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V ^^?'?'???? ? -?------ ?.?^?.
I Bob Tremble* on the Verge of Reotore
1 Bob'* hand Tented lightly on the
wheel of the oar and he lounred In the i
aeet with on Indolent grace which 1* <
U peculiarly hi* own. The familiar ;
atretoh of hla body made me catch
w my nnderllp between my teeth. From i
F | hla attitude I caught ?t a eubtle
change In hla mind. The little house
held hie attention, H pulled myster'
i iou*y at aome memory, at leaet he
7 waa not in a hurry to leave tt.
/ "Such wonderful lilacs!" ?af(l 1 ,
keeping my eyea on Bob rather than
| ' on the splendid purple mist of blosft|
soma crowning the tall hedge which |
screened the kitchen garden.
H "Great!" Bob agTeed. "I like lilacs"
/ "So do I?I love them??nd babies
I too." I added for Just then a curly ;
| headed child, aex indefinite, toddied
from behind the Ulacs. An Irish tsr|
rior frisked mailly about It In large rlr
r cres wnne a nurse yueuou a mo- .
It was a dear cherub ao aplck and i
, 5 a pan that It was, obviously a well beI
loved child.
And that lnfant?or one of the aame i
age? might have been our very own? i
Bab'a and mine?except for the war. ]
"Let's drlvo on!" I murmered anil I
cloied my eyea to shut out the dear i
n' vision. ;
I "We don't need to hurry," Bob drawl j
I ed. "You sec, I'm trying to recall
something about that house. I ought i
to know who lives In it?I must have i
been Inside of It. sometime, myself. ;
The plan of It, somehow Is in my, i
brsfln." i
"Yes?" 1 did my beat to, keep my <
"r. v'o'ce from betraying my eagerness.
"Gosb! Why can't I get It? I've 1
always been strong on maps and p:ans
But since mv head was bumped?of I
course mother has made you hear
THAT talc?I'm apt to forget. You :
don't mind If I try to recall this, do i
you?" i
A ~~ 22 -------- *? ~ THE
In a Canteen.
(Copyright. 1D19, oy the JdcClue
.Ntw^papa,- Syndicate.)
ttjT steals uo baa u drag you out,;
I lie.tii, ' "o.guu Lur.j tail, in a i
? * coaxing tone, "but you know!
fflw '. ue.-.tl..y .3 ...y uay at toe cauloen."
utii . ium.u me, dear,' Helen iiulck-;
!* ' . " 'I'd -o.c to stay hare In f
I in. 1 rou;1 timi! h.-? In7'
? ti.iHtl mc lo death sfohJ j
I |
vf re In the gray and rose |
.owin that Doris' mother let'
1 -- is.' lie.' own. They had had,:
- w.euAiaisi. and were putting on
po.ta clothes [or ait hour ot
VaaJd3iy Deris looked up from tliu
't- la-... ct lacing, lier boot3. I have it?
r.i borrow tjeaevieve'a uniform and ;
V >uu snail be a real canteen worker!
m. v.. ... lo;.. v.! v.n. Win you.'"
S' : c ca ucmuried. She waj 110 .
u;....n'.Cfi*....Cu ill cu.U.fc l.i.g .it
fiv .u j i.iij j.ci. or ia..
iK ? c ".ii nir i iuj heid Oi re . .u.eri
i , .j iiji jic. i.. civ.o i n. u
i'o :t. .ouie. .it.u ..i 1 a:id bo
.* Ciiiiot it:C *1 d oO.il ' Oil0 il.i 1 1U d* p.-mieiiu
una Una no ai.otaien.s tor
the country to pay. he ceeajoi to bo
or.e oi the ch^en few to have to re-!?
*??!?. . ?. I 1-1 nli.n is j /I si/sf I
evtn heard i'torn him for weeks, Iba
efebt of soldiers v.ho had been fortunate
enough to get bogie would only
make bc'r move lonely.
"I really would rather stay at home, :
Doris," she sa:d. "Really."
j, "Oh, that's too pokey. And besides,'
i- ire need you. I just Ur .pened to re-,
member that Genevieve won't be home
,1. till tomorrow, and you shall take her!
