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HrfUJK. -SLm
u / B m^a
rrfliB ^Bb? ?^lit JaitaiJ "** 1 iii
| HUlre length. i'hen dotted line 2 anc
I' to. Oa. Fold each section underneatl
I socoratety. When completed torn ots
yotfn ^ flnd^a surprising xesolt
Cloudy and warn
EStf* "iwipi c | er tonight Wednei
EfiU * j day probably shea
, .1 Local Readings,
er ?^ear! iem?era
ry tore maxtanm 89
^s^Br1 *Li minimum 85; pre
| Bbed Men's hall?Marlon Lodge. K
BSmcy building'?Elks.
| Odd Fellows* hall?Marioo Lodge, I
I IE. ot P. hatt-Pythian Sisters.
^Central Labor ball?Proposed Ston
* Clerks' Union meeting.
U-Hosae on Fnrloogh?Earl Ralph
Sjnjrdsr, wbo Is stationed at Cam;
Hwid. Md.. la home tor a ten days
fsrfcmgh slatting his parents. Mr, ant
QBfcs. E. T. Balpbsnyder, of neai
I end Egg Layer*?Henry H, Cat
\, of Gnat district, report* thai
as fifty White Leghorn hem
i last month laid 775 egg*. Mr
hem la an amateur chicken ml*
is year being his firat in the bus
ris for Beeord?Deeds har<
tied ha the county clerk's offla
lows: Bay D. Harden and wlf<
L. Puller, real estate In J. Faj
Mi addition. M50; John A. Heei
ittie Bead, real eat*to in Man
M, fdlf; EL B. Jenkins and wlft
BtoJames S. Hotlandsworth and -wife
K;tSd iq, Fairmont, fMO; Chariot L
K Bnodgrv# to C. A. flnodgrass, land fi
I Mannlngton. fitS; John F, Fhlllpi
I and Waitmaa H. Conaway. spccla
| comsilaslonero, to Carlo Clreocta, rea
: estate in Fairmont Independent dl?
gttfet, 11,730; The People's Nation*
I^ttik to Guy Gemolll, land in A met
flffiMSMhaaTheeii leaned to John Sansa
pit, of Enterprise, and Pansy Dura
BR& - -
ggpedenl Court In Session?There li
?, wepeetal term of United States Cour
^PMKiasing IWe morning in Clarksburg
BHffifiiiiMffftrt Df??Today to on# of tht
Ethla spring so tar, Tin
M H could well bo atu
Jorlonaty dawllng a
rub aad then a eeol am
eze makes po^of-doe
pleasant, Many paopl,
mtowB strsete,
m ie Mset?The Pjrtfa
1 meet tonight at 7:*
I the Warning building
re naked t? he present,
peetton Kent Mondai
, A. SfaiMl ot Qra/tot
e State Benate will in
made Coramandery f
ar la Masonic Temple
llfary ,te .Meet?Thli
'dock the Ladles Aux
Baltimore and Ohti
atW association wil
; fat the. Y. M. C. A. a
II Boxes?Painters an
painting the mall box
The coat of brilUan
Mch was applied no*
sea consplcions spot
Kfesrhar Has Flo Miss Thor
Hmlihwe, teacher of the Eight!
fcpa&s at the 'White school is 111 a
mMtr'hsBS on Fenimore street wltl
ptlMsjr for Armenians?Funds an
BSn coatBg in lor the Armenian an<
ftrriaa Bele-t. 'City Point school a
gniiletoa has sent in $2.30 and thi
MBawid trard has contribatcd $25 nn
Myths'direction of Mrs. C. H. Jenkins
peely to Preside Ovei
II, 0.0, P. Celebratior
Br"! isimin M. M. Neely has beei
Smmb to preside oyer the celebratloi
Pi 100th anniversary o
in America which wtl
a Monday evening o
: 30 o'clock In the Firs
soopal church. Th
( the order will partic
ton, Ky? grandmute
Jdge of Odd Fellows o
otncky. There will b
a. Members of the 01
f brethren wfll meet a
all at 7 o'clock tha
[ the celebration in i
I ' ?-??
Regional Meeting to Bi
Held at Morgantown
Friday and Saturday. ^
An interesting program of the R?
