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I i - . A O f
| Arnllt BnreM of Cteenlattons F
llBtfif '"'',- v
Fif O t* A
RDown Today Because of
mb Lack of Cars.
up ratTfTght lost
^To-Reduction in Differentials
to the Great
!, Car supply on the Monongah divis"
fen of the Baltimore and Ohio rallEmRso
"today Is somewhat Improved
-C; otSr yesterday, but It Is tar from
Ideal, as flften mines are down because
of car shortage.
SSSPhecars on the division tooday to* I
TtSI- 1,089, which is 128 better than
yesterday. Today's placement at 7
o'clock at 914 was 248 better than '
, yesterday. Todays' cars are classified
It as follows: Coal, 1,066,' coke, four.
Caiis left over from the previous day
fe-176. j
in the Monongahela Railway to"
the placement at 7 o'clock was
t< Surplus cars on hand total 140.
Lose Lake Fight.
| Effort to secure a better freight
\ra.te to the Great Lakes on the part of
Jthe.operatosr of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania
and Northern West Virginia
/has been denied by the Inter-state
J Commerce commission. Fairmont
/"operators went along with others
( ^either to have the rate form the coal
Y'? re<^uce(^ or to have the rate
i rRMUtt'.JiuiUvw auu muiuua iu vqi mui ,
I >' Cal.d ports increased.
" George K. Bell, executive vice presJ.
ident of the Northern West Virginia
??; -Coal- Operators' association, was one
|jS of the attorneys to argue the case before
the commission to have the rates j j
reduced. Mr. Bell in a circular letter 1
i .States the following:
I ? "I.am in receipt of telegraphic adI
*ioe from Washington to the effect
1that jtbe Inter-state Commerce com- :
I 'mission has decided tliat no recognlz*
ed relationship ever existed as be[V&twoeir^the
rates on-eopl-from West' 4
I Vtfglnla, Ohio and Pennsylvania ,
| Wtnines io Lake Brie ports, trans-ship"!
ped by lake to Lake Michigan and
, . '" Lake Superior docks by rail to norths-western.
destinations, on the one hand
?;' and the rates on coal from Illinois
S and Indiana mines shipped all-rail to
k^v the same destinations on the other, |
Hand that consequently there is none
to be restored. The commission has
therefore recommended to the Rail%
roadj.administration.that the applica*
. * tion of the dock operators and the .
J West- Virginia, Ohio and Penney 1'
vapla operators shipping lake coal for
I a readjustment OL UIC juunt- i?ui&u
be denied."
BKa W Regional Production.
?r>;':,v3fl the Fairmont region yesterday
there were 921 cars of-coal and coke i
vr. loaded. The actual coal production !
K yrtia 916 cars. On the Monongah dlvls- c
!;> ion of the Baltimore and Ohio rallroad
there were 703 cars of coal and
f 'flve cars ot colte loaded. Four cars
v ol coke were loaded west and one :
\ east. On the Monongahela Railway
there were 213 cars of coal loaded
: O. yesterday there
5 cars of coal to the
i of cal to the west.
5 has developed In the
along the Atlantic
pped on special B. &
day to Curtis Bay torhtch
Is 25 loads more
us day, but 18 loads
ay's loading to that
its are dwindling this ]
with last week; The j
0 flast week totaled
the first four days of 1
d but 293 cars. This
f 162 cars more shipne
period of time last
week. Yesterday 48 i
1 for the lakes.
to St Georges. ,
I linkage is noticed in'the coal j
ta to St. Georges Pier, New
ty, because of the marine
Teeterday there were but 14
1? there. Last Monday there ;
cars loaded for St. Georges j
Tuesday there were 32 cars ;
or the same point. <
'_B. A O. car shipments yes- i
antlnued on Page Four)
he clerks union notice on page
^Announcement. .. >
^.Democrats of the City i
It-he a candidate for City ^before
the Democratic i
Boh of Saturday evening,
Mpeutfully solicit your rup. ;
Hbmas Deveiiv.
wr I M/
j w
lank of Nitric Acid Explodes
Setting Fire
To Train.
(By Associated Press.)
NEWCASTLE, Pa.. July 18.?Two
wrecks near here today seriously Inlured
three men, caused hundreds of
lollars damages to the Pittsburgh and
Lake Erie railroad and the Baltimoro
ind Ohio.