- place and wear her uniform. It's aj
. duck of a blue overall with black patit..
eat belt and white frilly collar and
Fa C?P"
Helen saw that she would have to go. j
J Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. "All |
^ right. I'll do my best, but do leave me I
. In the pantries to make salads and
j don't make me wait on table."
. "We'll see about that, dear. You're
Z for too pretty to be poked off In a
.,. pantry."
j.:; Doris waved off the flattery an t
donned her hat. "Hurry. Helen, i
HL- we're going to have any golfing before
r.. we go to this canteen place. Where
Is it. anyway?"
g , "OK, across the island a bit?over at
> Hempstead, near Field 2."
Pi "Wherever that may be." mumbled
Doris, who came from the mi .die West
'' and to whom Long Island meant very
a,' little.
(?, . At three o'clock the two girls were
&T neatly attired In the!' blue canteen
anrons. and with tv ither workers
. were being drlvca - a comfortali'c
5~ closed car to the b- s-alow on Meadow
^. street, where r i.uiera and officers
found rest and ^creation as well as
>. good home-cOwied meals.
When U-'.y stepped into the big
' lounge Ho.on could cot restrain an
cxclamatictv ot enthusiasm. "How
[ wonder? y pretty, Dorta."
, Dorl- knew that her guest would
Si" fall ' love with the place once she
he J seen It. "Tes?we think It Is most
Bl t .tractive."
"Attractive! I shonld say it was.
Pre never seen anything bo perfectly
arranged and so prettily decorated Is
my life. And every big comfy chalt
has a table beside It with a book and
a drop light. Isn't the scheme of bine
ar.d yellow effective?" And Helen
raved on, moving from one corner to
another ot the canteen and ffirjaiTTtlng
anew at every turn. From the blue
bowls of yellow flowers to the bine
and yellow sofa pillows that made the
big lounge look invitingly homelike,
the was enthusiastic to her utmost.
After a while, when the Hollers
s had arranged the tables, attended to
K? the cutting of the bread and filling of
I the water glasses, a stray soldier or
; .two dropped in for an early dinner
or a bite of extra food.
Helen worked ei ff she had tmm
" 1
ttM-MTza&?nJ9nri?/jzruha-i ?
^jgilj hi ii =j
d Memory but the Mlreele Muet Welt
"Try! Do try! It would be marvelone?"
Then I realised that too much
smthustaam on my part might distract
his effort
"It's maddening! I've never been
lost In my lire! Direction has always
been a sixth sense to me. Our old
rndian guide In the north woods used
to lore me for It. And over there a
hunch of us were lost in the fog and
rain for three days?we lived in a
shell hole Id advance of our line, and
when our emergency rations were'
used up, I got the boys back to our
trenches somehow, without sun, moon,
stars or compass?"
"So that's how you won your medill"
I gasped. "Please let me say it's
"N'o, [ didn't mean It that way. T
told jou so you'd understand how It
peeves me not to recall something I
aught to know about these lilacs?
ind the room in, that shack."
I trembled while I kept very still. I
was tragically unable (o touch the
spring which controlled Bob'a tusntal
mechanism. 1 could only hope thai
be was on the verge of recovery.
But mv hirh hrpes of a miracle were
aot to be fulfilled that day. Another
into wheeled close to Bob's and stopped.
"Cr-mp home to dinner, children."
sa d Mother Lorimer and she smiled
enigmatically at me, and at Bob. and
it the bungalow and?I am sure I did
not dream this?at the toddling child,
ts If she saw some hope of her own
toraing true
Bu' the charming young woman stti-g
beside her did not smile. Instead
he ove me an insolent "once over."
1 said to myself:
"You ought to have been a movie
star Katharine Miller. T never aaw
:ye3 narrow so maliciously?except on
the screen."
brought up to just this sort of housework
and made a charming and deft
When there was a lull lu the work
the gtrls sat together in the pantry
and ate a sandwich or folded paper
napkins and had a good time together.
"One of my soldiers ate four eggs,"
laughed Lorls.