Cross Region al Conference Trill bi
carried out at Morgantown on April 2J
and 2Wh. Mrs. James A. Meredith a
chairman ot the Fairmont chapter o
the Red Cross has received a lette
from David H. Brown, acting manage
which states that the Monongahefa
county chapter is kindly extending cc
operation to this division by arranginj
a place or meeting and other details
ft is felt that all chapter officials an<
,committees will be Interested in bav
| ins the place of the conference anc
. (the program brought especially to theij
' attention. The conference will be hel
in the High school auditorium at Mor
gantown. The names of those plan
- ning to attend should be sent at onci
to Mrs. Frank Protzman, Red Cross
Headquarters, Morgantown, who hai
.charge of the hotel arrangements. J
1 good representation from the Falrmon
' yhapter wfli be stimulating. The pro
1 gram is as follows:
Friday morning?10:00, Opening ad
dress, Mr. C. E. Palmer, chalrmai
Monongalia County Chapter; 10:3(
1 "Future Plans of the Red Cross," D<
vld H. Brown, acting manager; 11:0C
1 "Future Program of Home Service,
" W. A. Harris, director, Department o
' Civilian Relief; 11:30, "The Worl
" Against Tuberculosis in West Vlr
glnia," Dr. Harriet Jones, secretarj
West Virginia Antl-Tuberculosl
Afternoon'?2:30, "Program of th
Nursing Service," Miss Georgia M
Nevlns, director Department of Nun
' lng; 3:00, "Compensation and Insu:
ance," W. A. Harris; 8:30, "Th
Need in Rural Commnnities for thi
" Red Cross," Dr. L. M. Bristol, Wea
tri_ i_i. tt_A A . aa .
Virginia univerBiijj ?;uu, worn o
, the Federal Board for Vocational Edn
' cation," Mr, W, H. Magoe, Dlatrict Vo
catlonal Officer, K. B. V, E.; 4:40
Round Table D iscusslone, Nuraln
" Group, Miss Georgia M. Nerins; Horn
{ Service, W, A. Harris; Chapter Aotlv
. ltfes, David H. Brown; Junior Men
* bershlp, Miss Lida M. Bauett.
r , Evening?Moving Pictures, "Nei
Faces for Old," "Rebuilding Brokei
LlJvoa Behind the Linos," The Dough
" boys at Archangel,"
; 8:46?Address by C, 0 Lyon not*
newspaper correspondent recently re
' turned from Europe, Thrilling exper
lences In France and Germany,
Saturday Morning?10 "What the Ji
jilor Red Cross Is Planning," Miss LI
da M. Bassett, drlaotor Department c
' Junior Membership, 10:30 "How (hi
9 Junior Red Ctom Stimulates doners
9 School Work," Supt. C, R, Smith, Mo
f gantown, W, Va, 11, eontlnuatlon o
5 Group Conference!, 12:30, Adjourn
" ment,
> - . so ??
i Mannington Case
Up in Circuit Couri
* In circuit court this morning a Jur;
' was called In tho case of James E
| Adamaon va. John K. Modi of Mannln
1 ton," This com concerns some boo!
repair work on tho Arlington hotel e
Mannington of which Modi la propria
j tor, Adamaon did the work and la at
, ing for money which hs claims la ow
, ing to him, Tho Jury conalata of J, F
Blackwood, W. I, Lydio, Jeromial
Aahcraft, J Lee Bioo, M. B, Jfardor
, George E. Iloldren, Nlmrod Hanghi
, John L. Floyd, Elmer H4Mis, Qoorg
, L, Ballah, J, A, Fortney and W, B
Yesterday the case of Robert Man
* roo vs, Jack Hayes was decided, Th
4 sum of 21,060.39 was Judged the cot
1 root amount by the jury which Jec
? Hayes owed Monroe,
* ? w
Five Burned to Death
When Big Plane Fel
: (Djr Associated Pross.)
' ANUOVEn, Mass., April 2S?BTv
' members of the crew of a bis Handle]
Page aeroplane were burned to doatl
early today when the machine eraahe
r to the earth ae the result of Bidden
1 ?t the aor drome at Neyhlll noar hew
' The two other* In the machine wer
l Injured eertously,
i, All occupants of the machine wer
army officers, including a major, an
two lieutenant*. The machine telle
I to start off well and etruck a telegrap]
? pole. The under carriage broke off an
j the machine fell on the roof of a hn
used for sleeping purposes. The gas
t ollne tank caught fire and the machln
burned so quickly that it waa lmpoasl
ble to reach the Imprisoned crew.