C. Donaldson, general yard master
bf the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie lines I
lere, was badly burned by acid when
in air hose exploded on a freight train,
wrecking the train and causing a tank .
it nitric acid to explode, setting fire
to the train.
Nealy a score of freight cars were
burned in the fire before the city fire
lepartment could extinguish the blab...-.
The wreck occurred early this morning
md the tracks are still tied up.
Engineer King and A. C. Jewel, both
bf this city, were Injured when their
'.rain of sixty heavily loaded freight
bars plunged into the rear of another 1
train on the Baltimore and Ohio at '
Hereford, near this city. Traffic was
tied up for several hours.
Farmington Woman Injur-.
ed at Suspension Bridge
Near Her Home.
Plunged into the flooded waters of
Buffalo creek when a wire cable bridge
at Jamison No. 8 mine let go as she
and four other persons were crossing
Mrs. Anne Estep, of Farmington, last
evening suffered a badly injured arm
and side and was rescued from drowning
only by the efforts of William Weal
thy and James Qucnnan. of Farmington
who plunged into the waters of
tlve creek and rescued her and two
amall children who were also on the
bride when it fell.
The bridge was built for foot travelLTS.and
was swung above the water by
two' wire cables. One of the cables
became loosened causing the bridge
let turn and precipitate the persons into
the creek. ,
Besides Mrs. Estep and the children
two men were on the bridge and fgjl
Into the water, but were uninjured
and made their way safely to the
Dr. Smith of Farmington was called
to ireai. mrs. tt&ieip ana xoaay sne is
but little the worse for her experience
Big Interest in
Auto Club Meeting
At tonights' meeting of the Fairmont
Auto Club Attorney Charles E.
Hawker, chairman of the Membership
committtee will present the names of
LOO new members. This will increase
the membership to 350.
The indications are that there wilt
bo a large attendance of auto owne>3
from the rural sections as roads generally
are in right fair condition.
The meeting which will be held at
the court house, will be called to order
at 8 o'clock by C. E. Hutohinson,
the president. He will introduce tho
speaker of the 'evening, Representative
Eldridge of Washington, D. C.. of
the American Automobile Association.
Maior Bovle Returns
to New York City
Major J. M. Boyle left last night for
S'ew York City whore for some time
pe will be engaged with details of the
West Virginia Metal Products company
which are being handled at that
Announcement Is made that the temporary
office building for the company,
pelng erected at the plant site by J. M.
[Clsner and Brother, contractors. Is
pearly completed and will be flntshea
n a few days.
Rev. J. C. Broomfleld, D. D? of tho
Viethodlst Protectant Temple, will deiver
the address at the Community
Sing at the Old Fair grounds on Sunlay
afternoon at 4 o'clock. The solost
and song leader is C. H. Bloom.
There will be an assembly at the
"Y" at 3 o'clock.
"Evil communications corrupt good
nanners," quoted tho teacher. Now,
lummy, uui yuu uuvmuuiu wnai inai 1
neans? T
Rather! replied Johnny. This morn- v
ng pa got a communication from ma's j
Iressmaker that made him swear.?
Pearson's. j
Palace Restaurant ^
Formerly Anderson's i
123 MAIN ST. ;
The best place in Fair- a
mont to eat.. J
?. h
The West Virginian *
Tried to Secure Continuance
on Absence of Penna.
Criminal Court Will End
With Trial of Meade
When Attorney L. C. Musgrave rep- ]
esentlng the defendant made a motion i
ror the continuance of the case against t
Jrrss Meade charged with holding up '
Benjamin Skinner, motorman on the 1
fCUarm-Everson gasoline line. In crlm- i
inal court this morlng. Prosecuting 1
Attorney Walter Haggerty offered a i
terious objection and il 'was not until
after a lengthy discussion of the case 1
hat Judge I.owe overruled the motion 1
and asked for the trial of the case.
