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WOO 110 i
K|P Control 293 Electorial j J
V/' | h
mpffi:'.'- Hie inspiring leadership of Mrs. ?.
E'arner, of Nashville, head or
easee Equal Suffrage assocta- .
ttributed the rousing victoryTennessee
becomes the first
state east of the Mississippi
the suffrage fold,
ing to a statement issued by
ooal American Woman Suf- g
iociation, the entrance of Ten- j,
to the list of presidential suf- a
tes gives a total of 14,889,10? a
iver 21 who are living in ^
ilch have granted women the t)
vote for president. This in- c
ermorw, whose legislature t
ion the presidential vote this t(
whose senate confirmed the b
sr the governor's veto. With- c
lont there are still nearly c
and three-fourths million j,
whom the right to vote for c
has been granted. t
rermont these states control n
iral votes, twenty-seven more a
ujority. If Vermont's four
votes should be lost women
atee will still hold 23 more
ajority. v
mnessee suffrage victory is j j
notable one of 1919, as it is 'c
3outhern state to grant votes | b
I in so large a measure. It; tl
R has granted all that can be given by j
^'.legislative action. By the suffrage _
mtM- . bill which passed the state senate on ,
April 14th by a vote of 17 to 14 both I a
^presidential and municipal suffrage t
mk*., for women have been gained for this s
V: .slice of the Solid South. The "bill c
^ passed the House by a. vote of 54 to c
82 oh April 3. On April 17 Governor b
,f A. H- Roberts signed the bill. a
Kfo" I entering wedge for municipal n
P" sqffrpge was gained two years ago,
vrbah the little town of Lookout Mouu- b
tain, near Chattanooga, won municipal tl
< attffnge with much pomp and circum- ^
^'Stance, the governor signing the bill. t]
One of the women who helped put
?'tp,Work that first bit of yeast in TenKgt
neasee was Mrs. Margaret Ervln Ford, 6
W, ji-Chattanooga lawyer, who has acted n
r-'M press chairman during the present g
? -The passage of the bill ends an ac- *
fc itve fight for suffrage eight years long.
-During some of that time Mrs. Guil- ,
i ford Dudley, now third vice president
;tlie National American Woman Suffrage
Association, was president of the
|[|g Tennessee Woman Suffrage Assocla/.'Last'year
Mrs. Dudley, who is one ^
1ft of the Woman's committee for the Na- :
ptlonal Liberty Loan and who has been
i' a' record-making speaker for all the
drives, resigned from the state k
5 presidency and was followed by Mrs. n
One of the most dramatic incidents !'
Of/the debate in the Tennessee House .
if .came when Speaker Seth Walker left
gMs: chalr to announco his conversion .
( ' /??'the suffrage cause. He declared .,
HEf;tf'tb?A;he had become convinced that his ,
g-.fortrier stand in opposition to woman
K^'suffrage was wrong, and that he was j
II the justice or tne move- a
ranchlse the women. Con- .,
address from the floor,
alker declared that any .
iposed the bill would do so
had not given careftil ~
consideration to it. He ,
delators that suffrage had .
id to negroes, and that it }
le withheld from women,
iginal thirteen colonic! n
land because of 'taxation
res en tail on,'" declared the
The same principle is inthe
suffrage cause. The
Tennessee are taxed and
tenable to our laws. I dethat
this is not right, and
hould have a voiec in our
ker*8 remarks were greeters.
Another of the mem[dressed
the House on the |
suffrage was Represents- filler,
of Hamilton county, n
f the Presidential Suffrage ?