A lieutenant and a sergeant manag
a ed to extricate themselves but wer
- burned severely,
t ~
ALt.i a lai-oai
r omcKen ana wairiea,
The Ladles Aid Society of Qrac
Lutheran clinrch are making prepara
tions to scrre a chicken and rraffi
supper from 5 to 8 o'clock at th
4 church Thursday criming.
| 38BE3B ^
| May Day Parade to
' Be Held in Evening
Arrangements were made last even
ing by the program committee for a
parade on the evening of May Day the
international labor day, which is celebrated
throughout the world. The column
will mave at six o'clock. The
? United Mine Workers and others did
' not desire to lose a day's work.
After the parade there will be speaking
from the court house steps, the
speakers not having been secured as
yet. The celebration is under the auspices
of the Monongahela Valley trad
j es council.
r (Continued from .page one.)
i who tried to bring this colored gentle
k amn to jail. John Henry owed a fine
5 or $25 for some trouble he got intc
i. with two culled ladies as chief wit1
nesses last week. John Henry no $M
- and Chief Harr allowed him to deparl
1 until sometime within a couple *>l
r days, when he was told he must gel
d hold of $25 somewhere and bring it
- in. John Henry claims he tried
- mighty bard, but found no one willt
lng to take a chance on loaning hire
i the money. Officers were detailed tt
I | bring him In last evening and thi
t bringing wan good up to the Jail ent
trance, when John Henry made a
? dash for liberty. He waa chaaed somt
alatance, and after aome trouble wai
- brought back.
11 This morning John Henry aaya h?
waa sick and did not want to stay lr
^ Jail. The officer In charge reported
that John Henry aald at the Jail ontranco,
"To the dickens with you all
t ?I'm goln'l" only "dlckena" waan'l
k Juat exactly tho word used. Th?
- priaoner thla morning wept real toari
-% as he explained that he waa "goln'"
b all right, but goln' to get the fine and
bring It right back. Officer* nay h?
e hasn't worked In years and work and
1. ho have long since gone separata
?- ways.
Tho mayor let looso a thundei
? storm In John Hanry's heart Just afs
ter tho explanation, when ho lined
t the healthy apoclmsn of III health Jual
t |B0 more for roalatlng an officer
- "You're In bad thla time for aura,'
i- added the mayor for good measure
I, With a fine of |76 unpaid, John HenK
ry's sickness was aggravated and he
0 asked if he might have a doctor.
Fatty Ferguson, above tho averagi
k weight with a good naturad face and
much soiled hands, appoarcd en i
r ohargo of drankneneas last nlghl
1 Fatty said he haule4 a trunk for i
man and tho man offered him a drink
which he could not realat, "When 1
1 get one drink, I'm sure to be tempted
to take another," aald Fatty?"I
don't see how It Is, but It's a fact.'
The mayor qeuverea a wnnon ioi
i? Fatty's boaeflt this morning, will
much flattery In term In pled, He Bile
f he knew Patty for a hard working
1 fine fellow?If ha only would let ttai
1 drink nlono, Ha told him ha oughi
r aeyer even to mnell tho etuff. Hi
f aald he had Patty on his mind fro
- quently and wished very much to hi
Instrumental In reforming him. Fattj
promised to try again and was finer
16. He paid f 2 and promised Chlei
Horr lo bring back tho rest later.
At Traotton Park yeeterday after
Y noon tho Fairmont colored bsaobal!
'# loam defeated tho Cnlentown nogrt
K nine by tho score of 9 to 3,
k Union town woe unable lo conned
f wltli tho ball at opportune moment)
< when hit wonld have meant rtms wltl
u the bases well laden down, A good
sized crowd witnessed the game.
' - h
Due Qoelal,
i, The ladles of tho W, 0. T, TT. are go
log to hold a duo social tomorrow ofe
ternoon beginning at 2:30 o'clock lr
1. the First Dap tut church. There will
be no fixed program and tho membert
i- are expected to bring their fancj
e work,
1 How: to Redact [Your Weight
Get rid of that bnrdea or obesity
fhis yery season. Become/lithe iM?
active. Stop sufferfcg frorf iver-sCout
aess. Tor may area eat ice /ream
cms and caady it jour like. /Eajoj
1 yourself while getting/thin bwkoreii
ey*ero?approve/ bygthysiciajfe.
