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X (Editor's Note?This Is the fifth of
T- *Tea Best Hero Stories of the War,"
Jleketf by Pershing.)
' . N. E. A. Washington Bureau.
5&.' WASHINGTON. D. C., March 31.? j
" - Itochine guns and German howitzers :
^ dnean nothing In the life of Captain !
tJScorge H. Mallon. of Kansas City. Mo.!
gjbf 'Giro Captain Mallon a handful of j
KSaen and he'd attach the whole Gcr- j
army-?and he'd give it a beating,1
Captain Mallon commanded a com- j
B*ny of the I32d Infantry in the battle |
Hf the Mensc last September. While
Hhlfl company was fighting its way forHward
through the Forges Wood in the !
ghidst of a dense fog, Captain Mallon
Vand nine of his men became separated
Bwilpm the rest of the command.
H Instead of trying to find his way |
Hack to his company, as most officers :
Hrould have done, Mallon ordered his
Hittle army to follow him, and they
Hharged forward into the German raa^Hbhlne
gun nests sprinkled through the
Iifter another the ten men atnine
enemy machine gun
Every one of the nine surreni
the grave little band, and not
he Americans was killed.
iraged by their success. Caption
and his nino Illinois Na(uardsmen
of the Thirty-third
. pushed on through the woods
sy struck a battery of German
. howffzers in action,
ennan guns were hurlin# shell
tell over the heads of Mallon
men into the American lines,
rere four ofr them in the bat;h
manned by a dozen Hun solln
Mallon didn't hesitate.
; upon the battery with a lusty
110 Americans looked like ten
, to those scared Germans,
erad!" yelled most of them,
te of them showed fight?and
u what Mallon had come to
ng away his pistol, the intrepid
Jan sailed in with his fists and
ron could say "Jack Robinson" 1
taught two of he Roches what :
irican uppercut is, and taught
? successfully that the other '
sing what was coming to them,
telr hands in tfto air and sur
Iutflt finished, the little army
a again and ran Into another
gun nest with two of tho Geri-klllers
In It, This time Cap- 1
Ion decided to employ strat10
deployod his men to the :
rhllo ho himself rushed for- ]
eetly In tho face of the fire, i
is men came up ho had si- '
hose two guns slnglohanded ]
ared them and their crews: \
iceptlonal bravery displayed ,
iluoky Mlsssurlan resulted In i
1 of booty when the exploit
indred prisoners, 11 machine
r 450 mm. howitzers, one ant!a
Mallon will soon be wearing J
resslonal Medal of Honor. {
!ar Almost Goes
Coal Run Ravine;
car owned by the Mononga- j
ey Traction company, got out j,
11 Saturday afternoon at the 1,
atlon of the company at First i j
i plunged across Walnut ave-11
ping at the brink of Coal run
front trucks hanging over the <
le difficulty was experienced '
ing the car back across the
I getting It on the rails again,
erable force of men was ocds
evening on the task.
a running all the way from
nt. tp 200 per cent, are being
>d among their employes by a
af the largest shipping and
firms in Japan.
ig "to accept an offer of the
iard of a 5 per cent, increase
, representatives of the VicC.)
Teachers' Association
latencd to call a strike which
pple the schools in that city.
Every Meal
pife Served I
to Please
fe (K you diged at home !
|| itfou could not be more
' arrested in the prop- |
wL. er preparation of good
|p ; things tq eat than we
ml are nqre. The only dif- |
fc-; ference jaetWeen your
% -kitchen and ours is in I
| -the matter of size? |
! Vand we have developed
HI ( very economical methI
ods which eaable us to
j serve a good meal for
p./' so little money. That's
Hp why every meal is serv|
ed to please the most
1 critical taste and to satHy.
isfy* the most exacting
P ililr? Pearl A Rodger* In Charge
' 7'" t V','
"The Intrepid Missouri^ n
___J 1
Will Entertain Claw,
The McEIfresh class of the Diamond !
street M. E. church will meet on. ,
Tuesday evening at the homo of Mrs. i
Bailey Nuzum in Bridge street for the
regular monthly meeting. The husbands
of the members are also invited
to this meeting and a largo attendance
is expected.
At First M. P. Church.
Rev. J. A' Selby of Parkersburg. will
be here next Sunday and preach at the
M. P. church in the morning and even_
Ing service at the First M. P. church.
Rev. Selby is president of the Metholist
Protestant Conferenco in West
flroHnl Q SJa lino O Oo( of<wl In m nnd Iniro
" * O d iv "MO mioiuv^u <11 uiuc'billgo I
here an<l his coming is looked forward
:o w'tth much Interest by the congre- i
fation. There will no doubt be a large
ittendanco at both services.