The following jurors were then i
Jrawn: Fred E. Conaway. E. L. Arm- 1
strong. E. T. Kelley. Ed. Fleming. J. I
E. Hawkins. A. M. Rownd, J. C. Han- l
y, .Toe Carpenter Flc-m Hamilton. B. '
F. King. E. L. Morris. John D. Coon. 1
Following the selection of the Jury,
Judge Lowe dismissed all other juries
for the term of court, stating that
he trial of tho Crlss Meado case will
lispose of all the pressing cases. All
witnesses excepting the ones in the
i'rlss Meade case were also dismissed ,
'or the term. Judge Lowe took a few '
minutes to thank the Jurors for their i
lervlces. 1
Following tho motion for a contlnlance
of the trial Crlss Meade was put
in the witness stand. He said that he
lad asked a continuance because his
ihief attorney Mr Patterson of Unontown.
lla.. was' not present. He
dated that he liad also employed Atorney
L. C. Musgrave of this city but
hat lie had never talked the case ov r
with Mr. Musgrave and that Attnrley
Musgrave did not know what his <
lofense would be. . . . I
"UfToltlffifct'he had made an effort '
o have Attorney Patterson in Fair- 1
nont for the trial and produced a tel- 1
vwrti m WTVV'Y?V? la** ??
o? *ii.vh iiau 1 cixjvcu i rum i
Patterson stating that he would be '
lere. l
N'ot until yesterday.afternoon at 3 '
Vclock did Attorney Musgrave learn '
lint Patterson would not be here and t
hen prepared for a mot'on to contln- '
10 the trial. 1
Deputy Sheriff John Glover was t
:hen put on the witness stand and i
old about going to Uniontown to get '
VIoade. Meade had told him that he t
litl not know what he was arrested t
or. i
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney i
'harles Miller was called to the witless
stand and said that yesterday t
ifternoon he called District Attorney
lllller and the clerk of the court at 1
Jn'on town and learned that no court
iras in session and that today the <
lourt house would eve be locked up t
tor a patriotic demonstration to be i
lalrl in TTninntnwn TKia nvlrionpn -
was introduced upon the introduction
jf the telegram from Attorney Patterson
stating that he could not be here
xkyiuso of the trial of another case.
Attorney Musgrave and Prosecutor
Haggerty each argued their s'de of
the case, the former contending that
the law provides that after a defendant
has made an honest effort to secure
an attorney and that his attorney
rails to appear, that this is sufficient
grounds for a continuance. Prosecuting
Attorney Haggerty contended
that Meade's attorney who knew most
ibout his case was in the court room
ui'd that a continuance was not Justified.
The motion for a continuance was
>ver-ruled and at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon
the trial of the case began.
Phc defendant has the following wittesses:
Maude Wood. Joe Wilson, Fred
Stubbs. Jack Bruce and Elza Levelle.
Benjamin Skinner the motorman
vho wr? held up was the first witness
to be called when court convened this J
ifternoon. Skinner recognized Meade
is being the man who held blm up.
Harrison Manley was the next witness
and testified tlait he identified
Meade as being the colored man who
vas one the car alone with Skinner
vhen he and a man by the name of
/andergrift got off the car.
Carl McElfresh was called to the
vitness stand and he. too, Identified
Meade as being the negro wbo went
.0 Kllarm with him the morning of
he robbery.
Rdbert Vandergrlft testified that he
twrvfrp MoaHo no holtiir f.tiA m?m
vho on the gasoline car that
nornlng -with Harrison Manloy. Skin J
ler and himself and the same man
rho remained on the car when he and J
flanley got off. j
former Kaiser 111 x jj
Dff 'Deep Melancholy' ;
BERLIN, July 18?The Pan-German t
Jeutche Zeitung which stands close a
0 former royal circles takes a serious c
lew of the Illness of former emperor
Vllliam, calling it "deep melancholy" p
t is said that the one time monarch t
1 so depressed his physician views b
is condition as critical. I
Advertising Columns
, ^ ~^ .%. .-.J 1"j
4 It
/l &v
irginia's Best Newspaper
if WB im
surs mi mu
Alert Motorman Averted
Serious Accident on the
Fairview Line.
The vigilance of Ira Whtteman, mo:onnan
of the first car out of Fairmont
x> Fairview this morning, was all that
19VaH ft 1 n rtrn IntapiipVian car ftvtm
plunging down a 70 foot embankment
it Paw Paw creek, near Rlvesvllle,
:arly this morning.
During the night a great section of
:he roadbed had slipped away, leaving
die rails hanging in mid air several
'eet above solid earth. The point
where the slip occurred is on. a curve,
ind at a place where a high rate of
speed is usually maintained. Had not
Motorman Whlteman seen the slip, it
s more than likely that serious injures
would have been sustained by the
passengers and crew of the car.
