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Received His Large Check
mThis Morning From U.
I Li. S.Fad Administration.
I "I^yal and Efficient SerVice"
of Fairmont Man
^^/' Greatly Appreciated.
1 . Federal Fuel Administrator J. Wal-J
H ter Barnes today is In receipt of a
check from the U. S. government for
B'Jrltfs year*a services as administrator
K', for .West Virginia, and a letter com
' mending bis good -work as adminlstra
tor. The check contained in the let
ter "which follows was for the munifi
. cent sum of $1. which is the sole com
pensation Mr Barnes will receive for
^Liiaonths of hard and patriotic labor
Bfrfixr the government.
R The letter follows:
Bra? "i. Walter Barnes, Federal Fuel Ad '?' minlstrator
for West Virginia, FairB
,-!".- it gives me pleasure to hand yon
. check of the United States Govern
; ment for ons dollar, in recognition of
B,yonr service with the- United States
: Fuel Administration as a volunteer for
more than one year.
H Von will accept it. I know, as a mer?
-'/token of the appreciation of the gov
. . .. eminent. and prize it the more beB.v
cause conscious that it represents
1 something very much greater than
Sj; With my sircerest regards, and p^r
sonal thanks for your loyal and cffiB
} cicnt service, believe me,
Sincerely yours.
V.v" fCfonO-? IT A r AOPTlhT Tt
ir U* rv. UAIV4JBaited
Stiter. Fuel Administrator."*
HjJr - Oppositions Taken.
Depositions were taken in an lraP'portant
transaction on Saturday at the
KOffice of Attorney M. W. Ogden in the
H^ojihe Savings Bank building, this
Krcfyr'which involves a specific perBWhtseg>ec.^tc-a_cm
lahr-'xoal tract in
^^fyiSaKSsiT"<?.nse being- that of Harvey
H?^p*3*er of Morgan town vs. John W.
rPcHng.. city, trustee of the So-ith
^Pittsburgh Coal company. Marcellus
'JoIHffeand Seymour Mclntire.
I rit appears that the defendants in the
H?;. cause purchased a tract of forty acres
Hrl.-of, Pittsburgh coal from Fisher at
. lAlmina. Monongalia county In May.
H&'1914>. In the lease Fisher specified
H that the side track to be used for load
tog coal should be built from the forty
H;; -acre tract "upon the premises de
ascribed in the lease." The coal com-paay
claims that it has put the side
P f trade on the railway right of way.
Which is specified in the lease. Fishclaims
that such is not the case
KKaad wants the railroad to extend on
H^gkhiB land. To build the railroad at the
H - -joint Fisher wants it. the defendant
I " ; company claims that it would neces^H
sitate going np a steep grade and it
onld cost the company probably $10,
<Jfd or $15,000 additional.
HI v The tract is part of what is known
H i<ttats the-Empire tract and is an excel
^ lent grade of coal, it Is understood.
. ' For five days depositions have been
taken and those taken before Attorney
' Ernest R- Bell, notary public. SaturH;
'.day morning, will not close the case
H.;:..ca other depositions will be taken later
I fa the week, probably at Morgantown.
I One of the important witnesses wbosft
deposition was to have been taken
H .Saturday is John W. Poling, the trusH
tee of the company, who is now conH
fined to the South Penn hospital,
The attorneys in the case are
Frank" Cox and Onrrn C finbor nf
E, representing the plaintiff
Ik & Glasscock and M. W.
esenting the defense,
lia Operator Here,
s shy and the demand Is
lontas coal just now. says
rn. superintendent of the
1 Ash Coal company. Rave,
anty. Va.. a former Fairi
arrived in the city yes?end
the Christmas holiis
parents, Mr. and Mrs.
rn. of 412 Gaston avenne.
s ago there were 5.000 nnoal
cars loaded between
d Cincinnati. The condiy
slightly improved since
>ng the Norfolk and Westhe
mines in the Pocahonording
to Mr. Colborn had
heir operations to three
a The lull will probably
duration as the operators
1 look forward .with keen
the prospects of foreign
being the ray of hope in
the surpjns stock of coal
ety valve for future coal
The operators along the
y region and other fields
lia and southern West Vire
will materialize In six
' that time it is expected
lpping congestion caused
ting soldiers from* France
food shins will be eased t
K_ Willi the Pocahontas coal known
for Its merits as a bunker; steam and
Hnpritestlc.coal on the market It Is beHBBeved^that
it win be in demand In forB
eljpi raartx. The general impression
m^^^BocaJhontas Held la^that there
May Be Shipped by Rail to
Inland Towns of New
Modifications were made in this zone
of the United States fuel administration
today so that operators in the
Fairmont field can ship coal to the
New England cities by ran, according
to R.0 B- Isner, district representative
of the trailed States fuel amtnistratlon.