"And I had a boy who had two plates
of that meat pie, and you know lion
much lilisc puts on for a portion. I
order for a second portion."
"Oh. I hear some one in tho officer's
room now. Who'll go? You go.
Helen. You haven't worked so hard."
said Doris, pushing hov friend forward.
The officers' room was just off the
b'g dining room end hod a door leading
directly ir.'.o it from the porc'n.
Doris. bcD.g a regular worker, knew
that ihcc came to that room occasionally
a tot and grouchy major whom
(hey :-l d..-likid to wait upon. There'<
" en's 'gnorance?or innoc
nc- -sh had taken advantage of
hti' and the giris were all laughing
uu.etly about it.
Helen was gone so long that they
began to wonder what was keeping
"it must have been the major and
b ''= nplalnirg just how long he wants
V- toast toasted and his eggs boiled.'
ren-B'kcd Doris.
"It's taking a long time tonight,"
added another girl.
Sutpoee we Just happen out that
way?and look." said another.
"Let's all go." whispered Doris. "We
can pr'tend we're fixing the tables."
The" all started in the direction of
the officers' lounge and looked carelessly
There was no fat, grouchy major.
Th?re was no Helen!
The girls looked at each other. "I
certainly heard some one go In there."
Doris said.
"And?your friend Helen?" questioned
one of tbo girls who had envied
the new-comer her prettlness.
"1?1 can't Imagine," began Doris.
"Oh. listen!"
"Tee. 1 hear voices!" exclaimed two
of the girls in unison.
Out on the porch, dimly lit from the
yellow lights within, they heard Helen's
voice. Then they head a man
Doris felt it her duty to go to the
door. She had hardly expected Helen
to break the rules this way.
"Oh?a?Helen," she called, softly.
Jnst then Helen, blushing and happy.
her eyes sparkling like twin stars,
her dimples coming and going, appeared
in the doorway, arm In arm
with a big khaki-clad captain, with
overseas stripes and a wound stripe?
and an equally beaming face.
"It?It's Bob. Doria?Capt. Robert
Haverford, Miss Doris VaU." Helen
managed to explain.
Introductions followed, and the captain
explained that he had jnst arrived
from France, that he had sent a telegram
out to Ohio to Inform Helen of
~ OLf
COKMrfTlOtl iM fpo
TW? MM J?*s
H , Tji
\ mi..
JCIES fdPijl
ARE 1-4 AND 1-3
New Frocks of ^
Rare Beauty
TTNUSUALLY interesting ^
Frocks have been assembled
for the Summer season; Wra4\
simplicity being a noticeable y
characteristic; developed in v\
flowered Georgette Crepe, 4 )\\\
plain and printed Crepe dc /I
Chine, Taffeta and Foulard. f' _
Suitable for street and after- I&frf
noon wear and very attractively
priced, j , ( *
HATS that at s perfect complements to
every item in the Summer wardrobe
are now offerqd in exclusive displays
from Gage, Rawak, Laurel and other
prominent creators. Artistic fancy takes
delight in combinations of charming.
straws with rich and colorful trimmings,
or in crepe hats, stitched taffeta hats,
organdie hats and the extremely desirable
dress hats in black transparencies.
The last are especially the vogue at pres
I.lttle ma'ds whose big sisters or
young lady cousins have invited them
to strew the bridal path with June
roses, are all agog these days over
the subject of the gown.
This delectable frock for a flower /
girl is fashioned Frenchllly of azure / .
blue chiffon, acoordeon pleated over j /.
white silk, and deep hem and ruffles -t /j
on the sleeves are of pale rose taffeta, f IK
The flowery bands are French silk i U
rosebuds in pink, blue and lavendar, v I A
with a knot of the flowers reserved i
io confine a bobbing curl. 1 '3*t; ' \ lj
? < V
I nis coming, ana ne n&a Jnst wanaerea \ >
Into this attractive canteen tor a bit
of supper, being too tired to eat with \
the fellow officers at camp. ' \
"And the little canteen worker who
came to wait on you proved to be your
fiance?" laughed Doris. "It sounds
Just like a story, and I can hardly believe
it Is real. Girls, shall we let
Helen eat with him and we'll all wait
on them?"