An express car loaded with worknen,
timbers, and other materials for
repairing the damage was soon on the
scene, and it was not until this afterloon
that cars were able to pass the
joint. Hundreds of persons from Baler,
Grant Town and Intermediate
joints were forced to walk to Rivesvillo
this morning to catch cars Into
No Cars Distributed on the
Paw Paw Branch of
the B. & O. Today.
Coal traffic on the Paw Paw branch
>f the Baltimore and Ohio railroad was
Jed up. because of the same landslide,
which affected tile Monongahela Vatey
Traction company this morning at
i u ciouk. as a result 01 tais lantisnae
10 empties could be got to the M. V.
r. Stafford mine at Baxter or the
nines of the New England Fuel and
lYansportation company at Grant
rown. The landslide Is about half way
tetween Catawba Junction and Grant
rown. Workmen are on the job and
Ornest Bartlett, trainmaster, Fairmont
ermlnal, believed that the earth would
ill be removed by 12 o'clock tonight,
rhero Is probably 300 yards of dirt ot.
.he tracks, ranging from 6 feet high
o 50 feet wide. The earth fell from
inder the traction company tracks
'ight over, on the B. & O. tracks.
F. P. McGough, Grafton, division entineer,
1b in Fairmont today.
East of Grafton yestorday there were
.,006 cars drawn by the B. & O. I
J. D. Hecker, B. & O. ticket agent, tolay
received his supply of tickets for
he Atlantic City excursions on Satlrday.
These tickets may be engaged
it once and Pullman reservations may
ilso be made. The regular fare is 614
ind the Pullman rate Is $17.25. An ex:ra
sleeper will be placed on the ex:ursion
train, which leaves here at
5:20 p. m. It is a ten-day excursion.
Commonelna-tnnlerlit the P Jt- ft wilt
run a sleepe r on Train 62, which
eaves Fairmont at 6:20 p. m? which
will be connected to Train 12 at Grafton.
Fairmont's aliottment of Pullnan
space for tonight's train was sold
U noon today.
H. B. Perce, assistant superintendsnt'of
the Monongahela railway, was in
Fairmont yesterday afternoon.
One hundred and forty-six berry
Dickers went to Lowesvllle today on the
VIonongahela railway.
B. & O. train 43 was one and a half
lours late today because of waiting on
in eastern connection at Grafton. The
train did not arrive here until 12:22
t. m.
Deny Comptroller
Persecuted Bank
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. July 18. ? Testimony
on behalf of John Skelton Wlilams,
comptroller of the currency, deligned
to refute charges that he had
jersecuted officials of the Riggs Natonal
Bank of this city and also mismanaged
the affairs of the defunct
First National bank of Unlontown, Pa.,
vas presented to the Senate Banking
?mmittee which is considering Mr.
Williams' nomination.
John E. Laskey, federal district atomey
in the District of Columbia, told
he committee that Williams had not
Lflefl his influence to secure criminal
ndlctments against officials of the
liggs bdnk and bad made no effort to
sontrol the prosecution of the lndlctnents
after they had been brbught.
rheso indictments, he said, grew onv
if affidavits drawn by Frank J. Hoan,
attorney for the bank, pufforting
o show that no stock brokerage transitions
had been' made by the bank
fflclals as such.
Mr. Laskey said the affidavits "were
urposely false" and he also testified
hat H. H. Idather, an official of the
ank, hade made a profit out of bank
Are the Market Pic
riNG, JULY 18,1919. ~
? .
It's Nominees to Be Free!
Front All Corporation
Not Yet Clear Who the H
Democratic Bosses i
Jleally Are For.
Upon the "character" of the timber
selected by the Democratic bosses at
the convention to be held tomorrow
night and to be voted upon at the city
election on August 12, it is said, will
depend whether or not an independent
ticket is put in the field in an effort
to defeat these candidates.
in other words "street corner gossip"
is to the effect that should the
"wlelders of the big sticks" dare to {
select two men who are affiliated in
any manner with corporate interests a
petition will at once be circulated and,
if enough petitioners can be secured,
an independent ticket headed by a man
with "a strong arm" and uncontrolled
will be cast Into the fray.
It will be necessary to secure some
250 signors to the petition. It is said
things have developed so far in this
connection that a secret conference or
caucus was held "somewhere" in the
city last night and plans were discussed
and outlined for rushing the
thing to a head should the Democratic
nominevn not prove to be desirable to
this faction.