Instead of Sermons,
s only one thing about s
Ich was disappointing, c
e were many, many beau- it
t In the city?and though t:
utlful young lady wore a c
ouquet, there were hun- v
iple who could not afford a
om because of the added p
:er time. Was that quite
t a pity?even though the
want to make quantities
. Easter time, that every 1
and child in the city could J
least one perfect rose or
lnth to remind him that
is a day very much out of
run of days. I believe if F
In the rltv ha/1 let a
^:th& blf*Easter sermon go and instean d
Mfchhd gone out with wagon loads of t
sfflawert like the blooms which were v
BSnnm this year, more beautiful than t
Eprar before; and instead of a sermou s
MM# handed one to each indlridual in s
Spicy home,?that would hare been t
Pi-cannot but think of the poor at
PlgiMier time. It is a city's custom to
|r pare for some time ahead for a
nderful appearance at Easter serThe
church ec are filled with
gBpgnate costumes, wonderful hats,
BSitrahoes, silk stockings. The pulpits
jpjipV'hanked with costly flowers. The
^KBKljari pass down the aisles looking
?B$2bially up-to-date. But where is
WS?-.fisor man and woman? He isn't j
"Uwse thnt'n all. There isn't any |
vSdefOrhim there. Why, hundreds of
voaopie who are well-to-do said yesterI
didnt hare time to bny any
* She Bought the Wrong Hat
;4- A young lady went hat shopping
BK ^Saturday as suing aad spent a baay
W i .. .#V-- " <S , ' V.v*''Y ^-V';'-.'" ' ' *ATT.a
*; - r >2" vv
ionr searching for something which
he could wear on Easter morning,
ihe visited a number of stores and
inally came to one which displayed a
arge number of beautiful hats. She
ras having a perfectly splendid time
rying on. At last she found one lying
u the counter which took her eye lmlediatcly.
She put it on and was intantly
pleased. "What a relief," she
ighed. "I'll just hurry home and get
9 bed and wont' I look like somebody
a that beauty tomorrow!" She stepied
toward the nearest clerk, her
ocketbook open when what do you
uppose happened? Up hurried a highi
indignant woman who snatched the
at out of her hand with his remark'.
I'll thank you for my hat." Just that
nd nothing more. The young lady
urried out of the store. She too,
tayed home from church yesterday
Green and Bloom.
Today the hills are covered with
reen. One scarcely realizes that this
$ so until an automobile ride is taken,
long the roads which wind it and out
mong them. The green just now is
oft and vounc and just above it the
recs are coming in bud or in bloom.
>ut in tbo country, groups of apple
rees in bloom give the landscape a
such of hazy white which carried out
a the shape of the tree look like
louds over in one corner of the world
lose to the ground. The whole city
list now is especially beautiful beause
of the extreme youth of everyhing
new in bud and bloom. Many,
aany yards have hyacinth and tulip
nd daffodils still in flower.
A Lady and a Bird.
Saturday a very pretty little sceno
ras enacted in Comuntzis store in
lain street A small, ragged boy
ame in to look at the many birds an:l
unnles and baskets which fascinated
ilm from a safer outside view. Chilren
are either abnormally timid or
reposterously bold. This boy was of
he timid variety but his big desire for I
heart to heart communion with
hose wonderful things carried him
traigbt to them. He at first stood,
ap off, just watching. Such a large:
ounter of pretty baskets, darling
unnies with carrots and birds which
Imost flew. The birds interested him
lost. He touched gently the wings
f one and found tbey would wave
ack and forth as though just about
a carry the soft whito body between
hem up to the ceiling and right on out
he door, just as soon as somebody
pened it. The boy had whole worlds
f imagination for I saw him look up.
allowing that bird which flew invisaly,
and out tho door; and a far away
mile, so very faint, illumined his face
s he came back to earth again ana
a the bird. He caressed it's shining
rings and touched its bead eyes. And
e turned away and sighed.
It's very hard to go back to the time
rhen you were a boy and wanted
omething very badly?especially if
ou aro a girl now. It's equally hard
j imagine the state of mind of a
oungster who seldom gets anything
e wants,?because there are so few
f us who haven't had what we wantd
at one time or another. I don't
now just what that bird cost. It was
0 doubt a trifling sum which brought
ntold joy to the heart of the lad who
jnged for it, to have and to keep for
is own. I watched him idly, intersted.