And Ellse, the cook, did herself
proud on the extrap she added to the
plates of the two lovers who had found
each other so romantically. ,
"Faith and bejabbers, I was young
myaeV once," she said, when they
told her.
/Ilk H?R TOSTll tlus isTks I w- uao PFriEi3:"
rausiwrr of proposals last PAG J ,~ Tftot Rua
to TH* AO sue RAM IN J tOe. TUB
PiapjB FOR AuosaAMD- // RBTPikVR>B0MC y
?mi/.OACE. - f 'sm V
ly evening, may 27, 1919.
aps !&qoodJd pai
5 and
^good's Advance Showing
me Wearin:
stingly Grouped and Attrac
1 tor Pre-Memorial Day S
EXQUISITE Blouses in Organdie,
French Voile and Georgette are
shown in a profusion of rare and beautiful
designs. Both tailored and more elaborately
trimmed with embroidery, nleat
( ed frills, dainty iaces and evidencing new
tendencies in collar 'and sleeve effects.
Besides flesh and white there are many
delicate Summer shades and many of the
'l white blouses are deftly embellished with
bits of contrasting color at the cuffs and
Members c
P normal scnoo
(111 ear*?eme
4 . 2!
WttAT*? 1HE 6I? j | (THCWUllMT BVBN
cntieRE (Oca Hwe? J one. of -ruesc. Unm
j) ! heminc of Soo See, *me MMU.D IS
i?. All -nils ? _ ataiy about me
? ^
g Apparel I
lively | y
idling f*
^ V.'V v'sH&O
mflr Hav Pan^c an/1
nn wA - VUJ/Vil UI1VI
30\ Evening Wraps 1
M\V ju3t such Wraps as will
( 1 ? cpntinue to be popular
throughout the Summer, dis- [
it \ tinguished by their grace and
|g beauty of design. In short and
?P||2n long effects, fashioned of
Y^p new materials, and beautiful.
[A ly tailored. Navy or light
lit 4 Summery colors.
The Correct Summer Skirts .*1
THE Osgood ensemVie of new Summer
Skirts offers beautiful models in
blue and black Taffeta, plaid Taffeta. > 9
Faille, Poulette, Tricolette and Fan-ta-si
Silks, and in other interesting, novelty
fabrics and effective combinations. Many
exhibit new conceits in pockets and belts
?all are unquestionablv the smartenl S
Skirts that have ever graced crtir stocks.
Obtainable in all the Summer shades,
such as, white, light blue, King's blue,
nile green, peach, flesh and in navy and
S. Instructors SSEVSST*" """cu* J
mmencements E"V"S' 1SI2r!"iISS::|
Wednesday night to ad&raas thwSB
if the Fairmont State "choQl8there- , 1
1 faculty are Tjusv at this !
engagements to deliver DEATH OF ROY J. BEALU J|
It addressee at the varl- Roy Joseph Beall, aged two months,-'!
hrougbaut the atate and , M d Mnu u Q B(Bin ot g
kl members of the faculty "til. _
ints of this nature. if"*?* TS amY. ""SM
Monday at fire o clock at tha hams of^l
toseph Josler will apeak Ws p^tsT He uVi^rtrSl WjfflB
Thursday and on Friday parentTand three bro^rs and fonr -1
the schools at Parsons. Asters. Tbe ^ take ple^SS
er Barnes, head of the Wednesday morning at ten o'clock andfwS
irtment of the Normal, bnrlal will be made In the Logansportnl
n address at Bherrard on cemetery by Undertaker Lasear, of I
light, at Clay Oonnty Mannlngton.
ty\Are yur cak'esflig'ht and sgpngy
Id ^our yscur^^T^^^flakyP \v'lj||
-nmtt^epmvat i'vejwt ~to l*u? (jl
,, mmV wl otrr <>*= at This coctuw C
WOCK. ltd *THC. MU?CJ m _ H
J/Bt I y I

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