It Is believed that whatever there
Is of serious intent in this movement
comes from a group of politicians who
believe In playing politics like the
Turk?divide and rule. There is practically
no opposition in the Republiican
party to the candidates named on
Tuesday. Therefore even if the Democrats
are not particularly tactful in
their selections Saturday night the
third party movement probably would
not have much of a chance, for to sue
ceed it would have to draw pretty !
strongly from both old line parties. In
the mean time the Socialists who held I
a convention and' nominated a ticket
have been laying low with remarkable
success. They could get their ticket
in nomination by petition Just as the '
backers of the new third party movement
say they Intend doing, but It Is reported
that they consider this would
be beneath their party dignity and
that they mean to take some sort of
legal action.
Whllo this new phase of the election
situation has Jumped into prominence
It has In no wise dimmed the ardor of 7
the aspirants for the honor of serving 1
their party on the city Board of Direc- s
tors and who will ask' for the nomlna- 1
tlon at tho convention tomorrow night. e
Who the Democratic machine has up '
its sleeve for the nomination still is
the principal topic of conversation and .
opinions are handed out for the asking. :
But no one really sems to know ex- .
ceptlng, of course, "the big sticks"!}
themselves. 1
l/ne rumor mat squire w. vv. cona- j
way is a favorite In the running Is t
still persistent and the fact that the f
Squire has rather been urged to give f
up his "stool" In the justice's office j
much against his will, has led to the
belief that he Is probably acceptable
to the "big building." He cast his hat {
into the ring this morning by announcing
himself In the Democratic j
organ. '
Clyde Morris is, In the opinion of
many! also acceptable to the "big building"
though sentiment for his being
a probable nominee Is not quite so
strong today as It was last night.
In hltitetead as a running mate for
Squire Cutaway the name of Dr. J. A. ,
Jamison It mentioned. In this con- .
nection it iras brought out today that
Dr. Jamison has served most acceptably
as a councilman of the city and
had made a record for bluvalf during
bis term of office a number of years
The opinion of many is advanced in
this connection that Dr. Jamison will 1
not be selected for tbe reason that he 1
Is somewhat past middle age and the 8
Democrats want to get young men In I
order to even up the age average on 1
the beard. t
The candidacy of Contractor T. L. 1
Burchlnal Is still talked of and favor- t
able comment Is heard tor him should t
the convention nominate him. Wheth- '
er or not he would allow his name to 1
come before the convention could not 1
be learned today. t
It is also said that Tom Buckley
whose political faiths have been sub- li
Ject to considerable chances in recent t
years Is rather cettlnc tired of hand- t
line the "Jail birds" and would prefer t
what he deems would be an easier c
berth In the city hall of fame. t
At any rate there will be no trou- 1
ble in securlnc available timber to e
come before the convention for it looks c
as though all the Democrats who have t
not a political Job of some kind are t
seeking "what Is coming to them" for
tbelr devotion to the cause of the par- t
ty of their choice. J
Berths for aspiring Democrats are ?
add to be tew and far between and If f
men of this faith must be compensat- 1
ed, then this is the first and It looks c
like the only chance for aome time, e
Read the clerks union notice on page
4 today. . 4
tee tor Good Things 1
?A- unlay
*" <
rwo Germans Tripd to Asassinate
Provost Marshal
In Germany.
(By Associated Press)
CpBLENZ, July 18?Two Germans
ittempted last night to assasinate Maor
George Cockoril, provost marshal
if the American forces in Germany,
rhe Major was not Injured. The Germans
escaped after firing several
m flfniNnnN
Sword of Honor is Gold
Mounted American
Army Pattern.
LONDON, July IS?London's tribute
o General Pershing today takes the
orm of the presentation at the Guild
lull of a sword of honor.
The sword of honor Is gold mounted
ind Is a handsome reproduction of
he American army pattern. The hllt
ins the figure Brittannla on one side
mil Liberty on the other On the up>er
hand Is displayed the arms of the
Jnlted States and the arms of thb
hty of London on the other. In the
snamel below tlio American coat of
urns is General Pershing's monogram
n diamonds and rubles with the Amer
can Hag and the Union Jack.
Dne Thousand Men Are
Battling Giant Wind Fanned
(By Associated Press)
SPOKANE, Wash., July 18?High
vinds and abnormally high temiptrauro
combined with parked forest ars
ill but rendering the efforts of one
housand men fighting the many fotsst
fires useless. The towns threat ned
with destruction are Atherton
md St. Regis, In Montana.