But it wasn't I who went over
3 the child just as he turned to leave
he store in his little ragged suit and
arn cap and too-worn shoes, and bandd
him the money with which to buy
ho bird. I don't know who the womn
was. She very quietly and without
he least demonstration, pressed the
oin in the child's hand. She didn't
uy the bird openly so that everybody
ould call her a very gentle-hearted
roman; but instead she did her teller
deed so that no one saw. It was
ust by chance that I saw it myself.
Good Programs.
A most pleasing Easter program was
iven at the Diamond street church
iunday morning at ten-thirty and a
lusical cantata by the choir was preented
at the evening service. The
oloists were Mrs. McMillan, Mrs.
lecll Jenkins, Misses Preston, Wilson
nd Brown. The Easter program was
iven at the Palatine Baptist church
1 the evening and was attended by a
urge and appreciative audience.
Dollar Social.
The annual dollar social of the aid
ociety of the Diamond Street M. E.
hurch will be held on Thursday even
ig at the church. rne same evening j
he defeated side in the membership
ontest will serve a banquet to the
pinners. All the old members and
lso the new ones are invited to be
At Mrs. Frankinberry's.
The Betsey Ross club will meet on
hiesday evening at the home of Mrs.
files Frankinberry in Carleton street.
First M. P. Church Notes.
The Easter services of the First M.
?. church were of unusual interest and
ttended by large crowds. The cbflren's
program which was given by
be children at the morning session,
iras a success in every particular. In
be evening a "musical cantata" conisting
of anthems, quartets, duets,
olos, was given by the onolr under
be direction of Russell Lf Satterfield
\ Never tajndkewdken you have tried
afcl f aile*fou cadBtop burning, itcblng
ccfcnjMuickly M applying Zemo fursimS*
djjQ*?wUbe iremoved.
F?r 3jiJb!OL ji" ft -ga?
,srr^ (^S^o^iin. When
treatment for skintrouhles oftallkinda.
The B. W. Sow Co., Qrrelmd^Bt,
y*" IrffltiBWlffiiiAT f ;r- iai&jfteDEff^jirgi
(1 fwi JtA
Ulflr 1
if: 3=: STAY How
I Ir^fiA ^ ^eAN
I v 1 g^GRerfT
SCOT Til j.
Company ASAW i W
tK? TNUNjIXSG. ]?[
I* CSOMtN-G. ^9B=^NJO^Jii!
OH, THATS JDiprefceNl
which was a most pleasing one and 1
showed most careful and painstaking i
preparation by the members of the
choir. The following program which1
was rendered last evening will again
be given by the same choir at the I
Highland Avenue M. E. church on t
Tuesday evening. Introduction, t
pianist, Phyllis Walker; choir, "Sing (
With All the Sons of Glory;" baritone t
and soprano solo, "All Around the t
Clouds Are Breaking," J. H. Watson,
May Kelley and choir; soprano and
tenor duet, "A Vision of Angels," Flos- s
sie McCullough and D. W. Jones; t
women's chorus, choir and baritone
solo, "Angels Roll the Rock Away," \
Sam Shuttlesworth and choir; [
soprano .solo, "Before Jerusalem," < t
Mary Roush; quartet, "The Day of
Resurrection," Flossie McCullough, 1
Katharine Shaffer, D. W. Jones, J. p. f
Watson; piano solo, "Mount of 1
Olives," May Kelley; baritone solo,
"Awake Glad Soul, Awake," D. W. c
Jones; chorus, "Christ the Lord is s
Risen." choir; baritone solo, "A Now 1
Commandment," Morgan Moran; tenor
and baritone duet, "The Shade and c
Gloom of Life Have Fled," D. W.,Jones t
J. H. Watson; chorus, "My Flesh
Shall Rest in Hope," choir; contralto i
solo, "The Name of Jesus," Katharine 1
Shaffer; soprano solo, "Betrayed and
Forsakor," Flossie McCullough; chorus,
"I Am the Resurrection and the
- ?- It t\l 1.-? T On ? ?
Lilie, cnoir. isireuuu, nuaacu u. uai- i
terfleld. c
From Keyser.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Criser, of Keyser, !
arrived here Saturday to visit their
daughter, Mrs. Jesse Rex and family,
in Guffy street.