Missionary Meeting,
The Foreign Missionary society of
Ihe Diamond street M. E. church will
meet Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock
it the home of Mrs. Anna Swearingen
n East Park avenue.
Will Entertain Class
The Bethany Bible Class of the Central
Christian church will hold their !
monthly meeting Tuesday evening at
he home o( Mrs- Clark W- Klsper, 517
Maryland avenue. There will be ln>>ortant
business and each member i3
;rgcd to be present. The Ladies l*non
of this church will have an imporant
meeting on Thursday evening at
he church. The new president Mrs.
[1. C. Patterson desires the presence
nioh Dentists
Fix your
Prices reasonT
able. Work
ly"Fr3C^wrty guaranteed..
Office over
McCrory's 5 & 10c Store, Main 8t
O-Cedar Mo
By Special Arrangement v
of Fairntynt The Genuine
Sale All Day TuefdaV
25c sizes, IS
50c sizes, 38
Demonstrator ii
*" '^1
Sailed In With His Fists."
jf every woman in the church at this
Here From Phoenix.
W. J. Stealey lias returned from
Phoenix, Arizona where he visited relieves
during the month past. He was
socompanled by his sister Mrs. Odra
Stealey Baker and little daughter who
will spend some time here with relatives
and friends. Mrs. Baker spent
her early life in Fairmont and is receiving
a hearty welcome from old.
friends in the city.
.) Personals.
Mr. a dnMrs. O. M. White of Clarksburg
were week end guests of Mr.
and Mrs. William Hendrix in State
Mrs. Bert Baker who was ver^ill
the latter part of the week Ts rauhh
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Costillow have
returned from a two weeks trip to
relatives at Middlotown, O.
Miss Ethel Summers is able to be out
after a weeks' illness.
A 1 *
uunttiu uciiuci auu wiiu JULS oetjll
employed during the winter months at
the Owens plant returned to his home
rx / -n
has returned fyom the army and
reopened, his office for the general
practice ' of .medicine at 322 %
Main St., Ptyne 1274.
- 1 '
Even/though this i
in town we give
V service at all tim
mer^ected that, we
eiwoy a goo^ meal
le^fL than yorfi woul
; Fonnerl;
p Demonstra
re have secured* and will put
O-Cedar Mofjs apd Polish 1
rHIS5 $1.0frMOP FOR 69c ^
s Here to Explain to you th<
? Hardwar
in Taylor county Sunday and will engage
In fanning during the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson and
children of Morgan town avenue spent
Sunday with friends at Clarksburg.
Ua Doolittle of Gypsy spent Sunday
with his father Vlyssus Doolittle In
Cochran street.
Purl Shaffer of Morgantown avenue
has purchased a seven passenger touring
Lamar Malone who has been very
111 Is considerably better the past few
days. *
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
I Walter Merrifield of Speedway is re- !
covering from a severe illness.
A. B. Stealey and family will move
Tuesday to the property recently pur_
chased from Stephen VanGilder on Columbia
street. The Bishop property
vacated by them will be occupied by
Mrs. Perry E. Fennell. Mr. Fennell
will be the manager of the new garage
which is being built on Morgantown
Mrs. Mary Rigga and the twin children
of William Hunsaker have returned
to Kingmont after spending a week
with the children's grandparents Mr.
and Mrs. John Brown in Columbia
.? ??
Honors for Service Men.
Honoring the returned soldiers, sailors
and marines of Baxter, a special
service was held last evening in the
church by the Epworth League. The
,vi TV i 1 _1 ?? J_
ciiiiivii at DiiAier eleven nmra in
its srvico flag and seven of the stars
were represented last night.
Special music was provided by the
BaxtSr band, and more than 100 people
were present for the services.
An address of welcome was madt
by W. H. Post, president of the Sunday
school, the response being made
by Shannon Allen. Addresses to the'
returned service men were made by
Mrs. D. M. Allen and James Gillasple. I
The service men present were: Wll- j
liam Wilfox, Don Potter, Harold Pot|
fells of Suffering Greatly With Kidney ;
and Bladder Trouble and How
Balmwort Brought Relief.
Her Letter Well Worth Reading.