Up until today the Fainnonters were
not permittted to ship their coal by
east of New York city and certain
points in New Jersey nd Delaware.
What coal tl ej shippped to New England
was obliged to be sent by boats
from tidewater and.as a result no inland
citi*3 could be reached.
With the modification of the zoning
cn as announced today this will enable
Fairmont operators to compete in the
inland townn? of Nrw England with
Pennsylvania coal
Mr? Isaer stated today that he had
received instructions from Federal
Fuel Administrator Garfield that no
price regulation would be effective fo:
an indefinite period and surely not before
February 1. Rumors had it that
the change wculd be effective January
It has been learned here that Carl
R.. Gray. Ealtimore. former president
of the Western Maryland railroad coinKpny,
has resigned as director of tr\ sportation
because of ill health The
resignation will be effective on January
msJulsi AT
* - -'l -irkjr
Streams of People With
Bundles Can Be Seen
There Today.
Standing in line anywhere from a
half an hour to an hour was the experience
of belated Christmas box senders
at the postoffice today and many
were forced to go away again and
again to return later only to find that
conditions bod improved "but little and
H-TcK tUnf l.__i .1 J_ _?
w mou buai. iucj uau Acpi uieir pxa.ce
la the "bread . line" which was constantly
forming and reforming before
the two stamp windows.
Many persons, had Just this experience
on Saturday and returned home
disgusted to wait until bright and
early this morning and then to try
again. Brightx and early however,
fonnd many others there and these
persons were obliged to take up another
wait. It was practically impossible
to secure stamps at either window
as the boxes came thick and fast.
Streams of persons carrying anywhere
from a fifty pound box to a
basket fall of tiny packages were constantly
wending their way to the postoffice
and it looked as though the
stream would not ebb* before night
Possibly never before in the history
of the local office has the congestion
been greater and the clerical force is
about to be swamped by the belated
Christmas gift sender.
Tons of Christmas stuff is being received
at the local postoffice and is
being handled -as rapidly as possible
and the great amount of package
stuff as well as first class mail is also
being dispatched as readily as fossible.
Mercury Up to 70 at Times
Just like Spring?Warmest
in 29 Years.
Milder weather is being experienced
tkia TV?/*om hor in tWo than
probably any similar month during
the history of the local government
weather bureau. Most of the weather
for the month was mild and reminded
one of spring at times.
P. P. Hall, local weather observer,
todoy stated that the lowest temperature
during the month was 24, while
the mercury had.soared to 70.
The Pittsburgh weather bureau has
reported that-this December was the
mildest In twenty nine years?since
In the meantime everybody is hoiking
for a "white Christmas."
Von Eckhardt May
4 Not Be Becalled
i?* ?
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23.?Ambassador
Fletcher at Mexico City advised
the State department today that ?3
Pueblo, a government organ, had denied
that -von Eclchardt. the German
minister to Mexico, had been-recalled.
Other Mexican newspapers, however,
say that von Eckhardt's mission there
had terminated though he has not decided
as to leaving the country.
] National Bank
Remembers Loyal
Employe's Work
The National Bank of Fairmont
today handed each of its employes
a handsome check as a Christmas
gift. These checks were for seven
and one-half per cent of the salary
of each employe for the year 1318
These sifts -were given the employes
in recognition of much extra
labor which was entailed during
the year in connection with Liberty
Loans, War Savings Stamp
drives, etc. The employes greatly
appreciate the generosity of tne
bank in this particular.
n T Tk . _ * __ i n _ T tv _ _
jba. Jttecmona jp ouna in uszed
Condition?Says He
Was Robbed.
Mayor Barren was - greeted with
: quite a group of offenders when he
appeared in police court this morning
and justice was quickly seeted out to
the bunch.
