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I ur ii m in
I Debt Matter in the Senate,
Hpj'''' State .Police in
vim roiicE iu in
| S^ator Harmon Wants to
t Create a Vest Focket
State Guard.
UEtLBSTON, W. Va? March' 17?
tage has been set and the curtain
dy to go ud tor the real dram.v
C the extra session of tho West
la legislature. Within tlie w<?ek
g problems tor which tho session
tiled are expected to be solve!
of these?coming up first in the
?is the Virginia debt sett.e*The
other to be found out first
house is the provision for some
4 state police protection. The
reek of U>e session served to
loth these questions in the form
, to the stage of second reading
consideration was to begin this
Virginia debt settlement propovas
brought to the floor of Lnc
are by special joint committee j
i houses, with both tho Ways i
ana features wrapped up in cue |
his does not necessarily man <
9 hill will be so accepted and
though that probably will napthe
Opinion of most observers.
I brill be efforts to amend U I
;> it is kjllered, parti sulnriy f
lien prorldlng for the taislng
aedi the bill as it stanls proV
laying of a direct tax on nil ]
property in tho state?a seven
I being necessary on proicm i
i?id create the unking
5tiring the bonds and paying
:eptance of this proposition
rase, hewevor, may dcpBnd>
on the oonsldpratlon of the
Willing to giro to the ' ihn
aing ret ft privilege us on
i transportation In the 6ta:*
Hre, as the Taylor bli, passise
at the regular so3diou by
rdt^i There Is little doubt,
II he passed again dther to
jht of part of It, or for '.he
led protection proposition1
the nonse calendar In the
rd hills of widely diff?icnt
jth Oil Second reading. Ore
IS, the eommlttoo slate topfesents
ft centralized com j
force, to be uniformed and
t duty. The other, the Wyaion
labor bill, provides tor
Used force of deputy s'jer:h
larger proportions,be
ten Called out for emergenar
flbsoluto'v opposed to the
ftsd all other interes'.s flK
praotlcaly, opposed to the
it Is drawn, a compromise
lie two or noth'/g at all
d the most likely outcome
is. Governor Cornweil has
lows thai he will vetoe any I
proposition and there liar.!
: that another extra session
allod at; once unless ?o;noatton
was further complt1s
Ihtroduotlon in the i,~nday,
of a 'J*A police hill
iter George B. Han# in
The Harmon bill calls tor
0 of a. state guard of r.f'O
inder the direction of the
>s that the members of the
be recruited from the sevh
of the state in propoition
ilatton, and it Is made the
1 sheriff of each county to
voluntary enlistments, if
sufficient number of n en
uota allotted to such coulimit
the names of such ento
the adjutant general for
t, and no one may be aplioilt
his approval.
^ members tuia oirieers 01 loo ximra
Bs^ldurt bo citizens- find voters in West
H Virginia of nt least three years res1f-fieace;
age 21 to 45 years: able to
I . ride horseback, of sc? \ constitution:
of good moial chara' fc and shall he
: required to pass such mental and phy
steal examination as may \e prescribed
by the adjutant general and eiuisiHaiat
shall be for two years,
p Members of the guard would receive
an annual pay of $100 from the state
and $3 a day and expenses when In
service and when attending periodical
A^drijls as prescribed by the adjutant
< general and approved by tho state
ngjjbard of public works. Their equipment
is to be furnished by the adjutant
general. The training of the;
guard would be given by two captains
B to be designated by the adjutant general*
who have had military training
' for at least two years and who would
Mfebbpald $2,600 each annually.
The Jurisdiction of the state guard
I ti extended to any part of the state,
:J|auBd,' the governor is authorized to call
Sgqufc all or any portion of the state
guard whenever in his judgmen, local
j|gil&lbOritieB are unable to copo with the
l^gHnation in any given county or terrlE?$%y
to be prescribed by him by procla
ation, and it is made the dpty of the
;/ iHJntant general to carry out the govIs
estimated by the author of thb
I i>bUl that its administration In c) indrv
^lraoall,OUl(I BOt 0081 abovp ^loo.ooo
ff .1 gee they can't make up their
j^miads -whether to sink the German
I; ^TVell, that's the way the Germans
It about it. They kept them in the
harbor for the duration of the war.?
'' '' ^ '' ''''''
, manningtonI
Sunday School Rally,
jhe Centenary Group Sunday
School Rally In tho M. E. church on
Friday evening there was & splendid
crowd. All the churches In the group
were represented. Addresses were
delivered by Revs. Anderson, Lazonby
and Wise of Wheeling. L. S. Schwenk
Chairman of the Group Minute Men
'presided. Rev*. Michael of Logansport,
Hall of Falrriew and Coffman of
Jolleytown, Pa., wore proacnt.
r * ' ?
Boy Scouts.
Tho Boy Scouts movement of the
M. K. church was launched, last Wednesday
evening. Harold Rymer Is
Scout Leader. A large number of
hoys havo inado application for membership,
Has Influenza,
Edward Cofrman Is 111 from a second
attack of Inlluonza at his home in
Clayton stroet.