Between seven hundred and one
housand acres In the Helena forest
ire burning, ravaging some of the
Imber ad destroying the old mining
own camp or jimiown, one ana ons
is.lt miles from York. The blaze has
>eon burning for weeks, most of the
Ime under control but Thursday night
ilgh winds spread It rapidly and meagre
reports Indicate the tighten are
>eing beaten steadily backward.
rhe Buttons Themselves
Will Soon Be Distributed
to Members.
A button adopted by the National
Executive committee of the American
.egotn as the official emblem of the
intolnal organization of four million
American veterans of tbe Great war
rill be distributed Id a few days to
uemebrs of the legion through Btate
iranches and local posta throughout
he country. An enlarged design of
he button, unless changed by the Naional
convention at Minneapolis /in
November, will also be used as the
lasis for tbe official seal of the lelon.
The button is three-quarters of an
uch in diameter. It.conslsts of a cenral
small replica of the regulation
ironze flve-polnted star discharge
lutton, surrounded by a barrow ctrnlnr
hand of Mn? nnamnl Annlelnlna
- I
be words "American Legion" in gold
etters. The bntton has a Hated gold
dge. The central replies. of the disharge
btuton will be silver instead of
ironie for mebers of tbe legion who
rere wounded in the seryice.
The necessary steps will be taken
iy the Legislative committee of the
Lmerican Legion, headed by for/er
Senator Luke Lea. of Tennessee, and
ormer Congressman Thomas W. Mller,
of Delaware, to have the emblem
opyrlghted and Its use fully protect>d.
Read tbe clerks union notice on page
rou Need Everyday.
HE WEATHER. " 1 I l||
y cloudy tonight
" 1
at Bluefield^^^B
BLUEFIBLD, W. Vfc, July 18?TjjwjB
hundred and .twentv on? man mm'iJsI
ported killed and several hundred ln-H
jured in a terrific explosion1 which
destroyed the Taswell Coal min? here
Fire followed the blast end greatly
hindered rescue work. Many bodies I
have been recoverd. A number
miners are still trapped tat this main |
CHARLESTON, July 18. ?
Heathcrman, chief of the State Bepartmenl
of Mines, said he had been <g&jj
Informed that only six men hare besn >s
killed in the explosion in the Taawsll |
coal mines near Bluefleld and that fire*' 3
bodies have been reoorered. He said
the other body would be recovered i?e> J
fore ovenlng.
A local gas explosion In the mine, <
Chief Heatheraran, said caused the Awa
t&li i
He declared only two hundred men -*5
were employed In the mine and ^thdt^lj
all except the six escaped.
Mr. Hea therm an said this report was ijj
received from his deputies
In that district by telegraph:'
rnnn nmiim iniu H
ruun ncruDUbnn
Conferences With Oppo?i> |
tion Senators Coa-V|
Wilson continued his conferences wtthSg
rMtihliean nnnoMrs
tbe peace treaty and the league ot if
nattone covenant at length' with Sea- ^
ators Kenyon ot fowa and Kellogg of gs
Minnesota. Later he hod eneoggmemgw
with Senators Capper of Einuand &?
McNary of Oregon.
Neither Senator Kenyon oor Beno^gl
tor Kellogg would discuss their ooo???
venations with the president hut'eaf/55
he went to the white Hoose fldilhwMM
Kenyon said he Intended to ask about Sg
the statement of Senator: Bwaneon g
democrat ot Virginia, In tbe Senate re 35
withdraw from the league whscsyer^l
It desired, adding that this was
important point which wonld ^g^^
was conferring with the 8enato53SB8|
Foreign Relations Committee cchtau^g
ed its session for the reading bf<WeB|
treaty teat. Progress was slowfi-'lBilM
reading may De completed by tne end jw
of the week.
Considerable Interest is-beijjl jijjfjH
played In the good roeds mass meetthi'jl
for Wlnfleld district which wWb#figM
tomorrow evening at .Wlnflel^jmn^l
will be several prominent iptiunHa
and proposed bond Issue forroad ooit-ij
structlo nwlll be fuljy discussed. Every9
one who Is at all Interested in the con- 3
dltlon of the roads In Wlnfleld district
fa iiPM/t fa affanif the miaaflna
vTTOrtflj?*l i0i
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