The firs: cfTenders tried were Jeseph
Conaway. Ruth Van Pelt and Mary
Miller. Jill accussed of loitering on the
' streets at two o'clock Sunday morning
The trio were arrested as they stood
in the doorway of Deitz's store on
Madison street. The mayor held each !
on a ten dollar forfeit until he could ]
talk with the officer who made the
arrest this evening.
W. J. Hamilton put up five dollars i
for his anpearance this morning on a
charge of being drunk failing to anpoar
this morning forfeited the
Ms. Hattle McKee appeared before
the major today to answ-er to a charge
of entertaining a man by the name of !
Wilson behind closed doors at her ]
rooms in the Snider boarding house |
on Madison street Saturday night, j
On complaint of Miss Snider who
runs the house. Chief of Police Hanwent
to the place and found the above
conditions to exist. He told the woman
to leave town or to appear this
AftPr inquiring into the case
thoroughly and administering severe
reprimand and insisting . .that tirewoman
reform or leave the city at
once the Mayor releaser her. She
claims that she has a husband who
is In the naval service In France and
her little eight year old daughter appeared
in police court with her this
The local .poi're fo-ca were kept
husy aturday and Sunday in picking
up offenders several of whom were j
taken to their home being ill and in ,
no condition to jail. Ed. Redmond {
was picked up by the police cn Jack- j
son street in a dazed condition and j
ctntod he had been robbed of a sum
of money. [
Sunday evening a white man named
Lewis was picked up unconscious with
''is face bleeding. He was removed to
his home near Jackson street. Whether
the man obtained his injuries by a
j fall or had been hit in some manner
| could not be learned as he was in no
j condition to tmpat this knowledge.
A. P. Case Now in
Supreme Court
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. Dec. 23.?The Supreme
court of the United States rendered
today its decision in the injunction
proceedings brought by the Associated
Press to stop pirating of
news by the International News Service.
Associate Justice Pitney delivering
the opinion, began with a review of the
As between the public and news
' gathering organizations Justlse Pitney
expressed doubt whether there
could be any propriety In uncopyI
ighted news.
As between rival gathering organizations
he said there was a Quasi
property interest.
Want Permanent
Rank for U. S. Officers
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. D.. C., Dec. 23.?
Bestowal of permanent rank of Gen
' ?? nf
j oral joon j fersums. tmci vi
American forces in France, Peyton C.
March, chief cf staff, and Casper H.
Bliss, military representative at the
supreme war council, and a permanent
rank of lieutenant General, Hunter Liggett
and Robert L. Bullary, commanding
first and second army, was asked
by Secretary Baker In a leter to Chairman
Bent of the house military comTrying
to Get Better
Passenger Service
Following the discussion that Fairmont
should have better passenger
train facilites. C. W. Evans, secretary
of the Fairmont ""Chamber of Commerce.
is arranging a conference between
officials of the B. and O. railroad
company and The Monongahela
Railway company, and the special
committee appointed by the Chamber
of Commerce.
The members on the passenger! service
committee from the chamber are
J. Walter Barnes, chairman; C. B.
Robinson, C. E. Smith, W. J. Wlegel.
and A. T. Watson.
WESriffl, PA
Engineer and Two Express
Messengers Have Lives
Snuffed Out.
Large Number of Soldiers
Were on Train 66 When
Accident Occurred.
(3y associated Press.)
WEST NEWTON, Pa.. Dec. 23.?
Three persons were killed and several
*? ?DAiifUkAnn/l .neooanvAP
i train No. 66 on the B. and O. railroad
was derailed near here this morning,
i were over turned. The dead: Engineer
I Suttle; G A. Osborne, express messeni
ger; John Osterly, express messenger.
The Injured: J. L. tioutz, fireman,
scalded bv steam.
Four unidentified men.
Osborne and OstOerly were crashed
to death in the baggage car, where the
four unidentified men were injured.
The body of Englneeer Suttle was still
buried under the wreckage an hour
after the wreck. Railroad officials at
the scene cf the acident said no passengers
were injured. The cause of
the acideut is-undetermined, although
it is believed to hare been due to the
spreading cf rails. A large number of
soldiers were aboard the wrecked
i *
. Major E. B. Carskaddon is in receipt
! of a postal card from Capt. George M.