Mrs. Nellie McGinn, 609 East 138th
street, New York City, writes:
"For the last yeaf- I had suffered
greatly from Kidney and Bladder trou- j
ble, distressing patn in the back and j
hips, with rheumatic twinges and froquent
severe headache, accompanied
by nervousness, chills and fever; also
a frequent desire to eliminate, a smart.ing.
burning sgnsatiop, with pain in the
Region of tbp bladder. I would frequently
hatf to arise at night, my1
slfbp being disturbed by the pressure
apq inflammation in bladder. Beginning
the hpe of Jfalmwort Tablets I
jtiotieed almost instant,relief, and con-!
tinulqg t<f llse them Lam now totally
well agtfrolieved of *11 pain and dis I
tress fi^jn which I suffered. I ap glad
to recomfcend Balqpiwort Tablets as a
reliable fcteneficlal 'medicine apd trust
ethers m*y find relief and freedom
from pain and distress as 1 did, etc."
The above letter is a true statement
and Is on file in our offices. Balmwort
Tablets bring relief when other medicine
has failed. Sold by loading druggists,
$1.00 per tube.?Adv.
""" i
s the busiest dining place
you interested, attentive
es. Our methods are so
can handle the crowds
ly ask you to come in and
, well served, and pay us
d elsewhere.
y Anderson's
lion and Sale
i. r n. _ tt
un saie iur me nous ewives
his Week.
all woods-?use it the 03ar
way?with water.
f you are not satisfied and
de happy your money reided
without a question.
b O-Cedar Way
e Co.
ter. Wilfred Parker, Silas Wilson, I
Wayne Thorno and Shannon Allen.
Blaze at Tipple.
Fire originating from short circuited
electric wires caused damage which
will amount to several hundred dollars
to the tipple of the Stafford mine at
Baxter Saturday afternoon. Fortunately
but two men were in the mine
at the time the blaze was discovered
and they were hauled out before any
of the hoisting apparatus was endangered.
A large bin holding several
I tons of coal, and situated in the tipple,
was afire several times but by the efforts
of the fire fighting force, was
saved. The firo will not affect the
operation of the mine, since a force
of men was Immediately put to work
to repair the damage.
New Band Stand.
A band stand large enough to accommodate
ail the players of the Baxter
band, has been built by the Traction
company alongside the new Red
Cros^hall, and will be much used this
summer for concerts aqd as a speakers'
platform for public gatherings.
Young Barber Shop.
Russell Bailey has fitted up a modern
barber shop in one of the rooms
o fthe new Red Cms* hall and mt I
open for business the first time Saturday.
An ice cream parlor will be oper
ated by Worthy Post in connection
with the barber shop.
New Car Station.
A new station for Baxter has been
built by the Traction company, replacing
the old one that was recently
blown over. The new station has electric
lights and space provided for
freight accommodations.
I Saturd
| Attract*
g Hundreds came to inspec
g cellent stocks?hundreds
a ment affords the finest
1 And Fit
I are here for you in largej
g This is our slogan?"Low
1 rui^.
1 W. H. RAN]
I PHONE 576 0
Nothing F
i ===4. i
Middy Suits
Made in regulation style with emblems and service
and overseas stripes on sleev#^ with plaited skirts;
materials are . ^Lonsdale",. white Jean, White
Gabardine, Pomfh, Serge apd Taffeta Silk.
Originators and Leaders of Low Prices in Fairmont 11
1 *" i i ill I -IM*??' 1*.;
ay Our Opening
id Lai'ge Crowds
t our New Market?hundreds purchased from our ex- |
went awaj/fully convinced that <5ur new establish- |
J ) 1
Food Bargains to be had. '
Grade Meats
B *
ie Table Delacicies
st Msnrfcmpnt. and nor s;ivinrr nvirpfi will onimweo *tah
?? ....... - - - {5 - -wvw ?>*** Ukujk/Aiov J UUi M >
'est Prices always?Quality considered."
' l -Vvm
' 3
ago Dairy and j
y Meat Market I
DOLPH, Prop.-J. GOODMAN, Mgr. |
pposite Kenyon Hotel 309 MADISON ST.
For Men Jban
LAFF" Suits
y Tailor^ to/Measure I
With Extra Trousers I
This is our popular Suit Offer on which you ;1
save money and get double wearing value, at
the same time. The woolens here are the fin- |
est obtainable?vou vet Fine Serves. Worsteds*
Fancy Mixtures, Stripes and Checks and Nov- II
elty Materials?the Trimmings and Linings are II I
vl here for you to select and "Zaslaff" styles are 1
J snappy and exclusive. We make you a Suit of
, individual design which you will like bettell
than any suit you ever have worn and it wo^O
look like a ready-mads* THE EXTRA TROUS-1

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