District Meeting.
I<arge delegations from Monongah, j
Clarksburg, Shlnnston and Morgan- (
town were here for the district meet- .
ing of the D. of P.s at their hall in Mer- (
chant street Friday. At the close of the
afternoon session the ladies of the
Diamond street church served a most
excellent supper at the church. Much
praise was heard from the visiting ladies
of the splendid menu which was)
served to about one hundred and fifty
members of the order. At the evening
session the following program was given):
Piano duet, Kate McMillan and
Marie Scott; vocal solo. Lucille Stealey;
reading, Maud Merrifield; ukcle
solo and orchestra accompaniment.
This was followed by the annual banquet
and egg boiling of Red Men and
Pocahontas. Both sessions were among
the most enjoyable events in the history
of the order.
Announcement is made of the marriage
of Mrs. Elda Travis Cottrill and
Keith K. Getty at Los Angeles, Cal.
Mrs. Getty is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Travis, of Arcadia. Texas,
but has been in Los Angeles the past
several months. Mr. Getty is a resident
of Denver, Col., but has business
interests at Los Angeles and they will
reside there. The Travis family were
former residents of the East Side and
u ?-jQjr~y, "1T" yuu,
ASTEIN & CyiPim??
* I r ii I
. \
*D0) ,
r. I -want you to
5 "TbT>AY AN'X> He^-P
abSDRooM I
A Coupee op
j^T I
: or LITTU5 /AMCRlCiHy
\|N IT I t'Ct. ?G
>e read with interest by their many
Returned to Toledo.
Mrs. 0. B. Levelle and little daugber,
Martha, who have been visiting
datives here the past two weeks, returned
Sunday to their home at Toledo,
). Mrs. Jennie Levelle. who has been
he guest of relatives here during the |
vinter, accompaniod them home.
Dent Powell and William OfTner
ipent Sunday with friends at Mannlngon.
Mrs. Glenn Little and children, of
Viley street, are visiting Mrs. Little's
tarents, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins, at Colax.
James Means and daughter, Mrs.
tfabel Miller, spent Easter with the
ormer's brother, Emory Means and
'amlly at Philippi.
Mr. and Mrs. George Henderson and
hildren, Hazel, Harold and Georgia,
ipent the week end with relatives in
tayior county.
Miss Madge Barnes was the guest
>f her sister, Mrs. Maxwell, at Morganown
Ray CofTman 'was hero from \Vashngton
and speflt tho week ecd with
lis relatives.
Tried to get Yorick Hainm to give
ne some observations on the subject
> fthe stage in Shakespeare's time, but
ic didn't seem to be interested.
No, he wasn't playing then.?Kansas
City Journal.
Your new hired man soems to be
irctty stupid, Ezry.
And he . doesn't deceive his looks
nuch, either, replied honest Farmer
-lornbeak. He knows less 'round the
arm here every day than the average
jerosn does on the witness stand.?
Country Gentleman.
If You "Catch Cold" Easily!
if* tint yo*r Wy
forctt ?rt too w?*k
comditiou. Sock A ?1] lrwZT!^|
coaiitn* ia dmagtr;' jSjjZi
aau It llw*
Uait to ctaitmp- $0$ MRB J
tioo if 001 cWkW' JfejKf -- :vBSy|S^ I
,, to time, Uit it coa
V * tx remedied and tky ^jfcaaHSBWiE;-.
\\ tirodfolreioK : iw?~?
Bear's Emulsion ir*
*" nVtunl /product/ pleu&nt
' add tJry to tape ui of
{(rdat Jknefit tap lie ryatem.
YoW money/ie.xe funded I |
freely if it diei not kenefit
yoa. Com#ete < inforaation
regarding actual Hfaulta
t>f thouaanOs of ca^ft *ent
free on rJjueet. 4
^B^bIaR'6' emulsion
QimljwJu 'aaJ nM
^|| ||( lniBe?oddro<(utiertnrpSfap
: JOM.ajud
' (NUtflON >W *01 Wfia M (m1 ttofi
UUtVtfMM. ' I
I.T.U.' aa ? Iff /
?::*?? [JOHN D. 9EAR
- MMtaua EllttOl. Vl |
! j \ v i'"' ' \
Schools Not the Only Places
Where They Are in
Existence Now.