I Ford, a former resident of this city,
who- weat-cver seSis~as CommaBdte?
j officer of Company C, 150th infantry,
I of the 08th division, which indicates
' that some of the former West Virginia
guardsmen at least saw active service
on the western front..
These former- state guardsmen re(
ceived ?reiim.inary (raining at Camp
[ Coxnwell in this city and were later
j attached to the 3Sth division and trained
at Camp Shelby, Miss. Perhaps
1000 of these men went over seas last
summmer and it was believed that
none of them had got into action. However
this card would indicate this' impression
to he falce.
Major Carskaddon believes that the
'nfantry roits of this division, including
the 15Gth regiment of West Virginians.
were used as replacements
and that a number of them saw active
service .'
The card reads as follows:
November 19. 1918.
I got to the very front of the front
line in time to he in at the death and
am now well into territory occupied
by Germany en tbe 11th.
This ard was captured In an abandoned
German camp.
Capt Inf. A. E. F.
Captain. Fr-rd Is a son of Rev. Ford,
who was a former pastor of the Diamond
street church, and marrired Miss
Annie Linn of Keyser.
Christmas Religious
Service for Ex-Kaiser
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, Dec. 23.?Wm. Hohenuollcra
lias arranged for himself a
Christmas celebration after the traditional
German style as far as the
circumstances -will permit, according
to a dispatch. to the Daily Express
from Amsterdam today*. The arrangeraent
at the ex-emperor's insistence
fill include elaborate religious caremonies
on Christmas eve. The idea
c-i. using the cillage chapel for these
however, has proved impractical for
various reasons, one of them being
the fear of popular hostile demonstrations.
The service accordingly will
be held In the drawing room of Amerengan
castle which will be converted
into a chapeL
City Board of ^
Affairs Meet Today
Little business of importance was
transacted by th city. Board of Affairs
at its regular weekly meeting today.
A number of bills were considered
and adjusted and routine business
The case of Nancy J. Stain which
has to do with proceedings instituted
by the Stain woman against the city
amoving a piece of fencing on the
property which,obstructs the street
on which the property is located was
further considered and again taken
under advisement
. Permits to build garages wen granted
to Robert L. Langhlln at Bellview
and Clarence E. Stark on Fourth
street Mr. Stark is . the successor to
H. ,W. Smouse who sold hia grocery
E^be of Wounded Soldier in
France Joins From ~ ^
Kingroont ???
The time for collecting memberships
for the Bed Cross Christmas
Roll Call has been extended until 9:30 I
o'clock tonight and memberships may I
be obtainedat headquarters in the JI
Fairmont hotel. Saturday young -women
of the city maintained booths in
business houses while others pa troll- i
ed the streets and collected quite a J
large number of memberships. This
work win be continued today and it is '
believed there -will be quite a harvest
of new members taken in the few remaining
hours of the drive.
Captains and all workers are urged
to* have their complete reports into
headquarters tonight in order to save
trouble for the chairmen of the Roll j
Call in snbnfttting reports to Wash- r
infrton. I i
Yesterday Alfred "Work, a three day J d
old infant of Kingmont. whose father; j.
is doing; duty with the TJ. S. gov3mmeat
in France, was enrolled as an j,
active member of the Red Cross. Lit- p
tie Mary Jean Howard, the little v
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. L. p. Howard. d
is perhaps the youngest member of the _
Red Cross in this city her name hav- ^
ing been enrolled when the little miss ?
was barely sixteen hoars old.
Fairmont has made a magnificent
showing In this roll call and when E
complete returns are in it is believed
she will stand among the first cities
in the state as to membership in this great
philanthropic organization.
" J
i ' ii i. ?,
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Klmmel are the
guest sot relatives in Morgfantown.
Miss Jessie Shuttlesworth. of Mor- J
gantown. is the guest of her aunt. Mrs.
W. T. Menear. in this city.
Miss Hazel Bennett, of Grafton, -was
a recent visitor to this city.
Miss Rosalie Skiles. who is a student
at the XTrslline academy at Pittsburgh.
is at home to spend the holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. n
Hugh Skiles. ?
Henry Tchinski, who has been In
the TJ. S. army stationed at Camp Lee.