Played Rymer.
The local high school basketbal team
went to Rymer on Friday evening and
tbey claim to have defeated the Itymer
club. 11 to 1), Rymer clals a tie game
11 to 11 was ,tho corrrect result. The
game was rought throughout and It 19
said that the visiting players used unbecoming
language on tho floor for
which they woro reprimanded by the
To Spencer.
The girl's basket ball team of the
high uohool are preparing to attend
the state tournament at Spencer next
From Overseas,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Tack of Butler
Pa., a recent bride and groom are the
guests of the latter's cousin, Mrs. E.
8. Richardson of Brookslde. Mr. |
Tack has Just returned from over sea j
service with the Amorican forces. 1
Box Supper.
A box supper was held by the teach-t
er and pupils of the Curtixvillo school
on Saturday evening. There was a
I good attendance and the proceeds will j
be used In the purchase of a granho- :
phone for the school.,
Pie Social.
The local Pythian Sisters held a
pie social at K. of P. hall on Saturday
i evening. j
On Thursday efenlng at the residence
on Howar# street, Mrs. T. 8.
Williams' Kidney mdLiver Pills
\Hiv? yoo overworked rtnr nervous system '
Wpd canted trafris witf your kidneys and
I Ivy? Bare ya pain# In loins, side and
bad! Beva *uwa#flabby appearsnea
of thmface ?,?r f?
For ula Br ?1J lrujfc.taTHs; 60 centi.
; WILLIAMS MKdfc#, Pri/k. Cto*tal, QU?
For Sale b/Mlrmoflt Pharmacy
Dr. KingVjfflwDIscoveryteed
since was President
Qff ^Dottle today/
It didjJlTor ypu^,graadma,jWyouf
father. Ffca-ftfty years Ihiyprfm-Unown
. cough and cold rciqaurdlas keaC an
^overgrowing army ft triend^young
wl^Ve have so?ity I^j^a botXeTn
vourh^cdicinjffcibilctt^you mayjheed
it in\jj4rry.1 feold by druggists
everywjly. 60f land $1.20. .r
'Bowel^Acmifi Pi^jftrtyT"
Tin f aa^L 111 ft* constipation
makes U~" matters
and impurities <kt urulerifftne-4he
health and play ?voc with the entire
Bystem. Dr. Kines New Life Pills are
reliable and mud in action. All
druggists. 25c. >
Notice to th& Public
I have moded my upholstering
Rxaming hwimeas from
tmv. Man|cj| Buifding to
118S. MerauitJf street,
next oqor fa^atfs Garage.
l\n#r>repaVed to
give you Hpw, asJn the |
past A.l servicejfn upholstering,
Upholstering & PicturetFramlm)'- ,
118 Meredith pt.
'Pah.i Tawterr mrova.i
hero is tmperso^nmc: bi
To PAH- weu.,m% TJIE'
mo, I WAUT To usk 1UA*
HardLesty sprung a surprise on her
husband in honor of his birthday. A
six o'clock dinner was served, the
guests being Rev. and Mrs. John Beddow
and daughter Miss. Gladys, and
Mr. and Mrs. iHardesty's son, Howard
and family. A very enjoyable evening
was spent in which music played a
very Important part.
Miss Marlon Shaw has returned from
a visit with rriends in Wheeling.
Orton Fcderer and Miss Allie Federer
of Morgantown spent the week end
with Mr. and Mrs. Edison Federcr In
Monroe street.
William Morris was a business visitor
at Wyatt on Saturday.
Mrs. Emory Talkington has returned
to her homo at Erie, Wayne county,
after a visit with her sister, Mrs, N.
A. Cunningham in Brooksldo who has
boon ill of pleurisy, /
F. H. Wagner and A. Flick were
homo from Cameron for the week end.
Mrs. Arch M. Burt has returned from
a visit with her mother Mrs. Wheat
in Wheeling.
Miss Florence Connelly of the Fairmont
West Virginian was at her home ,
here for the week end.;
Miss Ilhca Griffin spent the week
end with relatives in Beliaire, 0,
John Lower has returned from a few
months stay at Mount Clemens, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard E, Master;,
will return on Wednesday or Thurs
day of the present week to Great. Pali Montana
after an extended visit wltl.
the former's parents In Marshall St
J. Wank Satterfled of K.vmer was r
hnslness visitor In the city on Saturday.