Teaching rae American people thrift
through the medium of the public i
schools is one of the tasks which the ,
government has undertaken as the re- |
suit of the war. This lesson is not to
be confined to the schools but War
Savings societies are being formed in
schools, factories, churches, stores,
lodges and clubs. This work is being
done in West Virginia under the leadership
of Jno. E. Norman, state director
for War Savings.
Marion county has now the following
active War Savings societies:
Frank Fiess. Paul Carpenter, secretary.
Thrift club, Gladys Lough, secretary,
Wilful Steady Savers, Madge Goodwin,
secretary, Farmington.
General Washington, Eunice Byer,
secretary, Fairmont.
Liberty (Barnes school), L. M. i
Windsor, secretary. Fairmont.
Liberty (Butcher school), F. H.
White, secretary, Fairmont.
VV. S. Buckey, Blanche Henry, secretary.
Uncle Sam's Pardners. Louise Leon,
ard, secretary, Fairmont
Uncle Sam's New W. S. S., Agues
I P!rtrln onproLarv. FalrmnTit..
Victory, Evelyn Prickett, secretary,
Liberty (East Side H. S.), M. Stoneking.
secretary, Fairmont.
Admiral Sims society, Beryl Morgan,
secretary, Fairmont
America, M. B. Fowoll, secretary.
Wood row Wilson, Willa A. Leonard,
secretary. Fairmont.
General Pershing. R. Ferguson, secretary,
Wilson, J. B. Ritchie, secretary,
Uncle Sam's Workers, Frankie
Kerns, secretary, Fairmont.
Fifth Grade and Sixth, Panline
Binns, secretary, Fairmont.
Watson-Beckncr, Virginia Fletcher,
secretary, Fairmont. '
The Crigler. Hazel Cunningham,
secretary, Fairmont
Marine, Katherine Boord, secretary.
Morgan, Evalyn Rlggs, secretary,
GetCr. EdwardsVflivejrfMeta
TVi* '* lovfnl rrv odShomanda
since TsflT Adwards prdMcSh Olive
Tabley thy substi tutyror calpiel.
for ifiyafrs and Jaloi!WVold-tinie
enemqjtiin'n.1 i Jffie formula for Olive
Tabletfwhileyreating patientajot
chroniiconstjdltion andtorpidltorfs.
Dr. Edw^Rf Olive Tabjjgrao not
If you haveaSCk brovm moeth"?
bad breath?tired feeliag?sick
headache?torpid Lto and am constipated,
you'lr find quick sure/and only
pleasant /faults from oheoiftwo little
Dr. Edvfdrds* Olive Table?ai bedtime.
Thousands take one or Two every
nighr just to keep right Try then,
J Kkrand gScoerbox. AildntogMa.
| ? ^
Look abcut yoy&nd s<
your house wouflrlook a
i $ cent better ^rara coat of
w Probably tl^rence, caj*f
jjj could^roU |Kord apai
3 floors and furnitu?fcL are
g readiness for a touch\f
8 brighten their appearand
li^^^^Uon of pure 1
wlj^^g^of painting 35?
g^tee every drop
l HAL]
1' . *" *'4'' - -r. JJ
... - ' < ;' ' *
Lower Pi
Grass and M
Choose Your Spring Rugs
and you will be pleased w
Lower Prices will net you.
We place\>n sale all this /<
size 9x11-k room^sis IVUtt
Rugs, stenulerf, a\/>nly ..
Originators and Leaders of
Teagarden. Edgar R. Roberts sec.
retary. Fairmont.
Oliver. G. Scritchfield. secretary, I
Fairmont. ?
March reports for Marion county
have been received by the state director
to April 16, as follows:
Uncle Sam, Fairmont. Mary B.