Mrs. Clarene/ Cas/ repertythit ski
reduced her yfcightr thirty-fi/s pooadj
in six weekef by/ising oil Jbf koreia
Msby othrf reports made tA driightei
worn*, whA ware unable t/get rid e:
their pur^yn of fat until^e^gsdojjtgi
Get m s^Aw^^Poil Jnf Aorcin, ii
capsules, at any drug etoA; follow th
plain ilrtftions of koreinfcymem. Guar
antee If reduction or7 mOoey back
Notbinflferaslie at caCa ?a1I
'* treatment that has iraprovdd the figure
vivacity, In inly n ill li nilii flfl
of ladies. lor protruding hips, dllrMj
large seek or bust, doutjio chin, purs;
abdomen, etc., this gimme, remarkabl;
6 effective reduction system ghonld b<
'* tried. A book, "Bedute "Weight Hap
e P>ly," may be had free, postpaid (plan
8 -wrapper), by writing to Koreia Cow
nan ?, Station F,y>'e"r Ycrlc, 21. Y
!'V ?I. %
U v?// ?
Out Book on Canade
Many (acts interesting in then:
seires and of particular value to man
ufacturers and exporters aro given ii
a booklet on Canada which the Cuai
antjr Trust company of New York ha
1 'Just issued. The economic resource
of the Dominion are set forth in dc
scriptive matter and in tables contain
ing the latest available statistics
Much stresR is laid upon the par
which the United States has playei
during the past in the development o
Canada and there are suggestion"
drawn from the plaps which Canad:
has made to expand her manufactur
ing industries and her foreign trade
as to what the financial and commet
cial relations of the two countries ma;
be In the future. The booklet wil
be mailed upon request.
! Emu
; (Continued from page one.)
1 Satterfleld with accompaniment bj
Miss Laura F. Briggs.
County Chairman Smith Hood ant
Attorney Henry S. Lively will be thi
principal speakers at Baxter tonight
furniBh stirring music.
Harry Shaw will split honou^witl
the Baxter hand at a meeting te b<
held at Grant Town Thursday night.
A meeting of the music committer
was held at the headquarters bulldlni
at 12:15 thai afternoon, end a numbe:
1 of persons will this afternoon bo draft
eu mr in county racrunp,
Automobile* Needed.
County Chairman Hood is now foce<
with a shortage of automobiles li
which to transport speakers and sinf
ers to meetings in ont of the way plac
cs ever the county. All persons wh<
have ears that might ot times be plac
ed at the disposal of Mr. Hood pleasi
s?t into communication with him a
The National Bank of Fairmont, Thi
i Peoples and Tha Fairmont State Banl
; have announced that honds may be pu:
eliaeed through them for a first P&y
I ment of $t> on a 450 bond, with 41
weekly payments of 1 each. Othe
j hanks of the olty are planning in othe
' ways to oare for their customers. Thi
partial payment plan adopted by (th*
banks named above it known as th<
"Victory Llbsrty Loan auto."
(Continued from page one.)
$2.00 (on tenders and $2.10); Meyert
'dale Smokelees Coal company, 10
tons per day at $3.15; Big Chief Mint
100 tons per day at $1.90.
Yesterday's Loading.
Yesterday's loading totaled 425 can
Of this 494 ears were coal and one wa
coke, There were 29 anoonslgned car
billed off the division yesterday. Till
places the total at 894 today.
The movement was 983 can ot coa
east and IB west. Ore kmejoar o
coke was shipped east
Lake Shipments.
Shipments to the lakos yesterday tc
taiea 41 oars. Eight loads ware sen
I to Curtis Bay; tourteon to MWhtgai
* points; five to Ohio points, five t
miscellaneous points.
At Cleveland Meeting.
| C. H. Jenkins, president of th
I -
\/HONE /468-M.
( SAY, FKCWS5-j?ttkT J|
00C9 M-l-l-L-E-M R- J=
Northern Weat Virginia C
ton* Association, left last night for
Cleveland to attend the meeting of the
t board of directors of the National Coal
Association, which will be held at Ho
tcl Sutler, Cleveland, O.. on Wednesday
moraine at 10:30 o'clock.
George T. Bell, executive vice preslv
dent of the Northern West Virginia
, Coal Operators' Association, is attending
a meeting of the secretaries of coal
associations In Cleveland today. This
session is being held at the Cleveland
' hotel, Cleveland.
Today's Cars.
. There arc 24165 empties on the divl?
sion today . Cars left over from the
, previous day were 1,100. Cars are
' classified as follows today: Ooal, 2,829;
coko, 11; surplus, M. V. T, 126.
The placement at 7 o'clock this morn.[
ing was 1, 675.
Y Working Condition*.