Va? arrived here today having been
honorably discharged from service.
He is a son of < Henry Tchinski,' of ?
Feuusyivanijr avenue. ?
Mrs. M. C. Lough who had been a 1
patient at the Mayo Brothers hospital 1
at Rochester, Minn., will arrive home 8
tomorrow. 1
.Miss -Virginia Fleming arrived here 1*
yesterday from Washington, D. C., to E
spend the holidays with relatives. Z
Miss Bessie Reed, librarian at the C
Fairmont High school, has gone to her t
home at West Alexander. Fa. to spend I
the holidays. ? J
John J. McCool, of Brockport. N. ,S
Y-, is in the city having been called L
here by the illness of his father. John A
J. McCool, Sr. The latter is improv- 1
Miss Ethel Honlt arrived here last o
week tor a visit with her mother, Mrs. o
T. T. Honlt. Miss Honlt has been re- v
siding in Washington, D. C., for some t]
time. g
Mr. and Mrs. William Rennie left S
Jt !
in is mornmg ur x/euruju auav-u.., m ^
sepcd the holidays -with their daugh- C
ter, Mrs. Harry Mason.
James Hart, who attends school in
Baltimore, is here to spend the Christ- J
mas recess with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Hart
A. L. Westcott is seriously ill at the
Kessler hotel in Huntington with pneumonia.
Mrs. Westcott has been with
him several days and his parents were b
summoned to his bedside from Jersey f
City, N. J. , - V
Corporal Bernard Ginkie. who had ?
been stationed at Camp Lee, Va? in
government service, has returned to a
his home in this city having been hon- a
orably discharged from the army. ^
Miss Helen Rogers, a student at y
the Fairmont State Normal school, t
has gone to Monndsville, where she ^
win spend the Christmas vacation. a
Miss Lncile Henry, of this city, accompanied
her. They will remain
there until the Christmas vacation
period at the Normal School In concluded.
oFrrest Hartley, who attends the r
Episcopal High school of Alexandria, .
Va., is here to spend the holidays
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. ?
Hartley- t
? t
Salvation Army
Spreads Sunshine
Ca.pt. John U'Beirne. ol uie ooi.?-i
tion army, has donated to Fairmont
State hospital No. 3 a fine Christmas j1
tree which will be utilized for the benefit
of five children, four boys and a
j girl, -whose ages range from nine to
eleven years of age who are patients
at that institution.
These children were admitted to
the hospital for treatment for injuries
of various natures and the tree will he
decorated for their enjoyment as well
as for the enjoyment of the hospital
staff and other patients confined there.
Many nice gifts will find their way. to
I these little tots from this tree.
Sergt. Carl T. McElfresh, of the ae- j
roatntical department of the United ,
' States army, stationed at Camp She.-- t
[man. Montgomery. Ala., arrived here <
this morning to spend the- Christmas j
holidays with his parents. Mr. and i
[ Mrs. A. T_ McElfresh, of 113 Pine ?
street, thrs city. |3e was a clerk in the ?
1 Third" Mstlonalbaak; Cincinnati. .Ohio, i
and enlisted afler the war broke out. ?
3* WTSw '
. Ill POM,
? ^
Dispatch States That British
Of Pol
designation of Minority Mem
in the Ebe
{By Associated Press) ! i
ZURICH. Dec. 23.?(Havas.)?Field j i'
larshal von Hindenburg, according to
eports received here from Germany,
as concentrated a- large force of sol- I
iers in Posen. Posen }s German Po- ]<
tad. Polish nationalists have claimed d
t as part of the new Poland and Brit- fc
3h troops have invaded the territory, e
iccording to reports from Berlin last II
reek the Polish government has or- I
ered elections to be held in several a
art sof Posen. Danzig the Baltic
ot occupied by Polish forces last
reek. Is in Posen. t
ZURICH, Dec. 23.?(Havas.)?The s
Ibert government in Berlin is report- p
d to be faced with another crisis j S
laisc in Subscription Rates I
There After January
1. ,
Twenty-four new mooks were placed
n the shelves of the Fairmont Pubic
library on Saturday. These are in ?