Powell, secretary.
Uncle Sam's War Workers. Fairmont,
FranWe Kerns, secretary.
StaT, Fairmont,' Jane Cunningham, k
Marines, Fairmont, Katherlne Boord,
Liberty, Fairmont, Letha M. Windsor,
Fairmont, Hazel Cunningham.
Catawba, Catawba, L. Mahaffy, secretary.
General Pershing, Fairmont, Ruth
Ferguson, secretary.
W. E. Bukey, Fairmont, Blanche
Henry, secretary.
Admiral Sims, Fairmont, Beryl Morgan,
Wood row Wilson, Fairmont, Willa
A. Leonard, secretary. /
Fifth and Sixth grade, Fainftont.
Pauline glims, secretary. / i
McCroryip A 10e Store, Main it
Fie A Eczema
Successfully vised fon^O y<?r&Ji
Eczema and slj/laoffkin trq
ieome from! a /isg^ered,^ypurej ft
condition oath^bUfSd,ia0Tnfy caw t
only be cured he Mood'a v
thorough and removing
from it all IMcs or impurity/ {
This is wll^S. S. S. has bJcn used t
so successfifliy in hundredy&f cases )
of Eczema ana other skin/eruptions. J
This wonderful remedy yis without C
lend j^Your Pai
ee. PeAaps Painting anc
hundrel per only beautify j
Afresh fcaint, but will make t
ge, oupuil$- or that it's ac
r wootiwqrk ttiem now tnai
nting. Your have to repair
s possible in we can supply
varnisp to. paints, varnish
^ / such reasonabL
i pain&tfou have been looking
inieeu ollto each gallon of p;
rcf,and, n<\ise talldng about 1
rthis pairi\bought at our st
We Have a flomplete Line
is, american\eauty, ;
mel and murphy's yaj
ill kinds of woodwork from $]
713NING, APRIL' r 191
2'. J
atting Rugs
from our large stodfc
ith tite savings that 000
Low Prices in Fairmont.
lMilwaukee. Wis.-" I all girls '
iyo work and 'affer^a^^anctional
l|jffiH|U| UfMnk h am's Vegetable
{ fPfEg^H Before I was marwhen
I cams
MHpH home from work at
I just worn out with .
|Py, P^J^^ch draped
meffjnflce a new I can work
from night and it does
not bother me. and I wish all girls who
mifpp Ait I niri wonl,i trv Lvdift EL \
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."? I
Mrs. H. DdjLEY, 1185 25ft Street, 1
Milwaukee, Wk.
Working girls, evcwy wUfte abocW d
profit by Mrs. DoMey'aiTperieoce.anc 1
instead of draggin\jRngfromday.ti
day with life a bunM, give this famoui J
root and herb nawar. Lydhr ?- Pink' ;
bam'a Vegetam Ow pound a trial
It baa overcome just sin conditions to!
thousands Jfjsihtn, au why not foi <
you? Fj/wpecial advick write I.vdii
E. Pinkfimi Medicine Co\Lynn, Mash
The MBit of their 40 yeak ezperieaa '
is apjour service *
Skin Eruptions
ThJj^Old Remedy I
injjftftl as a blood purifier, being 4J
jWbably the oldest blood medicine f
lithe market. It has been sold by
Iroegists for fifty years. Get a botle
today and begin treatment that
irill get results. -.i\
Vftii intMta/l 1A SA Jsm ' :J
*vu *u(iwbu w muc iu-u?j, i
or compete and full advice as to |
he treatment of your own case.
address, Cffkf Medical Adviser, j
iwift Specific toy Dept. H. Atlanta* y
rit of Spring?
inting ;?|
! varnishing will nQt|&&]
rour home surrounding^
hings last so much long-||
tuaVy cheaper to pain$|
n to let them rot?ana^l
later?especially whenJXffl
you with all lands ofjg
les, oils and brushes at 8 |
^ I
r for, you can use omiJ
lint reducing your cost 9
the quality, we guaran^i
L.50 on up to $6 per gal &

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