1 More mines are idle today than any
day since April 5. TTiere are 175
down today while on April 5 there
were 183 idle. Last Tuesday 161
mines were down .two weeks ago, 161;
three weeks ago, 186; four weeks ago,
Unitde Mine Workers.
B. A. Scott, international board
member, and Morgan L. Lewis, interr
national organizer, are in the Morgantown
field today. ,
1 J. L. Ballard, international organ!9
zer, is in the Elldns section today.
John Custalac, district organizer, is
on the sick list today, suffering from
a severe cold.
II. E. Peters, district organizer, returned
this morning from Charleston.
Speaking engagements of J. W.
Brown, international organizer, are as
follows: Tonight, Colored Odd Fel
Musterole' Loosens Up Tho^e
Stiff Joints?Drives (nit Mn
Musterofe once yog
blister.and comfort J
Hi H
KBfl BsH
< 'VB bie
m m ' -'
.tkCwm J*Mrth
Cumming* Kmieh
J?- Bittara
Victor East India Nat
Cherry WlMoltob
Victoria Olopr Cordial
Hanbooail Rodt u4
* Ry
Roseleaf Cherry
Victoria Clncor and
I \ Whin
Prepared for jou by
I I m\ it TOU? \ ^
- LTTT/ <?!
| I
knrt' hall. Clartaborr; Thursday
sight instead of Wednesday night ju
previously mentioned, Lnmberport;
Friday night. 7 o'clock, L O. 0. F. hal
Enterprise; Sunday at 3 p. m.. Moua\
Clare; Monday night. 6:30 o'clock
Sam Ballastyne, International boan
member, will leave this week for 1111
nols In the Interest of business of th?
United Mine Workers.
Keep Yoor Liver Lively
and vnnr fVj-mno
v??kv& vf&gaiio
will work without help
Olala?made from Roots. Ilrrbs and
Barks?enjoys an enviable f nutation
for ? <j tired livers worllng ofcp
erly; . oigJbut poisons reatpfiuiso
sick headachy biliousness#dfzziness,
backache "YonstipatM. Olaia
goea rigbtfBown Jo the cajfea-efvoui
mlstry-flfota yvfr li\jaJKa kidiyys
to w*k?cis^foet ymr GtomachAnJ
No %Jro?l orjjratrong /inq^-Just
right lor young am old tone. /
50 tallota Zoadtt all Arrf~" A\\i\
Chief a^dicm^Co.. oftiMffltta, O.,
Sold in*^rmont b^BkJtCrane &
Co., Fairmont PhanmLcy^HountalTi
City Drug Co., Tenth} St Phcha^ry
In Monongah by Windsor DrugCoZm
Fairview by Frank Ycfct
The G. F. Barns Classy
/ ?PJ
\ w
a*Ik far ? irfi.
<* flavwr.
wiirf at your IvoUl, d
Ida tr by th? bottk a
rM \T9 4BST (
J> |f| h A* A M
J J f.y
? ;
'.r8* '' ''
Many Women Suffer Noedleeaiy?dm*
pie Medicine, Containing 8ul.
phur In Tablet Form Bring* ?
Amazing Relief.
The absence of a simple mineral like u
ordinary sulphur causes women untold fl
misery and penodica/sutferlng beyond ffl
words to express. eiut women often 1
suffer in silence, rather than make 9
their trouMds known.
If you, mfdam. it miss, suffer Wflh
frightful /radacji'i miserable, dragging
backache, Aahtlpatlon end ktdner
,bla?!er an I ither irregularttlea, H
"lkjr f?r *ij, we*a refQl&tlnc j
lets) gratifying
relief an\i ha^lys^ti^d foey^afltor^ 9
vertisemeA lnjfce "Timee/^toought
1 I would trx aklpberb TabletV^as a m
tonic and regal auer, and find qm
' absolutely ma nasi wonaenm system
jcaulator I ban Ivor used. Sincerely.
' etc." Sold by mbod druRpisU erery- ,
where at 60c ffr tube aud guaranteed
satis l^c to ry.^Ads.
CuirLdrtffi Cry
so hpfr o r i a
WE^irmont High School
f TWT 4 1
) NatureComedy
at ike
LPRIL 25th \
i 35c and 50c
' \
* "
* J^r
i juH m A M
\ ^
EMM nnn
i hni iMk dbtiMt>
tub; rntourtatj bm*
r com it tout trocor*
mJL o
M&?- ~ ' . |l ^ v^j&:^'i::'^S

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