Ugly, Unsightly Pii
\Afe Sig
Give Heed to thevtogiinp. jj
Pimples on the face^sid other tj
parts of the body are wantfng^ frontjj
Nature that your blood si ufegisM
and impoverished. Somqflma#* tlicjfiP
foretell eczema, boils, bjipf^\scalj|['
eruptions and other tdnn diSerde* ]
that burn like flames gjf fire. \ W
They mean that your blood jtwIb i
S. S. S. to purify it and cleanse iflBf t
these impure accumulations that An i
cause unlimited trouble. This remedy
is the greatest vegetable blood puri- <
\ J
nvMra unfRIlT
ipsa fiMBnF BmQf VwjgD raven
movie RW . .
n?AIL, gfl MCANI . I C
r pHoue J S ys& rr
noocamtdsb) ftirinT
* ' '
Prof, King Addresses
Boys at the "T"
Prof. P. E. King, principal of the
Grafton High sohool, addressed the
boys' mass meeting yesterday afternoon
at the Y. M. C. A. on the subject
Three Thousand dollar Boye. He devel
oped the fact that It requires that much
money to raise an American boy, that
is, until he is fifteen yeare old. They
can not repay their parents even if
they had sufficient pianey because
it Is worth much more to them. "Every
day missed at school is $10 lost "
the professor added. Prof. King sang
"X Love a Lassie," which was very
pleasing to the boys.
What can that actress do in musical
It isn't that?it's what she can undo!
Uba Trib4 No. 69 and
Isletxy Cotyicil No:
50, f AWarffcah.
All mejjffBcrs are ret?
questdKo meet at their
' ^Haiy| Tuesday \a^er
Xpopyf at one oTatock,
Marcll 18, to attend
fui^r il of Brothers,
Minetoll Davisson.
pis of Bad Blood
Hr kndwn, and contains no minerals
u chemicals to injur# the most deliJpBlr
skin. v,
\ Go to your "drugstore, and get a
oottle of S. S. S.."tqday, and get rid
of those unsightly and disfiguring
pimples, and other skhv, irritations.
And it will cleanse your blood thoroughly.
If yflh wish special medical
advice, you \j can obtain it without
charge by writing to Medical Director,
29 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
ist Name'
sea- WW
world natsujin^^V
V?\ I'M waitiug foa A
A Uniontown flying cadet tells one
on himselt In connection with hie first
trip up. A machine was about to start
and he was standing near, looking on
when the pilot asked him if he wanted
to go along. He said he did.
What are you? asked the pilot.
I am Btudylng to be a bomber, was
the reply.
Well, 1 guess they'll need plenty of
embalmers, all right, came back the
pilot. And then the gree ncandldate
discovered that his college pronunciation
did not go in the army. A bomber
there is a boomer.
Who is your favorite writer?
My husband.
What does ho write?
Cheques.?Pearson s.
; ?|
,! The growth ot oar bustness
has been so noticeable'
in recent months that if'e
pre making changes ifid/m
provements which JFly.Increase
our capacity
you. During this rafifqfleling
we will app^eciatawl consideration
pt ouFrf'patrons
, t BE OBVrAIjtyJE
W niMkND*6LPH,* 15rop_
Opp. Menyon Hotel
309^'Madison St.
if Hundr
| Big Fi
vy Our Fondest ]
by the Visit of Pi
\ W Have Seen Us Fii
W Come and See Us,
% Values Thai/
$ Store?\ /
I ^ ^
^ A four room
$425. Call and se<
| you. /
|1 Your G?edit
V j.g(
I Hom<
p 308 Jeffers<
V<rtAT Its This Weu.,1 TooK my c
AFFAIR, VoO ^1"?, TJS ??
11 AVV* ^.1 o I Jo3* I TCTLO 'Kt
<WLO do,
TI t / treat
rnn t
eds Noticed
iirniture V
lopes Were More Than Realize*
itjons Galore to fihir New Lo
$t. This is the Second Day of
Attract Attention May Be^Seer
our /Rqorn lOutm
oWtfitf-weU w orth the rfioney:
ifiyWe wfll be pleased to show
jgjfood .
O. a H3MELICK, Manager
>n St. Opposite thfe Cc
Phone 243 *
dsrones ahoII fl. I M) r- ?
Mov,esroo.o Iff ItiM <5n I
hit for* i, ? ? '/ i ' '
manager- i i w 1
And we lato 11 j i 4?u*n
amo wait and ; 1 ]
.o^thcphwie. |l/> 11
? ^^ .1,
' .?v-.y <'. ' .fjj''i?' '3
V ^ '' ^
>me in and See
These New
iring Suits
r are all here in a score
lore of different style
anents. Every one spe7
designed to suit a < ;
icular type of personiu
will have no trouble
iding^list what is most 1L
niiuf to/ your wear. I
also assured of a
tfon ofi the most at*ve
of tfie newest styles )m
;pymg wearing.
l?ox c<mt? long straight
sJee^Jr true curve collike
skills, all
JmeSw give aifew fig
Line qfc splendid beauty I
the prices ntfnge from I
$19.75*f $39.50 I
SonsST^^^PJ f|
r.w.VA. ^^4
l Our I
aiues a
I on Saturday
cation. They
the Openingi
Daily at Our
RGH 29 j
-we offer for .V
r this outfit to 1
Souvenirs I
/ I I
>urt House . 11 I
m WAiTlkl '

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