ddition to those added to the library v
everal weeks ago. h
The books added on Saturday are as k
allows: Children's Book ofr Patriotic k
itoies (two volumes). The Cinder v
ond. High Adventure, Glory of the c
'reaches. Dandelion Cottage, Jos- P
elyn's Wife. Boy of Bruges, Polly of e
xady Gay Cottage. U-boat Hunters, k
."ora-Sqnare-Accounts, Earthquake, s'
lathleen's Probation, Rough Road, o
leppetin's Passenger, This Way to P
Ihristmas, Out to Win, His Second d
Fife, Dere Mabli. Daughter of the tl
.audi. Herself. Himself. Myself, Kind a
tdventure, Amazing Interlude. The t<
qairrel-cage. Home Fires in France, S
ast of the Plains Men, Little Colonel's c
laid of Honor. Mary Ware, Happiest n
'ime. a
After the first of the year the board p
- - * j - ??/> nrioo
I trustees ucujucu w f
subscription to $1.00 for an indl- d
idual membership card and $1.50 tor
be family card. It is not too late to
ire subscriptions for Christmas gifts,
leveral children have said -wistfully b
bat they wished they'd get one for d
hristmas. d
? ? s
5 M. V. X. Passenger *
Cars Arrive Here i
Three dcnble track passenger cars t
uilt by the G. G. Kuhlman Car Co., at d
Meveland Ohio, for the Monongahela c
"alley Traction Company have arriv- A
d here and are in the local yards. h
They will be taken to Clarksburg
nd transferred to the traction lines P
nd -will be put in city sevice here and 1
i Clarksburg when the wheels for ?
be trucks which have been promised *
>y for this week have arrived from
be American Steel Foudry Company, ?
t Chicago. f
, _ b
WASHINGTON", Dec. 23.?(By As- {
ociated Press.)?In its first interpre- j
ation of the LaFollette Seamen's act
he Supreme Court answering quesions
certified from the lower court tolay
declared constitutional the secion.
regulating the payment of wages
o seamen hut limiting its application I
o foreign vessels only while they are r
n American waters. h
The body of the/ five months old 1
:bild of Mr. and Mrs. W. Guy Cheat- 0
lam, who reside at the Almlna mines
teas Morgan town, whose death oc- *
rurred Sunday morning after an ill- J
less with acnte indigestion, was 1
roneht here last nighL Services were J
leld at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon and *
nterment was made in Maple Grove 1
:emetery by Undertakers Carpenters 1
ind Ford . Mr. Cheatham, father of
he child, was formerly manager of 1
he Jewel Tea company and resided J
plans Being Worked Out.
The dance tc he given by a number <
>f society peop'e cf the city as a bene- t
it for the Salvation Army nnrsnry <
promises to he an enjoyable affair. <
Vrrangtement3 are being made to have j
i number of card > tables in play, and <
hese tables will be in charge ot Mrs. J ]
Z-. W. "WatsCit- Prizes will he awarded ]
n these games. There will be no eat- :
>ense to the dance other than will be ]
>rowided for ont side of the money semred
from the sale of the tickets, and :
he entire proceeds will be-devoted tc t
he maiatsinanoe of the daystmery. i
T? ''17* ; v~
i "
h rough the resignation -ofithe
ty members of the ***
usen, -head of the G?riBte?uis3S8j
ye industry, is
ink between "bu8iness~ Juid
.udendorft and -was one ot'tl e most|
ireat Britain of her fntentfos to
evnurtc tit Ttisnna? nfta^rftl
irtuallv complete th'e^-'^^^^SSfl
ly the principle part
fork for the-acfaal pllarfptefcjjla
onference. Mr. WHattt ooMljiSBMB
ressing of till problems
applying food to tlfte St.
dministrator. It h^SeCT^^^SBBB
) the entente n attorns thjtetj^he ."
linds of the people'^ho^ar
irect fashion ** tirooosal
->?TTB t-n win It tha
ered by Germany under
le armistice. >
Since word came from Bnd^gj
merican delegates
> advocate destruction < i. essels.
to avoid contention over 'Jgjijg|^B
istribution the mbject
.merican and allied
Some officers found reason.-Cagj|HjM
orting sncha course ~b:- in
le dlfficnity of Incpn
ther navies craft of Gennah-iodfiiwH^^M
Officials have professed to|nw|
othing about the :.at*Sta?^^HH^^H
resident until today when<$lt9B|
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